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Full text of "Longworth's American almanack, New-York register, and city directory: for the ... year of American independence"

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>UP *EN SlilLLfl ' $ 



i.v.ERl' .l.y I.Yl'Kl'KMJKMl 


v i! r. 1 1 a i». ; 

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JLf& C7^W %$,. 










The Oldest Fire Insurance Company in 
the City of New -York. 

Capital 500,000 Hollars. 

Insure generally, against Losses by Fire, on 
terms as liberal as any of the regular estab 
lished Fire Insurance Companies in this City, 

All claims for Losses fairly and promptly adjusted. 

Dividends payable 1st June and December. 

JOHN PINTARD, Secretary. 


For Philadelphia and Baltimore, 



At 6 and 1 1 o'clock A. M. — 25 miles Land Carriage 
via New-Brunswick, Princeton, and Trenton. 

FIRST LINE, (morning.) 

The THISTLE, Capt. G. Jenkins, leaves the wharf, 
North side of the Battery, foot of Marketfield- street, at 
6 o'clock A. M. every day, (Sundavs excepted.) Passen- 
gers arrive in Philadelphia by Steam Boat TRENTON, 
Capt. A. Jenkins, same afternoon. FARE 3 DOLLARS. 


The BELLONA, Capt. C. Vanderbilt, leaves the wharf 
as above, at 1 1 o'clock every day, (Sundays excepted.) 
Passengers lodge at Trenton, and arrive in Philadelphia 
by Steam Boat PHILADELPHIA, Capt. J. G. Jenkins, at 
10 o'clock next morning. FARE 3 DOLLARS. 

The Baltimore Union Line Steam Boats, leave Phila- 
delphia Daily at 12 o'clock, noon, and every Monday, 
Wednesday, and Friday at 5 o'clock A. M. 



Second Stage Office from Broadway, and at the Office in Marketfield- 
Street, or on board of the Boats. 

AJ1 Goods, Baggage, and Specie, at the risk of the owners thereof. 

WM. B. JAQJJES, Agent, 




Ko. 20S C\vat\\am-stee&t. 

The Subscriber has on hand and is constantly Manufacturing 




Drab and Black Water- Proof Fur Hats. 

O* Orders for any amount thankfully received and punctually 
attended to. 

June 1825. 



Ko. ZZ and 34 EliM-STlkEfcT 


MaJtes CASTINGS, of the best kind of Iron, for 
Steam Engine Castings, 

Door Frames and Arches, 
Backs k Jambs for Fire-places, 

50lb, 251b, and all other weights, 
Cart and Waggon Boxes, 
Cotton Factory and other Ma- > 
chinery Castings, $ 

Mill do. 

Plough do. 

Turning Lathe do. 

Fan Mill Wheels, 

Sleigh Shoes — Dog Irons, 

Griddles and Bakepans, &c.&t\ 

Ploughs of the most useful kinds. Ploughshares and Landsides 
of a variety of patterns. 

N.B. Turning Lathes and other Machinery Work fitted ut 
complete , and Smith Work for Machinery done to order. 





Woi 78 Bowery. 


C*\ass, Sand, anA Emery Pa^eic •, 



SPi^H!!^© ©AMID© I 

Blank and Visiting Cards, both plain and gilt edg\L 

Which he has constantly for Sale, at his 


He also keeps a general assortment of the most use- 
ful and entertaining BOOKS, together with the best 
editions of the most approved School Books. 

BLANK CARDS cut to any pattern at the shortest 

N. B. Any orders in Lis line punctually attended to. 

Fashionable Hat Warehouse. 



19S Cl\at\iam-stafefct, S>fow-\o*k y 

Keeps constantly on hand a large and elegant assort 
ment of the most fashionable HATS, which he offers 
for sale, either wholesale or retail, on as reasonable 
terms as can be purchased in the United States. 

N. B. Foreign and Country Orders executed with despatch. 







A 2 



JYo. 69 Liberty-street^ 

First Door from Broadway. 

The Subscriber begs leave to assure his 
friends and Customers that his Stock of 

in the above line, is not surpassed by any im- 
ported from Europe., or manufactured in the 
United States. 

The following Articles now on hand, and for 
sale low: — Writing Desks, patent Lock and 
Ink; Dressing Cases ; Wallets, gilt and plain; 
Card Cases ; Pocket-Books of every descrip- 
tion, morocco, calf, or sheep, gilt or plain, &c. 

N.B. Surgeons' Miniature and Jewelry cases to order, 
A liberal discount to Wholesale Dealers. 




For Ladies and Gentlemen, No. 17 Chambers-street, 
nearly opposite the Rotunda. 
For warm, cold, shower, sulphur, and medicated Bathing, 
Has, under the care of a new occupant, bpen thoroughly cleansed, 
painted, and put in perfect repair ; good attendance provided ; a dis- 
tinct fiont entrance made to the Ladies apartments, and the whole 
Establishment is kppt comfortably warm by stoves during the fall, win- 
ter, and spring. The good effects of the Sulphur Bath, as a remedy 
in cases of eruptions on the skin, and of cutaneous disease generally, 
are so well known, as to render remark unnecessary. 

The warm bath is more conducive to health than any luxury which 
can be enjoyed in a populous city ; its beneficial effects are partially- 
described as follows : — 

The celebrated Count Rumford has paid particular attention to the 
subject of Warm Bathing ; he has examined it by the test of experi- 
ments long and frequently repeated, and bears testimony to its excel- 
lent effects. It is not merely on account of the advantages, says the 
Count, " which 1 happened to receive from warm bathing, which ren- 
ders me so much an advocate for the practice ; exclusive of the whole- 
someness of the warm bath, the luxury of bathing is so great, and the 
tranquil state of the mind and body which follows, is so exquisitely 
delightful, that I think it quite impossible to recommend it too highly, 
if we consider it merely as a rational and elegant refinement." " The 
manner in which the warm bath openttes,'' (he continues,) tl in pro- 
ducing its salutary consequences, seems very evident. The genial 
warmth which is so applied to the skin, in the place of the cold air of 
the atmosphere, by which we are commonly surrounded, expands all 
those very small vessels, where the extremities o! the arteries and the 
veins unite, and by gently stimulating the whole frame, produces a full 
;md free circulation, which, if continued for a certaiatime, removes 
all obstructions in the vascular system, and puts all the organs into 
that state of regular, free, and full motion, which is essential to health, 
and also to that delightful repose, accomp!rnied by a consciousness ol 
the power of exertion, which constitutes the highest animal enjoy- 
ment of which we are capable. 

N.B. As the Bath is generally much occupied on Saturday evenings 
and Sunday mornings, it is recommended to those who would wish'to 
enjoy the bath and avoid the crowded moment, to call at other times. 
The support of the public will be gratefully received, and every exer- 
tion made to deserve it. For the Proprietor. WM. HAMILTON. 

%* Strangers will recognise the bathing house from the front being 
painted yellow. 



Quill ty Wafer Manufactory 

Is continued in full operation, 

Opposite the Baptist Church, between Fulton and John-st. 

Where every thing in his line will be found much 
cheaper, and equally good, with those imported ; 
particularly since the adoption of the late Tariff. 


No. 49 JOHN-ST, 


Respectfully informs Booksellers, Printers, and Sta- 
tioners, that he has constantly on hand a supply of the 
best qualities of Super Royal, Royal, Medium, and 
Demy Writing Paper ; Hot pressed and plain folio and 
Quarto Post, and Cap; with various kinds of Royal' and 
Medium Printing, for sale on COMMISSION, at tb« 
manufacturers' prices. Orders from any part of the 
United States will meet with prompt attention. 








And every variety of Articles in the Morocco Line^ 

~=2 r£T-,-J£j 





Has for sale, of his own manufacture, a general assort- 
concave, convex, or green glasses ; concave glasses for 
the short sighted, mounted in various ways ; goggles foi- 
weak eyes ; reading glasses, eye glasses, linen provers, 
pocket lenses for botanists, microscopes, opera and spy 
glasses, telescopes, thermometers, barometers, cases of 
mathematical instruments ; and a general assortment of 
Optical Instruments, with a variety of Spectacle cases. 
. Also, an elegant assortment of FANCY WALKING 
CANES, mounted with gold, silver, ivory, and buck horn- 
with or without swords. 

N. B. All the above articles, wholesale or retail, and 
all made and repaired to order. New glasses fitted to old 


MERCHANTS, are respectfully solicited to read the fol- 
lowing certificates : — 

Philadelphia, March 17, 1825. 
Dear Sir, — At your request, I have made a thorough 
trial of your Black Ink Powders. I have with great care 
compared it with Townsend's. Walkden's, and other im- 
ported Powders of great reputation, and find it equal, if 
not superior, to any of them. Yours respectfully, 

Professor of Penmanship; 
Mr. Kidder, New- York. 

Philadelphia, 11 mo. 6th, 1824. 
We have sold Wm. Kidder's Ink Powder for several 
years, warranting it to be of the best quality, and believe 
we have in no instance had any complaint from purchasers; 
but after introducing it, have had repeated orders for it. 
Booksellers, No. 37 Market street. 

Philadelphia, JVov. 13, 1824. 
I have sold Wm. Kidder's Ink Powders for several 
years, and believe in no instance has there been a com- 
plaint made from purchasers ; and my orders are gene- 
rally specific for the article. 

Bookseller and Stationer, North Fourth-st. 

Philadelphia, March 18, 1825. 
Mr. Wm. Kidder.. ..Sir — Having sold your Ink Powder 
for a considerable time, we have the satisfaction to inform 
you that it has given full satisfaction to our customers. 
The orders we now receive are generally for " Kidder's 
Ink Powder." 

Booksellers, Market-street. 

0^7= The above superior Black and Red Ink Powder ; 
Durable Ink ; Black and Red Sealing Wax ; Seidlifz, Soda, 
and Rochelle Powders ; Court Plaister ; Varniches, &c 
&c. for sale by 


At his Factory, No. 19, Delancey-Street, 


The above Furnace is now in successful operation, 
and Castings of the best quality may be had at the 
shortest notice, viz. 

Steam Engines, Door Frames and Arches, 

Plough Castings, Machinery of all kinds, 

Printing Presses, Weights ; and every other Article 

Gas and Water Pipes, cast precisely to pattern, and 

in the neatest manner. 

Orders faithfully executed on application at the Furnace, or at 
our Agricultural Warehouse. 



scribers is removed to the corner of Front and Fulton 
Streets, where a general assortment of the most ap- 
proved Agricultural Implements may be obtained. 



Jllusic Seller, Publisher and Musical Instrument 




Musical Instruments Repaired, Regulated, and Tuned in 
the best possible manner, viz. — Violins, Tenors, Violoncel- 
los, Flutes, Hautboys, Bassoons, Piano Fortes, fyc. $>c. Also a 
School for Musical. Instruction by E. C. Riley. 

Musical Publications Musical Instruments. 

Music Books Piano Fortes 

Musical Publications regu- Guitars 

lated and neatly bound Harps 

English, French, and Ger- 
man Publications 

New Publications every 

Violin Strings 

Flute Melodies 

Instruction Books 


Do. with slides 

French Horns with slides 
Do. do. without 

Key'd Bugles 

Plain do. 

Brass & Copper 

Small Horns 

Pocket Hunt Horns 

Post Horns 

Violins from 2 dollars to 

100 dollars. 
Flutes with one, four, six, 

and eight Kevs 
Fifes, Bs Cs and Ds 
Bass Drums 
Side Drums 
Belts, Sticks, Snares 
Heads, Drums Repaired 
Children's Dxums. 


IB IB-IB wain* 




— »♦♦ 

Opposite # to Roosevelt-street, 

Begs leave to inform his friends and the public, that 
lie has fitted up those extensive premises, and will -carry* 
on the LIQUOR BUSINESS in all its branches, 
wholesale and retail. 

He likewise returns his thanks to his Customers in 
general, and wishes a continuance of their patronage. 

He also takes this opportunity of stating, that he has 
re-opened the CELEBRATED WELL, known as 
the Old Tea- Water Pump, where he gives i. general 
invitation to all his fellow-citizens who wish, to comr 
and make use of it. 




Respectfully informs bis friends and the public, that he has con- 
stantly on hand, at his Store and Cordial Distillery, a general as- 
sortment of CORDIALS of all kinds, double and single distilled. 
TERS. Also, an extensive Stock of WINES ; Foreign and Do- 
mestic Liquors of the very first quality, which he is determined to 
*£pose of on the most liberal terms. 

N. B'. Orders from the City and Country attended to witk the 
utmost punctuality and dispatch. 

fET All persons purchasing at this Store will have their Goods 
delivered, if in the City, at their places of residence ; and, if in the 
Country, on board such vessel as ma}' be directed, free of expense. 



Eagle, Henry VIII., Merry Andrew } 
Highlander, French, and Spanish 



Gilt and plain edge Visiting Cards and Blanks. 

Of various sizes. — Also, 
Scientific Amusements of the following description, viz. 





Coloured Cards of all kinds.— Blanks cut to any pattern, at 
the shortest notice. May 1825. 



The extensive use of Sarsaparilla of late years having rendered 
it an object of importance to procure a preparation of it in a more 
convenient form than the. decoction usually prescribed, this highly 
Concentrated Syrup has been introduced as a prepar&ti&V'6f much 
easier portability, not liable to injury by long- keeping-, and conse- 
quently better adapted for persons in the coukrVy or travellers. 
This preparation was introduced into practice Some yearsaftBfe ia 
London, and has met with the decided approbation of tne most 
eminent Physicians and Surgeons of London and Edinburgh. 

Sold in bottles at one dollar each ; one dozen for ten dollars, by 


JYo. 334 Broadway, corner of jintfwn^tsire^^j^T 

Who has constantly for sale, a general assortment of * 


tPdrr3ked of the PVrWftuatify. * 
Medicine Chests for Ships and Families put up or replenished at the 
shortest notice, on the most reasonable terms, Julv 4, 1825. 





Corner of Kassaw & Spruce Streets, 


Where they have a general and extensive collection ol 
LAW WORKS, particularly the ancient and modern Re- 
ports. They offer for sale the following new LAW- 

Cowen's Reports of the Supreme 
court of the state of N. Y. 3 vols 

Vol. 3d Wheeler's Cr. Cases. 

Randolph's Virga. Reports, 2 vols. 

Gilmer's do. 1 vol. 

Pickering's reports, 2 vols, continu- 
ation of Massachusetts Reports. 

Hall's Digest of all the Virginia 

7th & 8th vols. Taunton's Reports. 

4th & 5th vols. Barnvvall and Al- 
derson's Reports. 

Bridgen's Surrogate, or the Execu- 
tor and Administrator's Guide 
with Precedents. 

Fell's Law of Guarantee. 

Phillips on Insurance. 

Beam's Pleas in Equity 

Maxims in Equity and Law. 

Vol 6th Laws of New-York. 

Laws of New-York for 1825, passed 
at the last session. 

Rules of all the Courts, latest and 
best editions. 

Have constantly on hand Law Blanks and Precedents of 
every kind used by Professional men, of the most approv- 
ed forms, on fine paper. Also, LICENSES, suitable to 
any Court, engraved on a fine copper-plate, with the coat 
of arms of the stale attached. 

Second hand Libraries, and Old Law Books purchased, 
or exchanged for other books. Law Libraries furnished 
on the most liberal terms, both as to cash and credit. 

Orders will be thankfully received and promptly execu- 
ted, at either of their Stores, corner Nassau and Spruce 
streets, New-York, or by WILLIAM GOULD & Co. No 
94 State-street, Albany 









Containing an Almanac for the Fiftieth Year of American Independence ; a List of 
all the Banks and Insurance Companies, and Chartered Companies in Hie City and 
vicinity, with the Names of their respective Officers, and all necessary informa- 
tion relative thereto ; the Post Office Establishment, with the times of arrival and 
closing all the Mails that are received and made up in this City, in-detail ; a full 
List of all the Streets in this City, shewing where the numbering in each com 
mences, and the extent of each particularly described, with references for finding 
the same, on Long worth's New Map of the City ; also, the names, occupation, ami 
place of residence of all persons, heads of families, firms, and those dcing busi- 
ness in this City, amounting to about twenty-five thousand names, in corrfcet alpha 
betical arrangements 

Who steals my purse, steals trash — 

But he who borrows ray Directory, filches me 

Most villanously. 


JVo. 15 Pine, corner of Nassau-rtrcet. 



Southern District of Nen-York, ss. 

E IT REMEMBERED , That on the thirtieth day of June. A. 1> 
1825, in the forty-ninth year of the Independence of the United 
States of America, THOMAS LONGWORTH of the said District, 
hath deposited in this office the title of a book, the right whereof he 
claims as proprietor, in the^vords following, to wit : 

" Longworth's American AlmaDac, New-York Register, and City 
Directory, for the fiftieth year of American Independence : con- 
taining an Almanae for the Fiftieth Year of American Indepen- 
dence ; a list of all the Banks and Insurance Companies, and Char- 
tered Companies in the city of New-York and vicinity, with the 
names of their respective officers, and all necessary information 
relative thereto ; the Post Office Establishment, with the times of 
arrival and closing all the Mails that are received and made up ir, 
this city, in detail ; a full list or all the Streets in Mils city, shewing 
svhere the numbering »n each commences, and the extent of each 
particularly described, with references for finding the same, ou 
Langwortb's New Map of the City ; also, the names, occupation, 
and place of residence of all persons, heads of families, firms, and 
those doing business in this city, amounting to about twenty-five 
thousand names, in correct alphabetical arrangement. 

" Who steals my purse, steals trash 

But he who borrows ray Directory, filches me 
Most villanously." 

In conformity to the Act of Congress of the United States, enti- 
tled " An Act for the encouragement of Learning by securing the 
copies of Maps, Charts, and Books, to the authors and proprietors 
of such copies, during the time therein mentioned." And also to 
an Act, entitled " An Act, supplementary to an Act, entitled an Act 
£br the encouragement of Learning, by securing the copies of Maps, 
Charts, and Books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies, 
during the times therein mentioned, and extending the benefits 
thereof to the arts or designing, engraving, and etching historka' 
and other prints." 

Cleik of the Southern District of New-Ycjfk. 

J. SEYMOUR, PaiK'ftE. 



♦y Head and Face. 

3€ Fen. 

To know where the Sign is, find tn«- l;ay of the Month, and 
against the Day in the 4th Column, yon have the Sign or Place 
jof the Moon ; and then find the Sign here, it will give you 
what Fart of the Body it govern*. 

Names and Characters o the Signs oj the Zodiac. 
T (Aries) a Ram, j =2= (Libra) a Balance. 

8 (Taurus) a Bull, . I Vt\ (Scorpio) a. Scorpion, 
n (Gemini) Twins. f f (Sagittarius) an Archer, 

f£ (Cancer) a Crab Fish> Y3 (Capricornus) a Goat 
] Sl (Leo) a Lion, 
rt# (Virgo) a Virgin, 

(Aquarius) a Butler, 
}£ (Pisces) Fish. 

Characters and Names of the Planets and Aspects. 
® the Sun, j> Moon, $ Mercury, $ Venus, © Earth, 
$ Mar?, U Jupiter, J> Saturn, jji Ilerschel, d Conjunc- 
tion, <P Opposition, A Trine, □ Quartile, % Sextie, 
&Iv loon's, Ascending Node, fcj Moon's Descending Node 



Dominkal Letters, A. 

Golden Number, 3 

Epact, 22 

] Solar Cycle, - - - '15 
(Roman Indiction, - - 14 

Julian Period, - 6539 

Easter Sunday, March 26 
Rogation Sunday, April 30 
Ascetision Day May 4 
Whit-Sunday. May 14 

Trinity Sunday May 21 

Venus ( $ ) will be the Morning Star until March luthj 
1826, then Evening Star until December 23d, then Morn.} 
ing Star until October 7th, 1827. j 

The M*son will run highest this year, about the 19th! 
degree of ( n) Gemini, and lowest about the 19th degree! 
of ( f ) Sagittarius. | 

Latitude of Herschel ( Jjt ) about 29 minutes south; 
this year. 

Longitude of the Moon's ascending node ia the mid-' 
die of this year — 8 signs, 1 degree. 


An Eclipse of the Moon will take place on Friday,' 

Nov. 25th, (1825) at llh. 16m. in the morning, invisible. 

There will be an Eclipse of the Sun on Friday Decern-; 

ber 9th, (1 325) in the afternoon, partly visible, H. M.j 

Beginning - 3 46 

Sun sets at 4 35 

Duration of visibility 49: 

Quantity at setting — 7 1-3 digits on the south limb. 

The Moon will be eclipsed May 21st, (1826) at lOh. 

20m. in the morning, invisible. Visible in China. 

The Sun will be eclipsed June 5th, (1826) at Oh.' 58m.! 
in the afternoon, invisible. Visible in South America.] 

VII. JULY, begins on Friday, hath 31 days, 1825. 


O THOU Eternal One ! whose presence bright, 
All space doth occupy — all motion guiilf- : 

Unchang'd through time's all dfvasUti is; flight] 
Thou only God ! I'hore is no God beside," 

Being above all beings ! Mighty One ! ,. 

Last ®8lh. 2b 28m. morn.j First© 22rl, 10!i. 
New C 15th, 5h, 29m afteiJFull© 29:h, 5h, 

1 6 
2j 7 
4l 2 



ll| 2 





i^ south 40 
Pisit. V. Mary 
5th aft Trinity. 

Warm now 
Fomal. ri 11 46 
2> in apogee 
$ ri. 1 55 

Dry now. 
Super, d © £ 
7*8 rise 94 

Warm now 
D runs high j> y ITJ4 39 7 21 
9 rises 1 47 S440720 

23 3 
22 58 
22 53 
22 48 
22 42 
7 24 22 36 

Srvithin. 0514 41 

Thun. showers ^'4 41 

th aft. trin 

181 2|iu various parts 

19 3j J) in Perigee. 

20 4 Margaret 
211 5 iflsouth 11 11 
22 QMagdalen. [ery fll|4 46J7 J4 
23j 7,©en. ^ Show- tTl4 47j7i3 
24 B. 8<fc a/it TVtntfy tti ' 

Sl',4 42 

,TTE : 4 43 
TTJ24 43 
=2=4 44 

>4 45 

2,S/. James 
3\St. itfnne D a 
41 More shower 


I mure a .,u«rr,S Vtf 

5: ? 's gr. elongat. V$ 
6; I expect. «j» 

7 /}<# Dfli/s Aigin ^ 

31 B. 9 aft trinity 

22 29 
7 23 22 22 
7 22 22 15 
7 22J22 7 
21 59 
21 50 
21 41 
21 32 
21 22 
21 12 
21 2 
20 51 
20 40 
20 28 
20 17 
20 4 
19 52 
19 39 
19 26 
19 12 
18 59 





4 48 7 12 

4 49;7ll 

4 507 10 

4 51J7 9 

4 52|7 8)18 45 

4 537 7 18 30 

4 54 7 6'18 16 



ri J) se 

8 55 

9 23 
9 48 

10 13 

10 37 

11 2 
11 30 


1 20 

2 10 

3 9 

7 47 

8 21 

8 53 

9 23j 
9 54l 

10 27 

11 3 
11 45 


1 26 

2 25 

3 27 

7 22 
7 48l 

I morn 

10 31 

II 18 
af>. 2 


8 46 

9 41 

10 34 

11 26 


1 8 


VIII. AUGUST, begins on Monday, 31 days, 1825. 

Whom none ran comprehend and none explore ; 
Who fill'st existence with thyself alone; 
Emb acing a!! — supporting — ruling o'er — 
Being whom we ail call God — and know uo more. 

In its sublime research, philosophy 

May measure out the ocean deep, may count 

_ Last ® 6th. 7h 18m after 
; iNcw < 14th, 2h 2m mora 

First © 20th, 4h. 57m. after. 
Full © 28th, 7h 4m. morn. 

21 B 


2 1 Ujwimqs Day. 
3JJ# south 10 22 
D in apogee, hot 
£ sets 8 5 dry 
Fomal. ri. 9 47 
Na?ne cf Jesus' 
7* s rise 10 54 
I> r. high. }) %S 
St. Lawrence 

Very hot 
t ? rises 29 
g sets 7 53 
nth aft. Trin. 
D \a perigee. 

some rain 
7# , s rise 10 17 
$ ? s gr. elortga 
Perhaps rain 
12th aft. Trin 
D rU. low. }) Q, 
©enters TTJ£ 
Sf. Bartholomew 
Heat continues 
9 vises 1 48 
7 >f: s rise 9 44 • 
S'f. Augustine. 
John Bap. beh. 

Perhaps rain 
D apogee 

@R,# SiNlec 
4 17 45 
3 17 30 
217 14 
1'16 58 
016 41 

S;4 567 
K l4 57|7 
T j4 58]7 
^4 5917 
cp 5 

8 5 

8 5 216 5816 




1 6 59 16 25 


















11 20 

3 6 5715 50|Morn. 

5 6 55 15 33 . 54 

6 6 5415 15 ! 1 55| 
IS 5 76 53 14 57 3 SI 
IS 5 86 5214 39 4 15 
\Sl5 9 6 5114 20 Sets.) 
\Sl 5 106 50;14 2 
(TIE 5 1116 4913 43 

|TtK-5l3:6 47'l3 24 
!^=5i 4 ;6 46l3 4 
!=^5 15!6 4512 45 9 48 
jfll5 16 6 44 12 25 10 34 
itll5i8j6 42l2 5 11 26 

t 5 19,641 11 45 Morn. 

/ |5 20 6 4011 25| 23 


8 22 

9 17 
7 2510 10 

7 5711 3 

8 3011 56 

9 7 Morn. 

Y3;5 21 

V3" 5 22 
£?*i 24 
^5 25 
^5 26 
^|5 28 
X 5 29 
«fl5 30 

6 39H 4 
6 38 10 44 
6 36 10 23 
6 35 10 2 

6 34 
6 32 
6 31 
6 30 

9 41 
9 19 

8 5S 
8 36 

1 24 

2 27, 

3 29 

4 31 

6 47 

7 12 
7 39 

10 46 

IX. SEPTEMBER begins on Thursday, 30 days, 1825 
The sand or the sun's rays— but (Sod tor fiiee 

There is no height uor measure; none can mount 
Up to thy mysteries. Reason's brightest spark, 

Tho' kindled by thy light in vain would try 
To trace thy counsels, infinite and dark ; 

!nd thought is lost, ere thought cau soarsohi^h, 
Eveu like past moments in eternity. 
Thou from primeval nothingness <:;d'st call 
First, chaos, then existence — Lord on thee 
Last <J> 5tbTnF 12¥i niuriTtfii-st q I9tli, Hi 33m morn 
New < 12th, lOh 4m morn. i«"ull©26th llh 17m alter 



Giles. Pleasant. 

d ma 


# dec 

ri 5 si 




g stationary 


6 27 

7 53 

8 39 

aft. 12 



i? rises 11 10 

ir 5 34 

6 26 

7 31 

9 16 





II 5 35 

6 25 

7 9 9 59 

1 46 



D runs high J) £5 

n 5 37 

6 23 

6 4610 49 

2 37 



Aldeb. ri. 10 26 

55 38 

6 22 

6 2411 46 

3 30 




5 5 396 21 

6 l Morn 

4 24 



Nati. Vir. Mary 

615 406 20 

5 39 49 

5 19 




as 42 

6 18 

5 16 1 58 

6 14 



Dog days end 

TT}>5 43 

6 17 

4 53 3 10 

7 8 



15th aft Trinity 

T1J2 5 446 16 

4 31 4 25 

8 2 

r 12 
r 13 


Aldeb. ri. 10 5 

=fcJ5 466 14 

4 8 Sets. 

8 56 


2) in perigee. 

=*=5 47i6l3 
fll'5 48!6 12 

3 45 6 35 

9 51 



Holy Cross. 

3 22 7 1110 47 




flip 50 

6 10 

2 58 7 5211 45 



Inferior. 6 © £ 

/|5 51 

6 9 

2 35' 8 38 Morn.. 




/ 5 52 

6 8 

2 12 9 29 43 



]) ruus low. J) Q 

VS'5 54 6 6 

I 4910 26 1 42 



£ rises 10 1 6 

V5 5 55 6 5 \ 

1 25 11 27, 2 39 



$ a Perhaps ays 5 566 4 

1 2 Morn 3 35 



88. Matthew ^5 58 6 2 J 

39, 29 4 28 



light frost .~75 596 *,N *5j 1 32 5 17 



enters <& }£ ; 6 0^6 0. 

S 8 2 23 6 3 



El&ydri. 11 25 ^;6 25 5S| 

C 31 3 34 6 48 



Pit & g stat. 

X6 3j5 57; 

55 4 33 7 30 



St. Cyprian 

T6 45 56 

1 18 5 32 8 12 



2> in apogee 

T6 6 

5 54 

1 42 Rises. 8 53 



rf 9 5 

K|6 7 

5 53 

2 5 

6 19 9 35 



V<. Michael. 

«I6 955i: 

2 29 

6 5010 19 


St. Jerome. 

« 6 10! 

5 50 

2 52 

7 25 

11 4 j 

1 X. OCTOBER, begins on Saturday, hath 31 days. 1825 

Eternity 1ms its fu inula! ion ; all 

Spritiis foitli from Thee : oflight, joy, harmony, 
Sole origin --all iit'p. all beauty, thine ; 

Thy word created all, and doth create ; 
Thy splendor fills all space with rays divine 

'\ hoci art. and weiti and shall be glorious, great 

Life giving, life sustaining potentate. 

Last ® 5lh, lh 26m mornffeirst ® l8tb, 2h 10m after 
New <mh,6h 34m after Full © 26th, 5h 6m after. 

7 /ic m -gius. $ 's, ]> §RfS.| dec r i 2> se 
B- D W [g»\ e!on. £ 6 13J5 47 3 39| 8 52 

2 D riwte h>gh jj 6 14 5 46 4 2; 9 4C 

3 h stut. s 6 15 5 45 s 4 25^10 45 
4| Pleasant ^ 6 175 43| 44811 49 
5 Faith. |^ 6 18 5 42, 5 lljMotn. 
6;El!&yd.ri.i0 38^6 19 5 41 5 34 57 
7,1? south 4 31 ^621539 5 57| 2 9 

B.SLDcny.s ng 6 22 5 38; 6 20^ 3 22 

Cold N. W. T1JZ 6 23 5 37 6 43' 4 37 
3! 2> i" perigee ===6 25 5 35, 7 6 Sels. 
4' winds ^ 6 26.5 34 7 28 ! 5 52 

6| i? rises 8 49 fll 6 275 33 7 51 6 36 
6| D south 2 36 ill 6 29;5 31 8 13; 7 26 
7i D runs low D & f 6 30 5 30 8 36 8 23 
B 20th af. Tnmty. / 6 31 5 29 8 58 9 24 
VS 6 33 5 27 9 2010 28 

20th af. Tiimty. 


St. Lttk.% 

4|y rises 2 28 

51 prists 2 40 

some ra n 
Fl'&vd ;i. 9 43 

Winds an(' 
Crispin. ]) in ap 
D south 11 23 

oroken clouds. 

runs hitrh 
south 3 25 

]tf6 34 5 26 9 42 11 32 

^T 6 35 5 25 10 4 Mora 

^6365 2410 25^ 

>£ 6 38 5 22 10 47 

^63952l'll 8 

X 6 40 5 20;11 29 

T 6 425 18(11 50 

T 6 43 5 1712 11 

8 6 44 5 16 12 31 Rises. | 

8 6 45 5 15H2 32 5 321 

8 6 475 13 13 12 

II 6 48>5 1213 32 

IT 6 495 1113 52 

S 6 505 1014 11 


aft. 41 ! 

1 32 j 

2 25 

3 18 

4 10 

5 3 

5 55 

6 48 

7 42 

8 37 

9 35 

10 35 

11 36 



1 34 

2 30 

3 21 

4 9 

4 54 

5 36 

6 18 

6 59 


1 35 

2 34 

3 32 

4 30 

5 2Sj 7 41 
8 23 

I 9 8 

6 111 9 55 

6 55jl0 43 

7 4611 34 

8 43 aft. 25 

i XI. NOVEMBER, begins on Tuesday, 30 days. 1825.1 

Thy chains the unmeasured universe surround : 

Upheld by thee, inspired with thy breath : 
Thou the begining with the end hast bound, 

And beautifully mingled lil'eaud death ; 
As sparks inonut upwards from the fiery blaze, 

So suns are born, so words spring forth from Thee ! 
Aod as the spangles in the sunny rays 

Shine round the silver snow, the peagantry 

Last (§ 3d Hi 25oi after.l First © 17th 6h 35m morn 
New C lOlhdh 17'" mo rn |Full©2 5th, llh. 16m mor: 
i D @ll # S #de.cri D se II W. 
Look I 5 6 53 5 714 50!l0 49 
for a storm 1^6 54 5 615 9jll 56 
i a 6555 

1 3 

Si 5 

4! 6 
5J 7 

7 2 


U saints 

9 rises 4 20 1^0 55 5 5jl5 27jMorn. 

Siriusri. 10 52^6 565 4|15 46 1 6 

23d aft Trinitymji6 57 5 3 16 4, 2 17 

Cliii!y.|^6 59 5 l|l6 21 3 30 

3 Siriusri. 10 40 1=^=7 

4 j) perigee fill 7 

5 Perhaps rain jfll 7 
6 St Martin,')} ft / 7 
7 ]) runs low. ■ •/ 7 

B-Britius V3 7 

21 The aspecis W 7 

5 016 39 4 45 
i;4 59!i6 56! 6 i| 8 

24 58J17 13| Sets. | 9 
3-4 57J17 30I 6 7!io 
44 56,17 46| 7 8|n 
5.4 55:18 2, 

64 54 18 18 9 
74 53J18 34|10 12 
8,4 52 

9,4 51 

3 Machutus. 

4 Sirius ri. 10 8 

5 ^ south 1 49 

6 denote'^ 7 10 4 50 
7! cold.|X7il!4 49 

B. 25«A aft.Trinity T 7 12 4 48 

2 D in apogee. T 7 13 4 47,19 59 

3 Cecilia. Sun en- T 7 144 46 

18 49 11 24 

19 4;Morn. 
19 is; 24 
19 32 
19 46 


25| 6 
26 7 

27, B. 

28 ! 2 

29 3 

30 4 

4 Clement [ters / 

5 Look for a 
Sirius ri. 30 
D ru. high J) y 

cold storm. 
7*ssoutbll 13 

20 12 
20 25 
20 37 
20 49 

8 715445 
8 7 164 44 
II7 164 44 
n 7 I7i4 43|21 
II7 184 42 21 11 
S,7 194 41|21 22 
57 1914 41(21 32 
^'7 204 4021 42 


5 38 

6 33 

7 33 

8 36 

9 42 

12 Morn. 

18! is 


10 17 

U 9 

aft. 1 


JXII. DECEM. begins on Thursday, 31 days, 1825- 

Of heaven's bright arm) glitters in thy praise. 
A million torches lighted by thy baud, 

Wander unwearied through the blue abyss ; 
They own thy power, accomplish thy commaud, 

All gay with lite, all eloquent with bliss — 
What shall we call them ? Piles of chrytal light ? 

1 5 

2 6 
3' 7 

5 2 

6 3 

7, 4 

9 o 
10 7 

12 2 
'1-3 S 

> 14 i 
115 5 

16 e 

17 7 

! 13B 

[19 S 

20 £ 

21 < 
^22 5 

23 6 

24 7 

25 B 
[26 2 

27 3 

D south 51 
3d in Advent 
7 *s south 10 18!^ 7 26 


! 3I 

Lucy, q 7 s gr ela 
U south 5 37 

prises 11 
7*ssouth9 55 
4th in Advent 
J in Apogee 

Pretty cold. 
St . fhomas, Sud 
$ stat. [ent ]tf 
D runs high 
Coincid. of time 
St. Stephe?i. 
St John 

Look for 

#dec 5 set 
22 mi 57 
22 9|Mor>. 

Last G> 2d llh 11m alter. [First © 17th 2h~10m 
New < 9th, 3h 38m mornjFuil © 25th 5h 17m 
Windy w < _ R*"#^ 
aud 2|7 21 4 39 

cold ^722438 
2d in Advent £\j 23 
Co!d& ^7 23 
Nicholas, windy ^ 7 24 
J) in perigee fll 7 24 
Conccp. V Mary j -T 25 
D ru. low. ]) Q , jf |7 25 
/j7 26 


4 37 
4 37 
4 36 
4 36 
4 35 
4 35 
4 34 
4 34 
4 34 
4 33 
4 33 



^|7 27|4 33 

X 7 27 4 33 

7>7 27|4 83 

f 17 28|4 32 

7 28|4 32 

7 28 4 32 

7 28j4 32 

7 28,4 32 

11:7 284 32 

II I 7 28 I 4 32 

S'T28 4 32 

S 7 27-i4 33 

a|7 274 33 

al7 27!4 33 
TTk|7 27i4 33 
^7 26 4 34 
TTK17 26 4 34 

22 18 
22 25 
22 33 
22 39 
22 46 
22 52 

22 57 

23 2 
23 7 
23 11 
23 15 
23 1 
23 21 
23 23 
23 25 
23 26 
23 27 
23 28 
23 28 
23 27 
23 26 
23 25 
23 23 
23 20 

1 7 

2 18 

3 30 

4 44 

5 55 

5 43 

6 48 

7 55 

8 59 

10 1 

11 *l 

11 59! 



1 55 

2 52! 

3 51| 

4 48 j 

5 44! 

6 36 J 
Rises ! 

6 15; 

7 2l| 

II. tv 

2 30 

3 19 

4 8 


5 54 

6 51 

7 51 

8 51 

9 51 

10 48 

11 41 


1 16 


2 41 

3 22 

4 4 

23 17 8 28 
23 14] 9 36 
23 1010 4? 

23 611 1 


8 50 

9 43 

10 35 

11 25 
all. 51 

1 4 
1 35 

I. JANUARY begius on Sunday , hath 31 days. 1826. 

A glorious company of golden streams ? 

Lamps of celestial ether burning bright ? 

Suns lighting systems with their joyous beams ? 

But Thou to these, art as the noon to oight. 

Yes, as a drop of water in the sea ; 

Third @> 1st 7h. 25m. morn [First ©15th, llE 42m7a£ 
New C Sth 4h. 43m. mornlFull © 23d, 7h. 6m. aft. 

Third d> 30th 3h. 13m aft. • 



J ®R|<g»ri ; j©dec JriseH.W. i 



U South 4 14 

2 7 25 4 35*22 56 1 4J 3 34! 



J> in perigee 

^7 254 3522 50 2 15i 4 28 



High winds and 

m 7 25 

4 35 22 44 3 25| 5 25 



cold ]) a 

/ 7 24 

4 3-6 22 38' 4 32 6 23 j 



Epiphany D low 

/ 7 24 

4 36 22 3lj 5 33 ! 7 22 ! 



J} south 9 46 

V^'7 23 

4 3722 23 1 6 271 8 20 i 



Jjudan perhaps 


4 3822 15! Sets j 9 15 > 

1 9 


7*s south 8 13 


4 38 22 7 1 6 28 10 6 



d ©J£ 

£T|7 21 

4 39 21 58! 7 32 10 54 



^ statn'ry. 

XJ7 21 

4 3921 49 j 8 33 11 39 

12 5 

11 ris*s 9 1 

3€i7 20 

4 40;21 39 9 34 Morn. 


% south' 3 25 

5£,7 19 4 4121 29|10 32, 22 



more snow. 

Y7 18,4 42 

21 19 11 30 1 4 



2daf. Epiphany 

«f 7 18 4 42 

21 8 Morn. 1 1 46 



]) in apogee 


4 43 

20 57 

28; 2 28 



Ell&yd soi.,9 27 

»|7 16 

4 44 

20 45 

1 26 

3 12 



Pnsca. windy& 


4 45 

20 33 

2 24 

3 58 



unpleasant ]) £> 


4 46 

20 21 

3 20 

4 46 



Fabiau. © ent ,£?' 


4 46 

20 8 

4 14 

5 36 




S7 13 

4 47 

19 55 5 4 

6 28 



Vincent Septua. 

57 1214 48 

19 41! 5 50 

7 21 



£ gr. elong. 


4 49 

19 27 Rises 

8 14 



J south 6 

a 7 io 

4 50 

19 13 ; 6 4 

9 6\ 



Conver. St. Paul 

az 9 

4 51 

18 58; 7 14 

9 58 | 



Sir ins sou. 10 1 

Tn77 8 

4 52 

18 43 8 2410 49 | 



perhaps snow 

TTK7 7 

4 53 

18 28 9 35 

11 39 



D in Perigee 

^7 6 

4 54 

18 12 10 46 

aft. 30 




^7 5 

4 55 

17 56J11 57 

1 22 



more pleasant 

fTj.7 4 

4 56 

17 40 Morn. 

2 15 1 



o , south5 27 'fll7 34 57 17 23 1 f 3 11 | 

II. FEBRUARY, begins on Wednesday, 28 days, 1826. 

All this magnificence in Thee is lost. 

What are a million worlds, compar'd to Thee ? 

And what am I, then ? Heav'ns unnumber'dho&t, 

Though multiplied by myriads, aud array'd 

In all the glory of sublimest thought, 

Is but an atom in the balance weigh'd 

Agaiust thy greatness — is a cypher brought 

Against infinity ! what am I then ? bought. 

New C ^th, 7b. 26m. after jFull ©22 d, 7h. 29m. morn. 
First ® 14th, 9b. 51m. aftfef bird ® 28th, 1 1 1). 35m. aft, 


4Fair D & 



D rse. 




Pur.VMj) runs 


7 05 16,49 

3 16 

5 6 



Clear [low 


7 595 116 31 

4 12 

6 3 



and cold 


6 58:5 2 16 14 

4 59 

6 58 



Jgatha. Q,uinq. 

~-6 57|5 3 15 56 

5 40 

7 50 



High winds 

^,6 56|5 415 37 


8 40 



$ rises 11 53 

~?6 55j5 515 19 

6 13 

9 26 



/4s/» Wednesday. 

^6 53 5 7 14 59 

7 14 

10 10 



]) south 1 53 

^6 52|5 814 41 

8 14 

10 53 



Sirius south 9 

T 6 5115 914 21 
T 6 50;5 10 14 .% 

9 13 

11 36 




10 11 




Quadrages J) in 

^6 48 ! 5 12 13 42 

11 9 





b6 47|5 13:13 22 


1 2 




II 6 465 14 13 1 


1 47 



Pleasant $ y 

H 6 45,5 15112 41 

1 4 

2 34 



ji runs high 

H 6 43,5 17^12 20 

1 59 

3 22 


Lleg sou. 11 54 

S 6 42,5 18 11 59 

2 50 

4 13 



© enters }£ 

^641,5 19,11 38 

3 38 

5 5 



2d Sim. in Lent 

SL6 4 o5 2o|H 17 

4 21 

5 58 



Pretty steady 

l a6 38 , 5 22|10 55 


6 51 



$ sou. 4 35 

HJZ6 36:5 2410 12 

5 36 

7 44 



Washin. b 1732 


8 36 



winter weather. 

=^.6 345 26 9 50 

7 17 

9 28 



St. Matthias. 

— 6 33,5 27 

9 28 

8 31 

10 21 



j) south 2 15 

A16 32;5 28 

9 6 

9 45 

11 15 


3d Sun, in Lent 

m6 3o;s 30 

8 43 

10 57 

aft 10 


$ rises 11 12 

l 6 29 5 31 

8 21 


1 6 


8 ®U D & 

-? 6 28 5 32 7 58 


2 4 

III. MARCH, begins ou Wednesday, 31 days. 1826. 

Nought — But the effulgence of thy light diviue. 

Pervading worlds ; hath rearh'd my bosom too ; 

Yes. in tny spiiit doth thy spirit shine, 

As shiues the sunbeam in a drop of dew. 

Nought — but I live, and on hope's pinions fly 

Eager towards thy presence : for in 1 bee 

New ( 8lh, Illl. 34m. mom 

i<"uil © 23d, 5li 46m. aft. 

First © 16th, 4h. 34m. aft. 

Third ®30ih,9h. 7m. mor. 

1 4 

David D runs low D 4 R ® S 

&decvi ]) se 

H. W. 



7 ;jc s set 1 5 

"2 6 25 5 35 

7 13 

2 9 





V5 6 24 5 36 

6 50 

2 59 

4 55 



3 rises 110 

^ 6 22 5 38 

6 27 

3 42 

5 48 



i/itf Z,en*. 

V3 6 21 5 39 

6 4 

4 18 

6 S3 




^r 6 20 5 40 

5 40 4 51 

7 24 




,£76 185 42 

5 17 5 20 

8 10 



]) south 11 53 

X 6 17 5 43 

4 54 Sets 

8 53 



ft^g south 10 39 

X 6 16 5 44 

4 30 7 7 

9 S6 

1 10 


Sup. d09 

T 614 

5 46 

4 71 8 5|l0 18 



snow storm 

T 6 13 

5 47 

3 43i 9 4'U 2 



G^cg, war* ]) in 

T 6 11 

5 49 

3 20 10 2.11 46 




tf 610 

5 50 

2 56jl0 59 Morn. 




8 6 9 

5 51 

2 32 

11 54 




5 rises 10 30 

8J6 7 

5 53 

2 9 


1 20 



]) runs high 

rrle 6 

5 54 

1 45 


2 10 



St. Patrick. 

n|6 5 

5 55 

1 21 

1 35 




rain or snow 

S|6 3 

5 57 


2 19 3 52 

,19 A. 

Palm su^day 

56 2 

5 58 

34, 2 59i 4 44 

,20 2 

O enter T 

816 l 

5 59 

S 10| 3 36 5 35 
N 13 4 11, 6 27 



Benedict SI 5 59 

6 1 



Snow or rain Si' 5 5S 

6 2 

37 4 44 7 19 



5 south 11 12 n#5 57^6 3 

1 1 Rises 8 12 



Goud Fnd»y nji 5 55 6 5 

1 24 7 29! 9 7 

I 25 


Annunciation =~= 5 54 (3 6 

1 48 8 45|10 3 



Easter =^ 5 52 6 S 

2 11 9 59' 11 1 



Insalubrious -n\ 5 51 6 9 

2 3511 8'aft 1 



3) runs low fll5so6lO 

2 58Mom.| 1 2 



winds / 5 486 12 

3 22 10; 2 1 



£ stationary / 5 476 13 

3 45 1 4 2 5S 

31 6 

2/soutb9 53 \^?5 466 14 4 8 149 3 52 

IV. APRIL, begins on Saturday, hath 30 days. 1826. 

I live, and breathe, and dwell ; aspiring high, 
Even to the throne of thy divinity, 
I am O God ! and surely Thou must be. 

Thou art, directing, guiding all, Thou art — 
Direct my understand. ng then to Thee — 
Control my spirit, guide my wand'ring heart — 



4 3 

5 4 

6 5 

7 6 

8 7 


10 2 

11 s 

12 4 

13 5 

14 6 

15 7 


17 2 

18 3 

19 4 

20 5 

21 6 



















New < 7th, 4ii. 30(ii. 
First © 15th. Sh 2m 
1, 7|SpicaTrj7sou. 36 
2 A. | Low Sunday 
south 9 16 
Sti Ambrose. 

gr. elongation 
U south 9 39 
D south 8 
]) in apogee 
2d sun, aft. east 
$ south 2 2 

D U 
]) runs high 
5 stationary. 
D J£ cold 
Coincid. of time 
3d sun. aft. east 
for the season 
J? sets 10 44 

©enters % 
J south 10 52 
]> in perigee 
St. George 
Infd © S [D & 
•?«. /War& J) low 
]) south 3 55 
T^sets 10 16 
ijl stationary. 

some showers 
Mogadon ii 
morn. IThtr 

5 43 
5 42 
5 40 
5 39 
5 38 
5 30 
5 29 
5 27 
5 26 
5 25 
5 23 
5 22 
5 21 
5 20 
5 1 
5 17 
5 16 
5 15 
5 14 
5 12 
5 11 
5 10 
5 9 
5 & 

6 17 
6 20 
6 21 
6 22 
6 24 
6 25 
6 26 
6 28 
6 29 
6 30 
6 31 
6 33 
6 34 
6 35 
6 37 
6 38 
6 39 
6 40 
6 42 
6 43 
6 44 
6 45 
6 46 
6 48 
6 49 
6 50 
6 52 

22d. 2n. 30m. mor. 

(1 28 ■ 8h. 7t n after, 


4 55, 3 1 5 31 

5 18| 3 31 

5 41 

6 3 

6 26 

6 49 

7 34 

7 56 

8 1 

8 40 

9 2 


10 6 

10 48 

11 s 

11 30 

11 50 

12 11 
12 31 
12 51J10 
IS 1011 

6 16 

3 52 6 59 

4 25 7 42 
4 52 8 25 

Sets. 9 8 

8 2 9 52 

8 5910 37 

9 5511 24 
10 48 Morn. 

11 37 


4 29 


8 54 



13 30;11 52 

13 49 

14 8 
14 27 

14 45 

M rn. 


1 10 

1 53 

6 57 

7 52 

8 50 

9 50 

10 52 

11 55 
aft. 55 

1 52 

2 45 

3 35 
1 41 1 4 21 


MAY begins on 


U hath 31 



Though but an atr-m, 'midst immensity, 

Still 1 am something fasbion'd by thy band: 

I hold a mlddlfi rank, twixt heaven and eaith, ' 

On the last verge of mortal being stand. 

Close to the realms where angels have their birth, 

Just on the boundaries of the spirit land. 

New < bth, 9h. 2om. alter. 

Jmi]|@21sI. lOh, 20m. morn. 

First (© 1 4th, 7h. 1 6m. after. 

Thiid ®28th, 8h. 50m. morn. 

1 2 

St. Phil.* James 

d ®r ® - 

0dec ri J s» 




o Q, [u stat. 

25 5 

6 55 

15 22 

2 36 

5 47 



Inv. of the Cross 

'j> 5 4 

6 5G 

15 39 

3 2 

6 29 




y> 5 3 

6 5? 

15 5? 

3 29 

7 12 



j) in Ap. 8 $ 

T 5 2 

6 58 

16 14 

3 58 

7 55 

; 6 


St. John, Evan, j g 5 1 

6 59 



8 40 



g stationary ! S 5 ° 


16 48 

7 54 

9 27 

' s 


'jrj n 459 

7 1 

17 4 

8 48 

10 15 



Dr. high n 458 

7 2 

17 20 

9 39 

11 4 

101 4 

5 south 11 29 In 45 ^ 

7 3 

17 36 

10 25 

11 54 

11 5 

Ds^Uih 3 S 4 ^j 7 " 4 

17 52 

11 6 


| 12j 6 

Spicarvr/so 9 59 5,4 55 7 5 

18 7 

11 44 


13 7 

Mars y 5L4 54 7 6 

18 22 


1 33 

14 A 

WAif sunday ^1,4 53 

7 7 

18 37 


2 21 

15^ 2 

Mara south 11 2 w 4 52 

7 8 

18 51 

50 3 10 

1 21 3 58 

16; 3 

5 south 6 58 TTK4 51 

7 9 

19 5 

\17\ 4 

Zuben so. 11 4 =5=4 50 7 10 

19 19 

1 52 1 4 4S 

IS, 5 

perhaps rain =^4 49 7 11 

19 32 

2 25 5 39 



Dunstan. TTl 4 48 

7 12 

19 45 

3 2 

6 34 



J in perigee. fll 4 47 

7 13 

19 58 

3 44 

7 32 



Trin. J Q, 

/ 4 46 


20 11 


8 33 



> runs low 

/ 4 45 7 15 

20 23 

8 46 

9 36 



J south 1 38 

Itf 4 45 

7 15 

20 34 

9 42 

10 38 



? sets 8 54 

VS'4 44 

7 16 

20 46 

10 29 

11 39 



coo! VS[4 43 

7 17 

20 57 

11 8 

aft. 36 



Mars south 10 5 

,£?4 42 


21 7 

11 42 

1 28 


7,Bede. D0ZI 


4 42 

7 18 

21 17 

Mo in 

2 16 


A. Is/ sun aft Trin 


4 41 

7 IP 

21 27 


3 2 


2SpicaTTgso. 8 51 


4 40 

7 20 

21 37 


3 45 


3 perhaps shouers 


4 40 

7 20 21 46 

1 6 

4 28 

'31 4 Mars south 9 38 y 4 397 21*21 55 1 32 

5 10 

VI. JUNE begins on Thursday, hath 30 days. 1826 

The chain of being is complete in me — 

In oie is matter's last gradation lost, 
Arid the next step is spirit. Deity! 

I can command the lightning and am dust ! 
A monarch and a slave — a worm, a God '■ 

Whence came I here, and how ? so maivelously 

ISew < 5th, Oh. 58m. after.lFulI © 19th 

First © 13th 2h 5Sin. morn. (Third cj 26th, 

"l SiSicomede J #R pS.j#dec 

2. 6| j in Apogee "S.4 38 7 22|22 11 

3] 7|Summer » |4 37 7 23 22 19 

4; A. weather JO n|4 37 7 23 22 26 

5 1 Boniface. D r, hi. ni4 36 7 2422 33 

6 3 ], south 48 n'4 36 7 24 ! 22 39 
71 4 S gets 9 13 Si4 85 7 25 22 45 
8i 5 Mars south 9 31 S 4 35 7 25 22 51 

6 showers.j,a 4 85,7 2522 56 

7 Arctu. sou. 8 53 SI 4 347 262 

5h. 58rn. aft 
llh.29m. aft 

ll\k. St Barnabas 


1 28 

2 Fair and warm 

3 Mar a stationary 

4 $ sets 9 17 

5 Coincid. of time 

6 j) in perigee 
7H.Alban6 +> 

A jTemperate ]) $2 
2| j) iuns low 
|j $ sets 9 20 
4!© enters S> 
5J ]> south 2 10 
6j perhaps 
SC. Joftn Baptist 
5th sun. af. trin. 
$ sets 9 19 
thunder showerfe 
,7*s rise 1 43 
5\St. Peter 
6 J) in Apogee 


a^4 347 2623 6 

TTJ7 4 34J2623 10 
trjZ4 33'j7 2723 13 

^=4 33,7 2723 17 
4 33 ( 7 27 23 19 
fll'4 33 7 2723 22 
TTl 4 33.7 2723 24 
/ i4 32|7 28-28 25 
/ i4 32j7 28 23 27 
Itf 4 32J7 2823 27 
1^4 32 7 2823 28 

-4 32 
£?A 32 

7 28 23 ~° 
7 28 23 27 
7 28 23 26 

*€ 4 32*7 2823 25 
^ 4 33|7 27 
T 4 33|7 27 
T 4 33i7 27 
8 4 3317 27 
8 4 33 7 27 

23 23 
23 21 
23 18 
23 15 
23 12 

2 31 

3 4 
3 42 

8 21 

9 4 

9 43 
10 18 

10 50 

11 20 
11 50 



1 33 

2 16 

3 8 

8 13 

8 57 

9 34 

10 6 

10 35 

11 3 
11 30 
11 57 


j W 

6 38 

7 22 

8 10 j 

8 59 1 

9 48 1 

10 38 , 

11 28 

16 j 

1 4 1 

1 52 

2 40 j 

3 29 

4 20 

5 14 

6 11 

7 11 

8 14 

9 15 

10 15 

11 10 
aft. 2 


1 35 

4 28 

5 13 




Tlie PosUOJice is situated in Garden, near William- street. 
The following rates of postage are charged, conformably 
to an act of congress. 

On Single Letters. cents. 

For any distance not exceeding 30 miles 6 

Over 30, and not over 80 miles 10 

Over 80, and not over 150 miles 12 1-2 

Over 150, and not over 400 miles 18 3-4 

Over 400 miles 25 

Double Letters, or those composed of two pieces of pa- 
per, double those rates. 

Triple Letters, or those composed of three pieces of pa- 
per, triple those rates. 

Packets, or letters composed of four or more pieces of 
paper, or one or more other articles, and weighing one 
ounce avoirdupoise, quadruple those rates, and in that pro- 
portion for all greater weight. 

Ship Letters, not carried by mail, are chargeable with 6 

Each paper carried not over 100 miles 1 cent 

Over 100 1 ]„2 

But if carried to any place within the state where printed, 
whatever be the distance, the rate is only one cent. 

Periodical Magazines and Pamphlets, 
Are rated by the sheet. 

Carried not over 100 miles, per sheet, 1 1-2 cent. 

Not Periodical. 

Not over 100 miles, per sheet, .4 cents. 

Over J 00 Q 

Letters and newspapers are delivered out of the office 
every day, (except Sundays,) at all hours from the rising to 

20 longworth's 

the setting of the sun ; and on Sunday from 9 to 10, and 
from 1 to 2. 

Newspapers, to be forwarded by mail, should be en- 
closed in a cover, and left open at one end, and the num- 
ber of free papers, and those for subscribers respectively, 
endorsed on each packet ; and all newspapers, for each 
post-office, should be enclosed in one package provided 
they do not exceed twenty in number. If a letter, or me- 
morandum in writing, is contained in any newspaper, the 
person who deposits the same, forfeitable dollars, and the 
package becomes liable to letter postage. 

Letters to be sent by mail, should be addressed to the 
places of their destination in the clearest manner; they 
should always be directed to the nearest post-office, if the 
person to whom addressed does not reside where there is 
an office, and the name of the state ought not to be omitted ; 
letters are often missent, from their ambiguous directions ; 
a punctual attention to this rule may prevent delays and 

If an abatement of letter postage be claimed, the letter 
must be opened in presence of the post-master, or one of 
his assistants ; and if such letter should, instead of being 
overcharged, happen to be undercharged, the deficiency 
must be made up by the applicant. 

All letters which are lodged to go by the British Packets 
should be distinguished by writing per packet, for there are 
places of the same name in the United States, similar to 
those in Europe. 

Letter Carriers. James S Reynolds, Elias Lynch, Ar- 
chibald Forrest, Michael Noe, Ford Noe, and Henry Ty- 

The Eastern Mail. 

Mails for Connecticut state, and the intermediate offices, 
viz. Harlaem, West-Farms, East-Chester, New-Roc helle, 
Marnaroneck, Rye, and Saw-Pit, (N. Y. ;) Greenwich and 
Stamford, (Ct. ;) Providence, and Rhode-Island State; 
Boston, and Massachusetts State ; Portsmouth and New- 
Hampshire State ; Vermont East and the State of Maine — 
will be closed every day,, at half p?st seven o'clock A. M. 
and arrive every day at 7 o'clock A. M. (with the excep- 
tion ot the Way Offices above mentioned, for which n© mails 
will be made up on Sundays.) 


The Southern Mail. 
Mails for Philadelphia, and the intermediate offices, viz. 
Jersey City, Newark, Elizabeth-town, Rahway, Amboy, 
New-Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, and Burlington, (N. 
J. ;) Morrisville, Bristol, Newtown, Andelusia, Hulmeville, 
Holmesburgh, and Frankford, (Pa.) and Pennsylvania 
State ; Wilmington and Delaware State ; Baltimore and 
Maryland State ; Washington City, Georgetown, and Alex- 
andria, in the District of Columbia ; Richmond, Manches- 
ter, Petersburgh, Norfolk, and Virginia State ; North Ca- 
rolina State ; Charlestown, and South Carolina State ; Sa- 
vannah, Augusta, and the State of Georgia ; the territories 
of East and West Florida, and the Eastern Section of the 
State of Alabama, will be closed every day at 1 o'clock P. 
M. during the winter, and 2 o'clock P. M. during the sum- 
mer season, and will arrive at 7 o'clock A, M. 

Mails for Maysville, (Ky. ;) and the States of Kentucky, 
Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri ; and the territories of 
Michigan and Arkansaw, will be made up every Monday, 
Wednesday, and Saturday, with the Southern Mail. 

Mails for Tennessee, Western Alabama, Mississippi, and 
Louisiana State*; and New-Orleans, will be made up every 
I Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, with the Southern Mail. 

Mails for Middletown-Point, Middletown, Cramberry, 
Heights-Town, Shrewsbury, Freehold, Fleming, Pitts- 
town, Allentown, Rennington, New Hampton, Haddonfield, 
Van Syckle's, New-Egypt, Englishtown, Mannahawking, 
Bordentown, New-Mills, Black-Horse, and Job's-Town, 
(N. J.) will be made up every Saturday, with the Southern 

The Mail for Westfield, (N. J.) will be made up every 
Tuesday, with the Southern Mail. 

Mails for Lebanon, White-House, and Hunt's Mills, (N. 
J.) will be made up every Tuesday, with the Southern 

Mails for Spotsvvood and New-Gerraantown (N. J.) will 
be made up every Tuesday, with the Southern Mail. 

The Mailjfor Bloomsbury, (N. J.) will be made up every 
Tuesday, with the Southern Mail. 

Mails for Bloomfield, Caldwell, and Parsipany, Rocka- 
way, and Rockaway- Valley, (N. J.) will be made up every 
Monday and Friday, at 5 P. M. and will arrive every Tues- 
day and Saturday A. M. 


Mails for Acquackanock and Paterson, will be made up 
every day at 8 A. M. 

The Mail for Millstone, (N. J.) will be made up every 
Tuesday and Saturday, with the Southern Mail. 

Mails for Belleville, (N. J.) will be closed every Tues- 
day, Thursday, and Saturday, at 2 o'clock P. M. and will 
arrive every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, in the af- 

Mails for Pompton, Stockholm, Hamburgh, and Decker- 
town, (N. J.) will be closed every Wednesday, at 8 A..M. 
and arrive every Saturday in the afternoon. 

Mails for Union, Chatham, Bottle-Hill, Livingston, Mor- 
ristown, Mendham, Chester, Schooley's Mountain, Wash- 
ington, Hackettstown, Mansfield, Asbury, Stewartsville. 
Anderson, Harmony, Oxford-Furnace, (N. J. ;) and Easton 
and Wilkesbarre, (Pa.) will be closed every Monday, Wed- 
nesday, and Friday, at 5 o'clock P. M. and arrive in the 
evening of the same days. 

The Mail for Newtown, Suckasunny, Lockwood, Augus- 
ta, and Montrose* (N. J. ;) Milford, DundafF, Clarksville, 
Montrose, Silver Lake, Hopbottom, (Penn. ;)and Caroline 
and Owego, (N. Y.) will be closed every Tuesday, Thurs- 
day, and Saturday, at 5 o'clock P. M. 

Mails for Dover, Berkshire-Valley, Milton, Sparta, Still- 
water, Still- Valley, Columbia Glass- Works, New- Vernon, 
Baskenridge, Liberty-Corner, Doughty's Mills, and New- 
Providence, (N. J.) will be closed every Wednesday, at 5 
o'clock P. M. 

Mails for Johnsonsburg, Hardwick, Marksborough, and 
Monroe, (N. J.) will be closed every Wednesday, at 5 
o'clock P. M. 

Mails for Morristown, Orange, Hanover, and Hanover 
Neck, (N. J.) will be closed every Monday at 4 o'clock P. 
M. and arrive every Monday afternoon.'' 

The Swiftsure Mail. 

Mails for Springfield, Scotch-Plains, Plainfield, Bound- 
brook, Somerset C. H., Pluckamin, Lambertsville, Rin- 
goes, Perrysville, Prallsville, (N. J.) andNew-Hope, Buck- 
ingham, and Jenkentown, (Pa.) will be closed every Tues- 
day, Thursday, and Saturday, at 2 o'clock P. M. with the 
Southern Mail, and will arrive every Tuesday, Thursday, 
and Saturday, in the morning at 7 o'clock 


Staien Island Mail. 

Mails for Castleton, (N. Y.) will be closed every Thurs- 
day at 8 o'clock A. M. and arrive every Wednesday in the 

Long Island Mail. 

Mails for Brooklyn and Jamaica, (N. Y.) will be closed 
every day, ^Sunday excepted) at 1 o'clock P. M., and ar- 
rive every morning, (Sunday excepted.) 

Mails forFlatbush Flushing- Alley, Head of Cow-Neck, 
Hempstead, North-Hempstead, Jericho, Musqueto-Cove, 
Crab-Meadow, Buckram, Oyster-bay, South Oyster-bay, 
Huntington, Huntington South, Islip, Dixhills, Smithtown, 
Patchogue, Drownmeadow, Fireplace, Vforiches, Middle- 
Island, Setauket, Suffolk Court-House, Southampton, 
Westhampton, Mattituck, Bridgehampton, Cutchogue, 
Southold, Oyster-ponds, Sag-Harbour, and Easthampton, 
(N. Y.) will be closed every Thursday, at 8 o'clock, A. M, 
and arrive every Wednesday, in the forenoon. 
Dover Mail. 

Mails for Bronx, White-Plains, Northcastle, Cross-River, 
Bedford, South Salem, North Salem, Patterson, Pawlings, 
and Dover, (N. Y.) and Ridgefieldand Danbury, (Ct.) will 
be closed every Friday at 4 o'clock P. M. and will arrive 
every Wednesday evening. 

Northern Mail. 

During the season of Steam-boat navigation, the North- 
crn Mail will be despatched as often as the boats run ; and 
the mail will be closed one hour previous to the time ap- 
pointed for the departure of each boat. 

On the East side of Hudson River. 

Mails for Yonkers, Greensburgh, Mount-Pleasant, Cort- 
landtown, Peekskill, Phillips, Fishkill, Wappinger'sCreek, 
Poughkeepsie, Pleasant Valley, Hyde-Park, Staatsburgh, 
B.hinebeck, Red-Hook, Upper Red-Hook, Clermont, Li- 
vingston, Hudson, Kinderhook, Kinderhook Landing, 
Greenbush, Albany and Northern, Troy, Lansingburgh, 
and Waterford, will be closed every Momiay, Wednesday., 
and Friday, at 8 o'clock, A. M., and will arrive every 
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, in the evening. 

Mails for Somers and Red-Hook Landing, (N. Y.) will }je 


made up every Monday and Friday with the Northern 

Mails for Hillsdale, (N. Y.) and West Stockbridge, ,'Ms.) 
will be made up every Monday, with the Northern Mail. 

Mails for New-Paltz Landing, Washington-Hollow, 
Washington, Attlebury, Armenia, North Armenia, North- 
east, Milan, Spencer's Corner, Beekman,and Quaker Hill., 
(N. Y.) will be made up every Wednesday, with the North- 
ern Mail. 

Mails for Carmel, Yorktown, Kent, and Southeast, (N. 
Y.) will be made up every Friday with the Northern Mail 
at 8 A. M. 

Extra Northern Mail, on the East side of the Hudson, during 
the suspension of Steam-boat navigation. 

Mails for Poughkeepsie, Hudson, Albany and Northern, 
Troy, Lansingburgh, Waterford, (N. Y.) and Montreal and 
Lower Canada, will be closed every Tuesday, Thursday, 
and Saturday, at 8 o'clock A. M. and arrive every Sunday, 
Wednesday, and Friday, at 8 o'clock, P. M. 

The extra Nothern Mail, during the season of navigation, 
will be transported by the Steam-boats, and will be des- 
patched as often as they run ; during which period mails 
Will be closed at this office one hour previous to the time 
appointed for the departure of each boat, for the following 
offices, viz.— West-Point, Newburgh, Fishkill-Landing, 
Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Cattskill, Red-Hook Landing, 
Hudson, Albany, Troy, Lansingburgh, Waterford, (N. Y.j 
and Montreal and Lower Canada. 

Northern Mail on the West side of the Hudson. 

Mails for Hoboken,Hackensack, and New-Prospect, (N. 
J.) and Ramapo Works, Monroe Works, Monroe, Bloom- 
ing-Grove, Salisbury Mills, Chester, Warwick, Florida, 
Goshen, Wallkill, Ward's Bridge, Newburgh, Fishkill- 
landing, Shawangunk, New-Paltz, PlattekilL Centreville, 
Kingston, Saugerties. Woodstock, Warwarsing, Rochester, 
Vlarbletown, Cattskill, Cairo, Athens, Coxsackie, New- 
Baltimore, Rensselaerville, Greenville, and Coeymans,(N. 
Y.) will be closed every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 
at 11 o'clock, A. M. and arrive every Sunday, Wednesday; 
and Friday, in the evening. 

Mails for Clarkstown. Tappan, Haverstraw, Canterbury, 
Hunter, Durham, Oak-Hill, Lexington, Lexington-Heights 


Windham, Livingstonville, Lawyer's-Ville, and Harden- 
burgh Mills, will be made up every Tuesday, with the 
Mail last mentioned, at 11 o'clock A. M. 

Mails for Amity, West-Town, Deer-Park, Middletown, 
(Orange county) Mount-Hope, Carpenter's Point, Ridge- 
bury, Otisville, and Minisink, (N. Y.) and Vernon, (N. J.) 
will be made up every Saturday, with the Mail last men- 
tioned, at 1 1 o'clock A. M. 

Mails for Philipsburgh, Middletown, (Delaware county,) 
Andes, Delhi, Morestown, Deposit, Walton, Colchester, 
Hancock, Masonville, Roxbury, South-Bainbridge, Sidney, 
Sidney-Plains, Colesville, Windsor, and Bettsburgh, (N. 
Y.) will be made up every Thursday and Saturday, with 
the mail last mentioned, at 1 ■ A. M. 

Mails for Blenheim, Broome, Harpersfield, South-Har- 
persfield, Harpersville, Roseville, Bovina, Waterville, 
Unadilla, Hamburgh, (Otsego county,) Stamford, Kort- 
wright, Bloomville, Franklin, and Meredith, (N. Y.) will 
be made up every Saturday, with the mail above mentioned, 
at 1 1 o'clock A. M. 

Western Mail, via. Newburgh, JV. Y. 

During the Steam-boat navigation, the Mail will be des- 
patched by the Steam-boat. 

Mails forColdenham, Bloomingburgh, Monticello, White- 
Lake, Bethel, and Cochecton, (N. Y.) Mount-Pleasant, 
Gibson, Clifford, New-Milford, and Great Bend, (Pa.) 
Chenango Point, Union, Nanticoke, Owego, Candor, Dan- 
by, lthica, Trumansburgh, North Scipio, Farmar, Union 
Springs, Ovid, Ovid Village, Demott's Store, Jacksonville, 
Romulus, Geneva, Ludlowville, King's Ferry, Aurora, In- 
dian Fields,Cortlandt Village, Lyle, Berkshire, Bainbridge 
Spencer, Caroline, Speedsville, Chemung, and Green, (N. 
Y.) will be closed every Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur- 
day, at 11 o'clock A. M. 

Mails for Elmira, Painted Post, Ark-Port, Bath, Angelica, 
Canisteo, Johnson's Settlement, Catharine's Town, Smith's 
Boro,' Wayne, Howard, Pultney, Lindsley-Town, Big 
Flat, Campbell-Town, Reading, Danville, Nunda, South 
Nunda, and Conhocton, (N. Y.)_will be closed every Sa- 
turday, vith the mail last mentioned 



The interest for discount in the Banks in this City is 
fixed at 6 per cent, per annum, upon Notes or Bills not. 
having more than <30 days to run. Three days of grace are 
allowed, and the discount taken for the same. 

Bills or notes lodged at the Banks for collection, will be 
noticed for payment, and money collected free of expense. 
In case of non-payment and protest, the charge of protest 
must be paid by the person lodging the bill. 

BANK OF NEW-YORK— 32 Wall-street. 

Incorporated in March, 1791 — to endure until 2d Tuesday 
in May, 1811. Charter was renewed until 1820 ; again 
renewed until 1832. Capital 950,000 dollars — in shares 
of 50 dollars. Officers elected the 2d Tuesday in May. 

Charles Wilkes, President- -Cornelius Heyer, Cashier. 

Notes must be offered on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

Dividends are paid 1st May and 1st November. 

H. & E. Wilkes, Notaries. ' 

MANHATTAN COMPANY— 23 Wall-street. 
incorporated in 1799. Charter unlimited. Entire capital 
2,050,000 dollars — in shares of 50 dollars. 
Officers elected the 1st Tuesday in December. 
Henry Remsen President — Robert White, Cashier, 
Notes must be offered on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 
Dividends are 'paid 10th July and 10th January. 

John G. Bogert, Notary 

MERCHANT'S BANK— 25 Wall-street. 
instituted in 1803 Incorporated March 26, 1805. To 
endure until the 1st Tuesday in June, 1818. Renewed 
until 1832. Capital 1,49»,000 dollars, in shares of 50 
dollars. Officers elected the 1st Tuesday in June. 
Lynde Catlin, President — Walter Mead, Cashier. 
Notes must be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
Dividends paid 1st June and 1st December. 

Henry Young, Notary. 

MECHANICS' BANK— 16 Wall-street. 
Incorporated March 23, 1810. To endure until 2d Tues 


Jay in April, 1023, with a capital of 1,500,000 dollars. 
In 1811 its charter was extended until 2d Tuesday in 
April 1832, and capital increased to 2,000 000 dollars— 
in shares of 25 dollars. Officers elected 1st Tuesday in 
Jacob Lorillard, President — John Fleming, Cashier, 
Notes must be offered on Tuesdays and Fridays. 
Dividends are declared 1st February and 1st August. 

Harman Westervelt, Notary. 

UNION BANK— 17 Wall-street. 
Incorporated March, 1811. To endure until 1831. Capi- 
tal reduced in 1821, to 1,000,000 dollars— in shares oi 
50 dollars. Officers elected 1st Monday in March. 
John Low, President — Daniel Ebbets, Jr Cashier. 
Notes must be offered on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 
Dividends are declared 1st November and 1st May. 

W. C. Mulligan, Notary, 

BANK OF AMERICA— 30 Wall-street. 
Chartered 1821 , for 20 years. Capital 2,000,000 dollars, 
in shares of 100 dollars. Officers elected 1st Monday 
in May. 
Thomas Buckley, President — George Newbold, Casftt'cr. 
Notes must be offered on Mondays and Thursdays. 
Dividends declared 1st January and July. 

David Codwise, Notary. 

CITY BANK— 38 Wall-strtet. 
Incorporated 1812, for 20 years. Capital 2,000,000 do! 
lars. in shares of 50 dollars. Officers elected first Tues- 
day in June. 
P. Stagg, President — Samuel Flewwelling, Cashier. 
Notes must be offered on VVednesdays and Saturdays. 
Dividends paid 1st November and 1st May. 

Michael Ulshoeffer, Notary. 

PHENIX BANK— 24 Wall-street. 
Charter dated 15th June, 1812, for 20 years. Capital 
500,000 dollars, in shares of 25 dollars. Officers elected 
1st Tuesday in July^ 


James Boggs, President — John Delafield, Cashier, 
Notes must be offered on Tuesdays and Fridays. 
Dividends declared 1st January and July. 

William Van Hook, Notary. 



Office 154 Wall-street. 

Charter dated March 3d, 1816, for 20 years. Directors 

elected on the first Monday in January. 
Entire capital 35,000,000 dollars, or 350,000 shares at 
100 dollars. United States hold 70,000 shares, being 
7,000,000 dollars in 5 per cent, stock. Individual sub 
scription 280.000 shares, being 28,000,000 dollars. 
Isaac Lawrence, President — Morris Robinson, Cashier. 
Notes must be offered on Tuesdays and Fridays. 
Dividends declared first Monday January and July. 

Henry Laight, Notary. 
The President of this Bantc is ex-ofliciu Loan Officer of the 
U. S. for the state of New- York. First clerk in Loan 
Office, Wm. Ovington. 

FRANKLIN BANK— 1 Franklin-square. 
Encorporated in 1818. Capital 500 ,OoO dollars, in share? 

of 50 dollars. Directors elected first Monday in June. 
Samuel Legget, President — Henry Post, Jun. Cashier. 
Notes must be offered on Mondays and Fridays. 
Dividends paid 12th February and 12th August. 

William Seaman, Notary. 


23 Chambers-street. 

Chartered March 26, 1819. 

William Bayard, President, William Few, Thomas Eddy. 
and John Pintard, Vice Presidents, John Oothout, Trea- 
surer, James Eastburn, Secretary, Daniel E. Tylee, Ac- 

Bank is open on Monday afternoon, from 4 to 6 o'clock, 
and Saturday afternoon, from 4 to 7, and quarterly on 
the third Wednesday in April, July. October, and Janu 
ary, from 11 to 1 o'clock. 


NORTH RIVER BANK— 186 Greenwich Street. 

Incorporated in 1821. Capital 500,000 dollars, in shares 

of 50 dollars. Officers elected first Monday in June. 
Leonard Kip, President — John Stebbins. Cashier. 
Notes are discounted daily by a Committee of the Board - 
Dividends declared 1st January and July. 

George D. Cooper, Notary. 

TRADESMEN'S BANK— 177 Chatham-street 
Incorporated March 29, 1823, to continue.9 years. Capital., 
600,000 dollars. Officers elected first Monday in July. 
Matthew Reed, President — G. A. Worth, Cashier. 
Notes for discount to be offered Mondays and Thursdays, 
Egbert Ward, Notary. 



216 Broadway. 

Incorporated April 1st, 1824, for 21 years. Capital 500, 
000 dollars, in shares of 25 dollars. Officers elected 
first Monday in April. 

B. P. Melick, President — William Stebbins, Cashier. 

Discount every day. 

FULTON BANK— 65 Fulton-street. 

Incorporated April 1st, '824, to continue 20 years. Ca- 
pital 500,000 dollars, with right to increase to 1,000,000 
dollars, in shares of 100 dollars. 

Robt. Cheesebrough, President— Jacob Clinch, Cashier. 
R. J. Cheesebrough, Notary. 


With Banking Privileges. 

14 Wall-street. 

Chartered April 23, 1823, perpetually. Capital 1,500,000 

dollars, in shares of 100 dollars. 
Philip Hone, President, John Bolton, Treasurer. 



With Banking Privileges. 
10 Wall-street. 
Chartered April 12, 1825, perpetually. Entire Capital. 
700,000 dollars, of which 200,000 may be employed in 
Ezra Weeks, President, Samuel Stebbinsj Jun. Cashier. 

Incorporated in 1818. Capital 200,000 dollars. 
Samuel Willets, President — Joseph Kissam, Cashier 
Discount every Tuesday. 


Capital $ 200,000. 

Charter dated 17th February, 1818, privileged for 20 

Directors elected third Friday in April. 
G. Van Houton, President — Andrew Parsons, Cashier. 
Notes must be offered on Mondays and Thursdays. 
Dividends declared 1st April and October. 

Ph. Dickerson, Notary and Attorney, 


At Hoboken. Chartered 1823, for 20 years. Capital 

1 50,000 dollars, in shares of 50 dollars each. 
Robert Bartow, President — John H. Hill, Cashier. 
Discount every day. 

Wm. Munn, Notary. 


Incorporated April l?t, 1824, to continue 16 years. Ca- 
pital 300,000 dollars, in shares of 50 dollars. 
Leffert Lefferts, President — Daniel Embury, Jun. Cashier. 


Weehawk, New-Jersey. 
Chartered December 26, 1825, for 20 years. Capital, 
200,000 dollars, in shares of 50 dollars. 


Officers elected last Friday in January. 

Thomas R. Smith, President, Daniel Dean, Cashier. 

•Notes to be offered on Tuesday. 


At Jersey City. 

Incorporated December 28, 1824, for 20 years. Capital, 

300,000 dollars, in shares of 50 dollars. 
Officers elected first Monday in December. 
Elias Hicks, President, Lewis Forman, Cashier. 
Notes must be offered Mondays and Thursdays. 

William W. Cowan, Notary. 



Office 52 Wall-street. ' 

Originally established an Independent Mutual Assurance 
Company in 1787 ; was chartered as an Insurance Com- 
pany 30th March, 1798; charter was renewed 28th 
March, 1809 ; endures until revoked by the legislature 
— Capital 500,000 dollars, in shares of 50 dollars. 

Directors elected first Tuesday in April. 

Gabriel Furman, President — John Pintard, Secretary. 
Joseph Ireland, Surveyor. 

Dividends paid 1st June and December. 

Office 34 Wall-street. 

Incorporated April 2d, 1798 — Capital 500,000 dollars, in 

shares of 50 dollars. 
Directors elected the 2d Monday in January. 
Charles M'Evers, President— Adam Treadwell, Assistant — 

Charles G. Shipman, Secretary. 
Dividends are declared first Monday in January and July. 




Office William corner of John. 

Instituted March 18, 1801. Incorporated June, 1814. 
Charter unlimited. Capital 500,000 dollars, in shares 
of 50 dollars. Directors elected first Tuesday in April. 

James Swords, President — Peter Hawes, Secretary — John 
E. West, Surveyor and Clerk. 

Dividends declared first of February and August. 

Office 45 Wall-street. 

Incorporated March 2d, 1810, for 15 years, in 1818 ex- 
tended to 1840. Capital 350,000 dollars, in shares of 
35 dollars. Directors elected second Monday in Jan. 

Abraham Ogden, President, N. G. Rutgers, Assistant Pre- 
sident, James S. Schermerhorn, Secretary. 

Dividends declared first Monday in January and July. 


Office 59 Wall-street. 
Incorporated 1806. Capital 500,000 dollars in shares of 

100 dollars, with the privilege to increase to 1,000,000 

Directors elected second Tuesday in January. 
Edward W. Laight, President, John D. Meyer, Secretary, 
Dividends paid 15th January and July. 

Office 27 Wall-street. 

Incorporated 1814. Capital 1 ,000,000 dollars. 
Directors elected 2d Tuesday in February. 
Henry Rankin, President — Richard Dunn, jr, Secretary. 
Dividends are paid 1st June and December. 


YORK.— [marine.] 

Office 51 Wall-street. 

Incorporated March 1st, 1815, till 12th May 1827— in 

1824 extended for 15 years. Capital 500,000 dollars 

in shares of 50 dollars. 


Directors elected 2d Tuesday in May. 

William Neilson, President — Wm. Craig, Assistant — 
Philip Hayt, Secretary. 
Dividends declared 2d Tuesday in May and November. 

- Office 52 Wall-street. 
Incorporated 14th April, 1815, till IstMay, 1835. 
Capital 500,000 dollars, in shares of 100 dollars. 
Directors elected 2d Monday in January. 
Frederick Depeyster, President — James K. Hamilton, As- 
sistant — Oliver G. Kane, Secretary — Teunis Bergh, In- 
spector, m 
Dividends declared 1st Monday in January and July. 


Office 49 Wall-street. 
Incorporated 1815. Commenced business 1817. 
Capital 400,000 dollars, in shares of 50 dollars. 
Directors elected 3d Monday in January. 
Jonathan H. Lawrence, President*— Austin L. Sands, As- 
sistant — Thomas W. Mead, Secretary. 
Dividends declared 1st Monday in January and July. 


Office 54 Wall-street. 

Chartered January, 1818. for 15 years. Capital 300,000 

dollars — in shares of 15 dollars. 
Officers elected 2d Monday in December. 
John Whetten, President — William Roberts, Assistant — 
William M'Neal, Secretary — Thomas Cottrell, Inspector. 
Dividends declared 2d Tuesday in May and November. 


Office 45 Wall-street 

Chartered March 13, 1818. Capital 500,000 dollars— in 

shares of 50 dollars. 

Officers elected 2d Monday in January. 

Elisha Tibbits, President — John Worthington, Secretam 

Dividends declared January and July. 

34 longworth's . 


Office 29 Wall-street. 

Incorporated April 2, 1819, for 30 years. Capital 

500,000 dollars — in shares of 50 dollars. 

Directors elected last Monday in January. 

Anthony L. Underhill, President — O. H. Hicks, Secretary 

Dividends payable 1st January and July. 


Office 26 Wall-street. 

Incorporated in March, 1821. To endure for 30 years 

Directors elected last Monday in March. 
Eleazer Lord, President — -Thomas Bull, jun. Secretary. 
Dividends payable 1st Monday in June and December. 


Office 2 Franklin-Square. 

Capital 500,000 dollars— in shares of 50 dollars. 

Incorporated April, J 819. To endure for 30 years 

Directors elected 1st Monday in June. 

John Franklin, Pres. Benjamin Crane, Sec'ry. 

Dividends declared 20th May and 20th November. 


Office 53 Wall-street. 

Incorporated April 2d, 1819, for 30 years, , 

Capital 500,000 — in shares of 100 dollars. 

Jonathan Lawrence, President — Nath. W. Stvoxig^Secretary - 

Officers elected last Monday in January. 

Dividends declared January and July. 

. « 


Office 56 Wall-street. 

Incorporated March 31st, 1818, with a perpetual Charter 

for Life Insurance, and until 1840 for Marine Insurance. 

Capital 500,000 dollars — in shares of 50 dollars ; of which 

100,000 dollars is secured Upon bond and mortgage. 

and made liable for the business of the life department. 

Officers elected 2d Monday in January. 

Richard M. Lawrence, President— David Rogers, Assistant 

William J. Van Wagenen, Secretary — Curtis Holme? 


s Dividends payable January and July. 


for Marine and Life Insurance, and granting Annuities. 

Office 43 William-street. 

Incorporated 10th April, 1818. Capital 500,000 dollar- 

— in shares of 60 dollars. 

Directors elected 2d Monday in January. 

James D. P. Ogden, President — S. Hazard, Assistant. 

Dividends in May and November. 


38 William-street. 

Incorporated 28 February, 1822, for 15 years. 

Capital 600,000 dollars— in shares of 50 dollars. 

Directors elected first Monday in January. 

Henry Eckford, President — Joseph G. Swift, Assistant — 

Matthew L. Davis, Secretary — Nath. Blossom, Assistant. 

Dividends payable 1st May, August, November, February 


Office 34 Wall-street. 

Incorporated 28th February, 1822. 

Capital 500,000 dollars — in shares of 50 dollars. 

Officers elected the 1st Monday in June. 

John T. Champlin, President — John King, Secretary. 

Dividends declared 1st Monday in January and July. 


Office 192 Greenwich-street. 

Incorporated in February, 1822, to continue 15 years 

Capital 350,000 dollars— in shares of 25 dollars. 

Officers elected last Monday in March. 

Richard Whiley, Y resident , Secretary. 

Dividends paid September and March. 


Office 5 Chatham-square. 

Incorporated April, 1822, for 15 years. 

Capital 400,000 dollars — in shares of 50 dollars. 

Officers elected 2d July. 

Jasper ward, President — Shivers Parker Secretary 

Dividends paid 1st August and February. 

D 2 

36 long worth's 


For the Insurance of Houses and Property from Loss b\ 


50 Wall-street, up stairs. 

Chartered April 5, 1822, to continue 30 years. 

Capital 300,000 dollars, in shares of 50 dollars. 

Officers elected 3d Monday in January. 

John Thomson, President — Abraham Bloodgood,.flssjsta}i' 

— R. W. Martin, Secretary. 

Dividends paid 10th May and November. 


For Fire, Marine, Life, and General Insurance. 

Office 18 Wall-street. 

Incorporated 1814; but the act of incorporation was re 

newed and takes place from March 15th, 1822, to con-" 

tinue 20 years. 

Capital 400,000 dollars, in shares of 25 dollars. 

Officers elected at Poughkeepsie on 1st Monday in Jan'y, 

Strong Sturges, President — Jacob Barker, Assistant — Fit/ 

G, Halleck, Secretary. 

Dividends declared 1st Monday in July and January. 


gg[ f Office 254 Broadwa}'. 

Chartered 31st March, 1823, for 21 years. 
Capital 250,000 dollars, in shares of 50 dollars. Officers 

elected last Monday in May. 
Charles Mowatt President — Patrick G. Hildreth, Assistant 
— Robert Ainslie, Secretary. 
Dividends declared 1st May and November. 


Also, for Insurance against Burglary, or House-breaking. 

Office 36 Fulton-street, 

Incorporated 20th April, 1823, for 21 years. 

Capital.300;000 dollars, in shares of 50 dollars. Officers 

elected 1st Monday in June. 
Thomas R. Mercein, President — Abraham Vandeveer, As- 
sistant — Lebbeus Chapman, Secretary — W. W. Charda- 
royne, Surveyor. 

Dividends declared May and November. 



Office 47 Wall-street. 

Incorporated February, 1824, to endure till 1845. 

Capital 500,000 dollars, in shares of 50 dollars. 

Officers elected 2d Monday in January. 

Archibald Gracie, President — Walter R. Jones, Assistant 

— George B. Rapelye, Secretary. 


For Fire and Inland Navigation. 

108 Chatham, corner of Pearl-street. 

Incorporated March 4, 1824, to continue 21 year*. 

Capital 250,000 dollars, in shares of 50 dollars. 

Clarkson Crolius, President — Gilbert Merritt, Secretary 

Officers elected ist Monday in February. 

Dividends paid 6th April and October. 


58 Wall-street. 

Incorporated March 26. 1824. To endure till 1845. 

Capital 500,000 dollars in shares of 50 dollars. 

Officers elected 2d Monday in January. 

Silvester Robinson, President — James Lovett, Assist. Prcs/ 

Wm. T. Jones, Secretary.. 


214 Broadway. 

Incorporated 31st March, 1824, for 21 years. Capital 

400,000 dollars, in shares of 50 dollars. Officers elected 

1st Monday in June. 

Alexander M. Muir, President — John Guion, Secretary. 

Dividends paid June and December. 

34 Wall-street, up stairs. 
Incorporated 31st March, 1824, for 21 years. Capital 
300,000 dollars, in shares of 25 dollars. 

Officers elected 1st Monday in June. 

Jacob B. Taylor, President — William Lang, Secretary. 

Dividends paid 1st June and December. 


288 Pearl-street, corner of Beekman. 
Incorporated 31st March, 1824, for 21 years. Capital 
250,000 dollars, and privilege of extending to 500,000. 
Shares 25 dollars. 

Officers elected 1st Monday in June. 
John L. Bowne, President — Andrew Cock, Secretary. 

46 Wall-street. 
Incorporated 31st March, 1824, for 21 years. Capita'. 
250,000 dollars, in shares of 25 dollars. Officers elected 
1st Monday in June. 

Ferris Pell, President — Levi H. Clarke, Secretary. 
Dividends declared in May and November. 


For Marine and Inland Navigation Insurance. 
55 Wall-street. 
Incorporated April 3, 1824, for 20 years. Capital 
500,000 dollars. 

Officers elected 2d Monday in January. 

John D. Brown, President — Israel G. Collins, Assist. Prcs 

Daniel Sullivan, Secretary — Wm. Hamilton, Inspector. 


33 Wall-street. 
Incorporated April 7, 1824, for 21 years. Capita/ 
400,000 dollars, in shares of 50 dollars. Officers elected 
3d Monday in June. 

Thomas Franklin, President — Robt. Abbatt, jun. Secretary, 
Dividends declared in January and July. 

Incorporated April 3, 1 824, to continue 2 1 years. Cap! 
tal 150,000 dollars, in shares of 25 dollars. 
— - Furman, President—- Freeman Hopkins, Secretary, 



For Fire, Life, and Inland Navigation. • 

No 20 Wall-street. 

Chartered April 4, 1811, for 20 years. Capital, 200,000 

dollars, in shares of 50 dollars 
Officers elected first Monday in January. 
Mark Spenqer, President, J. H. Cunningham, Secretary. 


For Fire and Inland Navigation and Loan Office. 
63 Wall-street. 

Chartered March 29, 1816, for 20 years. Commenced 
business in New-York, !825. Capital, 500,000 dollars, 
in shares of 50 dollars, of which only 100,000 have been 
called in. 

■James Lynch, President, Edward Seaman, Secretary. 


For Fire and Inland Navigation. 
41 Cliff-street. 

Chartered April 7, 1817, for 13 years. 

Nathan Comstock, President, Jacob Barker, Assistant Pre- 
sident, Isaac S. Smith, Secretary, Th. Jefferson Gardner, 
Assistant Secretary. 

Dividends paid second Tuesday in May and November. 

54 Wall-street. 
Chartered April 7, 1819, for 20 years. Commenced bu- 
siness in New-York M^vch 4, 1825. Capital, 400,000 
dollars, in shares of 50 dollars. 
Officers elected first Tuesday in September. 
Eldad Holmes, President, John Myer Aspinwall, Assistan: 

President, William 1. Lane, Secretary. 
Dividends paid first Tuesday in March and September . 

40 longworth's 


Also for Inland Navigation. 

318 Pearl-street. 

Chartered February 14, 1825, for 21 years. Capital, 200, 

000 dollars, in snares of 25 dollars. 
Officers elected last Monday in March. 
Thomas H. Smith, President, George Hodgson, Vice Pre- 
sident, John Telfair, Secretary, Christopher Dall, Sur- 


For Fire -and Inland Navigation. 

6V Wall-street, (temporarily at 48.) 

Chartered March 9th, 1825, for 21 years, Capital 300,000 

dollars, in shares of 50 dollars. 
Rensselaer Havens, President, Lewis Phillips, Secretary, 


For Fire and Inland Navigation. 

31 Wall street. 

Chartered March 9, 1825, for 21 years, Capital, 250,000 ; 

dollars, in shares of 25 dollars. 
Others. elected second Monday in May. 
John Slidell, President, William L. Haskins, Secretary, 


For Fire and Inland Navigation. 

23 Harman-street, and Pearl-street, cor. Burling-slip. 
Chartered Blarch 14, 1825, for 21 years. Capital, 200 , 

000 dollars, in shares of 50 dollars. 
Thomas W. Garniss, President, Abraham B. Vanderpool.. 



For Fire and Inland Navigation. 
Chartered March 22, 1825, for 21 years. Capital 250,000 

dollars, in shares of 50 dollars. 
Officers elected first Monday in June. 
Elisha Coit ( . President, Horatio Alden, Secretary. 



44 Wall-street. 

Chartered April 11, 1825, for 21 years. Capital, 250,000 ; 

dollars, in shares of 50 dollars. 
Officers elected second Monday in January. 
John R. Hurd, President, Thomas H. Merry, Assistant Pre- 
sident, Anthony B. Neilson, Secretary. 
Dividends paid first Monday in January and July. 

Surplus Dividends over 6 per cent, per annum, to be cle-* 
voted to charitable objects. 

Hester-street corner of Rynders. 
Capital, 1,000,000 dollars. 

Samuel Leggett, President, Timothy Dewey, Manager, 
E. Weed, Secretary. 


66 Chatham-street. 
Chartered April 8 1 824, for 30 years. Capital 200,000 

dollars, in shares of 100 dollars. 
Peter W. Livingston, President, N. Dean, Cashier. 
Dividends paid 1st July and December. [Seep. 320.] 


28 Wall-street. 
Hertell, President, Leonard Coit, Secretary. 


For the purpose of Supplying the City with Coal. 

52 Wall-street, up stairs. 

Chartered 9th April, 1824, for 20 years. Capital, 200,000 

dollars, in shares of 50 dollars. 
Officers elected first Monday in June. 
Samuel Gouverneur, President, Robert Abbatt, Secretaryl 



For the Manufacture of White Lead. 

44 William-street. 

Chartered April 1 5, 1 825, for 20 years. Capital, 100,000 

dollars, in shares of 50 dollars. 
John B. Cazeaux, President. 


37 William-street. 
Chartered April 18, 1823, perpetually. Capital 300,000. 

dotlars, privileged to 500,000, in shares of 50 dollars. 
Officers elected first Monday in May. 
John G. Coster, President, Samuel Whiting, Secretary. 
Dividends paid 1st January and July. 


52 Wall-street, up stairs. 
Incorporated April, 1825. Capital, 150,000 dollars, in 

shares of 50 dollars. 
George Lovett, President, William T. Slocum, Secretary. 




& LOMBARDY ASSOCIATION,— 35 William-street 




This Institution is located at Jersey City, under a, 
charter granted last year by the New-Jersey Legisla- 
ture. It embraces three distinct departments, viz : 
the discounting of notes ; the loaning of money upon 
the security of personal property ; and the insurance 
of buildings, merchandise, &c. against damage by fire. 

Applications may be made directly at the buildings 
of the Corporation in Jersey City, or to either of the 
officers of the different departments, or to any of the 
undermentioned directors ; or, if left at No. 30 Pine- 
street, New-York, they will be transmitted to the Insti- 
tution, without expense to the applicants 

Chartered December 20, 1 824, for twenty-one years, 
Capital 400,000 dollars— Shares 100 dollars. Officer: 
elected first Tuesday in January. 

Daniel McLaren, jun. President. 

Edward C. Priest, Cashier. 

Ei.ias B. Dayton, Secretary for Insurance. 

John Moret, Agent for Lombard, 

Aa: Ogden Dayton, Attorney &$ Notary for the Company*, 

Isaac H. Williamson, Gov 
of New-Jersey 
Thomas Ward, 
Garret Ackerson, 
John D. Harin<r, 
Aa : Ogden Dayton. 



Daniel McLaren, jun. 
John F. Delaplaine, 
Jacob Cram, 
Wiiliam A. Tomlinson, 
Abraham Quackinbush 
Rpbert Donaldson. 






Republished from last year's Directory, with the Corrections. 

The Letters refer to the Map for sale by the Publisher. He has 
endeavoured to make it more valuable to the public by showing 
where the numbering of each street commences — thus, " Walk- 
er leads from Chapel," the numbering commences at Chapel. 

ALBANY-Street, H. k. a small street leading from No. 
\2b Greenwich to the North River. 

Albany-basin, H, i. at the North River, between Albany 
and Cedar streets. 

Allen, Q,. r. leads from Division to North-street : was for- 
merly called Fourth-street, and it is the fourth east 
from the Bowery. The name was changed on the 
24th March, 1817, in honor of William H. Allen, of 
the navy who was killed on board the Argus, in the 
engagement with the British sloop of war Pelican, 
August 14, 1813. 

Amity, W. L leads from Broadway westwardly to the 6th 

Amos, W. g. h. leads from Washington opposite State Pri- 
son to Greenwich-lane. 

Ann, K. n. leads from the south end of the Park to Gold- 

Anthony, N. M. n. leads from Hudson-street along the 
northerly side of the Hospital yard, crossing Broad- 
way and extends to Orange and Cross streets. 

Arden, V. h. i. a short street between Herring and Bedford 


Art, X. m. leads from the Bowery into Greenwich-lane, 

crossing Broadway above Vauxhall Garden. 
Arundel, T. t. leads from Division to North-street ; is the 

I Oth east from the Bowery. 
Asylum, X. h. leads from Christopher to Greenwich-lane ; 

is the 2d east from Hudson-street, 
Attorney, T. t. leads from Division to North-street ; is the 

1 1th east from the Bowery. 
Augustus, M. o. leads from Chamber to Pearl-street ; is 

the 1st north from Chatham. 
Avenue 1st, leads from North-street, at the head of Allen, 
to Bellevue. 
2d, leads from North-street, at the head of Chrys- 

tie, to Kip's Bay. 
3d, leads from the Bowery, at the opening of 

Fourth- street, to Harlaem bridge. 
5th, the part opened extends from Inclenberg-hill 
to Harlaem commons ; it is known as the Mid- 
Road. * 
6th, is opened from Carmine-street to Greenwich- 
8th, leads from the head of Greenwich-lane to 

Macomb's Dam. 
Oth, leads from the head of Greenwich-street, and 

is open to 28th street. 
10th, is only partially opened. 
The Avenues A. B. C. D., also 4th, 7th, and 11th, are 
in no p.irt opened 
Bank, Y. f. leads from Greenwich-lane to the North River, 

4th above State Prison. 
Bancker. P. r. leads from Pearl to Grand-streets lear Cor- 
laer's Hook ; is 2d south from Chatham-street ; the 
part above Catharine was formerly called Bediow- 
Barclay, K. L. 1. leads from the Park to the North River, 

second above St. Paul's church. 
Barrow, V. f. is a continuation of Commerce-street to the 

North- Kiver. 
Batavia, M. p. q. leads from Roosevelt to James ; is the 4th 

from East River. 
Bayard, P. o. p. leads from Division across the Bowery to 
Orange ; that part east cf the Bowery was formerly 
called Fisher-street. 


Beach, P. i. leads from Chapel along the southerly side of 
Hudson square to the North River. 

Beaver, F. n. leads from Broadway, at the Bowling Green, 
to William-street. 

Beaver-lane, F. 1. leads from Broadway to the North Ri- 
ver, 2d from the Battery. 

Beekman, K. L. n. leads from the Park to the East River, 
was opened in 1823 from Pearl to Water-street, where 
it met a continuation to the river, through what was 
called Crane wharf. 

Bedford, V. h. runs from the conjunction of Houston, Ha- 
mersley and Hancock to Christopher-street. 

Benson, O. n. a very small street on the south- easterly side 
of Broadway, leading from Leonard towards Franklin- 

Birmingham, O, P. r. s. a small lane above Market-street, 
leading from Henry to Bancker-street. 

Bleecker, V. 1. crosses Broadway above the Cathedral, 
leading from Bowery to Hancock, where it meets 

Bond, V. W. n. o. is next above the preceding, extending 
only from Broadway to the Bowery, where it meets 
Second street. 

Bowery, S. p. leads from Chatham square, to the point 
where Bloomingdale and Old Harlaem roads separate 
at the U. S. Arsenal. 

Bridge, E. n. extends from the Battery to Broad street. 

Broad, F m. n. leads from Wall-street to the East River ; 
fronting this street stands the Custom House, in Wall- 

Broadway, E. to Y. m. n. leads from the Battery, and ex- 
tends in a course N. E. to the distance of about two 
miles, where it forms a junction with the Bowery. 

Brooklyn Ferry, H. I. p. at Fulton-street on the East 

Broome, R. s. o. leads from the East River above Cor- 
ker's Hook, crossing the Bowery and Broadway, and 
ends in Greenwich at Canal-st. ; it is a trifle short of 2 
miles in length ; that part east of the Bowery was for- 
merly called Bullock-street. 

Burling Slip, H. I. p. leads from Pearl at John-street to the 
East River. 

Burrows W. g. h,_ 


Burton V. h. I. leads from Herring op. Cornelia, west- 
wardly to the Episcopal cemetery. 

Canal, Q,. k. commences on the centre of the map at Col- 
lect-street, crosses Broadway at the well-known spot 
called the Stone Bridge, and extends to the North Ri- 
ver, through what was known as the Collect and Lispen- 
ard's meadow ; a nohle and spacious street, heing 100 
feet wide. 

Cannon, U. w. leads from Grand to North, at Corlaer's 
Hook, the 3d from the river. 

Carlisle, G. H. I. a small street leading from Greenwich, at 
No. 1 13, to the North River. 

Carmine, V. i. connects Clarkson-slreet with the 6th 

Catharine, N. r. leads from the point of junction of Chat- 
ham, the Bowery and Division-steet, to the East 

Catharine Slip, M. r. that part of Catharine-street extend- 
ing from Cherry to the East River, where is a Ferry 
to Brooklyn. 

Catharine-lane, O. r. leads from Broadway to Elm, be- 
tween Anthony and Leonard-streets. 

Cedar, H. I. leads from William-street, at No. 68, to the 
North River, crossing Broadway on the northerly side 
of the City Hotel. 

Charles, X. g. leads from Greenwich-lane to Washington- 
street, north of the State Prison. 

Chambers, M, I, was recently opened ( from Cross to Chat- 
ham-streets, where it now commences, and crossing 
Broadway, north of the Park, extends to the North 

Chapel, O. k. 1. leads from Barclay-street west of Colum- 
bia College to Canal. 

Charlton, T. h. leads from M'Dougal-street, where it forms 
a continuation of Prince, and runs to the North River, 
2d above Spring-street. 

Chatham. L. M, n,o, leads from the corner of Frankfort, 
near the gaol, runs eastvrardly, and closes at the com- 
mencement of Harman, Catharine, Division, and the 
Bowery, which place is called Chatham-square. 

Chatham-square, N, O, p, q, ; see the preceding. 

Cherry, O, I, leads fro» Pearl-street, at Franklin-square, 
to Corlaer's Hook. 

Cheapside, N, r, s, leads from Catharine, between Cherry 
E 2. ..i< 


and Lombardy, and terminates in Lombardy northward 
of Market. 

Chesnut, M, p, a small street, leads from Bancker to Oak, 
between Pearl and Roosevelt. 

Christopher, W, g, h, leads from Greenwich-lane to the 
North River, at the south side of the State Prison. 

Ghrystie. Q,, q, is the first street east from the Bowery, 
leading from Division to North, where it opens into 
the 2d Avenue ; was formerly called First-street, but 
changed March 24, 1817, in honor of Lieut. Col. John 
Chrystie of this city, who died on the frontier, July 
22, 1813. 

Church, N, m, leads from Fulton, at No. 160, in the rear of 
St. Paul's Church, and extends to Canal, running near- 
ly parallel to Broadway. 

Clarkson, U, g, leads from Carmine to North River, 5th 
above Spring. 

Clarke, R, S, k, a very small street on the north side of 
the city, leading from Broome to Spring. 

Cliff, I, K,o, commences at John between Pearl and Gold, 
and extends to Ferry. 

Clinton, Q,, u, toward's Corlaers Hook, leading from Divi- 
sion to the East River. 

Coenties Slip, E, o, leads from Pearl to the East River, be- 
tween Wall and Old Slip. 

Coffee House Slip, G, p, that part of Wall-street running 
from Pearl to the East River. 

Columbia, T. v. above Corlaers Hook ; leads from Grand 
to North ; is 5th from the-Ea?t River. 

Collect, O, n, o, leads from Pearl between Chatham and 
Broadway and runs to Hester. 

Collister, O, P, i, on the north side of the city, is a small 
lane leading from Beach to Hubert. 

Commerce, V, h, leads from Herring to Barrow, crossing 

Corlaers, R, x, a small street at the Hook, nearest to the 
E. River, leading southwardly from Grand. 

Corporation Dock, K, i, at the North River at Fulton- 

Cortlandt, I, m, leads from Broadway opposite Maiden- 
lane, to the North River; is :id above the City Hotel. 

Courtlandt Alio, , P, n, a small lane near Broadway, ex- 
tending from Franklin to Walker. 

Cornelia, W, i, a short street ; a continuation of Burton, 
leading from Herring to the 6th Avenue. 


Crane Wharf, I, q, see Bcekman-street. 

Crosby, R, n, leads from Howard ; the first east from 
Broadway, running parallel therewith to Bleecker. 

Cross, N, o, leads from Chambers in the rear of the Park, 
and extends to Mott. 

Delancey, S, r, leads from the Bowery to the East River, 
is 2d above Grand. 

Depeyster, G, H, o, leads from Water to the East River, 
between Pine and Maiden Lane. 

Desbrosses, Q, h, leads from Hudson to the North River ; 
3d above Hudson-square. 

Dey, I, i, leads from Broadway, nearly opposite John-st. 
to the North River ; 4th above the City Hotel. 

Division, P, Q, r, leads from Chatham-square to Grand 
near Pitt. 

Dominick, R, i, leads from Greenwich to Clarke ; 1st south 
of Spring. 

Dover, L, p, leads from Pearl to Franklin-square, to the 
East River. 

Doyer, O, p. a small and irregular street leading from the 
foot of Bowery to Pell. 

Downing, U, i, leads from the head of Varick to Herring 
near Bleecker ; is the 1st south from Carmine. 

Duane, N, k, L, n, leads from Rose, crossing Chatham and 
Broadway, and extends to the North River ; the part 
from Broadway to the river, was formerly called Bar- 
ley-street, different names were borne by the other 

Dutch, I, K, n, a small street that leads from John to Ful- 
ton, between Nassau and William. 

Eden's Alley, K, o, a small lane running from Gold be- 
tween Fulton and John. 

Eldridge, Q, q. leads from Division to North ; is the 3d east 
from the Bowery, was formerly called Third, but 
changed on 24th March 1817, in honor of Lt Eldridge, 
who was tomahawked in Upper Canada, 7th July, 

Elizabeth, Q,. p. leads from Bayard to Bleecker ; is the 1st 
west from the Bowery. 

Elm, O. n. leads from Reed to Spring ; is 1st east from 

Essex, R. s. leads froOS Division to North : is 7th south- 
east from the Bowery. 

Exchange Slip, D. o. foot of Broad. 


Factory, Y. b. leads from Christopher north-eastwardly to 

Fayette, N. q. recently altered and forms part of Oliver. 
Ferry, K. L. o. leads from Gold to Pearl at the head of 

First, V. q. leads from the Bowery towards the East Ri 

ver ; 1st above North. 
Fletcher, H. o. p. leads from Pearl, at No. 212, to the East 

Forsyth, O. q. leads from Division to North ; is 2d south- 
east from the Bowery ; was formerly called Second. 

but changed March 24, 181 7, in honour of Lieut. Col 

Forsyth, who was killed in Lower Canada, June 28. 

Fort Gansevoort, Z. c. d. above the State Prison on the 

North River. 
Fourth, W. m. q. leads from the 6th Avenue, and is open 

thence to the Bowery, crossing Broadway near Vaux- 

Frankfort, L. n. o. leads from Chatham at the Park to 

Franklin, O. m. leads from Chapel to Orange, crossing 

Broadway the 3d above the Hospital ; was formerly 

called Sugar Loaf. 
Front, F. o. P. w. leads from the Battery and extends to 

Corlaers Hook. 
Fulton, K. I. o. leads from South-street at the south side of 

Fulton market, to the North River at the south side of 

Washington market ; that part of the street west of 

Broadway, was formerly called Partition-street ; the 

part from Broadway to Cliff, was called Fair street ; 

thence in the year it was opened through to Pearl, 

where it met what is named Beekman Slip ; at the slip 

is the Brooklyn Ferry. 
Garden, F. G. m. leads from Broadway tn William ; is the 

1st below Wall ; in Garden near William, is the Post 

Gerard, Y.o. leading from the Bowery on Stuyvesant farm; 

not accepted by the Corporation. 
Goerck, U. w. leads from Grand to North, near Corlaers 

Hook ; is 2d from the East River. 
Gold, K. n. o. leads from Maiden-lane, between Pearl and 

William, to Frankfort. 


Gouvemeur, Q,.v. leads from the junction of Division with 
Grand to the E. River, near Corlaers Hook. 

Grand, R.'t. to x. leads from Varick, 3d above St. John's 
Church, crosses Broadway and the Bowery, extending 
to the E. River at Williamsburg Ferry ; it is nearly 
one mile and three quarters in length; at Crosby and 
Elm it was cut through the highest part of Bayard's 
Mount, commonly called Bunkers Hill. 

Great Jones, V. n. leads from Broadway, opposite Amity to 
the Bowery. 

Green, I. m. a lane leading from Liberty to Maiden-lane, 
near Nassau. 

Greene, T. m. leads from Canal to Fourth ; is 2d west 
from Broadway. 

Greenwich, E, to Y. 1. f. leads from the Battery, and ex- 
tends near the North river side, upwards of two 
miles, to the commencement of the 9th Avenue. 

Greenwich lane, Y. i. e. runs from Art at Potter sfield, 
due north to the 8th Avenue, then, turning left nearly 
at right angles, runs to the North river ; from the 
8th Avenue to the North river, was formerly called 
the Great Kill road. 

Hague, L. p. leads from Pearl near Frankfort to Skinner. 

Hamersley, U. h, leads from the union of Bedford and 
Houston to the North river ; is 4th above Spring. 

Hammond, Y. g. leads from Greenwich-lane to the North 
river ; is 3d above State prison. 

Hancock, U. i. leads from Hamersley and Houston to the 
union of Herring and Bleecker. 

Harman, P. r. leads from Chatham-square, at Oliver, to 
Grand, near Willet. 

Harison, N. i. leads from Hudson to the river ; 2d above 

Henry, O. p. s. leads from Oliver to Grand ; 2d south 
from Division. 

Herring, W. h. is an indirect continuation of Bleecker to 
Christopher. • 

Hester, Q,. R. o. t. leads from the centre of the city, 
where Rynders and Collect meet, to Division, cross- 
ins; the Bowery ; that part east of the Bowery was 
formerly called Eagle-street. 

Howard, Q,. R. n. leads from Rynders to Mercer,crossing 
Broadway 1st above Canal ; until lately was part of 
Hester, by which name it was called. 


Horatio, Z. f. leads, from Greenwich-lane to Greenwich st. 
Houston, U. 1. leads from Broadway to Hamersley, 2d above 

Spring ; new Episcopal Church now building on the 

corner of Broadway and this street. 
Hubert, P, i, leads from Hudson square to the North 

river; 6th abo'/e Duane. 
Hudson, O, i, k. leads from Chambers, to which it was 

recently opened from Duane, to the 9th Avenue, 

the length of a milo- and a half; Hudson-square fronts 

on this street. 
Jacob, L, o, leads from Frankfort to Ferry. 
Jamas, M, q, leads from Chatham-square to the E. river. 
Jane, Y, Z, f, g, leads from Greenwich-lane to Gx'een- 

Jay, N, k, leads from Hudson to the North river, the 1st 

above Duane. 
Jefferson, P, t. leads from Division to the East river ; is 

the 4th above Catharine. 
John, I, k. n, leads from Broadway to Pearl, whence is 

a continuation to the East river through Burling slip ; 

is the lstahove Maiden-lane. 
Jones, W, h,i, leads from Herring towards the 6th Avenue. 
JonesMane, G, o, leads from Front to the East river, 

the first south of Coffee-house slip. 
King, S, T. h, leads from M'Dougal to the North river; 

is the .'3d above Spring. 
Laight, P, g, k, leads from Canal along the north side of 

Hudson-square to the ^orth river. 
Laurens, S, T, 1, leads from Canal at the head of Chapel 

to Fourth ; it is the 4th west of Broadway 
Leonard, O, m, leads from Hudson to Orange, crossing 

Broadway ; 2d above the Ho-pital. 
Leroy, T, U, g, leads from Hudson in front of the Epis- 
copal cemetery to the North river. 
Lewis, U. w, leads from Grand to North ; is the third 

from the East river. 
Liberty, H, I, n, 1, leads out of Maiden-lane near Pearl, 

to the North river, crossing Broadway the 2d above 

the City Hotel ; was formerly called Crown. 
Lispenard, P, Q,* 1, was lately opened to Broadway 

whence it leads to Chapel ; the first south of Canal. 
Lombardy, O, P, s, leads from Catharine to Grand, at 

Corlaers Hook ; the 4th south of Division. 
Ludlow, Q, r, s, leads from Division io North ; is 6th 
east of the Bowery, and was formerly called Sixth ? 


but changed March 24, 1817, in honour of Lieuten- 
ant Ludlow of the navy, killed in the engagement 
between the Chesapeake and Shannon British frigate 
Junel, 1813. 
Lumber, H, 1, leads from Liberty, along the rear of Trin- 
ity Church towards the Battery, terminating at a lane 
leading into Greenwich. 
M'Dougal, U, k, leads from Spring northwardly ; is the 

7th west of Broadway 
Maiden-lane, H, i, n, leads (properly) from Broadway to 
the East river ; the part below Pearl was formerly 
nick-named Fly-market. 
Mangin, T, x, leads from Grand towards North ; is the 
20th and the most remote street east of the Bowery. 
Marketfield, E, F, 1, m, leads from Broad to Whitehall, 
and from Broadway on the north side of the Battery 
to the North river. 
Market, O, r, leads from Division to the East river ; is 
the 1st above Catharine, and was formerly called 
East George. 
Mechanic Alley, N, O, s, leads from Lombardy to Cher- 
ry, between Market and Pike. 
Mercer, R, m, n, leads from Canal to Fourth ; the 1st 

west of Broadway 
Mesier's Alley, F, o, leads from Water to the East river, 

between Coenties slip and Old slip. 
Mill, F, n, leads from Broad, passing the Synagogue in- 
directly to Stone. 
Montgomery, Q,, u, leads from Division to the East river ; 

the 6th above Catharine. 
More, E, D, n, leads from Pearl to South, between 

Whitehall and Broad. 
Morton, U, f, q, leads from Arden along the north side of 
the Episcopal cemetery to the North river ; the 3d 
south of the State Prison. 
Mott, P, o, p, leads out of the left side of Chatham- 
square to Bleecker ; the part above Bayard was for- 
merly called Winne ; is the 2d West of the Bowery. 
Mulberry, R, o, leads out of Chatham 2d above Pearl to 

near Bleecker ; is the 3d west of the Bowery. 
Murray, L, 1, leads from Broadway at the Park, near the 
City Hall, to the North river ; the 4th above St. 
Paul's church. 
Nassau, H, m, leads from Wall at the head of Broad to 
Chatham and Frankfort, at the south side of the Park. 


New, G, m, leads from Wall to Beaver, between Broad- 
way and Broad. 
New slip, L, q, r, that part of James-street from Cherry 
to the East river. 

Nicholas William, Y, o, on Stuyvesant farm, not accepted 
by the corporation. 

Norfolk, S, s, leads from Division to North ; the 8th east 
of the Bowery. 

North, U, q, leads from the Bowery to near the East 
river ; the 5th above Grand. 

North Moore, O, i, leads from Chaple to the North 
river ; 4th above Duane. 

Oak, M, N, p, q, leads from Pearl to Catharine ; the 2d 
south of Chatham. 

Old slip, F, p, leads from the foot of William to the 
East river, between Coffee House slip and Coenties 

Oliver, M, N, q, leads (now) from Chatham-square to 
the East river ; 1st west of Catharine. 

Orange, Q,, o, leads northwardly from Chatham, 1st 
above Pearl on the left, and terminates in Crosby 
above Prince. 

Orchard, Q, r, leads from Division to North ; the 5th 
east of the Bowery. 

Otter's Alley, R, k, 1, leads from Thompson to Sullivan 
between Grand and Broome. (Not on the map.) 

Park, K, m, leads from Aon to Beekman, along the south 
side of the Park; the theatre fronts this street. 

Park-place, L, 1, leads from Broadway, at the Park, to the 
College green; 3d above St. Paul's Church; was for- 
merly called Robinson. 

Pearl, F, p, leads from the Battery by an irregular and cir- 
cuitous course to Broadway, directly opposite the 
Hospital; its length exceeds a mile and a quarter. 

Peck Slip, O, P, p, leads from Pearl at Ferry to the E. 

Pell, 1, p, leads westwardly from the Bowery to Mott ; 
is a small street 

Pelham, O, s, t, leads from Lombardy to Cherry be- 
tween Pike and Rutgers ; is a small lane. 

Perry, X, Y, g, leads from Greenwich-lane to the North 
river ; 2d above State Prison. 

Pike, O, s, leads from Division to the East river ; 2d 
above Catharine ; was formerly called Charlotte, 


&nd changed in honour of Gen. Pike, who was killed 

at the taking of York, U. C. April 27, 1813. 
Pike Slip, O. s. t. that part of Pike-street from Cherry to 

the East River. 
Pine, H. n. leads from Broadway opposite Trinity Church 

yard to the E. River ; first above Wall ; was formerly 

called King. 
Powles Hook Ferry, I. i. on the N. River, footofCort- 

Pitt, U. u. leads from Grand, at its junction with Division. 

to North ; 13th east of the Bowery. 
Prince, T. 1. leads from the ?;owery crossing Broadway to 

M'cDougal, where it meets Charlton. 
Provost, O. i. leads from Chapel to the N. River. 
Pump, P. o. leads out of Division at Ludlow to Walker 

crosses the Bowery near its commencement ; the part 

west of the Bowery was formerly called Nicholas. 
R.eason, W. h. leads from Bedford towards the 6th Avenue. 
Renwick, R. h. (not on the map) runs from Canal to 

Broome, between Hudson and Greenwich. 
Rector, G. 1. leads from Broadway between Trinity and 

Grace Church, to the N. River. 
Reed, M, 1, leads from Cross to the N. River, crossing 

Broadway, 2d above the Park. 
Republican Alley, M, n, leads from the foot of Elm, and ter- 
minates in Heed near Broadway ; is a small lane. 
Rhinelander Alley, near Washington and Beach. 
Rider's Alley, K. o. leads from Fulton between Gold and 

Cliff to Eden's Alley. 
Ridge, U, u, leads from Division to North ; 1 2th east of the 

Rivington, T. r. leads from the Bowery to the E. River ; 

3d above Grand. 
Robinson, L, k, leads from the College green to the N. Ri- 
Roosevelt, M, N, p, leads from Chatham, 1st above Pearl, to 

the E. River. 
Rose, L, M, n, o, leads from Frankfort to Pearl ; 2d south 

of Chatham. & 

Rutgers, P, t, leads from Division to the E. River ; 31 

above Catharine. 
Rynder's Q, R, n, o, leads from Collect, in continuation, 

at Hester to Broome, 
^cammel, Q, R, v, leads from the junction cf Division witft 

Grand to the E. River. 



Scott, *L, g, leads from Greenwich-lane to Hudson ; above 
State Prison. 

Sheriff, U, v, leads from Grand to North ; 15tn east of the 

Skinner, L, o, p, crosses Frankfort near Pearl ; a small 

Slote-lane, G, n, o, leads from William opposite Beaver, 
and turning to-the right terminates in Pearl at Hano- 

South, l),u, J, p, Q., w, lends from Whitehall near the Bat- 
tery, and extends along the margin of the river towards 
Corlaer's Hook. 

Spring, S, i, S, o, leads from the Bowery, crossing Broad 
way, 2d above Grand, to the N. River. 

Spruce, K, L, n, leads from the Brick Church, at the Park, 
to Gold ; was formerly called Little George. 

Stanton, U, s, leads from the Bowery to the E. River ; 4th 
above Grand. 

Staple, N, k, leads from Duane to Harison, between Green- 
wich and Hudson ; a small street. 

State, D, E, m leads from Whitehall along the Battery to 

Stone, E, m, n, leads from the Battery to William. 

St. John's Alley, Q,, k, leads from Beach to Laigbt, imme- 
diately in the rear of St. John's Church. 

Suffolk, R, S, s, t, leads from Grand to North ; 9th east oi 
the Bowery. 

Sullivan, T, k, leads from Canal near St. John's Church to 
Amity ; 6th west of Broadway. 

Temple, H, 1. leads from Thames to Liberty, in the real 
of the City Hotel. 

Thames, H, 1, leads from Broadway to Greenwich, be- 
tween Trinity Church and the City Hotel. 

Theatre Alley, K, m, leads from Ann to Beekman, imine 
diately in rear of the Park Theatre. 

Thirteenth, Z, crosses Broadway and the Bowery, the 
6th above Art. 

Thomas, N, 1, leads from Church in rear of the Hospital to 

Thompson, S, k, 1, leads from Canal to Fourth ; 5th west 

Torbert, N, O. r, leads from Hemy to Bancker above Ca 
lharine ; is an alley, and was called Moore's Row. 

Vandam, R, S, h, leads from Greenwich to M'Dougal ; 1st 
above Spring ; was formerly called Budd. 


\ande water, L, o, p, leads from Fraukfort to Pearl. 

Varick, R, i, leads from Provosttothe Episcopal cemetery ; 
St. John's Church fronts on this street, opposite Hud- 

Vesey, K, 1, leads from Broadway to the N. River, on the 
north side ofSt. Pauls Church. 

Vestry, P, Q,, i, leads from Canal to the N. River ; 2d above 
Hudson square. 

Wall, G, H, n, leads from Broadway in front of Trinity 
Church, to the E. River ; the Custom House, ami " 
most of the banks and insurance companies are loca- 
ted in this street ; the Tontine Coffee House is at the 
corner of Water and this street ; the contemplated 
new Merchant's Exchange is to be erected on the 
south side, between William and Pearl. 

Walker, P, m, leads from Chapel, crossing Broadway to 
Collect, where it meets Pump ; 5th above the Hos- 

Walnut, Q. w. leads from Grand to the E. River, at Cor 
laers Hook ; 9th above Catharine. 

Warren, M, 1, leads from Broadway opposite the Park to 
the"N. River ; 5th above St. Paul's Church. 

Washington, F. 1. W. f Leads from the Battery on the N. 
Rirer side to the Northward of the S^ate Prison ; in 
length about 2 miles. 

Water, K, p, R, u, leads from the Battery, the 3d from the 
E. River, and extends to Corkers Hook, a distance oi 
above 2 m : !es. 

Watts, Q. h. leads from Sullivan to the N. River, obliquely 
intersecting Canal. * 

West, K. h. is to lead from the Battery along the margin oi 
the N. River. 

White, P. m. leads from Chapel to Orange, crossing Broad- 
way, the 4th above the Hospital, 

Whitehall, E, m, n, leads from the Bowling Green at the 

foot of Broadway to the E. River at the Battery. 
Wiilet U, u, v, leads from Gra<fl to North ; 14th east of 
the Bowery. 

William, G,n, M, o, leads from Pearl at the head of 01d% 
Slip, and terminates at Pearl near Chatham, 

Wooster, R, S, 1, m, leads from Canal to Fourth ; the 3d 
west of Broadway. 

York, Q, 1, leads from St. John's lane, directly in rear ol 
St. John's Church to Chapel ; a short street 


The MAP OF THE CITY, for sale by T. Lonoworth, 
No. 15 Pine-street, has marginal letters to correspond with 
the preceding Hst ; by th^ aid of which, a total stranger in 
the city may instantly fini any place desired ; for instance. 
15 Pine-street is sought for ; timing to a list of streets hv 
finds " Pine-street, H, », leads from Broadway, &c." at the 
spot on the Map. found by casting the eye downward under 
big H on the top, and opposite little n at the side, he dis- 
covers the street ; noticing that Pine leads from Broadway, 
he is instructed where the numbering commences, and 
thus may conclude No. 15 to be in the vicinity of Nassau - 
street. It is at the corner, where will be found 




At the most moderate Prices. 

He keeps a supply of FIRST RATE QUILLS, and of va 
rious qualities, which article is furnished to purchaser;' 
more to their satisfaction as io q ally and price than at 
any other store in the United - ates. 


Counties. Sheriff. Residence. 

Albany Cornelia* Van Antwerp Albany 

Allegany Joseph Wilson Angelica 

Broome Noah ! 

Cayuga Nathaniel <'.\<tow Auburn 

Chatauque Gilbert DouglaSs Pomfret 

Columbia Sam). E Hudson Chatham 

Cattaraugus Ebenezer Lockwood 

Clinton CalebLi, Pittsburgh 

Cortland Moses Bojpl Homer 

Chenango Thompson Norwich 

Delaware Roger Case Delhi 

St. Lawrence 





William Griffen 


Wray S. Litchfield 


William Kerby 


John Mitchell 


Worthy C. Churchill 


Joel Bellamy 


Stephen Hallet 


Jason Fairbanks 


William Carnahan 


John T. Bergen 


Ira Stephens 


Ezra Cloyes 


John T. Patterson 


Seth Wetmore 


Peter H. Wendover 

New- York 

Almon H. Millerd 


J. E. Hinman 


Luther Marsh 


Phineas P. Bates 


Amzi L. Ball 

Orris Hart 

N. Haven 

Joseph B. Walton 

Cherry Valley 

Edward Buckbee 

Sam! Mott 


Moses Warren 


Jacob Crockeron 


John B. Haring 


John Dunning 

C. D. Raymond 


Mahen W. Norton 


Josiah B. Chapman 

John Magee 


A. Van Slyck 


Constant Brown 


Abram H. Gardener 

Sag Harbour 

William Jenkins 

Nicholas Townley 


Joseph Deyo 

New Paltz 

John Gale 


Dudley Farlin 


John Townsend 


James P. Robinson 

The Marine Court is on the ground floor, south eastcor- 
ner of the New City-Hall. Takes cognizance for all sums 
above the sum of 25 dollars to 100 dollars ; and for Ex- 
ecutor's and Marine suits to any amount. 

Adrian Hegeman, John B. Scott, and Robert Svvanton. 

John G. Tardy, Clerk. 


Have Cognizance of all sums to 50 Dollars, 

oi f Judah Hammond, 2 Dey 

gjj- I D. M. Cowdrey, Clerk, 128 Lombardy 

4th ward ) £lis , ha MorriU) 9 Duane c Wiuiam 
3th i ^ enr y Meigs, Church c. Leonard 

10th i Harris Scoville, 120 Division n. Allen 

9th ward. Effingham Schieffelin, Charles c. Hudson and 
Bowery c. Gerard 


Wm. Paulding, Jun. Mayor. Richard Riker, Recorder 
J. Morton, Clerk. 

First Ward 
Second Ward 
Third Ward 
Fourth Ward 
Fifth Ward 
Sixth Ward 
Seventh Ward 
Eighth Ward 
Ninth Ward 
Tenth Ward 

Henry I. WyckofF 
Elisha W. King 
Wm. H. Ireland 
Saml. Cowdry 
John Webb 
Matthew Reed 
Asa Mann 
Jacob B. Taylor 
Wm. A. Davis 
Gideon Ostrander 

Assist. Aldermen. 
Thomas Bolton 
Samuel St. John 
Philip Hone 
John Agnew 
William Burtsell 
Josiah Hedden 
Jameson Cox 
Danl. E. Dunscomb 
Wm. P. Rathbone, 


At no former period has the publication of the Directory been so 
urgently demanded ; and no preceding volume has more eminently 
merited public patronage, if indeed, the most unwearied labour in our 
vocation, attended with unusual difficulties in completing our task, be 
admitted as confirming our claim to public support. 

Many will be surprised to find no increase in the number of the 
names contained in the book. It is true many new buildings have 
been erected within the year ; but it must also be noticed that a great 
many have been demolished, and the houses recently built are mostly 
calculated for single families : and, by the bye, they are but so so kind 
of edifices, not such as our forefathers erected with a view to solidity 
and durability. Moreover, it has become necessary to adopt rules to 
prevent the increasing bulk of the book. The insertion of many names 
heretofore, has been of no benefit to purchasers; and we are warranted 
in regulating ourselves by this consideration. The lowest classes of 
society, persons not permanently occupying tenements, and people of co- 
lor, may with propriety be omitted. We have also condensed the in- 
formation to one line, where firms are constituted by the addition oi 
the word " Son," or " Company." A most scrupulously accurate inves- 
tigation of the mercantile, professional, manufacturing and business 
portions of society must, ere long, be the limit of our operations. Our 
work this year will be found as valuable as any former one, and more 
serviceable than usual from the vast number of alterations and addi- 
tions which it embraces. It contains about 5 to 6 thousand new names, 
and nearly ten thousand alterations. 

Another source of great surprise to the public, is the very limited 
number of Directories that ure sold ; and some would fain persuade us 
more would sell if the price were reduced. We know better : besides, 
We cannot submit to the degradation of putting our labours too cheap 
in the market ; and we can shew the opinien incorrect, by reference to 
the record of rast year's purchasers. Among those who do not pur- 
chase, are to be found the names of our most wealthy merchants, and 
extensive traders — men whose business renders a Directory necessary 
— yet never buy ! What touches us nearly, is, that these people allow 
themselves to call upon us during the publication of the book, for refer- 
ences and information collected by us at considerable expense, and 
arranged with the most arduous labour, but who never contribute in 
any manner to our remuneration. The truth is, that among mer- 
chants few purchasers are to be found. There is a far greater propor- 
tion of purchasers among the gentlemen of the law, than among any 
other class of our citizens : in acknowledgement, we have this year in- 
serted some information exclusively for their convenience. 

Sow, we could suggest the organization of a society that would pro 
cluce more beneficial results than one lately instituted in this city, 
which, from certain causes, aa we apprehend, must fail in effecting the 
desired reform : Let the purchasers of the Directory form a society, 
and exact penalties for the benefit of the Orphan Asylum, from every 
person who should be guilty of lending the book. 

" Write ye this, Wo unto him that buildeth his 
house by unrighteousness, that useth his neighbour's 
service without wages, and giveth not for his work." 
Jeremiah xxii. 

Many a rich merchant would then be compelled to come forward 
and purchase, and the example to the rising generation would be 
of immense service ; for, with Dr. Paley we hold that pilfering is pilfer- 
fering still, be it effected how it may ; and we, upon the effectual or- 
ganization of such a society, will present the sum of one hundred dol- 
lars to the aforementioned charitable institution. 

Reputable people have no conception how many evade the purchase 
of the book by borrowing : as an example, we could point to one indi- 
vidual who is said to receive from fees of office a sum not much short 
of 7,000 dollars per annum, who buys not : but the fair mechanic 
and trader, who find the book necessary, they buy it, and to such we 
tender our sincere thanks; no exertions nor expense have been spared 
*o render it deserving their approbation : the present is a period of un- 
usual prosperity in this city j all classes of society have abundant em- 
ploy, and this has caused great difficulty in procuring men competent 
to the task of collecting names : but we have met these and all other 
obstacles with a more powerful exertion of industry and application : 
we have already tested the accuracy of our book by numerous exami- 
nations, and it is submitted to public patronage and inspection in the 
confident trust of continuing to merit the approbation of its supporters. 
The irregular numbering of the houses, continues to be a subject ol 
just complaint : This, however, with filthy streets, must remain a nu- 
isance, until ******. 

We are in duty bound to remark, that we continue at our pleasant 
and agreeable store, to keep for sale, articles of Stationary, &c. in- 
cluding Quills of every quality, which we would recommend to our 
friends and the public as eminently meriting attention both for quality 
and price. Also, our corrected Maps of the City, with the WARDS 
newly designated. 

My 1, 1825. 

182f)— 182G. 



For the Fiftieth year of American Independence. 

The lanes, alleys, slips, &c. are always mentioned; 
the word street is not used, but is always understood ;— so> 
also of the words store, or counting-house : the place, of 
business is invariably placed first. r 

h. stands for house— n. near—c. corner. 


In the arrangement observed through this Direcrory, the 
christian names of those, where there are more than one 
of the same surname, are alphabetically arranged. The 
firms are always placed at the last of those of the same 
name ; when females are known to be widows, they are 
so designated, and placed immediately preceding the 
firms ; and a scrupulously strict alphabetical arrange- 
ment is observed throughout the work, carefully conform- 
able to the correct spelling of the name. 

Where necessary in the upper part of the 6ity, the in- 
formation is made explicit and satisfactory, by reference 
to the next nearest street. 

In searching for a name, the inquirer must know the 

proper spelling : a person seeking for Lawrance will 

not find the one sought for if he take the direction ap- 
pended to ■ Lawrence : so also for — — Harison, he 

should not seek among the Harrisons : for Neilson, 

he should not look for Nelson. The causes of ail 

charges of inaccuracy in this work, 99 times in 100, is at- 
tributable exclusively to the want of knowledge in the 
person seeking the name ; therefore, you must know how 
to spell the name sought for. 

Observe that the U is not interchangeably arranged 
with the V, but takes precedence throughout the alpha- 
betical arrangement of the work. 

AARON H. broker and com. merchant, 64 William 
Abbatt Robert, 28 Frankfort 
Abbey Roswell, machiuist Amos n. Hudson 
Abbot Abijah, 39 John 

Abbot Abijah P. cartman, North n. 1st Avenue 
Abbot Michael, sailmaker 7 York 
Abbot Nicholas, cabinetmaker 90 Harman 
Abbot Robert, 302 Bowery 
Abbot S.& C. grocers 132 Hester 
Abbott David, labourer Bancker n. Corl. Hook 
Abbott John, 201 Mercer n. Bleecker 
Abbott Richard, tinsmith, 221 Church 
Abeel G. B. ironmong. Water c. N.slip h. 19 Park PUco 
Abeel Neilson, 28 N. Moore 
Abeel widow of Dr. John N 28 N. Moore 
Abeel widow Phebe, 52 Rose 

52 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Abeel & Dunscomb, ironmong. 365 Water & 299 Front 

Abeiile John, physician 31 Warren 

Abell Jacob, cooper M'Dougall n. Spring 

Abell Henry, police justice 352 Grand 

Abrahams Jacob, clothing store 74 Catharine 

Abram widow Ann, 348 Cherry 

Abrams Emanuel, 99 Broad h. 23 Water 

Abrams Samuel, com. mer. 99 Broad h. 83 Water 

Abrams & Co. E. tobacconists 99 Broad and 83 Water 

Absley Andrew, rigger 325 Grand 

Acheson Hugh, cartman Broome c. Goerck 

Acheson John, grocer Broome 

Acheson William, shoemaker 38JCherry 

Acker Abraham, builder 64 Varick n. Watts 

Acker Abraham, groce* Houston c. M'Dougal 

Acker Garrit, cartman Christopher n. Herring 

Acker Isaac S. cartman Sullivan n. Houston 

Acker Jacob, boajman Delancey n. Lewis 

Acker Jacob, butcher and tavern Bowery c. Third 

Acker Jacob, wood inspector 172 Reed 

Acker James, carpenter Pitt n. Broome 

Acker John, cartman 73 Sullivan 

Acker Peter, grocer Varick n. Watts 

Acker William, cartman Sullivan n. Houston 

Acker widow Ann, seamstress 130 Orchard 

Ackerman Abraham, cooper 144 Chamber 

Ackerman Abraham, grocer 158 Hudson, c. Vestry 

Ackerman Abraham J. smith 90 Eldridge 

Ackerman Adam, baker 5 Elizabeth 

Ackerman Charles, brass founder 34£ Wall 

Ackerman Cornelius, coppersmith 194 Spring 

Ackerman David, carpenter Laurens n. Grand 

Ackerman David, jeweller Vandam n. Varick 

Ackerman Edward, carpenter 24 Grand 

Ackerman Garret, mariner Jones n. Herring 

Ackerman Garret, shoemaker 103 Orange 

Ackerman Henry, shoemaker 113 Orange 

Ackerman Jacob, cartman 236 Spring 

Ackerman James, shoemaker 11 Grand 

Ackerman James, Watts n. Sullivan 

Ackerman Jasper, carpenter Herring n. Arden 

Ackerman John, baker 178^ Fulton 

Ackerman John, boatman 129 Greene 

Ackerman John, grocer Wooster c. Houston 

Ackerman John, porter-house 81 Lombardy 

Ackerman John, shipmaster M'Dougal 

Ackerman John, shoemaker 286 Spring 

Ackerman John, tailor 152 Orange 

Ackerman John C. liv. stab. 290 Greenwich h. 12 L&igji 

Ackerman John D. cartman 136 Church 

Ackerman John F. grocer Spring c. West 

Ackerman John L. carpertfer 33 Provost 

Ackerman Lawrence, upholsterer 40 Maidenrlane 

Ackerman Lawrence P. 17 Chapel 

Ackerman Matthew, cartman Prince n. Thompson. 

Ackerman Peter, carpenter 34 Grand 


Ackerman Peter, fisherman 92 Mott , 

Ackerman Peter G. mason 28 Laurens 

Ackerman Philip, cooper Raisin n. Herring 

Ackerman S. inspector of lumber 554 Broome 

Ackerman William, wheelwright Sullivan n. Houston 

Ackerman widow Hester, Allen n. Stanton 

Ackerman widow Lucretia, 29 Norfolk 

Ackerman widow Mary, 257 Mott 

Ackerman widow Mary, 47 Elizabeth 

Ackerson John, carpenter M'Dougal n. Spring 

Adair William, distiller 4 Bayard 

Adair widow Mary, 10 Ludlow 

Adair widow of Robert, grocer 27 Henry 

Adams A. jeweller 66i Hudson 

Adams Andrew, mason 39 Sullivan 

Adams Barnabas S. wheelwright 543 Broome 

Adams Benjamin, 137 Harman 

Adams Charles, Henry n. Oliver 

Adams Daniel, smith 3 Temple h. 53 Cedav 

Adams David, ship-caipenter 110 Anthouy . 

Adams David, shoemaker 263 Wj ater 

Adams Fisher, theatre hotel h. 23 Jay 

Adams George, carpenter 162 Harman 

Adams James, mason Walnut n. Lombardy 

Adams James, rigger 187 Cherry 

Adams John, accountant 26 Allen 

Adams John, boatman 267 Spring 

Adams John, bottler rear 37 Anthony 

Adams John, hatter 3 Chapel 

Adams John, merchant 71 Chamber 

Adams John, merchant 89 Water 

Adams Joseph, 22 Mulberry 

Adams Joseph T attorney 140 Water 

Adams Lewis, merchant 10 Fulton-slip 

Adams Philip, shoemaker 147 Orange 

Adams Robert, drygood-store 66£ Hudson 

Adams Robert, engineer 10 Vandam 

Adams Samuel, mariner 3 Hester 

Adams Stephen, carpenter M'Dougal n. Charlton 

Adams Thomas, pedler 140 Grand c. Elm 

Adams Thomas, porter 10 Cnth:irine-lane 

Adams William, mason 186 Elm 

Adams widow Catharine, 71 Bayard 

Adams widow Mary, 221 Division 

Adams widow Mary, 55 Elizabeth 

Adams widow Semer, 92 Henry 

Adams widow, boarding-house 299 Broadway 

Adamson Constantine. Rivington c. Ludlow 

Adamson John, stonecutter Canal h. 396 Washington 

Adamson Thomas, rigger 88 Henry 

Adamson William, weaver Clarksonn. Greenwich 

Adamson Se Moffet, stonecutters Canal c. West 

Addington William R. preceptor 110 Fulton h. 52 Spring 

Addington widow of Stephen, 52 Spring 

Addison George, baker 45 Harman 

Addison Thomas, pencil-case maker 84 Prince 

\ddoms J. keeper of public store h. 340 Greenwich 

54 longwobth's 1825—26 

Addy John, hatter 215 Greenwich 

Addy widow Elizabeth, 321 Washington 

Aclee David,'163 Pearl h. 8 Cliff 

Adee William, Pine c. Pearl h. 16 Beekman 

Adee William, 163 Spring 

Adee & Timpson, merchants 169 Pearl 

Adenia John G. fruiter 9 Fulton-market h. 99 Malt 

Aderton Thomas, shipmaster 112 Lombardy 

Adie William, ship-carpenter 105 cherry 

Adrain Robt.LLD. prof, math. ft nat.phil. 7 ColumbiaCol 

Adriance A. V. V. paper ruler 32 Beekman 

Adriance Tsaac, attorney and notary 2 Law buildings 

Adriaage John F. drygood-store 458 Pearl 

Adriance Thomas, accountant 56 Hester 

Africanus Edward M- 44 Orange 

Agan Matthias, cartman 137 Varick 

Agear John, cook 44 Thomas 

Agnevv John, 313 Water and 170 South 

Agnew Wm. tobac. & flaxs. st. 280 Front h. 85 Pioosevel' 

AJkin Isaac D. grocer Greenwich c. Canal 

Aikman Hugh', cooper Beekman 

Aikmau John, shipwright 197 Bancker 

Aikman Robert, turner 159 h. 179 William 

Aikman & Millen, shipwrights 258 Cherry 

Aim Daniel, grocer 306 Bowery c. Bleecker 

Aim John^.carpenter 137^ Mott 

Aim Robert, merchant 46 Orchard 

Aims Jacob, butcher 37 Wash, market h. 207 Mulberry 

Ainslie Robert, merchant 10 Leonard 

Aird John, 88 Fuiton 

Aitcheson John, labourer 8 Albany 

Aitken John, shoe store 239 Greenwich 

Aitken Roger ana David, masons Clarkson n, Greenwid. 

Aitken widow Eleanor, 5 Suffolk 

AkerJy Robert, Rivington n. Lewis • 

Akerly Samuel, physician 74 Leonard 

Akerly widow Priscilla, 120 Lombardy 

Akers William, tailor 198 Greeuwich 

Akin John M. grocer 421 Broadway 

Akin S. M. milliner 205£ Hudson 

Akley John, shoemaker 26 Desbrosses 

Albee A. shoemaker 74 Provost 

Albertsou Daniel, cartman Bowery hill 

Albertson Daniel C. carpenter 134 Leonard c. Coiled 

Albertson Samuel, edge-fool smith 261 h. 282 Broom* 

Albouy Francis, carpenter 193 Duane- 

Albriecht Jacob, grocer 74 Cherry 

Albright Frederick, cartman Orchard n. Rivington 

Albro James, grocef'Division c. Forsyth 

Albro William, painter 88 Chrystie 

Alburtis Peter, 61 Market 

Alburtis William, hardware 2 Chambers 

Alcock George, grocer 49 Liberty 

Alcock William, calico print engraver 315 Greenwich 

Alcorn John, weaver Bedford n. Raisin 

Alcorn William, carpenter Vestry a. Greenwich 


Uden Joseph, butcher 16 North 
Alden Joseph, carpentei 106 Delancey c. Ludlow 
Alden Marcus, inspector oi lumber 32 Norfolk 
Aldrich H. D. 104 Maiden-lane 

Aldrich widow Cynthia, boarding-house 92 Beekmaw 
Aldridge Daniel, cartman black 63 Sullivan 
Aldridge John, farmer 14 Collect 
Alexander Catharine, nurse 51 Pump 
Alexander Charles, mariner 367 Water 
Alexander John, drygoods 319 Grand 
Alexander John, grocer 1 Washington 
Alexander John, hairdresser 198 Greenwich Ii. 140 Reee 
Alexander John, teacher 300 Spring 
Alexander John, weaver Bedford c. Raisin 
Alexander John, weaver Bedford n. Commerce 
Alexander Joseph, merchant 122 Front h. 62 Maidcn-b 
Alexander Joseph, paver 7 Anthony 
Alexander widow Mary, marketwoman 67 Harman 
Alexander widow Sarah, 359 Broadway 
Alford Edwin M. painter 505 Gratid 
Alfred Consider, blind maker 113 Pump 
Alfred Frederick, cabinet maker 98 Pump 
Alicotas John, carpenter Mangin ri. Broome 
Alien widow Catharine, 61 StoneJ 
Allain James, dry goods 151 Broadway 
Allaire Alexander, cartman Greenwich c, Morton 
Allaire Ant. I. plumber Water n. Gouverneur h.23 Hcs'.e . 
Allaire Edwin, cartman Greeuwich c. Morton 
Allaire James P. brass and iron found. 444 Cherry 
Allaire John, cartman Greenwich c. Morton 
Allaire Samuel Y. cartman 110 Mott 
Allaire Seaman, cartman King c. Hudson 
Allaire Uytendale, Varick a. Dominick 
Allanson John S. merchant 23 South h. 80 Franklir. 
Alkhin John, cabinet maker 101 Elm 
Allden James, mariner Herman n. Grand 
AMee Daniel, accountant 96 John 

Allec Jeremiah, shoemaker 83 William h. 33 Forsyth <. 
Allen A. grocer Grand c. Sheriff 
Allen Abraham, cartman 6 North 
Allen Alexander, shipmaster 60 Allen 
Allen Andrew, comedian 124 Leonard 
Allen Beuj. smith Washington n. Christopher h. Carmin> 
Allen Charles, sawyer rear 17 Augustus 
Allen Charles, tailor Chatham 

Allen Charles G. looking-glass frame maker 140 Pumr 
Allen Cornelius M. sail store. 186 Front h. S45 Pearl * 
Allen Daniel, shoemaker 36 Thomas 
Allen Ebenezer, smith 252 h. 226 Cherry 
Allen Francis D. appr. Lomb. Asso. 189 Duane 
Allen Freeman, mer. South c. Roosevelt h.44 Marke 
Allen Gilbert, commission merchant 17 South 
Allen Henry, gunsmith 304 Broome 
Allen Isaac, cartman 621 Water 
Allen Jaco"b, carpenter 51 Orchard 
Allen James, shoemaker Greenwich n. HaaHnor.f 

5G IjOKGWorth's 1825— 2C 

Allen Jaraes, grocer 48 Washington 

Allen James A. shoemaker 152 Chrystie 

Allen P. carpenter rear 170 Bowerv 

Allen John, 509 Pearl 

Allen John, cartman Renwick c. Canal 

Allen John, Cooper 46 Allen 

Allen John, laborer 56 Alien 

Allen John, 80 Varick 

Allen John, hatter 90 Eldridge 

Allen Joseph, hair dresser, 16 Frankfort 

Allen Joseph, cartman Pitt n. Rivington 

Allen Joseph W. merchant 258 Pearl h. 3 Peckslip- 

Allen Joshua, teacher 262 Broome 

Allen Leander, merchant 166 Front h. 307 Pearl 

Allen Leonard, coopter 271 Broome 

Allen Moses, 18 Wall h. f.l Chambers 

Allen JNehemiah, 55 Oliver 

Allen Peter, cartman and grocer Broome c. Mangin 

Allen Robert, cartman 25 Water 

Allen Robert, rear 21 Pike 

Allen R. sweep office 78 Chapel 

Allen Samuel, merchant 1 Beaver-lane 

Allen Stephen, merc'uantt86 Front h. 71 Bowery 

Allen Stephen, cartman 6 North n. Bowery 

Allen Thomas, painter 39 Mott 

Allen Thomas, 124 Duane 

Allen Thomas, cooper 53 Forsyth 

Allen Walter, shipcarpenter Columbia n. Rivingtor. 

Allen William, mason 63 Chrystie 

Allen William, mason 22 Columbia 

Allen William, mariner 89 Division 

Allen William, carpenter 94 Grand 

Allen William, grocer Sheriff c. Grand 

Allen William, cartman 366 Grand 

Allen widow Eliza, seamstress 37 William 

Allen widow Elizabeth, rear 30 Lumber 

Allen widow Jemima, rear 86 Mulberry 

Allen Lavina widow of Stephen Broome n. Thompsor 

Allen Mary widow of Wm. 97 Cherry 

Allen widow of Wm. 51 Wall 

Allen Phebe widow of Alexander, rear 67 Mulberry 

Allen & Co. Gilbert, 167 Front h. 307 Pearl 

Allen S. & M. 18 Wall 

Allen & sons Stephen, sail and duck store 186 Front 

Allender William N. bookbinder Prince n. Greenwict, 

Alley Charles, tailor 153 Division 

Alleson Eliza, boarding-h. 24 John 

Alley Saul, merchant 74 South h. 95 Beekman 

Alley cabinet maker 56 Anthony 

Alley William S. hatter 72 Orchard 

Allison Catharine, rear 49 Elizabeth 

Allison Charles, 207 Washington 

Allison Michael, cabinet maker 46 and 48 Vesey 

Allison Peter, dry goods 205 Greenwich 

Allison Richard, grocer West n. Robinson 

Allison SanKieh brassfaunder 8 Arundel 


Allison Walter, carver 30 Barclay 

Allison William, West c. Duane 

Allison William, 213 Fulton 

Alphonse Charles, grocer Delancey c. Arundel 

Allport widow Catharine, 200 Church 

Althiser Garret, cabinetmaker rear 43 Anthony 

Alvord Alonzo A. hat store 7 Bowery 

Alvord George, hatter 24 Bowery 

Alway widow Hester, 8 Doyer ' 

Alwaise John, grocer 265 Hudson 

Amerman flsaac, flour store 165 Washington h. 35 Liberty 

Amerman Peter, sexton 35 Liberty 

Amerman Thomas, 29£ Frankfort 

Ames Charles, 23 Lumber 

Ames Francis, grocer n. Pump c. Orange 

Ames John R. tinman n. Grand c. Mott 

Ames John, 36 Essex 

Ames John, mason 21 Essex 

Ames Mary, widow of Martin 14 Spruce 

Ames Peter, brassfounder 92 Fulton h. 14 Spruce 

Andariese Barnet, merchant tailor 322 Pearl 

Anderson Aaron, dock builder 421 Washington 

Anderson A. T. attorney 12 Broad h. 300 Greenwich 

Anderson Abraham, carpenter 64 Mott 

Anderson Alexander, engraver and M. D. 474 Broom? 

Anderson Anthony L. physician 40 Harman 

Anderson Doct. A. 302 Greenwich 

Anderson Daniel, shoemaker 118 Elizabeth 

Anderson David J. Barclay c. West 

Anderson Edmund, carpenter 61 Hester 

Anderson Elijah, grocer 61 Bowery h. 36 Orchard 

Anderson Frederick, smith rear 8 Clark 

Anderson Francis, carpenter 7 York 

Anderson George, umbrella maker 165 Division 

Anderson Henry, shoe store 69 Chatham 

Anderson Henry, carpenter 38 Ludlow 

Anderson Henry, cartman 9 Torbert 

Anderson jun. Isaac, 42 Watts 

Anderson Isaac, cartman Orchard n. North 

Anderson Jacob W. grocer 125 Elizabeth n. Broome 

Anderson James, attorney 24 Vesey 

Anderson James, custom-house officer 48 Provost 

Anderson James, stone cutter 376 Washington 

Anderson James, grocer Beekman c. Theatre-alley 

Anderson James, printer Ferry c. Gold 

Anderson James, merchant 144 Broadway 

Anderson James, m. D. 18 Vandewater 

Anderson Jeremiah, dockbuilder 69 Thompson 
Anderson John, carpenter 170 Hester 

Anderson John, rigger 75 Forsyth 

Anderson John, rigging and anchor st. 253 Fron- 

Anderson John, dockbuilder 47 Warren 

Anderson John, carpenter 3 Anthony 

Anderson John, carpenter 71 Ann 

Anderson John, shoemaker 41 Chapel 

Anderson John, cajpet weaver Collect 


jS long-worth's ^ 1825 — 26 

Anderson John, stone-cutter 273 Cherry h. 142 Harmavi 

Anderson John, weaver Carmine n. Herring 

Tnderson John, laborer Morton n. Washington 

Anderson Lawrence, tavern Bowery Hill 

Anderson Matthias, builder 25 Ludlow h. 45 Essex 

Anderson Matthew, cartman Christopher c. Bedford 

Anderson Nich. sexton of St. George's Chap. 52 Gold 

Anderson Nathan, mariner 404 Broome 

Anderson Peter, drygoods 54£ Bowery h. 93 Pump 

Anderson Richard, cartman Elizabeth n. Broome 

Anderson Robert, baker 73 Mott 

Anderson Robert, cartman & grocer 83 Mulberry 

Anderson Robert, printer rear 17 Rose 

Anderson Samuel, coachman 174 Duane 

Anderson Sarah, 190 Bowery 

Anderson Smith W. hardware 144 Broadway 

Anderson William, carpenter 10 Rutgers 

Anderson William, carpenter 4 Alien 

Anderson William, brewer 9 Cross 

Anderson William, carpenter 62 Hester 

Anderson widow of David, 66 Pump 

Anderson Christina, widow of David 55 Lombard? 

Anderson widow Agnes, 234 Church 

Anderson widow Eliza, nurse. 19 Orchard 

Anderson widow Henrietta, boardinghouse 14 StaU 

Anderson Margaret, widow of Nicholas 176 Chape! 

Anderson & Adams, com; mer. 100 Wall 

Anderson & Ransford, umbrella makers 316 Pearl 

Anderson & Raymond, attorns, and couns. 12 Broad 

Anderson & Co. David, dry goods 122 Front up stairs 

Anderson & Merritt, grocers 63 Hester 

Anderson James & Peter, covkcutters 188 Water 

Anderton John, physician 14 Peck-slip h. Allen n. Riv. 

Andreas Adolphus, n 59 Bayard 

Andreas Samuel, grocer Lewis c. North 

Andrew Henry, upholster & carpet store 198 Broadway 

Andrew J. F. barber 31. Forsyth 

Andrews Alexander, Greenwich n. Warren 

Andrews Benjamin, tailor 100 Cherry c. Oliver 

Andrews Charles C. teacher 85 Mott 

Andrews David, merchant 180 Broadway h. 30 Vesey- 

Andrews John, com. mer. 167 Maiden-lane h. 26 Beekma» 

Andrews John, intelligence office 140^ Fulton 
Andrews John, 37 Sullivan 

Andrews John, butcher Wash. m. h. First n. 2d Avem: r 
Andrews W. H. & S. P. grocersj71 Catharine 

Andrews Robert, accountant 54 Forsyth 

Andrews Stebbins giocer 37 Walnut 

Andrews, Thompson &C?. carpet st. 180 Broadwav 

Andrus Timothy, jeweller 188 Duane 

Angell John, builder 262 Broome 

Angell & Green, carpenters 254 BrUome 

Angelis Gideon De m. ». 61 Nassau 

Angevine Abigail, 188 Broome 

Angevine Andrew, grocer 317 Grand 

Angevine Lewis, grocer Church, c. Walkes. 


\ugevine Solomon F. grocer SO McDougall 
Angevin© Wm. grocer 38 Prince 
Angevine S. & J. grocers Varick c. Dominick 
Angus John, carpenter 58 Rutgers 
Angus William, chairmaker 530 Broome 
Angus widow Mary, b52 Cherry 
Anness Samuel, engraver on wood 58 Anthony 
Annett James, 209 Washington 
Annett Robert, grocer 94 Vesey 
Annin Alexander & J. 149 Reed 
\nson wijiawCatharine, 39 Walnut 
Anson wijBoWElizabeth, 171 Hester 
Anspake Fr«Jlerick, ship carpenter 74 Essex n. Broome 
Anstice Moses, accountant 41 Front 
Anthon Charles, professor Col. Col. h. 417 Broome 
Anthon John,.attorn. & couns. 17 Beekman h. 36 Warren 
Anthony Alexander, butcher 13Cath.mar. h.54 Rivington 
Anthony Jacob, teller U. S. branch bank, 69 Barclay 
\nthony John, brewer Norfolk n. Broome 
Anthony John, mason 40 Grand 

Anthony John P. tanner and currier 66 h. 33 Frankfort 
Anthony Michael, Providence packet 65 Essex 
Anthony Nicholas, inspector of leather 18 Vandewatei 
Anthony TheophUus, 96 Front h. 30 Frankfort 
Anthony Mary widow of Nicholas N. 2 Rose 
Apffelback Gottlieb, baker 12 Frankfort 
Appleby Wm. butcher 44 Cath. mar. h. Sheriff n. Grand 
Appleby widow Sarah, 46 Ludlow 
Applegate Elijah, mason 196 Grand n. Mott 
Applegate William, carpenter 134 Bancker 
Appley Jacob, 120 Forsyth 
Aquani Joseph, grocer 278 Water 
Arbuckle Daniel, weaver Hudson n. Hamersley 
Archdekin Robert, 14 Rivington — 

Archer B. grocer 224 Bowery 
Archer Caleb, grocer Hudson c. Vandarn 
Archer Charles, grocer 30 Rivington c. Forsyth 
Archer Ezekiel T 222 Division' 
Archer Jacob, mason 522 Greenwich 
Archer John, grocer 299 Spring c. Washington 
. Archer John, sailmaker 152 Chapel 
Archer Jonathan, cartman Varick c. Broome 
Archer Joseph, cartman M'Dougal n. Houston 
Archer Josiah, cabinet-maker 224 Laurens 
Archer Moses, sailmaker 112 Elizabeth 
Archer William, pocket-bookmaker 248 Hudson 
Archer Ann widow of Anthony, 175 Orange 
Archer Elizabeth widow of Moses, Church c. Canal 
Archer Jane widow of John, 115 Franklin 
Archibald John, tailor 74 Gold 

Archibald Robert, grocer 83 Mulberry Hudson c. Watts 
Archibold Ralph, shoemaker 27 Cross 
Vrcos Anthony M merchant 71 Fulton 
Vrcularius Andrew M. 194 Front h. 28 Cliff 
Vrcularius George, baker 30 Cortlandt 
Ai-ctilarius Georg$H. baker 82 Mulberry 

CO longworth's 1825 2(5 

Arcularius Henry, baker 59 Hudson 

Arcularius jun. Philip I. fancy r.hairmaker 75 John 

Arcularius P. G. grocer 131 Washington, c Albany 

Arden Eunice, fruiter 9 Beaver-lane 

Arden Francis, attorney and counsellor, 422 Greenwich 

Araen John, grocer 28 Peck-slip 
Arden John G. merchant 189 Pearl 

Arden Rachel, 42 Walker .-j 

Arden Susan, 22 Cortlandt 

Arden Susan, 438 Pearl 

Arenfried George, cartman rear 74 Bowery &tp 

Arents Edward, cooper 247 Greenwich «*«f' 

Arents William, cooper 39 Anthony 

Arents widow Mary," boarding ho. Washington n. Duane 

Arey Samuel, carpenter 150 Orange 

Argaiz Espaniol Fermin, 32 Provost 

Argall William, carpenter 160 Ouane h. 5 Thomas 

Aris James, stonecutter 27 Chapel 

Anient widow of William, grocer Chrystie c. Broome 

Armiel Peter, segar-maker 196 Chapel c. Canal 

Armitage Benjamin, hosier 53 Maiden-lane 

Armitage Benjamin, merchant 54 Pine h. 44 John 

Armitage jr. B. merchant 76 Maiden-lane 

Armour Jas. J. sailmaker South c. Wall b. 22 Vandewat^ 

Armour Paul, cartman 133 Prince 

Armour widow Catharine, Bowery n. Vauxhall 

Armstrong George, grocer 244 Cherry 

Armstrong Gillespie, drygoods 120 Bowery 

Armstrong James, carpenter 80 Crosby 

Armstrong John, chairmaker Broome c. Wooster 

Armstrong John, dyer 9 James 

Armstrong John, grocer S43£ Water 

Armstrong John, tailor Clarkwn n. Greenwich 

Armstrong Lancelot, wheelwright Elizabeth c. Grand 

Armstrong Matthew, boatman Charles n. Greenwich 

Armstrong Matthew, leather & finding st. 65 h. 61 Vese- 

Armstrong Michael, merchant 52 Bowery 

Armstrong Richa.d D. shoe-maker 31 Vandam 

Armstrong Robert, pedler 105 Cross 

Armstrong William, mason 7 Doyer 

Armstrong William,- printer 21 Gold 

Armstrong widow Elizabeth, 20 Leonard 

Arnaud Francis, grocer 9 Warren 

Arneaux Noel, hairdresser 67 Varket 

Arnett Catharine widow of J,bn, Sullivan n. Houston 

Arno James, merchant 141 Cherry 

Arnold Aaron, 91 Pine, h. Lov«-lane 

Arnold Dudley P. druggist 77 Fulton 

Arnold George, pilot 7 Doyer 

Arnold George W. merchant 313 Broadwav 

Arnold Henry, 12 Vandam 

Arnold Jacob, cartman Charles c. Greenwich * 

Arnold Jacob, currier 97 Forsyth 

Arnold John, tavern 81 James 

Arnold John C. physician, 6 Barclay 

-Arnold Joseph, tailor 46 Thomas 


Arnold Moses, carpenter 217 Hester 

\rnold Nathan T. grocer 14 Coenties-slip h. 19 Water 

Arnold Peleg, cartman Stanton near Ludlow 

Arnold R. H. cabinet maker 94 Hudson 

\rnold widow Elizabeth, 32 Chrystie 

Arnold Mary widow of John, 498 Citerry 

Vnold & Rose, merchants 231 Pearl 

Arnold & Smith, druggists 77 Fulton 

Arnoux Anthony, merchant tailor 144 Fulton 

Arrowsmith Edmund, cartman 189 Mulberry 

Arrowsmith Edw. sailmaker 39 Burling-slip h. 67 Oran«c 

Arrowsmith George, smith Lombardy c. Scammel 

Arrowsmith John, cartman 51 Spring 

Arther Walter S. smith 145 Division 

Arthur James, slater 18 Ludlow 

Arthur Robert, 134 Forsyth n. Rivington 

Arzeno Lewis, shipmaster 59 White 

Arzine Aon, fruiter 136 Mulberry 

Asbury William, Perry c. Washington 

A6Cor Jouquim, 87 Division 

Ascough widow Hannah, 108 Cedar 

Asdres widow R. 85 Chrystie 

Ash Ann, 66 Chapel 

Ash Robert, printer 92 Liberty 

\sh Thomas, broker 33 John 

Ashby Ebenezer, cainer 10 Chrystie 

Vshby Samuel B. fisherman 185 Washington 

Ashbey Joseph, victualler Fulton c. Washington market 

Ashfield Alfred, -Iruggist 222 Water h. 220 William 

Ashneld & White druggists 222 Water 

Ashford John, shipmaster 76 Hester 

Ashley Elijah, teacher 75 Chapel 

Ashman John, printer 186 Eldridge 

Ashton Robert, merchant 160 Pearl 

Ashton William, mariner 56 Rutgers 

Ask Samuel, mason 48 Ludlow 

Askell William, laborer Rivington n. Goerck 

Aspinwall John, merchant 50 Wall h. Bleecher n. Crosby 

Aspinwall John ML 123 Washington h. 43 White 

Ast Thomas, bricklayer 232 Orange 

Asten Abraham, dep. county clerk 101 Duane 

Asten Isaac, porter 83 Mott 

Asten Nathaniel L. painter 59 Hester 

Asten Thomas, baker 125 Greenwich 

Astin John, 16 Spruce 

\ston jr. John, combmaker 159 Mulberry 

Aston widow Elizabeth, Christopher c. Bedford 

Astor Benjamin, ruercht. M'Dougal n. Blceckci 

Astor Henry, 92 Bowery 
Astor John J. 518 Broadway 

Astor W. B. 8 Vesey h. 223 Broadway 

Astor & SonJohn Jacob, 8 Vesey d. 
Aswell widow Mary Ann, 87i| Bowery 

Atchison Adam, millwright Cornelius n. Bleecker 
Atherton Geo. F. A. shoe Etore 76i Bowery h. 63 Ch: -yslie 

A'.herton Jamef, grower 251 William 

62 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Atkins 'John, carman 141 Arundel n. North 
Atkins Orville, broker 56 JVall h. 158 Greenwich 
Atkinson David, tobacco broker 77 Harman 
Atkinson Jane, boardinghonse 514 Pearl 
Atkinson jr. John, merchant 98 Wall 
Atkinson widow J. 126 Chambers 
Atkinson William, laborer 38 Lumber 
Atterbury Benjamin, 54 Roosevelt 
Atterbury Robert B. 17 Prince 
Attridge Thomas, carpenter 13 Leonard/ 
Attwell James, shawl dresser 25 Provost 
Auchincloss Hugh, mer. 136 Pearl h. 74 Greenwich 
Auchincloss James, mer. 122 Pearl h. 12 Mercer 
Auchincloss widow Jane, 34 Pump d 

Auger Lavinia, dress maker 7 Orange 
Augustus Richard, shoemaker 46 William h. 57 Liberty 
Augustus Richmond, caulker Division 
Auld Isaac, weighmaster 72 Pine h. 70 Greene 
Aulsen James, joiner 87 Henry 
Austen David, merchant 167 Pearl h. 103 Eibeity 
Austin Abraham, milkman Jones n. Herring 
Austin Benjamin, shoemaker 58 Suffolk 
Austin Benj. shoemaker 85 Crosby 
Austin Bryan, shoemaker 135 Bancker. 
Austin David, shoemaker 28 White 
Austin Henry, shipmaster 90 N. Moore 
Austin Henry, shoemaker 49 Watts 
Austin Jacob, waterworks 113 Anthony 
Austin Jacob M. shoemaker 86 Forsyth- 
Austin James, shoemaker Stanton n. Ridge 
Austin James, shoemaker 42 Wooster 
Austin John, rigger Pitt 
Austin Lewis, baker 15 Orange 
Austin Matthias, carpenter 83 Orange 
Austin Peter, joiner 92 Chrystie 
Austin Thomas, carpenter Charles c. Washington 
Austin Thomas, shoemaker 123 Forsyth 
Austin Thomas, grocer Allen c. Delancey 
Austin Valintine, cooper Hammond n. Greenwich. 
Austin William, carpenter Chrystie n. First 
Austin William, cartman Christopher n. Hudson 
Austin & Tailer, merchants 41 South 
Austraytz Frederick, printer 321 Greenwich 
Auter John, shoemaker rear 88 Chrystie 
Averell Isaac, mer. tailor 12 Peck-slip 
Averill & Co. E. & H. merchants 96 Wall 
Avery Abraham, cordwainer 145 Allen 
Avery Elisha, cordwainer 83 Hester 
Avery F. 118 Greenwich 
Avery John, millenery 42 Bowery 
Avery James, grocer 309 Water h. 76 P>.ooseveI;. 
Avery John S. fisherman 2 Birmingham 
Avery John S. merchant 312 Pearl h. 6 Market ft 
Avery Oliver, builder 41 Suffolk n. Broome 
Avery Peter, cordwainer 145 Allen 
Avery Samuel P. shoemaker 102 Catharine 


Avis Henry, camn?n Allen n. North 

Avis William, tailor Canal n. Hudson 

Aycrigg Gerard C. watchmaker 5 Wall * 

\ycrigg widow of Benj. Greenwich c. N. Moore 

Ayers David, carpenter 117 Varick 

Aymar Francis, block and pumpmaker 95 Varick 

Aymar James, grocer 126 Church h. 3 Thomas 

Aymar James D. grocer 144 Chapel h. 2 N. Moore 

Aymar James M. bookbinder 27 Chrystie 

Aymar John D. block &pumpmaker 46 South & lOSWate: 

Aymar John H. W. grocer 37 Whitehall 

Aymar J. Q. merchant 30 South h. 12 Greenwich 

Aymar Peter, 132 Wooster n. Bleecker 

Aymar William, grocer 57 Bayard 

Aymar Sarah, widow of John 71 Reed 

Aymar £c Co. Benj. com. mer. 34 6'outh h. 12 Greenwich 

Ayres Charles, merchant 287 h. 357 Pearl 

Ayres Daniel, merchant 8 Coenties-slip h. 94 John 

Ayres Daniel, carpenter 11 Franklin 

Ayres Enos, shoemaker 4 Sullivan 

\yreslthainar, smith Varick n. Spring 

Ayres James S. dry goods 186 Division c 

Ayres John, cartman 181 Orange 

Ayres John, tailor 106 Elizabeth 

Ayres John, silverplater 156 Water 

Ayres Johnson, cartman 231 Spring 

Ayres Joseph, carpenter 131 Elizabeth near Broome 

Ayres Obadiah, city inspector 202 Harman 

Ayres Phineas, smith 174 Grand 

Ayres Reuben, cartman, 399 Broome 

Ayres Richard, carpenter Ridge n Rivington 

Ayres Sarah widow of John, 104 Elizabeth 

Ayres William, shoemaker 7 Catharine 

Ayres & Arnold, merchts. 14 Coenties Slip 

Ayres & Howland, dry goods 186 Chatham 

Babbit Eiias R. tailor 3 Catharine 

Babbit Isaac, mercht. 483 Greenwich h. Hudsou ii. King 
Babbs Sarah, milliner 113 William 
Babcock George P. grocer 130 & 132 Beekman 
Bable Frederick, baker 122 Mott 
Bach Robert, 43 Fulton h. Brooklyn 
Bach & Bradish, merchts. 43 Fulton [ketfield 

Bache Andrew, city weigher 3 Pbcenix buildings h. 9Mai 
Bachia Mary, widow of Nicholas C. 148 Orange 
Back Belinda, widow of Simon, Division c. Forsyth 
Backer Albert V. carpenter M'Dougall n. Spring 
Backhouse widow Dorotha,201 Church 
Backus & Son Andrew, mer. 8 Fletcher h. Cornelia c. 6t'u 
Backus Simon, Walton House 328 Pearl [Avenue 

Bacon Amos, cartman 128 Lombardy 
Bacon George, 1 Mercer 
Bacon *ridow of Edward 54 Cedar 
Bacon widow Eliza, 257 Greenwich 
Badeau Elias C. m. V. 514 Grand n. Cannon 
Badeau Gilbert, carpenter North c. 1st Avon. ; 

64 longworth's 1825 — 26. 

Badeau Henry, grocer 245 Bowery [Stanton 

Badeau Peter, packer Stanton c. Chrystie, h. Allen n 

Badeau William, druggist Bowery c. Stuysevant 

Badgely Joseph, carpenter 95 Elm 

Badger widow Elizabeth, 131 Lombardy 

Badgley widow Elizabeth, 28 Hestes v 

Badgley widow Sarah, 41 Leonard 

Baehr D. merchant tailor 21 Wall 

Bage Robert, hatter 152 Broadway 

Bage William, modeller 152 Broadway 

Baggot Joseph, glasscutter 158 Mulberry 

Bagley J, W. painter 13 Clarke 

Bagley John, shoemaker 59 Mott 

Bagnell Joshua, smith 115 Lombardy 

Bailey Amos, cartman Arundel n. Delancey 

Bailey Benjamin 79 Chamber 

Bailey Elisha, tailor 233 Bowery 

Bailey Floyd S. Merchant 51 & 53 Front h. 52 Broadway 

Bailey H. C. mercht. 17 Coenties slip 

Bailey James, mercht. 56 Front h. Greenwich 

Bailey James, J. 62 Lispenard 

Bailey John A. mercht. 88 Pearl h. 62 Lispenard 

Bailey John H. mercht. 31 Coenties-slip h. 45 Beaver 

Bailey John P. sugar refiner 162 Church h. 70 Chamber 

Bailey Mary, tailoress rear 88 William 

Bailey Nathan, mercht. 15 Coenties-slip h. 25 Whitehall 

Bailey Ruth, dry-goods Rivington n. Pitt 

Bailey Samuel G. shipmaster 74 Oliver 

Bailey Theodorus, postmaster Garden h. 12 Park-place 

Bailey William, physician 45 Market 

Bailey William, cartman Attorney n. Rivington 

Bailey William, carpenter 37 Chapel 

Bailey widow Phebe, baker 100 Mott 

Bailey widow of E. W. A. boarding ho. 154 Broadwav 

Bailey & Holmes, 56 Front 

Bailey & Remsen, dry goods 88 Pearl 

Bailey & Voorhees, 31 Coenties-slip 

Baily Benjamin M. D. Delancey n. Lewis 

Bailie Wm. mereht. 55 Pine, h. 64 White 
Baillie Peter, shipjoiner 14 Arundel 

Baillie widow Elizabeth, 5 Birmingham 
Bailly S. fancy goods 96 William 

Bainbridge widow Maria, 3 Clinton 

Baird Andrew, grocer 131 Reed 

Baird John, cabinetmaker 17 Cherry 

Baird Oliver, brassfounder 128 Hester 

Baird Robert, hatter 158 Cherry 

Baitsell John Henry, baker 158 Leonard 

Baker Abraham, ship carpenter Lewis n. North 

Baker Abraham W. cartman 26 Norfolk 

Baker Abraham, boatman Washington n. Spring 

Baker Adam, ship carpenter 40 Wooster 

Baker Anson, silversmith 249 William 

Baker Ashley C. gilder 141 Allen 

Bake.r Augustus, hair dresser 84 Maiden-lajie 

Baker Benjamin, mariner 10 Birmingham 


Baker Caleb, grocer 243 Cherry h. 130 Lombaidy 

Baker Charles, cabinetmaker 25 James 

Baker Cornelius, mercht. 116 Pearl, h. 16 Gold 

Baker C. W. grocer 8 Doyer 

Baker Daniel, ship carpenter 100 Harman 

Baker Daniel S. carpenter 231 William 

Baker David, mercht. 430 Pearl h. 33 Bowery 

Baker David, smith 40 Wooster n. Grand 

Baker Edmund, shoemaker 190 Elm 

Baker Francis, mariner 44 Pike 

Baker George Augustus, grocer Broome c. Allen. 

Baker Hannah, tailoress 184 Bancker 

Baker Henry, cartman 51 Thompson' 

Baker Henry, shoemaker Wooster c. Amity 

Baker Jacob S. dry goods 177 Pearl h. Hester 

Baker Jacob, labourer Bayard c. Mott 

Baker James, 86 Sullivan 

Baker James, mason Hudson n. Hamersley 

Baker James, mercht 55 Maiden lane h. 137 ChambeiE 

Baker John, carpenter 78 Grand 

Baker John, tailor 208 Harman 

Baker John, cooper 274 Front h. 50 James 

Baker John, cooper 5 Dominick 

Baker John, shipmaster 19 Henry 

Baker John, shipwright 111 Lombardy 

Baker John, shoe manuf. 1 12 Division 

Baker John H. grocer 31 Bancker 

Baker J. S. 34 Willlet 

Baker John P. smith 79 Mott 

Baker Joseph, boarding-house 1 Nassau 

Baker Leonard, 43 Bowery 

Baker Luke, sausagamaker 44 Attorney 

Baker Richard, essence factory 4Q Robinsoa 

Baker Robert,.carpenter 93 Hester 

Baker Samuel", shipwright 35 Broome [Fulton 

Baker Stephen, dry goods, Pearl c. Maiden-lane, h. 18p 

Baker Thomas, shoemaker rear 192 Hudson 

Baker Thomas, shoemaker 65 Spring 

Baker Thomas, mason 170 Harman 

Baker William, dry goods 107 Mott 

Baker William, grocer 150 Washington h. 70 Dey 

Baker William, coppersmith Grand n. Walnut 

Baker William, 236 Division 

Baker William, mariner Spring c. Mulberry 

Baker William, A. coppersmith 155 Front h. 68 Ann 

Baker William, F. lum. mer. 151 Cherry h. 145 Harmaf. 

Baker widow Eunice, Orange c. White 

Baker widow Frances, grocer 7 Chapel 

Baker widow Sarah, boarding house 13 Broadway 

Baker & Dunn, 55 Maiden-lanie 

Baker, Ely & Co. dry goods 430 Pearl 

Bakewell Benjamin, sailmaker 373 Washington 

Bakewell Geo. carpenter 151 Mott h. 112Elizabe!! 

Bakewell Joseph, sailmaker 190 Spring 

Bakewell Thomas, sailmaker 95 Crosljy 

60 longwokth's - 1825 — 26 

Bakewell Win. sailmaker 115 Front h. 156 Mott 
Bakewell B. J. & T. sailmakers 97 Washington 
Balbi John, 10 Franklin 
Balch Aaron L. teacher 172 Chapel 
Balch John T. mercht.*25 South 
Balcom Silas, smith Chrystie n. First 
Baldwin Aaron, carpenter 395 Broome 
Baldwin jr. Caleb, dry goods 191 Greenwich 
Baldwin Charles, counsellor and attorney 41 Nassau 
Baldwin Charles N. print. 70 Frankfort h. c. Rose 
Baldwin Cyrus, painter 90 Elizabeth 
Baldwin David T. mercht. 150 Pearl h. 99 John 
Baldwin David M.. cooper 38 Roosevelt 
Baldwin David, mason 25 Watts 
Baldwin Edwin, 439 Pearl 
Baldwin Elias, 59 Dey 
Baldwin Elihu, smith 13 Desbrosses 
Baldwin Enos, plane maker Broome c. Orange 
Baldwin Erastus, teacher 88 Eldridge 
Baldwin Gabriel, carpenter 91 Reed 
Baldwin George, grocer 387£ Water 
Baldwin Jacob, mason 172 Duane 
Baldwin James, watchmaker 273 Water- 
Baldwin Jesse, 27 Orchard 
Baldwin John, rigger 63 Forsyth 

Baldwin Micah, mercht 205 Pearl h. 3 Park-place 

Baldwin Nathan, saddle tree plater Church n. White h. 

Baldwin Robert, mason Laurens n. Prince [364 Broome 

Baldwin Simon, carpenter Washington n. Spring 

Baldwin Samuel, chemist Allen n. Rivington 

Baldwin Simeon, 98 Wall h. 10 State 

Baldwin Timothy, carpenter 395 Broome 

Baldwin William, M. D. 35 Harman [75 Chapel 

Baldwin Wm. M. csachmaker Hudson n. Chambers h. 

Baldwin William, rear 120 Leonard 

Baldwin widow Ann, 29 Chrystie 

Baldwin widow Harriet, 85 Roosevelt 

Baldwin Hetty, widow of Wm. 81 Orange 

Baldwin widow Lucy, 64 Varick 

Baldwin & Camp, grocers 497 Greenwich c. Canal 

Baldwin & Forman, dry goods 123 Chatham h. 102 Mott 

Baldwin felves, merchts. 205 Pearl 

Baldwin & Jacobus, grocers 177 Hudson c. Canal 

Baldwin & Murray, hair dressers 19 Old-slip 

Baldwin & Spooner, merchts. 98 Wall 

Baldwin & Ward, grocers 85 Division 

Bale Henry, tailor 197 Mott 

Bale Thomas, tailor 182 Mulberry 

Balestier & Co. Joseph, 81 Pine h. Varick c. Beach 

Baley Hannah, teacher 329 Broadway 

Balis Calvin, grocer 13 South 

Ball Archibald, mason 25 Oliver 

Ball David, mason Market 

Ball E. A. paint manuf. 214 Hudson 

Bal! Isaac, carpenter Hudson c. Dominic'-". 


Bat] Isaac, carpenter 12 Clai k 
Ball John, cabinet maker 67 Vescy 
Rail John, carpenter 39 Ferry 
Ball John C. manufac. of paints 178 Hudson 
Ball John H. custom house clerk 203 Spring 
Ball John H. S. teacher 169 Water 
Ball John T. inspector of lumber 62 Pearl 
Ball John W. mariner 20 Eldridge 
Ball J. C. &. D. paint manuf. West n. Harison 
Ball Joseph, ship-carpenter Front n. Corl. Hc.ok 
Ball Nancy widow of John, 10 Mot? 
Ball Penelope, hoarding-house 50 Division 
Ball Richard, 299 Spring 
Ball S. E. milliner 211 Hudson 

Ball Thomas, carpenter & packing box maker 93 Varick 
Ball T. P. manuf. of paints West n. Harison h. 178 Hud- 
Ball widow Hannah, 41 Forsyth [son 
Ballagh James, grocer 64 Chatham h. 13 Oliver 
Ballagh Robt. k. Win. grocers 39 Henry h. 46 Division 
Ballard I. millinery 443 Pearl - 
Ballard Wm. C. boarding-house 23 Maiden-lane 
Ballentine James, chandler 195 Hester 
Ballentine William, grocer West n. Robinson 
Ballina Charles, Italian teacher 23 Liberty 
Ballou Prosper, mariner 82 Allen 
Ballow William B. 391 Greenwich 
Balsdon Joseph, gunmaker 168 Water 
Baltz widow of Daniel, First n. 2d Avenue 
Bampton George, ship-carpenter Lewis n. Grand 
Bancalari Peter, barber 46 William h. 41 Beaver 
Bancel Lewis, teacher 14, 16 and 20 Provost 
Bancker Abraham, news collector 55 Whitehall 
Bancker Evert A. attor. and com. 60 Water h. Delancey 
Bancker Henry, hairdresser 434 Broadway [vide Banker 
Bancker John, cartman 187 Mulberry 
Bancker Mary, milliner 23 Mulberry 
Bancker widow Ann T. 36 Hudson 

Bancker Elizabeth widow of Adrian, Sheriff n. Rivinglon 
Bancker Mary widow of John, 4 Charlton 
Bancker widow Mary, grocer 44 Leonard 
Bancroft J. merchant, 129 Water 
Bancroft & Co. E. dryeoods 109 William 
Bancroft <fc Pope, merchants 129 Water 
Bane Peter, oyster-house 29 Leonard 
Banfoid widow Ellen, rear 21 Pike 
Bangs Rev. Nathan, 92 Eldridge 

Banker Edward, account. 34 Vandewater [uidcBancke.- 
Banks Benjamin, cartman 13 Eldridge 
Banks Daniel, boatman Stanton n. Ridge 
Banks David, attorney Nassau c. Spruce b. 30 N. Moore 
Banks Francis L. tailor 86 John 
Banks George I. 25 Walker 
flanks Isaac, 161 Cherry 
Banks James, mariner 19 Mulberry 
Banks jr. James, cordwainer 371 Broome 
.Bants John- cartman 13 Essex 


68 longworth's 1825—26 

Banks John, cabinet-maker 51 Beekman 

Banks Obadiah, 10 Eldridge 

Banks Robert, shoemaker Bedford n. Commerce 

Banks Robert, tailor Newark 

Banks William, grocer William c. Spruce 

Banks William R. merchant 50 Division 

Banks William, shoemaker Cajial n. Greenwich 

Banks Martha, millinery 133 William 

Banks Susan widow of Benjamin, rear 250 Hudson 

Banks & Gouldy, tailors 86 John 

Batmen Eleanor, tavern 85 Water 

Bannen Michael, chandler 62 Cherry 

Batmen William, locksmith 39 Augustus 

Bannen 'Rebecca widow of Robert, grocer 18 James 

Bannerman E. seminary 409 Broadway 

Bannigan Bridget, grocer 19 Orange 

Banta Aaron, shoemaker Herring n. Commerce 

Banta Abraham D. Greenwich n. Amos 

Banta Albert, cabinet-maker 131 Spring c. Wooster 

Banta Cornelius C. cartman 36 Vandam 

Banta Daniel, cartman 556 Broome n. Varick 

Banta Frederick, cooper Sheriff c. Rivington 

Banta Garrit, merchant 95 Maiden-lane h.23 Barclay 

Banta Henry, hay-cartman 111 Chyrstie n. Broome 

Banta James, smith 49 Spring 

Banta John, rigger 146 Harman 

Banta John T. 48 M'Dougal n. Spring 

Banta Peter, mason 223 William 

Banta Peter, cartman 28 Watts 

Banta Samuel, cartman Charles c. Greenwich 

Banta Samuel, shoemaker 82 Sullivan 

Banta Solomon,,mason Vandam n. Varick 

Banta Tunis, cartman 375 Greenwich 

Banta Weart, baker 118 Mulberry 

Banta Sarah widow of Wm. wheelwright 114 Orchard 

Banvard Daniel, carpenter 47 Collect 

Baptist Francis, boat-builder 202 Harman 

Baptist I. M. oysterer 5 Catharine 

Baptist Isaac, grocer 149 _Baucker 

Baptist John, boat-builder 71 Henry 

Barange Michael, French dyer 475 Pearl 

Barard John B. hairdresser 450 Washington n. Canal 

Barbarin Aime J. dyer Brooklyn 

Barbelet John F. tailor 128 Mott 

Barber Abijah, fisherman 300 Spring 

Barber Ann, dress-maker 64 Canal 

Barber Cyrus, attorney and couns. 91 Nassau 

Barber Ruth, 167 Church 

Barber Thomas, shipmaster 25 Collect 

Barberie Otto V. marshal 210 Elizabeth 

Barberry John, marshal 27 Spruce 

Barbey Henry, merchant 62 Beaver 

Barclay George, cabinet-maker 133 Fulton 

Barclay George, merchant 7 Broad h. 42 Cortland? 

Barclay Henry, merchant 7 Broad h. 33 Pearl 

Barclay Thomas* 386 Greenwich 


Barclay Thomas R. N. Varick c. Beach 
Barclay William, stonecutter 71 N. Moore 
Barclay Henry & George, merchants 7 Broad 
Bard James, 33 Warren 
Barde Elizabeth, boarding-house 74 Broad 
Barde Lucy, 34 Orange 
Barfe Robert C. 63 Stone h. 29 .Greenwich 
Barger Henry, grocer 100 Vesey 
Barger Jacob, cartman Hamersley n. Hudson 
Barger John, carpenter 203 Hester n. Orange 
Barhydt Abraham, tavern Hudson c. Charles 
Barhydt James, cartman 86 Crosby 
Barker Abijah, boatman 58 Hester 
Barker Abijah, boatman 40 Essex 

Barker Abraham, pilot 56 Mott [see Barges 

Barker Almira, 151 Division 
Barker Benjamin G. 281 Pearl 
Barker Daniel, painter Arden n. Bedford 
Barker Elijah C. 105 Pump and Goerck 
Barker George, carpenter 553 Pearl 
Barker Harriet, boarding-house 53 Dey 
Barker Isaac, merchant 80 South 
Barker Isaac H. cartman Sullivan n. Houston 
Barker Jacob, merchant 84 South h. 73 Beekman 
Barker & Son James, drygood-store 290 Pearl h. 39 Ro«f 
Barker J. O. attorney 92 Nassau 
Barker J. S. 70Eldridge 
Barker John, boatman 38 Essex 
Barker John, carpenter 33 N. Moore 
Barker John, grocer 11 Coenties-slip h. 10 Stato 
Barker John, smith 21 Suffolk 
Barker John P. butcher 136 Elizabeth 
Barker Luke, physician and surgeon 127 Cherry 
Barker Mary, fruiter 230* Greenwich 
Barker Nathaniel, shoemaker 74 Mott 
Barker Robert, painter rear 23 Orchard 
Barker Richard, cartman 102 Eld ridge 
Barker Richard, carpenter 173 Mulberry 
Barker Smith, attorney 27 Cherry 
Barker Stephen, 6 Pump 
Barker Stephen, merchant 370 Pearl 
Barker Thomas, wheelwright 141 Bowery 
Barker Thomas B. shoemaker 156 Chatham 
Barker Walter, coppersmith 229 Forsyth 
Barker William, boatman 5 Lewis n. Grand 
Barker William, carpenter 258 Grand 
Barker Hannah widow of John, 556 Water 
Barker Sarah widow of Joshua , 73 JNT. Moore 
Barker widow Sarah, 381 Cherry 
V Barker widow, 40 Esse»»»-«» 

•«**»»* «•. »%*kjcC$\Cp. merc^a^O 84 South 

Barker & Troop, leather and finding store 76 Mott 

Barkley James, grocer Elizabeth d. Broome 

Barkley John, painter rear 50 Oliver [vide BareiC- 

Barkley Catharine widow of Nathan 110 Elizabeth 

Barlass I. 178 Church 

Barles William, 20 Suffolk 

TO long worth's 1825—26 

Barmcre Mary wid. of Walter, .54 Division h. 3 Chrystie 
Barmour Nathaniel^ mason 383 Cherry 
Barnard Arthur, printer 37 James 
Barnard Benjamin, shipmaster 46 Oak 
Barnard H. mariner 92 Elizabeth 
Barnard Josiah, shipmaster 231 Spring 
Barnard Richard T. gilder 102 Warren \svide Befnarc 
Barnard Timothy, shipmaster 59 James. 
Barnard widow of Albert, Division 
Barnard & Macy, merchants 246 Front 
Barnecut William, tailor 72 Water h. 17 Old slip 
Barnes Benjamin, cabinet-maker 279 Greenwich 
Barnes Daniel, 272 Greenwich 
Barnes Daniel H. seminary Crosby h. 164 Grand 
.Barnes Erastus, attorney 44 Pine h. Ill Woostec 
Barnes Jane, confectioner 102 Chatham 
Barnes John, cabinet-maker 224 Greenwich 
Barnes John, comedian 160 Hudson 

Barnes Joseph, marble-cutter Canal n. B.way h. 118 Elm 
Barnes Joseph, brewer 65 Cross 
Barnes Richard, cartman 65 Orchard 
Barnes Robt. Newark & Belleville stage-h. 77 Cortlarrdt 
Barnes Robert, 82 Frankfort 
Barnes S. S. 14 Oak 
Barnes Thomas S. carpenter 142 Essex 
Barnes William H. carpenter 123 Henry 
Barnes W. cabinet-maker & ironmonger 224 Greenwich 
Barnes Win. R. carpenter 35 Essex 
Barnes widow Elizabeth, Lewis n. Grand 
Barnet Dorothy, fruiter 265 Bowery 
Barnett Abraham, merchant 43 Grand 
Barnett Thomas, needle manufacturer 23 Franklin 
Barney Charles, block and pump maker 36 Peck-slip 
Barney Mat'hias, gardener 128 Orchard 
Bamum Augustas, machinist Lombardy n. Walnut 
Barnum Eliphalet, cartman 10 North 
Barnum Ira, saddler 41 Bowery 
-Barnum Joseph R. hatter 126 Broad 
Barnum Russei, teacher 92 Chambers hi 528 Broome 
Barnum Thomas, 190 Mott 

Barnum Thomas S. fanning-mill maker 400 Cherry 
Barnwell William, merchant Bleecker n. Mott 
Barr Adam, weaver Perry n. Greenwich 
Barr John, livery stable New h. 25 Garden 
Barr John I. 135 Reed 
Barr widow Ann, seamstress 118 Orchard 
Barr, Auchincloss & Co. merchants 122 Pearl 
Barraclough William, merchant 7 Fletcher h. 104 Spring 
Barrell Geo. ship and produce broker 3 Phoenix building 
BarreLl Joseph, merchant l i HM i tenn ' 1 , * J 

Barrell & Edwards, merchants WMjfirl 6Q iH <W*iH» «*<*«»*' 
Barret Sarah, 25 Bancker / 

Barret widow Ellen, 28 Chrystie 
Barretto jr. Francis, 79 Washington h. 85 Chambers 
Barrere Hyppolite, Chatham garden theatre h. 12 Oliver 
Barricklo John V. B. merchant 456 Pearl 


Barringer John, cartman 81 Provost 

Barron Alexander, grocer 355 Broome 

Barron Matthew R. gold-beater 12 Grand 

Barron Patrick, weigher 74 Wall 

Barron William, weaver Perry n. Herring 

Barrow James, 16 Nassau h. 38 Walker 

Barrow John, merchant 292 Pearl 

Barrow Laurence, wooldealer 292 Pearl 

Barrow Thomas, 38 Walker 

Barrow Wm. physician and surgeon 33 Barclay 

Barrow and Sons John, merchants 292 Pearl 

Barry Bartholomew, shoemaker 62 Vesey 

Barry James, carpenter Canal n. Hudson 

Barry rev. E. D. Chambers c. Church h. 40 Greene 

Barry John, painter 40 Chrystie 

Barry Patrick, grocer Hester c. Orchard 

Barry widow Anna, milliner 4 Park-place 

Barry widow Catharine, 61 Church 

Barstow Caleb, merchant 158 South h. Bowery-hill 

Barteau Peter, tailor 2 Provost 

Barter William, 118 Bancker 

Bartholf John, canman Greenwich 

Bartholomew& Griffith, hardware 175 Greenwich 

Bartine James R. merchant 31 Old-slip [see Berlin? 

Bartine John, grocer 188 Fulton 

Bartine Peter, market-man. 205 Washington 

Bartine Mary, widow of Wm. 175 Spring [Bowery 

Bartlett Caleb, bookseller, card & sand paper manuf. 7£ 

Bartlett Henry, rigger 77 James 

Bartlett J. S. Albion office I Pine 

Bartlett Joseph, mariner 275 Water 

Bartlett Nathan M. shoemaker 478 Grand 

Bartlett Nathaniel, Church c. Thomas 

Bartlett widow of Wm. H. 152 Chrystie 

Bartlett widow Esther, Willet n. Delancey 

Bartlett & Balch, merchts. 25 South 

Bartlett & Brown, carpenters 159 William 

Bartlette widow of Jonathan, boarding school 4 Murray 

Bartley George, Bancker c. Governeur 

Bartley James, milkman Sullivan n. Prince 

Bartley William, carpet weaver 133 Bancker 

Barton Ann, bonnet maker 494 Pearl 

Barton A. G. tailor Broad c. Front 

Barton Heury, laborer Laight c Greenwich 

Barton Jesse, laborer Wooster n. Bleecker 

Barton John, dockbuildei 502 Grand 

Barton John, mariner 308 Spring 

Barton Reuben R. cartman 4 Clarke 

Barton Richard, grocer 157 Front 

Barton William, cartman 218 Laurens n. Bleecker 

Barton widow Eleanor, 45 Chambers 

Bartow Cornelius S. auctioneer 165 Pearl h. p. Love-lai • 

Bartow Israel, cartman Delancey a. Lewis 

Bartow Robert, 7 Burling-slip h. 84 FrankforJ 

Bartow Robert S. auctioneer 155 Pearl h. Bowery-hill 

Bartow Thomas J. gauger 2 South u. 55 Eldridge 

72 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Bartow William, 36 Pearl h. 20 Vestry 

Bartow William A. bookseller 246 Pearl 

Bartow widow Maria, 86 John [Frankfort 

Bartow Rob. & Geo. com. merchts. 7 Burling-slip h. 84 

Bartram Andrew, weaver 36 Greene 

Bartram Charles, grocer Broome c. Greene 

Bartram William, grocer Hammond c. Washington 

Bascom S. A. bookseller 184 Fulton 

Basden H. N. 174 Chambers 

Baseley William, carpenter Arden n. Bedford 

Basham Charles, teacher 43 Chamber 

Bashford widow of William, 207 Broome 

Bass George, cartman 7 Water 

Bass Jason M. grocer Broome c. Thompson 

Basset Elizabeth, widow of Elija, 181 Orange 

Basset James, carpenter 16 Chrystie 

Bassett William, glass cutter 4 Catharine-lane 

Bassford Abraham, musician 477 Bearl 

Bassford Thomas, artificial florist 479 Pearl 

Bassford widow Harriet, 76 Ludlow 

Basso John, hairdresser 304 Broadway 

Bastien John, hair dresser 6 Albany h. 120 Church 

Batby Antoine, turner 1 Pine h. 47 Barclay 

Batchellor George S. smith 563 Broome 

Batchellor Nathaniel, gold and silver chaser 21 Sullivan. 

Batchelor John, smith 34 Fletcher h. 12 Thomas 

Batcheller & Wilkins, Columbian-hotel 80 Wall 

Batchellor & French, smiths 34 Fletcher 

Bates Andrew, shipmaster 8 Walker 

Bates Bamabus, book-store 380 Broadway c. White 

Bates George, attorney 112 White 

Bates Gilbert, mercht. 166 Bowery 

Bates James C. merchant 189 Pearl 

Bates John, grocer Broad c. Stone 

Bates John, shoe store Herring n. Christopher 

Bates Robert, grocer 81 Duane 

Bates W. D. landscape painter 56 Pump 

Bates William, printer 5 Forsyth 

Bates Abigali widow of Samuel, 60 Provost 

Bates widow Sarah, 71 Murray 

Bates & Taintor, merchts. 62 Maiden-lane 

Batey Robert, sailmaker Water c. Market h. 5 Forsyth 

Batey William, carpen. Goe-ck n. Stanton (videBealy) 

Bathurst John, fruiter 316 Broadway 

Batterman Henry, carpenter 19 h. 70 Front 

Batters Michael, mariner Ludlow n. rBoome 

Batterton Isaac, hotel Grand c. Laurens 

Battin John F. tavern 464 Broadway c. Grand 

Battin John, dry good store 276 Greenwich 

Battis Mary, washwoman 47 Beaver 

Baudouine Abraham, gauger for the customs 46 Chatham 

Baum Elizabeth widow of Leonard, grocer 95 Duane 

Baum George, smith 75 Duane 

Baumy Lewis, lace and fringe manf, 140 William 

Baur John, watchmaker 91 Fulton 

Baush John, shipmaster 27 Allen 


Bausher Jacob, hairdresser 4 Peck-slip 

Bausher John, cartman Ludlow n. Stanton 

Baxter James, labourer rear 137 Orange 

Baxter John, cartman 4 Front 

Baxter John, m.d. 12 Vandewater 

Baxter John H. shoemaker 90 Henry 

Baxter Joseph, caitman 102 Orchard 

Baxter J. milliner 367 Pearl 

Baxter Samuel, spruce beer Washington n. Spring 

Baxter Schyler, grocer 17 Catharine-slip 

Baxter William G. mason 1 10 Chapel 

Baxter Mary widow of Stephen, 41 Leonard 

Baxter & Co. T. whiting manufactory 8 Fulton 

Bayard John, saddler Eldridge n. Delancey 

Bayard Robert, merchant Washington h. 18 State 

Bayard William, merchant 6 State 

Bayaurd John, confectioner 93 Chatham [vide Byard 

Bayles Daniel S. 238 Division 

Bayles Nathaniel, carpenter 87 Henry 

Bayles widow of Daniel, 28 Elm 

Bayles Rhoda widow of Jonathan, 17 Vandam 

Bayless John C blind-maker 23 Catharine 

Bayley Barnard, broker 62^ Wall 

Bayley C. S. broker 50 Wall h. 49 White » 

Bayley John H. morocco dresser rear 41 Ferry 

Bayley Joseph, physician 56 Walker [vide Builejj 

Bayley Susan, widow of Joseph, 49 White 

Baylies Hersey, M.d. 83 Grand 

Baylis Catharine widow of Melancthon, 4 Division 

Baynham Mary, teacher 181 Fulton 

Bazen Thomas, 210 Hudson 

Bazley Thomas, rope-maker Stanton c. Arundel 

Beach James, teacher, 36 and 27£ Chrystie 

Beach Jared, carpenter 110 Elizabeth 

Beach Jesse, shoemaker 86 James 

Beach Myron, painter 10 Grand 

Beach Ransom, clerk Elm n. Spring 

Beach Robert Wooster, mason 176 Mulberry 

Beach Wooster, physician 327 Pearl 

Beach William, shoemaker 14 Thames 

Beach widow Betsey, Montgomery n. Lombardy 

Beadel Henry, carpet weaver 91 Reed 

Beadel Joseph W. soapboiler 6 Charlton. [vide Bedell 

BearW J. W. & M. tallow chandlers Charlton n. Hudson 

Beaid William, marble-polisher Watts 

Beaker Victor, segar-maker 375 Greenwich 

Beakey Geo. T. painter 81 Mott c. Pump 

Beakley Christopher, Hammond c. Herring 

Beale Joseph H. accountant 91 Greene n. Spring 

Beale Lewis, shipmaster 38 Vandewater 

Beam Conrad, carpenter 4 Charlton 

Beam Henry, shoemaker Washington n. Canal 

Beames Jonathan, umbrella-maker 3 Orange • 

Beamish Thomas, shoemaker 194 Division 

Beams Joseph, shoemaker 119 Broome n. Willet 

74 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Bean Joshua, S32 Broadway 

Beard Hannah widow of Samuel, N. Moore c. Hudson 

Beardsley Eii, tailor Beekman c. Pearl 

Beardley Rensselaer, stationer 116 Broad 

Beare. Henry M. merchant 547 Pearl 

Beasley widow Nancy, confect.486 Grand n. Cannon 

Beastall William, chemist 68 Reed 

Beaston Benjamin, mariner West c. Harison 

Beatty David, cartman 373 Washington 

Beatty Eliza, 33 Jay 

Beatty George, saddler 40 Mulberry [vide Batn 

Beatty James, shoemaker Lewis n Delancey 

Beatty Joseph, soapboiler 90 Mulberry 

Beatty Richard, smith rear 121 Orange 

Beatty William, currier 114 Reed 

Beatty William, grocer Hudson c. Harison 

Beatty William, cartman 90 Mulberry 

Beatty Elizabeth widow of William, Prince n. Wooster 

Beatty & Co. James, grocers Washington c. Jay 

Beatty T. & J. grocers 34 Chatham 

Beaty George, grocer 51 Market 

Beaujean Nancy, drygoeds Delancey c. Lewis 

Beaumont Andrew, 72 Pump 

Beaumont Randolph, comb-maker 96 Greene 

Beaumont Samuel, carpenter Asylum c. Charles 

Becar P. I & J. merchants 104 h. 425 Pearl 

Beck Andrew, rigger rear 79 Lombardy 

Beck John A. surgeon-barber Bowery c. Art 

Beck John B. m.d. 38 Nassau 

Beck William, granary 308 h. 306 Grand 

Beck Rosanna widow of George R. 15 Spring 

Becker Abraham, last-maker and rinding store 68 Vesej 

Beckwith Richard, carpenter Governeur n. Lombardy 

Bedell Abraham, cartman 136 Delancey n. Orchard 

Bedell Abraham, oysterman West n. Duane [tide Bcadi. I 

Bedell C. constable 40 North Moore 

Bedell Jacob M. 30 Lombardy 

Bedell John, livery stable 138 Duane h. 70 Reed 

Bedell Joseph, cartman 13 Lewis 

Bedell Osias, oysterman West n. Duane 

Bedell Richard, labourer Columbia c. Stanton 

Bedell Sylvanus, grocer Elizabeth c. Hester 

Bedell jr. Silvanus, grocer Ludlow n. Stanton 

Bedell William, mason 233 Spring 

Bedell widow Elizabeth, 144 Allen 

Bedford widow Ann, boarding-house 48 Broadway 

Bedient Elizabeth widow of John, 28 Beekman 

Bedlow Henry, 198 Harman 

Bedobile John, cutler rear 198 Hester 

Beebe David, cooper Washington n. Spring 

Beebe Martain, hotel 549 Grand 

Beebe Othneil, block-maker 345 Cherry 

Beebe Samuel I. broker 62 Wall h. 24 Franklin 

Beebe Theophilus, boatman Renwick n. Spring 

Beebe William, shipmaster 88 Roosevelt 

Beebe widow Abby, 24 Norfolk 


Beebe & Ludlow, btokers 62 Wall 

Beecher Isaac E. fruiter 20l£ Fulton 

Beeckman Henry, merchant 21 South h.60 Greenwich 

Beekman Cornelius, carpenter 172 Spring 

Beekman Gerard, 77 Leonard 

Beekman Gerardus, segar store Broadway u. Prince 

Beekman Harman, cartman 137 Reed 

Beekman Henry, mariner 50 Eldridge 

Beekman Jacob, dry goods 117 Beekmar£b. 88 Roosev 

Beekman Jacob S. carpenter 8 Grand • 

Beekman John, rigger 77 Bayard 

Beekman Jonas, stevedore 34 Lombardy 

Beekman John A. 64 Pearl 

Beekman John K. 70 White 

Be«kman Ralph V. merchant 92 Pearl h. 37 Stone 

Beekman Stephen D. physician 11 Cortlandt 

Beekman & Johnson, merchants 92 Pearl 

Beeman Ephraim, labourer Herring n. Raisin 

Beerman Jacob, Hammond n. Washington 

Beermau John, cartman Hammond n. Washington 

Beerman Thomas, baker 44 Barclay 

Beers C. merchant 191 Front h. 235 William 

Beers Emma, mantua-maker 36 Dey 

Beers Henry James, tailor 1 Forsyth 

Beers Horace, merchant 80 South h. 19 Reed 

Beers James, carpenter 42£ Thompson 

Beers J. D. broker 39 Wall h. 17 State 

Beers Samuel, 59 Provost 

Beers widow Sarah, tailoress 28 Hudson 

Beers & Bunnell, brokers 20 Wall 

Beers & Heron, 254* Pearl 

Beggs Robert, merchant-tailor 173 Broadway 

Begley Richardson, shoemaker 77 Bayard 

Beilby John, carpenter Greenwich c. Charles 

Beily Joseph, shoemaker 40 Mulberry 

Belch widow Elizabeth, 165 Bancker 

Belcher & Co. T. & W. rule-makers 141 Mulberry 

Belden Amos, sail-maker 301 Front h. 36 Cheapside 

Belden George, merchant 233 Pearl h. 81 Murray 

Belden Henry F. 78 Allen 

Belden Horace S. grocer 44 Front 

Belden Lewis, physician and surgeon 16 Eldridge 

Belden William, teacher 8 Dominick 

Belden C. &G. drygood-store 233 Pearl 

Belknap Ebenezer, custom-house officer 33 Chapef 

Belknap Edwin S. grocer Grand c. Forsyth 

Bell Daniel C. 121 Grand 

Bell David, stonecutter Fourth c. 6th Avenue 

Bell Eli, painter 205 Division 

Bell Garret, cartman 13 Dominick 

Bell George, grocer 13 Broome n. Mangin 

Ball Isaac, merchant 72 Greenwich 

BjII J. W. printer 223 Bowery 

Bell Jacob, ship-carpenter Lewis n. North 

BjII James, founder 99 Hester 

Bell John, 22 Greenwich 


76 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Bell John, builder Sullivan n. Houston 
BellJohn, m.d. and surgeon 161 Broadway 
Bell John, printer's joiner, 1 Skinner h. 390 Pearl 
Bell John, drygood-stoie 11 Front h. Bleecker c. Sullivan 
Bell John, weaver Charles n. Asylum 
Bell Joseph, weaver 205 Orange 
Bell Leonard, cabinet-maker 32 Harman 
Bell Nathaniel, bookbinder 88 Nassau 
Bell Robert P. drygood-store 11 Front 
Bell Samuel, merchant 109 South h. 46 Elm 
Bell Samuel, cartman 1st Avenue n. First 
Bell Thomas, cabinet-maker 199 Chatham 
Bell William, dyer Charles n. Asylum 
Bell widow Magdalen, boarding-house 30 Chapel 
Bell & Co. Abraham, merchants 61 Pine 
Bell & Co. Thos. auctioneers rear 157 h. 175 Broadway 
Bell, Williams & Marsh, dry-goods 11 Front 
Bellamy J. M. 515 Greenwich 

Bellamy Mary widow of Samuel H. rear 18 Orange 
Bellemere Louis, hairdresser 134 Fulton h. 51 Elm 
Bellman Francis, mariner 39 Cheapside 
Bellmont widow Elizabeth, 115 Forsyth 
Bellows Charles H. Broome n. Laurens 
Bellows Orlando, livery-stables 21 b. 18 Leonard 
Bement George, grocer and wine merchant 60 Water 
Benard Henry, machinist 169 Spring 
BenbinJohn, hairdresser 30 Pike 

Bender Geo. U.S. assist.qr. master 61 Wash. h. 36 Provos* 
Bender John, tailor 108 Forsyth n. Broome 
Benedict E. teacher Liberty c. Nassau 
Benedict Ely, grocer 300 Front h. 34 Chrystie 
Benedict Erastus C. attorney 330 Pearl 
Benedict James, hatter 37 Maiden-lane 
Benedict Martin, inkpowder and sealing-wax 175 Bowery 
Benedict Matthias, shoemaker 84 Pump 
Benedict Samuel W. watch-maker 172 Broadway- 
Benedict Trowbridge, watch-m. 28 Bowery h. 13 Doyer 
Benedict & Hannah, hatters 37 Maiden-lane 
Benford Ann widow of William B. 77 Hudson 
Benger John, painter 369 Cherry c. Scammel 
Benger & Miller, grocers 369 Cherry 
Benham John, brewer Broadway n. Bowery 
Benham Thomas, sawyer Ludlam n. Stanton 
Benhard James, mercht. 100 Maiden-lane 
Benjamin B. silversmith, 203 William 
Benjamin James, mercht. 196 Front h. 39 Nassau 
Benjamin Jedediah, city gauger 24Coenties h. 10 Stone 
Benjamin John mercht. 277 Pearl 

Benjamin Meigs D. drygoods 193 Broadway h. 85 Warren 
Benjamin Simeon, mercht. 371 Pearl 
Benjamin William, collector 215 William 
Benjamin & Wickhams, merchants 371 Pearl 
Benkley widow Mary, 139 Allen 
Bennet Andrew H. tinplate worker 92 Catharine 
Bennet Benjamin, chairmaker 85 Murray & 254 G'reenw. 
Bennet Caleb, tailor 90 Canal 


Bonnet Denis, cabinetmaker 18 Orange 

Bennet Frederick, mariner 46 Hester 

Bonnet Henry, merchant 137 Washington 

Bennet James, mason 82 Sullivan 

Bennet Jeremiah, shoemaker 45^ Lispenard 

Bennet Job, grocer Forsyth c. Delancey 

Bennet Job, laborer 85 Varick 

Bennet John W. mason Crosby 

Bennet Jonathan C. carpenter Prince n. Laurens 

Bennet Peter, laborer 25 Sullivan 

Bennet Peter, shoemaker 25 Thomas 

Bennet Samuel, cartman 171 Spring 

Bennet Stephen, mariner 26 Montgomery 

Bennet Thomas, pilot 168 Cherry 

Bennet Thomas, shoemaker rear 138 Pump 

Bennet William, marketman 1 Mangin 

Bennet William, shoemaker Grand c. Greene 

Bennet widow Catharine, 64 Rutgers 

Bennet widow Maria, 115 Forsyth 

Bei-net W. C. & C. C. dry goods 414£ Pearl 

Bennett Andrew, builder 104 Chapel 

Bennett Benjamin, shoe store 246 Greenwich 

Bennett Edward, attorney 32 Beekman 

Bennett James, M. B. 43 Cheapside 

Bennett James, lecturer on bookkeeping 97 John 

Bennett John, cutler rear 167 Orange 

Bennett John, bootmaker 30 Cross 

Bennett John, carpenter 504 Grand 

Bennett Thomas, shipmaster 80 Eldridge 

Bennett William, boatman Walnut n. Water 

Bennett William, cartman Delancey n. Lewis 

Bennett jr. William, cartman Suffolk n. Delancey 

Bennett William, shoemaker Bancker c. Gouvemem; 

Bennett widow Ann, 59 Arundel 

Bennett widow Mary, 66 Bayard 

Bennett Sarah widow of Robert, 59 Bayard 

BennettJane & Elizabeth,ladies board sch.351 Broadway 

Bennett T. & B shoemakers 36 William h. 8 Thomas 

Benoit Louis, professor of music 109 Chapel 

Benschoten Cornelius, ropemaker First n t lst Avenue 

Bensel Abraham, grocer 55 Water 

Bensel James B. tailor 185 Fulton 

Bensel Peter, butcher 227 Mulberry 

Bensel Robert, Wooster n. Bleecker 

Bensel & McKinley, tailors 185 Fulton 

Benson Jacob, carpenter 35 Vandam n. Varick 

Benson Patrick, grocer 27 Augustus c. Duane 

Benson Peter, wheelwright, Forsyth n. Rivington 

Benson Robert, 14 Broad h. 82 Chambers 

Benson S. E. 532 Broome 

Benson William, distiller Stanton n. Pitt 

Benson widow of John, 94 Canal 

Bent Buckley, mercht. 147 Water 

Bentejac John, dry goods 277 Broadway 

Bentle Theodore S. 202 Fulton < 

78 long worth's 1825 — 20 

Bentlcy John, Bowery n. Stuyvesant 

Benton John, bootmaker 63 Cedar 

Benton Samuel, bootmaker 1 Wall 

Benton & Co. T. bootmakers 9 Wall 

Be"rard J. P. bookseller 20 Maiden-lane 

Berard & Mondon, booksellers 20 Maiden-lane 

Beraud John, cabinetmaker 81 Nassau 

Berault Charles, professor of dancing 144 Fulton 

Berdan widow of David, 419 Broome 

Berdine James, Herring n. Bleecker 

Berg James J. hatcoverer rear 49 Ludlow 

Bergen George, 21 Catharine 

Berger Francis E. physician 33 Murray 

Bergh Adam, 187 Duane 

Bergh Christian, shipwright Water c. Scammel 

Bergh Teunis, 424 Greenwich 

Bergh & I vers, brassfounders 560 Water 

Berk Susannah widow of John, 115 Spring 

Berkenbush Charles H. silversmith 15 Thomas 

Bernard Ettienne, mattress maker 140 Reed 

Bernard general S. Greenwich n. Fort Gansvooit 

Benian Cornelius, tinsmith 110 Cherry 

Berrian Corn. P. coachmaker 7 John li. 32 Duane 

Benian Ezra N. pilot 110 Cherry 

Berrian G. W. land agent Hudson c. Reed 

Berrian Jacob, Stanton n. Norfolk 

Berrian J. B. grocer 28 Norfolk 

Berrian Peter, teacher 35 Hester 

Berrian Richard, 448 Broome 

Berrian Richard P. shipmaster 46 Oliver 

Berrian Samuel U. teacher 5 Bayard 

Berrian Rev. William, 13 Barclay 

Berrian William collector Reed c. Hudson 

Berrian William, 239 Duane 

Berrien Daniel, brush mauuf. 365 Pearl h. 1 Hague 

Berrien James, pilot 177 Mott 

Berry Alexander D. sailmaker 87 South h.291 Greenwich 

Berry Daniel, slop shop 78 Front 

Berry George, clothier 78 Front 

Berry Henry, carpenter 16 Anthony 

Berry Henry, carpenter 532 Broome 

Berry John, carpenter 54 Sullivan 

Berry Lewis, cooper 2 Walker c. Chapel 

Berry Lewis, carpenter 93 Greene 

Berry Martin R. sash maker 162 William 

Berry Nelson, mariner 94 Henry 

Berry Philip, blockmaker 271 Water 

Berry Samuel, carpenter 51 Sullivan 

Berry Thomas, baker 70 Orchard 

Berry W. chemist Bedford n. Raisin 

Berry Walter, mariner Henry n. Birmingham 

Bersford widow Clarissa, 57 Mott 

Berte A. music teacher, 51 Greenwich 

Berte Alphonso L. merchant 33 South h. 382 Broo^- 

Be.teau Peter, merchant 132 Chapel 

Bertholf Henry, cartman 52 Sullivan 

Bertholf James, Herring c. Amc* 


Bertholf James, gunsmith 230 Greenwich 

Bertine Peter, shoemaker 169 Bowery 

Bertine Peter P. mason 97 Elm 

Bertine jr. Samuel, shoemaker 74 Bowery 

Bertine William, 128 Christie {vide Bartinc) 

Bertine & Co. Jas. dry goods 46 Division h. 18 Howard 

Bertine Si Co. Paschal, shoestore 67 Bowery 

Bertrand Adelson, tailor 136 Delancey 

Bertron Matthias H. shoemaker Broome n. Cannor 

Berwick William W. builder 122 Church 

Besher Frederick S. 41 Oak 

Besher John, jeweller 11 Anthony 

Bessonett J. P. merchant 30 Nassau 

Best Jacob, mer. tailor 14 Wall h. 37 William 

Bethel Maria, 44 Thompson 

Bethel William, brewer 31 James 

Bethune widow of Divie, 147 Hudson 

Betterton widow Ann, 114 Chapel 

Betts Aaron, cooper Mechanic alley 

Betts George W. 442 Pearl 

Betts Huran, comb maimf. 79 Chatham 

Betts James E. lottery office 93 Fulton h. 150 Williaa 

Betts John, grocer Walnut n. Cherry 

Betts John G. saddler Spring c. Renwick 

Betts Lyman, merchant 42 Front h. 30 Whitehall 

Betts Maria, teacher 26 Beaver h. 12 State 

Betts Samuel, 33 Burling-slip h. 366 Greenwich 

Betts Thomas, shipmaster 52 White 

Betts William, attorney 3 Law-buildings 

Betts widow Eliza L. 144 Church 

Betts widow Elizabeth, 5 Rose 

Bevans widow Rebecca, Ridge n. Stanton 

Beverly William, shipwright 574 Water 

Bewley Edmund, plane manuf 92 Leonaid 

Beyea Joseph, cartman 223 Chrystie 

Beyea widow Eunice, 223 Chrystie t- 

Beynon John, merchant 72 Maiden-lane h.30Duane 

Bibby Dr. Edward, 31 Gieenwich 

Bibby Governier S. merchant 42 William 64 Prince 

BibbyThomas, 23 N . Moore 

Bibram William, ropemaker Norfolk n. Stanton 

Bicker Henry, broker 21 Wall 

Bicker Nicholas, shipmaster Greenwich 

Bicker widow of Walter, Carmine n. Varick 

Bidwell Horace, grocer 19 Catharine-slip 

Mid well & Co. A. merchants 94 fff^h. 9 Stale 

Bielle Joseph, fancy boxmaker 190 William 

Bierfield Henry, tailor 58 Leonard 

Biggam Hamilton, stoneyard Laighth. 452 Greenwich 

Biggs Hiram, carpenter 226 RivingloM 

Biggs James, cabinet maker Rmngton c. Sheriff 

Biggs widow of Daniel, 38 Broome 

Bijotat George, 205 Grand c. Elizabeth 

Bijotat Silvain, bandbox manuf. 205 Grand c. Elitafce 

Bilyeu Levi, 431 Washington 

Bill Charles E. 219 Pearl 


60 LONqwORTH's 1825—26 

Bill John, painter 122 Forsyth 

Bill William, baker Walnut n. Cherry 

Kill Xavier, tailor 38 Jay 

Cillard Daniel, shoemaker 43 Watts 

Billard Phillemon, cooper 331 Front "* 

Billings Abner, carpenter & grocer 422 Broadway n. Canal 

Billings John R. mariner 14 Clarke 

Billings John, shoemaker Hudson c. Charles 

Billington Edward G. accountant 59 Barclay 

Billington Elias, grocer 59 Barclay 

Billops Ann widow of John, 95 Cherry 

Bills Samuel, Grand c. Cannon 

Bindernagel Jacob, baker 181 Division 

Bingham Caleb, 162 Rivington 

Bingham Chester, machinist 33 h. 39 Eldridge 

Bingham Jedediah, shoemaker 31 Fell 

Bingham John, 56 Reed 

Bingham Luther, 20 Dey 

Bingham Samuel, weaver Bedford c. Christophei 

Bingle Richard H. carpenter 23 Eldridge 

Bingley Elizabeth, 119 Chapel 

Bingley George, merchant 64 Pine d 

Bininger Jacob, 12 Maiden-lane 

Bininger & Son A. wine merchts. 141 Broadway h. 164 

Binks Ann, boarding house 40 Orange [Willian 

Binnse L. 2 Beach n. Hudson [Moore 

Birbeck George, founder N. Moore n. West h. 84 N 

Birch Edward, chemist Hudson n. Fitzroy 

Birch Samuel R. physician 260 Division 

Birch Thomas, music engraver 190 Chapel 

Bird Charles, smith Pitt n. Stanton 

Bird Edmund, cartman M'Dougal n. Houston 

Bird George, boarding house 33 Oak 

Bird James, boatman Washington c. Desbrosses 

Bird James, shoemaker 7 James-slip 

Bird James B. plumber 294 and 184 Cherry 

Bird John, pilot 14 Oak 

Bird John, grocer M'Dougal c. King 

Bird Joshua W. inspector of staves 36 Essex 

Bird Kelsey, mason 430 Cherry 

Bird Matthew, cartman M'Dougal n. Houston 

Bird widow of Michael, 40 Anthony 

Bird Richard, shoemaker 197 Bowery 

Bird Stephen, cartman M'Dougal" n. King 

Bij^^illiam E. grocer 302 Front h. 24 James 
idow Hester |J ^mtress 311 Bowery 
1 Abraham, groTer 112 Front h, 47 Oliver 

Birdsall B. hardware 378 Broadway h. 75 White 

Birdsall Jackson, shoemaker 195 Grand 

Birdsall Joseph, grocer 466 Pearl h. 46 Mulberry 

Birdsall Reuben, clerk 183 Spring 

Birdsall William, flour mer. 139 Allen 

Birdsall William, locksmith 100 Pump 

Birdsall widow Sarah, 187 Division 

Birdsall & Underhill, grocers 466 Pearl 


Bisbee Charles, 159 Broadway 

Bisbee John, portrait painter 157 Broadway 

Bishop Charles, dry goods 116 Bowery 

Bishop Ezekiel, 53 Ludlow 

Bishop Japhet, mer. 89 Maiden-lane 

Bishop Peter, carpenter 222 William 

Bishop Richard, block maker 402 Cherry 

Bishop William, shoemaker 2 Allen 

Bishop Hannah wid of Aaron, porter house 430 Broad w a> 

Bishop widow Mary, grocei Washington c. Duane 

Bishop, Scranton & Co. block & pumpmakers 32 Fletcbe. 

Bishop & Scranton, block makers Water n. Scammel 

Bissel F. engraver 166 Broadway 

Bissell Peter, brass nail manuf. 71 Greene 

Bissett J. D. cust. ho. insp. 

Bisset Samuel, trunk maker 114 Washington 

Bixby Alfred, attorney 155 Church 

Bixby Lewis, teacher 34 Walker 

Bixby N. P. bookseller 155 William 

Blachly Bayard P. druggist 487 Greenwich 

Blachly Corns. C. M. d. 487 Greenwich 

Blachly E. S. M. D. 487 Greenwich 

Blachly Moses, boot maker 517 Broome 

Black George, weaver Carmine n. Herring 

Black James M. merchant 56 Pine h. 6 Park-place. 

Black John, cabinet-maker 8 Lispenard 

Black John, grocer Delancy c. Eldridge 

Black John, mason 35 Mott 

Black John, porter house 176 Bowery 

Black Philip, shipmaster 200 Bowery 

Black Robert, shoemaker 100 Division 

Black William M. mer. 63 Front h. 39 Mercer 

Black William, weaver Hammond n. Washington 

Black William, victualler 8 Fulton market 

Black widow Agnes, Jones n. Herring 

Black widow Jane, washwoman 135 Orange 

Black widow of George, 20 Pt»mp 

Black Mary widow of Richard, 6 Bowling-green 

Black Mary widow of James, Leonard c. Elm 

Blackburn John, 49 Canal 

Blackburn R. milliner and dress maker 49 Canal 

Blacker Henry, saddler 24 Water 

Blackfan Jesse, Bleecker n. Bowery 

Blackford Edw. D. grocer and wine sto. 148 Washington 

Blackledge Adam, mason rear 59 Spring »- 

Blackledge John, barbei 108-Mulberry * 

Blacklidge Benj. sailmaker 44 Peck-slip h. 232 Broome 

Blacklidge Cornelius, carpenter Christopher n. Bedford 

Blacklidge widow of Henry, 137 Chapel 

Blackney Francis, jeweller 74 Duane 

Blackney William, tailor 6 Liberty 

Blackgtock James, broker 74 Pine 

Blackwell Jacob, dry goods 236 Water h. 162 Reed 

BlackwellJoseph, Columbia n. Grand 

Blackwell Joseph, mercht. 8 Coenties-slip h. 16 Statft 

82 longworth's 1S25— 26 

Blackwell Josiah, merchant 440 Pearl 

Blackwell William D. attorney 29 Bowery 

Blackwell & Co. Thomas L. dry goods 213 Greenwich 

Blackwell & M'Farlan, iron merchts. 8 Coenties-slirv 

Blackwood George C. butcher 106 Elizabeth 

Blagrove William, general patent agent 213 Wate . 

Blaikie Robert, distiller 517 Greenwich 

Blain widow Elizabeth, First n. 1st Avenue 

Blair George, watchmaker 156 Division 

Blair Thomas, grocer Rivingion c. Ludlow 

Blair William, boatman 97 Rivington 

Blake Abraham P. dry goods 386f Pearl 

Blake Anson, merchant 139 Pearl h. 26 Stone 

Blake D. T. solicitor in chancery 2 Pine 

Blake Ebenezer,hair dresser 34 Bowery 

Blake Elihu, dentist 4 Mott 

Blake Elizabeth, 180 Duane 

Blake John, 8 Jay c. Staple 

Blake John, sawyer Lewis n. Stanton 

Blake Peter, laborer rear 85 Mulberry 

Blake Robert, 42 Lumber 

Blake Thomas, coachman 34 Jay 

Blake Thomas, ship carpenter Broome n. Lewis 

Blake William, rigger 134 Lombartly 

Blake Ellen, widow of John, rear 11 Orange 

Blake $z Co. lottery office Broadway c. Ann 

Blakeley Andrew, Hudson c. Vandam 

Blakeley David, mason 72 Forsyth 

Blakeley John T. shipmaster 218 Church 

Blakeley Thomas, merchant 4 Fletcher 

Blakely George, shoemaker 65 Arundel 

Blakely Lewis, laborer Anthony c. Collect 

Blakely Robert, mercht. John n. Dutch 

Blakely Thomas, cbairmaker Orange c. Spring 

Blakely Thomas M. painter Hammond n. Hudson 

Blakeney Jacob, cordwainer 409 Broome 

Blakeney Thomas, chairmaker, 203 Orange 

Blakeney Thomas, bricklayer, 22 Anthony 

Blakeney William, shoemaker, 142 Mulberry 

Blanch Andrew, grocer 167 Duane 

Blanch Isaac, grocer Si carman Greenwich c. Perry 

Blanch John H. carpenter Greenwich c. Perry 

Blanch Martin, mason Perry n. Greenwich 

Blanch jr. Thomas, 227 Church 

Blanchard Nich. J. carpenter Sullivan n. Bleecke; 

Blanchard Phebe widow of Francis, 104 Greene 

Blanchard Richard, 6hip carpenter 5 Jefferson 

Blanchard William, boarding ho. 83 Sullivan 

Blanche Noel, distiller 43 h. 16 Roosevelt 

Blanck Andrew, smith 19 Lispenaid 

Blanck Jacob, wheelwright 110 Mulberry 

Blanck Robert, shoemaker 100 Division 

Blank John, sailmaker 115 Orange 

Blank John, sugar baker 5 Norfolk 

Blank widow Jane 12 Hague 

Blanke Sierich, Orange c, Leonard 


Blatchford R. M. atty. & not. 102 Water h. Jones 

Blatchford S. M. merchant 21 Maiden lane 

Blatchford & Clizbe, attomies & counsellors 102 Water 

Blasdell James H. 572 Water 

Blauvelt Abraham, mason 30 Desbrosses n. Hudson 

Blauvelt Abraham, cartman 30 Desbrosses n Hudson 

Bauvelt Abraham I. cartman Raisin n Herring 

Blauvelt Daniel, Wooster n Bleecker 

Blauvelt Halsted, milkman Love lane 

Blauvelt Isaac 1. carpenter Barrow n Greenwich 

Blauvelt Garret, cartman Amos n Washington 

Blauvelt Jacobus, shoemaker 14 Charlton 

Blauvelt James smith Christopher c Washington 

Blauvelt James, cartman 30 Desbrosses 

Blauvelt John T. shoemaker 2 Leonard 

Blauvelt Joseph I. milkman Greenwich n Hamersly 

Blauvelt Richard, chairmaker 103 Elm 

Blauvelt Riner, cartman Greene n Houston 

Blauvelt Thomas T. printer 14 Thomas 

Blauvelt widow Mary, 18 Leonard 

Blaylook Richard, 195 Lombardy 

Bleakley Andrew, teacher Hudson c Vandam 

Bleakley Willfam, grocer 228 Greenwich 

Bleakney William, carpenter 131 Mercer 

Bleecker Alex custom house officer 175 Hudson 

Bleecker Anthony, exam, in chan. 35 Cedar 

Bleecker Edward, druggist Hudson c Duane 

Bleecker GarratN. comp. 12 City -hall h. 76 Franklin 

Bleecker James, auctioneer 125 Water h. 34 Hudson 

Bleecker James W. broker 53 Wall h. 161 Hudson 

Bleecker Leonard, stock k ex. broker 35 Wall 

Bleecker Leonard A. 166 Hudson 

Bleecker Samuel, grain mea. 51 Bancker 

Bleecker widow of Wlliam, boarding ho. 152 Greenwich 

Blensley James, carpenter 24 Thomas 

Blevin Maria widow of Robert, 115 Bowery 

Blin Harvey, mariner 45 Oak 

Bliss Elizabeth widow of David, booksel. 36 Cortlandt 

Bliss Elam, bookseller 128 Broadway h. 28 Dey 

Bliss E. & E. White, booksellers 128 Broadway 

Bliss Gordon, cartman 21 Vandam 

Bliss James C. M. D. Broad c Garden 

Bliss Moses, manner 6 Batavia 

Bliss Theodore, 41 Mercer 

Bliven James, merchant 59 Front b. 24 Jay 

Blodget Jonathan, cartman 82 Esspx 

Blondell Peter, dry goods 189 Hudson 

Blonden Francis, professor of music 67 Orange 

Blood Harris, broker 75 Pine h. 121 Spring 

Bloodgood Abraham, 52 Frankfort 

Bloodgood Abraham, ship carpenter 172 Division 

Bloodgood Daniel, boatman 42 Harison 

Bloodgood John, 22 Mott 

Bloodgood John M. currier 62 h. 60 Frankfort 

Bloodgood Mary, dress maker 94 Chapel 

Bloodgood Thomas, wine raetch. 206 Front h. 45 Rosf 

84 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Bloodgood William, dry goods 89 Maiden-lane 

Bloodgood W. D. cartman 149 Crosby 

Bloodgood widow Ann, 56 Dey 

Bloodgood & Co. James, nurserymen 206 Front 

Bloom John, smith 142 Ludlow 

Bloom Matthew M. chandler 37 Delancey 

Bloomer Elisha, hat manu. 192 Canal 

Bloomer John, hatter 36 Delancey 

Bloomer John, shipcarpenter 51 Broome n Lewis 

Bloomer Joseph, carpenter 9 Ludlow 

Bloomer Thomas, carpenter 9 Fletcher 

Bloomer widow Mary, 295 Grand 

Bloomfield David, carpenter 5 Goerck 

Bloomfield John, carpenter 57 Varick 

Bloomfield Joseph, cartman rear 23 Elizabeth 

Bloomfield Richard, grocer 173 Duane 

Bloomfield Smith, 172 Hudson 

Bloomfield Zeruiah, corset maker 57 Varick 

Blossom Benjamin, mer. 112 South h.52 Oak 

Blossom Nathaniel, accountant 100 Oliver 

Blossom & Williams, merchants 112 South [Moort 

Blunt Edmund M. chart publisher 202 Water h. 27 N. 

Blunt E. & G W. chait st. 147 M- Lane h. 27 N. Moore 

Blunt Joseph, attorney and counsellor 4 Wall 

Blumburg Charles, segar maker rear 64 Spring 

Bluxome Isaac, watchmaker 253 Bowery 

Blydenburgh Eliza M. boarding-house 82 Franklin 

Blydenburgh Joseph, 89 Chrystie 

Blydenburgh W. F. 50 Front h. 92 White 

Blydenburgh & Burns, merchants 50 Front 

Blyer John, cabinet-maker 12 Bayard 

Blyer & Kip, cabinet-makers 20 Harman 

Blyth George, equestrian 49 Howard 

Boak Mary, tailoress 34 Chapel 

Board David, carpenter William c. Spruce 

Board David, keeper of State Prison 

Board J. D. flour-store 180 Washington h. 29 Provost 

Board Joseph, inspect, customs 15 Dey 

Boardman Daniel, 241 Broadway 

Boardman James, mil. land agency 136 Washington 

Boardman & Co. blocktin and pewterers 178 Water 

Boardman & Co. Chs. saddlery & harn. wares 130 Wate: - 

Bockober John, rope-maker Ludlow n. North 

Bockus John, cartman 1st Avenue n. North 

Bodden John, carpenter 94 h. 89 Front 

Boddey Mary widow of John, seamstress 85 Mercer 

Boddy James P, grocer 29 Bancker 

Boddy Mary, boarding house 229 Church 

Boden Andrew, city measurer Greenwich c. Canal 

Bodily widow of Thomas, 250 William 

Bodwell Joseph, grocer 23 Pike-slip 

Bodwell William, 264 Broome 

Boeckel widow of Fred'k, mead & porter-h. 109 Bo\ver> 

Boerem Timothy, cartman 84 Elizabeth 

Bo&ardus C. carpenter 274 Delancey 

Bogardus Frederick, shoemaker 45 Forsyth 


Bogavdus Henry S. cabinet-maker Bowery-hill 

Bogardus John, 39 Leonard 

Bogardus R. attor. &. couns. 53 Cherry h. 349 Broadway 

Bogardus Samuel, mason 112 Elizabeth 

Bogardus William, cabinet-maker 23 Division 

Bogart Abraham, grocer 43 James h. 27 Bancker 

Bogart Albert, cartman Greenwich c. Charles 

Bogart Carinus, cartman Vandam n. Varick 

Bogart Cornelius, carpenter 74 Ludlow 

Bogart Cornelius, cartman Christopher n. Herring 

Bogart David, mason 57 Sullivan 

Bogart Guisbert G. mason 106 Orchard 

Bogart Henry, cartman 16 Clarke 

Bogart Henry, baker 42 Harison 

Bogart Henry G. stonecutter 55 Watts 

Bogart Isaac, grocer 179 Bowery 

Bogart Isaac H. inspec. pot & pearl ashes 37 Stone 

Bogart Jeremiah, cartman Amos n. Washington 

Bogart Jesse, moulder 551 Grand 

Bogart John G. livery-stable 93 Beekman 

Bogart John P. cartman 128 Church 

Bogart Joseph O. butcher 36 Bowery 

Bogart Judith, 21 Howard 

Bogart M. O. 33 Rose 

Bogart Peter, cartman £51 Broome 

Bogart Peter J. mason, 128 Church 

Bogart Peter M. cartman Vandam n. Varick 

Bogart Christiana widow of John, 66 Spring 

Bogart Abm. & Geo. grocers 75 Bowery 

Bogert Abraham, 167 Orange 

Bogert Abraham, carpenter 17 Clarke 

Bogert Albert, silversmith 12 Bowery 

Bogert Arris, carpenter 17 Clarke 

Bogert Cornelius, couns. com. &c. 16 Cedar 

Bogert Cornelius, merchant 216 Front 

Bogert Cornelius M. M.D. 91 Duane 

Bogert Daniel, mariner rear 123 Forsyth 

Bogert George, cartman 29 Norfolk 

Bogert Harris, carpenter 17 Clarke 

Bogert Jacob, carpenter Jones n. Herring 

Bogert Jacob C. cartman 550 Broome 

Bogert jr. James, 48 Beekman 

Bogert John, mason, 9 Vandam 

Bogert John D. grocer Desbrosses c. Greenwich 

Bogert John G. coun. & not. & Rus. cons. 138 Water h. 91 

Bogert Peter, cartman Vandam n. M'Dougal [Duane 

Bogert Peter R. carpenter 48 Sullivan 

Bogert Rodolphus, merchant 170 Spring 
Bogert Rulef, porter 14 Thames 
Bogert Tunis, mason 106 Orchard 
I Bogert Wert, mason Wotfster n. Spring 

Bogert Hannah widow of Peter, Goerck n. Deiancey 
Bogert Mary widow of Isaac, 167 Orange 
Bogert Rachel widow of Isaac, 44 Leonard 
Bogert widow Susan, nurse 41 Watts 

36 longworth's 1825 — 2G 

Bogert E. and G. grocers 171 William 

Bogert and Co. G. S. grocers Frankfort c. William 

Bogert and Kneeland, merchants 70 South 

Bogert andPenfold, grocers 216 Front 

Bogert and Taylor, grocers 169 Front 

Bogert and Terhune, shoe-store 477 Greenwich 

Boggas widow Jemimah, 87 Henry 

Boggs Jas. pres Phenix bank 163 Pearl h. 102 Chambers 

Boggs James C. shipmaster 104 Gold 

Boggs William, printer 20 Pump 

Boggs, Thompson & Co. merchants 163 Pearl 

Bogie Andrew, rigger and grocer 54 Lombardy 

Bogue Robert, white-smith 113 Mercer 

Bohm John, tavern and boarding-house 95 James 

Bohn Nicholas, baker Allen n. Delancey 

Boisgerard Edward, merchant 45 Wall 

Boisselet Eugene, porter-house 118 Grand 

Bokee Abraham, inspector customs 24 Lumber 

Bokee David A. merchant 85 Wall h. 51 Provost 

Bokee William, merchant 51 Provost 

Boker Aaron, clothier 78 Cherry 

Boker J. G. 113 Greenwich 

Boker W. C. 64 Market 

Boker Aaron and W. C. clothiers 78 Cherry 

Boland William, grocer 73 Water 

Bolles R. M M.D. 186 W T ater 

Bolles and Co. Wm. fur and com. mer. 187 Water h. 121 

Bolmer Matthew, 112 Chatham [Gold 

Bolmer William, hardware 112 Chatham 

Bolmer widow of Peter, 93 Elizabeth 

Bolmore Benedict, printer 42 Forsyth 

Bolmore Jacob, 120 Hester 

Bolster Henry B. grocer Goerckc. Stanton 

Bolton James, 111 Hester 

Bolton John, 84 South h. Herring c. Hammond 

Bolton Robert, rope-maker Ridge n. Rivington 

Bolton Thomas, attorney 26 Pine h. 20 Broadway 

Bolton John and Curtis, merchants 84 South 

Bonaparte Charles, fancy-store 39 Catharine 

Bond Leonard, hat-store 208 Chatham 

Bond Thomas J. Jones n. Bowery 

Bond Margaret widow of Nathaniel S. 138£ Bowery 

Bond and Franklin, merchants 81 South 

Boness Gilbert, labourer Ridge c. Stanton 

Bonfanti Joseph, fanry-store 279 Broadway 

Bonichon Benoit, fringe-maker 4 Vesey 

Bonker Henry, shoemaker — Bowery 

Bonneau Francis, carpenter 262 William 

Bonnell Hezekiah W. chair-maker 26 Chesnut 

Bonnell Reuben, port, desk manuf. Hudson n. Hamersley 

Bonnell Samuel, carpenter 44 Ha, man 

Bonner George, sugar-refiner 134 Duane 

Bonner Matthew, Broome c. Orchard 

Bonner Samuel, grocer Watts c. Greenwich 

Bonnesset Anthony, wine merchant 1 Warren 

Bonnett Benjamin, tailor 4 Franklin 


Bonnctt John, shoemaker rear 54 Crosby 

Bonnett Peter, 22 Frankfort 

Bonsall widow Ann, 40 Mulberry 

Bonsor Joseph brewer 205 Broome n. Norfolk 

Booker Isaac, baker 50 Mulberry , 

Bookhout John, carpenter 81 Orange 

Bool Henry W. lumber-yard 281 Cherry h. 25 Rutgers 

Boom Patience, laundress Elm n. Grand 

Boornem and Co. H. merchants 164 Pearl h. 24 Warren 

Booram Elizabeth, mantua-nirtker Pearl c. Elm 

Boorman James, 57 South h. 84 Chambers 

Boorman and Johnston, merchants 57 South 

Boos widow Elizabeth, 24 Elizabeth 

Booth Abraham, mariner 122 Harman 

Booth Horace, shipjoinei 400 Cherry 

Booth James, printer upper end Mulberry 

Booth John, weaver Bedford n. Commerce 

Booth Josiah C. draper and tailor 93 Maiden-lane 

Booth Joseph, brass-founder 8 Warren h. 3 York 

Booth Peter, weaver Bedford n. Commerce 

Booth Thomas, shoemaker 122 Franklin 

Booth Thomas, umbrella I Division 

Booth William, weaver Carmine n. Hudson and Yarici. 

Booth William, mariner 388 Water 

Booth Z. 204 Pearl h. 73 John 

Boras Joseph, shipmaster 81 Nassau 

Bordas E. 7 Warren 

Borden Samuel, carpenter 136 Pump 

Borden Samuel, hatter Ludlow c. Delancey 

Borland Robert and Wallace, grocers 37 jftobinsou 

Borland and Forrest, teachers 45 Warren 

Borradaile William, publisher 114 h. 112 Fulton 

Borrowe Samuel, m.d. 101 Chambers 

Boruck John, dry-goods 27 Maiden-lane h. 105 Gieeun id 

Boruck L. B. 105 Greenwich 

Bortman Abraham, rigger rear 59 Bayard 

Boscawen James, grocer 279 Bowery 

Boscawen widow Mary, North n. Bowery 

Bosquet John, merchant 44 William 

Boss Francis, coachlace-maker 109 Mulberry 

Boss John, cabinet-maker 176 Greenwich 

Boss Joseph, carpenter 109 Mulberry 

Boss Philip T. shipmaster 96 Gold 

Bossell Matthew, rigger 19 Lombardy 

Bostwick Charles, merchant 205 Pearl h. 83 Spring 

Bostwick Michael, painter 220 Division 

Bostwick & Peet, dry-goods 205 Pearl 

Hoswell Benjamin, 166 Bancker 

Botefuhr John I. A. broker 137 Chapel 

Both Jonas, printer Forsyth n. Delancey 

Botrel Athanese, hairdresser 83 Nassau 

Bottles David, segar-maker Mott n. Prince 

Bottomley Moses, merchant 4 Fletcher 

Bouchaud Joseph, merchant 31 South h. 89 Hudson 

Bouchaud &. Thebauds, merchants 31 South | 

Boughton Charles, tailor 123 Henry 

38 longworth's 1825—20 

Boughton Guvtis S. grocer 82 Cherry 

Bouland S. V. mer. & Sardinian V. con. 132 Pearl h. 35.5 

Boulanger Peter, segar-maker 3 Warren [Greenwich 

Boulen Jacob, mariner 111 Mulberry 

Boulger A» 1 -' 1 > miliiner 444£ Pearl 

Bourchers Henry, sugar-baker Thompson c. Broome 

Bourne John, cabinet-maker Bowery n. 3d Avenue 

Bourne Lemuel, shipmaster 65 Eldridge 

Bourne Sarah widow of John, 34 Mott 

Bouset John, shoemaker rear 21 Elm 

Bouten James, shoemaker 277 Grand 

Boutier wid. of John, jeweller 130Chathamh. 69 Mulberry 

Bouton Charles, 142 Fulton 

Bovee James, shipmaster 89 Roosevelt 

Bovee Thomas B. cabinet-maker 70 James 

Bovie Jacob, carpenter 7 Ann 

Bowden Andrew, grocer 69 Hudson 

Bovvden John, carpenter 42 Willet n. Delancey 

Bowden John, shipmaster 172 Allen 

Bowden William, weaver 29 Watts 

Bowen George, merchant 242 Bowery 

Bowen George, livery-stable Anthony h. 9 Frankliu 

Bowen Isaac, tailor Pump c Orange 

Bowen John, inspector of lumber 366 Broome 

Bowen Jones, mason 22 Ludlow 

Bowen William, butcher 10 Cent. mar. h. First n. 1st Av. 

Bowen & Co. John, 99 Maiden-lane h. 122 Henry 

Bower Frederick, sausage-maker 159 Division 

Bower James, hatter Elizabeth n. Spring 

Bower widow Elizabeth, corset maker 36 Maiden-lane 

Bowerbank jr. & Co. Thomas, merchants 98 Maiden-lane 

Bowers Alexander, bookbinder 472 Greenwich 

Bowers John, paper-hanger 5 Canal 

Bowie James, shoemaker 233 Spring 

Bowie Hannah widow of Daniel, 193 Fulton 

Bowles Catharine, 97 Bowery 

Bowles John, Chrystie c. Grand 

Bowman George, mason 101 Leonard 
Bowman John, porter house Division n. Arundel 

Bowman Peter, cartman Desbrosses n. Hudson 

Bowman Peter, Norfolk n. Delancey 

Bowman Samuel, merchant 84 John 
' Bowman Samuel W. L. painter 70 Cherry 

Bowne Andrew, merchant 176 Pearl 

Bowne Andrew, cartman 50 Chrystie 

Bowne Elijah, tinsmith 95 Bowery 

Bowne John L. merchant 83 South h. 38 Market 

Bowne John, cust. h. officer 95 Hudson c. N. Moose 

Bowne Matthew, shipwright 133 Allen 

Bowne Penelope, 37 Mercer 

Bowne Rodman, proprietor Catharine-st. Ferry 

Bowne Robert H. merchant 83 South h. 14 Market 

Bowne Scott H. hardware 44 Fulton h.257 Pearl 

Bowne Thomas P. leather st. 59 Frankfort h. 91 Beekman 

Bowne Walter, 55 Wall h. 65 Broadway 

Bowne William N . 345 Pearl 


tiowne Elizabeth widow of Robert, 422 Broome 

Bowne widow Mary, 36 John 

Bowne Mary widow of Samuei, 139 Hester 

Bowne R. H. & J. L. merchants 83 South 

fiowne-& BrufF, hardware 44 Fulton 

Bowne & Wood, flour merchants 221 Front 

Bowrosan Anthony, Sullivan c. Spring 

Bowrosan Christian, cures meat rear 76 Sullivan 

Bowrosan John, porter Lombardy c. Montgomery 

Bowron William L. grocer 349 Grand 

Bowyer Michael H. merchant 336 Bowery 

Boyce Abraham, cartman 267 Spring 

Boyce Frederick, carpenter 188 Elm 

Boyce Henry, 552 Pearl 

Boyce Henry, tobacconist 75 Lombardy 

Boyce Jacob, butcher Bowery c. Stanton 

Boyce Jared, silversmith 101 Spring 

Boyce John, gardener Eleventh c. 3 Avenue 

Boyce Thomas, milkman Perry n. Hudson 

Boyce widow Elizabeth, 177 Hester 

Boyce & Hume, grocers Eleventh c 3d Avenue 

Boyce & Jones, silversmiths 101 Spring 

Boyce & Stewart, painters 466 Broadway 

Boyd David I. 13 Broadway 

Boyd Francis, sawyer Goerck n. Delancey 

Boyd James, smith 143 Mulberry 

Boyd, jun. James, merchant 21 South h. 70 Greenwich 

Boyd John, attorney 32 Pine b. Beach n. Varick 

Boyd John, tallow chandler 125 Anthony 

Boyd John, carpenter rear 203 Orange 

Boyd John, weaver 350 Division 

Boyd John, tailor 40 Lispenard 

Boyd John, rigger rear 86 Mulberry 

Boyd John I. Wall c. Pearl h. 22 Pearl 

Boyd Joseph, shoemaker 54 Anthony 

Boyd N. I. hardward 504 Grand 

Boyd Peter, carpenter Suffolk n. Broome 

Boyd Peter, carpenter Third c. Nicholas William 

Boyd Robert R. 23 Pine 

Boyd S milliner 11 Division 

Boyd Samuel, counsellor 32 Pine h. Beach n. Varick 

Boyd Samuel, cartman Orchard n. North 

Boyd Theodore C. 137 Broadway h. 156 Greenwich 

Boyd Thomas, wheelwright 47 Duane 

Boyd Thomas, carpet weaver 53 Charlton 

Boyd Thomas, physician 105 Liberty 

Boyd William, 12 Stone 

Boyd William W. attorney 2 Nassau h. 12 Stone 

Boyd & Co. John T. auct. 137 Broadway h. 105 Libarty 

Boyd & Suydam, merchants 21 South. 

Boyd & Kent, attornies 32 Pine 

Boyee A. umbrella manof. 20 Duane 

Boyer Anthony, morocco, fee nianuf. 29 Spruce h. C 

Boyer Joseph, shipmaster lsr Avenue n. First [Clarke 

Boyle Charles, hair dresser 94 Chatham 

Boyle Dennis, grocer 277 Front 

90 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Boyle Daniel, cartman 116 Orange 

Boyle Elizabeth, teacher Catholic Orphan School Princ 

Boyle Edward I. grocer Delancey c. Ludlow 

Boyle James, paver rear 99 Crosby 

Boyle James, cartman upper end Mott 

Boyle Luke, watchmaker 98 Oliver 

Boyle William F. grocer 63 Beekman 

Boyle William, grocer 1 Murray 

Boyle widow Hannah, 68^ Hudson 

Boynton John, victualler 306 Spring 

Bracker Conrad, merchant tailor 27 Broad 

Brackett J. W. attorney and counsellor 99 Beekmar. 

Bracket William H. dry goods 389 Greenwich 

Bradberry John, founder Rhinelander-alley n. Harison 

Braden Henry, sugar baker 320 Broome 

Braden John, 89 Grand 

Braden Frances widow of James, 69 Provost 

Bradford Andrew, baker 104 Anthony 

Bradford Henry, engraver 79 Chapel 

Bradford J. W. 15 Elizabeth 

Bradford John S. grocer SO West n. Vesey 

Bradford Nathaniel, porter 58 Mulberry 

Bradford, jun. Wm. dry goods 182 Pearl h. 106 Hudsor 

Bradford & Woolcocks, engravers 6 John 

Bradhurst JohnM. druggist 314 Pearl h, 366 Broadway 

Bradish Jane Matilda, 39 Elm 

Bradley Adam, grocer 40 James 

Bradley Isaac, ropemaker 110 Henry 

Bradley John, cutler 226 Harman 

Bradley Richard, carpenter rear 147 Orango 

Bradley Samuel, carpenter 38 Gold 

Bradley Frances widow of Justice, 440 Pearl 

Bradley Phebe, 34 Orchard 

Bradly John, shoemaker 34 Cross 

Bradner Edw. T Wooster n. Bleecker 

Bradner Sarah widow of James, 77 Bayard 

Bradway Richard, shoemaker rear 13 Chapel 

Bradshaw John, grocer 2 Liberty 

Brady Abraham, coachpainter rear 137 ForsytV 

Brady Archibald C. carpenter 79 Sullivan 

Brady Benjamin, grocer 183 William 

Brady Edward, teacher 4 Collect 

Brady Hugh, grocer Prince c. Elizabeth 

Brady James, weaver Minetto n. 6th Avenue 

Brady James, cartman 156 Bancker 

Brady James, sawyer 5 Henry 

Brady James, coachmaker 269 Greenwich 

Brady James D. smith 244 Duane 

Brady John, boatman 73 Cherry 

Brady John, currier 11 Jacob 

Brady John, laborer Raisin n. Bedford 

Brady Josiah R. architect 5 St. John's alley 

Brady Margaret, grocer 134 Anthony 

Erady jun. Thomas, cabinet maker 206 Mott 

Brady Thomas S. class, teacher 21 Warren h. 229 0uari€ 

Brady widow Ann, 142 Leonard 

Brady widow Hannah, 79 Fulton 


Ikaiiy Mavy widow of George, mantuamakei 30 Spruce 
Bragg I. F. teacher 3 Roosevelt 
Braine A. L. 146 Spring 

Braine Daniel, morocco dresser 20 Jacob h. 78 Gold 
Braine James H. flour store 24 Peck-slip 
Braine Patrick, grocer 41 Augustus 
Brainard Catharine widow of Asahel, Duane c. Hudsor 
Brainerd widow of William, 67 Roosevelt 
Brainerd Dyer, 178 Front h 16 Bancker 
Brainerd J. S. 219 Front h. 40 Catharine 
Brainerd & Ransom, grocers 178 Front 
Brainerd & Kimberly merchts. 219 Front 
Braisted Garret, cartman Lewis n. Broome 
Braisted Peter, smith Bancker n. Montgomery 
Braisted Peter D. grocer & stone cutter 225 Cherry 
Brand Thomas, piano forte maker 17 Thomas 
Brandon Isaac L. mercht. 55 Wall h. 82 Warren 
Brandon James, cartman 103 Mulberry 
Branen Michael, grocer Stanton c. Allen 
Brannan Christopher, mason Hudson n. King 
Brannan, Thomas, porter 36 Gold 
Brannan widow Catharine, 26 Cross 
Brannan & Co. Patrick, 36 Gold 
Brann William, 55 Rutgers 
Branson Philip H. 126 Hester 
Branson Lydia widow of Joseph, 117 Sullivan 
Brant Jacob, 16 Crosby 
Brant Randolph C. mason Wooster n. Prince 
Brantingham Jacob, accountant Bleecker n. M'Douga; ; 
Brasch John, 104 Anthony 
Brasher James H. baker 245 Hudson 
Brasher Philip, counsellor 50 Beekman 
Brashier Lewis, shipcarpenter 4 Allen 
Brason Michael, laborer 7 Pelham 
Brassington William, smith First n. 1st Avenue 
Braux John, baker 1T4 Dtiane 
Bray David, shipmaster 84 Hester 
Brees & Dyre, dry good6 310 Broadway 
Breese Robert, tavern 251 Hudson 
Brega Sarah, 121 Chapel 
Brehant Nicholas, glazier rear 109 Reed 
Breintnall Rev. Thomas, 20 Mott 
Bremmer John, grocer 7 Catharine-slip 
Bremner Alexander, 133 Front h. 9 Chambers 
Bremond P. physician and dentist 65 Anthony 
Brenan Edward, liquor store 75 Wall h 102 Wate 1 : ^ 
Brenan & Co. Lawrence, grocer 47 Duane 
Brennan James, smith 136 Anthony 
Brennan John, laborer 25 Water 
Brennan Thos. porter 36 Gold 
Brennan William, 58 Crosby 
Brent John H. merch*. 205 Pearl 
Breschard Lewis, cabinet maker 195 Duane 
Breshan Mary L. fruiter 35 Anthony 
Bresland William, carpenter 24 Grand 
Brett James W. merchant 47 Front h. 45£,9tone 

92 longworth's 1825— 2» 

Brett Martin W. merchant 47 Front h. 45^ Stone 

Brett Theodore F. mercht. 47 Fulton h. 27 CortlantU 

Brett Theodosius, merchant 1 Renwick 

Brett M. & J. merchants 47 Front 

Brevoort Abraham, 89 Mott 

Brevoort jun. Henry, 15 Broadway 

Brevoort Henry, foot Bowery hill 

Brevoort William, shipmaster 211 Bowery 

Brewer jr. Charles, watchmaker 250 Broadway 

Brewer Christian, boardinghouse 204 Washington 

Brewer James, 407 Broadway 

Brewer Joseph J. 305 Pearl 

Brewer Nicholas R. shipmaster 81 Water 

Brewer widow Louisa, boardinghouse 305 Pearl 

Brewer widow Rachel, 2 Mulberry 

Brewster Dyar, boatman Varick c King 

Brewster Isaac, mercht. 264 Water h. 11 Rivington 

Brewster Joseph, hatter 102 Broadway h. Kip's Bay 

Brewster J. B. 59 Bowery 

Brewster J. L. 33 John h. 72 Elm 

Brewster Lemuel, hatter 102 Broadway h. 61 Franklis 

Brewster Timothy, grocer 293 Front 

Brewster widow Ann, Sun. School Reposit. 31 Gold 

Brewster J. and L. hatters, 102 Broadway 

Briant John, city msasurer 52 Eldridge 

Briant Joseph, smith 50 Pikf; [vide Bryan. 

Briant Loyd, cordwainer 131 Elm 

Brice N. J. glass engraver 102 John 

Brichta F. produce broker 3 Phenix stores 

Bridge B. H. stoneware Roosevelt n Front 

Bridge Prince, mariner 41 Augustus 

Bridgeman Andrew H. shipmaster 11 Birmingham 

Bridgeman Thomas, florist 332 Bowery c Third 

Bridges Ed. W. city surveyor 3 Law-buildings h 33 De'v 

Bridle John, butch. 76 Fulton mar. h. Eldridge n Stanto'r 

Briggs Benjamin, grocer West c Duane 

Briggs Benjamin, cartman 109 Mercer 

Briggs Benjamin S. tailor 57 Elizabeth 

Briggs C. A. grocer Chapel c Thomas 

Briggs David, mercht. 99 William 

Briggs Edward F. plumber 383 Cherrv 

Briggs Elijah, 191 Church c. White " 

Briggs Elizabeth, dress maker 1 Walker 

Briggs John, brad maker Suffolk n Stanton 

Brill Jane widow of Christian, 58 Bowery 

Brinckerhoff Abraham D. 67 Essex 

Brinckerhoff jun. Abraham, 3 Coenties slip h. 73 Broad 

Brinckerhoff Cornelius, cordwainer Allen a Rivington 

Brinckerhoff Catharine, 189 William 

Brinckerhoff Derick A. turner 126 Harman h. 5 Allen 

Brinckerhoff E. A. grocer 200 Fulton 

Brinckerhoff George, att. &coun. 14 Pine h. 20 Cortlafld; 

Brinckerhoff George, shoemaker 381 Cherry 

Brinckerhoff George, mason Downing n Varick 

Brinkevhoff Isaac, M.D. 297$ Broadway 


ISiinckerboff Jacob, flour st. 155 Washington h 33 Cha«*-" 

Brinckerhoff jr. John, Hudson n King 

BrinckerhofF James L. merch. 3 Coenties slip h 27 Laigh: 

Brinckerhoff Richard, cartman Laurens n Spring 

Brinckerhoff Stephen I. merchant 124 Front 

Brinckerhoff widow of Abraham, 34 Broadway 

Brinckerhoff Ann widow of Cornelius, 21 Frankfort 

Brinckerhoff fc Betts, 42 Front 

Brinckley John, 3 Stanton n Bowery 

Brindley John, shoemaker 41 Chatham 

Brink Dennis, grocer Hudson c Barrow 

Brink Levi, dry goods 201 Bowery 

Brinkerhoff Daniel, 193 Bowery 

Brinkerhoff Jacob, coach painter Bowery hill 

Brinkerhoff Jane, milliner 397 J Pearl 

Brinkman Conrad, sausage maker 151 Leonard 

Brinsmade James B. dry goods 287 Pearl h. 66 Oliver 

Briscoe William, silver plater 138 Orange 

Bristed John, coun. h. 436 Broome* 

Btitt William, mason 520 Grand 

Britten G. H. hat maker and finding store 112 Chapel 

Britten Jonathan, Lewis n Stanton 

Britten Mary, 138 Writer 

Brittingham A. P. sbi i ..<iaster rear 10 Cheapside 

Brittingham Elijah, shoemaker rear 10 Cheapside 

Britton John, painter 63 Chapel 

Broadbent Abraham, mer. 4 Fletcher 

Broadway Frazer, butcher, 250 Mulberry 

Brockway Jasper, Watts c Washington 

Broadwell Robert G. carpenter Varick n Spring 

Brodbin William, mariner 120 Harman 

Brodie Alexander Oswald, mer. 16 Stoat-lane h 57 Wall 

Brodie John, slater Watts c Greenwich 

Brodie widow of William, boarding house 75 Greenwich 

Brorobush David, grocer 72 Chrystie 

Bromley John, bookseller 299 Greenwich 

Bronson Arthur, 73 Franklin 

Bronson Isaac, 24 Park-place 

Brook Abraham, carpenter 17 Oliver 

Brookes Joshua, 403 Greenwich 

Brookins widow Clarissa, Laurens n Grand 

Brooks Charles, mercht. 217 Water h. 38 Rose 

Brooks Cornelius, mercht. 172 Pearl 

Brooks David, clothier 164 h. 148 Cherry 

Brooks jun. David, merchant 277 Pearl 

Brooks David B. m.d. and surgeon 93 Bowery 

Brooks David, carpet weaver 66 Broome 

Brooks David S.93 Bowery 

Brooks Geo. leather st. Greenwich c Fulton h. 25 Hanson 

Brooks Henry S. clothing store 80 & 116 h. 159 Cherry 

Brooks Jas. leath. deal. 520 Pearl h. Fulton c Greenwich 

Brooks James G. 54 Provost 

Brooks John, tailor 445 Broadway 

Brooks Michael, smith 462 Cherry 

Biook.8 Samuel, weaver rear 47 Leonard 



°4 longworth's 


B rooks Samuel, shoe store 172 Chatham 

Brooks Thomas, leather dealer 60 Vesey h. 52 Barclay 

Brooks Timothy, rope maker Mulberry n. Prince 

Brooks William, grocer 95 Hester 

Brooks William, shoemakei 461 Greenwich 

Brooks William C. cartman 64 Allen 

Brooks Hannah widow of David, rear 97 Catharine 

brooks widow Phebe, teacher 60 Anthony 

Brooks ITS & G r fgC ' le " £S store 195 Greenwich 
Brooks & Judson, dry goods 258 Pearl 

Brooks Susan & Harriet, fancy store 395 Brodway 

Broomen James, 27 Sullivan y 

Brophey William, skinner 30 Oak 

Brouqua John, ladies' shoe maker 176 Fulton 

Uroughton John, tallow chandler 502 Grand n Lewi< 

Brotherton widow, 43 Henry 

RroU C A J homas ' Hver y stable Bowery c. Rivington 

Bross Adam,cordwaiacr Water n. Montgomery 

Bross Hannah widow of Joseph, 43 Oak 

Brouwer Abraham, 69 Liberty 

Brouwer Barnet S. 108 Liberty 

Brouwer David, cartman 58 Rivington 

Brouwer Jacob, Whitehall c. Bridge h. 30 Frankfor 

Brouwer John, 103 Front h. Counties-slip 

Brouwer Samuel, turner 4 Henry 

Brouwer Margaret widow of Jacob, 53 Stone 

Brower Aaron, tailor 27 Sullivan 

brower Abraham, livery stable Crosby n. Bleecker 

Brower Abraham, plumber 242 Water h. 9 Bayard 

Brower Aoraham D. bookbinder 62 Greene 

brower Adolph, carpenter 167 Canal n. Varick 

Brower Adolph D mason Washington c. Barron 

brower Adolphus, cartman Stanton n. Bowery 

Brower Adolphus, 208 Eldridge n. North 

Brower Benjamin, shipmaster 22 N. Moore 

Brower Benjamin P. bandbox maker 369 Pearl 

grower Daniel, market-man 82 Oliver 

Brower David, boat builder 587 Water 

biower David, sexton Commerce n. Bedford 

Brower Edward, shipmaster 593 Water 

Brower Garrit, shoemaker 216 Church 

Brower James, shoemaker 58 h. 116 Chambers 

Grower James, coachmaker 14 Dey 

Brower Jane, 69 Gold r^ Bmm& 

Brower Jeremiah, w.ighmaster 65 Ann 

Brower Jeremiah W. shipmaster Grand c. Orchard 

K rower John, hatter 270 Broome 

Brower John, smith Greenwich n Christopher 

Brower John, merchant Front c. Jones-lane ft. 53 Stone 

Brower John, painter 67 Nassau 

Brower John, carpenter 73 Sullivan 


Brower John J. hardware 363 Water c. James-slip 

Brower John J. inspec. pot ash 24 Oak 

Brower John L. cabinet ware h. 183 Fulton 

Brower Joseph G. tailor 8 Vandewater 

Brower Joseph R. baker Bellevue 

Brower Matthias, distiller 93 Elm 

Brower Nicholas B. bandbox manuf. 110 William 

Brower Paul, cartman 75 Sullivan 

Brower Peter, cartman 56 Anthony 

Brower Samuel, bandbox maker 127 William 

Brower Richard D. merchant 58 Pearl h. 7 Albany 

Brower Thomas P. carpet weaver 173 Orange 

Brower William, city weigher 47 Orchard 

Brower William, city weigher Bancker 

Brower W : «Iliam, cabinetmaker 129 Greene 

Brower Elizabeth widow of John D. 103 Spring 

Brower widow Maria, boardinghouse 8 Mulberry 

Brower widow Sarah, 10 Grand 

Brower & Taylor, grocers Nassau c. Beekman h. Mott 

Browere J. H. I. portrait painter 315 Broadway 

Brown Aaron, baker 59 Orchard 

Brown Alexander, butcher 524 Grand 

Brown Alexander W tailor 71 Cedar 

Brown Amelia, boarding house 75 Mott 

Brown Andrew, tailor 30 Rhynder 

Brown Arnet, coachmaker 103 Laurens 

Brown Arnold, varnishmaker 387 Water 

Brown Benjamin, dry goods 214 Division 

Brown Benjamin, mariner 187 Cherry 

Brown Benj. M. hardware store 44 Water h. 31 Mercev 

Brown B. F. printer 16 Cheapside 

Brown Briton, ship-builder Lewis n. North 

Brown Catharine, grocer Grand c. Laurens 

Brown Charles, weaver Jones n. Herring 

Brown Christian, bookbinder 211 Water 

Brown Clara, 143 Anthony 

Brown Daniel, baker Renwick n. Spring 

Brown David, shipcarpenter North c. Goerck d. 

Brown David, carpenter upper end Mulberry 

Brown David, grocer Church c. Lispenard 

Brown David, tailor 176 Greenwich 

Brown David C. cartman Delancy n. Ludlow 

Brown David S. tallow-chandler Peck-slip h. 22 Chrystio 

Brown Ebenezer, meicht. 174 Bowery 

Brown Edgar M. fish store 42 Water 

Brown Edmund, mathemat. instr. maker 54 Cherry 

Brown Eunice, 19 Chapel 

Brown Garret, carpenter 15 Vandam 

Brown George W. stove manufacturer 183 Water 

Brown George W. baker 239 Front h.4 James 

Brown Goold, teacher 61 Cliff b. 333 Pearl 

Brown Graham, shoe st. Coitlandt c. Westlj. 151Waib 

Brown Graham, cartman 48 M'Dougai 

Brown H. merchant 37 Front 

9Q longworth's 1825 20 

Brown Henry H. merchant 101 Broad h. 44 Beaver 

Brown Hugh, currier 7 Chesnut 

Brown Ira, merchant 17 South h. 1 Beaver 

Brown Isaac, grocer 40 Washington 

Brown Isaac, dry-goods Division 

Brown Isaac, cartman 46 M'Dougal 

Brown Isaac, tailor 44 Thomas 

Brown Isaac, tallow-chandler 8 h. 9 Peck-slin 

Brown Isaac, cartman 235 Hudson 

Brown Isaac, grocer 192 Church c White 

Brown Tsaac S. cartman 183 Eldridee 

Brown Jabez, 39 Norfolk 

Brown Jacob, hay-cartman 259 Spring 

Brown Jacob, cartman Hudson c Charles 

Brown Jacob S. inspector of lumber Suffolk n. Rivin fi to« 

Brown James, Amos c. Herring mvingio.. 

Brown James, cartman Willet n. Rivingtoa 

Brown James, broom-maker 27 Bayard 

Brown James, shoemaker 38 Eldfidge 

Brown James, rigger rear 384 Cherry 

Brown James, cartman 27 Laurens 

Brown James, tobacconist and grocer 280 Sprin- 

Brown James, model-maker 77 Duane 

Brown James, caulker 11 Ch«-a P sic1e 

Brown James, grocer 7 Washington 

Brown James, weaver Cornelia n. Herrin* 

Brown Jesse, cartman 46 M'Dougal 

Brown Jesse, shipmaster 68 Rutgers 

Brown John, boatman 48 Chrystie 

Brown John, labourer 250 Hudson 

Brown John, smith 72 Broad 

Brown John, oil-store 322£ Broadway 

Brown John, smith, Essex c. RLvington 

Brown John, smith, 42 Anthony 

Brown John, grocer 463 Grand c. Harman 

Brown John, grocer 63 Orange 

Brown John, carpenter 21 Elizabeth 

Brown John, cartman and grocer 11 Mulberry 

Brown John, flour inspector 239 Front h. 7 Jame* 

brown John, 79 Pump 

Brown John, Blr-ecker c. Greene 

Brown John, tailor 2 Thompson 

Brown John, shipmaster 87 Cherry 

Br™" J r\ J ° hn ' dock - buil <^ Ludlow n. Rivlngtor, 
Brown John, grocer 384 Cherry 
Brown John, rigger and tavern 79 Lombards' 
Brown John, sail-maker 21 Barclay 
Brown John, grocer Grand c. Eldridge 
Brown John B. mariner 2 Birmingham 
Brown John C. builder 171 W.lliam 
Brown John D. merchant 239 Front h. 15 Cherry 
Brown John H. clerk 230 Bowery ' 

Brown John W. 34 Old-slip h. 268 Greenwich 
Brown Jonathan, mariner 34 Gold 
TBrown Joseph, tobacconist rear 106 Elizabeth 


Biown Joseph W. 162 Banr.ker 

Brown Josiah, cartman Montgomery n. Cherry 

Brown Joshua, sawyer 28 Reed 

Brown Luther, carpenter 600 Broadway 

Brown Manuel, confectioner 44 Bowery 

Brown Margaret, 391 Orange 

Brown Martin, cartman 27 Charlton n. Hudson 

Brown Nathaniel M- grocer Grand c. Greene 

Brown Noah, shipwright Goerck c. North 

Brown Peter B. druggist 502 Grand n. Lewis 

Brown Philip, 624 Sullivan 

Brown Rachel, washer 53 Hudson 

Brown Richard, grocer 32 Walker 

Brown Robert, shipwright 26 James 

Brown Robert, morocco-dresser 15 Chesnut 

Brown Robert, carpenter 45 Essex 

Brown jr. Robert, 298 Pearl h 358 Broome 

Brown Robert J. marble-yard 360 Greenwich 

Brown Rowland, weaver Charles n. Asylum 

Brown R. B. 207 Pearl 

Brown Samuel, 204 Church 

Brown Samuel, carpenter Houston c. Mercer 

Brown Samuel, grocer 102 Broad c. Pearl 

Brown Samuel, watch-maker 367 Pearl h. 112 While 

Brown Samuel, baker 326 Broome 

Brown Samuel, dry-goods 152 h. 226 Bowery 

Brown Samuel, mariner 272 Front 

Brown Samuel C. silversmith 51 Pump 

Brown Samuel P. hardware 327 Grand 

Brown Silas, cartman Willett n. Rivington 

Brown Silas, drygood-store 182 Pearl h. 64 William 

Brown Silas D. fisherman Water n. Montgomery 

Brown Simeon, shipwright Division 

Brown Stephen, physician 345 Pearl 

Brown Stephen C. merchant Greenwich 

Brown S. G. merchant 105 Front 

Brown T. stone-seal engraver 158 Broadway 

Brown Thomas, hairdresser 22 Bowery 

Brown Thomas, inspector of lumber Greenwich 

Brown Thomas, fancy-chair maker Canal n. Hudson 

Brown Thomas, ship-joiner Walnut n. Water 

Brown Thomas, blackiug-maker 1 Market 

Brown Thomas, cooper Mulberry 

Brown Thomas, paper-ruler Greene n. Spring 

Brown Valentine, bookbinder 211 Water 

Brown William, mason 25 Oliver 

Brown William, 95 Chapel 

Brown William, stonecutter 71 N. Moors 

Brown William, 400 Broome 

Brown William, shoemaker 128 DWision 

Brown William, caipenter 135;Harman 

Brown William, oil dealer 245 Front h. 130 Delancey 

Brown William B. M.D. 396 Pearl 

Brown William S. carpenter 146 Essex 

Brown widow of Burnell, 297 Bowery 

08 longworth's 1825 — .20 

Brown Christiana C. widow of Thomas, 13 Thames 

Brown widow Eliza, 87 Division 

Brown widow Eliza, teacher 82 Sullivan 

Brown widow Elizabeth, 120 Chapel 

Brown Hannah widow of Adam, 213 Bowery 

Brown Lydia widow of John, porter-house 208 Bowery 

Brown widow Margaret, 120 Harman 

Brown widow Mary Ann, Goerck n. Stanton 

Brown widow Mary, 183 Church 

Brown Mary widow of James, 404 Broome c. Orange 

Brown Nancy widow of Nathaniel, 115 Mulberry 

Brown widow Rosetta, 7 Norfolk 

Brown widow Sarah, Hester c. Mott 

BroWh widow Susannah, 28 Vandewater 

Brown & Bell, ship-carpentets Goerck n. North 

Brown, Bent & Paterson, dyers rear 13 Beekman 

Brown D. S. & I. tallow-chandlers 8 Peck*lip 

Brown &&Co. Henry H. merchants 101 Broad c. Front 

Brown J. & A. merchants 71 Pine 

Brown J. & S. clothing-store 14 Bowery 

Brown & Wooldridge, marble-yard 360 Greenwich 

Browne G. W. auction hotel 123 Water 

Brownell widow of John, 46 Provost 

Brownhill Mary, 169 Duane 

Browning Saloway, carpenter 177 Bowery 

Browning Thomas, piano-forte maker 47 Murray 

Browning Thomas, agent Hudson n. Barrow 

Browning Thomas P. plumber Grand 

Browning Win. foundry lower end Provost h. 41 Sanson 

Browning & Webber, distillers 166 Duane 

Brownne C. shipbuilder & inspector- timber 63 Lombard} 

Bruce Alexander, grocer 42 Barclay 

Bruce Geo. typefounder 10 Chambers h. Canal n. B.way 

Bruce George, chair-maker 98 Eldridge c. Delancey 

Bruce George, steamboat Etna 71 N. Moore 

Bruce John, baker 37 Collect 

Bruce John, tobacconist 69 James 

Bruce John M. tinman 198 Water 

Bruce William, merchant 217 Washington h. 204 Hudson 

Bruce widow Mary, 36 Augustus 

Bruce widow Margaret, boarding-house 77 Greenwich 

Bruen Gamaliel, shoemaker 93 Division 

Bruen James, baker 53 Augustus 

Bruen rev. Matthias, sec. Dom. Miss. 25 Dey. h. Hamm. 

Bruen G. W. & H. 171 South [n. Asylum 

Btuff Charles, hardware 44 Fulton h. 230 Greenwich 

Brugiere Chas. & Anthony Teisseire mer. 174 Pearl 

Brum widow Susan, 140 Mulberry 

Brumley Reuben, shipmaster 92 Spring 

Brundage James H. tailor 21 Ann 

Brundage Jonah, carpenter 50 Orchard 

Brundage widow Mary, 205 Church 

Brunei F. & A. merchants 33 South h. 15 Broad 

Brunn Andrew, tallow-chandler 192 Bowery 

Bruns Thomas, 222 Grand 

Brunson Christopher, 116 Leonard [Yirfe B ronton 


Bruorton John, enam. & gilder 16 Orange h. 10 Thompson 
Brush Abier, grocer 21 Fulton market h. 95 Beekman 
Brush Benjamin, lum. yd. Washington n. (h.41) Harisoi. 
Brush Caleb, grocer 62 N. Moore 
Brush Conklin, merchant 231 Pearl h. 155 Cherry 
Brush Cornelius, cartman Ludlow n. Rivingtou 
Brush David, attorney 65 Cherry 
Brush Henry, block & pump-maker 11 Pelhani 
Brush Isaac, cartman Wooster c. Amity 
Brush Jacob, lumber mer. 541 Greenwich h. c. Hamevslpj* 
Brush James, mascn Greenwich n. Amos 
Brush James, mason 5 Canal 
Brush Jarvis, Greenwich 231 Pearl h. 16 Moti 
Brush John D. cartman Sheriff n. Grand 
Brush Jonas, cartman 221 Delancey n. Pitt 
Brush Jonas P. tailor 141 Allen 
Brush Joshua, 304 Spring 
Brush Mary, boarding-house 18 Cedar 
Brush Nathaniel G. shoemaker 164 Bancke_ 
Brush Nehemiah, physician 141 Hudson 
Brush Piatt, grocer Robinson c. West 
Brush Samuel, cartman 19 Arundel 
Brush Theodorus, cartman 30G Front 
Brush Si Couenhoven, grorers West c. Robinson 
Brush C. & J. dry-goods 23l*Pearl 
Brush C. & J. lumber-yard Washington c. Provost 
Bryan Alexander, cartman Cannon n. Delancey 
Bryan John, 26 Rhynder 
Bryan Richard S. doctor 18 Mott 
Bryan William, dyer 39 and 41 Spruce 
Bryan Thomas, dyer 41 Spruce 
Bryan widow Isabella, 1% Mott 
Bryar James, tobacconist 112 Front h. 55 Stone 
Bryar William, tobacconist 103 Water and 41 Ludlotr 
JB'ryce Archibald, merchant 248 Pearl 
Bryce William, hardware 141 Water 
Bryden William, gardener 148 Crosby 
Bryson David, tanner and currier 48 h. 46 Frakfori 
Bryson James, teacher 25 Howard 
Buchan D. C. cbairmaker 80 N. Moore c. Greenwich 
Buchan James, cabinet-maker 8 Lispenard 
Buchan, jun. Robert, druggist 319 Greenwich c. Duanft 
Buchanan Alexander, dyer Hammond n. Greenwich 
Buchanan Charles, 25 Hester 
Buchanan George, weaver Herring c. Burrows 
Buchanan George, perfumer 412£ Broadway 
Buchanan Harvey, morocco finisher 35 Rose 
Buchanan James, Bvit. con. 3 Law-buildings h. Varicfc 
Buchanan James, mariner 242 Duaue 
Buchanan James L. carpenter 124 Grand 
Buchan:." Samuel, saddler 45 Elizabeth 
Buchanan Wm. sill " rint . e ^, and porter house 65 Nassau 
Buchanan Almy widow c} J' """ " ^ 
Buchanan widow Jane, nJ U '£™* a > *» ■ 
Buchanan, Calder & Co.^'J-y U. C r Z£**»*r 
Buck Andrew, 5nv ;h 125 Sfn " ftn " *S V* 

100 longworth's 1 825—2 G 

Buck Charles, merchant 37 Franklin 
Bock Gordon, merchant 62 South h. 101 Liberty- 
Buck William V. grocer 584 Water 
Buck widow Catharine, 40 Ludlow 
Buck widow Nancy, 584 Water 
Buckbee Nath.cartman 98 Rivington 
Buckham Andrew, m.d. 37 Warren h. 140 Greene 
Buckhout David, cartrnan Hudson c. Vandam 
Buckhout James, tanner and currier 94 Chatham 
Buckhout and Dusenberry, grocers Delancey c. Forsyth 
Buckingham George, carpenter 131 Spring 
Buckingham widow Sarah, boarding h. 26 Dey 
Bucklass John, merchant tailor 57 Maiden-lane 
Buckley James, merchant 7 Fletcher h. 51 James 
Buckley James, boat-builder 625 W.ter 
Buckley John, shoemaker 114 Chapel 
Buckley John L. 153 South b. 51 Franklin 
Buckley Michael, glazier, 325 Broome 
Buckley Thomas, merchant 153 South h. 339 Pearl 
Buckley William, grate and fender manuf. 44 Vesey 
Buckley widow Sarah, 227 Cherry 
Buckley & Son Thomas, merchants 153 South 
Buckmaster George, boat-build. 412 Water h. 62 Marke; 
Buckmaster James, couns. and not. Tammany hall 
Buckmaster John, boat-builder 12 Eldridge 
Bucknam J. & R. tobacco and segar makers 538 Grand 
Bucknor William G. broker 54 Wall h. 479 Broadway 
Budd Elijah, cabinet-maker 151 Duane 
Budd B. W M.d. 61 Chrystie 

Budd John C. m.d. 44 Broad d 

Budd John, cabinet-maket 107 Fulton 
Buell William A. dry goods 372 Pearl 
Buffum & Smith, hatters 156 Broadway 
Buhler Christian, tailor 31 Mulberry 
Buist Andrew, carpenter 10 Watts a. Greenwich 
Bukup Bartholomew, shipmaster 9 N. Moore 
Bulford Marcus, mariner 61 Orchard 
Bulger Michael, 93 Orange 

Bulkley Archibald, merchant tailor 35 Wall h. 50 Ann 
Bulkley David, cabinet-maker 444 Broome 
.Bulkley H. D. merchant 48 South h. 46 Greenwich 
Bulkley H. W. merchant 191 Pearl h. 48 Cliff 
Bulkley John, carver and gilder 105 Chrystie 
Bulkley Joseph, attor. and couns. 11 Nassau 
Bulkley Uriah, lottery office 124 Broadway h. 49 Provost 
Bulkley widow of Adad, 13 Essex 

Bulkley & Son John, merchant 48 South h. 46 Greenwich ^g$ 
Bull Be'nj scale beam maker 117 Elizabeth h. 11 Orange 
Bull Frederick G. 5t Front h. 50 Franklin 
Bull Jirah, 412 Pearl 

Bull,jun. Thomas, sec'y Manh. ins co. 26 Wall 
Bull William, saddler 2 Wall h. 7 Rector 
Bull Rachel widow of John, 162 Hudson. 
Bullinger Charles, fruiter 21 J Nassau 
Bullinger Henry, maiiuer64 Varick 
Bullus widow of John, 73 Leonard 
Bmjvvinklc Henry, cajtman 11$ Otghjird n. §fatU<Jn 


Buloid Robert, wine and tea dealer 199 Broadway 

Buloid &CasBwell, merchants 126 Front 

Bulteel widow Margart t, Rutgers c. Harman 

Bumstead widow of Jacob, baker 105 Orange 

Bunce Charles W. Roosevelt n. Mariners' ch. 

Bunce George F. printer 66 Roosevelt 

Bunce Henry, brewer 65 Cross 

Bunce Henry C. grocer 83 Wall 

Bunce Isaac, shoemaker, Broome n. Lewis 

Bunce Jesse, 61 Rutgers 

Bunce J. S. 500 Grand 

Bunce Nathaniel, boarding h. 209J Fulton 

Bunce William S. Howard c, Crosby 

Bunce widow Eve, 216 Cherry 

Bunker Bethuel, Tontine C. H. 75 Wall c. Water 

Bunker Frederick R. merchant 242 Front h. 41 Nassau 

Bunker Henry W. sailmaker 30 h. 38 Cheapside 

Bunker Reuben P. 127 Cherry 

Bunker Timothy W. sailmaker 38 Cheapside 

Buncker T. G. 54 Pike 

Bundy Edward, steward 42 Orange 

Bunker Win. I. mansion-house 39 Broadway 

Bunker & Pierson, porter-house 119 Water 

Bunker & Co. F. & T. W. sail loft 107 South 

Bunn William H. 48 Barclay 

Bunn widow of Reuben, 60 William 

Bunn widow Susan, seamstress 111 Mulberry 

Bunn & Kimball, shoo store 60 William 

Bunner Stephen, brass nail caster 231 Spring [way 

BunnerChs.F. city weigher 24 Coenties-slipb. 174 Broad- 

Bunney William, crockery store 158£ W T illiara 

Bunting Jacob P. mason 55 Crosby 

Bunting Samuel, merchant 50 Essex 

Burbank widow Mary Ann, 34 Robinson 

Burbridge Clarissa, 5 Spruce 

Burchall Robert, silk weaver Grand n. Attorney 

Burchan Richard, accountant 401 Greenwich 

Burchill Nathaniel, chandler Mangin n. Broome 

Burckle C. I. merchant 23 Cortlandt 

Burckle Brothers, merchants 108 Pearl 

Burden Thomas, shoemaker Bancker n.Cor. Hook 

Burdett Benjamin C. mercht. 128 Front h. 20 Greene 

Burdett P. C. shipmaster 41 West 

Burdett John, smith 333 Washington 

Burdett Jacob, cartman 372 Grand n. Suffolk 

Burdett Jacob, merchant 133 Front h. 44 Lispenard 

Burdett Peter, drygoods Hamersly c. Varick 

Burdett Stephen, sailmaker 53 South h. 35 Mott 

Burdett widow Mary, 334 Washington 

Burdett widow of Stephen, 55 Bavard 

Burdett & Co. dye stuffs, paints, &c. 128 Front d, 

Burdge Rebecca H. 1 Rutgers 

Burdge Jane widow of John B. 160 Reed 

Burford widow E. boardinghouse 65 Dey 

Burger David I. silversmith rear 19 Mott 

Burger Gerardus C. printer 69 N.Moore 

102 longworth's 1825 — 2i 

Burger Jacob, rigger 154 Bancker 

Burger James W. baker 104 Orange 

Burger John, rigger 90 Bayard 

Burger jr. John, copperplate printer Stanton n. Bowen 

Buiger Patience, 233 Church 

Burger Timothy H. 119 Hester 

Burger William, druggist 184 Greenwich 

Burger Sarah widow of James, 86 Water 

Burger widow Eleanor, boarding-house 293 Greenwich 

Burges James, marshal Suffolk il. Rivington 

Burgess Archibald, tailor 183 Hudson 

Burgess James, 265 Spring 

Burgess John W. grocer 22 Fulton 

Burgess Leonard G. jeweller 100 Gold 

Burgess Philip, tailor Spring n. Hudson 

Burgess Robert H. grocer Herring c. Jones 

Burgess jr. William, book-store 93 Fulton 

Burgess widow Dorothea, Rivington n. Goerck 

Burgess widow Sarah, boarding-house 8 Fletcher 

Burden Edward, grocer 73 Broome 

Bujrgoine Hugh, stonecutter Varick c. King 

Burhans S. & J. Mason, starch manuf. 11 h. 12 Vestry 

Burk James, cartman 203 Elizabeth 

Burk James, shoemaker Mulberry n. Cross 

Burk John, 31 Roosevelt 

Burk Joseph, hairdresser 154 Chapel 

Burk Michael, carpenter 83 Hester 

Burk Patrick, cooper 84 Lombardy 

Burk Richard, potter 24 Water 

Burk Thomas, laborer 25 Hester , 

Burk William, blockmaker 71 Rivington 

Burke Miles R. 471 Broadway 

Burkill Sarah widow of John, 40 Cheapside 

Burlew George, oil factory 111 Division ^ 

Burley Silas, mariner 12 Scammel 

Burling Ebenezer S. 100 Eldridge [Broome 

Burling James, china & glass store 173 Water h. 377 

Burling James, 81 Eldridge 

Burling Lancaster S. 302 Broome 

Burling Walter, 3d Avenue n. Stuyvesant 

Burling Wm. G. crockery mer. 173 Water h. 23 Laurens 

Bulling widow ot Ebenezer, 51 Watts 

Burlington Silas, carpenter rear 138 Chambers 

Burleck Horton H. attorney & counsellor 1 Murray 

Burnet Aaron, mason 92 Elm 

Burnet Gilbert, Jay c. Rhinelander's Alley 

Burnett Benjamin, money collector 30 Spruce 

Burnett William, pub. telescope rear 201 Bowery 

Burnham Gordon, 155 Pearl 

Bumham Maria, 61 Bayard 

Burnham Michael, proprietor Evn. Post 41 Pine 

Burnham Richard, painter 43 Collect 

Burns Alexander, 396 Cherry [See IBgrii; 

Burns David R. mercht. 50 Front h. 545 Pearl 

Burns Edwin, laborer Stanton a, Ridge 

Bums Henry, coopet-21 Rose 


Bums He#y, bootmaker 38 William h. 47 Beaver 

Rurns James, ladies' shoemaker 5 Elizabeth 

Burns James, butcher Elizabeth n. Broome 

Bums John, mason 49 Elizabeth 

Burns- John, 74 Reed 

Burns John, shipmaster 28 Cheapside 

Burns John, laborer 109 Anthony 

Burns Michael, grocer 23 Washington 

Burns Moses, black 151 Church 

Burns Patrick, cartman 112 Mulberry 

Burns Thomas, laborer 13. Augustus 

Burns Thomas, smith 396 Cherry 

Burns Twins, laborer 80 Chrystie 

Burns William, crockery store 167 Bower, 

Burns widow Elizabeth, 1 Skinner 

Bums & Halliburton, merchants 135 Pearl 

Bumton J. T. accountant 44 Cedar 

Burpee David, shoemanufacturei 222 Pearl 

Burr Aaron, counsellor 13 Chambers h. 22 Been 

Burr Edwin, attorney 9 Peck-slip 

Burr Gershom, boarding house 94 William 

Burr Isaac, merchant 50 Cliff 

Burr Isaac L. cartman 62 N. Moore 

Burr Jacob, cartman 13 Goerck n. Broome 

Burr Rowland, cartman 13 Goerck 

Burr Samuel S. cartman Ridge n. North 

Burrall & Hoffman, dry goods 181 Pearl 

Burras Benjamin, shoemaker upper end Mulberry 

Bunas Francis, cabinet makpr 116 Church 

Burras George G. custom officer 4 Provost 

Burras Samuel, 125 Hester 

Burrell Catharineiwidow of William, tailoress 62 Crosby 

Burrell M. H. druggist and physician 169 Chatham 

Burrell Philip W. crockery store 110 Broadway 

Burrell Samuel, shoe sto*e 385 Greenwich 

Burrell Elizabeth widow of William, phys. 207 Gran^. 

Burrell widow Susan, rear 84 Mulberry 

Burridge widow Gertrude, teacher 29£ Cherry 

Burrill , teacher 22 Hubert 

Burrill Ebenezer, 113 White n. Collect 
JBurrit Wakeman, merchant 40 Broadway 
Burritt Catharine, seamstress 72 Puinp 
Burritt widow Mary Ann, rear 28 Chrystie 
Burrows Daniel, mariner 50 Cherry 
"Burrows Edward, mason Thompson n. Amity 
Burrows Elisha, 50 Anthony 
Burrows Enos, merchant 90 and 82$ Hudson 
Burrows George, hatter 111 Delancey n. Essex 
Burrows John, builder William n. Frankfort 
Burrows Samuel, caulker Columbia n. Rivingtor; 
Burrows & Dutch, carpenters 206 William 
Burt Charles, cartman 130 Hester 
Burt David, shoemaker 158 Harman 
Burt John H. carpenter 20 Suffolk 
Burt John, carpenter 113 Lombardy 
Burt William, carpenter 367 Bowery 

104 long worth's I825—2C 

Burtis Coiicldin, carpenter Chrystie c. Nortli M 

Burtis Jacob H. carver 380 Broome 

Burtis James, smith Vandam n. Varick 

Burtis Samuel A. 63 Suffolk 

Burtis Townsend W. merchant tailor 1 Pir.e 

Burtis William A. morocco dresser 13 Ferry 

Burtis widow of James, 563 Broome [Stanton 

Burtnett Daniel, butcher 56 Washington Market h. Allen u 

Burton David, carpenter 8 Walnut 

Burton Henry, packer Rhinelander Alley n. Hanson. 

Burton James R. copperplate printer 20 White 

Burton William, carpenter Bleecker n. Bowery 

Burtsell Peter, stationer Wall c. Broad h. 9 Broad 

Burtsell William, 381 Greenwich [see Birdsait 

Burtsell widow Martha, boardinghouse 59 Cedar 

Burtus J. A. bookstore and stationary 19 Peck-slip 

Burtus Samuel, Suffolk n. Delancey 

Burwell Benedict, tavern 25 Bowery 

Bush Daniel, accountant 217 Washington 

Bush Daniel, smith 73 Henry 

Bush Evert F. boatbuilder 345 Water h. 104 Cherr 

Bush Evert, boatbuilder 345 Water h. 31 Roosevek 

Bush George, accountant Jones n. Herring 

Bush Henry J. grocer Houston c. Sullivan 

Bush Ira, merchant 95 Grand 

Bush John, cartman 36 Vandam 

Bush Richard, oysterman Westn. Duane 

Bush Richard P. 48 Forsyth 

Bush Robert, sawyer 96 Chrystie 

Bush Walter M. boatbuilder 188 Eancker 

Bushby Joseph, 105 Chrystie 

Bushfield James, mariner Scammel n. Cherr^ 

Bushnell Giles, comb factory 293 Broadway 

Bushnell widow of Samuel, M. D. 59 Bowery 

Buskirk Abraham, carpenter 558 Broome 

Buskirk James, cooper 100 Hester 

Buskirk Jeremiah, livery stab. 347 Broome h. 31 Delancey 

Buskirk John, boardinghouse 59 Vesey 

Buskirk widow Mary, soup house 4 Tryon Row 

Bushnell Luther, shoestore 59 Bowery 

Bussing Abraham, 89 Liberty 

Bussing John W. grocer Leonard c. Collect 

Bussing Thomas, pocketbook maker 76 h. 71 William 

Bussing Wm. inspect, of lime 180 Broome c. Arundel d„ 
Bussing E. & J. merchants 69 Maiden-lane h. 89 Liberty'. 

Bussinger Charles, Rivington n. Willet 
■ Bustard Andrew, 55 Augustus 

"Busto Sophia, 12 Anthony 
Buswell Caleb, mason Vesey c. Greenwich 
Busze Ann M. boarding house 187 Duane 
Butcher Robert, rigger 133 Bancker 
Butcher Samuel, merchant 103 Maiden-lane 
Buters Benjamin, mariner rear 38 Lumber 
Butler Amos, 159 Pearl h. 5 Murray 
Butler A. J, W. 90 Chapel 
Butler Charles T. 63 Chapel 


■hitler Elihvt, editor Mercantile Advertiser 159 Pear 

Butler Francis, clerk rear 164 Mulberry 

Butler George, 200 Front h. 49 Cliff 

Butler James, 101 Reed 

Butler John, cartman 8 Grand n. Varick- 

Butler John, mariner 50 Cherry 

Bntler Joseph, mason 193 Grand 

Butler Maria, 48 Eldridge 

Butler Perry, laborer rear 33 Cross 

Butler Philip, mariner 31 Collect 

Butler Samuel, grocer 125 Bancker 

Butler Thomas C. merchant 213 Duane 

Butler William, brewer 229 Bowery 

Butler William, bootmaker 127 Broadway li, 42 Ceda^ 

Butler William, grocer 167 Maiden-laue 

Butler & Brothers, 284 Pearl 

Butler & Hyer, proprietors Mercantile Adver. 159 Pear 

Butraan Asa, varnishe; Broadway c. Walker h.72 Sullivan 

Butman Jeremiah, masou Commerce n. Herring 

Butt George A. dry goods 2 Maiden-lane 

Butt & Fowler John, grocers 161 Greenwich 

Button John, sawyer Broome c. Grand 

Button Newbury, boarding-house Front c. Fletcher 

Byard Henry, carpenter Herring c. Charles 

Byard Joana, fruiter 163 Bancker [see Bai/aro 

Byard widow Mary, 140 Hester 

R} ers David D. mason 543 Broome 

Byers James, 56 South h. 3 Bowling green 

Byers Michael, porter 267 Bowery 

flyers widow Elizabeth, boarding house 18 Spruce 

Byington Francis, grocer 117 Cherry 

Bylandt Jacob, 23 Henry 

Byng D. cooper 13 Chrystie 

Byng Moses, muffin baker 13 Chrystie 

Byng Thomas, cooper 13 Chrystie 

Byram Ebenezer A. cabinet maker Kingn. M'Dougai 

Byram J. 51 Fulton 

Byrne Andrew, grocer 18 Bancker 

Byrne Dennis, porter house 479 Pearl 

Byrne Edw. repository Wnlker n. Broadw. h. 62 Walke 

Byrne Garrit, Pike c. Chersy 

Byrne Henry, grocer Rivington c. Lewis 

Byrne James, grocer 58 Elm 

Byrne James, leather dresser 17 Mulberry - 

Byrne John, cooper 27£ Bayard 

Byrne John, auctioneer 10fi Anthony 

Byrne John, waiter £9 Chapel [Orang< 

Byrne Matthew, butcher Catharine marked h, Giand < ,• 

Byrne Muhael, tailor 3 Dutch 

Byrne Richard, cabinet maker 49 Harman 

Byrne widew of Patrick, grocer 320 Water 

Byrnes Michael, mason 106 Anthony 

Byrnes Thomas S. 159 South h. 25 Cliff 

Byrnes widow Susan, 284 Mott 

Byrnes, Trimble L Co. flour merchants 153 Souu, 

10(3 longworth's .1825— '26 

Byron widow Elizabeth, 490 Broadway [see Byra'i 

Byron Mary widow of Thomas, 91 Sullivan 

Cabre John, rigger 9 Bayard 
Cade Thomas, livery stable New h. 28 Garden 
Cadle Cornelius, mahogany yard 23 and 27 Beekman 
Cadle Samuel, druggist 395 Pearl 
Cadmus Abraham, mason 21 Thomas 
Cadmus Jane, mantua-makvr 40 Lispenard 
Cadmus Thomas, carpenter 129 Prince 
Cadwallader M. printer 214 William 
Cad well Jeduthan, grocer 215 Bowery 
Cadwell William, shoe store 190 Bowery 
Cady James H. Brooklyn 
Cage Mary, 22 Mott 
Caffrys Patrick, teaclier 1 Leonard 
Caherty Charles, grocer 36 Prince 
Caherty Daniel, grocer 70 Orange 
Caherty James, grocer 44 Henry 
Cahill Matthew, grocer 36 Henry 
Cahill widow of Patrick, rear 38 Henry 
Cahoon Henry, capt. revenue cutter 113 Lombard;/ - 
Cahoon Robert, grocer Harison c. Staple 
Cahoon Robert, grocer 346 Broadway 
Cahoon Thomas, grocer Spring n. Mulberry h. 209 
Cahoon widow Elizabeth, 81 Mulberry 
Cahoon R. and T. grocers 346 Broadway and 42 Spring 
Cahoone & Co. W. ship & prod, brokers Phoenix-builds'. 
Caille R. dressmaker 8 Murray 

Caille Francis, tin plate worker 68 Nassau b..-3 Murra; 
Cain John, carpenter 96 Henry 
Cain John, rigger 65 Oliver 
Cain John, sausage maker 168 Greene 
Cain Stephen, stone cutter 11 Leonard 
Cain Michael, fisherman 205 Washington [see Kain 

Caines George attorney and counsellor 32 Frankfort 
Cairns David, cartman 188 Mulberry 
Cairns, jun. John, cartman 186 Mulberry 
Cairns William, cartman 51 Spring 
Cairns William, merchant 50 South 
Cairns, jun. Wm. stock broker 91 Wall h. 53 Broadway- 
Calam H. druggist 112 Cherry 
Calder William, merchant 59 Pine h. 41 Franklin 
Calder widow Elizabeth, 134 Church 
Caldwell Ariftrew, baker 105 Bayard 
Caldwell James, umbrellamaker 37 Oak 
Caldwell John, 74 South h. 19 Greene [see CauldiveK 

Caldwell Joseph, broker 14 Wall h. 107 Greenwich 
Caldwell William, carpenter Bedford n. Christopher 
Caldwell W. J. broker 14 Wall h. 170 Broadway 
Caldwell widow Elizabeth, 49 Orchard 
Caldwell widow of J. E. 34 Greenwich 
Calhoun Archibald, tailor 10 LispenajU [vide Colltoon 
Call John, mariner 79 James 


i iillahan Daniel, laboier 11 Vandewater 
Callahan Michael, smith 435 Washington 
Callanan Owen, pilot 54 Oliver 
Callen William, cooper 48 Beaver 
Callender Thomas L. 26^£ Pearl 
Oallender William, cooper 17 Burling-slip 
Callender & Co. Thos. merchants 45 Wall h. 65 Greenw.. 
Calrow Richard, men's mercer and tailor 10 Wall 
Calton James, cartman68 Greene 
Calvert John, dry goods Herring n. Amos 
Camack James, shoemaker 85 Mulberry 
CambrelengC. C. merchant 13 Wall h. 11 Park-place 
Cambreleng Stephen, attorn, and couns. 18 Wall b. 11 
Camelon Eliza, confectioner 32 Cross [Park place 

Canu relay Daniel, smith 109 Forsyth n. Broome 
Camerdell George, butcher 206 Mott 
Camerden George, butcher 196 Mott 
Camerden Henry, sailmaker 237 Front h. 6 Lconar" 1 
Camerden John, shoe store 103 Crtatham 
Camerden Thomas, shoemaker 351 Cherry ^ 
Cameron James, physician 56 Hudson 
Cameron Peter, teacher 50 Beach 
1 amm John, grocer Essex c. Grand 
Cammann H. I. & O. brokers 34 Wall 
Cammann widow of Peter A. 168 Hudson 
Cammeyer Cornelius B, boatman 14 Water 
Cammeyer John E. morocco dresser 8 Jacob 
Cammeyer William. 6 Beaver-lane 
Cammeyer jr. William, engraver 73 Liberty 
Camp Isaac B carpenter 10 Ann h. 73 Chapel 
Camp Mary Ann, rear 171 Division 
Camp Noah, looking-glass store 58 Chatham 
Camp Samuel J. carpenter Columbia n. Broome 
Camp William, stage driver 32 Lumber 
Campbell 'Aaron, carpenter Prince n. Thompson 
Campbell Abraham, cordwainer 61 Watts 
Campbell Abraham A. carpenter Hammond n.WashingtOu 
Campbell Alexander, laborer up. end Mott 
Campbell jr. Alexander, cartman 16 Reed 
Campbell Alexander, grocer 502 Pearl 
Campbell Alida, 5 Anthony 
Campbell Charles, mediant tailor 50 Fulton. 
Campbell Coll N. skinner 82 Gold 
Campbell Cornelius, 28 Desbrosses 
Campbell Daniel, cartman 135 Mulberry 
Campbell David A. carpenter 138 Grand 
Campbell Donald. 69 Hester 
Campbell Duncan P. merchant 51 Broadway- 
Campbell Duncan, butcher 18 Spring 
Campbell Edward, mariner 236 Division 
Campbell Edward, accountant 19 Broad 
Campbell Geo. G. hardware 451 Broadway h.34 Laurens 
Campbell Henry M. grocer 53 Lispenard 
Campbell Hugh, mason 98 Elm 
Campbell Jacob, carpenter 5 Anthony 
Campbell James, carver and gilder 18 Chrystio 
Campbell James, surrogate Jay c. Staple 


108 longworth's 1825 — 2C 

Campbell John, millwright 106 Reed 

Campbell John, cordwainer 12 Essex 

Campbell John, bookseller 124 Pearl h. 36S Broadway- 
Campbell John, cabinetmakei 10 Mulberry h. 40 Orchard 

Campbell John, musician 96 Csmal 

Campbell John, elk. waid court 7 Jay 

Campbell John A. grocer 10 Marketfield [son 

Campbell John D. attorn. & couns. 20 Cedar h. 20 Han 

Campbell Michael, mason neai 173 Hester 

Campbell Nicholas, measurer 3 Lombardy 

Campbell R. M. milliner 263 William 

Campbell Robert, plumber 114 Harman. 

Campbell Robert, smith 110 Leonard 

Campbell Samuel, 368 Broadway 

Campbell Thomas, tavern 6 Ludlow 

Campbell William, gilder 23 Chrystie 

Campbell William, tobacconist 154 Maiden-lane 

Campbell Ann widow of Charles, 221 William 

Campbell Ann widow of Thomas C. 63 N. Moore 

Campbell widow Elizabeth, 141 Chapel 

Campbell widow Jennet, milliner 140 Division 

Campbell Rose widow of Daniel, 6 Vestry 

Campbell widow of Malcolm. 7 Jay 

Campbell widow Sarah, 67 Mutt 

Campbell widow Sarah, boai ding-house 5 Liberty 

Campbell widow Sarah, mantaumaker 281 Greenwich, 

Campbell J. & S. booksellers 124 Pearl 

Campfield James A. tailor 303 Broadway h. 109 Church 

Campion Patrick, carpenter Suffolk n. Delancey 

Campion William, wine store 7 Wall 

Camy John, gold refiner 615 Water 

Canavillo Antonio, silversmith 54 Canal 

Canda Charles, professor of drawing 9 Jay 

Canda Florimond, y. ladies' board, school 344 Broadway 

Candell Thomas, culler of staves 57 Anthony 

Candey Abraham, mason 66 Mott 

Candler Samuel, mercht. 164 South h. 387 Broome 

Canes Philip A. Burrows a. Bedford 

Canfield Elijah, carpenter Greenwich c. N. Moore 

Canfield Horace, 510 Broadway 

Canfield Myron, cartman McDougall n. King 

Canfield Oliver, porter 138 Anthony 

Canfield Palmer, lot'ry & exchange office 139 Broadway 

Canfield H. & H. brokers 54 Wall 

Cann widow Hanpah, 350 Cherry 

Canniff Alexander, cartman 58 Greene 

Canniff Daniel, laborer 132 Harman 

Canniff Francis, 64 Sullivan 

Canniff John, shoemaker rear 64 Spring 

Canniff Richard, 25 Sullivan 

Caniff Reuben, cartman 220 Orange 

Canning Laurence, stone cutter West op. State Prison 

Cannon Charles, cartman Attorney n. Rivington 

Cannon Ann, fruiter 21 Catharine 

Cannon David, porter and cider vault 45 William 

Cajmon Dennis, labourer 9 Catharine-lane 


Cannon Jacob, cooper 262 Grand 

Cannon John, shoemaker 15 Collect 

Cannon John M. attorney and counsellor 7 Beekinan 

Cannon Joseph S. merchant-tailor 397 Pearl 

Cannon Peter, coachman 1«J Catharine-lane 

Cannon Robert, grocer 35 Roosevelt 

Cannon Eve widow of John, Prince c. Sullivan 

Cannon widow of Mott, dry-goods 258 Bowery 

Cantelo Edwin, glover 71 Anthony 

Cantelo James, glove-store 76 Elm 

Cantelo Louisa M. cor«et-maker 258 Broadway 

Cantelo & Co. Wm. J. glove-store Broadway c. Warref- 

Canter A. merchant 414 Pearl 

Cantwell John, grocer 9 Howard 

Canty Timothy, smith Vestry n. Greenwich 

Cape Christian, sausage maker 122 Delancey 

Capp widow of Thomas, 32 Norfolk 

Capper William S. merchant 209 Pearl 

Caraccioli Cypriano, confectioner 456 Broadway 

Card & Co. William, 20 South h. 10 Pearl 

Cardwell James, cartman Rivington c. Chrystie 

Careme John, 432 Broorre 

Carey Daniel, shoemaker 55 Elizabeth 

Carey Obed, jeweller 4 White [ride Canj 

Cargill Abraham, tinnv-ui 232 Water 

Cargill James, cartman Burrows n.fBedford 

Carhart Isaac, hay-caitman 66 Eldridge 

Carhart John W. cartman Herring n. Amos 

Carhart Joshua, carpenter 67 Varick 

Carhart Samuel, shoemaker 31 John 

Carl William, saddler 93 Reed 

Carlaw Alexander, cartman Laight n. Greenwich 

Carlaw James, shipmaster 205 Washington 

Carland Mary widow of Edward, 120 Elm 

Carle Jacob, boarding-house 257 Pearl * 

Carle Silas, druggist 199 Water h. Bowery-hill 

Carley Abraham, shipwright 46 Hester d. 

Carley Caspar, carpenter 130 Stanton n. Ludlow 

Carlin Joseph, nail-maker 374 Grand 

Carlisle George, smith 52 Orange . fl. 

Carlisle Hugh, weaver N. Moore c. Varick 

Carlisle James, shipmaster 9 Lumber 

Carlough Lewis, comb maker 250 Hudson 

Carlough James, cartman 544 Broome [vide CctrlcC® 

Carlow Lyman, mariner 173 Duane 

Carlow Nicholas, mason rear 169 Spring 

Carlow Silvanus, shoemaker 54 Ludlow 

Carlow William B. shipmaster 1 Bancker 

Carlton Andrew, trunk-maker 81 Gold 

Carlton John, mason 23 Watts 

Carlton h. Cook, comb-store 34 Bowery 

Carman Abraham, cartman 14r Crosby 

Carman Adam, shoemaker 261 William b. 44 Orange 

Carman Benjamin, ship-carpenter 12 Walnut 

Carman Edward L. Carlisle c. West 

Carman Elizabeth, 80 Pump 


110 longworth's 1 825—2 G 

Carman Ezekiel,211 William 

Carman George, boarding-house 185 Bowery 

Carman James, cartman 164 Mulberry 

Carman John, painter 46 Eldridge 

Caiman John B. cartman Stuyvesant n. Bowery 

Carman Joseph, trunk-maker 29 Norfolk 

Carman Mary, 103 Mercer 

Carman Richard, carpenter 60 Stone 

Carman Catharine widow of James C. West iii Duane 

Carman widow Hannah, 3 Lombardy 

Carman widow Patience, 14 Water 

Carmer Nicholas G. custom-house officer 13 John 

Carmer Nicholas H. coach-maker 179 Mott 

Carmer Rachel widow of Nicholas N. 35 Banckex 

Carmichal Daniel, grocer 255 Front h. Columbia 

Carmint Peter, gardener Broadway c. Fourth 

Carmody D. W. teacher of mathematics 21 Warren 

Came widow Eliza, Gouverneur n. Lombardy 

Carnes Francis, merchant 73 Pine h. 67 Franklin 

Carnes John, grocer 540 Broome [vide Cairns 

Carnes F. & N. G. 73 Pine h. 67 Franklin 

Carney Andrew, saddler Canal c Washington 

Carney Barney, plasterer 140 Mott [vide Kcarn? •', 

Caniley Robert, timber merchant Lewis n. North 

Carnley jr. Robert, ship-buildev Lewis n. North 

Carow Isaac, merchant 137 Pearl h. 29 Cortlandt 

Carpender widow Lucy, boarding-house 37 Dey 

Carpenter Abraham, carpenter 103 Laurens 

Carpenter Abraham, milkman First n. 1st Avenue 

Carpenter Alfred A. teacher 12 Vandewater h. 103 Gold 

Carpenter Andrew, shipwright 10 Jacob 

Carpenter Andrew G dry-goods 205 Greenwich h. 10-t 

Carpenter Andrew T. 61 Rutgers [Warren 

Carpenter Charles, grocer 59 Broad 

Carpenter Charles W. shipwright Goerck n. Grand 

Carpenter Chester C. mason and grocer 196 Division 

Carpenter Daniel, 290 Grand 

Carpenter Daniel, stone-dealer 11 Oak 

Carpenter David, grocer 79 Catharine 

Carpenter David, labourer Broome c. Goerck 

Carpenter Dorinda, grocer 34 Canal 

Carpenter Henry, shoemaker 56 Ludlow 

Carpenter Henry M. grocer 46 Catharine 

Carpenter Hester, rear 50 Cross 

Carpenter Isaac, cartman Delancey c. Orchard 

Carpenter Isaac, grocer 287 Grand 

Carpenter Jacob V. shoemaker M'Dougal n. King 

Carpenter James, shoemaker Delancey c. Allen 

Carpenter John, ship-carpenter 567 Water 

Carpenter John, shoemaker 349 Broome Si 56 Ludiow 

Carpenter John, shoemaker 104 Pump 

Carpenter John T. wheelwright Laurens n. Broome 

Carpenter Nathaniel, accountant Washington n. Duar-e 

Carpenter Right, milliner 73 Chatham 

Carpenter Robert, shipwright 456£ Cherry 

Carpenter Robert C> boat-builder Lombardy c. Burger* if. 



Carpenter Seymour, m.d. druggist 213 Fulton h. 163 Reed 
Carpenter Stephen, cartman Greene n. BWsecker 
Carpenter Thomas, grocer 468 Pearl h. 46 Mulberry 
Carpenter T. D. 37 Wall h. 68 Canal 
Carpenter William, cartman Greene n. Bleecker 
Carpenter William, mariner 138 Grand 
Carpenter Uriah F. dry goods 452$ Pearl 
Carpenter Zeno, ship-carpenter 569Water n. Montgomery 
Carpenter widow, Grand c Essex 
Carpenter & Griffen, merchants 452$ Pearl 
Caiper Christian, baker 25 Delancey n, Forsyth 
Carr James, 77 Mott 
Can James, hardware 216 Mott 
Carr John, carpenter 122 Harman 
Carr Jonathan, mariner 28 Goerck n. Delancey 
Carr Joshua, cooper 72 Harman 
Carr Mary, Bayard c. Mott 

Carr Robert, brass-founder 87 Mott and 49 Granfi 
Carr William, milkman 170 Allen 
Carr widow of John P. 98 Catharine 
Carrick Alexander, merchant 96 Pearl 
Carrigan Michael, labourer 87 Mulberry 
Carroll Anthony, attorney 361 Washington 
Carroll Edward, 72 Oliver 
Carroll Hugh, grocer Hague c. Skinner 
Carroll James, porter-house 351 Water 
Carroll John, grocer Rivington c. Willet 
Carroll John, prof, music Laurens n. Grand 
Carroll John, boot-maker €4 Orange 
Carroll John, silversmith 341 Water 
Carroll Joseph F. merchant 300 Broome 
Carroll Laurence, drayman 64 Crosby 
Carroll J. P. fruiter, 49 Catharine 
Carroll Mary, school 20 James 
Carroll Matthew, 9 Ferry h. 78 Warren 
CarroU Philip, 51 Mulberry 
Carroll Ann widow of George, 122 Elm 
Carroll & Cole, leather store 9 Ferry 
Carroll, Wright & Co. merchants 111 Beekmau 
Carrow widow Rosannah,234 Grand 
Carshore Edward, painter 236 Division 
Carshore Thomas, 52 Arundel 
Carson George, cartman Rivington n. Willet 
Carson Johnson cartman Delancey n. Willet 
Carson Samuel, engineer 374 Washington 
Carson Mary widow of Richard, 176 Mulberry 
Carstang Gideon, rope-maker Orchard n. North 
Carstang James, cartman 192 Orchard n. StantoJi 
Carter Benjamin, 23 Elm 
Carter Charles, teacher 50 Frankfort 
Carter George, merchant 159 Hudson 
Carter James, labourer 13 Ludlow 
Carter Jeremiah, cartman 215 Washington 
Carter John, mariner 152 Leonard 
Carter John B. saddler 137 Bowery 
Carter Joseph, teacher 136 Mulberry . 


112 longworth's 1825 — 2G 

Carter Matthew, looking-glass fact. 133 Fultonh. Vaiick 

Carter N- H. editor Statesman Si.ite c. Bridge 

Carter Robert, 69 South 

Carter Samuel, chair-maker 57 Division 

Carter Samuel, cabinet-maker 62 Beekman 

Carter Samuel H. looking-glass 293 Pearl h. 38 Ann 

Carter Sharon, cooper 242 Front 

Carter Thomas, merchant 74 Chambers 

Carter William, ship-carpenter 184Bancker 

Carter William M. tallow-chandler 186 Church 

Carter widow Elizabeth, 42 Grand 

Carter Sarah widow of Aaron, S98 Greenwich 

Carter & Prentiss, editors Statesman 20 Wall 

Cartwright Alexander, shipmaster 371 Grand 

Carvey Patrick, cartman 23 Augustus 

Carvill G. & C. booksellers 108 Broadway 

Carver William, farrier 8 Elm 

Carver William, smith h. Lombardy n. Walnut' 

Carver widow of James, 313 Spring 

Cary Robert, grocer 79 Wall 

Cary Thomas G. merchant 100 Front h. 29 Laight 

Cary William, carpenter 43 Elizabeth [vide Qarzy 

Cary William F. merchant 100 Front 

Cary & Co. Henry, merchants 69 Chambers 

Cary T. G. & W. F. merchants 100 Front 

Casati Mark A. boarding-house 37 Broadway 

Case Darius, dry-goods Greenwich n. Charles 

Case Elisha, 66 Cortlandt c. Washington 

Case Gabriel, Stanton c. Attorney 

Case Whitfield, 98 Rivington 

Case William, comb-maker 75 Eldridge 

Case widow Ann D. boarding-house 54 Watej 

Case Ellen widow of Thomas, 134 Wooster 

Casey James, grocer 46 Cherry 

Casey James, merchant 207 Pearl h. 109 Grand 

Casey Patrick, marshal 110 Mulbesry 

Casey & Wheeler, com. merchants 207 Pearl 

Cash Reuben, turner 257 Front 

Cash Stephen, dock-builder 468 Greenwich 

Cashman Daniel, 45 Oliver 

Cashman C. Si, D. grocers 256 Front 

Casilear Francis, shipwright 196 Harman 

Casilear John, shipwright 17 Arundel 

Casilear & Ruckel, shipwrights 233 Cherry 

Caslin John, morocco dresser 34 Augustus 

Cass Hans, ship-joiner 111 Lombardy 

Cassedy Henry, labourer Wooster n. Bleecker 

Gassedy Hugh, laborer 48 Pearl 

Cassedy James, cartman Brooklyn 

Cassedy Thomas, fruiter 106 Anthony 

Cassedy widow Rosanna, 118 Mott 

Cassidy Christopher, tailor 11 Maiden-lanTe 

Cassidy Hugh, grocer I19£ Washington 

Cassidy John, cartman 16 Collect 

Cassidy Eleanor widow Of Andrew, 38 Gold 

Cassidy & Moss, tailors 11 Maiden-larfe 


Castaing Augustus H. cartman 207 Mercer 

Castaing Joseph, Fr. teacher and translator 78 Duane 

Castelli Catharine, Liberty c. Broadway [vide Carsta?lg 

Castello David, merchant 87 Hudson 

Casthelaz N. merchant 100 Maiden-lane 

Castine Catharine, 49 Spring 

Castle Patrick, cartman Elizabeth n. Prince 

Castle Robert, cartman 141 Elizabeth n. Spring 

Castle William S. block & pump-maker 106 Washington 

Castle widow of John, 543 Water 

Castles Hinament, confectioner 22 William 

Castree Richard, shoemaker 33 Jay 

Castro Henry, broker 5 Phenix building h. 28 Park-place 

Caswell John, merchant 126 Fiont 

Cathell James W. grocer 49 Leonard 

Cathell L. & H. P. grocers 426 Water 

Catherwbod Robert H. 51 Wooster 

Catlin John M. merchant 90 South h. 33 Chambers 

Catlin L. presid't Merch. bank 25 Wall h. 33 Chambers! 

Cattel Peter, 49 Rutgers 

Catterfield widow Catharine, 9 Anthony 

Cauldwell Andrew, baker 105 Bayard d 

Cauld well Caleb C. cabinet-maker 98 Pump d 

Cauldwell Cornelius, grocer Hanson 

Cauldwell Ebenezer, china-store 429 Pearl 

Cauldwell Joseph, cartman 34 Catharine 

Cauldwell widow of Cornelius, 429 Pearl 

Cauldwell widow of John, 294 Pearl 

Cauldwell widow Maria, 21 .Norfolk 

Cauldwell C. J. & J. C. merchts. 294 Pearl [videCaldwdl! 

Cauldfield Richard, rigger 27 Old-slip 

Cauldfield Margaret widow of Peter, 250 Mulberry 

Cavanagh Morgan, cooper 29 Cross 

Cavanna Augustus, hairdresser 82 Broadway 

Cave Stephen, shoe-store 283^ Broadway 

Cave widow Susan, 128 Forsyth 

Caven Peter, labourer 3 Allen 

Caverly Peter H. labourer Essex n. Stanton . 

Cavern William, slater 542 Broome 

Cay wood Joseph, fisherman 39 Oak 

Caze James, Brooklyn 

Caze & Richaud, merchants rear 39 William 

Cazeaux John B. merchant 44 William 

Cebra John Yates, com. merchant 106 h. 59 Pean 

Cebra & Cuming, 106 Pearl 

Celestin B. hairdresser 260 Greenwich 

Center Robert, merchant 73 South h. 49 Franklin 

Centis Garrit, cooper 179 Mott 

Cerneau Augustus T. 154 Spring 

Cerneau Joseph, jeweller 154 Spring 

Ceron , 107 Duane 

Certain John P. segar-manufacturer 85 Forsyth 
Cetant Adam, butcher 46 Spring 
Chace J. H. shoemaker 39 Norfolk 
Chadeayne Elizabeth, tailoress 397£ Pearl 
Chadeaync Jeremiah, grocer Baucker n. Corl. hook 

114 loncworth's 1825--2C- 

Chadeayne John, merchant-tailor 5 Peck-slip 

Chadeayne Jonathan C. smith 42 h. 38 Eldridge 

Chariwick John, waterman 18 Moore 

Chadwick Joseph, rigger 126 Allen n. Delancey' 

Chad wick WHliam N. accountant 126 Allen 

Chagot Theodore, florist 100 Broadway 

Chalabre Elizabeth widow of John, 128 Elm 

Chalmel John, jeweller Greenwich c. Provost 

Chalmers James, dyer 174 h. 176 William 

Chalmers Thomas H. grocer 69 Orange 

Chalmers William, cabinet-maker 151 Duane 

Chalmers widow Isabella, fruiter 246^ Greenwich 

Chamberlin Joseph, distiller 245 Front 

Chamberlin Lewis, hatter 80 Reed 

Chamberlin & Co. W. jewellers 33 Eldridge 

Chambers Barney, smith rear 46 Crosby 

Chambers Ebenezer, shoemaker 106 Elizabeth 

Chambers David, fruiter 159 Front 

Chambers John, 78 White 

Chambers John C. porter-house 34 Spring 

Chambers Miles, tailor 317 Pearl 

Chambers Moses, merchant 120 h. 134 Chatham 

Chambers Moses, painter and glazier rear 28 Reed 

Chambers William E. boat-builder Water n. Montgomery 

Chambers widow Ann, washwoman 16 Thomas 

Chambers widow Margaret, 109 Pump 

Champion Israel, shipmaster 62 Forsyth 

Champley George, bookbinder 196 Broadway 

Champliu Hugh, shipmaster Fourth n. Broadway 

Champlin John T. 16 Park-place 

Champlin & Turner, dry-goo ds 201 Broadly 

Chance W. & G. merchants ®^5e 7{^^m) 

Chandler A. stereotype found, rear 64 Pine h. 117 Charm*. 

Chandler Dimond, thimble & spectacle manu. 32 Nassau 

Chandler Jonas, cartman First n. 1st Avenue 

Chandler John, rope-maker 111 Essex 

Chandler Orlando D. 29 Dey d. 

Chandler Sarah, Chrystie 11. North 

Chandler William, tanner 124 Wooster 

Chandler widow Mary Frances, 94 Chapel 

Chandler widow Rebecca, boarding-house 384 Wateu- 

Channel James, pedlar 135 Varick 

Chantry E. C. pocket-book maker, 9 Maiden-lane 

Chapin" Dexter, importer 192 Pearl h. 14 State 

Chapins — — — , seminary 228 Hudson 

Chapman Charles F. carpenter Wooster n. Grand 

Chapman Elizabeth, boavding-house 1 State 

Chapman George, glover 179 Orange 

Chapman G. W. m.d. 327 Broadway 

Chapman H. B. grocer h 371 Grand 

Chapman Israel, shipmaster 65 Roosevelt 

Chapman James, comb-maker 90 Bayard 

Chapman James, fisherman, 161 Bancker 

Chapman Job, cartman Herring c. Raisin 

Chapman Joel, carpenter 219 Church [RooseveH 

Chapman John, pump and blockmaker 275 Front h. %%. 

Chapman Joseph, fisherman 128 Henry 


Chapman Lebbeus, see Equitable Ins. co. 36 Fulton 

Chapman Mary, 33 Rose 

Chapman Warren, grocer 46 Pump 

Chapman William, coachmaker 69 Spring 

Chapman William, merchant 60 Pine 

Chapman widow Hannah, 26 Watts 

Chapman widow of Joseph, pawnbroker 208 GreemvicL 

Chappel John, butcher 60 Fulton mar. h. 16 North 

Chappel P. C. butcher 92 Hester 

Chappel widow L. Greenwich c. Robinson 

Chappen Luyster, fisherman 208 Harman 

Chappie A. paint. & glazier 211 Greenwich h. 60 Barclay 

Chapple Salvador, merchant 10 Bancker 

Chard Alexander, shipmaster 311 Bowery 

Chardavoyne William W. carpenter 81 Warren 

Chardavoyne Wm. & T. C. plumbers 134 Cherry 

Charles Henry, map publisher 750 Broadway 

Charles Robert, 97 Anthony 

Charleton George, lamp-lighter 90 Mulberry 

Charlock Henry A. coppersmith 248 Water 

Charlton Richard, weaver Varick n. Charlton 

(harrier John Lewis, feathermaker 205 Broadway 

Charter George, 67 Pearl 

Charter & Williams, merchants 67 Pearl 

Charter & Webb, merchants 67 Pearl 

Charters John, 26 Charlton n. Hudson 

Charters & Co. J. & A. merchants 72 Pine 

Charters Thomas, 27 Rhynder 

Charuaud John, prof, of dancing 24 White 

Chase Borden, com. mer. 184 Front h. 37 Vandewatg.*. 

Chase David Tappan, dry goods 307 Broadway 

Chase Rev. Henry, 216 Duane 

Chase Henry B. hatter 152 Broadway 

Chase Henry, fisherman 132 Leonard 

Chase Rev. Isaac, 38 White 

Chase John, boat-builder 57 Cherry 

Chase Rev. Johnson, 4 Roosevelt 

Chase Martin, fruiter 59 Nassau 

Chase Richard, boarding h. 1 Cuylers alley 

Chase Wm. H. grocer Rivington n. Columbia 

Chase widow Sophia, 3 Hester 

Chateaimeuf Victor, 52 Warren 

Chatterton Abraham, caitman 97 Laurens 

Chatterton Corn, shoemaker Hammond n. Washington 

Chatterton Daniel, boatman Hammond n. Washington. 

Chatterton James, shoemaker 77 Frankfort 

Chatterton Peter, sawyer rear 48 Spring 

Chatterton Thomas, dry goods 452 Pearl h. 62 Harman 

Chatterton widow Sarah, 62 Harman 

Chattin Jas. N. whitesmith 42 Spruce h. Canal n. Hudsofi 

Chattin John, bricklayer 49 Sullivan 

Chattin & Culin, smiths 42 Spruce 

Chauncey William, merchant 108 Water h. 218 Huds*5r. 

Chavalier N. W. dentist 22 Warren 

Chavell George, grocer 54 Nassau c. Fulton 

< "'hauveau F, Unman 47 Chapel 


110 longworth's 1825 — 2& 

Che a fe William, sawyer Washington c. Clarkson 

Cheavens Henry, watchmaker 233 Broadway 

Cheeseman John B. grocer 184 Division 

Cheesernan Joseph B. bookbinder 97 Lombardy 

Cheeseman John C. m.d. 296 Broadway 

Cheeseman Joseph, 229 Pearl h. 103 Lombardy 

Cheeseman Sam. wheelwright Allen c. Broome h. 3 Essex 

Cheeseman widow Mary, 20 Pump « 

Cheesman Wm. sailm. 23 Burling slip h. 30 Roosevelt 

Cheetham James G. hatter 105 Duane 

Cheetham John W. hatter 16 White 

Cheaver & Co. A. auctioneers and com. 157 Fulton. 

Chegaray Fulgence, broker 39 William 

Chenard Ferdinand, dry goods 70 Barclay h. 43 Robhrsoj: 

Cheney Amos, ship-carpenter 568 Water 

Cherry John, grocer, Anthony c. Chapel 

Cherry Joseph, smith Laight c. Greenwich 

Chesebrough Andronicus, 158 Pearl h. 33 Howard 

Chesebrough Robert J. attor. 95 John h. 324 Broadway 

Chesebrough Robert, mer. 124 Pearl h. 324 Broadway 

Chesebrough, Satterlee & Co. 124 Pearl 

Chesebioughs & Van Alen, dry good mer. 153 Pearl 

Cheshire- Daniel, shoe store 325 Pearl 

Cheshire Joseph, shoemakei 313 Grand 

Chessman widow Elizabeth, 336 Broadway 

Chesnut Charles, marble polisher 421 Washington b. 29* 

Chesnut Patrick, 154 Chapel [Spring. 

Chesnut Robert, hair dresser 153 Reed 

Chester Christopher, Brooklyn 

Chester Thomas L. 191 Broadway h. 41 Walker 

Chester W. W. 191 Broadway h. 79 White 

Chester VV. W. & T. L. carpet store 191 Broadway 

Chesterman James, mer. tailor 23 John 

Chesterman, Son & Paddon, drapers & tailors 36' Nassau 

Chevalier widow of Gabriel, carpet weaver 51 Barclay 

Chevrolat & Co. merchants 25 William 

Chew R. 494 Broadway 

Chichester Abner, 279 Pearl h. 4 Market 

Chichester Gilbert, dry goods 481 Greenwich, 

Chichester Matthew, 37 Broome 

Chichester Peuinah, tailoress 8 Thomas 

Chichester Silvanus, 175 Spring 

Chichester Timothy, livery stable 244 Grand 

Chichester & Vanwyck, merchants 279 Pearl 

Chidsey William H. mariner Chrystie n. Rivington 

Child Abraham, Varick n. Beach 

Child Charles, tailor 310 Bowery 

Child Daniel F. shoemaker 121 Varick 

Child Elizabeth, baker 232 Bowery 

Child Francis, conveyancer 19 Chatham 

Child George, teacher 394 Cherry 

Child Lewis, painter 26 William h. 66 Liberty 

Child Thomas, shoemaker 105 Maiden-lane 

Child William H. turner 217 Duane h. 45 Robinsou 

Child William J. baker 42 Provost 

Childs Abel, grocer 6 Ann 

Childs Chester, merchant 264 Front h. 34 Rivington 


fluids Evander, broker 31 Leonard 
Childs Sylvester, shipwright 567 Water 
Chilson Jesse, cartrnan Broome n. Goerck 
Chilton George, chemist 34 Park n. Beekman 
Ching John, mariner 86 Roosevelt 
Chinnery Charles, hatter 133 Allen 
Cbipp Charles, c. H officer 47 John 
Chipp Isaac, grocer 514 Pearl 
Chirney Thomas, carpenter 117 Elm 
Chitry Peter, silversmith Burrows n. Herring 
Chity John, rear 74 Henry 
Chitty William, smith 14 Collect 
Chivvis widow of John, 171 Washington 
Chivvis Peter, butcher 127 Delancey 
Chizzel Peter, 69 Fulton 
Chollet John, baker 385 Cherry 
Chollet & Jirdard, grocer 63 Pump 
Cholwellfc Co. J. E. Spring c. Greenwich 
Chown George, livery stables 80 Leonard 
Christian Charles, cabinet maker 480 Broadway 
Christian widow Diana, 63 Pump 
Christie Alexander, stone cutter Beach c. GreenwicJi 
Christie David, cartrnan Christopher n. Herring 
Christie David & Dower, cartmen 555 Broome 
Christie Gecrge, smith Hudson c. Perry 
Christie James M. grocer 91 Wall h. Ill Duane 
Christie John, cartrnan Renwick n. Spring 
Christie John P. cartrnan 43 Sullivan 
Christie Joseph, fruiter 104 Catharine 
Christie Patrick, laborer 27 Cross 
Christie Peter D. Christopher n. Hudson 
Christie William, cartrnan 7 Desbrosses 
Christie & Rogers, stone-cutters Watts c. Washington 
Chrystal Bernard, grocer Orange c. Franklin 
Chrystie James, smith 106 Leonard 
Christman Charles, mus. inst. maker 64 amd 80 Crosby- 
Christmas Charles, 3 Varick n. Provost 
Christopher John, cartrnan 41 Watts 
Christopher Joseph, smith 30 Thomas 
Church J. L. pump & block-maker 536 Grand n.Mangir 
Church Joseph, morocco dresser 553 Reed 
Church M. A. dress-maker 107 Reed 
Church Thomas, morocco dresser 107 Reed 
Church William, tinsmith 8 Norfolk 

Churchard , 126 Greenwich 

Churchill Reuben, carpenter 522 Greenwich 

Churchman Micajah, flour mercht. 267 Bowery 

Churchman Owen, 269 Bowery 

Churchward Richard, shipmaster 6 Pelham 

Churchwell Sarah, teacher 68 Thompson 

Cigan Michael, peddlar 48 Mulberry 

Cills James H. bookbinder 163 Water up stairs 

Cilver William, tailor 126 Bowery 

Cipraut Joseph, dry good store 389 Broadway 

Cisco P. F. 22 Pump 

Civill Acton, grocer 102 Washington 

C'ivill Anthony, painter 362 Broome 

IIS longwokth's 1825 — 26 

Civill William, city weigher Duane c. West 

Claghom Joseph, sailmaker 64 Spring 

Clahan John, stone cutter Beach c. Greenwich 

Clanan Sarah widow of Simon, 121 Franklin 

Clanan Simon, 348 Broadway 

Clancey James, cartman 35 Cross 

Clancey John, lock- smith 33 Collect 

Clancey Matthew, dry goods 269 Hudson 

Clancy William, grocer 77 Cherry 

Clapp Abel S. cartman and grocer Rivington c. Ludiow 

Clapp Asher, carpenter 188 Elm 

Clapp Benjamin, looking-glass store 130 Chatham 

Clapp Benjamin, 12 Walker 

Clapp Forbes, tallow chandler 173 Bowery 

Clapp Henry W. 319 Washington 

Clapp James, Rivington c. Ludlow 

Clapp John, flour merchant 246 Front h. 22 Market 

Clapp William J. umbrella maker 236 Spring 

Clapp Margaret widow of Philip, 44 Frankfort 

Clapp & Ferri9, merchants 244 Front 

Clare Mc*y widow of Richard, 171 Elm 

Ciars widow Sarah, Montgomery n. Bancker 

Claridge Jamy, smith rear 2 Liberty 

Claritigburn Charles, dry goods 261 Grand 

Clark Aaron, Lottery office 132 Broadway 

Clark Abraham, cartman Burrows n. Herring 

Clark Alexander, 59 Reed [vide Qlarkt^ 

Clark Allan, grocer Amity c. Mercer 

Clark Allen, carpenter Wooster n. Houston 

Clark Amos, inspector of lumber 24 Norfolk 

Clark Benjamin, attorney and counsellor 330 Pearl 

Clark Benjamin, mason 27 Rhynder 

Clark Benjamin, measurer of grain 28 Roosevelt 

Clark Charles, 112 Beekman h. 44 Duane 

Clark Charles, grocer 106 Fulton 

Clark Charles, ship carpenter Montgomery c. Cherry 

Clark Cheeseman, beefsteak house 30 Bowery 

Clark Chester, merchant 202 Pearl h. 44 Walker 

Clark Collect Colbert R. Norfolk c. Stanton 

Clark Cornelius, cartman 93 Delancey 

Clark Daniel, grocer 78 Cortlandt h. 80 Dey 

Clark Daniel, carpenter Norfolk n. Delancey 

Clark David, grocer Greenwich c. Barrow 

Clark Daniel P. merch. 101 Maiden-lane^. 39 Broadway 

Clark David, lumb. mer. 370 Washington h. Hudson n\ 

Clark Ebenezer, grocer 603 Water [Christopher 

Clark Edward, drover Elizabeth n. Prince 

Clark Eliza, millener 244 Duane 

Clark Ellen, seminary 196 Spring 

Clark Ephraim, 39 Greenwich 

Clark Francis, grocer 34 Henry 

Clark Frederick J. dry goods 144 Bowery 

Clark George, mariner Grand c. Attorney 

Clark George D. engineer 55 Allen 

Clark Gerardus, attor. and not, 133 Water h. 91 DuaT» 

Clark Gilbert, 367 Bowery 




kjr. Gregory, grocer 77 South h. 43CortlaiuU 

k Hampton O. mason 375 Greenwich 

k Israel, mason 24 Desbrosses 

k James, tailor 401 Pearl 

k James, painter 3 Market 

k James, carpenter 90 Varick 

k James, carpenter Hammond n. Washington 

k James, shipmaster 372 Washington 

k James, mariner Rutgers c. Loinbardy 

k James C. carpenter Barrow n. Greenwich 

k James G. shipmaster 120 Elm 

k James N. grocer 39 Mulberry ' 

k Jane, Wooster n. Spring 

k Jeremiah W. shoemaker Renwick n. Spring 

k John, grocer 37 Henry 

k John, grocer 257 Front 

k John, engineer 61 Eldridge h. 17 Cheapside 

k John, rigger €£ Forsyth 

k John, druggist 215 Pearl h. 54 Barclay 

k John, 64 Cherry 

k John, smith Ridge n. Delancey 

k John, bricklayer Canal c. Varick 

k John, cartman 29 Charlton 

k John A. shoemaker 5 Chapel 

k John B. grocer 98 Cedar 

k John D. tobacconist 47 Augustus 

k John D. Barrow n. Greenwich 

k John L. drayman 261 Grand 

k Joseph, carpenter 33 Mott 

k Joseph, indian doctor 72 Harman 

k Joseph, painter 51 Leonard 

k Joseph B. smith Rivington c. Ridge 

k Joseph M. mason 32 Laurens n. Prince 

k Josiah, physician 601 Broadway 

k Josiah, crockery store 139 Mott 

k Luther, attorney 15 Burling slip h. 15 Beach 

k Lucy, boarding-house 37 Frankfort 

k Lyman, rigger and stevadore Bayard c. Mulberry 

k Martin, carpenter 46 Ludlow 

k Matthew A. mason Bowery n. 3d Avenue 

k Nathan, grocer Canal c. Varick 

k Nathaniel, grocer Prince c. Wooster [ketfielfi 

k Olirer L. painter and plazier 87 Broad h. 16 Mar 

k Owen, grocer 22 Baucker 

k Palmer, fisherman 17 Duane 

k Patrick, Prince c. Elizabeth 

k Peter, cariman Hammond n. Asylum 

k Peter, 10 Thomas 

k Phebe, 58 Orange 

k Reuben, capt. of the watch 213 Broome n. Suffolk 

k Richard, mason 229 William 

k Rirhard S. 108 Liberty 

k Richard W. baker rear 227 Mulberry 

k Robert T. 17 Doyer 

a Samuel, merchant tailor 266 Pearl h. 33 Fulton 

k jr. Samuel, 75 Elm 

120 longworth's 1825— 2C 

Clark Samuel, dyer 64 Warren c. Chapel 
Clark S. H. grocer 80 Dey 
Clark Smyth, grocer 368 Washington c. Beach 
Clark Stephen R. 3 Thompson 
Clark S. Y. collector 8th ward 5 Charlton 
Clark Theodore, hatter 77 Maiden-lane h. 510 Pearl 
Clark Thomas, stonecutter 186 Hudson 
Clark Thomas I. carpenter 17 Ludlow 
Clark Thomas L. druggist 215 Pearl h. 123 Chambers 
Clark William, 81 Henry 
Clark William, smith 62 Orchard 

Clark William, grocer Roosevelt c. Front h. 43 Market 
Clark William, mariner 141 Henry 
Clark rev. William A. 423 Grand 
Clark William S. shipmaster Broome c. Greene 
Clark widow Ann, grocer 186 Orchard 
Clark Catharine widow of Alexander, 58 Hudson 
Clark widow Elizabeth, 115 Lombardy 
Clark Lucretia widow of Robert, 94 Henry 
Clark Margaret widow of Jacob, 107 Mercer 
Clark widow of John G. 59 Pump 
Clark Maria widow of Lemuel, Ludlow c. Broome 
Clark Mary widow of James, 124 Elm 
Clark & Beam, grocers Front c. Roosevelt 
Clark & Jarvis, Canal c. West 

Clark & Brown, Franklin eating-house 86 Maiden-lane. 
Clark & Son, John & Thomas L. druggists 215 Pearl 
Clarke F. A. merchant 164 Pearl h. 42 Cliff 
Clarke Jacob B. merchant 265 Pearl h. 420 Broome 
Clarke James B. 265 Pearl h. 420 Broome 
Clarke James B. merchant 66 Pearl 
Clarke John H. comedian 375 Broome 
, Clarke John, mineral waters 10 Wall 
Clarke Levi H. 46 Wall h. 520 Broadway 
Clarke Patrick, drayman 41 Cross 
Clarke Catharine widow of Samuel, 134 Grand 
Clarke & Co. I. china, glass, &c. 190 Grand c. Mot's 
Clarke & Monson, merchants 135 Front 
Clarke & Co. Ralph, merchants 65 Maiden-lane 
Clarke & McPherson, grocers 3 Washington 
Clarke & Raymond, hatters 77 Maiden-lane 
Clarkson Levinus, merchant 11 Harison 
Clarkson S. F. attorney 92 Beekman h. 18 Rutgers 
Clarkson Thomas S. merchant 33 Broadway 
Clarkson Wm. B. merchant 69 Washington 
Clarkson widow of Freeman, 97 Liberty 
Clarkson &Co. exchange brokers 39 Wm. h. 31 Broadway 
Clasbaek Edmund, shoemaker 54 Bleecker n. Wooster 
Clason Augustus W. merchant 157 South 
Clason Isaac, 269 Bowery 
Clason Sarah Ann, 387 Broadway 
Class Samuel, black 77 Church 
Class widow of Francis, 2 Elm 
Classen Edward, boatman 217 Delancey n. Pitt 
Classon Ann, 533 Pearl 
Claughley James, grocer Hester c. Mulberry 


Clawson John, carpenter 123 Grand 

Clawson L. merchant 130 Pea*-] 

Clay Stephen S. city weigher 60 South h. 7 Batavia 

Claydon William G. painter 42 Rhynder 

Clayton E. B. printer rear 64 Pine h. 43 Liberty 

Clayton Job, smith Pitt n. Stanton 

Clayton Joel T. grocer Collect c. Franklin 

Clayton Joseph, caipenter 2 Lewis 

Clayton William H. printer 45 Greenwich 

Clayton & Van Norden, printers rear 64 Pine 

Cleal John P. painter 263 Bowery 

Clear Michael, grocer Grand c. Greene 

Olearman John, upholsterer 78 Crosby n. Spring 

Cleary Thomas, com. merchant 1 Jone's-lane 

Cleaveland E. livery stables 8 h. 15 Anthony 

Cleeves Charles, M. d. apothecary 267 Grand 

Clegg Isaac, grocer 110 Church 

Cleland James, grocer Greenwich c. Cbarlton 

Clem John, 58 Maiden-lane 

Clement Gilbert H. 130 Hester 

Clement John, physician 144 Pump 

Clement R. D. bellowsmaker Arden n. Bedford 

Clements Joseph, shipmaster 116 Leonard 

Clements Eunice widow of Nicholas, board, h. 58 Cherry 
Clements Ann wid<;w of Richard, 273 Bowery 

Clements Harriet widow of J. 27 Warren 

Clendenen Patrick, tallow chand. Eldridge n. Rivington 

Clendining Adam, 5 Columbia 

Clendining Alexander, laborer 186 Hudson 

Clendining George, cartman 144 Crosby 

Clendining it Bulkley, merchants 191 Pearl 

Clerry Owen, grocer Woosler c. Amity 

Cleveland Caldwell S. 178 Pearl h. 451 Broome 

Clibborn Joshua, 124 Greenwich 

Cliff William, tailor 21 Duane 

Clifford Constantine, 72 Front 

Clifford John, laborer 4 Hague 

Clifton widow Eliza, seamstress 1 Oak 

Climp George, cartman Green n. Bleecker 

Climp John, cartman 96 Crosby 

Clinch Jacob, 65 Fulton 

Clinch John H. carpenter 165 Mott 

Clinch Jame9, accountant 51 Front 

Clink Christian, sausage maker Forsyth n. Rivington 

Cline E. C. tailor 5 Thomas [see Kline, 

Clinton Bartholomew, grocer 62 Chatham h. 34 Augustus 

Clinton Charles, Hudson n. Burrows 

Clinton widow of George, 335 Broadway 

Clizbe Ira, attorney and counsellor 102 Water 

Clock Gideon, shoemaker 589 Water 

Clohosey James, hatter 81 Mott 

Close David, McDougall n. King 
Close Doctor, 41 Harman 
Close Horace, merchant 34 Division 
Close John, sawyer Lewis n. Grand 
Close & Hubbard, grocers 37 Pcckslip 

122 longworth's 1S25 — 26 

Clossey Myles F. 120 Liberty 

Clous George, jeweller 41 Watts 

Cloutman Robert, cactman 64 Orchard 

Clover Peter L. gilder 35 Thomas 

Clowes John M. 130 Lombardy 

Cloyd David, smith 109 Chrystie 

Cluett John James, 369 Broome 

Clussman Charles L. met chant 242 Water h. 23 James 

Clussman George H. merchant 443 Pearl 

Clyde James, cartman 72 Bayard 

Clyde John, stonecutter Laight n. Greenwich 

Clyde William, porter cellar 308 Water 

Coapman John, dockbuilder Vandam n. Hudson 

Coates Aaron, hatter 123 Forsyth n. Delancey 

Coates Edward, sexton 103 Greenwich 

Coates Hezekiah, mariner 330 Cherry 

Coates Susannah, instructress 139 Chambers. 

Coates Thomas, pvinter 27 Oak 

Coats widow Sibel, 32 Dover 

Coats & Hart, teachers Elizabeth n. Jones 

Coats Stephen, 96 Bowery 

Cobb Ebenezer, tobacconist 20 Pike 

Cobb & Morris, grocers &com. merchants 29 Front 

Cobb Nathan, shipmaster 132 Cherry 

Cobb Oliver, fish store 6 CoeHties-slip 

Cobank John, sugarbaker 117 Forsyth n. Delancey 

Coburn Abel, 138 Cherry 

Coburn James, tallow chandler 35 Bridge 

Cochran Alexander, dry goods 287 Broadway 

Cochran Daniel, 23 Old-slip 

Cochran Daniel, distiller Cannon n. Delancey 

Cochran Francis, stonecutter Washington c. Vestry h. 396 

Cochran Henry, paver Watts c. Varick 

Cochran John, bookbinder 11 Thomas 

Cochran John, cabinetmaker 64 Church & 35 Warren 

Cochran John, grocer 89 James 

Cochran R. grocer 159 Front h. 22 Batavia 

Cochran William D. carpenter 332 Broome 

Cochran William, grocer Commerce c. Bedford 

Cochrane Richard S. teacher 31 Henry 

Cochrane Thos. watchmak, & dry goods 288 Greenv.'ictj 

Cochrane William, merchant 72 Hudson 
Cochrane widow Elizabeth, Bowery hill 

Cock Andrew, 372 Pearl 

Cock John, sailmaker 131 Mott 

Cock Rosannah, tailoress 17 Duane 

Cock Thomas, M.D. 14 Beekman 

Cock Townsend, 70 Henry 

Cock widow Charity. 20 Essex 

Cock Sarah widow of William, rear 45 Oliver 

Cockcroft James M.n. and surgeon 16 Forsyth 

Cockefair James, grocer 35 Lombardy 

Cockman Eliza, pearl and bead worker 83 Liberty 

Cocks James, watchmaker 80 Catharine 

Cooks Joseph H. shipwright Columbia n. Broome 
'Cocks S. & T. grocers Ardea p. Herring 


Cockle John, Fourth n. Broadway 
Coddington John B. merchant 95 Pine h. CO Canal 
Coddington John, dock build. 49 Sullivan 
Coddington Jona. I. merchant 204 Front h. 77 White 
Coddington Mostx:, merchant 253 D:iane 
. .Coddington Martha wido.w*f John, board, h. Washington 
» " v Oo'ddington widow of Isaac, 53 Provost [n. Spring 

Coddington & Co. Samuel, 12 Coenties-slip h. 63 Bioa<' 
Coddington J. & J. merchants 204 Front 
Codet Phebe, fruiter 116 Church 
Codington Elizabeth, 24 Leonard 
Codingtou Geo. F. Vandam n. Hudson 
Codman William, merchant 28 South 
Codman, Allansou& Co. merchants 28 South 
Codwise David, attorney 14 Pine h. 62 Greenwich 
Cody William, book-binder 50 Cherry 
Coe Jesse E. shipwright 228 Harman 
Coe Moses, carpenter 230 Harman 
Coe William S. merchant 302 Pearl h. 1 4r? Cherry 
Coe widow Mary, rear 64 Crosby 
Coffee William, portrait painter Carmine n. Bedford 
Coffie Eleanor, 331 Greenwich c. Jay 
Coffield widow M. 23 Lispenard 
Coffin jr. Alexander, Commerce c. Bedford 
Coffin George G. master warden 7 Franklin 
Coffin Hiram, grocer 159 Maiden-lane 
Coffin John, 11 Reed 

§offin J. F. 76 Allen 
offin Ann widow of Caleb, boarding-house 79 Pea;l 
Coffin widow Bridget, grocer 142 Leonard I 
Coffin widow of John, 4 Washington market 
Coffin & Cartwright, grocers 170 South 
Coffin & Co. E. merchants Maiden-lane c. Front 
Coffin & Weyman, com. merchants HI South 
CogdeH widow Mary, 60 Essex 
Coger John, mariner 155 Bancker 
Coggar widow R. washerwoman 57 Cedar 
Coggeshall Caleb, 104 Lombardy 
Coggill George, 54 Pine h. Hudson n. Barrow 
Cogswell Charles C. choc, and must. man. 227 William 
Cohen Abram. H. teacher of languages 13 More 
Cohen Barrow A. silversmith 540 Pearl 
Cohen H. E. whipmaker 13 Vandam 
Cohen Jacob J. merchant Hudson n. Hatnersley 
Cohen Morris B. pawnbroker 56 Chatham 
Cohen, jr. Nicholas, grocer 63 Catharine 
Cohlan Daniel, rope-dealer 23 Old Slip 
Coit David, shoemaker 73 Hester 
Coit Elisha, merchant 166 Greenwich 
Coit Gabriel, last-maker 65 Bowery 
Coit Henry, merchant 96 Wall h. 76 White 
Coit Henry A. merchant 61 South h. 84 White 
Coit Joshua, attorney and notary Nassau c. Pine 
Coit Nathaniel, fisherman 62 Allen 
Coit & Co. Levi, brokers 50 Wall h. 84 White 
Cokelet Isaac P. cartman Christopher n. Herring 

124 longworth's 1825 — 2G 

Cokelet Peter, cartman Bedford n. Commerce 
Cokelet Stephen, cartman Commerce n. Bedford 
Colburn John, druggist Hudson n. King h. 532 Broome 
Colburn Joshua, cartman 167 Spring 

Colby John, sliverplater rear 31 Gold 

Colden David C. attorne y 3_1_ W all J /pt^* • 

Colden Cadwalladpr D. J'WWall h. 26 Laight /^V^t^» 

Cole Abraham, city measurer 1 Renwick [see Colei- 

Cole Abraham, stone-cutter Hammond n. Washington 

Cole Abraham A. mason 65 M'Dougal n. Houstoa 

Cole Abraham B. cartman Hudson c. Sullivan 

Cole Barnet, boarding-house 108 Vesey 

Cole Christian, mason 113 Mott 

Cole Ebenezer, weigh-master 2 Thompson 

Cole Garret, cartman 131 Chapel 

Cole Horace, 9 h. 8 Ferry 

Cole Isaac I. mason M'Dougal n. Houston 

Cole Isaac D. teacher Prince n. Mercer 

Cole James, tailor 250 William 

Cole John, cartman 55 Watts 

Cole John, sail duck store 28 Coenties slip h. 41 Stoise 

Cole John, carpenter 60 Greene 

Cole John I. cartman Greenwich c. Perry 

Cole Richard M. mason Columbia n. Rivington 

Cole Silas, Brooklyn 

Cole Simeon, carpenter Charles c. Asylum 

Cole Thomas, carpenter Wooster n. Prince 

Cole Tunis, cartman 73 Sullivan 

Cole William, cartman Varick n. Downing 

Cole & Vanderpool, printers Beekman c. Pearl (lip stain : y 

Colgrove Francis, cartman 558 Broome 

Colgrove John B. carpenter M'Dougal c. King 

Colgrove John L. carpenter Dominick c. Varick 

Coleman Hiram, tailor 151 Anthony 

Coleman Jackson, cartman 97 Rivington 

Coleman John, rigger 48 Oliver 

Coleman John, block-maker 268 Delancey 

Coleman Peter, shoemaker 369 Greenwich 

Coleman Silas, cartman 120 Orchard 

Coleman jun. Silas, butcher 72 Broad 

Coleman Wm. counsellor and editor Ev. Post 61 Hudson 

Coleman William, counsellor 49 William h. 61 Hudson 

Coleman Elizabeth widow of Daniel, rear S6 Mulberry 

Coles Amos, boarding house 175 Greenwich [see Cote 

Coles Benjamin, teacher 256 Bowery 

Coles Benjamin, 21 Rose 

Coles Caleb, shoe-store 355 Pearl h. 40 Roosevelt 

Coles Charles, contractor Stanton c. Columbia 

Coles Cornelius, mason 130 Church 

Coles David A. shipwright Lewis n. Grand 

Coles George D. 11 Peck-slip 

Coles Isaac, cartman 24 Ludlow 

Coles Isaac P. millioer 64 Bowery 

Coles Isaac U. 3 Pearl 

Cples John, carpenter Greene n. Broome 


Coles John B. merchant 1 South h. 2 Statu 
Coles Robert, drygood-stoie 286 Grand 
Coles Samuel Y. accountant, 47 Nassau 
Coles Willet, 168 Chambers 
. Coles widow Eliza, 365 Bowery 
Coles widow Hester, 64 Watts 

Coles Maria widow of Henry, N. William n. 3d Avenue 
Coles widow Mary, 31 Var.dam 
Coles widow Sarah, 1J6 Division 
Coles widow Sarah, 30 Lombardy 
Coles Sarah widow of Joseph, 11 Peck-slip 
Coles Caleb & Thomas, shoemakers 355 Pearl 
Coles D. & J. grocers Hudson c. M'Dougal 
Coles & Polhamus, merchants 11 Peck-slip 
Coley Daniel, clothier 120 Cherry 
Coley Richard B. brewers tavern 535 Broome 
Colfax widow Apphya, 69 Cortlandt 
Colgan Bernard, tailor 4 Chapel 
Colgan Edward, grocer 68 Cedar 
Colgan Philip, tailor 142 Maiden-lane 
Colgate Bowles, chandler 7 Dutch 
Colgate Charles, tallow-chandler 34 Catharine 
Colgate Edward, stonecutter 110 Reed 
Colgate George, tallow-chandler 256 Greenwich 
Colgate & Co. Wm. tallow-chandlers 6 Dutch h. 27 John 
Colhoon WWliam, morocco dresser 112 Anthony 
Collard A. tailor 58 Wanvu [vide Collard 

Collard James, stonecutter 66 N. Moore 
Collard John, block and pump maker 168 Harmau 
Collard John, stonecutter 114 Chapel 
^'ollens Jonathan, ship-carpenter 189 Division 
Poller Daniel, cartman Mercer n. Bleecker 
Colles A.M. merchant 17 Coenties-slip 
Colles'tfe Bailey, merchants 17 Coenties-slip 
Collet Gabriel, 42 Bread d. 

Collet Julia, 37 Elm 

Collett Jozeph, commercial hotel 42 and 76 Broad 
Collier Richard, carpenter 62 Sullivan [vide Collyer 

Collier William, ♦obacconist 98 Harman d 

Collingridge William, brass-founder 128 Orange 
Collingwood widow Laurana, 40 Lumber 
Collins Abraham, merchant 86 Water ha 317 Greenwicl 
f 'ollins Abraham, chair-caner 8 Mulberry 
Collins Bartholomew, grocer 347 Grand 
I oliins Benj. S. bookseller 230 Pearl h. 425 Brogmr 
Collins Charles, merchant 1 Cherry 
Collins Cornelius, labourer 8 Chapel 
.Collins Daniel, mason 27 Provost 
Collins Elizabeth, seamstress 162 Elizabeth 
Collins George, boarding-house, 196 Cherry 
( oliins George, carpenter 57 Leonard 
Collins Henry, painter 407 Broome 
Collins Henry, smith Collect n. Pump 
Collins Henry, porter 168 Duane 
< "oliins Horace, looking-glass 297 Peajl 

326* longworth's 1825 — 20 

Collins Isaac, 424 Broome 

Collins James, bookstore 207£ Greenwich 

Collins James, painter 168 Harman 

Collins Jeremiah, clothes-dresser 52 Cortlandt 

Collins John, cartman Stanton c. Orchard 

Collins John, mariner 312 Bowery 

Collins John N. barber 103 Cherry 

Collins Joseph, boot-cramper 5 Jacob 

Collins Joseph, carpenter 70 Orchard 

Collins Joseph B. Ii7 Maiden-lane h. 423 Broome 

Collins Patrick, mason and grocer 97 Leonard 

Collins Patrick, baker 141 Anthony 

Collins Peter, stonecutter 74 Provost 

Collins Peter D. snuff-maker Cornelius n. Herring 

Collins Stacy B. book-st. 63 Fulton h. Prince c. Mercer. 

Collins William, tobacconist t?G Duane h. Grand 

Collins William, tailor 9 Rector 

Collins William, 54 Market, 

Collins William, ship-carpenter 607 Water 

Collins widow Ann, 43 Chapel 

Collins widow Ann, 37 Elizabeth 

Collins widow Catharine, grocer Mulberry c. Spring 

Collins & Co. booksellers and stationers 117 Maiden-lane 

Collins & Hannay, booksellers 230 Pearl 

Collins & Son J. G. merchants 88 South h. 82 Canal 

Collis George, smith 293 Front I). Bancker c. Oliver 

Collis Richard, sail-maker upper end Mott 

Collis William, sail-rnaker 26 Eldridge 

Collis William, tallow-chandler 522 Grand 

Collister Benjamin, 155 Greenwich h. 84 Beekman 

Collord Isaac, shoemaker 138 Chambers [vide Collard 

Collord widow C. 32 Lumber 

Collyer Uriah, cartman Thompson n.Bleecker 

Collyei & Harris, hatters 155 Water 

Colman W. A. bookseller 86 Broadway up stair? 

Colons David, chair-maker 214 William 

Colt Amos F. grocer Brooklyn 

Colt John, com. mer. 182 Water 

Cohen Andrew, labourer 118 Mott 

Colter Edward, cartman 13 Mott 

Colter Francis, cartman 44 Harman 

Colter John, sawyer 413 Greenwich 

Colter Mark, 16 Batavia 

Colter Patrick, labourer rear 137 Orange 

Colton Levi, silversmith 98 Beekman 

Colton & Collins, jewellers 177 Broadway 

Colvert William, mason Essex n. Delancey 

Colvill Cornelius, grocer 53 Fulton h. 14 Hanson 

Colvill jr. John, m.d. Greenwich c. Liberty 

Colvill John, auctioneer 5 Phenix build, h. 145Greemviclr 

Colvill &Co. Wm grocer & tea dealer 53 Fulton c. Clill 

Colvin Andrew, stables 458 Broadway h. 5 Crosby 

Colwell A. K. brush-maker 33 Liberty [vide Cauldwel? 

Colwell Chew, confect. 49 Division and rear 185 Grand 

Colwell George, barber 41 Boosevelt h. rear 4S"OUver 

Colyer James, cartman 327 Pearl 


• 5mb \Viliiam, carpenter 25 Howard 
Combau'lr Peter, Broadway-hotel 599 Broadway 
Combes Robert, Franklin-house d 

«'ombs Amos, grocer 156 Crosby 
Combs John, carpenter 36 Lumber 
Combs Samuel B. shoemaker 200 William 
' oimnos Peter, rope-maker Stanton c. Orchard 
Compton Anthony, grocer Varick c. Vandani 
Compton Cornelius, shipwright 38 Cheapside 
Compton j r . John, merchant 60 Pearl 
Comstock Daniel, 22 Catharine-slip 
Comstock E. D. merchant 302 Pearl 
< 'omstock Job S. merchant 29 South h. 39 Broadway 
Comstock John, fisherman 102 Oliver 
Comstock Nathan, merchant 191 Front h. 10 Market 
'•bmstock Russell, cider-merchant 4 Wall h.345 Pearl 
Comstock & Tinker, grocers 22 Catharine-slip 
Conant Samuel S. boarding-house 27 South h. 8th Aven 
Conant & Dean, porter-house 155 Bowery 
Concklin Caleb, butcher Stanton c. Eldridge 
Concklin Els, grocer 53 West n. Vesey h. 226 Duane 
Coneklin Ezckiel, carpenter Cannon n. Delancey 
Concklin George, carpenter 46 Leonard [vide Coyiklin £ 
Concklin Jesse, grocer 90 Vesey h. 247 Duane [Conkling 
Concklin Jos. butcher 48 Cath. mar. h. Stanton n. Forsyth 
Concklin Martin, morocco-dresser Grand c. Eldridge 
Concklin Nicholas, cartman 73 Chrystie 
Concklin Samuel, shoemaker 152 Reed 
Concklin Walter W. grocer 108 Vesey h. 19 Leonard 
Concklin Eliza widow of John VV. Wooster n. Prince 
Concklin widow of Josiah, 3 Claik 
Concylya Mary D. tailoress 35 Vandam 
Condit Calyin, carpenter 222 William h. 438 Pearl 
Cone Enos, grocer 91 James 
< 'one Rev. Spencer H. 136 Bowery 
Conely widow Achsah, boarding-house 63 Market 
Conery Michael, shoe-store 252 Water and 48 Catharine 
Conger James, merchant 93 Maiden-lane h. 34 N. Moore 
Conger John, edge-tool manuf. 342 h. 338 Grand 
Conger John S. physician 38 Harman 
Conklin Ann, 84 Canal [vide Concklin fy 

Conklin Azel, constable 165 Bancker [Conkling 

Conklin David, carpenter 87 Sullivan 
Conklin George S. shoemaker 118 Broad 
Conklin Jacob, carpenter Charles n. Greenwich 
Conklin Jacob, carpenter rear 8 Clarke 
Conklin James, mason 391 Broome 
Conklin James, shoemaker 29 Sullivan 
Conklin James, cooper 42 Anthony 
Conklin James K. porter-house Barclay n. Washington 
Conklin John, blind-maker Columbia c. Stanton & 

Conklin John, cooper Rhynder op. Hester 
Conklin John, shoemaker Orchard c. Broome 
Conklin John, grocei 145 Spring c. Laurens 

12$ longwortjts 1825— 2C- 

Conklin John, tanner 11 and 13 Jacob 

Conklin Johnson, carpenter 534 Broome 

Conklin Joseph, carpenter 13 Dominick 

Conklin Joseph, cooper 107 Chapel 

Conklin Joseph, mason 86 Varick 

Conklin Lemuel, grocer Clarke c. Breome 

Conklin Lucas, shoemaker Commerce n. Bedford 

Conklin Matthew, 15 Charlton 

Conklin Moses S. 91 South h. 20 Mulberry 

Conklin Peter, cabinet-maker 29 Sullivan 

Conklin Philip, hatter 213 Orange 

Conklin Bichard, Greenwich c. Vandam 

Conklin Thomas W. teacher 141 Harman 

Conklin William, chair-maker 176 Mulberry 

Conklin Wright, cartman Pitt n. Stanton 

Conklin widow Elizabeth, 7 Boosevelt 

Conklin widow Jannett, 134 Grand 

Conklin Sarah widow of Lewis, M'Dougal n. Vandatu 

Conkling Harvey, boatman 83 Provost 

Conkling Nathaniel, merchant 7 Washington 

Conkling Nathaniel, merchant 18 Fletcher 

Conkling Thomas, ship-carpenter Rivington n. Ridge 

Conkling Stephen, William c. Frankfort 

Conkling widow Mary, 371 Pearl 

Conley Benjamin, carpenter Hester n. Orange 

Conley Francis, mason 20 Laurens n. Spring 

Conley John, shoemaker 50 Chrystie 

Conly widow Sarah, rear 182 Grand 

Connell Henry, butcher Spring n. Greenwich 

Connell Owen, chandler and soapboiler 77 Broome 

Connell Philip, dry-goods 307£ Broadway 

Connell Richard, cabinet-maker 18 Desbrosses. 

Connell Timothy, chair-maker 131 Allen 

Connell Ann widow of Charles, 155 Chambers 

Connell J. & A. hardware-st. 85 Chatham h. 150 Fulton 

Connelly Edward, porter-house 89 Nassau 

Connet Fraze, 153 Spring 

Connolly James, 138 Anthony 

Connolly Michael, shoemaker 22 Orange and 82 Water 

Connolly Patrick, grocer 217 Division 

ConnollyThomas, labourer 123 Anthony 

Connolly Thomas, 93 Orange 

Connor John, auctioneer 63 Vesey h. Hudson c. Spring 

Connor John, sugar-boiler 231 Forsyth 

Connor Laurence, type founder Wooster n. Prince 

Conover Albert, tailor 144 Harman 

Conover Cirenus, harness-maker 11 Forsyth 

Conover John, cartman 50 Chrystie 

Conover John B. shoe-maker 149 Orange 

Conover John V. shoemaker Rhynder n. Hester 

Conover Noah, mariner rear 34 Augustus 

Conover Stephen, hardw. st. 327 Broadw. h. 71 Franklin 

Conrad Ephraim, printer 4 Frankfort h. 75 Elizabeth 

Conrey Jonathan, grocer 60 Rutgers 

Conrey Thomas, cartmau 66 Cross 


Conrey P. inspector of lumber 138 Cherry 

Conrey Wm. cabinet-maker 73 Division h. 37 Norfolk 

Conrey widow of Garret, rear 44 Oak 

Conrey widow of John, 67 White 

Conrey widow PrisciUa, 12 Dutch 

Conron Lac, grocer 9 Prince 

Conroy Johu, machinist 91 Fulton 

Constancio Doctor, 340 Broadway 

Constant Elizabeth widow of Thomas, 56 Beach 

Constantine Charles, copperplate-printer 30 White 

Constantine John, upholster 162 Fulton 

Constantine P. tailor 176 Duane 

Constantine & Co. T. cabinet-makers 538 Greenwich 

Content Samuel, trader 104 Division 

ContoitJohnH. 55 White 

Contoit jr. John, New- York garden 355 Broadway 

Contrell George, fruiter 75 Chatham 

Conway Charles, laborer 213 Orange 

Conway Edward, physician 85 Cherry 

Conway John, laborer 136 Anthony 

Conwell Edward, cartman 64 Crosby 

Conyard Mehetibel, grocer 91 Henry 

Conyel James, laborer 39 Augustus 

Cook Calvin G. tailor 85 Bayard 

Cook Charles, grocer Forsyth c. Delancey 

Cook David, smith Gouverneur n. Water 

CooktDavid, taHor 391 Pearl 

< ook David, Hubert below Washington 

Cook David, grocer Pump c. Mulberry 

Cook Edmund D. carpenter 17 Hester 0. 

Cook Edward, china store 6 Bowery 

Cook Edward, mason 189 Mulberry 

Cook Sc Co. Edward, merchant tailor 19 Wa! : . 

Cook Edward, 71 Lombardy 

Cook Elizabeth, fruiter 80 Chatham 

Cook Elizabeth, M'Dougal c. Amity 

Cook Francis, 41 Delancey 

Cook George, cartman 4 Otters Alley 

Cook George H. 9 Coenties-slip h. 48 Franklin 

Cook Israel, grocer 202 Fulton h. 33 Harison 

Cook James, brush ware-house 175 B.way h. 142 Wa te . 

Cook James, porter 148 Orange 

Cook John, grocer Broome c. Columbia 

Cook John, mariner 351 Cherry 

Cook John, grocer Front n. Corlaers-hook 

Cook Joseph, button maker 299 Bowery 

Cook Levi, 34 Bowery 

Cook Peter, cartman 81 Elizabeth 

Cook Richard, grocer 74 Roosevelt 

Cook Richard, umbrella-maker Houston c. Laurens 

Cook Samuel, carpenter Bleecker n. Bowery 

Cook Samuel, confectioner 51 Pearl 

Cook Silas, carpenter 211 Hester n. Orange 

Cook Stephen, smith 350 Division 

Cook Thomas, china store 176 Broadway h. 62 Mulberry 

330 loncworth's 1825—26 

Cook Thomas, horse liair manuf. Bowery c. Stanton 

Cook William, 204 Spring 

Cook William, shoemaker 30 Vandewater 

Cook William, tailor Grand c. Columbia 

Cook Wm. A. merchant 11 Coenties-slip h. 724 Broady 

Cook William D. shipmaster 129Harman 

Cook William H. tailor 86 Catharine 

Cook William R. 290 Bowery 

Cook VV. D. N. painter 49 Orchard 

Cook widow Catharine, Grand n' Attorney 

Cook widow Sarab, 61 Orchard 

Cook widow Sarah, 210 Eldridge 

Cook &. Arrowsmith, smiths Gouverneur c. Cherry 

Cook & Barker, grocers 11 Coenties-slip 

Cook & Manning, 9 Coenties-slip 

Cooke George, chair-manufacturer 63 Broad 

Cooke Henry, 165 Canal n. Varick 

Cooke James H. cabinet maker 38 Beekman 

Cooke Robert, portrait painter 36 Spring 

Cooke Samuel, boarding-house 81 Cherry 

Cooke widow B. tavern 754 Broadway c. Art 

Cooke & Scofield, merchants 226 Pearl 

Cooledge Daniel, bookbinder 66 Fulton h. 304 Pearl 

Coombas Asa, shipcarpenter 114-Henry 

Coombes Nathaniel L. printer 173 Duane 

Coon Aaron, carpenter 198 Division 

Coon Aaron, engineer Rivington n. Pitt 

Coon J"hn V. tailor 6 Mott 

Cooney Daniel, 251 William 

Cooney John, trunk maker 157 Broadway El. 41 Cedar 

Cooper Abraham W. merchant tailor 227 Greenwich 

Cooper Benjamin, shoe-maker 97 Chatham 

Cooper Benjamin, gun maker 208 B.way. h. 3 Franklin 

Cooper David T. turpentine distiller 215 Water 

Cooper Edward, baker 311 Grand 

Cooper E. C. M. d. 261 Grand i, 

Cooper Fayette, physician 85 Liberty 

Cooper Francis, Laurens n. Bleecker 

Cooper George, bricklayer 93 Grand n. Mercer 

Cooper George D. attorney 35 William h. 327 Broadway 

Cooper George H. grocer 11 William liv. stables 86 Broad 

Cooper Gilbert, wheelwright Bedford n. Burrows 

Cooper Gerardus A. M. d. 55 Franklin 

Cooper Hugh, 311 Grand 

Cooper Jacob, cartman 86 Essex 

Cooper James, 345 Greenwich 

Cooper James, hatter Hudson n. Fitzroy road 

Cooper Jeremiah, military store 7 Maiden-1. h. 9 Crcrsby 

Cooper John, boot and shoe-maker 167 Water 

Cooper John, carpenter 43 Anthony 

Cooper John W. grocer 22 John c Nassau 

Cooper Joseph, 34 Dey 

Cooper Joseph C. boarding-house 19 Pearl 

Ctroper Samuel, grocer 23 Bancker 


Cooper Samuel, grocer Rivington n. Willet 

Cooper Samuel, inspect, p. & p. ashes 18 Front h. 56 Peai". 

Cooper Steward, cartman Greene n. Houston 

Cooper Thomas, rope-maker 11 Eldridge 

Cooper Thomas, grocer Chrystie c. Hester 

Cooper Warmoldus. 134 Greenwich 

Cooper William, cabinet-maker 44 Chapel 

Cooper William, 40 Watts 

Cooper widow Catharine, boarding-house 88 Greenwki 

Cooper widow Francis, 313 Greenwich 

Cooper widow of Nicholas, 55 Watts 

Cooper Sarah widow of Thomas, Wooster n. Spring 

Corjcutt John B. cabinet-maker 337 Greenwich 

Copelartd James, grocer 3 Cross 

Copeland James, shipmaster 138 Orchard 

Copeland Edward, cartman 48 Rivington 

Copeland widow Mary Ann, midwife 39 White 

Copeman Abraham, wheelwright 27 Laurens n. Spring 

Copenger 1. C. tailor 28 John 

Copp Joseph, boarding house 81 Maiden-lane 

Copp jun Josepli, grocer 87 South 

Copp & Sill, grocers 87 South c. Burling-slip 

Coppin John, 113 Hester 

Coppinger Walter, grocer 101 Catharine 

Coppinger widow of Joseph, 171 Chapel 

Corbet Noel, shoemaker 94 James 

C'oibett widow Cathalina, 33 Delancey 

Corbitt Samuel, rigger 16 Batavia 

Corbitt Samuel D. 71 Cathariae 

Corbley Ann widow of Ch/isiopher, 503 Grand 

Corbusier John, cabinetmaker rear 80 Forsyth 

Corey Eli, sash & blind maker 248 Varrck 

Corey John H. turner 2 Lispenard 

Corey Timothy, carpenter 71 Hester 

Corey William E. turner 142 Chambers 

Corgan John, grocer 83 Catharine h. 232 Division 

Corkran Samael, carver and gilder 140 Chapel 

Corkrey James, tailor 40 Roosevelt 

Corley John, chairmaker 323 Pearl 

Corley widow of Christopher, sunmaker 352 Water 

Corleys Thomas, butcher 24 Wash. m. h. Varick n. Spring 

Corlies George, mason 21 Vandewater 

Corlies Jacob, merchant 283 Pearl 

Corlies Jacob H. merchant 211 h. 298 Pearl 

Corlies John, merchant 47 Water h. 299 Pearl 

Corlies Joseph, 285 Pearl h. 26 Mott 

Corlies widow Lydia, boarding house 298 Pearl 

Corlies & Co. B. & J. merchants 285 Peavl 

Corlies J. & J. W. merchants 47 W'ater 

Corlies, Mabbett & Merrit, auctioneers 276 Pearl 

' orlis James, mason 41 Elizabeth 

Corlis William, mason 101 Pump 

Cormier A. F. dyer and scourer 87 Pump 

Cornell Alexander, mercht. 84 Washington h.16 Sullivto: 

Cornell Caleb, cartman Broome c. Essex 

Cornell Cornelius, cartman Delancey n. Norfolk 

132 longworth's 1325 — 20 

Cornell Elijah, boardinghouse 307 Pearl 

Cornell Isaac, cartman 78 Rivington 

Cornell Isaac, laborer 595 Water 

Cornell James, cartman 128 Delancey 

Cornell Japhath, cartman 179 Ludlow 

Cornell John, vinegar yard 8 Lewis 

Cornell John H. accountant 64 Lispenard 

Cornell John H. cartman 318 Broome 

Cornell Joshua, cartman 193 Mott 

Cornell Morris, cartman 124 Delancey 

Cornell Paul, rigger 12 Scammel 

Cornell Peter C. grocer 582 Broome 

Cornell Peter, com. merchant 53 Fulton 

Cornell Peter, cartman Greene n. Bleecker 

Cornell Richard, chairmnker 90 Elizabeth 

Cornell Robert C. 269 Pearl h. 43 Cliff 

Cornell Samuel, 78 Rivington 

Cornell Samuel, cartman 3 North 

Cornell Stephen, grocer Wooster c. Amity 

Cornell Stephen, cartman 78 Rivington 

Cornell Thomas, police officer 126 Orange 

Cornell William, city measurer 98 Greene 

Cornell widow of Gilliam, 19 Chrystie 

Cornell widow Martha, 33 Pump 

Cornell widow Mary, Pitt c. Stanton 

Cornell Sarah widow of Charles, 64 Lispenard 

Cornell & Hulse, grocers West n. Robinson h. 582 Broome 

Cornell & Nostrand, hardware store 269 Pearl 

Cornen Dennis, grocer 103 Anthony 

Corning Amos, city surveyor 427 Greenwich 

Corning William V. cabinet maker 427 Greenwich 

Cornish Jacob M. carpenter 37 Arundel 

Cornish John, cartman Ridge n. Delancey 

Cornish rev. Samuel, 5 Varick n. Provost 

Cornish William, cartman 42 Attorney 

Cornwall Augustus, merchant 167 Front h. 278 Broome 

Comwell Edward, tailor 292 Grand 

Comwell John, cartman 11 Suffolk 

Comwell Joseph, coach painter 35 Vandam 

Cornwell Nathan, shoemaker 281 Bowery 

Comwell Richard, chairmaker 11 Bowery h.91 ElizabetL:- 

Cornwell Timothy, butcher C.lumbia n. Rivington 

Comwell Willet, "butcher First c. 2d Avenue 

Cornwell William, 83 Hester 

Cornwell William, grocer 47 Arundel 

Cornwell widow Elizabeth, III Delancey n. Essex 

Corp Samuel, merchant 51 William h. 9 Beaver 

Corr Peter, cartman 189 Mulberry 

Corre Richard and Vincent, 48 Lispenard 

Corre Mary B. widow of Joseph, 48 Lispenard 

Correll Amos, painter 311 Spring 

Corrigan widow of James, grocer Mulberry c. Heste" 

Corrigan James, grocer 10 Pump 

Corrigan Luke, fruiter 21 Fulton h, 168 Water 

Corrigan William, shoemaker 183 Grand 

Cony William, cooper 29 Elm 


Corse Barney, currier 14 Jarorru. 13 Vandewater 
Corse John B. tailor 1 Hague 

Corse & Son Israel, curriers 14 Jacob h. 7 Vandewater 
Corse widow Elizabeth, bonrdinghouse 296 Pearl 
Corson John, cordwainer Ridge c. Stanton 
Corson widow Cornelia, Delanrey c. Orchard 
Corson widow of Cornelius, 37 Lombardy 
Corson Lucy widow of John, Thompson n. Spring 
Cortelyou L. ft. cooper 18 Thames 
Cortelyou Peter C. whitesmith 82 Bowery 
Cortelyou widow Elizabeth, nurse 82 Bowfijry 
Cortland Peter, 5 Cross 
Corwin George, grocer 4 Birmingham 
Corwin Hudson, 68 Roosevelt d. 

Corwin James, boarding house 79 Murray 
Corwin James, carpenter 192 Brooma 
Corwin Joshua, shipcaipenter 540 Water 
Corwin Nathaniel, grocer 1 Batavia 
Corwin Oliver, merchant 196 Front h. 36 Mott 
Corwin Seth, grocer Roosevelt c. Batavia 
Corwin widow Leah, boarding house 35 Water 
Corwin H. & N. grocers 116 South 
Cory Samuel, cartman 12 Charlton 
Cosgrove Walter, mason Stanton c. Essex 
Cosine Garret, com. & paper ware house 77 Dey 
Coskry Nathaniel, hosier 98 Maiden-lane h. 27 Liberty 
Cossart John M. accountant 156 Spring n. Thompson 
^Costar Henry, hatter 200 Broadway h. 74 Chambers 
Costar Anthony M. 146 Chambers 
Costello Sarah, 201 Mott 
Costello Thomas, grocer 120 Anthony 
Coster Henry A. 11 North Moore 
Coster John G. merchant, 35 Pine h. 227 Broadway 
Costigan James, bookseller 17 Chatham 
Cotheal David, 49 Water h. 116 Pump 
Cotheal Henry, 49 Water h. 28 Whitehall 
Cotheal Henry &. David, merchants 49 Water 
Cotte Peter, confectioner 269 Broadway 
Cotter Garret J. maiinei 1 tJ 8 i Dunne 
Cottenet Francis, merchant "\ Old-slip rrt .33 Warren 
Cottle Saml. butcher Cath. mark. h. 127 Eliz. n. Broome 
Cottle widow Sarah, 59 Suffolk 
Cotton John, clothing store 306 Water 
Cotton Shubael B. shipmaster 106 Orange & 75 Canal 
Cottrell Abraham, tailor 212Harman 
Cornell Daniel, rigger 135 Baacker 
Cottrell Thomas, Broome n. Cannon 
Cottrell William, cartman 68 Orchard 
Couch Benjamin, tailor 29 Suffolk 
Couch Hiram, 420 Broadway 
Couch William, grocer 295 Front h. 5 Mott 
Couenhoven Christian, shoemaker 270 Broadway 
Couenhoven Elizabeth, 20 Mulberry 
Couenhoven Edward, mariner Amos c. Greenwich 
Couenhoven J<ames, shoemaker 43 Christie 
Couenhoven John L. shoemaker 20 Mulberry 


134 longworth's 1825 — 2d 

Cough Luke, mason 6 Vestry 

Cougnacq Charles F. apothecary 33 Chatham 

Coulter David, crockery store 11 Spring 

Coulter Joseph, marble polisher Beach c. Washington 

Coulter widow Mary, 5 Catharine-slip 

Coulthard & Co. Wm. brewers 61 & 63 Cross 

Couper Allen, shoemaker 99 Broome 

Coursen&Co. Abraham, grocer 14 Front h. 13 Watet 

Court William, 347 Greenwich c. Harison 

Courter John, shoemaker 66 Prince 

Courtney Robert, weaver 134 Grand 

Coutant Gilbert, merchant Bowery n. Vauxhall 

Coutant Gilbert J- grocer Boweryhill 

Coutant Isaac, grocer Bowery, n. Vauxhall 

Coutant Jacob, 159 Bancker 

Coutant Lewis P. furrier 33 Ann 

Coutant Peter, grocer Bowery c. Spring 

Coutant widow Elizabeth, 2d. Avenue n. First 

Couzens John, shoemaker 31 Broad 

Couzins John, grocer Broome c. Willet h. 6 Arundel 

Covel James, m.d. 176 Spring 

Covel John C. physician 176 Spring 

Covell Horace, teacher 56 Harman 

Covert David, ship carpenter 58 Rutgers 

Covert Henry, cartman Ridge n. Delancey 

Covert Jacob, 47 Beekman 

Covert John, inspector of wood 121 Lombardy 

Covert widow Catharine, 7 Birmingham 

Cowan Arthur, cartman 20 Laurens 

Cowan James, chandler 2 Collect & 515 Pearl 

Cowan James, jobber 1 14 Leonard 

Cowan John, grocer Broome c. Mercer 

Cowan William, carpenter 124 Wooster n. BIcecker 

Cowan William, carpenter 17 Spruce 

Cowan W. W. attorney 133 Fulton h. Broome c. Mercer 

Cowdrey David M. attorney 2 Dey h. 128 Lombardy 

Cowdrey Peter A. attorney 338 Pearl 

Cowdrey Samuel, attorney & counsellor 338 Pearl 

Cowdrey widow Sarah, 65 Rutgers 

Cowell Richard, dentist 15 Roosevelt 

Cowhy Michael, grocer 74 Wall 

Cowing William, merchant 90 South h. 18 Franklin 

Cowl James, grocer 29 Peck-slip 

Cowl O. & J. grocers, 29 Peck slip 

Cowley Richard V. tavern 535 Broome 

Cowley Wm. merchant 177 Water h. 36 Bec>rrmn 

Cowperthwaite Benj. E, chairpainter 11 Doyer 

Cowperthwaite J. K. chairm. 4 Chatrn.-sq. h. 118 Henry 

Cowperthwaite Job, chairm. 11 Bowery h. 125 Hestev 

Cox Abraham, clothes dresser 315 Broadway 

Cox Abraham L. m.d. 73 Hudson 

Cox Anthony D. vamisher 33 Walker 

Cox Charles, sweep office Varick c. Watts 

Cox Chailes, carpenter 39 Forsyth 

Cox Elijah, carpenter 126 Greene n. Prince 

Cox Edward N. Hammond a. Asyium 


Cox George Smith, 134 Washington 

Cox Henry, cartman 244 Hudson 

Cox Henry, cartman Houston n. M'Dougal 

Cox Jacob D. carpenter 121 Elm 

Cox James, grocer 84 Bancker 

Cox Jameson, baker 15 Pike 

Cox Jameson, .107 Forsyth 

Coxjun. Jameson, grocer Stanton c. Forsyth 

Cox Jesse & Thomas cartmeu rear 25 Laurens n. Spring 

Cox John Smith, 81 Broad 

Cox John, cartman 70 Forsyth 

Cox John F. 704 Broadway 

Cox Joseph, carpenter 152 Chrystie 

Cox Nicholas, carpenter 134 Prince n. Wooster 

Cox Robert, smith Front c. Depeyster 

Cox Samuel, b. 171 Chatham 

Cox Rev. Samuel H.Charlton n. M-Dougal 

Cox T nomas, cartman 22 Laurens 

Cox Valentine, cartman Broome c. Cannon 

Cox William, shoe-store 9; Maiden-lane 

Cox William, cartman 68 Forsyth 

Cox William W. cabinet-maker 25 Watts £ 

Cox widow Mary, boarding-house 92 Broad 

Cox widow Margaret, 74 Rivington 

Cox & Benedict, dry-goods 30 Division 

Cox J. Si I. lamp and oil-store 5 Maiden-lrare 

Cox & White, boot and shoe-store 91 Maiden-lane 

Coy George W. merchant 269 Pearl 

Coyl Charles, grocer 59 Catharine 

Coyl Eleanor widow of Bernard, dress-maker 107 Spring 

Coyle Edward, grocer Greene c. Houston 

Coyles Lucretia widow of James, 27 Rhynder 

Coyman Samuel, mason 207 Washington 

Cozzens sen. Issachar, 25 Fnnklin 

Cozzens jun. Issachar, chemist 17 Houston 

Craft August, grocer Rutgers c. Water h. Essex c. Brcnm? 

Craft Dennis, cartman and grocer Delancey c. Arundel 

Craft Isaac, smith 209 Hudson 

Craft John, carpenter Hudson c. Vandam 

Craft John M. carpenter 58 Pump 

Craft William, turner 15 Doyer 

Craft William, cartman 14 Rivington 

Craft William, grocer 188 Front h. 291 Broome 

Craft widow Catharine, 23 Norfolk 

Craft widow of James, 23 Gouverneur 

Craft W. E. & J. F. grocers 183 Front, h. Broome c. El 

Craig Agnes, mantua-maker 8 Dutch [dridge 

Craig Andrew, weaver Cornelia n. 6th Avenue 

Craig Archibald, accountant 24 Lispenard 

Craig E. 34 Liberty 

Craig Frazee, carpenter h. Laight n. Canal 

Craig lchabod, carpenter and grocer West c. Harafea 

Craig James, weaver 13 Ludlow 

Craig Robert, sawyer Watts n. Washington 

Craig Samuel D. attorney 1 Murray • 

Craig William, merchant 82 Front h. 39 Cortlsmdt 

136 long worth's 1825—26 

Craig William, sail-maker 180 Bancker 

Craig W. & S. merchants 82 Front 

Crain William, carpenter 55 Ludlow 

Cram Jacob, merchant 109 Front h. 72 White 

Cram Robert, produce broker 32 Moore 

Cramer Jacob, sugar-baker 102 Grand 

Cramer Joinn, Bowery n. Vauxhall 

Cramsey Daniel, upholsterer 271 Greenwich 

Cramsey James, cabinet-maker 110 Leonard 

Crandle Isaac, shoemaker Orchard n. Rivington 

Crane Andrew, grocer N. Moore c. Greenwich 

Crane Benjamin, sec. Mec. Ins. Com. 129 Bowery 

Crane Caleb, lime-inspector Jay h. 1 Dominick n. Clarke 

Crane Caleb, constable 104 Mott 

Crane David D. city-weigher Front c. Wall h. 51 Stone 

Crane David D. grocer Washington c. Christopher 

Crane Drake, carpenter rear 85 Sullivan 

Crane Eleazer, cooper 85 Front - 

Crane Elijah, shoemaker 54 Orchard 

Crane George, mason 57 Sullivan 

Crane Isaac B. grocer 641 Broadway c. Bleecker 

Crane Rev. James, 3 Cedar h. 121 Lombardy 

Crane John, 243 Spring 

Crane John R. shipmaster 54 Forsyth 

Crane John S. grocer Wooster n. Bleecker 

Crane Josiah F. brass-founder 9 Collister n. Laigh? 

Crane Joseph D. cartman 90 Reed 

Crane Mary, tailoress Spring n. Hudson 

Crane Morris, coach-maker 11 Franklin 

Crane Stephen, grocer 26 Orange c. Cross 

Crane Phebe H. boarding-house IS Gold 

Crane Solomon M. Mercer ». Bleecker 

Crane Stephen, cartman 72 N. Moore 

Crane Stephen, 60 Hester 

Crane Thomas B. shoemaker 74 Chapei 

Crane Timothy, boarding-house 8 State 

Crane William, carpenter 27 Bridge 

Crane widow Frances, 75 Church 

Crane Mary widow of Stephen M. 114 Mercer 

Crane widow Mary Ann, 6 Chapel 

Craney John, grocer Cherry c. Governeur 

Cranson Elizabeth, dry-goods 616 Broadway 

Crapser John, paint-store 266 Greenwich 

Crary Edward, merchant 77 Water 

Crary Giles R. clerk 272 Spring 

Crary J. S. merchant 171 Pearfh. 362 Broadway 

Crary Peter, merchant 171 Pearl h. 361 Broadway 

Crary P. & J. 3. 171 Pearl c. Pine 

Crassous Dom. merchant Wall c. Pearl h. 47 Franklin 

Crassous & Boyd, brokers Wall c. Pearl 

Crasto David G. grocer 95 Catharine 

Craton David & James, porter & cider-vault 104 Anthony 

Craufurcl Peter, carpenter 159 Mulberry 

Crawbuck John, butcher Elizabeth n. Spring 

Crawbuck Peter, butcher 1 Frank, market h. 174 Bowery 

Crawbuck Stephen, butcher Elizabeth n. Spring 


Crawford Aaron, pedler 129 Grand 

Crawford Alexander, 92 John ^ 

Crawford jr. Alexander, regist. of dogs, 8 Ann 

Crawfoid Andrew, 373 Grand 

Crawford George, shoemaker 76 Chapel 

Crawford Isaac, printer 264 Bowery 

Crawford James, cooper 125 Orange 

Crawford John, silversmith Bowery n. Vauxhall 

Crawford John, merchant 12 Division 

Crawford John, cartman 26 Hester 

Crawford Joseph, shoestore 205 Bowery 

Crawford Robert, smith Orange n. Grand h. 127 Elm 

Crawford William G. carpenter 29 Suffolk 

Crawford widow, 93 Cherry 

Crawford & Kidney, grocers Reed c. Church h. 98 Reed 

Crawley widow Phillis, 105 Chapel 

Cray John, chandler 51 Ludlow 

Creagh Anthony, 30 Greene 

Creemer John B. clothier 98 Cherry 

Creemer William W. grocer 113 Molt 

Cregier Augustus, 37 Walker [vide Crygif 

Cregier Augustus, carver Chatham sq. h. 267 Grand 

Cregier Eliza, 5 Elizabeth ' 

Cregier John D. carpenter Renwick n. Spring 

Cregier John, carpenter 269 Spring 

Cregier John L. accountant 197 Spring 

Creighton Francis, labourer Attorney n. Grand 

Creighton Thomas, stone-cutter 375 Washington 

Creghton Rev. William, Stuyvesant n.2d Avenue 

Creighton widow Mary, 19 Catharine-lane 

Crerar John, confectioner 165 Broadway 

Crevolin Henry, French coffee house 7 Warren 

Crew John, manuf. jeweller 445 Broadway 

Crewe Jeremiah D. accountant 30 Reed 

Crichton John, weaver 187 Bowery 

Crichton widow of James, 263 Greenwich 

Cridler widow Catharine, boarding house 157 Mulberry 

Crigan James, mason 56 Charlton 

Crigier Jacob, painter and glazier 185 Church 

Crigier widow Isabella, 185 Church 

Cripps & Willoughby, merchants 69 Maiden-lane 

Crisfield John, dry goods 310 Bowery 

Crissy Ann, tailoress 28 Vandewater 

Crissy Benjamin, cartman Renwick n. Canal 

Crissy Sylvanus, cartman 56 W'illet n. Rivington 

t'ristodoro Lewis, peruquier 150 Front 

Crocheron H. & A. grocers 51 Whitehall 

Crocker David, merchant 117 Pearl 

Crocker Rebecca 159 Mulberry 

Crocket William, shipwright 562 Water 

Crocket William, sawyer 24 Hubert 

Croft Edward, tallow-chandler 52 Ludlow 

Crofton Mary Ann widow of Edward, 156 Leonard 

Crofut Lyman, comb-maker 127 Forsyth 

Croliua Clarkson, stonew. man. 65 Bayard h. 10 CroSS 

Crolius John, stoneware 86 Chatham 

138 longwokth's 1825— 2C 

Crolius, juri. John, 379 Cherry 

Crolius William D. Grand c. Mercer 

Croliu^VVilliam I. stoneware potter 68 Lombarrly 

Crolius Jane widow of John A. 148 Orange 

Crolius & Morgan, book-binders rear 347 Pearl 

Cromelien Rowland* 211 Duane 

domeline, Davies & Co. N. merchants 211 Duane 

Crommelin Ann, mustard mauuf. Broome n. Wooster 

Crommelin George, mustard manuf. 87 Fulton 

Crommelin widow Ann, 26 Watts 

Cromwell Chas. merchant 153 Chatham h. 46 Catharine 

Cromwell Daniel, merchant 394 Pearl 

Cromwell David, carpenter 121 Mott 

Cromwell Gilbert, butcher 69 Orchard 

Cromwell Joseph, rear 27 James 

Cromwell Richard, merchant 392 Pearl 

Cromwell Robert, dry goods 163 Division 

Cromwell Samuel, carpenter Wooster n. Prince 

Cromwell William, dry goods 376i Pearl 

Cromwell widow Rachel, 204 Spring 

Cromwell & Miles, dry goods 392 Pearl 

Crone David, 351 Broome 

Crone widow Catharine, 63 Allen 

Cronin Cornelius, bootmaker rear 25 Thomas 

Cronk John, carpenter 64 Allen 

Cronk Robert, cartman Laurens n. Bleecker 

Cronk Samuel, Thompson n. Spring 

Cronly James, grocer 114 Maiden-lane h. 195 C hatha lit 

Cronly Lewis, carpenter 20 Gold h. 63 John 

Cronly Michael & E. tavern 15 Park 

Crooker John, cabinet-maker 566 Water 

Crooker Robert, sashmaker 18 Essex 

Crooker Samuel, shoemaker 314 Water 

Crooker Thomas, printer 14 Thomas 

Crooks Ramsay, 13 Walker 

Croop Joseph, victualler 2 Washington market 

Cropper Vincent, carpenter 165 Chapel 

Cropsey Henry P. dry goods 151 Chatham 

Cropsey Isaac, cartman Greene n. Fourth 

Cronssy Jasper, dealer 58 Orchard 

Cropsey John, 350 Cherry 

Cropsey Nathan, cartman Ludlow c. Broome 

Cropsey Robert, cartman 141 Elizabeth 

Cropsey Helen widow of Jasper C. 101 Hudson 

Crosby Charles, shoemaker 15 Mott 

Crosby Henry, cartman 114 Elizabeth 

Crosby John, labourer 272 Front 

Crosby William B. 18 Rutgers 

Crosby & Conckling, grocers 103 h. 96 Catharine 

Cross David K. morocco dresser 38 Vandewater 

Cross Isaac, cabinet maker 472 h. 474 Pearl 

Cross John, smith 124 Mulberry 

Cross widow of William, 4 Ferry 

Crossley James, merchant 212 Pearl 

Grossman Daniel H. shoemaker Bancker n. Governed 

Crossman Jane, 10 Spruce 

Crosthwaite Peter, painter 47 Chrystie 



Cresthwaite , dress-maker 172J Broadway 

Crouchley Sarah widow of Thomas, 5 James-slip 
Crouter Jacob, smith Christopher n. Greenwich, 
Crow Daniel, shoemaker 78 Ludlow 
Crow James, carpenter 78 Ludlow 
Crow John, carpenter rear 198 Hester 
Crowell Joseph, weigh-master 27 Provost 
Crowell Randolph, carpenter 63 Watts 
Crowell Reuben, shipmaster 198 Hester 
Crowell rev. Setb, 44 Forsyth 
Crowell Stephen, shoemaker 323 Broadway 
Crowell Wiiriam, mason Houston c. M'Dougal 
Crowell & Whitefield, grocers 257 Duane 
Crowler John, fruiter 29 Fulton-market 
Crown John, shipwright 16 Suffolk 
Cruger Henry, 382 Greenwich 
Cruger Henry H. 17 Broad 
Cruger John, mariner 197 Division 
Cruikshank William, carpenter 40 Greenwich 
Crum Abraham, cartman 243 Spring 
Crurn Henry, porter 11 Sullivan 
Crum Henry, carpenter 15 Arundel 
Crum Henry, smith Mercer n. Prince h. 129 Chapel 
Crum John, shoemaker Greenwich n. Hammond 
Crpm Joseph, rear 129 Chapel 

Crum Ann widow of Jacob, dress-maker rear 47 Orange 
Crum widow Margaret, 99 Reed 
Crumbie Robert, printer 15 Rivington 
Crumby John, merchant 134 Pearl h. 132 Greenwich 
Crummell Boston, oysterman 139 Leonard 
Crummey widow Catharine, 179 Orange 
Cruse Robert, cabinet-maker rear 64 Spring 
Crutten Norman, smith 591 Water 
Crygier Aaron, carpenter 57 Mott [vide CregierSz Crigicr 
Crygier George carpenter Broome n. Arundel 
Crygier James, painter 41 Anthony 
Crygier Robert, carpenter 57 Mott 
Crygier Robert, carpenter Broome n. Arundel 
Crygier widow Catharine, 220 William 
Cuddy Robert, caulker Rivington n. Pitt 
Cudlipp David, hatter 97 Murray 
Culagh widow Sarah, Delancey c. Eld ridge 
Culbert James, merchant-tajjor 332 Water 
Culbeit John, paver 197 Hester n. Mulberry 
Culbert John, tailor 340 Water 
Cullen William, labourer rear 106 Bayard 
Culley widow Eliza, 21 Old-slip 
Cully Hannah, 55 ChapeL 
Culver John, cartman 190 Eldridge 
Culver Oliver, hat-store 154 Chatham h. 79j Bowery 
Cumber Jonathan, carpenter 221 William 
Cuming George, m.d. 382 Broadway 
Cuming R. H. lottery-office 122 Broadway 
Cuming Thomas B. 106 Pearl h. 59 Wall 
Cummin James, tailor 12 Grand 

Cumwing Charles, book-store 83Maiden-l. h.82.Eeonaru 

140 LONGWORTH'S .1825— 2f 

dimming David A. 465 Greenwich 

Gumming Rev. Hooper, 42 Lispenard 

Gumming Thomas B. 137 Orange 

Cummings Charles, painter 7 Nassau 

Cummings Dennis, Lombardy c. Scammel 

Cummings James, merchant 6 Cortlandt h. 32 Liberty 

Cumrnings James, pattern-maker Anthony c. Collect 

Cummings John, carpenter 249 Spring 

Cummings Lyman, inn-keeper Washington n. Jay 

Cummings Thomas, port, paint. 47 Vesey h. 207 Hudson 

Cummings widow Mary, grower Delancey c. Columbia 

Cunning Mary widow of William, 101 Gold 

Cunningham Abner, land-broker Broadway c. Fourth 

Cunningham Andrew, cartman Mercer n. Bleecker 

Cunningham Andrew, stonecutter Washington c. Beach 

Cunningham Charles, weaver Hammond c. Greenwich 

Cunningham Daniel, smith 132 Mulberry 

Cunningham Daniel, mason 107 Anthony 

Cunningham Francis, grocer 66 Cross 

Cunningham G. teacher Arundel n, Broome 

Cunningham George, distiller 130 Henry 

Cunningham James, labourer 22 Bancker 

Cunningham James, mercht. 95Maiden-l. h. 10 Frankfc; 

Cunningham James, trunk-maker Fourth c. Mercer 

Cunningham John, smith Bowery n. Gerard 

Cunningham Joseph H. 20 Wall 

Cunningham Margaret, milliner 515 Pearl 

Cunningham Michael, pedler 31 Vesey 

Cunningham Moses, comm. and notary 247 Spring 

Cunningham Peter, cabinet-maker 21 Mott 

Cunningham Reuel, pencil manuf. John c. Dutch 

Cunningham Richard, tanner 21 James 

Cunningham Robert, comb-maker 200 Spring 

Cunningham Thomas, grocer 228 Division 

Cunningham Thomas, weaver 74 Harman / 

Cunningham William, copper-smith Canal n. Hudson 

Cunningham widow, 539 Grand 

Cunningham widow Anna, rear 118 Anthony 

Cunningham widow B. transp. soap 266 B.way h. 97 Du- 

Cuuningham widow Eliza, 174 Spring [ana 

Cunningham & Co. Alexander, 25 Augustus 

Cure Lewis, jeweller and watch-maker 34 William 

Cure Walter, shoe and oil-store 140 Maiden-lans 

Curn George, 60 Suffolk 

Cum Jane widow of Michael, 13 Desbrosses 

Curran Charles O. cartman Wooster n. Bleecker 

Curran James, shoe-maker 240 Mulberry 

Curran Patrick, 107 Anthony 

Currey Benjamin, cartman M'Dougal n. Houston 

Currey James, upholsterer 218 Church 

Currey Michael, mason 42 Augustus 

Currey William, hairdresser 136 Maiden-1. h. 79 Hudson 

Currie William, tavern 20 Prince [vide Cor re 

Currie Catharine widow of John, 33 Broadway 

Curry Ann, Prince c. Sullivan [vide Currev 

Curry Denis, fruiter 100 Leonard 

Curry James, shoemaker 72 Oliver 


Curry Patrick, fruiter 3 Cross 
Curry Robert, trunk-maker 64 Spring 
Curry, Hunt & Randolph, grocers West c. Fulton 
Curtis Abner, marshal 126 Elm n. Grand 
Curtis Andrew, coach-maker Grand c. Elizabeth 
Curtis Beach, Ludlow c. Broome 
Curtis Benjamn, mariner 92 Henry 
Curtis Charles R grocer 60 Forsyth 
Curtis Clarissa, 149 Anthony 
Curtis Cyrus E. marketman 15 Elizabeth 
Curtis Edward, attorney and notary 3 Old-slip 
Curtis Elijah, dyer 139 Bowery 
Curtis Emily, fruiter 338 Bowery 
Curtis George, attorney and couns. 3 Old-slip 
Curtis Joel, sawfiler 224 Greenwich 
Curtis John, livery stable 21 Warren h. Murray 
Curtis Lewis, merchant, 17 State 
Curtis M. O. shoe-store 83 William 
Curtis Paul Allen, fancy merchant h. 119 Elm 
Curtis Richard, mariner 423 Cherry 
Curtis Robert, grocer William c. Cedar 
Curtis Roderick, broker 62 Wall 
Curtis Samuel, 20 Leonard 
Curtis Thomas, shipwright 425 Grand 
Curtis Thomas, shipwright Ridge c. Stanton 
Curtis Thomas, marble manuf. Collister n. Laigu' 
Curtis Walter M. baker 51 Sullivan 
Curtis William B. .8 Fletcher 
Curtis William, millwright 453 Cherry 
Cuitis Hannah widow of. William, 176 Mulbeny 
Curtis widow Margaret, 53 Anthony 
Curtis widow Sarah, 52 Maideivlane 
Curtis & Lamb, merchants 216 Pearl 
Curtis P. A. & J. dry goods William c. John 
Ourtius John, tailor 79 Eldridge 
Cuscaden Alexander, grocer 39 Lombardy 
Cushing James, baker 123 Orange 
Cushman Alonzo D. 188 Pearl h. Bedford n. Arder. 
<'ushman & Falconer, 138 Pearl 
Cuthell Hugh, baker Fourth n. Thompson 
Cuthell John, cabinet-maker 9 Chapel 
Cuthill Alexander, 88 Fulton 
Cutler jr. Ebenezer, shoemaker Allen n. North 
Cutler Joseph, inspector of customs 70 Mott 
Cutler Joseph, 333 Broadway h. 29 Murray 
Cutter Smith, physician 193 Greenwich h. 71 Barclay 
Cutter widow Rachel, 48 Thompson 
Cuttin widow of William, 367 Broadway 
Cutting F. B. attor. not. & com. 2 Nassau h. 367 Broad- 
Cypher Samuel, smith 136 Arundel [w '• 

Dacy John, grocer 17 Augustus 
Daddy John, sail-inakev 40 South 
Daggett & Davis, grocers John c. Gold 
Daggit George, carpenter 197 Orange 
Daggit John, grocer John c. Gold 
Dahlberg Jacob, shoe-store 5 Warren 

142 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Dailey Charlfis, pilot" 38 Beaver 

Daily Bernard, grocer 121 Liberty 

Daily John, weaver Greenwich c. Hammond 

Dains Thomas S. grocer 46 Collect 

Dakin Alexander, smith 210 Delancey 

Dale John, shemmaker Renwick n. Spring 

Dall Christopher H. carpenter 39 Chapel 

Dally Abtn. ship-chandler 105 Lombardy 

Dally jr. Abraham, liquor distiller First n. 1st A venue 

Dally George, smith 271 Delancey 

Dally P. 61 Lombardy 

Dally William, builder 97 Bowery 

Dally Abigail widow of John, 505 Grand 

Dalrymple Joseph, cordwaiuer 88 James 

Dalton Ann widow of James, 46 Forsyth. 

Dalton Edward, tinsmith 69 Fulton 

Dalton James, grocer 37 Roosevelt 

Dalton James O. shoemaker 94 Chrystie 

Dalton Patrick, com. merchant 3 Spruce 

Dalton Thomas, weaver 10 Clarke 

Daly Charles, mason 96 Orange 

Daly Dennis, bootmaker 47 h. 78 Wall \ 

Daly Dryan, labourer 31 Rose 

Daly James, labourer- 93 James 

Daly John, carpenter 127 Prince n. Greene 

Da!y Matthew, dry goods 20 Division 

Daly Michael, tavern 73 Cortlandt 

Daly Patrick, carpenter Elizabeth c. Prince 

Daly Patrick, labourer 208 Mott 

Daly Philip, shoemaker 23 Broad' 

Daly Timothy, billposter Elizabeth n. Prince 

Daly widow of James, seamstress Elizabeth n. Prince 

Damerum William, general surveyor 91 Murray 

Damon John, shipmaster 20 Batavia 

Oando Stephen, hatstore 9 Maiden-lane 

Dandy Timothy, shoe-store 25 Chesnut 

Danforth M. I. engraver 29 Provosj, 

Daniels D.I. merchant 28 Peck'-slip 

Daniels Joel, ship-joiner Rivington n. Rrdge 

Daniels John, smith 12 Birmingham £ 

Daniels Nicholas, ship-carpenter 621 Water 

Dannenberg widow Eliza, variety store 14 Maiden-lane. 

D'Anterroches Frances F. cabinet-maker 27 Broadway 

Daponte Lorenzo, Italian teacher 92 Hudson 

Darbefeuille widow, 25 Murray 

Darby Daniel, stone cutter 455 Greenwicli 

Darley John, tailor 2 Chambers 

Darby widow Elizabeth, 41 Forsyth 

Darg John, 471 Greenwich n. Spring 

Dargan Michael, grocer t 5 Walnut 

Darling Ely, coffee-house 37 Bowery 

Darling Isaac, dry goods 384 Broadway 

Darling Nathan, clerk Elm c. Duane 

Darling Samuel, 224 Hudson 

Darling Thomas, merchant 137 Front h. 35 Cortland! 

Darling Thomas, insp.» of customs 47 Lispenard 


Darling Wm. S. dry goods 180 Fulton h. 151 Chapel 
Oarman Peter, mariner Bank n. Greenwich 
Darmignac Matthew, wine merchant 13 Warren 
Darragh George, grocer 2 Bancker 
Darragh widow Elizabeth, 50 Rivington 
Darrien James, boatman 90 Oliver 
Darrow Daniel, wheelwright Broome c.Elizabeth 
Darrow Jonathan, cartman 226 Division 
Darrow Mead, assist, keep. Penitentiary Nicholas Wm 
Dart Anson, druggist 141 Maiden-lane h. 36 Cortlandt 
Dart Norman, 123 Maiden-lane 
Dart Russell, merchant 123 Maiden-lane h. 30 Cliff 
Dart R. & N. 123 Maiden-lane 
Dart & Vankeuren, druggists 141 Maiden-lane 
Dattnell widow Jane, 95 Chatham 

Dash Daniel B. ironmonger 147 Broadway h. 72 Liberty 
Dash & Son John B. hardware 147 Broadway 
Dashwood & Scriba, brokers 18 Wall 
Dater Philip, merchant 48 Water h. 54 Greenwich 
Dater & Miller, merchants 48 Water 
Davenport John, butcher 35 Wash, market h. 262 Molt 
Davenport John A. city weigher 2 Jones-lane h. 15 Cedav 
Davenport Rufus, merchant 35 Peck-slip h. 279 Pearl 
Davenport & Lounsbury, tailors 61 Fulton 
Davenport Hannah widow of James, seminary 85 Mercer 
Davey John, cabinet-maker 172 Duane 
Davey Peter, grocer 31 Elm c. Pearl 
David John, (black) barber Broadway n. Prince 
David John H. money collector 5 Clark 
David John S. tailor Broadway n. Prince 
Davids Benjamin, mercht. 250 Pearl h. 31 Howard 
Davids William, mercht. Allen n. Rivington 
Davidson James, slater rear 50 Beach 
Davidson John E. grocer 98 Vesey 
Davidson John E. marine) 286 Broome 
.Davidson Samuel, dry goods 331 Broadway 
Davidson widow Syble, 524 Pearl 
Davie Arch, tailor 195 Fulton h. 206 Spring 
Davies Jacob, currier23 Ferry h. Bowery 
Davies John, laborer 213 Division 
Davies John, professor of music 103 Hudson 
Davies Jonathan, 65 Chrystie 
Davies Joseph, merchant 80 Murray 
Davies Luke, morocco and oJoth ha» maker 102 William 
Davies R. J. M. merchant 80 Murray 
Davies Richaid, barber 20 Rector 

Davies Robert, fancy chair store 153 Fulton h. 8 Churcl: 
Davies Southerton, prof, music 103 Hudson 
Davies widow Ann S. 138 Greenwich 
Davies widow Mary, plain sewer 39 Anthony 
Davis Abraham B. merchant 230 South h. 70 Catharine 
Davis Abraham, 130 Grand 
Davis Alfred, cabinet-maker 23 Crosby 
Davis Andrew, cooper 123 Varick n. Vandam 
Davis Buel, carpenter Jones n. Herring- 
Davis Casen, mariner 57 Liberty 

144 longworth's 1825—26 

Davis Charles A. merchant 27 South h. 365 Broadway- 
Davis David, coach painter 208 Hester h. Crosby n. Grand 
Davis David S. carpenter rear 395 Broome h. 125 Elm 
Davis David, pawnbroker 61 Harman 
Davis David J. mechanic 91 Sullivan 
Davis Ebenezer, carpenter 17 Vandam 
Davis Edward, carpenter rear 203Bancker 
Davis Egbert, merchant 112 Pearl h. 9 State 
Davis Evan, stone cutter 233 Hudson 
Davis George W. mariner 3 Jefferson 
Davis Gilbert, grocer 198 Front h. 67 Olive; 
Davis Griffith, livery stable h. 17 More 
Davis Henry, hatter Orange n. Spring 
Davis Hugh, boatman 128 Beekman 
Davis Hugh, Wooster n. Amity 
Davis Isaac, mason Rivington c. North 
Davis James, dry goods 220 h. 27 Bowery- 
Davis James, laborer 49 Pearl 
Davis James, coppersmith 28 Grand 
Davis James, shoemaker 45 Hester 
Davis James, mason Lewis n. Broome 
Davis Jessey, 57 Cedar 
Davis John, baker 110 Chapel 
Davis John, ship-carpenter 34 Pell 
Davis John, ship-carpenter 396 Cherry- 
Davis John, cooper 35 Provost 
Davis John, 293 Grand 
Davis John, physician 51 Bowery- 
Davis John, merchant 375 Grand 
Davis John, mariner 359 Water 
Davis John F. mariner 79 James 
Davis Joseph, brass nail maker Amos n. Greenwich. 
Davis Joseph, carpenter 335 Grand 
Davis Joseph, grocer 77 Gold A 

Davis Julian, boarding-house 29 Flercher 
Davis Lawrence, 19 Broad 
Davis Luke, physician 245 Grand 
Davis M. A. 145 Anthony 
Davis M. A. 6 Thomas 
Davis M. piano forte maker 63 Barclay 
Davis Mary, fruiter 110 Chapel 

Davis Matthew L. sec. life ins. co. 38 William h. Harlem 
Davis Morris, collector 39 Forsyth 
Davis Nathaniel, shipmaster 76 Eldtidge 
Davis Nicholas, carpenter 29 Hester 
Davis Richard, milkman 82 Varick 
Davis Samuel, 51 Norfolk 
Davis Smith, cartman 359 Grand 

Davis Solomon, tailor 1 Chatham-square and 71 Banckf r 
Davis Spafford H. 153 Chapel 
Davis Susan, 97 Laurens n. Prince 
Davis William, carpenter 266 Bowery 
Davis William, boatman 26 Vandam 
Davis Walter, grocer 342 Cherry 
Davis William, painter 5 North-Moose 
Davis William, 18 North-Moore 


Davis William A. printer & stationer 38 William 

Davis widow Edna, boarding-house 259 William 

Davis widow Maigaiet, 125 Elm 

Davis Mary widow of John, 33 Forsyth 

Davis widow Mary, 479 Grand 

Davis widow Sarah, Sheriff a. Rivington 

Davis widow Sarah, 11 Rutgers 

Davis widow Sarah, 87 Bancker 

Davis widow of Thomas, 67 Pump 

Davis widow of William, rigger 50 Rutgers 

Davis & Brooks, merchants 26 South 

Davis & Smith, grocers 198 Front 

Davison C. watchm. 42 Fulton h. Brooklyn [ride David- 

Davison James, 435 Greenwich [son 

Davoue Rebecca, dressmaker 383 Broome 

Davy Robert, saddler rear 97 Bowery 

Dawes William, 127 Spring 

Dawson Brothers, merchants 66 Pine 

Dawson. Isabella, school 31 Oliver 

Dawson Jacob H. cabinet-maker 65 Broad 

Dawson James, weaver 51 Charlton n. Varick 

Dawson John T. cabinet-maker 15 York 

Dawson Thomas, grocer, 178 Elm 

Dawson Thomas C. grocer 291 Front h. Brooklyn 

Dawson William, barber 52 Augustus 

Dax Thomas, mason 143 Pump 

Day Abraham, coal-measurer 10 Vestry 

Day Abraham E. cartman 166" Spring 

Day Asa, merchant 218 Pearl h. 384 Bowery 

Day Charles M. cabinet-maker Jones n. Herring 

Day Daniel, saddler, 206 Church 

Day David, bookbinder 232 Elizabeth 

Day Eder, cabinet-maker White c. Chapel 

Day Eliza, mantua-maker 541 Pearl 

Day Eliza, Columbia-house 44 Elm 

Day Gabriel, paper-h&nger 155J Fulton h. 262 William 

Day jun. Jacob, shoemaker 39 Watts 

Day Jacob, mason 39 Watts 

Day Jacob G. lock-smith Kiynder h. 132 Grand 

Day John, rope-maker Rivington ft. Ridge n. Rivington 

Day John, carpenter 5 ! Cherry 

Day John, mason 194 Spring 

Day John, bookbinder, 113 Greene n. Prince 

Day John, carpenter 45 Watts 

Day John, cordwainer 174 Grand 

Day John, fisherman 50 West 

Day John H. cordwainer 193 Spring 

Day Mahlon, printer and bookseller 376 Pearl 

Day Mary, 67 Pump 

Day Michael, grocer 3 Canal 

Day Samuel S. bookbinder 28 Pell 

Day jun. Thomas, paper-hanger 341 Pearl h. lOChesnut 

Day Thomas, rope-maker 186 Delancey n. Ridge 

Day William, bookbinder 112 Greene n. Prince 

Day William, mason 3D Watts 

Day William A. bookbinder 68 Ft'Uon 

146 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Day widow Abigail, 44 Oak 

Day widow Ann, 176 Chapel 

Day widow Clara, fruiter 1 White 

Day widow Jane, 172 Spring 

Day widow Jane, rear 168 Greene 

Day Maria widow of William, 280 Pearl 

Day widow of John, 26 Elm 

Day J. &. W. locksmiths Canal n. Rhynder 

Day & Force, grocers 252 Hudson 

Daycock Thomas, broker 341 Water 

Daymon Joseph, auctioneer 191 Chatham 

Dayton Aristides, carpenter West n. Duane 

Dayton Caleb, mason 68 Sullivan 

Dayton Daniel, physician 212 Bowery 

Dayton Edward, ship-chandler 173 South u. 21 Bancke. 

Dayton Reune, dry-goods 460 Pearl 

Dayton widow Johannah, 90 James 

Dayton & Co. C. W. merch. 225 Pearl h. Varick c. Laigb'. 

Dazet John, baker 134 Reed 

Deacon Thomas, accountant Harman n. Grand 

Deal John, butcher 16 Ludlow 

Dealing William, shoemaker 142 Chapel 

Dealy Catharine widow of Simon, grocer 36 Lomhavdy 

Dealy widow of Thomas, grocer 45 Elm, 

Deamer James, optician 38 Maiden-lane 

Dean Charles, boatman Delancey n. Lewis 

Dean David, cooper 101 Mulberry 

Dean Elijah, butcher rear 94 Elizabeth 

Dean Enoch, shoemaker 114 Bowery 

Dean Gilbert, weaver 66 Mulberry h. 81 Orange 

Dean Henry, chair-maker 34 Beaver 

Dean Hugh, umbrella-maker Laurens n. Spring 

Dean Jacob P. carpenter 430 Broadway 

Dean John, pilot 75 Oliver 

Dean John, 39 Elizabeth 

Dean John, smith 32 Sullivan 

Dean Joseph, cartman 188 Elm n. Spring 

Dean Joseph, carpenter 33 Watts 

Dean Lewis, shoemakei 118 Bowery 

Dean Moses, weaver 126 Hester 

Dean Moses G. cartman 255 Mott 

Dean N. cashiei Lomb. Ass. 66 Chatham 

Dean Nicholas, butcher 6 Wash, market h. 185 Mott 

Dean Robert W. gildei 83 Hester c. 

Dean Samuel G. cartman Vandam n. Varick 

Dean Solomon, butcher Elizabeth n. Spring 

Dean Thomas, mason 44 Cedar 

Dean William E. printer Stone h. 199 Church 

Dean widow Sarah, 3 Orchard 

Dean &, Co. Joseph, merchants 215 Water 

Dean & Robinson, castor-oil manuf. Mott n. Vauxhall 

Deane William, conveyancer 61 Elm 

Deane- widow Frances, 138 Allen 

Dear Jesse, carpenter 23 Oliver 

Deas William, 202 Hudson 

Debaum Abraham, stonecutter 71 Sullivan 


Debaun Albeit C. cartman 547 Broome 
Debaun David, labourer 79 Thompson 
Debaun Henry, carpenter Arden n. Bedford 
Debaun John, stonecutter 5 Leonard 
Debaun John P. cartman Prince n. Thompson 
Debaun widow Lettice, 5 Leonard 

Debevoisc Charles, smith 38 Leonard h. Laurens n. Canal 
Debevojge Peter, smith Laurens' n. Canal 
Debevoise Winant, 20 Ludlow 
Decamp Morris, 78 Eldridge 
Decamp Abraham, stationer 45 h. 5 Wall 
Decamp Elihu H. weigher 63 Ann 
Decamp John, custom house officer 71 Pump 
Decamp Pender, tallow chandler 30 Spring 
Decamp Reuben, tallow chandler Delancey n. Bowery 
Decamp Stephen, mason 84 Canal 
Decamp widow, 84 Duane 
Decamilloii T. S. 13 Leonard 
Decasse Louis, 69 Grand 
Decker Abel, cartman 186 Harman 
Decker Alfred, 64 Bayard 
Decker Benjamin, cartman 16 More 
Decker David, oysterstand 38 Vesey 
Decker George, cooper 121 Vavick 
Decker James, tobacconist 225 Division 
Decker Johu, mariner 227 Division 
Decker Moses, cartman Desbrosses n. Greenwich 
Decker Richard, boarding-house 28 Water 
Decker William B. 269 Broome 
Decker widow Elizabeth, 85 Sullivan 
Declemy Hannah, calash hat maker 35 Beekman 
Declew widow of John, fruiter 83 Nassau 
Decline John, porter-house 36 Orange 
Pccman Paul, tobacconist 81 Bowery 
Decost ]\ ash, shipmaster Broome n. Suffolk 
Decoudres Louis, brass founder 573 Water 
Decoudres widow Jane Ann, coppersmith 265 Bowery 
Decous Mary, feathermaker 97 Duane 
Decousse Peter, Theatre hotel 28 Park " Vide Diet erich ' 
Decousse Philip, porter-house 156 h. 157 Duane 
Dee widow M. Bowery c. 3d Avenue 
Deery William, tailor 65 Catharine 
Defanderf George, coffee manufacturer 1 Walker 
Defaud Jacquo, sawyer 108 Reed 

Deforeest Lawrence V. grocer Broad c. Stone h. 82 Broad 
Deforest Alfred, 45 Peck-slip h. 87 Beekman 
Deforest Charles, merchant 243* Front h. 73 Frankfort 
Deforest G. shipjoiner 114 Washington h. Harison n.Wesl 
Deforest Isaac, shoemaker 77 Forsyth 
Deforest Jane, boarding-house 42 Cliff 
Deforest John, clothing st. 39 Makien-lane h. 106 Orange 
Deforest Joseph, merchant 87 Front h. Brooklyn 
Deforest J. I. grocer 70 John 

Deforest Lockwood, niercht. 82 South h. 90 Greenwich 
Deforest Peter, carpenter 21 Spring 
Defeat William, butcher Broome c. Forsyth 

148 longworth's 1825— -26 

Deforest sen. William, 23 Burling-slip h. 370 Broadway 

Deforest Mary, nurse 172 Hester 

Deforest Rachel widow of Gerard us, 41 Havison 

Deforest & Co. Benj. mercht. 45 Peck-slip h. 87 Beekmar. 

Deforest and Son, 82 South h. 90 Greenwich 

Defries Benjamin, shoemaker S3 Arundel 

Defries widow of John, glazier 47 Robinson 

Degironcourt widow Elizabeth, 49 Nassau 

Degrasse George, oysterer 129 Anthony 

Degraff Joshua, marketman 21 Norfolk 

Degrauw Aaron, grocer Prince c. Greene 

Degrauw Abraham, 17 Cedar 

Degrauw John W. grocer 65 Warren 

Degrauw William, butcher 1 Grand-street market 

Degrauw Win. L. grocer 60 South h. 17 Cedar 

Degraw Cornelius, carpenter 239 Spring 

Degraw Garrit, carpenter rear 89 Gold h. 61 Watts 

Degray Michael, druggist 19S Division 

Degray widow Sarah, grocer Essex c. Hester 

Degroff John, joiner 247 Grand 

Degroot Cornelius, stonecutter Watts h. Sullivan 

Degroot Daniel, stonecutter 13 Leonard 

Degroot Garrit, cartman 283 Spring 

Degroot Henry, merchant 216 Pearl h. 131 Greenwich. 

Degroot Jacob, baker 21 Vandam 

Degrove Quincy C. boatbuild. 25 Wash. h. 41 Greenwich 

Degrove Catharine widow of Adolph, 51 Roosevelt 

Degrove E. W.'& S. Chatters 51 Roosevelt 

Degiushe Adam, upholsterer 3 Bayard 

Deguerre Joseph F. jeweller 339 Greenwich 

Deheyder Joseph, grocer Hudson c. Broome 

Deich Daniel, laborer 154 Hester 

Dejonge A. H. H. 53 Division 

Dekuy James, physician 58 Walker 

Deklyn Barent, baker 175 & 177 Duane 

Deklyn Charles, baker 175 & 177 Duane 

Deklyn Cornelius, baker 26 Thomas <. 

Deklyn Leonard, baker 179 Greenwich 

Delabat T. I. 112 Chambers 

Delacy William, jeweller 4 Chapel 

Delafield Edward, M. D. 54 Broadway 

Delafield John, cashier phenix bank 24 Wall h. 57 Murray 

Delafield Joseph, 9 Pearl 

Delafield Henry & William, 5 Old-slip h. 9 Pearl 

Delafond H. I. teacher 37 Liberty 

Delaga John, cavtman 155 Mfott 

Delahunt George, butcher upper end of Mott 

Delahunt Pierce, carpenter 40 Delancry 

Delainater Abraham, grocer 90 Bayard 

Delamater Elizabeth, Christopher c. Bedford 

Delamater Isaac, 84 Essex 

Delamater jun. Isaac, porter-house 19 Park 
Delamater James H. grocer William, c. Beaver h. Gc.a 
Delamater John, builder Vandam near Varick 
Delamater Samuel, 20 N. Moore 
Delamater William, carpenter 84. Essex 



Pelamater widow of Abraham, 45 Robinson 

Delamaterfe Harms, grocers 9 William 

Delamontagnie Edward, -boatbuilder 14 Eldridge 

Delamontagnie John, tailor 103 Elm [see Montayne 

Delamontagnie William, boatbuilder 141 Bancker [slip 

Delamontagnie Win. Si E. boatbuildeis Water n. Markct- 

Delamontanye Vincent, tavern Greenwich c. Le Roy 

Delancey David, shoemaker Eldridge n. Stanton 

Delancey John, 89 Bowery 

Delano Christopher, grocer Spring c. Hudson 

Delano Jesse, iron chest manufacturer 159 Water 

Delano Rufus, mariner 126 Leonard 

Del any Daniel, hatter Herring c. Perry 

Delany James, milkman Bowery n. Stuyvesant 

Delany Nicholas, cooper 70 Wall h. 14 Rose 

Delapierre Bartholomew, coach laceiuaker, 84 Fultor 

Delapierre David, 4 Spruce 

Delaplaine widow of Samuel, 56 White 

Delaplaine & Co. J. F. mer. 157 South h. 78 Broadway 

Delaplane Samuel B. 11 Arundel 

Delatour J. feather manufactory 121 William 

Delavan John, cartman 250 Allen n. North 

Delavan R. I. hardware 473 Broadway [way 

Delavan & Co, Ed. C. merchants 121 Pearl h. 396 Broad 

Delblce Tyler, Jones n. Bowery 

Delezene John D. 375 and 209 Grand 

Delisle Ennemond, French boarding-house 145 Fulton 

Dellatorre Joseph, artificial florist 96 Chatham [land; 

Dellinger Jane A. glass engraver 120 William h. 19 Cort» 

Delmonl David, carver 2 Elm 

Delmont widow Lucy, 84 Murray 

Dtlolme J. C. merchant 75 Maiden-lane 

Oelongucmare Nicholas M. 69 Murray 

Deloynes George, mahogany yard 95 and 97 Canal 

Deluce Nathaniel, physician 49 Lispenard 

Deluze L. P. merchant 67 Pine 

Del Vecchio C. looking-glass st 19 Nassau 

Demaray David, 350 Washington 

Demaray Joseph, Washington c- North Moore 

Demaray & Sons Joseph, West n. Barclay 

Demaxest Abraham, chairmaker 118 Franklin 

Demarcst Abraham, smith 54 Sullivan 

Demarest Albert, cartman Thompson n. Prince 

Demarest C. carpenter Renwick u. Spring 

Demarest rev. C. T. Watts n Greenwich 

Demarest Daniel, cartman 547 Broome 

Demarest Daniel, grocer 255 Hudson 

Demarcst Daniel, Grand 

Demarest David, 421 Broadway 

Demarest David, mason Thompson n. Prince 

Demarest David, cartman Washington n. Barrow 

Demarest David N. 197 William 

Demarest Garrit, shoemaker rear 106 Mulberry 

Demarest James, M. D. 73 Hudson 

Demarest James, cartman Commerce n. Bedford" 

Demarest James J. chairmaker 73 Chapel 

150 longwokth's 1825 — £G 

Dcmarest James S. cartman Hamersly n. Hudson 

Demarest John, smith 139 Mulberry 

Demarest John, turnkey State-Prison Amos 

Demarest John, gunsmith 105 Bayard 

Demarest John, mason 17 Vandam 

Demarest John G. chairmaker 69 Provost 

Damarest John I. cartman Vandam n. Varick 

Demarest rev. John, 66 M 'Don gal n. Houston 

Demarest Joseph, barber 74 Harman 

Demarest Nicholas, C. carpenter 230 Hudson 

Demarest Peter, laborer Commerce n. Herring 

Demarest Peter D. cartman Thompson a. Princt 

Demarest Peter P. chairmaker 267 Spring 

Demarest Peter T. grocer 208 Fulton 

Demarest Ralph, cartman 26 Lispenard 

Demarest Simon, cartman 182 Hester 

Demarest Stephen D. carpenter 65 M'Dougal n. Houstos. 

Demarest & Greene, merchant tailors 163 William 
.Demby Eliza, rear 560 Pearl 

Demill Peter, city ganger 190 Front h. 45 Murray 

Demiit Henry, 40 Oliver 

Demilt Peter", boarding-house 239 Pearl 

Demiit Benjamin & Samuel, watchmakers 239 Pearl 

Deming Barzilla, cabinetmaker 56 Beekman 

Demiug John, shipmaster 80 Allen 

Deming J. R. grocer 4 Catharine-slip 

Deming & Bulkley cabinetmakers 56 Beekman 

Demon John, shipcarpenter Delancey n. Goerck 

Demot John H. cartman 222 Laurens 

Demon Garrit, cartman 85 Sullivan 

Demott Isaac, boatman Greene 

Demott Jacob, cartman Washington c. Charles 

Demott John, ropemaker rear Greene n. Spring 

Demott William, smith Lewis n. Grand 

Demott widow Catharine, broker Goerck n. Gram] 

Demott widow Mary, 30 Orchard 

Dempsey James, carpenter 130 Mott 

Dempsey Peter, attorney and counsellor 226 Spring 
Oempsey William, notary 36 Mill h. 22 Sullivan 

Dempsy David, waiter 109 Anthony 

Demund George, wheelwright 334 Broome n. Bowery 

Denham James, cooper 66 Front 

Denham John, merchant Canal n. Varick 

Denike Abraham, shoemaker Columbia n. Rivington 

Denike Robert P. butcher 104 Greene n. Spring 

Denike William, cartman Laurens n. Bleecker 

Denison David, grocer Broad tvay c. Houston h. 109 Sprinj 

Denison Ed. grocer 26 Coenties-slip h. 81 Maiden-lana 

Denison jun. John, grocer 234 Front h. 131 William 

Denison Lyman, 352 Washington 

Denison Michael, botanist 148 Mott 

Denison Sylvester, 237 Washington 

Denison William, shoemaker 472 Greenwich 

Denison C & L. grocers 224 Fulton h. 237 Washington 

Dennis David, carpenter Laurens n. Grand 

Dennis Elijah, mason 7 Bayard 


Dennis Jesse, accountant 36 Lumber 
Dennis John, sashmaker 28 Laurens 
Dennis Jonathan, carpenter 5 Chcapside 
Dennis Joseph, ivory turner 25 Duane h. 137 Chapel 
Dennis widow Ann, 195 Division 
Dennis widow Elizabeth, Orchard n. RivingtOD 
Dennison Thomas, clerk Amity n. Broadway 
Dennison William, cartman 539 Grand 
Dennison widow Mary, 86 Eldiidge 
Denniston James, meichant 136 Pearl h. 11 Cedar 
Denny Michael, pedler 486 Washington 
Denny Tbomas, cartman 257 Hudson 
Denny H. & Lewis, coopers 69 Front 
Denoielle Peter, cabin«t-maker 110 Warren 
Denord Richard, cabinet-maker 38 Augustus 
Dense Barent, coach-painter 171 Duane 
Densmore Thomas, 13 Oliver 
Denston Charles, merchant 14 Cedar 
Dent Robert, organ-builder 119 Orange 
Denton Benjamin, carpenter 29 Cliff h. 41 Sullivac 
Denton James, shoemaker 64 Sullivan 
Denton James, trunk-maker 170 Harman 
Denton Joseph, carpenter Pitt n. Rivington 
Denton Nehemiah, merchant 25 Coenties-slip 
Denton Mary widow of Saml. boarding h. 213 Duane 
Denton & Smith, merchants 25 Coentics-slip 
Denyse Tunis, speculator 39 Cheapside 
Depau Francis, mercht. 63 Washington h. 353 Broadway 
Depew Abraham, tailor 90 Cherry 
Depew Cornelius, mason 410 Broadway 
Depew Felix, painter Bloomingdale 
Depew Joseph, mason 11 Beach 
Depew William, cartman 95 Varick 
Depew widow E. M. 34 Anthony 

Depeyster Frederick, merchant 24 Broad [li. 24 Bioac 
Depeyster jr. Frederic, attor. Si mast, in Ch. 23 Garden 
Depeyster George, 91 Nassau 

Depeyster James, com. mer. 1 Jones'-lane h. 89 Leonard 
Depeyster James F. 61 Crosby h. 24 Broad 
Depeyster John, 239 Washington 
Depeyster John I. 7 James slip 
Depeyster Robert G. L. merchant 24 Broad 
Depolt Isaac, cooper 16 Ludlow 

Derby Aaron C. m.d. 20l£ Greenwich and 193 Fulton 
Deremer Isaac, cartman 112Chrystie 
Deremer widow Martha, 96 Henry 
Derevere Mary widow of John, grocer 211i Hudson 
Derevere Sarab widow of Ab. 66 Spring 
De Rham H. C. Swiss consul 119 Pearl h. 22 Park-placD 
De Rham & Moore, merchants 119 Pearl 
Derich Christopher, cartman Mercer n. Bleeeker 
Derickson Wm. book-binder Hudson c. N . Moore 
Dering Nicell H. m. D. 41 Warren 
Deronde Thomas, carpenter Pitt n. Stanton 
Deronde William, carman Charles n. State Prison. 
deronde Margaiet widow of Isaac, 26 Crosby 

£52 liONG worth's 1825— -'26- 

Derose Sarah, 6 New 

Derick George, saddler 312 Bowery 

Derussy John A. attor. 37 Pine h. 26 N. Moore 

Derussy Mary Emily widow of Thomas, 26 N. Moore 

Deruyier John, 89 Washington h. 107 Grand 

Desabaye Miss H. young ladies board, school 107 HudsoR 

Desabaye Mark, professor of music 105 Hudson 

Desdoity widow Mary, 184 Church 

Deseamus Joseph, painter 64 Pump 

Deshays David, paint. &glaz. 1 Leonard h. 72 Orange 

Deshays John, painter 3 West 

Deshays Joseph, painter West n. Duane 

Besnoues Joseph, printer 23 Provost 

Despenville Chas. French Consul 80 Murray h. 34 Reed! 

Desprangh Abigail, boarding-house 10 State 

Desse John, 129 Division 

Deveau Henry, shoe-store 196 Chatham h. 46 Forsyth 

Deveau Peter B. shoe-store 46 Division and Forsvth 

Devereux Esther, teacher 261 Bowery 

Devevv Nicholas, fisherman Varick n. Spring 

Devine Peier F. ropemaker, 184 Orchard 

Devinne Rev. Daniel, Pitt n. Stanten 

Devlin Francis, grocer 6 James-slip 

Devlin widow, 50 Mulberry 

Devoe Allche, 45 Greene 

Devoe Daniel, carman 135 Chrystie 

Devoe Frederick, cartman Elriridge n. Delancey 

Devoe Gilbert, grocer 65 Front h. 32 Whitehall 

Devoe Henry, carpenter 138 Chamber 

Devoe Henry A. ship-carpenter Greene n. Broome 

Devoe Isaac, ship-wrigat 132 Mulberry 

Devoe James, boatman Renwick n. Spring 

Devoe James, cartman 194 Eldridge n. Stanton 

Devoe John, ship-caulker 362 Cherry f 

Devoe John, grocer Mercer c. Houston 

Devoe Joseph, shoemaker 89 Sullivan 

Devoe Moses, carpenter 10 Rivington 

Devoe Peter, shoemaker Crosby c. 

Devoe Peter, barber and shoemaker Broadway n. Prince 

Devoe Thomas, cartman 622 Broadway 

Devoe Thomas, cartman 141 Crosby 

Devoe William, cartman rear 48 Spring 

Devoe widow of Frederick, 142 Pump 

Devoe widow Maria, tailoress 236 Spring 

Devoe widow Rebecca, 22 Norfolk 

Devoe & Marvin, merchants 65 Front 

Devoo William, grocer 2 Forsyth 

Devoy James, morocco dresser Henry op. Birmir.fham 

Devoy John M. marshal 473 Grand 

Devoy Julia, boarding-house 3 Jacob • 

Devries Geo. N. bookseller Beekman n. Park 

Dewetta William, porter h. 3 Beekman 

Dewey Erastus, druggist 213 Fulton h. 81 Gold 

Dewey Ralph, Park exchange 13 Park 

Dewey Timothy, sup. glass works 166 Grand 

Dewey & Carpenter, druggists 213 Fulton 

Dewick Samuel, carpenter 13 Grand 


Dfiwildi L. sugar manuf. 222 Division 

Dewitt Aaron, carman Allen c. North 

Dewiti George W. grocer 73 James c. Oak 

Dewitt George H. batter Stanton c. Ludlow 

Dewitt Sarah, Commerce n. Bedford 

Dewitt William, shoemaker 51 Delancey 

De Witt Petes, attorney 45 Cedar 

Dewitt widow Mary, Stanton c. Ludlow 

D'Wolfjun. James, merchant 54 South h. 19 State 

Dewstoe Charles, tailor 79£ Bowery 

Dexter Aaron, grocer 91 Catharine 

Dexter Amos, boarding-house 22 Roosevelt 

Dexter Elisha, mason 111 Mulberry 

Dexter James, carpenter Morton n. Washington 

Dexter Normand. comb-store 102 Maiden-lane 

Dey Anthony, attorn, and couns. Nassau c. Cedar 

Dey Daniel, sail-maker Suffolk 

Dey John and William, labourers Collister n. Laight 

Deyo Baltus, market-man 37 Jay 

Dyoung Samuel D. 125 Anthony 

Dias Alexis Lopez, merchant 122 Pearl 

Dias Joseph Lopez, merchant 138 Pearl h. 10 Broadway 

Dias, Merle & Asbury, brokers 138 Pearl 

Diass John, hatter 70 Canal 

Dibble Jonathan, cartman 2d Avenue n. First 

Dibblee Frederick, attorney 73 John 

Dibblee Fyler, com. merchant 50 Wall h. Jones n. B.way 

Dibbs Benjamin, cut-nail manuf. 10 Water h. 53 Bowery 

Dibbs ic O'Leary, tack and brad manuf. 61 Arundel d 

Dibling Andrew, tobacconist Herring c. Burton 

Dick James, marble-cutter 3.64 h. 416 Greenwich 

Dick rev. John, Grand n.Pitt 

Dick Ths. W. grocer Lewis c. North & Broome c. Cannot 

Dick Catharine widow of Thomas, 45 Collect 

Dickerman Frederick, Pitt n. Rivington 

Dickerman James, rope-maker Pitt n. Rivington 

Dickerson Caroliue, tailoiess 35 Bancker 

•Dickerson Edward, cook (black) 26 Grand 

Dickerson William M. shoemaker rear 125 Pump r 

Dickerson Eliz'h wid. of Augustus, M'Dougal c. Vandam 

Dickey R. merchant 16 Slote-lane h. 69 Gieenwich 
Dickie Patrick, druggist 413 Broadway 
Dickinson A. miniature-painter 49 Chambers t , 
Dickinson Charles, 216 Spring 

Dickinson George, importer, reed, shuttle and weaver's 
[harness maker, &c. Hudson c. Charles 
Dickinson James, rope-maker Allen n. North 
Dickinson James, shoemaker 12 Essex- 
Dickinson John, mariner 348 Cherry 
Dickinson widow Grace, 106 Orange 
Dickinson widow Jane, Arundel n. Broome 
Dickinson Sarah widow of David, baker 50 Rivington 
Dickson B. distiller 216 Bowery 
Dickson David, cabinet-maker 297 Greenwich 
Dickson Henry, mariner 68j Rutger 
Dickson John, 34 Ann 
Dickson John P. teachei 493 Grand n. Cannon 

1 54 long worth's 1825— 2 e 

Dickson Joseph, hackman 81 Broad 

Dickson Joseph, grocer 97 Hudson 

Dickson Robert, merchant 10 Gouverneur-lane 

Dickson Thomas, mariner, 51 Lombardy^ 

Dickson William, cartman 3Q,Water 

Dickson William, grocer Washington c. Amos \videDi$on 

Dickson widow Elizabeth, 5 Suffolk 

Dickson Mary widow of Samuel, rear 199 Hester 

Dickson widow Mary Ann, 21 Collect 

Dickson & Largy, distillers 216 Bowery 

Dieterich George, baker Pearl c. Frankfort 

Dieterich Jacob, tailor 370 Broome 

Dieterich John P. auctioneer T. G. H. h. 178 Fulton 

Dietterich Aug. F. furrier 66 Maiden-lane h. 9 Liberty, 

Dieu Mary widow of John, 175 Orange 

Dignum Timothy, stevedore 254 William 

Dikeman Aaron, watchmaker 317 Pearl h. 31 Bayard 

Dilks Thomas, shoemaker 107^ Canal 

Dill Elias, U. S. N. 333 Front 

Dill jr. James, attorney 62 William 

Dill James, clerk U. S. court Tammany-hall 

Dill Vincent L. grocer 60 Orchard 

Dillon Alexander, grocer 423 Cherry 

Dillon John C. coffee-house 116 Maiden-lane 

Dillon John L. carpenter and undertaker 496 Pearl 

Dillon Robert, dry-goods 96 Broad 

Dillon John & P. grocers 5 Mangin 

Dilworth William, fur-store 191 Water h. 204 Williafn 

Dilworth & Voorhees, fur-store 191 Water 

Dinan Peter, baker 55 Reed 

Dinant Louis C. carpenter 66 Ann 

Dingee David, ship-joiner 162 Delancey 

Dingee Jesse, cartman 19 Bayard 

Dinnies Charles F. attorney 19 Cortland: 

Dinsmore Isaac, livery stable 7 Howard 

Diossy^ John, broker 72 Bayard 

Disbrow Benjamin, grocer 38 Mott 

Disbrow Charles, mariner 100 Duane 

Disbrow John, merchant 215 Duane 

Disbrow Samuel W. grain meas. aud grocer 16 Henry 

Disbrow William D. 376 Bowery 

Disbrow widow Mary, Ludlow n. Broome 

Dismond liugh, marble-worker 73 Vesey 

Disosway Cornelius R. attorney 26 Pine 

Disosvvay Gabriel, boatman Vandam n. Hudson 

Disosway Israel D. Pearl c. Old-slip h. 45 Pearl 

Disosway Mark & Israel D. merchants 110 Pearl 

Ditchett John, dry-goods 142 William h. 94 Fultor, 

Ditchett William, tailor 53 Watts 

Divans John, tailor 158 Leonard 

Diven widow of James, 1 Bridge 

Divine John, inspect, of buildings 100 Liberty 

Divine Samuel L. paver 37 Augustus 

Divver Alexander, distiller and grocer 29 James 

Dix John, cartman 139 Pump 

Dix John A. attorney 4 Wall 

Dixey George, carver & gilder 117 Canal & 63 Chatham 



Dixon Aaron, tin-smith 331 Water [vide Dicksor 

Dixon Elias, carpenter 170 Hudson 

Dixon Henry, ship-carpenter 224 Harraan 

Dixon James, tailor 271 William 

Dixon John, marble-yard 407 Greenwich h. 8 Hubert 

Dixon John Y. grocer 168 Greene n. Bleecker 

Dixon jun. John, merchant 35 Fulton 

Dixon Joseph cabinet-maker 1 Tiyon-row 

Dixon Joseph, boarding-house 319 Pearl 

Dixon juu. Joseph, merchant 35 Fulton 

Dixon Michael, baker 56 Pump 

Dixon Patrick, shoemaker 109 Anthony 

Dixon Samuel, sash-maker 142 Chapel h. 5 Beac'ij 

Dixon Samuel, painter 142 & 186 Hudson 

Dixon Thomas, sailmaker 19 Anthony 

Dixon William, ship-carpenter Cannon n. Grand 

Dixon Bridget widow of Israel, 3 West n. Duane 

Dixou widow Hannah, 112 Liberty 

Dixon Jane widow of Philip, rear 46 Crosby 

Dixon & Co. Thomas, merchants 79 Pine h. 14 Vesey 

Doag widow Hannah, 13 Thomas 

Doan Stephen, butcher 191 Division 

Doan widow Elizabeth, 191 Division 

Doane Charles, ship-carpenter 356 Cherry 

Doane Chas. comb-maker Chrystie n. Stanton h. 2d Av 

Doane Philo, grocer 39 Peck-slip h 82 Jairies 

Doane & Sturges, merchants 39 Peck-slip 

Dob Tobias, cartman 138 Grand 

Dobbin James, mer. Front c. Old-slip h 5 Division 

Dobbin & Evans, merchants 75 Front 

Dobbins Hugh, barber 386 Water 

Dobbins Samuel S. mason Hudson c. Barrow 

Dobbs Abraham, smith 574 Water 

Dobbs Adam, 20 Pump ^ 

Dobbs Charles, contractor of manure 25 Orchard 

Dobbs James, ship-carpenter 23 Gouverueur 

Dobbs Jacob, shoemaker 8 Norfolk 

Dobbs John, carpenter Amos n. Herring, 

Dobbs Nathaniel, cartman 75 Sullivan 

Dobbs Peter, mason Stanton n. Ludlow 

Dobbs widow Sarah, 231 Division 

Dobson widow Euphemia, grocer 70 Broad 

Dobell widow Saiah, 37 Elizabeth 

Dod widow of Daniel, Stanton n. Colur.bia 

Dodd George, merchant 37 Burling- slip h. 15 N. Moore, 

Dodd Gsorgc, shoemaker Forsyth n. Delancey 

Dodd Joshua H. 72 Varick 

Dodd k. Co. John B. chym. and apoth. 181 Broadway 

Dodd & Folsom, printers 1 Thames 

Dodes Henry, watch maker 87 Pump 

Dodge Anthony, mariner 47 Augustus 

Dodge Benjamin, carpenter 128 Leonard 

Dodge CyrenusN. 162 Harman 

Dodge Daniel, millinery st. and c. h. measurer 378 Pen:'' 

Dodge D. D. merchant 19 Coenties-slip 

Dodge Edwin A. tailor 13 Sullivan 

25G longworth's 1$25 — 26 

Dodge Ezek, c. h. measurer 12 Batavia 
Dodge Henry S. attorney & counsellor 2 Pine 
Dodge Henry S. cartman & grocer Stanton c. Forsyth 
Dodge Hosea, boarding-house 101 Broad 
Dodge Jeremiah, ship-carver Rivington n. Sheriff 
Dodge John, city weigher 14 Ferry 
Dodge John, grocer 15 Eldridge 
Dodge Joseph S. teacher Prince c. Orange 
Dodge Josiah, milkman Sheriff n. Rivington 
Dodge rev. Nehemiah 131 Prince 
Dodge Robert, cartman Delancey n. Norfolk 
Dodge Robert, painter 189 Chatham h. 107 Bowery 
Dodge Robert, tin-smith 70£ Vesey 
Dodge Samuel, carpenter Laurens n. Grand 
Dodge Samuel K. carpenter Lombardy a. Walnut 
Dodge Samuel N. paint-store 126 Beekman 
Dodge Stephen hatter 101 Anthony 

Dodge William, coal iner. 28 Coentiesslip h. 47 Cortland!. 
Dodge, jr. Wm. coal mer. 28 Coentiesslip h. 47 Nassau 
Dodge wHow of Sewall, 34 Bowery 
Dodge & Green, merchants 19 Coenties-slip c. Front 
Dodge & Sons William, merchants 28 Coenties-slip 
Dodgson John, merchant 27 Vandewater 
Dodey Augustine, fruit-store 56 Division 
Doe Henry, sawyer 11 Watts 

Dolan John T. harciware-st. 282 Pearl h. 65 Franklin 
Dolbeer Jonathan, grocer Liberty c. Temple 
Dolbeer Stephen, grocer 64 Warren 
Doley Thomas, jeweller- 205 Church 
Dollaway John, shoemaker Delancey n. Suffolk 
Dolly James, hair-dresser 48 Allen 
Dolmage Adam, laborer 184 Elizabeth 
Dolson William, dentist 476 Pearl h. 52 Augustus 
Domingues Manuel, teacher of languages 109 Chambers 
Dominick Francis W. shipmaster 198 Hester 
Dominick George, 232 Grand 

Dominick jr. George, butcher 1 cath. mar. h. 226 Eldridge 
Dominick Jacob F. 230 Broome 
Dominick James W. 5 Market 
Dominick Margaret E. 30 Cherry 
Dominick widow Elizabeth, 85 Hester 
Dominge Joseph, tallow-chandler 13 Spring 
Dominge Paul, tallow-chandler 191 Bowery 
Don widow of Alexander, 105 Chrystie 
Donahey widow Ann, grocer 145 Orange 
Donahoe Daniel, laborer Lombardy n. Walnut 
Donahoe Hugh, laborer 19 Washington 
Donahoe Patrick, mason Elizabeth n. Mott 
Donahoe Emma widow of Henry, 135 Reed 
Donalds John, mariner 33 Augustus 
Donaldson Charles, marjner 51 Mulberry 
Donaldson Frederick, cooper Jeffer. n. Henry h. 3 Hester 
Donaldson James, cartman 24 Hubert 
Donaldson James, haker 19 James 
Donaldson Jane, corset-oiaker Canal n, Thompson 
Donaldson John, carpenter 32 Grand 


Donaldson Joseph, saddler 43 Division 

Donaldson Robert, paper ware-room 45 John 

Donaldson Thomas, weaver rear 381 Broome 

Doncourt Joseph, upholsterer 311 Greenwich 

Doningtnn widow Catharine, grocer 119 Division 

Donn Thomas C. tavern foot of Canal 

Donnald William, stone-cutter 501 Greenwich 

Donnellan Thomas T. grocer 55 Roosevelt 

Donnelly Charles, pedler Elizabeth n. Mott 

Donnelly Daniel, shoemaker rear 67 Mulberry 

Donnelly Michael, laborer rear 48 Spring 

Donnelly Nancy .vidow of James, 175 Spring 

Donnelly Patrick, brushmaker 25 Lombardy 

Donnelly Patiick, mason Hudson c. Hamersly 

Donnelly Thomas, hatter 109 Cherry 

Donnon James, cartman 7 Laight n. Greenwich 

Donnovan Timothy, mason 192 Elizabeth 

Donnovan William, tobacconist 249 Water 

Dooley Andrew, tavern Duane c. Cross 

Dooley Mary, nurse Hudson c. Harison 

Dooley widow of Patrick, grocer 30 Pump 

Doolittle Adrastus, shoemaker 144 Harman 

Doolittlc Elkunah, soap and candle maker 71 Frankfort 

Doran Dennis, teacher 48 Elm 

Doran Edward, cooper 64 Front 

Doran widow of Jas. grocer 165 Eancker 45 & 43 Henry 

Dore, Beecher & Co. dry goods 179 Pearl 

Doremus Jacob I. smith 18 Riv'mgton h. 6 Rivington 

Doremus Jacob, maeon 10 Rhyncler 

Doremus John D. carpenter 26 Leonard 

Doremus John J. smith 137 Elizabeth 

Doremus Thomas C. 1 Cortlandt 

Doremus widow Mary, 73 Crosby 

Doremus & Suydam, drygoods 171 Broadway 

Doret A. Mathey, watch case maker 19 Spruce 

Dorivel Mary widow of Eugene D. 130 Reed 

Dorlon C. grocer 17 Broome 

Dorr widow Phebp, 33 Provost 

Dorrance B. B. K. D. 69 Pump 

Dorset Joseph J. shoemaker 543 Water 

Doss Thomas, hackrnan Reed 

Dossey Laurence, rear 85 Mulberry 

Doty Daniel W. merchant 274 Pearl 

Doty Jacob T. grocer 10 Fulton h. 4 Rose 

Doty Lewis & Co. grocers 27 Bowery 

Doty Robert, grocer 80 Cedar 

Doty widow Phebe, 148 Church 

Doubleday John, baker 45 Grand 

Doucet FraHcis O. m.d. 71 Nassau 

Douds Bernard, tailor 108 Orange " 

Dougherty Anthony, upholsterer 1 Harison c. Hudson 

Dougherty Charles, cabinetmaker rear 136 Mulberry 

Dougherty Didley, milkman M'Dougal c. Amity 

Dougherty George, weaver Bank n. Greenwich 

Dougherty Henry, sailmaker 161 South 

Dougherty Hugh, laborer 36 Augustus 

Dougherty James, milkman 12 Grand 

153 longworth's 1825—20 

Dougherty James, cartman Scammel n. Lombardy 

Dougherty John, cooper 275 Front h. 119 Baneker 

Dougherty John, shoe store 177 Broadway , 

Dougherty John, cariman Grand c. Pitt 

Dougherty John, livery stable Garden c. New 

Dougherty Michael, bricklayer 58 Leonard 

Dougherty Michael, cartman Scammel n. Lombardy • 

Dougherty Morgan, morocco dresser 75 James 

Dougherty Philip, stonecutter Washington n. Canal 

Dougherty Robert V. shoemaker Greene n. Fourth 

Dougherty Thomas, laborer 216 Bowery 

Dougherty Thomas, cartman Scammel n. Lombardy 

Dougherty William, shoemaker 101 Bayard 

Dougherty Ann widow of Michael, 217 Cherry 

Dougherty widow Elizabeth, 22 Garden 

Dougherty Mary widow of Hugh, Charles n. Washington 

Doughty Allen, 398^ Cherry 

Doughty Catharine, washer rear 17 Augustus 

Doughty Edward, city surveyor 47 Bowery 

Doughty Isaac, mason North c. Attorney 

Doughty James, caipenler 3d Av. c. Nicholas William 

Doughty John, Lombardy n. Walnut 

Doughty sen. John, Willet n. Broome 

Doughty Robert, Orange n. Prince 

Doughty William, carpenter 361 Grand , 

Doughty widow Elizabeth, 541 Greenwich c. Hamersly 

Douglas Duncan, carpenter 236 Spring 

Douglas Henry, gilder 100 Mulberry [vide Dugli.*? 

Douglas Isaac S. drygoods 116 Bowery h. 7 Spring 

Douglas J. W. watchmaker 5 Fulton market 

Douglas James, engineer 26 Elm h. 11 Thomas 

Douglas Prosper, hair dresser 118 Chapel 

Douglas Robert, distiller 51 Wooster 

Douglas Susan, 14 Spring 

Douglas widow of Daniel, 86 Crosby 

Douglas Margaret widow of jun. George, 55 Broadway 

Douglas A. & C. 400 Broadway 

Douglass Daniel, cartman 57 Crosby 

Douglass George, merchant 30 South h. 68 Liberty 

Douglass Gideon, 89 Chrystie 

Douglass James, locksmith 8 Watts n. Canal 

Douglass John, cartmau 57 Spring 

Douglass John, merchant 68 Liberty 

Douglass John H. phy. & drug. 320 h. 457 Broad ■ 

Douglass Joseph, weaver 46 Spring 

Douglass Joseph, laborer 96 Mott 

Douglass William A. shoemaker 11 Doininick 

Douglass widow Ann, 115 Chapel 

Dow Jesse, livery stable 22 Anthony 

Dow John M. machine maker Laurens n. Canal 

Dow Josiah, merchant 63 Wall [Chavliou 

Dow Mary widow of John, board, h. 513 Greenwich c: 

Dow Phebe widow of Henry, rear 193 Mulberry 

Dow widow Sarah, 21 Orchard 

Dowd John, dry goods 257 Greenwich 

Dowdall Christopher, dry goods 125 Bowery 

Dowdney John, Jones n. Herring 


Dowe Theophilus, 312 Grand 
Dowes Adam, milkman First n. 2d Av. 
Dowling John P. 16 Anthony 
Dowling Michael, shoemaker 21 Oak 
Downer & Crumby, merchants 134 Pearl 
Downer jun. Samuel, merchant 134 Pearl b. 1 Albany 
Downes John, merchant 92 Pearl h. 540 Broadway 
Downie Isaiah, cabinet maker 251 William [v.Downi 
Downie John, shoemaker 254 Front 
Downing Benjamin, jeweller 96 Reed 
Downing George, 10 Allen 

Downing George V. grocer 3d Av. c. Nicholas William 
Downing Isaac, cartman 545 Grand 
Downing Jacob, Bowery c. Nicholas William 
Downing James S. mariner 97 Henry 
Downing John, smith Sheriff n. Broome 
Downing Samuel, carpenter 21 Cheapside 
Downing Samuel B. tailor Market c. Lombardy 
Downing Thomas, grocer 56 Spring 
Downing Thomas, oysterer 5 Broad 
Downing widow Margaret, 10 Rivington 
Downing widow Susan, 33 Eldridge 
Downing & Co. Geo. lum. yd. Clinton c. Water h. 10 A. 
Downs Benjamin, shoemaker 55 Anthony 
Downs Daniel, rartman Ridge n. Broome 
Downs Freeman B. bootmaker rear 80 Grand 
Downs George, shoemaker 32 Howard 
Downs Nicholas, 180Bancker [vide DounKZ 

Downs William B. painter Broadway n. Houston 
Downs William, smith Columbia n. Delancey 
Dowse Adam, First n. 1st Avenue 
Doxey Albert, cartman 250 Broome 
Doxey Parmenus, smith 292 Grand 
Doxsee widow Mary, 14 Forsyth 
Doyer widow, 3 Doyer 

Doyle Ann, milliner 68 Sullivan [sevel 

Doyle Bernard, wheelwright Grand n. Walnut h. 25 Roc 
Doyle Dennis, carpenter 73 Essex 
Doyle D. H. grocer Front c. Roosevelt h. 73 Oliver 
Doyle Edward, basket maker 11 Orange 
Doyle John, bookseller 237 Broadway 
Doyle John, glass cutter 96 Crosby 
Doyle Lewis, mason 149 Church 
Doyle Michael, mason Allen n. Stanton 
Doyle Neil, laborer rear 59 William 
Doyle Patrick, laborer 148 Pump 
Doyle Patrick, laborer rear 35 Mulberry 
Doyle Philip, ship carpenter 10 Walnut 
Doyle Philip, sailmaker 298 Water 
Doyle Thomas, painter 87 Mulberry 
Doyle Thomas, grocer Prince c. Elizabeth 
Doyle Mary widow of Peter, Prince n. Mott 
Draddy Patrick, 138 Water 
Drake Aaron, mason 238 Mulberry 
Drake Asa, cartman Pitt n. Rivington 
D'.ake Charles, phy. and sjirgeon 117 Hudson 

j60 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Drake Charles, weaver Hammond n. Greenwich 

Drake Cornelius, shoemaker 247 Grand 

Drake Elkanah, porter rear 66 Bayard 

Drake E. G.430 Pearl 

Drake G. L. mason 40 Grand 

Drake Harvey, cardmaker 135 Cherry 

Drake Henry, baker Catharine c. Bancker tl 

Drake Henry, weaver Hammond n. Greenwich 

Drake Jacob, 115 Hudson 

Drake James, merchant 15 State 

Drake James, 71 Harman 

Drake James, grocer 177 Spring c. Sullivan 

Drake Jeremiah I. attor. and couns. 24 Vesey 

Drake Jonas W. 115 Hudson 

Drake John, merchant 212 Front h. 35 Bowery 

Drake John, 104 h. 108 Vesey 

Drake Joseph, grocer 212 Front h. 76 Pump 

Drake Rufus, tobacconist 5 Lewis 

Drake Simeon I. accountant 4 Staple 

Drake Theodore, bricklayer 68 Sullivan 

Drake Thomas E. mason 133 Spring 

Drake Elizabeth widow of Moses, 607 Watei 

Drake J. &. E. G. grocers 212 Front 

Drake & Runyon, dry goods 32 Maiden-lane 

Drake & Coddington, grocers 104 Vesey 

Drawbridge William, carver and gilder 62 Barclay 

Drayton rev. Henry, black 3 Wooster 

Drege Peter, merchant 33 South h. 18 Walker 

Dremess Thomas, tailor Varick c. Downing 

Drew Edward, accountant 181 Front h. 67 Oliver 

Drewry Robert, millwright 430 Cherry 

Dreyfous Joseph, French importer 15 William 

Driggs Benjamin, shipmaster 7 Mott 

Drinkwater Mark, porterhouse 7 Fulton market 

Driscoll Jeremiah, 148 Fulton h. 61 Church 

Driscoll Jeremiah, grocer 133 Anthony 

Driscoll Jeremiah, locksmith 108 Chapel 

Driscoll William O. shoemaker 12 Wall 

Droz Justin Humbert, watchmaker 56^ Bowery 

Droze Peter F. confectioner 43 James 

Druce John C. merchant 82£ Hudson h. 45 Proves? 

Drum Michael, cartman 124 Anthony 

Drumell Philip C. shoemaker Prince c. Orange 

Drumgold James, Theatre hotel 94 Chatham 

Drumgold Thomas, 122 Elm 

Dryburgh James, shipmaster 587 Water 

Duane James, cooper 72 Front 

Duba Stephen, shoemaker 84 Canal 

Dubois Charles, laborer Chapel c. Thomas 

Dubois Charles A. watchmaker 32 Roosevelt 

Dubois Elias, shoemaker 98 Bowery 

Dubois Henry, black hairdresser 516 Greenwich 

Dubois James, carpenter 37 Arundel 

Dubois James, carpenter 73 Elizabeth 

Dubois John, tailor 4 Sullivan 

Dubois Matthew, military cap maker 43 Anthony 


Dubois Michael, tailor 105 Chamber 

Dubois Samuel, carpenter 120 Varick 

Dubois Stephen, carpenter 16 Arundel 

Dubois Thomas K. custom h. officer Burrows n. Factory 

Dubois Wm. music store 126 Broadway b. 17 Lispenard 

Dubois William, carpenter Bleecker c Mercer 

Dubois widow Catharine, 96 Vesey 

Dubois & Cc. Cornelius, merchants 36 Front h. 9 Bridge 

Dubois Si Stodart, inusic-store 126 Broadway 

Duboise John, shoemaker Varick n. Watts 

Dubuar Francis, hardware 151 Bowery c. Broome 

Dubuar Margaret, 20 Thomas 

Ducasse Catharine, 310 Waur 

Ducker William, rigger 5 Forsyth 

Duckworth Rowland, tinsmith 155 Maiden-lane 

Dudgeon Peter, teacher of botany Canal n. Sullivan 

Dudley Edward, merchant 50 Fulton h. 144 Grand 

Duer John, counsellor 37 Pine h. 105 Grand c. Mercer 

Dufau John, cooper Lewis n. Rivington 

Duff James, grocer Walnut c. Lombardy 

Duff James, starch-maker Rivington c. Suffolk 

Duff Matthew, grocer Anthony c. Collect 

Duff Thomas, grocer 95 Bancker . 

Duff William, tailor 250 William 

Duff Mary widow of A. D. Hudson n. Barrow 

Duffle rev. C. R. 526 Broadway 

Duffle James, grocer 6 Fiont 

Duffle James, baker 66 Mulberry 

Duffy Bernard, 189 Hester n. Mulberry 

Duffy Charles, carpenter 59 Thompson 

Duffy Daniel, mariner 30 Oak 

Duffy doctor, 42 Catharine 

Duffy John, city-gauger Elm c. White 

Duffy Owen, cartman Greene n. Amity 

Duffy Owen, livery-stables 31 John 

Duffy Patrick, labourer Wooster n. Spring 

Duffy Peter, dry-goods 166 Bowery 

Duffy Philip, grocer Elizabeth n. Prince 

Duffy Ross, cooper 30 Fletcher h. 32 Lombardy 

Duffy & Co. James, grocers 66 Orange 

Duford F painter 64 Nassau 

Dufougerais F. B. 110 South 

Dugan Edward W. shipmaster 59 Beekmaf 

Dugan John, shoemaker 61 Mott 

Dugan John, mason 106 Bayard 

Dugan Matthew, 11 Spring 

Dugan Riehard H. shipwright 178 Duane 

Dugan William, glass-cutter 15 York 

Dugan William H. painter foot Murray 

Dugan Ann widow of Alexander, 7 Elizabeth 

Dugard Joseph, brass-founder 4 Collect 

Duggan T. &N. grocers 6 Mercer h. 51 Howard 

Dug'uss Hosea, looking-glass store 11 Park 

Duke Joseph, steamboat engineer 371 Washington 

Duke William, cabinet-maker 54 Cedar 

Dulion J. A. merchant 53 Crosby 

162 longworth's 1825- — 2€ 

Dulion J. J. A. merchant 36 Mulberry 

Dullager Nicholas F. shoemaker 116 Broad 

Dulux Henry, milliner 116 William 

Oumesnel Mary, segar-maker 19 Anthony 

Dummer George, 33 Pine h. Jersey city 

Dummer & Co. Geo. glass-cut. & china deal. 29 & 31 Pine 

Dumont Abraham J. 50 Sullivan 

Dumont J. B. ornamental factory 120 William 

Dumont widow of Peter, boarding-house 156 Greenwich 

Dunbar Daniel, card-maker SO Ferry d 

Dunbar Moses, carpenter 203 Mott 

Dunbar Samuel, M'Dougall c. Charlton 

Dunbar widow Barbara, milliner 85^ Bowery 

Dunbreck John, mason Canal c. Greenwich 

Duncan Andrew, tallow-chandler 8 Republican-alley 

Duncan Charles E. Coilaers n. Cherry 

Duncan David, merchant 147 Water 

Duncan James, lumber-yard Watts n. Greenwich 

Duncan James, baker Vandam n. Varick" 

Duncan James, engineer rear 68 Bayard 

Duncan John, grocer 25 Cross c. Orange 

Duncan Silas, U. S. N. 5 Charlton 

Duncan William, tailor 18 Doyer 

Duncan &Co. R. auc.&com. mer. 155 Pearl h. 80 Frankff, 

Dungal Alexander, carpenter Canal n. Hudson 

Dunham Abraham, tailor rear 59 Bayard 

Dunham Amos, cartman 106 Spring 

Dunham jun. David, shoemaker 99 Catharine 

Dunham David R. merchant 4 Wall 

Dunham Diademia, milliner 403 Pearl 

Dunham Enoch, clothier 36 Water 

Dunham Hampton, physician and surgeon 11 OliveE 

Dunham Henry, rigger and stevedore 9 Jefferson 

Dunham jun. John, carpenter Columbia n. Broome 

Dunham Lewis W. mason Bleecker n. Sullivan 

Dunham Samuel, mariner Collect n. Leonard 

Dunham William, cartman 93 Delancey 

Dunham William, tanner 26 Ludlow 

Dunham Elizabeth widow of John, rear 49 Elizabeth 

Dunham & Co. Edw.W. com. mer. 26 South h 43 Broad 

Dunigan Francis, weaver Jones n. Herring 

Dunkin Thomas, 8 Gold 

Dunkin Thomas & John, merchant-tailors 152 Front 

Dunlap John A. a.ttor & coun. 2 Nassau h. 55 Leonard 

Dunlap Robert, chemist 614 Broadway 

Dunlap William, portrait-painter 55 Leonard 

Dunlap William, weaver Raisin n. Herring 

Dunlap William J. grocer Elm c. White 

Dunlap widow of James, 16 Walker 

Duulevy James, labourer 186Bancker 

Dunlevy William, labourer 3 Pump 

Dunlop Robert, tailor 53 Sullivan 

Dunlop William, m.d. and druggist 32 Mill 

Dunn Benjamin, painter 103Chrystie 

Dunn Benjamin, carpenter Wooster n. Bleecker 

Dunn jun. Cary, commissioner Greene n. Houston 

Dunn David, grocer Greenwich n. Hammond 


Dunn David, grocer Hudson c. Canal 
Dunn Enoch, 4 South 
Dunn Farrel, tailor 120 Church 

Dunn James, smith Broome c. Bowery h. 10D Forsyth 
Dunn James, grocer 141 Greenwich 
Dunn Jeremiah, painter 97 Chrystie 
Donn John, labourer 3 Leonard 
Dunn John, mariner 19 Thames 
Dunn John, tinsmith 233 Water h. Gold c. Fulton 
Dunn John, ropemaker Stanton n. Ridge 
Dunn Josiah, cartman Renvvick n. Canal 
Dunn Lewis, boarding-house 534 Broome 
Dunn Matthew, 22 Watts 
Dunn Nathan, boarding h. 9 Cortlandt 
Dunn Patrick, engineer 9 Prince 
Dunn Richard, carpenter 84 Varick 
Dunn Richard P. 37 Frankfort . 
Dunn, jr. Richard sec. Globe ins. co. 27 Wall 
Dunn Samuel, carpenter 92 Duane 
Dunn Thomas, cartman Christopher n. Bedford 
Dunn Thomas, 21 Henry 

Dunn Timothy, asst. keep state pr. Charles c. Greenwich 
Dunn widow Ann, 16 Lombardy 
Dunn widow Charity, 266 Grand 
Dunn widow Catharine, Delancey n. Ridge 
Dunn & Co. Simeon, gioeers Spring c. Greene 
Dunnell Elbridge G. physician 53 Broome n. Cannon 
Dunning Julius L. Ill Water 
Dunnorn John, engineer 198 Washington 
Dunscomb Daniel E. 37 Wall h. Prince n. Crosby 
Dunscomb Edward, merchant 363 Water h. 82 White 
Dunscomb John, printer 20 Lumber 
Dunscomb S. S. mercnant 305 Pearl h. 49 Dey 
Dunscomb Wm. E. attor. and not. 7 Broad h. 49 Dey 
Dunshee Samuel, grocer Mulberry c. Hester 
Dunwell Samuel, shoemaker Lombardy n. Walnut 
Dupart Justin, French boarding h. 307 Bowery 
Du Pasquier & Co. Alphonso, merchants 73 Pine 
Dupignac Eben. R. chair-m. 165 Bowery h.265 Grand 
Dupignac Geo. W. merch. tailor 54 Bowery 
Dupignac John, mason 10 Eldridge 
Dupleix George, shipmaster 65 Hudson 
Dupont Francis, fruiter 214 Bowery 
Dupoy Aaron, shoemaker 8 Norfolk 
Dupoy Bertrand, 148 Reed 
Durand A. B. engraver 8 Varick 
Durand Adrian, tinman 28 Barclay 
Durand Benjamin, teacher 189 Duane 
Durand David, cabinet-maker 223 Elizabeth 
Durand John, merchant 116 Pearl 
Durand J. B. merchant 33 Pine 
Durand Manuel, merchant 42 Bowery 
Durando Paul M. P. merch. tailor 60£ Chatham 
Durando Peter, merchant 58 Bowery 
Durant Thomas, toy-shop 271 Grand 
Durant William, carpenter 27 Rbynder 

164 longwgrth's 1825— 26 

Durat Thomas, labourer 65 Spring 

Durbrow Hannah, 124 Henry 

Durbrow Joseph, chair-maker 17 Bowery 

Durbrow Walter, butcher 21 Cath. mar. h. 76 Rivingtoa 

Durbrow Wm. sail-maker 27 Old-slip h. 106 Lombard? 

Durell Deborah, milliner 388 Pearl 

Durell Henry, bookseller 478 Pearl 

Durell Joseph G. crockery dealer 482 Pearl 

Duren Abel, carpenter M'Dougal c. Amity 

Durfey widow Grace, boarding h. 56 Broad 

Durkin John R. sail-maker Varick c. Watts 

Durkin Richard, sailmaker 35 Rynder 

Durland Frederick, porter Laurens a. Spring 

Duryea Daniel, carpenter Thompson n. Prince 

Duryea Garrit S. porter h. Rivir.gton c. Orchard h. 13£ 

Duryea George, clerk of and in Fulton mark [Delancey 

Duryea Henry, miller 3£ Crosby 

Duryea Rulef, grocer Stanton c. Allen 

Duryea Samuel, carpenter 525 Broome 

Duryea Valentine, watchmaker 23 Norfolk 

Duryea widow Clarinda, 68 Pump 

Duryea Letitia widow of William, 13 Elizabeth 

Duryee Charles, weigher 31 Spring 

Duryee George J. grocer Spring c. West 

Duryee Jacob, boarding h. Catharine-slip c. Water 

Duryee Jacob, cabinet-maker 128 Henry 

Duryee John L. Carmine n. Varick 

Duryee John T. merchant 61 Water 

Duryee Joseph W. druggist 206 Pearl h. 77 Frankfort 

Duryee Richard, merchant 97 Maideu-lane h. 29 Broai 

Duryee widow Elizabeth, 95 Liberty 

Duryee widow, 194 Spring 

Duryee & Heyer, hardward 97 Maiden-lane 

Dusenberry Amaziah, 48 Watts 

Dusenberry Charles, grocer Crosby c. Spring 

Dusenberry Daniel, 114 Lombardy 

Dusenberry Henry H. 82 Barclay 

Dusenberry Henry O. grocer Pearl c. Elm 

Dusenberry James, grocer 59 Spring 

Dusenberry James, grocer 48 Watts 

Dusenberry John S. marshal 48 Watts 

Dusenberry John, chair-maker up. end Mott 

Dusenberry Lewis, 51 Watts 

Dusenberry Nathan, cartman Raisin n. Herring 

Dnsenberry Stephen, marshal Prince n. Thompsoc 

Dusehberry Stephen, grocer 102 Chapel 

Dusenberry William, Prince n. Thompson 

Dusenberry William C. watchmaker 40 Bowery 

Dusenberry & Simons, grocer 150 Grand c. Rhyndef 

Dusenbury William, butcher 11 Chapel 

Dutch George, 543 Broadway 

Dutch Henry, grocer 269 Grand 

Dutch William, carpenter 61 Ann 

Duthil Blaise, tailor 2 Provost 

Dutton Stephen, shoemaker 36 Mulberry 

Duval M. fancy store 133 William 

Duval William S. accountant 46 Robinsos 


DuvallJoseph,clothier 49 Maiden-lane h. 188 Church 

Duvall Pebecca, teacher 221 Hudson 

Duvall Thomas, fruiter and tailor 234 Church 

Duvall William, mason Suffolk n. Stanton 

Duvall Wm. Sc Joseph, clothiers 49 Maiden-lane 

Duvillard J. J. shoemaker 156 Reed 

Duyckinck Charles A. bookbinder 115 Division 

Duyckinck Evert, bookseller 68 Water h. 11 Old-slip 

Duyckinck jr. Evert, book-binder 97 Pearl 

Dwan James, cooper 72 Front 

Dwight Henry, stock broker 26 Wall 

D wight Theodore, Tontine Coffee-House 

Dyckman Jacob G. Arden n. Bedford 

Dyckman James, printer 178 Mulberry 

Dyckman John, boarding-house 395 Greenwich 

Dyckman jr. William N. attorney 5Nassau h. 132.D'iartf 

Dyckman widow, Lombardy n. Scammel 

Dyer Levi, carpenter 37 Chapel 

Dyer Samuel, teacher 44 Lumber 

Dyer Mary widow of William, 88 Henry 

Dyke Charles, smith Orchard n. Rivington 

Dyke Daniel, shipwright 62 Chrystie and 23 Orchard 

Dyke Tobias, shipwright 103 Chrystie 

Dyke widow Hannah, 80 Reed 

Dykers Michael, 51 Vesey 

Dykers P. M. D. 51 Vesey 

Dykes Basil, baker 11 Dutch 

Dykman Levi, boatman 6 Lombardy 

Dyson Robert, merchant 59 Pine h. 458 Broorr-e - 

Eadie Michael, Laurens n. Broome 
Eager & Tompkins, grocers 164 Spring 
Eagle Henry, 486 Broadway 
Eagle John, dry goods 38 Division 
Eagle & Son Henry, dry goods 386 Bowery 
Eaken Mary, teacher 97 Hudson 
Eakins Archibald, tobacconist 158 Leonard 
Eakins David, carpenter Columbia n. Delancey 
Eakins John, carpenter & grocer 219 Hester c. Rkynde* 
Eames Thomas, shoemaker 154 Crosby 
Earaes Thomas, soda room 58 Division 
Earl Cornelius, cartman 15 Dominick 
Earl Edward, baker 141 Fulton 
Earl John, brush-maker 161 Water h. 35 Cherry 
Earl John, boot fcshoe store 172 Greenwich 
Earl John, shoemaker 64 Nassau h. 64 Gold 
Earl John, merchant First e» 1st Avenue 
Earl John, sash-maker 85 Elizabeth 
Earl John, hardware-store 74 Maiden-1. & 291 Bowery 
Earl Thomas, shoemaker 54 Pump 
Earl Margaret widow of Philip Mott n. Prince 
Earl & Berry, sash-makers St. John's-lane 
Earl & West, bellows and brush-makers 161 Water 
Earle David, shoemaker 223 Greenwich 
Earle David O. mason i Birmingham 
Earle Edward, Bleecker n. Sullivan 

166 longworth's 1825 — 2G 

Earle John L. grocer 95 Duane 

Earle Joseph, grain measurer 20 Coenties-slip h. 12 Elm 

Earle Justus E. grocer 42 West 

Earle Justus, dry goods 287 Broadway h. 3 Reed 

Earle Lawrence, merchant 189 Greenwich 

Earle Samuel, grocer 154 William 

Earle William H. turner and grocer 15 Rose 

Earle & Co. John I. merchants 199 Greenwich 

Earlick John, 18 Thomas 

Easlar William, comb-factory 101 Rivington 

Eason Charles, hair-dresser 108 Duane h. 69 Leonard 

Eason George W. hair dresser 218 Division 

Easton & Co. JV.W. hardware and commission 105 Water 

Eastburn Japies, 52 Wall h. 47 Canal 

Eastburn (J) & G. P. Shipman, stock & ex. broks. 52 Wall 

Eastbu-.-n Thomas, printer Orchard c. Broome 

Eastlake George, butcher 208 Mott 

Eastmond John, 215 Church 

Eastwood James, cartman 208 Harmon 

Eastwood Lewis, cartman 110 Orchard 

Eaton Henry, mariner 62 Cross 

Eaton Jacob, pilot 7 Gold 

Eaton John, rigger 96 Henry 

Eaton Reuben, shoemaker 31 Mulberry 

Ebbets Daniel I. collector 43 Greenwich 

Ebbets jr. Daniel, cashier Union bank h. 52 Franklin 

Ebbets Edward N. 75 Maiden-lane 

Ebbets John B. grocer West n. Barclay 

Ebbetts James, grocer 1 Chatham 

Eberle Jacob, musician 67 Nassau 

Eccleston Edward, linen importer, 189 Pearl 

Eckert Frederick, carpenter 43 White 

Eckert George, rear 49 Elizabeth 

Eckford Henry, shipyard 252 Stanton h. Love-lane 

Eddy Casper W. M. d. Laight c. Canal 

Eddy Charles, currier 27 Spruce 

Eddy James, shoemaker 1*18 Orchard 

Eddy John, rope maker Orchard n. Rivington 

Eddy Thomas, 427 Broome c. Crosby 

Eddy jun. Thomas, merchant 10 Ferry h. 427 Broome 

Eddy William, carpenter 109 Essex n. Rivington 

Eden John, 60 Spring 

Edes Samuel, baker 4 Carlisle 

Edgar John, bookbinder 102 Greenwich ' 

Edgar Matthias B. merchant 85 Pearl h. 56 Gold 

Edgar Robert, bookbinder Renwick n. Canal 

Edgar Samuel, cartman Renwick n. Canal 

Edgar Thomas, cartman Sullivan n. Houston 

Edgar Thompson, grocer 80 Provost c. Washington 

Edgar widow of William, 7 Greenwich 

Edgar & Baker, merchants 85 Pearl 

Edgerton Abel T. draper and tailor 48 h. 46 Fulton 

Edgell Peter, teacher 369 Broome c. Mott 

Edgerly John, boatman 16 More 

Edgson William, shoemaker 124 Pump 

Etfmonds Henry, teacher 2 York h. 17 Sullivan 


Edmonds James, accountant 72 Varick 
Edmonds Thomas, accountant Canal n. Hudson 
Edmonds William accountant 151 Hudson h. 13 Sullivan 
Edoe John O. cartman 141 Hester 
Edsall Daniel, carpenter Washington n. Harison 
Edsall Jacob, 104 Chapel 
Edsall John, cabinet-maker 7 Thomas 
Edsall Peter, shoemaker 237 Spring 
Edson Oliver, smith 2 Pike 

Edwards Benjamin B. physician 52 Market & 109 Pump 
Edwards Edward, cartman 72 Forsyth 
Edwards George, smith Laurens n. Spring 
Edwards George, 37 Thomas 
Edwards John, cooper 197 Hester 
Edwards John, patent scale-benm maker 105 Green* 
Edwards John, stonecutter 241 Spring 
Edwards John H. 115 Forsyth 
Edwards O. chair-maker Henry n. Walnut 
Edwards Ogcien, judge City Hall h. Bowery-hill 
Edwards Ogden E. hide and leather-store 13 Ferry- 
Edwards Robert, tailor and clothing-store 86 Cherry 
Edwards Walter, 44 Pine 
Edwards William, cartman 113 Broome 
Edwards William R. shoemaker Norfolk c. Stanton 
Edwards Win. W. merchant 117 Pearl h. Bowery-hill 
Edwards widow, 536 Grand 
Edwards widow Eleanor, nurse 30 Moore 
Edwards ividow of John, boarding-house 51 John 
Edwards widow Maria, 60 Leonard 
Effray Alexander, tailor 46 Leonard 
Egan Bryan, grocer 51 Pearl 
Egan Daniel, porter and cider-vault 72 Front 
Egan Edwin, carpenter 14 Prince 
Egan Thomas, cartman Mulberry n Prince 
Egans James, engineer 238 Spring 
Egbert Abraham, grocer 27 Old-slip h. 87 Watei 
Egbert Abraham, marinei 87 Water 
Egbert Abraham, 234 Division 
Egbert Daniel, carpenter 6 Grand 
Egbert James, printer 372 Broome 
Egbert John, cartman 234 Spring 
Egbert John, cartman Commerce n. Bedford 
Egbert William, mason Varick c. Dominick 
Egbert widow Ann, Sheriff n. Rivington 
Egbert widow Jane, 10 Vestry 
Egbert widow Maria, 241 Grand 
Egbertson Peter, 481 Grand 
Egerton Abraham S. cabinet-maker 60 Broad 
Eggert Dominic, watch-maker 97 Orange 
Eggleso Henry, uphol. and cabinet-maker 81 Bowery 
Eggleslon Gardiner, market-man 83 Fulton 
Ehninger George, fur-store 144 Water h. Ill Grand 
Eichell Geo. sail-m. South, c. Gmiverneur-1. h.259Gran<! 
Eichell William, cordwainer 26 Chrystie 
Eichell John, carpenter 1 Allen 
Eichell & Lewis, sail-makers South c. Governeur-lane 

168 longwokth's 1825—26 

Eisenburgh Margaret, 60 Chambers 

Eisenhart widow Nancy, 117 Bowery 

Eivers Owen, 12 Lispenard 

Elder George, grocer Division c. Rutgers 

Elder Stuart, grocer 13 Chapel 

Elder William, sail-maker 132 Division 

Elder William, grocer Leonard c. Elm 

Eldredge Edward, grocer 9 Division 

Eldridge Daniel, 41 Robinson 

Eldridge George, furrier Bowery-hill 

Eldridge George, mason 216 Church 

Eldridge Henry, chair-maker Perry n. Washington 

Eldridge James, boatman 554 Water 

Eldridge John, mason rear 121 Orange 

Eldridge Jonathan, 142 Grand c. Elm 

Eldridge Joseph, mason 7 Leonard 

Eldridge Lewis, smith 38 Sullivan 

Eldridge Michael, Water n. Gouverneur 

Eldridge Nathaniel, 415 Broadway 

Eldridge Richard, mason 50 Anthony 

Eldridge Samuel, ship-carpenter Grand n. Columbia 

Elgrean Alexander, rigger 129 Allen 

Elias Mary, soda-water 29 Fulton 

Elkins James, mason rear 185 Grand 

Ellet Charles, merchant 79 Pearl 

Ellet Robert, 13S Varick 

Ellet William, 146 Chambers 

Ellick Samuel, leather-dresser 104 Gold 

Ellion Michael, carpenter 71 John 

Elliot James, porter 20i| Roosevelt 

Elliot James, painter Cornelia n. Herring 

Elliott George T. 65 South h. 22 Walker 

Elliott James, grocer 106 Mulberry 

Elliott John, dyer 34 Anthony 

Elliott John M. printer 34 Broad 

Elliott Samuel, shoemaker 146 Harman 

Elliott William C. mason Delancey c. Norfolk 

Ellis Bartholomew, shipmaster 97 Lombardy 

Ellis Benjamin, printer 44 Barclay 

Ellis Charles E. 173 William 

Ellis Jesse, chair-maker 89 Pump 

Ellis John, mariner 264 Grand 

Ellis John, Bowery-hill 

Ellis jun. John, carver 307 Cherry h. 385 Grand 

Ellis John F. 164 Broadway 

Ellis Joseph, shipmaster 28 Pearl 

Ellis Reuben, patent gun-factory 51 Fulton h. 43 Water 

Ellis Richard, constable 26 Spruce 

Ellis Mary widow of John, 14 Greenwich 

Ellison Henry, shoemaker 236 Elizabeth 

Ellison Richard, cartman Norfolk n. Broome 

Ellison Smith, shoe-store 570 Water h. 99 Hester 

EUsworfh Daniel S. ship-joiner 7 Arundel 

Ellsworth James, tailor 350 Cherry 

Ellsworth William, sail-maker 163 Canal n. Varick 

Ellsworth & Co. Erastus, 271 h. 368 Pearl 


Elmendorf E. attorney and counsellor 19 Pine 

Elmendorf E. I. accountant 73 Crosby 

Elmendorf Henry, painter 42 Thomas 

Elmer Charles, shoemaker 113$ Orange 

Elmore widow Fanny, victualler 15 Fulton-market 

Elsden Benjamin, gilder 47 Crosby 

Elsey James, mariner 41 Oak 

Elston Alexander, boot-maker 5 Garden and 146 Duane 

Elsworth Francis, brassfounder 387 Cherry 

Elsworth Samuel, grocer 26 Desbrosses 

Elsworth widow of John, tailoress 33 Leonard 

Elting John, grocer 173 Washington 

Elting Ann widow of John, 85 Eldridge 

Elton Mary, mantua-maker 11 Bayard 

Elwood William, shipmaster 105 Water h. 156 Harmao 

Ely Aaron, teacher 18 Eose 

Ely Abraham, cartman Greenwich c. Christopher 

Ely Abraham H r-itman 164 Duane 

Ely Elias H. attorney and com. 71 Fulton h. ll Cliff 

Ely Epaphras, ca iman 27 Stone 
Ely Gad, writing academy 48 Maiden-lane 
Ely Isaac M. attorney and counsellor 79 John 
Ely James G. dry-goods 444 Pearl h. 27 Bancker 
Ely John, shoemaker 89 Grand n. Greene 

Ely jun. John, dry-goods 430 Pearl 

Ely Moses, currier 15 Jacob 

Ely Moses M. cartman Amity n. Wooster 

Ely Richard, grocer 200 Front c. Fulton 

Ely Seabury, teacher 393 Broome 

Ely William G. m.d. 145 Chapel 

Ely widow Maria, 4 Arundel 

Ely & Edwards, chair-mak. 36 Broad & Grand c. Hemy 

Emanuel Michael, merchant 146 Front 

Emanuel Nathan, Canal n. Varick 

Embree John L. druggist 127 Bowery c. Grand 

Embr&e L. E. merchant 225 Front h. 412 Pearl 

Embury Peter, grocer 10 Beekman 

Embury Philip, tin-factory 104 Broad 

Emerson Elizabeth, circulating library 515 Pearl 
, Emerson James, prioter 3 Orange 

Emerson John, printer 515 Pearl 

Emerson William, wheelwright 23 Charlton n. Hudson 

Emlitch Elizabeth widow of James, 186 Mott n. Spring 

Emly Richard, carriage-maker 33 Canal 

Emmans jun. John, dry-goods 121^ Chatham 

Emmery John, 18 Orange 

Emmet Abraham, tailor rear 64 Spring 

Emmet George W. stonecutter 154 Church 

Emmet Robert, attorney 27 Pine 

Emmet T. A. counsellor 27 Pine h. Middle-road 

Emmet jun. T. A. attorney 43 William h. 47 Hudson 

Emmet & Selden, attorneys 43 William 

Emmet & White, counsellors 27 Pine 
Emmons Isaac, 7 Spring c. Elizabeth 
EmmonB jun. Isaac, grocer, Broome c. Allon 

£70 longworth's 182o — 26 

Emmons James, stonecutter Hamersley n. Greenwich 

Emmons James Abraham, shipwright Stanton n. Ridge 

Emmons John, grocer 64 Hester 

Emmons Joseph, fruiter 4 Catharine 

Emmons widow Margaret, 30 Chrystie 

Emory John, agent Asylum c. Amos 

Endarman John Christopher, 130 Leonard 

Enders Solomon, dry-goods 102i Hudson i 

Enever Patrick, paver Harman n Grand 

Englehart Margaret widow of George, 100 Gold 

Engles William, 104 Mulberry 

Englesbe Catharine, midwife 86 Duane 

English Edward, grocer 274 Water 

English James, grocer 104 h. 108 Cedar 

English John, 125 Lombardy 

English Thomas M. 62 South 

Engs Philip W. merchant 141 Front h. 162 Grar.d 

Ennes Deborah widow of Francis, Eldridge c. Stanton 

Ennis James, watch-maker 24 Desbrosses 

Ennis James W. 114 h Bowery 

Ennis Phebe widow of James, 453 Greenwich 

Enos Solomon, shoemaker 598 Water 

Enquevest Jonas, cooper and boarding-h. 41 Roosevelt 

Ensley Daniel, porter-house 307 Broadway [vide dinslic 

Entwisle Mary Ann, actress 55 Rose 

Entwistle S. A. Bleecker n. Sullivan 

Eoff Gerrit, silver-smith 107 Greenwich 

Epwell Francis, 82 Nassau 

Erben Peter, music-teacher 103 Pump 

Errett widow of Henry, 35 Sullivan 

Errickson Charles, carpenter 100 Crosby 

Errickson David B. rear 22 Laurens 

Errickson Samuel, carpenter 15 Moore 

Errickson widow Elizabeth, 17 Rivington 

Errickson widow of Peter, 115 Anthony 

Erskin George, manner 10 Depeyster 

Erskin James, cooper 64 Water 

Erving Thomas, weaver Bank c. Greenwich 

Erwin James, grocer 418 Cherry 

Erwin Sarah, confectioner Provost n. Greenwich 

Erwin widow of John, 19 Cross 

Eskildson George, mariner 182 Mulberry 

Esler Henry, carpenter 16 Dominick 

Esler Henry, smith 72 Broome n. Cannon 

Esler James, mason 16 Dominick 

Eiler Peter, smith 72 Broome n. Cannon 

Esnard Francis, jeweller 1 Anthony 

Espie John, grocer Washington c. Beach 

Esplen widow Ann, 87 Division 

Estrade Bernard, tailor 100 Beekman 

Etienne D. 11 Mercer 

Etzeburger John, barber 84 Vesey 

Evans David, brass-founder 149 Harman [vide Ete)is 

Evans Evan, labourer 447 Greenwich 

Evans James, shoemaker 107 Orange 

Evans John, labourer 25 Augustus 


Evans John, porter-house 188 Mulberry 

Kvans John, printer 120 f.eonanl 

Evans John, bookseller 226 Bowery 

Evans John carpenter 51 Lombardy 

Evans Joseph, leather-store 35 Ferry h. 403 Pearl 

Evans Joseph, merchant 75 Front 

Evans Luther, shipmaster 81 Water 

Evans Richard, mariner 165 Hester 

Bvans Robert, milliner 419 Pearl 

Evans Samuel, dry-goods 56 Bowery 

Evans Thomas, rope-maker Sheriff tl. Rivingtor. 

Evans William, wood-inspector 9 Essex 

Evans Esther widow of Lewis, 24 Desbrosses 

Evans widow Jane, Charles n. Asylum 

Evans Frederick, grocer 106 South h. 214 Cherry 

Evarts & Stone, salt and groceiy-st. 106 South 

Everard James, cabinet maker 43 Oliver 

Everart Joseph, laborer 174 Reed 

Everdell William, engraver'88 John 

Everett Jesse, medical electrician 43 Chatham 

Everitt Daniel, saddler rear 117 Mulberry 

Everitt Elizabeth, boarding-house 350 Water 

Everitt George, teacher 69 Ludlow 

Everitt James C. mason 124 Chrystie 

Everitt John L. cabinet maker 215 Washington 

Everitt N. C. grocer 116 Anthony 

Everitt Mary, victualler 3 Leonard 

Everitt Susan widow of Abner, boardinghouse 4 Pel! 

Everngbim Gilbert, Greene n. Houston 

Evernghim Jos. D. <£• James, 30 Front 

Evers John, artist 61 Walker 

Everson George, finding store 391 Pearl 

Everson G. F. merchant 103 Peavl 

Everson Lewis, boarding-house Stanton a. Sheriff 

Everson & Haight, merchants 103 Pearl 

Everson J. D. tanner 26 Ferry h. 124 White 

Everson & Co. Charles, grocers Hester c. Norfolk 

Evertson Edgar, attorney 24 Nassau h. 39 Liberty 

Evertson Marta, tanner 255 Hudson 

Evertson widow Eliza, 39 Liberty 

Evertson & Watson, morocco manuf. 26 Ferry 

Evrard Francis, 132 Chambers 

Ewbank Thomas, patent lead pipes 25 John 

Ewen Daniel, city surveyor 5 Frankfort h. Rivingtar*. 

Ewen Edward, shipmaster Water c. Oliver 

Ewen G. W. butcher 114 Spring 

Rwen John, grocer Goerck c. Delancey 

Ewen Robert, shoemaker Herring n. Amos 

Ewing James, rigger 25 Pell 

Ewing Thomas, mariner 92 Henry 

Eyre James, shoemaker 12 Walker 

Ezekiel Tobia6, quill dresser 15 Oliver 

Fagan Bernard, grocer 60 Cross 

Fagan Edward, cartman 12 Rivington [see Ftgai; 

Fagan Fiancis, grocer Elm c. Grand 


172 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Fagan John, grocer Chapel c. Chambers 

Fagan John, grocer 126 Chatham 

Fagan Patrick; grocer 30 Cross 

Fagan Patrick, cooper 10 Albany 

Fagan widow of Richard, Bedford c. Burrows 

Fagundus George, carpenter 253 Bowery 

Faighan Terence, cartman 33 Cross 

Faile Edward G. grocer Front c. Peck-slip h. 60 Mott 

Fair John & George, dry goods 208 Greenwich 

Fairbairn William, coopei>77 Bayard 

Fairbanks David, mer. 124 Maiden 1. h. 40 Vandewater 

Fairbanks Samuel, turpentine fac. 330 Front h. 31 Nas- 

Fairbanks William, carpenter 201 Mulberry [sau 

Fairchild Abraham, 93 Delancey 

Fairchild Hamlet, boarding-house 95 William, 

Fairchild Isaac, carpenter 81 Sullivan n. Houston 

Fairchild Isaac, coffee room 134 Beekman 

Fairchild James L. silversmith 70 Sullivan 

Fairchild Peter, chair gilder 2 Water 

Fairchild Samuel, tailor Greene n. Bleecker 

Fairchild Star, tailor 72Watt3 

Fairchild Thomas, shoemaker 188 Hudson 

Fairchild Thomas, 199 Hester n. Orange 

Fairchild Amy widow of Samuel, 8 John 

Fairlie Frederick, attorney 24 Nassau h. 41 Cortlandt 

Fairlie J. clerk sup. court city-hall h_ 41 Cortlandt 

Fairweather Thomas, shoemaker 104 Mulberry 

Falconer Archibald, mer. 188 Pearl h. 171 Greenwich 

Falconer Catharine, milliner 390 Pearl 

Falconer Joseph, 255 Duane [vide Faulkner 

Falconer Josiah, steamboat man Grand c. Orchard 

Falconer Sarauel, shoemaker 364 Pearl 

Falconer William, ven. biind mak. 348 h. 350 Greenwich 

Falconer William, grocer 97 Washington h. 390 Pearl 

Falconi Charles B. accountant 134 Mulberry 

Fall John, carpenter 9 Laight [sec Volk 

Fallon Andrew, saddler 514 Grand n. Goerck 

Fallonsby William, 477 Grand 

Fanchaw Samuel, laborer 85 Duane 

Fanning Barclay, grocer 301 h. 343 Grand 

Fanning Charles, locksmith & tavern 9 Augustus 

Fanning H. merchant 78 Pearl h. 363 Washington 

Fanning Solomon, cabinetmaker 20 Catharine 

Fanning Thomas, grocer Spring c. Mott 

Fanning William, 152 Laurens n. Bleecker 

Fanning widow Mary, 114 Leonard 

Fanshaw Daniel, printer 1 Murray h. 63 Church 

Fardon Abraham, sailmaker 115 Front h. 13 Frankfort 

Fardon Samuel, carpenter 83 Varick 

Fardon Thomas, grain measurer 9 Batavia 

Fardon & Bakewell, sail loft & duck store Front c. Wall 

Fargo Moses, ship carpenter Lewis n. North 

Fargue widow Sarah, Columbia n. Rivington 

Farle Edward, weaver Bank c. Greenwich 

Farless & Gopsill, pocket-book makers 116 William 

Farley Bernard, cartman Herring c. Clinton 


Farley James, cartman Stanton n. Ridge 

Farley J. H. 110 South 

Farmer Patrick, grocer 21 Thames 

Farmer Peter, dry goods store 132 Bowery 

Farmer widow of Thomas, 6 Greenwich 

Famham Charles, carpenter 409 Broome 

Farnham Henry, carver 50 Howard 

Famham fc Flanders, carpenters Washington n. Hubert d. 

Farquhar Jas. wine. mer. 35 Vesey h. Broadway n. Art 

Farquhar widow of Roderick, 118 Washington 

Farr Joseph M. guager 175 Orange 

Farr William, mariner 23 Oliver 

Fanall Peter, labourer 31 Rose 

Farrall widow Jane, 16 Stone 

Farrand Enos, carpenter 28 Grand 

Faaand James, carpenter 24 Leonard 

Farran J. S. 55 Orchard 

Farran Martha, 67 Cedar 

Farrar Charles, grocer 85 South 

Farrar John, grocer 76 Soutli 

Farrei Francis, rope maker 153 Ludlow 

Farrell Ann, 52 Leonard 

Farrell Ann, tailoress 201 Mott 

Farrell Hugh, auctioneer 13 Harman 

Farrell John, 203 Bancker 

Farrell John, grocer Walnut c. Bancker 

Farrell John, grocer Cedar c. Temple 

Farrell John, clothier 283 Water 

Farrell Patrick, labourer 81 Mott 

Farrell Philip, mason 22 Thames 

Farrell Thomas, grocer 108 Mulberry 

Farrell William, tailor 27 Chesnut 

Farrer James, hair manuf. 3d Avenue c. Stuyvesant 

Farrington Benjamin, chair-maker 79 and 88 Broad 

Farrington Charles, grocer 197 Bowery 

Farrington David, grocer Stanton c. Ridge 

Farrington Elijah, chairmaker H2Greene h. Prince 

Farrington Geo. W. grocer Rivingtan c. Attorney h. Stan 

Farrington George, grocer Stanton c. Ridge [ton 

Farrington George, grocer Bowery c. Gerard 

Farrington Isaac, chairmaker 93 Greene 

Farrington James, ropemaker Willet n. Rivington 

Farrington James, shoemaker 44 Prince 

Farrington John, grocer First c. Bowery 

Farrington John, police officer 43 Mott 

Farrington Jonas, shoemaker 36 Hester 

Farrington Manuel, tailor 120 Harman 

Farrington Oakley, grocer 247 Bowery 

Farrington William, ropemaker Attorney n. North 

Farrington V*illiam, shoemaker 205 Elizabeth 

Farrington Elizabeth widow of Benj. rear 106 Elizabeth 

Farrington widow Mary, Rleecker n. Greene 

Farrow William, baker 46 Oak 

Fash Andrew, cooper 50 Cross 

Fash jr. Daniel, cartman 29 Vandarrj 

Fash Daniel, mason 29 Vandara 

114 longwokth's 1825—21 

Fash Jacob, grocer 299 Grand 
Fash Jesse, cooper 181 Washington h. 22 Chapel 
Fash John, butcher 19 Spring 
Fash Michael, shipmaster 221 Bowery 
Fash widow of George, 108 Pump 
Fash widow, 534 Grand 

Faulkner James C. tailor 242 Pearl h. 75 Gold 
Faulkner John, grocer 118 Bowery {ttiie <Fakontt 

Faulkner Michael, 116 Mott 
Faulkner William, tailor 2 Chatham sq. 
Faulkner & Higbie, grocers 96 Hester 
Faulkner & Poillon, grocers 118 Bowery 
Faure widow Mary, 27 Pine 
Faure widow of Vincent, 487 Pearl 
Favereau Francis, tinman 94 Cherry 
Fawcet John, merchant 89 Maiden-lane 
Fawcett William, smith Mulberry n. Prince 
Fawpel John, hair-dresser Canal 
Fawpel widow Mary, 336 Washington 
Fay Henry A. at. com. & not. 55 William h. 159 Chutcb 
Fay John VV. teacher and trans, of languages 6 New 
Fay Jonathan, brass-founder 34 Cheapside 
Fay Joseph D. couns. and not. 55 William h. 36 Barclay 
Fay Philip, grocer Elm c. Orange 

Fazon Robert, tin worker 187 Greenwich h. Canal c 
Fazon & Cort, tinsmiths 28 Bowery [Hudson 

Feathersione widow Sarah, Reed c. Church 
Fearon Foster B 3d Avenue n. Bowery 
Fecbtman Henry, sugar refiner 65. Mulberry 
Fee Patrick, grocer 4 James-slip 
Feeks Charles C. shoestore 204 Greenwich 
Feeks David, shoemaker 165 Division 
Feeks David, shoestore 206^ Greenwich 
Feeks Lockwood, grocer 16 Pump 
Feeks Samuel L. tailor 136 Lombardy 
Feeks & Co. J. B. merchnnts 278 Pearl h. 133 Pump 
•Feely James, labourer 141 Anthony 
Feely James, 458 Cross 

Feely widow of Michael, grocer 109 Anthony 
Feeney Daniel, marble finisher 414 Greenwich 
Teeney Martin, labourer 27 Cross [vide Feney 

Fegan Alexander, weaver Greenwich n. Hammond 
Fegan John, grocer 50 Catharine 
Feirty Thomas, grocer 90 Orange 
Feitner Peter, mason M'Dougal c. Amity 
Fekke John, boarding house 60 James 
Felch Caleb, cartman Cannon n. Broome 
Felcta William, grocer Rivington c. Ridge 
Fellows James, 3 Maiden-lane h. 120 Greenwich 
Fellows John, auctioneer Pine c. Nassau 
Fellows & Read, fancy hardware 3 Maiden-lane 
Felter Abraham, shoemaker 445 Greenwich 
Fe.lter Lucretia widow of John, 181 Orange 
Felthousen James, pump maker Oliver c. Water £ 

Felton Eli, cabinet-maker 89 Bayard 
: rev. Henry J. Bowery c. Hestev 


Fenn G. grocer 35 Peck-slip h. 21 James . 

Fendall John, cabinet-maker 522 Grand 

Fennel James, boat-builder 51 Pump 

Fenton David, mariner Renwick c. Canal 

Feney Charles, cabinet-maker 62 Pearl 

Fenton John, shoemaker 289 Spring 

Fenton John, victualling-house 307 Spring 

Fenton Peter, 445 Greenwich 

Fenton Robeit, cooper 199 Church 

Fenton Samuel, glover 44 Prince 

Fenton Thomas, carpenter First n. 1st. Avenue 

Fenton William, smith Washington c. Hammond 

Fenwick Hannah, druggist 46 Maiden-lane 

Femvick William, cooper 518 Hearl 

Fenwick William, (black) rear 19 Dey 

Fenwick widow Elizabeth, 663 Broadway 

Ferdon Eliza, tailoress 42 Leonard 

Ferdon Jacob, tailor 98 Bowery 

Ferdon John S. tinman 388 Broadway 

Ferdon widow Maria, 28 Watts 

Ferdon widow Mary, Elizabeth n. Bleecker 

Ferguson Alexander, shoemaker 135 Spring 

Ferguson Catharine, merino shawl washer 51 Warier. 

Ferguson Daniel, upholsterer 158 Fulton 

Ferguson George, tanner Sc currier 47 Ferry 

Ferguson Henry, carpenter Mott n. Bleecker 

Ferguson Horace, laborer Suffolk n. Grand 

Ferguson Isaac, carpenter Bedford c. Raisin 

ferguson James, accountant 66Harman 
erguson Jam-es, morocco-dresser 112 Anthony 
Ferguson Jesse, smith 75 Church 
Ferguson Jessu, shoemaker 42 Ludlow 
Ferguson John, (black) shoemaker 40<| Beekman 
Ferguson John, pedlar 7 Pelham 
Ferguson John, naval officer 34 Cortlandt 
Ferguson John, Greenwich c. Vandam 
Ferguson John, tobacconist 71 Henry 
Ferguson Robert, saw filer 111 Elizabeth 
Ferguson Robert, grocer Greene c. Prince 
Ferguson R.obert, sailmaker 113 Chambers 
Ferguson William, locksmith 168 Harman. 
Ferguson Rob. <fc Wm. manuf. Greenwich n. HammonG 
Ferguson & Son William, cainers 70 Thompson 
Ferlat Stephen L. merchant 27 Ann 
Fernald Richard M. 7 Arundel 
Fernando George, mariner 10 Thomas 
Ferns William, dialler 50 Chrystie 

Feron Edward, millwright Watts n. Washington- . - 
Feron John, millwright Laightn. Greenwich [vide Fcaron 
Ferran John, baker Herring n. Burrows 
Ferrers widow of John, 57 Murray i 

Ferrill Jane, dress-maker 55 Augustus 
Ferrier John M. shipmaster 72 FJdridge 
Ferrier widow Martha, 173 Division 
Ferris Benjamin, attorney Si counsellor 13- Murray 
Jferris Caleb, carttnan 187 Spring. 

176 LONGWORTirs 1825— 2£ 

Ferris Charles G. attorney and counsellor 63 Cherry 
Ferris Edward, mason Laurens n. Grand 
Ferris F. T. M. D. 557 Pearl 
Ferris Henry, mason Stanton n. Ridge 
Ferris Henry, cartman 91 Rivington n. Essex 
Ferris Henry, 244 Front 

Ferris Henry P. attorney solicitor & com. 13 Murray 
Ferris Jacob, chair-maker 263 Broome 
Ferris Jacob, cartman 196 Eldridge ' 
Ferris Jesse, cartman 120 Ridge 
Ferris Joseph, blind-maker 550 Pearl 
Ferris Josiah, attorn, and notary 461 Peart h. 104 Mott 
Ferris John H. 384 Greenwich 

Ferris Laning, butcher 13. Fulton-market h. Delancey c 
Ferris Nathaniel, merchant 446 Pearl [Forsyth 

Ferris Thomas T. city marshal 14 Charlton 
Ferris William, tailor 313 Broome 
Ferris widow Esther, Stanton n. Arundel 
Ferris widow of James, grocer and cooper 27 Old-slip 
Ferris widow of John, 15 Leonard 
Ferry Eli, comb-maker 101 Rivington 
Ferry Francis, confectioner 84 Broadway 
Ferry Sylvester, comb-maker 113 Delancey 
Ferry Victor, Thespian-hotel 90 Chatham 
Fessenden Thomas, attorney 95 Beekman h. 92 Grand 
Feiuique Cherv, mariner 160 Duahe 
Few Col. William, 10 Park-place 
Fewks William, baker 252 Bowery 
Fezler John T. shoemaker Hudson n. Clarkson 
Fick A. grocer 70 Pump [vide Fit: 

Fick Harmanus R. baker rear 476 Pearl 
Ficket Gardner, grocer Water n. Gouverneur 
Ficket Josiah, ship carpenter 346 Cherry 
Ficket & Crane, grocers 96 Pine 
Ficket 8. & F. ship-yard 559 Water 
Field Ambrose, watch maker 475 Greenwich 
Field Aiby, tack and brad maker Suffolk n. Stanton 
Field Benjamin, saddler 170 Water 
. Field Catharine, boarding-house 39 Gold 
Field Daniel, shoemaker Rhynderc. Grand and 117 Mot 1 ' 
Field David, carpenter Forsyth n. Rivington 
Field David, seminary 137 Delancey 
Field Edward, carpenter 12 Clarke 
Field Edward, hardware 16 Front 

Field Hickson W. com. mer. 28 Burling-slip h. 370 B.way 
Field James, merchant 15 Catharine-slip 
Field John, d\y goods 8 Chambers 
Field Joseph, shoemaker 32 Rivington 
Field Josiah, merchant 202 Hester 
Field Moses, 432 Broadway 
Field Oliver, rear Ludlow n. Stanton 
Field Peter, 226 Bowery 

Field jun. Peter, watch and clock maker 200 Greenwich 
Field Richard, merchant 223 Pearl h. 37 Oliver • 
Field Samuel, mason First n. 1st. Avenue 
Field Thomas C. cartman Greene n. Houston 


Field Thomas, carpenter 27 Mulberry 

Field Whitehead, shoemaker Orchard n. Stanton 

Field Uriah, mason 14 Essex 

Field & Thompson, merchants 223 Pearl 

Filmore William, carpenter 121 Elm 

Finan Michael, cartman 31 Cross 

Finch Alvah, grocer 34 h. 60 Elm 

Finch David, carpenter Lewis n. North 

Finch Ferris, grocer 83 Division h. 19 Chrystie 

1 inch Isaac D. 50 Orchard 

Finch John, collector 73 Chapel 

Finch Joseph, gun maker 44 Fulton h. 195 Spring 

Finch Thomas, sail-maker Suffolk n. Rivington 

Finch Catharine widow of Nathaniel, 136 Grand 

Finch R. R. & N. grocers 292 Front h. 90 James 

Fincher Abraham, chair-maker 35 Lis-penard 

Findley widow Ann, milliner 152 Hester n. Bowery 

Fine Jarvis, shoemaker 351 Greenwich 

Fink Alexander, tavern 140 Bowery 

Fink Anne, 349 Broome 

Fink Arnus, butcher 1 Spring-mark. h. 28 Spring 

Fink Henry, butcher 40 Spring 

Fink widow of Alexander, Grand c. Chrystie 

Finley George, shoemaker Fourth c. Mercer 

Finley John K. shoemaker 486 Greenwich 

Finley William, baker 11 Dutch 

Finn James, 141 Mott 

Finn James G. constable 76 Oliver 

Finnerty John, dry-goods 59 Pump 

Fiora John B. 82 Prince 

Firth John, music instrument maker 360 Peaii 

Firth & Hall, music-store 358 Pearl 

Fish Abraham K. merchant 124 Front 

Fish Adrustus, printer 130 Leonard 

Fish David, 15 James-slip 

Fish Job, engineer 227 Spring 

Fish col. Nicholas, Stuyvesant n. 3d -Avenue " 

Fish Orlando, hat-store 198 Chatham h. 2 Bowery 

Fish Preserved, merchant 136 Front h. 218 William 

Fish & Grinnell, merchanis 136 Front 

Fisher Aaron, contractor Ridge c. Delancey 

Fisher Abraham, 48 h. 50 Pump 

Fisher Albert, butcher Delancey c. Allen 

Fisher Catharine, grocer 558 Pearl 

Fisher Charles, rope-maker Orchard n. North 

Fisher Christiana, 61 Fulton- 

Fisher Christopher, cooper and grocer 73 Chrystie 

Fisher Daniel, shoemaker 378 Bowery 

Fisher Daniel, turner 558 Pearl 

Fisher E. notary 8 Pbaenix buildings h. 14 State 

Fisher George, cartman Forsyth n. Delancey 

Fisher George L. carpet-weaver 70 Harmaa 

Fisher Henry, cartman Gieene n. Houston 

Fisher Heriry, attorney and notary 24 Oak 

Fisher Jacob, butcher 15 Fulton-market h. 98 MoSt 

Fishes John, grocer Broome c. Sheriff 

178 long worth's 1825—fifr 

Fisher John, M.D. 72 Chatham 
Fisher John, butcher Orchard 
Fisher John P. druggist &c. 106 Broadway 
Fisher Lawrence, mariner 10 More 
Fisher jun. Leonard, surgeon-dentist 269 William 
Fisher Lewis, brass-founder 63 Allen 
Fisher Nicholas, tin-smith 35 Rhynder 
Fisher Theodosius, turner 76 Barclay- 
Fisher Walter, mason 7 Anthony 
Fisher William W. tin-manufacturer Laight c. Canal- 
Fisher widow Anne, 296 Bowery 
Fisher Charlotte widow of John C. 86 Nassau 
Fisher Sarah widow of Henry, 701 Broadway 
Fisher & Co. Abijah, merchants 145 Water h. 24 Rose- 
Fisher C. & R. grocers Rivington c. Chrystie 
Fisk David, chair-maker 59 Ludlow 
Fisk Edward, cabinet-maker 51 Lispenard 
Fiske Ebenezer, merchant 222 Pearl 
Fitch Abijah, boot-maker 81 Hester 
Fitch Asa, boarding-house 45 Cortlandt 
Fitch Barney, porter-house 400 Bowery 
Fitch David H. grocer King c Greenwich 
Fitch Hezekiah, boarding-house 30 Division 
Fitch James, merchant 101 Maiden-lane h. 83 Cedar 
Fitch J. B. Castle-garden Fort Clinton 
Fitch Lucy, 383 Cherry 

Fitch Samuel M. attorney, and couns. 89 Cherry 
Fitch William B. dry-goods 168 Pearl fa. 73 Gold 
Fitch Caroline widow of Leman, 2 Prince 
Fitch widow Catharine, 26 Anthony 
Fitch, Goodwin fc Co. com. merchants 101 Maiden-rftne 
Fitz Henry, editor 67 Chrystie h. 255 Grand 
Fitzgerald Bernard, cooper rear 28 Reed 
Fitzgerald Edmund, 104 Chrystie n. Grand 
Fitzgerald James, drayman 56 Roosevelt 
Fitzgerald John, labourer 252 William 
Fitzgerald John, paper-stainer 97 Bowery 
Fitzgerald Maurice, tanner 21 Batavia 
Fitzgerald M. H. merchant-tailor rear 20 Orange 
Fitzgerald Robert, hairdresser 138 Maiden-lane 
Fitzgerald Thomas, labourer 8 Hague 
Fitzgerald William, cartman Ridge c. Stanton 
Fitzgerald widow of Edmund, 8 Hague 
Fitzgerald widow Mary, victualler 11 Fulton-market- 
Fitzpatiick widow Sally, 136 Mott 
Fitzpatrick -Widow of Thomas, Mulberry c Hester 
Fitzsimmons Hen.& John, carpenters Bedford n. Burrows 
Fitzsimmons Peter, weaver Bedford n. Raisin 
Fix Charles, tailor 3 Allen [vide Fick 

Fiachat C. fringe-factory 120 William 
Flack John, merchant 68 Pine 
Flager widow Elizabeth, Allen n. Stanton 
Flagles Samuel, carpenter Broome c. Varick 
Flago Charles, tailor 38 Oliver 
Finhprty Margaret, porter-house 14 Dover 


Flanagan Edward, grocer Giand c. Lewis 

Flanagan James, commissioner 1 Chatham h. 5 m. stone 

Flanders David, carpenter Washington n. Hubert h. 11 . 

Flanders Elijah, caulker 460 Cherry [Spring 

Flaiidersjun. Elijah, caulker 35 Broome 

Flanders Richard, segar-maker 64 Spring 

Flandiu P. merchant 256 Broadway h. 2 Murray 

Flandrau Thomas H. attorney and conns. 44 Pine 

Plaudrow Caleb F. porter-house 374 Broome 

Flandrow John T. turner Varick c. Watts h. 243Williarr\ 

Flandrow William, coacH-maker 57 Watts 

Flandrow widow Phebe, florist 243 William 

Flanery Thomas, tailor 53 Vesey 

fleet Henry M. hardw.are-sjore 33 Fulton 

Fleet Joshua, grocer 16 James-slip 

Fleet Simon, 171 Orange 

Fleming Augustus, 67 Greenwich 

Fleming John, shoemaker 74 Liberty 

Fleming John, cashier Mechauics' Bank, 16 Wall 

Fleming Joseph, cartman Christopher n. Asylum 

Fleming Peter, engineer 200 Spring 

Fleming Samuel B. sailmaker 302 Front h. 23 James 

Fleming Thomas, grocer 16 Pine c. Nassau 

Flender Dilman, cartman Rhynder n. Grand 

Flender Henry, baker 11 Forsyth 

Flender Thomas, wheelwright Hudson c. Thomas 

Fletcher Elkanah, carpenter Ludlow n. Broome 

Fletcher Job, lock-smith Bhynder op. Howard 

Fletcher Joseph, carpenter 77 Essex 

Fletcher Samuel, 314 Water 

Flewry Elizabeth widow of Balthazar, grocer 340 Pear' 

Flewelling Samuel, cashier City Bank h. 51 Pine 

Flinn James, pilot 85 Gold [ride Flt/TH^. -- 

rtim Patrick, livery-staWes 18-New 

Flinn Thomas, boarding-house 91 Nassau 

Flinn Wm. cider-vault Duane c. Augustus h. 163 Bancker 

Flinn widow Eleanor, 74 Wall 

Flint Patrick, moulder 97 Broome 

Flock Henry, cartman 363 Broome 

Flocker Cornelius, rope-maker 216 Harman 

Floor John K. butcher 24 Cath. market h. 91 Elizabeth 

Florence Gideon, shoemaker rear 28 Mulberry 

Florence William, mariner rear 89 Orange 

Florentine Abraham, cabinet-maker 61 & 59 Mulberry 

Florentine James, cabinet-maker 306 Grand 

Florentine Thomas, 58 Mulberry 

Florentine Walter, cartman 75 Mott 

Flower jun. John, grocer Mercer c. Bleecker 

Flower Joseph, shoemaker 45JJ Broadway 

Flower William, tailor 329 Bowery 

Floyd Augustus, attorney and notary 69 Pear! 

Floyd widow of Samuel, 130 Greenwich 

Fly mi James anc\ Edward, masons 208 Molt 

Flynn John, smith 19 Bancker 

Flynn John, smith 118 Mott 

Flynn John, tailor 258 Greenwich 

180 longworth's 1825— ^ ; 

Flynn Michael, wheelwright 94 Mulberry [vide FlinJi 

Flynn Patrick, pedler 44 Mulberry 

Flynn William, rear 13 Clarke 

Flynn widow Mary, 353 Cherry 

Flynn & Co. James, merchants 52£ Bowerv- 

Fogal George, 536 Grand 

FogalJohn, drayman Vandam n. M'Dougal 

Fogal William, baker Bleecker n. Greene 

Folay William, labourer 4£ Front 

Foley Sarah, green-grocer 50 Duane 

Foley William, merchant 14 Division h. 13 Mott 

Foley widow Rebecca, boarding-house 26 Water 

Folger Benjamin H. hardware 97 Pearl h. 27 Harison 

Folger F. L. merchant 39 Hanison 

Folger Robert B. physician 39 Rhynder h. 39 Harison 

Folger Robert C. sail-maker 84 South h. 93 Lombardy 

Folger William A. merchant 440 Pearl h. 239 William 

Folger Phebe widow of Reubsn, 39 Harison 

Folger & Lamb, hardware 97 Pearl 

Folansbee Timothy, shipwright Columbia n. Rivington 

Folinar John, watch-maker 158 Broadway h. 30 White 

Folsom Abraham, printer 141 William 

Fonnardam James, Bowery-hill 

Fontaine sen. E. importer 25 William 

Fontaine & Son C.G. auc. and com.mer. 133 h. lOlWater 

Fonvilie widow of Henry, 491 Broadway 

Foos Mary widow of Henry, 100 Greene n. Spring 

Foot Henry J. cooper Amos n. Greenwich 

Foot John, merchant 228 Front 

Foot John F. comedian 61 Beach n. Hudson 

Foote Israel, merchant 35 Wall h. 55 Beach 

Foote Thomas, lime-inspector 160 Reed 

Forann Robert, shoemaker 4 Water 

Forbes Collins V. G. silver-smith 14 h. 50 Dey 

Forbes Garrit, weigher 18 Oak 

Forbes James, merchant 170 South h. Brooklyn 

Forbes James G. tailor £5 Collect 

Forbes James G. 427 Broadway 

Forbes John, fig-blue and coffee maiiuf. rear 43 Forsyth 

Forbes John, printer 65 Church 

Forbes John, 36 Forsyth 

Forbes J. W. silver-smith 114 William 

Forbes Joseph, umbrella-maker 17 Rose 

Forbes Lewis, cabinet-maker 43 Hudson 

Forbes Nathaniel, dry-goo-ds 205 Hudson 

Forbes W. G. 50 Dey 

Forbes widow Abigail, 59 Ludlow 

Forbes Martha widow of John, 58 N. Moore 

Forbes Susan, fruiter 87 Bowery 

Force Ephraim, brass-founder 265 Water h. 76 Pump 

Force Enos, mason 67 Arundel 

Force Hiram, 112 Mulberry 

£orce Jotham, barber 128 Mott » 

Force Monson, cartman 78 Sullivan 

Force William, carpenter 164 Mulberry n. Grand 

Force Zebulon, boarding-house 572 Water 


Force widow Mary, 185 Hester 

Ford Benjamin J. merchant 78 Pine h. 61 Roosevelt 

Ford Ebenezer, carpenter 86 Thompson 

Ford Isaac, weaver Greenwich n. Hammond 

Ford Jobn^ currier Mulberry n. Prince 

Ford John, butcher Eldridge n. Delancey 

Ford John, hat store 196 Broadway h. 13 Maiden-lane 

Ford John, boatman 56 Beech 

Ford Lewis S. grocer 37 Front h. 44 White 

Fordham Austen, ship carpenter 22 Ludlow 

Fordham Caleb, carpenter 163 Bancker 

Fordham Charles, pumpmaker 5 Birmingham 

Fordham E. hat presser 455 Pearl 

Fordham George, inspector of lumber 393 Pearl 

Fordham George S. 200 Harman 

Fordham George, shipmaster Grand 

Fordham H. L. portrait painter 57 Chatham 

Fordham Isaac, cartman 23 Laurens n. Spring 

Fordyce John, stone cutter 44 Grand 

Forgee James, laborer M'Dougal n. Spring 

Forman David, saddler 95 Murray 

Forman Lewis, 18 Cedar' 

Forman Michael, boarding-house 397 Pearl 
Forman William, stonecutter 179 Duane 
Forman widow of Samuel, Varick c. Watts 

Forman widow of Thomas, rear 16 Ludlow [vi. Furman 

Forquez I. hair dresser 21 Fulton-slip 

Forrest Jjmes, 726 Broadway 

Forrest James, rigger 49 Forsyth 

Forrest William, teacher Warren h. 62 Cortlandt 

Forrester Archibald, letter carrier Columbia n. Broome 

Forrester James, teacher 9 Duane h. 244 William 

Forrester John, smith 89 Mulberry 

Forrester Peter, m.D. 491 Broadway 

Forrester widow Eliza Ann, 59 Anthony 

Forrister Andrew, shoemaker rear 130 Grand 

Forshee John, carpenter M'Dougal n. Houston 

Forster Henry, shipkeeper Henry 

Forster Joseph, bookbinder 2 Thames b. 44 Cedar 

Forster William, 523 Greenwich [see Fosle, 

Forsyth Alexander, ship carpenter 49 Rutgers 

Forsyth Eliza, 46 Orange 

Forsyth Robert, mariner 15 Coilect 

Forsyth Robert, carpenter 54 Crosby 

Forner Lewis H. 24 Eldridge 

Fortune Martin, whitesmith 184 William 

Fosdick Henry C. shoemaker 9 Thomas 

Fosdick R. B. painter Herring n. Charles 
Foshay Abraham, cartman M'Dcuga) n. Houston 
Foshay Andrew, cartman M'Dougal n. King. 
Foshay Benjamin, cartman 53 Spring 
Foshay Jesse, 106 Warren 
Fi'shay Oliver, mason 26 Desbrosses 
Foshay William, cartman M' Dougal n. King 
Foshay widow Catharine, 201 Hudson 
Foshay & Lockwood, grocers 76 Vesey 

192 longworth's 1825— 2 1 

Foss Thomas, shoemaker 131 Elm 
Foster Andrew, merchant 65 South h. 110 Greenwich 
Foster Azuba,fruiter 191 Chapel 
Foster Devoe, laborer Ridge n. Stanton 
Foster Ebenezer, shipmaster Market 
Foster Eldridge, ■cabinet maker 57 Varick 
Foster Ezra, laborer 115 Washington [vide Forsler 

Foster Frederick, grocer Broome c. Rhynder 
Foster George & Co. grocers 99 Cherry- 
Foster Isaac, upholsterer 47 Hanson 
Foster John, coachdriver 56 Beach 
Foster John, cartman 31 Norfolk 
Foster John, porter 126 Greene 
Foster Joseph, cartman Cornelia n. Herring 
Foster jun. Joseph W. merchant 11 Peck-slip 
Foster Robert, 136 Anthony- 
Foster Samuel, boatman 208 Division 
Foster Thomas, grocer 78 James 
Foster Thomas, cartman 61 Pump 
Foster widow of William, grocer 87 Mulberry 
Foster widow Catharine, 28 Lispenard 
Faster widow Elizabeth, Pitt a. Rivington 
Foster widow Phebe, 365 Bowery 
Foster Phene widow of John, 17 Duane 
Foster & Giraud, merchants 65 South 
Foster & Polhamus, merchants 11 Peck-slip [n. Wash 
Fotheringhame George & Thomas, stone cutters 10 Watt's 
Fotteralf& Son Stephen E. mer. 102 Pearl h. : 15 D. way 
Fought JohnM. 57 Pump 
Fouley John, 70 Greene 
Foulke Joseph, 155 South, h. 69 Franklin 
Fountain Aaron, dry goods 223 Broadway 
Fountain Anthony ...shoemaker 66 Bayard 
Fountain Anthony B. grocer 59 White-hall 
Fountain Elijah, rear 5 Chapel 
Fountain Elias, dry good st. 231 Broadway 
Fountain Gideon, merchant 11 South 
Fountain Isaac, painter 102 Pump 
Fountain Joseph, segar maker 39 Delancey 
Fountain widow-of B. fruit store 203J Greenwich 
Fountain widow of Isaac, 17 Chapel 
Fourett Isaac, carpenter Prince n. Thompson 
Fourniquet L. gold and silver smith 71 Reed 
Fowlds Henry, weaver 88 Elckidge 
Fowler Abigail, 176 Broadway 
Fowler Abraham, cartman 85 Forsyth 
Fowler Alvah, cartman 118 Wooster 
Fowler David, combi-naker 132 Harman 
Fowler David I. porter-house 167 Spring 
Fowler Drake, shoestore 12 Bowery h. 207i| With. 
Fowler Elizabeth, 517 Broome 
Fowler George W. shoemaker 171 Bowery 
Fowler Gideon, grocer 224 Bowery 
Fowler Gilbert, grocer 26 Spring 
Fowler Gilbert, silversmith 207 William 
Fowler Harsnah, drawing academy 281 Wil 


Fowler Tsaac, cartman Greene n. Bleecker 
Fowler James, cartman Prince n. Greene 
Fowler Jeremiah, milkman Attorney c. Stanton 
Fowler John, merch. tailor 48 John 
Fowler John, caulker Lombardy n. Walnut 
Fowler Joseph, merchant 92 Pine h. 26 WhitehaH 
Fowler Levi, china store 178 and 237 Greenwich 
Fowler Lewis, victualler 93 Bowery 
Fowler Mary, milliner 19 Division 
Fowler Moses, boot and shoemaker 152 Chatham 
Fowler Moses, cartman Wooster n. Bleecker 
Fowler Pexel, shipmaster 296 Greenwich 
Fowler Richard, grocer 51 Delancey c. Eldridge 
Fowler Robert, merchant 50 Fulton 
Fowler Samuel, cabinet maker 131 Orange 
Fowler Saul, painter 295 Bowery 
Fowler Stephen, shoemaker First n. 2d Avenue 
Fowler Theodosius, 369 Broadway 
Fowler Theodosius, grocer 54 Chatham 
Fowler William, carpenter Rivington c. Ludlow 
Fowler William, shipwright 504 Grand 

Fowlers , teachers 190 William 

Fowler Charlotte widow of John, 115 Forsyth 
Fowler widow Deborah, 26C Bowery 
Fowler widow Elizabeth, 293 Grand 
Fowler widow Lois, 133 Allen 
Fowler widow Lydia, 133 Division 
Fowler widow Sarah, 209 Hester 
Fowler and Crane, grocers N. Moore c. Greenwich 
Fowler and Deveau, hoot and shoem. 196 Chatham 
Fox Charles, 60 Elizabeth 
Fox Charles, shoemaker 71 Henry 
Fox George S. merchant 172 Pearl 
Fox James, merchant 54 Pine h. 13 Walker 
Fox Joel B. carpenter 171 Spring 
Fox John, lamplighter 74 Sullivan 
Fox John, 36 Walker 
Fox Joseph, cabinet maker 10 Oak 
Fox Peter, tailor 130 Fulton h. 126 Forsyth 
Fox William, merchant 307 h. 308 Pearl 
Fox William, shoemaker 92 Harman 
Fox widow Catharine, board mgh. 259 Water 
Fradenburgh C. livery stables 20 Anthony 
Fradenburgh George, hay cartman 15 Anthony 
Eyailey James, shoemaker Willet n. Rivington 
Fraizer Sarah, grocer 16 Catharine-slip 
Franchi widow Susau, artificial flowerist 203 ChurcL 
Francis Anthony, shee store 148 Front 
Francis Gamaliel, smith 335 Washington 
Francis George, Mercer c. Houston 
Francis Henry M. m. d. 47 Chambers 
Francis Isaac, surgeon dentist 121 Chatham 
Francis John W. *f. d. 47 Chambers 
Francis Lewis, sexton rear 144 Reed 
Francis Thomas A. mariner 127 Chambers 
Fiancis William, barber 149£ Fulton 

184 longworth's 1825—26 

Francis Maria widow of George, 24 Pell 

Francisco Rosannah, 100 

Frank Jacob, custom-house officer 133 Grand 

Frank William, brushmaker 7 Bancker 

Frankland Benjamin, hatter 132 Fulton 

Frankland Edward, dry goods 409 Broadway 

Franklin Abraham, 42 Greene 

Franklin Henry L. 147 Greenwich 

Franklin James T. 141 Front h. 42 Greene 

Franklin John, 2 Frank, sq. h. 459 Broome 

Franklin John, tavern 146 Pump 

Franklin John A. 81 South h. 459 Broome [Eire 

Franklin Morris, attorney & not. 47 Wall k. Broome c. 

Franklin Thomas, 63 Wall h. 415 Broome [cer 

Franklin Wm. H. dry good st. 299 Broadway h. SO Mer- 

Franklin& Minturn, auctioneers 63 Wall 

Franklin & Smith, brokers 47 Wall 

Franklin T. & T. dry goods 394 Pearl 

Franks John, pilot 90 Oliver 

Franks Joseph, porter 92 Orange 

Franks Josiah J. accountant 126 Pump 

Franks Thomas, shoemaker 1 Anthony 

Fraser Alex, city measurer 274 Front h. 51 Bancker 

Fraser Charles, painter, gilder & glaz. John c. Gold 

Fraser Daniel, 48 Maiden-lane 

Fraser Jesse, combmaker 25 Maiden-lane h. 225 Bowery 

Fraser Robert, grocer 81 Wnll 

Fraser R. shoemaker 109 Chambers 

Fraser Simon, 82 Harman 

Fraser Flora widow of Duncan, 8 Batavia 

Frassee Henry F. machinist 91 Fulton 

Frazee Abraham, cartman 152 Reed 

Frazee Isaac, cartman 79 Provost c. Washington 

Frazee Richard, Dominick c. Varick 

Frazee William, 20 Metcer 

Frazee W. & J. marblecutters 443 Broadway 

Frazer Grace, dressmaker 26 Cherry 

Frazer Jacob, shoemaker 69 Cross 

Frazer Oswald, porterhouse 22 Garden 

Frazer widow Sarah, 3 Chapel 

Frazier George, chahmaker 37 Jay 

Frazier John, teacher Christopher n. Factory 

Frazier John C. baker 427 Cherry 

Frazier Michael, copperplate printer 86 Crosby 

Frazyer widow Mary, 161 Bancker 

Fream James, sashmaker 65 Hester h. Allen n. Grand 

Fream John, sashmaker 65 h . 67 Hester 

Frede August C. confectioner 33 Augustus 

Frederick George, carpenter 14 Grand 

Frederick Griffen, hatter 33 Delancey 

Frederick John, cartman Pitt n. Rivington . 

Frederick John H. baker 43 Leonard 

Frederick William, grocer 39 Leonard 

Frederick widow Eleanor, 1 Chesnut 

Fredericks Charles, chairmaker 79 Broad h. 107 Washin, 

Fredericks Peter H. smith 26 Laurens n. Spring 


Fredericks feFarrington, chairmakers 79 and 88;oad 

Freeborn Andrew, laborer 44 Pike 

Freeborn Gideon, 183 Front h. 42 Rivington 

Freeborn James F. grocer 238 Front 

Freeborn Robert, rigger 80 Cherry 

Freeborn Thomas, foundry 107 Hester h. 1G1 Bowery 

Freel Bartholomew, brassfounder 139 Anthony 

Freeland John, mason 233 Spring [see Vreeland 

Freeland John, cartman Ridge n. Stanton 

Freeland Simeon, smith 21 Anthony 

Freeland Thorpas, 64£ Sullivan 

Freeland William, tailor 11 Anthony 

Freeland widow of Jacob, 75 Duane 

Freeland widow Ann, straw hats 322 B.way h. 38 White 

Freeman Asher, lime cartman Varick n. Downing 

Freeman Augustus T. merchant 76 Pearl h. 74 Chatham 

Freeman Clarkson, carpenter 155 Chambers 

Freeman Ellen, 24 Fletcher 

Freeman Elizabeth, boardinghouse 77 Franklin 

Freeman Ellis, carpenter Thompson n. Caual 

Freeman Isaac, mason Arden n. Bedford 

Freeman Isaac P. fancy chairmaker 165 Bowery 

Freeman Isaac R. founder 192 Chapel 

Freeman Jedediah, carpenter Elizabeth n. Spring 

Freeman John, mariner rear 166 Bancker 

Freeman Joseph, Greenwich c. Perry 

Freeman Melancthon, cabinetmak. Delanccyn. Columbia 

Freeman Moses, 8 Chrystie 

Freeman Nathan, grocer 27 Broadway 

Freeman Phineas, 186 Fulton 

Freeman Richard, barber 259 Water 

Freeman Sarah, Attorney n. North 

Freeman William C. 140 Hester 

Freeman William Y. rigger 24 Batavia 

Freeman Hannah widow of Charles, 115 Cherry 

Freeman Mary widow of Samuel, coal yard 26 Roosevelt 

Freeman & Cobb, merchants 190 Pearl 

French Asahel, combmaker Varick c. Vandam 

French Alfred, painter 54 Chapel 

French Anderson, cartman 169 Chapel 

French Benjamin, bricklayer 92 Hester 

French Cromwell, lastmaker43 Oak 

French Daniel, teacher Hudson c. King 

French John C. money collector 205 Grand c. Elizabeth, 

French Rhodes, shipping master 331 Front 

French Wm. smith 34 Fletcher h. 79 Sullivan n. Spring 

French William, currier Mott n. Bleecker 

French William B. carver Renwick n. Spring 

Frey, rev. Joseph S. C. F. 53 Orange 

Frey Theophille, porterhouse 107 Amity 

Friedle Maria C. artificial florist 117 William 

Friel Owen, cartman 16 Orange 

Friel Williajn, grocer 76 Wall 

Friend Enge'll, clockmaker and brassfounder 132Heste: 

Friend Frederick, brassfounder Forsyth n. Delancey 

Frisbie Edward, 17 Batavia 

186 longwokth's 1825—26 

Frisby Samuel W. 25 Vesey 

Frisby William, tailor and draper 35 John 

Frisselear John, mason 11 Elizabeth 

Fritcher Aaron, merch. tailor Greenwich c. Christopher 

Fritze William, brushmaker Eldridge n. Stanton 

Froome Daniel, cabinetmaker 57 Roosevelt 

Frost Abraham, 564 Broome 

Frost Allen, shoemaker 225 Spring 

Frost D. A. grocer 124 Division 

Frost Gideon, vinegar merchant 79 Eldridge h. 135 Aller 

Frost Henry, shipcarpenter 7 Orchard 

Frost Henry K. merchant 118 Henry 

Frost Ichabod, 39 Grand 

Frost Isaac, merchant 184 Front h. 18 Market 

Frost Jacob, dockmaster 133 Allen 

Frost John, butcher Washington Market h. 205 Orange 

Frost Joseph, mason 5 Dominick 

Frost jun. Obediah, grocer Pell c. Doyer 

Frost Samuel, barber Walnut n. Water 

Frost Thomas, cartman & grocer Broome n. Suffolk 

Frost William, measurer 187 Front h. 44 Rivington 

Frost William, cabinet maker 57 Roosevelt 

Frost William, carpenter 7 Burling-slip 

Frost William, trunkmaker 223 h. 200 Water 

Frost William, tailor 168 Gherry 

Frost widow Sarah, 20 Thomas 

Frumento A. hairdresser 6 Wall 

Fry Samuel, tailor 6 Eldridge [vide Frqj 

Fullager William, carpenter Perry n. Herring 

Fuller Benjamin, rigger & stevadore 161 Bancker 

Fuller Benjamin, 116 Bancker 

Fuller Cornelius, cartman 50 Chrystie 

Fuller D. B. merchant 165 Pearl 

Fuller Francis, 52 Market 

Fuller Levi, cartman 25 Charlton n. Hudson 

Fuller Philander S. cartman 19 Vandam n. Hudson 

Fuller William B. painter 116 Bancker 

Fullerton George, millwright 9 York 

Fullerton John, grocer Herring c Burrows 

Fullington Rebeccah widow of Nathaniel, 15 Oak 

Fullmer George, boarding-house 265 William 

Fulmer Jacob F. shoemaker 55 Roosevelt 

Fulton James, painter 63 Orange 

Fulton James W. shoemaker 59 Broad 

Fulton Robert, shoemaker 540 Broome 

Fulton Samuel, smith 50 Watts 

Fulton widow Sarah, 60 Lispenard 

Funck widow of John, 42 Cherry 

Funk James, 105 Bowery 

Funk widow of Nathaniel, 105 Bowery 

Funton Rebecca widow of Thomas, Washington c. Beach. 

Fuiber Nicholas P. hatter 36 Delancey " vide Ferguson!* 

Furlong Patrick, carpenter 16 Collect 

Furlong Paul, grocer 84 Water 

Furman David, cartman 59 Ludlow 

Furman G. C. grocer 220 Front h. 19 Frankfort 


Purman Gabriel, 15 Chambers 

Furman Howard, merchant 263 Water 

Furman Job, lum. mer. Cherry c. Jefferson h. Harmar 

Furman John, cartman 76 Oliver 

Furman Richard, rope-maker Stanton c. Ridge 

Furman Thomas, cartman 111 Delancey 

Furman widow A. 32 Orange 

Furman widow Sarah, Bedford n. Raisin 

Furman widow of Waters, 22 Pump 

Furman widow Mary, Bancker u. Walnut 

Furman G. & G. C. grocers 220 Front 

Furman & Eaton, merchants 222 Front 

Furnald widow Sarah, 42 Anthony 

Fursman John, grocer New c. Garden 

Furst M. engraver on steel 30 Nassau 

Fury Charles, cider-vault 21 Augustus 

Fury Catharine widow of Martin, grocer 21 Augustus 

G abbey Samuel, carpenter 120 Leonard 
Gable Henry, grocer Forsyth c. Pump 
Gable John, druggist Chrystie c. Hester 
Gadner widow Mary, 38 Cheapside 
Gaetan Augustus, dentist 19 Barclay 
Gaffit sen. John, wood-inspect. 16 Desbrosses [videGarii 
Gaffney James, boot-maker 32 Barclay 
Gage Samuel, grocer Stanton c. Goerck 
Gage William, grocer Goerck c. North 
Gager William, cartman 164 Bancker 
Gahagan Carroll M. dry-goods 84 Hudson 
Gahagan T. M. dry-goods 215 Greenwich 
gahagan T. & C. M. dry-goods 15 Front 
Gahn H. Swedish consul 80 Fulton 

Gaillar James, caulker 4 Walnut [vide Gai/no' 

Gaillard Wm. J. merchant 23 William h. 36 Beaver 
Gaillard & Gravillon John, merchant 23 William 
Galagher Edward, 220 Hudson 
Galatian Wm. W. upholsterer 61 Broad 
Galbraith Josiah, weaver 431 Greenwich 
Gale Daniel, carpenter 210 Harman 
Gale John, merchant 177 Greenwich 
Gale John C. saddler 152 Water 
Gale John S. silver-smith 51 Murray 
Gale jun. Moses, dry-goods 177 Greenwich 
Gale Thomas W. 48 Front h. 24 Whitehall 
Gale William, silver-smith 104 Broadway h. 70 Ceda; 
Gallaghen Patrick, cartman Henry c. Clinton 
Gallagher Benjamin, carpenter 253 William 
fJallagher B. B. merchant 62 Beater 
Gallagher Daniel, labourer 49 Pearl 
Gallagher George, mer 66 South h. 6 Warren 
Gallagher James, labourer 250 Mulberry 
Gallagher James, labourer 16 Orange 
Gallagher John, 83 Mulberry 
Gallagher Mary, 122 Chapel 
Gallagher Patrick, sawyer Lombardy n. Walnut 
Gallagher William, cartman 74 Mulberry 

183 longworth's 1825— 2C- 

Gallagher William, shoemaker 53 Elm 

Gallagher & Mason, merchants 66 South 

Gallahei John, cooper 30 Vandewater 

GaJiaudet Abigail widow of Paul, 121 Anthony 

Gallaway widow Elizabeth, 124 Pump 

Galley James, carpenter 167 Chapel 

Gallis Joseph, hairdresser & perfu. 1 Wall h. 18 Thames 

Galloope Benj. hairdresser 92 Broadway 

Galloway John A. milkman Amos n. Hudson 

Galloway William, hardware 154 Bowery 

Galvin Peter, 30 Oak 

Gama&e Amory, merchant 28 Wall 

Gamble Adam, shoemaker Elizabeth n. Prince 

Gamble Robert, saddler 54 Cherry 

Gamble William, smith 28 Cross 

Gamble Mary widow of John, 25 Crosby 

Gamble widow Susan, teacher 4 Spruce 

Gambling Thomas H. painter and milliner 33 Divisioc 

Ganley Thomas, smith 278 Grand 

Ganley & Riley, smiths 278 Grand 

Gannon Dennis, labourer Scammel n, Lombardy 

Gannon John F. 92 Nassau 

Gante John, grocer Broome c. Varick 

Gantley Daniel W. merchant 173 Pearl h. 38 Barclay 

Gantley widow Ann, boarding-house 62 Chatham 

Gantz jun. Francis, shipw. 420 Water h. 80 Lombardy 

Gantz John Irwin, grocer 49 Lombardy h. 47 Orchard 

Gantz John, shipwright 66 Pump 

Garbranr.e Jane, boarding-house 62 William 

Garbut John F. and John H. painters Jay 

Garcken Catharine wid. of Christian, gro. 160 Leonard 

Gardenier widow Catharine, 33 Forsyth 

Gardiner Daniel, grocer 24 Catharine-slip 

Gardiner David, 626 Broadway 

Gardiner Nathaniel, ship-carpenter 125 Division 

Gardiner Nathaniel, 169 Broadway h. 54 Dey 

Gardiner Samuel S. attorney 17 Pine 

Gardiner Thomas, barber 57 Ludlow 

Gardiner T. W. shipmaster 67 Eldridge 

Gardiner J. &G. dry-goods 303£ Broadway 

Gardiner «fc Van Antwerp, 169 Broadway 

Gardner Amos, cooper Renwick n. Spring 

Gardner Charles A. accountant 32 Norfolk 

Gardner Charles K. 93 White 

Gardner George, boarding-house 71 Water 

Gardner George, grocer 16 Orange 

Gardner Daniel- type-founder rear 123 Forsyth 

Gardner Henry, rigger 92 Henry 

Gardner Hiram, tailor 11 Forsyth 

Gardner Howland H. hatter 32 Rhynder 

Gardner Isaac, baker 91 Chapel 

Gardner James, merchant Orange 

Gardner James, 14 James 

Gardner Job B. carpenter Rivington n. Essex 

Gardner John F. baker 19 Augustus 

Gardner Levi, grocer 144 Church 

Gardner Phebe, mantua-maker 1 Beaver-lane 


Gardner Roland, com merchant 170 South 

Gardner William, cooper 164 Mulberry 

Gardner Eliza widow of John S. 5 Elizabeth 

Gardner widow Elizabeth, tailoress 114 Pump 

Gardner Eliz. wid. of John, board, h. VVoostei 0. Bleecke; 

Gardner Frances widow of Rufus, 398 Pearl ' 

Gardner Sarah widow of Solomon, 55 Broad 

Gareschj Paul, merchant 96 Liberty 

Garland John, currier 2 Jacob 

Garland jr. Thomas, cartman rear 129 Forsyth 

Garlow Stantole S. merchant-tailor 196 Washington 

Garmo Daniel D. victualler 3 Washington-market 

Garmo Elias D. victualler West n. Robinson 

Garmo William D. grocer 106 Vesey 

Garner Anthony, carpenter 13 Bridge 

Garner Frederick, 68 Cliff 

Garner Henry, grocer 49 Ferry 

Garner Thomas, tavern Laurens n. Grand 

Gainer jr. Thomas, umbrella manuf. 273 William 

Gamier Thiolliere Chas. French goods 386 Broadway 

GamissJchn, intelligence-office 574 Pearl 

Garniss John P. 8 Chambers 

Garniss Thomas, 76 Essex 

Garniss & Co. Joseph, china-store 44 Maiden-lane 

Garr Andrew S. attor. & couns. 2 Nassau h. 12 Pine 

Garr & Haines, counsellors 2 Nassau 

Garret John, rope-maker Allen n. Rivington 

Garretson Henry V. merchant 95 Broad h. 132 Elm 

Garretson James B. cabinet-maker 52 Beekman 

Garrett David, rope-maker 2d Avenue n. First 

Garrett Patrick, cartman 130 Arundel 

Garrigus Aaron, mason 298 Spring 

Garrison Abraham, cartman 30 Desbrosses n. Hudscr 

Garrison jr. Abraham, carpenter 30 DesbBOSses 

Garrison James, hatter 5 York 

Garrison John, cartman 67 Thompson 

Garrison John, silver-smilh 53 Anthony 

Garrison Samuel, 21 Mulberry 

Garrison William, painter 11 Pump 

Garrison Mary widow of Harman, Elizabeth n. Spring 

GarritL. merchant 7 Elizabeth 

Garson John, bookbinder rear 32 Lumber 

Garson Thomas, bookbinder 12 New 

Garthwait Jeremiah, mason Laurens n. Bleecker 

Garthwaite Jotham, mason Hudson n. Hamersley 

Garthwaite Stephen, cartman 65 Elizabeth 

Gartlan Patrick, grocer 44 James 

Garvey John, labourer rear 25 Augustus 

Garvey John, 71 Anthony 

Garvey Michael, grocer Mulberry c. Prince 

Garvin Hugh, carpenter 139 Chapel 

Garvin James, tailor 60 Dey 

Gascoigne Charles, 74 Maiden-lane h. Jones n. Herring 

Gascoigne James B. merchant 74 Maiden-lane h. 52 Ann 

Gascoigne J. & C. 74 Maiden-lane 

Gascote Raymond, fruiter 3£ Warren 

190 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Gaskin John, shoemaker Renwick n. Spring 

Gaskin Win. carpenter Laurens n. Spring 

Gaskin widow Mai}', 2 Thompson 

Gasque Peter, shoemaker Prince c. Orange 

Gassner Daniel, merchant 271 Bowery 

Gassner Henry, shoemaker 98 Cross 

Gassner John B. chair-gilder 161 Division 

Gassner Peter, exchange-office 137 h. 171 Chatham 

Gassner J. & M. tin-smiths 206 Fulton h. 273 Greenwich 

Gaston Joseph, hairdresser 56^ Chapel 

Gaston Samuel, porter-house 68 Reed 

Gaterau C. merchant 129 Pearl h. 53 Murray 

Gates Annes, cartman Lombardy n. Walnut 

Gates Caleb, shipmaster 11 Bancker 

Gates John, merchant 125 Chatham 

Gates Leonard, smith 101 Chatham 

Gatfield John, painter and glazier 28 Nassau 

Gatfield Mary, widow of James, 12 Spruce 

Gattey Henry, optician 207 Water 

Gattey John, smith 383 Washington 

Gary Michael, tanner l37Harman 

Gauberl Theodore, 62 Spring 

Gaudard F. merchant 18 Wall 

Gaudu John, copper-smith 500 Grand n. Lewis 

Gaudu Peter, iron-moulder 621 Water 

Gautier Benjamin F. J. 197 Chatham d 

Gautier John L. hairdresser, 23 Liberty h. 1 Cedar 

Gautier & M'Kenzie, hairdressers 23 Liberty 

Gavit Charles, carpenter 73 Thompson [vide Gajfii 

Gaw E. S. merchant 209 Pearl 

Gay Calvin, dep» surveyor 50 Forsyth 

Gay Jane, rear 13 Mott 

Gaynor John, smith 571 Water 

Gaynor Mary widow of John, Hammond n. Greenwich. 

Gear John W.43 Cortlandt 

Ceary Daniel, carpenter 26 Pell 

Geary Israel and John, cartmen 194 Elm 

Gebhard F. 91 Greenwich 

Geddes James S. carpenter 26 Rhynder 

Gedney Daniel H. labourer Willet n. Broome 

Gedney Gilbert, shoemaker 54 Orchard 

Gedney Robert, comb-maker 409 Pearl 

Gedney Sylvanus, carpenter Prince n. Thompson 

Gedney Thomas, carpenter Lombardy n. Scammel 

Gedney Charity widow of William, Prince n. Thompson 

Gedney widow of Robert, 199 Division 

Gedney Mary widow of James, 370 Broome c. Mott 

Gedney, Tailor & Co. auctioneers 127 Maiden-lane 

Gee William, Essex n. D.elancey 

Gee Joshua, cartman 209 Thompson n. Bleecker 

Gee Nathaniel, Essex n. Delancey 

Geer George, 38 Pump 

Geer George W. carpenter 60 Watts 

Geer Joshua, shipmaster 193 William 

Geer Seth, builder 426 Broadway h. 44 Broad 

Geer & Riley, builders 426 Broadway 


Geevy James, grocer 119 Mulberry [vide Glary 

Geery widow Sarah, 15 Spring 

Geib Adam, music store 23 Maiden-lane 

Geib Geo. professor of music 26 Greene 

Geib Wm. 23 Maiden-lane h. Broadway n. Fourth 

Geib A. & W. piano and music store 23 Maiden-lane ~] 

Geissenhainer Rev. F. W. 509 Broome 

Gelston David, 26 Broad h. Burrows n. Christopher 

Gelston John, 11 Broad h. 115 Liberty 

Gelston Maltby, notary 9 "Wallh. 56 Barclay 

Gelston widow Anna, 13 White 

Gellibert Eulia, I Anthony 

Gemmel James, watchmaker 290 Broadway 

Gemruel Jennet widow of Matthew, 223 Spring 

Gender Robert, Fulton market h. 7fi Chatham 

Gender Thomas, fruiter 532 Pearl 

Gentil Eleanor, mantuamaker 60 Stone 

Gentil Peter F. professor of music 105i| Reed 

Gentil William, tailor 139 Bowery 

George James, rigger 2 Birmingham 

George John C. merchant 18 Slote-lane 

George Nathaniel, livery stables 59 White 

George Samuel, 4 Birmingham 

George Thomas, 75 Elizabeth 

George, Todd & Co. merchants 18 Slote lane 

George & Ogden, hair seating manuf. 52 Cherry 

Georker Christopher, 46 Chiystie 

Geraerdt John P. Broome n. Laurens 

Geraghty Francis, 59 Duane 

Geraghty Peter, grocer Elm c. Canal 

Gerard Benjamin, weaver Ridge n. Stanton 

Gerard James W. attorney 18 Wall h. 26 Broadway 

Gerard R. J. auctioneer 67 Wall h. 36 Beekman 

Gerard William, dyer 18 Frankfort 

Gerard William, 6? Wall h. 59 Walker 

Germond James, carpenter 174 Chapel 

Germond Samuel, tallow chandler 183 Bancker 

Gerrish Stephen, bookseller 86 Essex 

Gervaize John, merchant 8 Walker 

Geslain Alexander C. 601 Broadway 

Gesner William, ship-carpenter 445 Greenwich [vide 

Getty James, m.d. 38 Catharine [Gassner 

Gibbons John, weaver Bedford n. Commerce 

Gibbons Thomas, Beach c. Hudson 

Gibbons Thomas, butcher 60 Fulton mar. h. 15 Stantor. 

Gibbons jr. Thomas, butcher Bleecker n. Bowery 

Gibbs David, stevaclore 35 Spruce 

Gibbs William P. joiner 42 Essex 

Gibbs William, miller 8 Rivington 

Gibbs & Jenny, grocers 105 South 

Gibert William N. attorney 32 Pine 

Gibson Abraham, waterman 11 Goerck 

Gibson Ann, 100 Reed 

Gibson Cornelius V. butcher Wash. m. b. North n. 1st Ar. 

Gibson David S. 59 James, 

( libson Elizabeth, 73 Forsyth 

i92 longworth's 1825—26 

Gibson Hannah, 224 Bowery 

Gibson James R. 96 Front h. 50 White 

Gibson John, cartman 143 Grand 

Gibson John, shoemaker 5Beekman 

Gibson Mary, boarding h. 50 John 

Gibson Patrick, labourer 114 Elizabeth 

Gibson Samuel, grocer 273 Water 

Gibson Samuel, cartman Rivingtou c. Attorney 

Gibson Sophia, 12 Anthony 

Gib6on Thomas, black Indian doctor 72 Thompson 

Gibson Thomas, merch. tailor 134 Chatham 

Gibson Thomas, soap manuf. 16 Rivington 

Gibson Thomas, piano forte maker 196 Broadway h. 61 

Gibson Wm. cartman Rivington c. Attorney [Barclay 

Gibson Wood, porter h. 8 Dey sadler 151 Fulton 

Gibson jr. Wood, merchant 62 Pine h. Love-lane 

Gibson widow Elizabeth, 83 Harman 

Gibson widow Jane, Herring c. Carmine 

Gideon Jacob, 47 Barclay 

Gidney John, carpenter Herring n. Raisin 

Giffing Christopher, silversmith 40 Chapel 

Giffing John H. 68 Bayard 

Giffing Simon M. musical inst. maker Delancy c. Forsyth. 

Giffing William, carpenter 40 Chapel 

Gilford Alex, mason 10 Hubert c. Washington 

Gifford Arthur N. broker 26 Wall 

Gilford Benjamin, linen draper 139 Bancker 

Gifford James N. 140 Front 

Gifford John, 113 Pump 

Gifford John, mariner Bancker n. Walnut 

Gifford widow Leah, 77 Orchard 

Gifford widow Mary, Montgomery n. Cherry 

Gifford & Gourlay, com. merchants 140 Front 

Gilbert Bernard, liv. stable West n. Cortlandt h. 13 Thos. 

Gilbert Eraslus, teacher n. the Park [Bleecker 

Gilbert Garrit, conveyancer 1 Chatham h. Sullivan c 

Gilbert Jas. clothes dres. 411 Broadway & 79 Fulton 

Gilbert John, cartman 234 Spring 

Gilbert John, starch & fig blue manuf. 382 Bowery 

Gilbert John A. stables West n. Cortlandt h. 13 Thomas 

Gilbert John W. 132 Fulton 

Gilbert Joshua, tobacconist, &c. 270 Water h. Clinton 

Gilbert Salomon, cartman Hudson c. Spring 

Gilbert Thomas, 17 Leonard 

Gilbu-t Thomas T. chandler Mulberry n. Prince 

Gilbert Thomas W. Bedford c. Burrows 

Gilbert William, tobacconist Henry c. Clinton 

Gilbert widow Mary, 24 Batavia 

Gilbert & Flannagan, convey, com. and not. 1 Chatharc. 

Gilbert James T. and Nicholas, 107 Chambers 

Gilchrist John, shoemaker 99 Cherry 

Gildersleeve Henry, boat-builder Columbia n. Delancey 

Gildersleeve William, chair-maker 69 Mulberry 

Giles George W. attorney 24 Nassau h. 327 Broadway 

Giles John, cartman 72 Mott 

Giles J. S. carpenter 82 Pomp 


Giles jr. Robert, notary and com. 2 Nassau 

Giles Robert, carpenter 243 Grand 

Giles William, carpenter 36 Hester 

Giliett widow of George, 15 White 

Gilford Henry, carpenter 148 Harman 

Gilford jr. Samuel, merchant 61 Front h. 126 William 

Gilford Elizabeth, 122 William 

Gilford & Son Samuel, 61 Front 

Gilkerson widow Hannah, 90 Mulberry 

Gill James, shoemaker 29 Chrystie 

Gill John, grocer 154 Anthony 

Gill Lyman, tailor 21 Baiavia 

Gill Thomas, Forsyth n. Rivington 

Gill William K. tm-smith 23 Rhynder 

Gill & Co. Robert, merchants 136 Pearl h. 73 Broad 

Gill &. Co. T. A. grocers 137 Washington h. 60 N. Moore 

Gillam Thomas, carpenter 81 Varick 

Gillan John, mason Elizabeth n. Prince 

Gillan Owen, laborer 50 Duane 

Gillan Peter, laborer 68 Cross 

Gillelan John, shoemaker 82 Broadway 

Gillelan William, mason 117 Mulberry 

GiUen John, grocer 125 Anthony 

GiUen Luke, painter and grocer 28 Reed 

Gillen widow Catharine, 88 Henry 

Gillender James, shipmaster 372 Broadway 

Gillerd Charles, 301 Grand 

Gillespie Charles, grocer 12 Catharine-lane 

Gillespie Dennis, grocer 143 Anthony 

Gillespie Eliza, 90 Cross 

Gillespie James, tailor 9 Wall 

Gillespie John, smith 63 N. Moore 

Gillespie John, shoemaker 298 Water 

Gillespie Josiah, — Water 

Gillespie Patrick, laborer 260 Grand 

Gillespie Robert, merchant 110 Front 

Gillespie widow of George, 10 Barclay 

Gillespie R. & W. M'Leod, merchants 110 Front 

Gillet Augustus W. merchant 59 Beaver 

Gillet Henry H. carpenter 250 Broome 

Gillet Horatio, 106 Maiden-lane h. 24 Oliver 

Gillet Jacob, teacher 174<| Spring 

Gillet John, shipmaster 95 Pump 

Gillet Nathan shipmaster 101 Lombardy 

Gilleudet Gilbert, cbairmaker 150 Orange 

Gilley Wm. B. book-store 94 library 263 Broadway h. 19 

Gilliat widow Martha, 632 Broadway [John 

Gillies James, mariner 382 Cherry 

Gillighan Martin & Patrick, 111 Anthony 

Gilliland Robert, thread and cot. manuf. 99 Bowery 

Gillman sen. Charlos, 76 Chapel 

Gillman jr. Chas. butch. 23 Wash. mar. h. 30 Grand 

Gillman C. R. m.D. 157 Prince n. Thompson 

Gillman Robert H. merchant 46 South h. 18 Beaver 

Gillman widow of John, board. h. Washington c. Hanson 

Gillmartin John, shoemaker 227 Chrystie 

194 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Gilmartin John, laborer 6 Collect 

Gilmartin John, grocer 27 Cross 

Gilloone Ann widow of Owen, Little Water c. Anthony 

Gillooly John, tailor 22 Spruce 

Gilmore Benjamin, 60 Harman 

Gilmore Benjamin, shoemaker 206 Bancker 

Gilmore Daniel W. porter house 316 Broadway 

Gilmore Elijah, cab. maker Wash. n. Laight h. 486 Green- 

Gilmore George, grocer Barclay c. Church [wich 

Gilmore John, 112 Franklin 

Gilmore Francis, carpenter Prince c. Mott 

Gilmore Murtagh, cut nail manuf. 11 Clark 

Gilmore Richard, cartman Laurens n. Bleecker 

Gilmore Robert, baker 34 Rhynder 

Gilmore W. D. porter-house 316 Broadway 

Gilmore William, grocer 602 Broadway 

Gilmore Catharine widow of John, 356 Broome 

Gilmore Mary and Phebe, 58 Harman 

Gilpin widow Lucy, 23 Frankfort 

Gilson Nathaniel, carman 19 Arundel 

Gilzo George, mariner Watts c. Sullivan 

Ginn John, cartman rear 134 Grand 

Ginter widow of John, grocer Greenwich c. Canal 

Girard Anthony, merchant 6 Fulton-slip 

Giraud Edward, cooper 87 Pine h. 23 Lumber 

Giraud Frederick, 24 Walker 

Giraud Jacob P. merchant 110 Greenwich 

Giraud Joseph, cooper, &c. 27 Depeyster h. 43 Ann 

Giraud Mary, 43 Coturtlandt 

Giraud M. M. merchant 139 Water 

Giraud Paul T. accountant 23 William 

Gird Eliza, 121 Canal n. Chapel 

Girvan James, tailor 60 Dey 

Gisner John H. hatter 70 Ludlow n; Broome 

Givan John, merchant 20 Howard 

Given John, bull's head 50 Bowery 

Given Josiah, mason Ridge n. Rivingtori 

Givrincourt Henry, 224 Orange 

Gladding Samuel, 269 Pearl h. Brooklyn 

Gladding Samuel, shipcarpenter 29 Walnut 

Gladding & Coy, merchants 269 Pearl 

Glancey John, grocer 84 Front 

Glancey John, laborer 100 Leonard another 10 Mulberry 

Glason William, mariner 83 Elizabeth 

Glass A. S. merchant 67 Wall h. 36 Beekman. 

Glass James, fisherman 3 Water 

Glass & Gerards, auctioneers 87 Wall 

Glassey Matthew, grocer 51 Market 

Glasson widow Mary, 91 William 

Glazier Goddard, shipcarpenter Gouverneur n. Cheiry 

Glazier Nathaniel caulker Gouverneur n. Cherry 

Glazier Richard B. shipwright Gourerneur n. Cherry 

Glean Edward, porter-house Hudson c. Hamersly 

Glean Jane widow of Samuel, 173 Mott 

Gledhill George, wool stapler 16 New 

Gledhill William, weaver 10 Rhynder 

Glenn Daniel, laborer 27 Collect 


Glover Edward, mariner 96 Cherry 
Glover John, 350 Broadway 

Glover ThadeusB. carpenter 111 Forsyth c. Broome 
Glover Thomas, 6 Stone 
Glover widow of Thomas, painter 20 Old-slip 
-Glover widow Catherine, 124 Forsyth n. Rivington 
Glover Elizabeth widow of John G. Laurens n. Spring 
Goadby William, rear 45i Nassau 
Goatry David, boatman Delancey c. Lewis 
Gobel Hugh, butcher 15 Wash, market h. 75 Sullivan 
Gobel Josiah, carpenter Nicholas-William n. 3d Avenue 
Goddard Thomas H. accountant 35 Beaver 
Godey widow Margaret, 2 Ltmiiicr 
Godfrey Andus, carpenter 46 Essex 
Godfrey Ezra, sculptor 19 Oak 
Godfrey John, tinsmith 79 Division 
Godfrey jr. John, tinsmith 97 Cherry 
Godfrey Kemp, japanner and chaiimaker 54 John 
Godfrey Seth, clothing-store 380 Water 
Godwin David, boarding-house 65 Barclay 
Gody Francis, 57 John 
Goederson Matthias, shipwright 39 Broome 
Goelet Christopher B. merchant Water c. Old-slip 
Goelet Peter P. merchant 53 Broadway 
Goelet Peter, merchant 69 Water h. 53 Broadway 
Goelet widow of Robert R. 449 Broome 
Gogarty Lawrence, grocer 23 Lumber 
Gogtiet J. F. dry goods 3 Cortlandt 
Golden Charles, carpenter 189 Division 
Golden Felix, grocer and tailor 125 Anthony 
Golden Patrick, laiiorer Mulberry n. Prince 
Golden widow Martha, 76 Ludlow 
Golden widow Rachel, 40 Ludlow 
Goldsbrough Mary widow of Richard, 43 Spruce 
Goldsmith Abraham, porter 179 Duane 
Goldsmith David, grocer Sullivan c. Grand 
Goldsmith Hannah, 214 Cherry 
Goldsmith Joseph H. grocer 137 Bowery 
Goldsmith widow Catharine, '45 Watts 
Goldsmith widow of Joseph, 177 Division 
Goldsworthy Ann, tutress 230 Mulberry 
Gollow Cristopher, cooper 51 Roosevelt 
Gomes Lucy widow of George, Liberty c. Greene 
Gomez A. L. merchant 101 Front h. 91 Hudson 
Gomez Benjamin, tobacconist 353 Broome c. Elizabeth 
Gomez Matthias, brass founder 336 Cherry 
Gomez Moses, 168 Spring 
Jomez Richard, Rjders-alley 
Gompcrts Gomoerts S. 101 Bowery 
Gontz Christopher, furrier 5 Cross 
Good John, baker 45 Mulberry 
Good Richard, looking-glass-store 57.^ Bowery 
Good William, grocer 5 Third Avenue 
Good William, accountant 13 York 
Goodchild Henry, shoemaker 1 Cliff 
• Goodday James, shipmaster 38 Forsvth 

196 longworth's 1825 — 2€ 

Gooddl Schuyler H. merchant 117 Pearl h. 58 Beaver 

Goodenow Sterling, attor. and conns 91 Nassau 

Gooderson John, lamplighter Eldridge n. Broome 

Goodfellow James, steam engineer 77 Duane 

Goodheart George, butcher Vestry n. Hudson 

Goodhue Jonathan, 44 South h. Pearl c. Whitehall 

Goodhue & Co. merchants 44 South 

Gooding William, cabinet-maker Wooster n. Prince 

Goodman Jas. butcher Catharine m. h. Grande. Chrystie 

Goodman John K. grocer h. 100 John 

Goodman Peter, laborer 75 Thompson 

Goodrich Aaron, baker 80 John 

Goodrich A. T. bookstore and library 124 Broadway 

Goodrich Moses, shipjoiner Bancker n. Walnut 

Goodrich Samuel, carpenter Essex n. Grand 

Goodrich widow Ann, 21 Hester 

Goodrich widow of Henry, 6 Chapel 

Goodsman Thomas, cartman 63 Market 

Goodspeed Benjamin F. carpenter M'Dougal n. Prince 

Goodwin C. attorney 1 Franklin 

Goodwin Eli, 101 Maiden-lane h. 56 Cortlandt 

Goodwin George C. butcher 14 Fulton m. h. 104 Eldridge 

Goodwin John, 598 Water 

Goodwin Mary, boarding-house 260 William 

Goodwin Nicholas, butcher 3 centremarket h. 97 Forsyth 

Goodwin William, shipmaster 6 Ferry 

Goodwin widow Eliza, 153 Bancker 

Goodwin widow Mary, 117 Mott 

Goodyear widow of Thaddeus, 445 Broome [vide Gould 

Gopsill Thomas, caipenter 133 Church 

Gopsill & Snook, carpenters rear 2 Liberty 

Gordon Abraham, oyster house 51 Liberty h. 21 Nassau 

Gordon Charles, merchant 90 Water h. 66 Broad^ 

Gordon Daniel W. boarding-house 140 Washington 

Gordon George, fisherman 96 Oliver 

Gordon George, millwright rear 18 Hubert 

Gordon George F. painter 1st Av. n. North 

Gordon Henry, cooper 26 Lumber 

Gordon Henry, weaver Bedford n. Burrows 

Gordon John F. 81 Chapel 

Gordon John, carpenter 73 Duane 

Gordon Matthew, tailor 63 Nassau 

Gordon Robert, grocer 55 Cedar c. Lumber 

Gordon Robert B. grocer Little Water c. Anthony 

Gordon & Proch, cordial distillers 14 Hudson 

Gordon W. & A. merchants 78 South 

Gore Patrick, cartman rear 50 Cross 

Gore Richard, merchant 41 Water h. 35 Greenwich 

Gorham Allen, ship carpenter 378 Cherry 

Gorham Henry, merchant 212 h. 302 Pearl 

Gorham James, 33 Cheapside 

Gorham Samuel, sailmaker 25 Burling-slip h. 84 James 

Gorham Stephen, ex. broker and com. mer. 279 Pearl 

Goring Willi am, ship carpenter 540 W T ater 

Gorman Charles, grocer 63 Warren 

Gorman James, ropemaker Thompson n. Prince 


Gorman John H. m.d. 524 Pearl 

Gorman Timothy, shoemaker 22 Washington 

Gormly John, stone cutter 50 Beach 

Gorsuch Robert, shipmaster 82 James 

Gorton Henry, stationer 151 Water 

Goruin George, shoemaker Chatham c. Duane 

Gosline Robert, weaver 85 Forsyth 

Gosling Joseph, carpenter Bayard c. Mulberry 

Gosman Thomas B. Prince n. Mercer 

Gosmau widow C. 7 Chapel 

Gotier Mary Ann, fruit store 19 Fulton arid 29 Gold 

Gottes Reuben, 24 Elizabeth 

Goudain widow of Laurent, 35 Broad 

Gouge Joseph, carpenter Duane c. Chapel 

Gouge widow of Joseph, 6 Mulberry 

G«ugh James, smith 229 Division 

Gough John, milkman Commerce n. Herring 

Gough Nicholas, cartman Bleecker c. Carmine 

Gould Charles, shipwright 545 Water 

Gould David, cartman Bancker n. Cor. Hook 

Gould Edward B. law bookstore Wall c. Broad 

Gould James, shoemaker 536 Pearl 

Gould Jesse, 178 Allen 

Gould John, teacher Pump c. Eldridge h. 113 Chrystie 

Gould John, custom house measurer 245 Waier 

Gould Sarah C. widow of Henry, 207 WiHTart 

Gould & Banks, law booksellers 88 Nassau c. Spruce 

Gouldy David, tailor 70 John 

Goulden Joseph, grocer 11 Chrystie 

Gourgas John I. accountant 21 White 

Gouiiay Andrew, weaver Hammond n. Greenwich 

Gourlay James, auctioneer 80 Chatham 

Gourlay jr. James, 170 Broadway 

Gourlay Robert, merchant 140 Front h. 17 Mercer 

Gourlie widow Isabella, 56 Norfolk 

Gouverneur Fried. P. not. & com. 37 Pine h. 83 Greenwich 

Gouvernper Nicholas, 23 Beaver 

Gouverneur Samuel, 83 Greenwich 

Gouverneur widow of Nicholas, 23 Beaver 

Gowdey Hannah widow of William, 74 Varick 

Goweo Asa B. 268 William 

Grace & Co. Samuel, china & glass store 31 Maiden-lan« 

Gracie Archibald, mercht. 43 Wall h. Bond n. Broadway 

Gracie Robert, merchant 64 Pine h. Bond 

Gracie William, merchant Bond n. Broadway 

Grady John, drover Nicholas William n. 2d Avenue 

Grady widow of Joseph, 172 Duane 

Graff John, butcher 2 Washington market h. 53 Bayard 

Graff John A. butcher Washington market h. 53 Bayard 

Graham Adam, brewer 112 Anthony 

Graham Bernard, grocer 318 Greenwich 

Graham Charles, attorney 1 -William h. 329 Greenwich 

Graham Daniel F. watchmaker 73 Eldridge 

Graham David, counsellor 20 Beekman 

Graham Frederick, painter Fourth n. Bowery 

Graham Frederick M. physician 23 Mulberry 

I9S long worth's 1825 — 2f 

Graham Gsorge, carpenter 75 Broome 

Graham Henry, marshal 155 Chambers 

Graham Isaac, h. 83. Warren 

Graham Isaiah, tailor 56 Allen 

Graham James, dry goods Maiden-lane c. William 

Graham James L. attorney 37 Chatham 

Graham John, 71 N. Moore 

Graham John, porter-house 512 Pearl 

Graham John, gardener Broadway n. Art 

Graham John, cartman 133 Prince n, Wooster 

Graham John, merchant 53 Wall h. 103 Chambers - 

Graham John, 448 Greenwich 

Graham John A. counsellor 143 Fulton 

Graham John H. U.S. Navy 129 Greenwich 

Graham John L. attor. and couns. 143 Fulton 

Graham John V. tinplate-worker 180 Greenwich 

Graham Josepn, **£ &3££Z% 

Graham Joseph, labourer Broome n. Cannon 

Graham jun. Joseph, 279 Bowery 

Graham Nathan B. couns. com. and not. 37 Chatham 

Graham Robert, slater rear 542 Broome 

Graham Robert, marshal 31 Pearl 

Graham Samuel, patent soap manuf. 136 Harman 

Graham William, grocer 177 Delancey 

Graham William, butcher 311 Bowery 

Graham William, shoemaker 65 Oliver 

Graham William W. carpenter 401 Broome c. Orange 

Graham William, mason M'Dougal n. Charlton 

Graham William W. 87 Warren 

Graham widow of Allen, 94 Warren 

Graham widow Catharine, 323 Bowery 

Graham widow Elizabeth, fruit-store 114 Broad 

Graham widow Hannah, nurse 15 Leonard 

Graham widow Jane, 24 Thames 

Graham widow Mary, 51 Grand 

Graham Rebecca widow of Joseph, boarding-ho. 78 Pearl 

Graham & Son Isaac, merchant 163 & 190 Washington 

Graham J. &. G. Pott, merchants 58 Wall 

Gram Neils Brock, com. mer. 36 South h. 3 Beaver-lane 

Granger Bartholomew, butch. 25 Wash. m. h.217 Bowery 

Grant Edward, cooper 205 William 

Grant James, tin-plate worker 323£ Broadway 

Grant James, shipcarpenter Scammel n. Cherry 

Grant John, Delancey n. Lewis 

Grant John, cartman M'Dougal n. Houston 

Grant Peter, shipwright 184 Harman 

Grant Richard, cooper 128 Broad h. 205 William 

Grant Robert M. grocer 73 Wall 

Grant Stephen, cartman 5 York 

Grant Thomas R. commission merchant 190 Water 

Grant William D. 249 Mulberry 

Grant Zebulon, accountant 29 Mott 

Giant Jane, Rivington n. Pitt 

Grant widow of John, 20 Eldridge 

Gratacap Gabriel P. upholster 82 Maiden-lane 

Grate Conrad, cartman Fourth n. Thompson 

Granville B. L. carver and gilder 88 Pearl 


Grattan William, printer 8 Thames 
Grau widow Ann Maria, 22 Leonard 
Graverend Juste, hair-dresser 62 Division 
Graves John Boonen, mer. 163 South h. 52 Beekman 
Graves Richard, 71 Division 
Graves Roswell, physician 16 Cherry 
Graves Sheldon, smith 86 Forsyih 
Graves Zelotes, merchant 17 Rivingion 
Gravillon J. merchant 23 William 
Gravis Anthony, 78 Catharine 
(iray Andrew, merchant 70 Pine 
Gray Charles, painter 116 Washington 
Gray Clarissa, boarding-house 331 Pearl 
Gray David, painter 123 Elm 
Cray Henry, mariner 86 James 
Gray James, cedar-cooper 45 Orange . 
Gray James, bricklayer 72 Canal 
Gray James, mahogany sawyer 26 Watts 
Gray James, merchant-tailor 293 Greenwich 
Gray James W. custom-house officer 1 Dutch 
Gray Jeremiah, grocer 43 Peck-slip h. 37 Cherry 
Gray John, baker 189 Spring 
Gray John, clothier 38 Bowery 
Gray John, printer 347 h. 316 Pearl 
Gray & Co. John, baker 27 Peck-slip 
Gray John, merchant 88 Water h. 30 Mott 
Gray Nathaniel, printer 6 Frankfort 
Gray Neil, grocer 8 Batavia 
Gray Peter, smith Rivington n. Sheriff 
Gray Robert, grocer Broadway c. Duane 
Gray Smith, shoemaker Broome n. Hudson 
Gray Thomas, mason 181 Mott 
Gray rev. William, 54 Pike 
Gray William, shipjoiner228 Cherry. 
Gray William, shipmaster 357 Pearl 
Gray William J. carpenter 369 Broome 
Gray widow Elizabeth, Columbia n. Delancey 
Gray Jane widow of John, 26 Rhynder 
Gray widow Magdalen, 36 Harman 
Gray fc Bunce, printers 347 Pearl and 59 Fulton 
Gray & Turner, shoemaker? 7 Canal 
Gray & Harden, merchants 70 Pine 
Gray & Husted, clothiers 38 Bowery 
Grayson Dr. W. 84 Broadway 
Grayson John, cooper 273 Water 
Grayson Mary, 157 Leonard 
Grayson widow of J. 3 Jay 
Grencen John, 82 William 
Greaton widow of James, 85 Hester 
Greele Augustus, 4 Burling-siip h. 55 Fulton 
Gxeele Robert R, grocer 170 Greenwich h. 65 Dey 
Green Andrew, mariner 36 Augustus 
Green Caleb, Broome c. Sullivan 
Green Catharine, dress maker Mott n. Bleeckei 
Green Charle», merchant 91 Front 
Green Cftaries H. Broome n. Woosrer 

200 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Green Edward, laborer Varick n. Watts 

Green, jr. Ezekiel, mer. Front c. Coenties-slip h. 49 Stone 

Green Gilbert, carpenter rear 104 Mott 

Green Henry G. carpenter Duaue c. Chapel 

Green Henry Q. clothier 163 William h. 79 Oliver 

Green Hugh, bootmaker 36 William and 12 Thames 

Green Hulsey, carpenter ISO Chatham 

Green Increase, cartman 5 Cross 

Green Jacob, mason 13 Clarke 

Green James, cartman 11 Eldridge 

Green James, grocer Broome c. Cannon 

Green James," shoemaker 225 Spring 

Green James, tailor Suffolk n. Rivington 

Green John, carpenter 9 Jefferson 

Green John, ferryman Perry n. Washington 

Green John, laborer 125 Pump 

Green John, ropemaker Bowery n. Nicholas William 

Green jun. John, boatman Laurens n, Bleecker 

Green Joseph, Spring c. West 

Green Joseph, merchant 75 Pine h. 63 Walker 

Green Joseph, cutler 350 Division 

Green Lawrens, rigger 115 Henry 

Green Lewis, shipcarpenter 464 Cherry 

Green Mary, 17 Orange 

Green Mary, maiuuamaker 11 Collect 

Green Nathaniel, cardmaker Jones n. Herring 

Green Richard, weaver Amity c. 6th Avenue 

Green Robert H. mariner 267 Broome 

Green Robei t, sailmaker 221 Division 

Green Robert, mariner 545 Grand 

Green Rufus, mason 114 Reed 

Green Sarah, milliner 322j Broadway 

Green Thomas, 88 Mott 

Green William, tavern 278 Spring 

Green Wm. Venetian blindrnaker 153 h. 137 Chambers 

Green William, combmaker 54 Pump 

Green William, mariner 28 Bowery 

Green Wright, cartman 109 Spring 

Green widow Deborah, 27 Forsyth 

Green widow Elizabeth, 91 Murray 

Green Elizabeth widow of Amos, Vandam n. Varick 

Green Jane widow of Joshua, Carmine n. Varick 

Green widow Lydia, 8 Eldridge 

Green widow Mary, 86 Chambers 

Green widow Mary, 7 Water 

Green S. & H. grocers Ludlow c. Stanton 

Green & Robinson, commis. merchant 124 Maiden-lane 

Green & Wetmore, hardware & iron store 194Greenwick 

Greenaway Thomas G. agent Greenwich n. Christopher 

Greene John, 446 Greenwich 

Greene William B. 327 Washington 

Greene Mary widow of Samuel, 2 Hubert 

Greenard Nevingson, shipjoiner 293 Front h. 150 Cherry 

Greenfield John V. 77 and 84 Pearl 

Greenfield & Son John, merchts. 77 & 84 Pearl h= 9 Pine 

Greenhow Robert, m. d. 140 Canal 


Greenleaf Joseph, attorney 5 Murray h. 17 N. Moore 

Greenoak D. T. &. R. haidware store 8 Bowery 

Greenup W. M. merchant PearJ n. Wall [Broadway 

Greemvay ft Co. E. M. 123 Pearl up stairs h. 626 

Greenwood Clark, dentist 20 Vesey 

Greenwood Isaac, math. inst. maker 130 Front 

Greenwood Isaac I. dentist 3 Ann h. Church [Howard 

Greenwood John, attorney and couns. 24 Nassau h.39 

Greenwood widow Ellen, 111 Division 

Greenwood widow of John, 20 Vesey 

Greer William, grocer 3 Albany 

Gregg Ann, milliner 453 and 455 Pearl 

Gregg James, laborer 25 Pell 

Gregg Richard, 18 Orange 

Gregory E. N. Maiden-lane h. 675 Broadway 

Gregory Hiram, cartman Christopher n. Hudson 

Gregory jr. John, merchant 30 h. 9 Front 

Gregory John, flour merchant 30 Front h. 26 Moore 

Gregory Michael, cartman 153 Bancker 

Gregory Neheraiah, physician 675 Broadway 

Gregory Seth P. merchant 30 Front h. 26 Moore 

Gregory widow Eliza, 675 Broadway 

Gregory Mary widow of Silas, 136 Reed 

Gregory & Sons, jun. John, merchants 30 Front 

Greig George, measurer of coal 176 Bancker 

Greig James, ship carpenter 199 Bancker 

Greig James S. carver and gilder 61 Pump 

Grenell Thomas, coachpainter 451 Broome 

Grenzebach John, grocer Hudson c. Charles 

Grepon John B. porterhouse 102 Pump 

Groves Dorothy widow of John, Attorney n. North 

Grice John, 119 Varick n. Spring 

Gridley Ansel, mason Stanton n. Spring 

Gridley John V. carpenter 10 Dominiek h. 160 Spring 

Griff George, printer 11 Elizabeth 

Griffen A. M. attorney 6 Frankfort h. 3 Benson 

Griffen A. R. M. D. William 

Griffen Cornelius, cordwainer 37 Essex 

Griffen Charles, wool warehouse 13 Jacob 

Griffen Jacob, shoemaker 26 Hester 

Griffen James, cartman 93 Eldridge 

Griffen Job, milkman Christopher c. Greenwich 

Griffen John, merchant 4524 Pearl h. 101 Pump 

Griffen Joseph, cartman 158 Crosby 

Griffen Michael, rigger 244 Elizabeth 

Griffen Michael, grocer 417 Water and 225 Division 

Griffen Peter, watchmaker 383 Pearl h. 69 Essex 

Griffen Rhesa, smith 117 h. 114 Elizabeth 

Griffen Solomon, merchant 402 Pearl 

Griffen Thomas, carpenter 109 Essex n.Rivington 

Griffin Francis, attorney 444 h. 21 Pine 

Griffin George, attorney & counsellor 44£ h. 21 Pirjr: 

Griffin Jeremiah, 119 Mott 

Griffin John, coat dresser 33£ Nassau 

Griffin ft Hoyt, watchmakers 383 Pearl 

"Stiffing Chailes, 575 Water 

202 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Griffing Samuel, grocer 13 Cath.-slip h. 28 Cheapside 

Griffith David, rigger 125 Anthony 

Griffith N. C. merchant 59Cort!andt 

Griffith Owen, grocer 99 Washington 

Griffith William, carpenter 11 Pump 

Griffiths Griffith, shipwright Harmati n. Clinton 

Griffiths John, smith 11 Pike 

Griffiths Richard, smith 203 Bancker 

Griffiths Rowland, carpenter 543 Greenwich 

Griffiths Wm. B. tailor 52 Maiden-lane h. 127 Hester 

Griffiths Abigail widow of Francis, boarding-h. Beach c. 

Grigg Alexander, 61 Cherry [Washington. 

Griggs Stephen, merchant 17 South [see Greig 

Griggs widow Mary, nurse 77 Chapel 

Grim Charles Frederick, attorney 19 Pine 

Grim David, 36 Cedar 

Grim David, cabinetmaker 27 Chapel 

Grim James O. attorney 1 Nassau h. 484 Peari 

Grim Louis C. attorney 434 Pearl 

Grim Richard, welder 58 Chrystie 

Grim Sarah M. 484 Pearl 

Giim widow E. 45 Vesey 

Grim & Walker, attornies 1 Nassau 

Grinnel Henry, merchant 91 Front h. 23 Market 

Grinnell Joseph, 138 Front h. 36 Market 

Griscom John, prof, chemistry 160 Grand n. Orange 

Grissim widow Sarah, 14 Chambers 

Griswold A. S. merchant 190 Pearl h. 52 Broadway 

Griswold Calvin, cardmaker Herring n. Amos 

Griswold Daniel S. merchant 4 Wall 

Griswold F. merchant 190 Pearl 

Griswold George, merchant 86 South 

Griswold John, merchant 68 South h. 520 Broadway 

Griswold Nathaniel L. mer. 86 South h. 78 Chambers' 

Griswold Samuel, fancy goods 19£ Fulton 

Griswold Zachariah, mer. 96 Maiden-lane h. 19 Gold 

Griswold" widow Abigail, 238 Division 

Griswold widow of Ira, dress-maker 31 Provost 

Griswold A. S. & F. 190 Pearl 

Griswold N. L. & G. merchants 86 South 

Gt'itman James, wood-inspector- 57 Spring 

Grivet John, confectioner 18 Chrvstie 

Groesbeck Ab. lot office 211 B.way h. 166 Chambers 

GroefQeck Sarah, 269 Delancey 

Groome P. W. merchant 78 and 79 South 

Gi'oshon Frederick, druggist 75 Chatham 

Groshon John, brewer 128 Duane h. 60 Reed 

Groshon John P. brewer 128 Duane 

Gross Dederick, cartman 3 Stanton n. Bowery 

Gross Edmond, carpenter 520 Grand 

Gross Francis, lumber-yard 276 Cherry h. 61 Market 

Gross John, shoemaker Mott c. Prince 

G*osvenor Seth, merchant 96 Pearl 

Grosvenor & Co. S. merchants 96 Pearl 

Groteclass Gilbert, lime-store 49 Barclay 

Gl'ofcclUsi Jobr^ sail-maker Barclay n., Cbapet 


Grout N. P. Columbia College 
Graver widow of John, 271 Giand 
Groves Samuel, mariner 18 Cheapside 
Grozart John, merchant Delancey n. Arundel 
Grubb George, tailor 14 Barclay 
Grush Robert W. rigger 7 Ludlow 
Guerin Francis, confectioner 120 Broadway 
Guerinau Nathaniel, cartman Ridge n. Rivington 
Guerber, Gouin & Co. 100 Maiden-lane 
Guest John, cabinet-maker 217 Duane 
Guest William, coal-inspector 91 Chambers 
Guewey Benjamin, mariner 351 Cherry 
Guillandeu Einile, naturalist A. Museum 
Guion Benjamin L. confectioner 74 Division 
, - Guion Elijah, 34 Walker 

Guion Frederick A 45 Wall h. 47 Walker 
Guion Isaac, carpenter & joiner 96 Harman [yideGuyofc. 
-Uicn JtSS-j ?« Essex 
*rs- Guion John, 61 Division 

Guion J. P. grocer Broome c. Cannon 

Guion Monmouth H. china-store 60 Division 

Guion P. French teacher 11 Gold 

Guischard Henry, tallow-chandler 231 Mulberry 

Guiick D. merchant 51 Bayard 

Gulick Isaac, china-store 347 Pearl 

Guiick Moses, ci-ortf ry-siore 22B Grand 

Gulick & Brothers David, china mer. 58 Water 

G u llen Richard, printer 11 Chapel 

Gumbell Henry, sugar-baker Laurens n. Bleeckei 

Gumbs Edward, cooper 242 Front h. 189 Broome 

Gunter Frederick, mariner 64 Harman 

Gunter John, carpenter 7 Sullivan 

Gunther C. G. furrier 74 Maiden-lane h. 195 William 

Gunton John, grocer 78 Orange 

Gunton Samuel, carpenter and grocer Asylum c. Charlei 

Gunton Thomas J. 21 Elm 

Gunyan John, cartman 23 Suffolk 

Gurnee Benjamin, silver-smith rear 98 Reed 

Gurnee John, comb-maker rear 169 Spring 

Gurnee widow Catharine, rear 47 Robinson 

Gum«e widow Sarah, 25 Provost 

Gutchess lienry, brush-maker 124 Mulberry 

Guthery John, shoemaker 126 Mulberry c. Hestet 

Guthrie Cathariiie, teacher 76 Harman 

Guthrie widow Ann, 85 Mulberry 

Guthrie widow of William, 85 Mulberry 

Guy Aaron, (black) wine-bottler Ryder's-alley 

Guy George, carpenter 100 Forsyth 

Guy Sarah, mantua-maker 53 Vesey 

Guyon Henry G. carpenter rear 89 Gold h. 239 Spring 

Guyon & Degraw, carpenters rear 89 Gold 

Gwyer Charles, butcher 9 Wash, market h. 188 Bowery 

Gwyer Robert, butcher 55 Wash, market h. 193 Mott 

Gwynn Jane, Canal u. Greenwich 

Haas & Co. John, musical clock-makers 265 William 

204 longworth's 1825 — 2C 

Habishaw Martin, tailor 197 William 

Hacker Hoysted, sign-painter N. William n. 3d Avenue 

Hacket Francis, weaver Bank u. Washington 

Hacket George, 105 Greenwich 

Hacket William, baker 130 Bowery 

Hackett James H. merchant 123 Front h. 23 Broadway 

Hackstaff Lodovvick, lumber-merchant 45 White 

Hadden David, merchant 61 Pine h. 654 Broadway 

Hadden Elijah, carpenter M'Dougal c. Vandam 

Haddea John G. carpenter Prince n. Thompson 

Hadden Margaret, mantua-maker 10 Delancey 

Hadley Abraham, turner 6 Chatham-square 

Hadley Daniel, grocer Hudson c. King 

Hadley Elias, 83 Mott 

Hadley George, 210 Mulberry 

Hadley Jacob, china-store 84 Cherry 

Hadley James, cabinet-maker 136 Harrnan 

Hadley James, smith Rivington n. Pitt 

Hadley John, crockery 120 Division 

Hadley William, 106 Pump 

Hadley William, carpenter Suffolk n. Stantou 

Hadley jr. William, cartman 69 Orchard 

Hadley William H. shoemaker 139 Chambers 

Haff Anthony, 511 Broome 

Haff Isaac, 26 Laurens a. Spring 

Haff Jacob, port-warden 450 Greenwich 

Haff John P. bt. & shoe-in. 205 Water h. Prince n. M'D. 

Haff Stephen, cartman Pitt n. Rivington 

Haffey John, labourer 105 Anthony 

Hagadorn John, shoemaker 83 James 

Hagadom Elizabeth widow of Francis, 63 Oliver 

Hagan Edward, cooper 31 Mulberry c. Cross 

Hagan Patrick, stonecutter Greenwich c. Hubert 

Hagan William, labourer 112 Anthony 

Hagar John, carpenter 227 Mulberry 

Hagar William, 32 Gold 

Hageman Daniel, carpenter 345 Grand h. 10 Cheapside 

Hageman Henry, hat store 204£ Greenwich 

Hageman Peter, paper-warehouse 230 Front 

Hager David, carpenter 148 Harman 

Hager Josiah, 232 Spring 

Hagerty Darby, grocer 100 Anthony 

Hagerty Geurge, grocer Washington c. Spring 

Hiiggart James, hosiery 59 J Bowery 

Haggerty Francis, labourer 105 Anthony 

Haggerty John, merchant 167 Pearl, h. 35 Chambers 

Haggerty Michael, boarding-house 4 New 

Haggerty Michael, coachman rear 74 Reed 

Haggerty W. cartman 113 Franklin 

Haggerty, Austen &Co. auctioneers 167 Pearl 

Hagner Jennet, doctress 169 Hester 

Haight Abraham B. carpenter Allen n. Broome 

Haight Benjamin, attorney 26 Pine h. 154 Greenwich 

Haight Benjamin, 207 Broadway h. 22 Vesey 

Haight B H. N. merchant 103 Pearl 

Haight David, smith 105 Mott 


Haight David, cartman 369 Broome c. Mott 

Haight D. L. merchant 88 Maideh-1. h. 5 Whitehall 

Haight Elieha, shoemaker Bowery c. Bleecker 

Haight Gilbert, saddler 153 Water 

Haight Halstead, E. mer. 207 Broadway h. 189 Pulton 

Haight Henry, shoemaker 108 Chapel 

Haight John, 549 Pearl 

Haight John E. 88 Maiden-lane h. 154 Greenwich 

Haight Jonathan, boatman Stanton n. Pitt 

Haight Marvel G. carpenter 140 Mott c. Grand 

Haight Nicholas, 147 h. 134 Fulton 

Haight Richard K. 88 Maiden-lane h. 5 Whitehall 

Haight Jane widow of James, 38 Oliver 

Haight B. & H. dry good-store 207 Broadway 

Haight & Co. D. L. & J. E. merchants 88 Maiden-lane 

Haight & Ebbets, drygood-s'ore 77 Maiden-lane 

Haight J. & N. carpet manuf. 147 Fulton 

Hainer Daniel, grocer 65 Bancker 

Haines Charles G. attorney and conns. 2 Nassau 

Haines Richard T. merchant 100 Pearl h. 28 Greenwich 

Haines William, dry-goods 143 Greenwich 

Haines widow Sebe, 55 Orchard 

Hains Henry, grocer 88 Chapel 

Halbert Rene% baker 10 Harison 

Hale Benjamin, card manuf. 75 Mulberry 

Hale Henry, Perry n. Washington 

Hale Joseph, mason 123 Mulberry 

Hale Moses, grocer 37 Grand 

Hale Thomas, labourer Grand c. Cannon 

Hale widow Jane, boarding-house 10 Liberty- 
Hale & Co. M. com. mer. 249 Front 

Haley Eliza, dress-maker 113i Chambers 

Haley Jeremiah, grocers 92 Vesey 

Haley Owen, labourer Varick c. King 

Haley Patrick, labourer 136 Anthony 

Hall Adam, engineer 377 Washington 

Hall A. D. 152 Cherry 

Hall Alexander, shoemaker 39 Robinson 

Hall Andrew, cartman Fourth c. Thompson 

Hall Apollos, tailor 277 Spring 

Hall Archibald, painter rear 112 Harman 

Hall Archibald, painter rear 65 Chrystie 

Hall Asa, porter-house Washington c. Hammond 

Hall Asa W. tin-smith 474 Greenwich 

Hall Charles, labourer 90 Chapel 

Hall Charles, 58 Greenwich 

Hall C. H. 194 Front h. 576 Broadway 

Hall Daniel, merchant 307 Greenwich 

Hall David, 119 Maiden-lane h. 81 Franklin 

Hall David P. attorney 2 law-buildings h. 576 Broadway 

Hall Edward, merchant 137 Pearl 

Hall Eliza, 44 Greene 

Hall Eunice, 23 Walker 

Ha ll F. publisher Commer. Adv. 48 Pine h. 41 John 

Hall Francis, jeweller 68 Barclay 

Hall George, boarding-house 22 Fletcher 

206 long worth's 1825 — 26 

Hall George, horse-trainer 29 Oliver 
Hall George W. teacher Thirteenth n. Bowery 
Hall Gooden G. mer. tailor 84 Pine h. 73 Barclay 
Hall Isaac, 39 Norfolk 
Hall Isaac B. mariner Lewis n. Delancey 
Hall James, carpenter Wooster a. Grand 
Hall James, shipmaster 580 Broome 
Hall James, painter 281 Water 
Hall Jesse, carpenter 67 Broome 
Hall John, 29 Division 
Hall John S. mason Wooster n. Houston 
Hall Jonathan, tavern 40 W«st 
Hall Joseph, boot and shoemaker 59 Maiden-lane 
Hall Joseph, painter Elizabeth c. Hester 
Hall Joseph, grocer Varick c. Charlton 
Hall Lane, (black) shoemaker 27 Watts 
Hall Michael, baker 78 Barclay 
Hall Mott, cartman 156 Crosby 
Hall N. N. attorney 26 Dey 
Hall Peter, rigger 17 Henry 
Hall Ralph, merchant 162 South 
Hall Robert, carpenter Rhynder n. Grand 
Hall Robert, painter 81 Harman 
Hall Samuel, painter 18 Ludlow 
Hall Shubal, weighmaster 554 Water 
Hall Thomas, organ-builder 53 Mott n. Bayard 
Hall Walter, baker 148 Orange 
Hall William, musical inst. maker 39 Roosevelt 
Hall William, shipmaster 358 Grand 
Hall William, painter and glazier 199 Spring 
Hall William, cabinet-maker 5 Ludlow- 
Hall Valentine G. merchant 94 Pearl 
Hall Anduall widow of James, 228 Harman 
Hall widow C. B. ready-made linen store 131 Broadway 
Hall widow Jane, Norfolk n. Broome 
Hall Phebe widow of John, Greene n. Bleecker 
Hall & Co. hatters 196 Greenwich 
Hall & Erben, organ-builders 53 Mott 
Hall & Co. James, merchants 454 Pearl 
Hall & Lee, dry-goods 183 Pearl 
Hallam Lewis, mariner 87 Division 
Hallett Ahraham S. merchant 96 Beekman 
Hallett Benjamin, shipmaster 48 Norfolk 
Hallett James, lumber inspec. 68 Allen & 15 Btirling-slip 
Hallett James, musician 551 Grand 
Hallett John, 156 Division 
Hallett Joseph, carpenter 233 Church 
Hallett Joseph D. 96 Beekman b. 297 Broome 
Hallett Nathaniel, coach-driver 127 Elm 
Hallett Richard S. merchant 96 Beekman h. 297 Broome 
Hallett William, grocer 104 Orange c. Pump 
Hallett William P. 292 v h. 298 Pearl [Fulton 

Hallett Win. P. attorn, not. Acouus. 15 Burling-slip h. 77 
Mallick Benjamin, cartma'ii Goerck n. Delancey 
Hallick Nehemiah, grocer 47 Broome 
Hallick Phebe widow of Stephen, 21 Arundel 


Haliiday v Arthur, shoemaker Canal n. Varick 

Halliday Freeborn, boot-black 55 Wall 

Haliiday Robert, merchant 1 Gold h. Bank 

Halliday Thomas, shoemaker 137 Grand n. Elm 

Halliock Thomas, grocer Greenwich c. Cedar 

Hallock Benjamin T. grocer 101 Cherry 

Hallock David R. Delancey n. Pitt 

Hallock Elisha, physician 96 Catharine 

Hallock Henry, builder Beach n. Greenw. h. 188 Hudson 

Hallock Israel, physician 88 James 

Hallock James, 52 Rivington 

Hallock Lewis, 96 Catharine 

Hallock Richard, mason 98 Harman 

Hallock S. carpenter 82 Forsyth 

Hallock William, gold-beater 48 Thompson 

Hallock William A. agent Am. Tract Soc. 3 Cedar 

Hallock Phebe widow of Silas, boarding-h. 143 Mercer 

Hallock Si Shelden, merchants 284 Pearl 

Hallsted Benjamin, blind-m. 46 Beekmanh. 72 Gold 

Hallsted John B. builder 64 Cliff h. Ill Wooster 

Hallsted , merchant 49 Orange 

Hallowell John, cartman 42* Ludlow 
Halsey Abraham, 452 Cherry 
Halsey Abraham A. attorney 187 Water 
Halsey Anthony P. 11 Vandam 
Halsey Benjamin, weaver 155 Chapel 
Halsey Benton W. physician 44 Catharine 
Halsey Charles, grocer 20 Orange 
Halsey Charles, smith 47 Elizabeth 
Halsey David, carpenter Suffolk n. Broome 
Halsey Henry, 205 Grand c. Elizabeth 
Halsey Jacob, Rivington c. Orchard 
Halsey James, grocer Broome c. Suffolk 
Halsey John, merchant 59 John 
Halsey John C. fur-store 189 Water h. 71 Gold 
Halsey Ledger, carpenter 15 Grand 
Halsey Luther, ship-jainer 255 Cherry h. 40 Suffolk 
Halsey Rensselaer, merch. tailor 327* Pearl h. 57 Cherxy 
Halsey Richard, mason Willetn. Rivington 
Halsey Samuel F. dry-good mer. 149 Pearl h. 23 Cherry 
Halsey William, 59 John 
t Halsey Zephaniah, carpenter M'Dougal n. Charlton 
Halsey Ann widow of Jacob, 71 Gold 
Halsey widow of Irhabod B. midwife 18 Chrystje 
Halsey & Moore, fur-store 189 Water 
Halstead Abraham, carpenter 336 Grand 
Halstead John, carpenter 103 Fulton 
Halstead John, labourer 281 Bowery 
Halstead John, shipwright Montgomery n. Cherry 
Halstead John D. cabinet-maker 209 Hudson 
Halstead Pearson, carpenter 126 Pump 
Halstead Susan, teacher 197 Sprirtg 
Halstead & Haines, merchants 100 Pearl 
Halsted Caleb O. merchant 176 Pearl h. 128 Greenwift 
Halsted David M. cartman 7 Clarke 

208 longworth's 1825—2C 

Halsted Hannah, 28 Walker 

Halsted Jesse, smith Vandam n. Varick 

Halsted Oliver, bookstore 3 Law-buildings h. 106 Canal 

Halsted Phebe, 31 Catharine 

Halsted Philip, smith M'Dougal n. Spring 

Halsted Samuel, clothing-store 82 Vesey h. 239 Duane 

Halsted Underhill, drygood-store 450 Pearl 

Halsted William, carpenter 238 Hudson 

Halsted Wm. H. drygood-store 464 Pearl h. 49 Orange 

Halsted Wm. M. merchant 100 Pearl h. 26 Greenwich 

Halsted Susan widow of Christopher, 52 Oliver 

Halsted & Co. A. L. 152 Pearl h. 33 Cherry 

Hamersley Andrew, m.d. 27 Dey 

Hamersley Lewis C. merchant 116 Pearl h. 55 Murray 

Hamersley Miss, 25 Cortlandt 

Hamersley Thomas, merchant 116 Pearl h. 53 Greenwich 

Hamersley William, M.D. 27 Dey 

Hamersley L. C. & T. hardware-store 116 Pearl 

Hamil Patrick, tailor 86 Catharine 

Hamill James, smith Pitt n. Grand 

Hamill widow Jane, 2 Temple 

Hamilton Alex, attor. & couns. 20 Wall h. 56 Greenwich 

Hamilton Alexander J. C. 90 Canal 

Hamilton A. J. 6 Barclay 

Hamilton Amelia, 48 Leonard 

Hamilton Andrew, fruiter 64 Crosby 

Hamilton Charles, stonecutter 38 Anthony 

Hamilton David, cartman 56 Willet n. Delancey 

Hamilton Edward, grocer 126 Grand c. Crosby 

Hamilton Henry, cartman 70 Elm 

Hamilton James, 96^ Chatham 

Hamilton James, mariner 71 Cedar 

Hamilton James, merchant 90 Wall h. 10 Greenwich 

Hamilton James, cartman 189 Rivington 

Hamilton J. A. attor. & coun. 2 Nassau h. Varick n. Canal 

Hamilton James K. 36 South h. 71 Broad 

Hamilton John, mason rear 20 Orange 

Hamilton John C. counsellor 35 Barclay 

Hamilton John L. type-founder Chapel c. Robinson 

Hamilton Joseph, type-maker 23 Chapel 

Hamilton Philip, attorn. & com. 2 Nassau h. 64 Walker 

Hamilton Richard, sail-maker 117 Harman 

Hamilton Robert, grocer Elm c. Anthony 

Hamilton Robert, paver 207 Rivington n. Walnut 

Hamilton Thomas, shipwright 116 Lombardy 

Hamilton William, insp. Mo. Ins. Co. 449 Greenwich 

Hamilton William, N. Y. bath, 17 Chambers 

Hamilton widow C. 18 Cortlandt 

Hamilton widow Catharine, 51 Harman 

Hamilton widow Elizabeth, 64 Walker 

Hamilton widow Jane, 68 Eldridge 

Hamilton Margaret widow of Thomas, Bowery n. Grand 

Hamilton widow Sarahj grocer 56 Cedar 

Hamilton widow of William, foot of Bowery-hill 

Hamilton, Donaldson & Co. 90 Wall 


Hamilton W. & J. cabinet-makers 63 Eldridge < 

Hamlin A. P. 118 Pea. 1 

Hamma William, tailor Liberty 

Hammeken G. 164 Washington h. 5 Laight ' 

Hammell James, skinner Rivington n. Columbia 

Hammell rev. William, 60 Hudson 

Hammell William H. dry-goods 60 Hudson 

Hammett Augustus, 171 Front h. 57 Provost 

Hammett William, market-man rear 22 Orange 

Hammett & Lane, merchants 171 Front 

Hammond Edward, shipmaster 36 Oak 

Hammond Edmund, livery-sta. Cliff n.Beekm. h. 3 Hague 

Hammond Henry, notary Tontine Coffee-house 

Hammond Henry, cartman Hudson c. Charles 

Hammond John, manufacturer 8 Pump 

Hammond Joseph, farmer Vandam n. M'Dougal 

Hammond Joseph C. labourer Rivington n. Willet 

Hammond Judah, att. & coun, 2 Dey & 4 Frankfort h. 176 

Hammond Nicholas, fruiter 54 Orange [Divisior, 

Hammond Philip, merchant Bancker n Corl.hook 

Hammond Samuel, carpenter 139 Chapel 

Hammond widow of Isaac, 46 Robinson 

Hammor widow of Henry, grocer 276 W T ater 

Hampton William, mer. Vesey c. Washing, h. 55 Hudson 

Hanan Henry, grocer Grand [vide Hannar 

Hance John, ship-chandler 11 Catharine-slip 

Hance Revo C. merchant 273 h. 255 Pearl 

Hance A. B. & R. H. grocers 13 James-slip 

Hancock David, cabinet-maker 7 Lumber 

Hancock J. smith 135 Greenwich h. 15<| Thames 

Hancock Robert, turner 57 Elm 

Hand Aaron, 6 Orchard 

Hand Isaac M. 446 Pearl h. 53 James 

Hand Jeffrey, inspector of lumber 130 Henry 

Hand Jotham, labourer 1 Lombardy 

Hand & Ferris, dry-goods 446 Pearl 

Handley Valentine, glazier 34 Crosby 

Handlon John, boot-maker 123 Anthony 

Handschurch Christian, tailor 48 Orange 

Handy William, M.D. and surgeon 12 Warren 

Haney James, weaver Bedford n. Burrows 

Hanford Henry, (black) shoemaker 5 Cross 

Hanford Lewis, carpenter 41 Suffolk 

Hanford Philander, merchant 41 Peck-slip 

Hanford Robert G. carpenter Lombardy n. Walnut 

Hanigan Dennis, grocer Lombardy c. Walnut 

Hanigan Edward, porter-house Lombardy n. Walnut 

Hankins George, boat-builder 305 Water h. 33 Cheapside 

Hankins William, mariner 57 Elizabeth 

Hanks Azel, type-founder 9 Thomas 

Hanks Joseph, carpenter 66 Prince 

Hanley Francis, tailor 353 Cherry 

Hanley Henry, porter 8 Thompson 

Hanlon James, cartman 60 Mulberry 

Hanmer John, grocer 373 Pearl Matthew, weaver Bedford c. Raisin* 

210 longworth's 1825— -26 

Hannah John, copper-smith 117 Division 
Hannah William, tailor 147 Orange ^ 

Hannah Ann widow of Andrew, 212 William 
Hannah widow Margaret, boarding-house 79 Canal 
Hannan Alexr. grocer Water c. Beekman [vide Hanan 
Hannan John, boarding-house 333 Water 
Harinas Thomas W. grocer Pike c. Lombardy 
Hannay Samuel, bookseller 230 Pearl 
Hanuey William, Stuyvesant n. 2d Avenue 
Hanney widow Abigail, teacher 195 Hester 
Harming rev. John, teacher Christopher 
Hanrahan widow Sarah, 17 Division 
Hanratty Francis, grocer Grand c. Goerck 
Hanshe Henry, cartman Wooster n. Bleecker 
Hanshe Jacob, butcher Neicark 
Hanshe William, butcher 13 Stanton 
Hanson Joseph, physician 54 N. Moore 
Hanson Lawrence, stevedore 37 James 
Hanson Peter, barber Roosevelt n. Water 
Hanson William, rigger rear 37 Augustus 
Hanyon Isaac, smith Prince n. Thompson 
Hapgood jr. H. 82 Maiden-lane 
Harbeck Henry, 94 Murray 
Harbinson John, grocer 304 Water 
Hardcastle John, printer 96 Mott 

Hardcastle Joshua, bookbinder 374 (say) Broome n. Mon 
Hardcastle Thomas, printer 253 Hudson 
Harden George, merchant 70 Pine 
Hardenbergh John, dry-goods 18£ Maiden-lane 
Hardenbrook Abel W. fire-engine maker 110 Fulton 
Hardenbrook jr. Abel, sail-maker 100 Vesey h. Church 
Hardenbrook David, i40 Chapel 
Hardenbrook Hannah, fruiter 135 Maiden-lane 
Hardenbrook J. A. soap and can. man. 133 h. 135 Bowerf 
Hardenbrook John W. 293 Pearl 
Hardenbrook jr. William, 15 Beekman 
Hardenbrook William A. Christopher n. Hudson 
Hardenbrook & Diukin, 100 Vesey 
Hardenburgh Peter, shoemaker rear 47 Leonard 
Hardie Allen W. merchant-tailor 196 Fulton 
Hardie James, a.m. 20 Pitt n. Broome [vide Hardy 

Hardie Robert G. last-maker 14 New 
Harding Eleazer, shipmaster 169 Maiden-lane 
Harding James, T. Uvei^-siable 13 Thames h. 8 Lumber 
Harding John, tavern 19 Sullivan 

Harding R. H. furn. carver 177William h. 3 Vandewate? 
Harding Thomas, labourer 222 Elizabeth 
Hard wick John, shipwright 334 Front 
.Hardy A. AV. tailor and draper 196 Fulton 
Hardy Edward, hosiery-store 83 Pine h. 8th Avenup 
Hardy George, tailor 62 Chapel [vide Hardi.* 

Hardy William, grocer 68 Church 

Hardy Wrn. H. mer. 53 Fulton h. Vestry c. Washington 
Hardy William L. tobacconist 295 Spring 
Hardv widow Jane, 121 Harman 


Hare Samuel, carpenter 66 Mott 
Haren John, porter-vaults and grocer 386 Water 
Haring John, smith Prince n. Sullivan 
Harison George F. attorney 16 Nassau 
Harison Richard, couns. 16 Nassau [videHarrisoii. 

Harison William H. comm. and attorney 16 Nassau 
Harker Daniel, boarding-house 80 Barclay 
Harkins James, block and pump-maker 81 Henry 
Harkins John H. bookbinder 34 Cross 
Harkins widow Catharine, 112 Bowery 
Harkins widow of Robert, Canal n. Hudson 
Harklin widow Eve, Allen n. Delancey 
Harlan James, rigger 4 Hague 

Harley James, dry-goods 155 Chatham and 102 Division 
Harley Thos. cabinet-maker 17 Catharine h. 26 Eldridge 
Harly Henry, shoe-black 20 Thames 
Harmes Michael, 9 William h. 25 Gold 
Harmon George, ship-carpenter 526 Grand 
Harmon Patrick, labourer 123 Liberty 
Harmony Daniel, butcher 104 Eldridge 
Harmony J. P. butcher 15 Cat. mar. h. Forsyth n. Rivingt 
Harmony Nicholas, cooper Forsyth c. Rivington 
Harmony Peter, merchant 12 Old-slip h. 63 Broadway 
Harned James R. grocer 107 Pearl 
Harned Jonathan, 2 William 
Harned Phineas, stonecutter rear 51 Anthony 
Harned Samuel, ship-joiner and cabinet-m. 62 Eldridge 
Harned Samuel W. ship-builder 301 Delancey 
Harp widow Catharine, 269 Broome 
Harp widow of John, 150 Division 

Harpel Lodowick, butch. 5lWash. m. h. 3d Av. n. Stin-v\ 
Harper Benjamin, cabinet-maker 5 Batavia 
Harper George, carpenter 67 Pump 
Harper George F. fisherman 64 Bowery 
Harper James, print"rh. 194 William 
Harper John, printer h. 16 Oak 
Harper John, rigger 4 Pelham 
Harper John, baker 26 Orchard 
Harper John T. tailor Pump 
Harper Joseph, 10 Vandewater 
Harper Samuel B. grocer 194 Front h. 28 Clifi. 
Harper Thomas W. silver-smith rear 15 Rose 
Harper William, tanner 1 Skinner 
Harper William, shoemaker 137 Mott 
Harper Elizabeth widow of Andrew, 52 Bleecker 
Harper Lucretia widow of Jacob, 134 Wooster 
Harper,. Arcularius & Co. merchants 194 Front 
Harper J. & J. printers 2 Burling-slip and 230 Pearl 
Hair John M. 60 Allen 

Harriett David, carpenter Stanton c. Cannon 
Harriman Orlando, mer. 134 Front h. Broome a. Woostei 
Harriman Sarah D. dress-maker 74 Chapel 
Harrington John, 116 Mott 
Harrington Joseph, clothier 229 Water 
Harrington Joseph, oyster-man 259 Duane 
Harrington Otis, dry-goods Hudson c. Provost h. Varick. 

212 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Harrington William B. porter-house 52 Augustus 

Harrington & Rockwell, merchant-tailors 229 Water 

Harrington widow Nancy, 35 Grand 

Harriot Christian, butc. 21 Wash. mar. h. 199 Mulberrj 

Harriot Edgar, mason 24 Desbrosses 

Harriot G. C. chair-maker 58 Fulton 

Harriot James, mason 65 Varick 

Harriot John, mason 77 Hudson 

Harriot John, carpenter Bleecker c. Greene 

Harriot Samuel, grocer Greenwich c. Charles 

Harris Charles, watch-jeweller 54 Cherry 

Harris Dennis C. boatman Perry n. Washington 

Harris Edward, refectory 35 Oliver 

Harris Enon, shipmaster 185 Eldridge 

Harris Prasier, 108 Water h. 36 Laurens 

Harris George, ship-carpenter Rutgers c. Lombaxdj - 

Harris George W. carpenter 44 Thompson 

Harris Isaac, cartman Delancey n. Ludlow 

Harris James, grocer 164 Maiden-lane 

Harris John, grocer Canal c. Varick 

Harris John, merchant 145 Water 

Harris John H. 155 Water 

Harris John W. merchant 108 Water h. 216 Hudsop 

Harris John W. grocer 237 Grand 

Harris Leonard, smith 33 Anthony 

Harris Nathan C.81 William 

Harris jr. Nathaniel, fisherman 124 Henry 

Harris Peter, fisherman 124 Spring 

Harris Robert, fisherman 166 Bancker 

Harris Robert, cartman 190 Mulberry 

Harris Samuel, smith 177 Orange 

Harris Stephen, shoemaker 223 Greenwich 

Harris Thomas, grocer Varick c. Watts 

Harris Thomas, shoemaker 73 Cherry 

Harris Thomas I. hatter 52 Chatham 

Harris rev. Wm. D.d. 1 Col. College 

Harris William, fisherman 121 Henry 

Harris Eliza D. widow of Thomas, 76 Essex 

Harris Mary widow of David, 17 Dutch 

Harris widow Peninah, fruit shop 54 Market 

Harris & Chauncey, china store 108 Water 

Harrison Ann, 35 Robinson 

Harrison Charles P. engraver and printer 175 Fulton 

Harrison David, counsellor 63 James 

Harrison Edward, mason Thompson n. Broome 

Harrison Francis, fruiter 50 Duane 

Harrison Frarfcis, Montgomery n. Cherry 

Harrison G. A. druggist Beekman c. Water 

Harrison Hiram, Wooster c. Amity 

Harrison Jabez, com. mer. 158 Pearl h. 106 Grand 

Harrison James, clock-maker 67 Suffolk 

Harrison John, ship-carpenter 109 Lombardy 

Harrison John, rear 37 Cross 

Harrison John H. carpet manuf. 13 Mulberry 

Harrison rev. Joseph, 39 Thompson 

Harrison Lewis, shipmaster Collect op. Leonard 


Harrison Patrick, cartman rear 25 Augustus 

Harrison Richard, saddler, &c. 90 Broadway 

Harrison Thomas, dyer 35 Orchard 

Harrison Thomas, shoemaker 235 Spring 

Harrison Thomas, butcher Orange n. Spring 

Harrison William, cartman 171 Orange 

Harrison William, northern hotel 79 Cortlandt 

Harrison William, carpenter 191 Mulberry 

Harrison widow Eliza, 40 Pump 

Harrison widow Mary, 27 Sullivan 

Harrison widow of William, N. Moore c. Hudson 

Harrison widow Rosannah,25 Dey 

Harrison & Baker, shipwrights 426 Water 

Harrison & Halsey, druggists 118 Beekman c. Wate*: 

Harrison & Co. John, tobacconists 288 Front 

Harrold James, teacher 4 Hague 

Harrold John, cartman 79 Broome 

Harsell William, sashmaker Wooster n. Canal 

Harsen Corn. 504 Greenwich 

Harsen jr. George, inspec. of fish 102 Greenwich 

Harsen Wessell, shoemaker 159 Mulberry 

Hart Abraham, grocer 337 Bowery c. Jones 

Hait Andrew, laborer 37 Augustus 

Hart Andrew, tinsmith 549 Grand 

Hart Asa, carpenter 94 Greene 

Hart Bartholomew, shoemaker 64 Hester 

Hart Benj. P. teacher Hudson c. Burrows 

Hart Benj. brewer 8 Frankfort 

Hart Bernard, merchant 86 Cedar 

Hart Cornelius, tobacconist 28 Vandam 

Hart David, merchant 34 Howard 

Hart David, carpenter 15 More 

Hart David, engineer 456 Cherry 

Hart David H. cartman 283 Grand 

Hart Ebenezer B. cartman 53 Charlton 

Hart Edmund, mariner 30 Essex 

Hart Eli, merchant 34 Front h. 44 Cortlandt 

Hart Ephraim, merchant 102 Canal 

Hart Ezra, grocer 21 Goerck n. Delancey 

Hart Francis, sawyer Clarkson n. Greenwich 

Hart Henry, fancy store 68 Maiden-lane 

Hart Henry, dry goods 108 Division 

Hart Henry, teacher 30 Essex 

Hart James, 83 Broome 

Hart James, clothier 523 Grand 

Hart James H. m.d. & druggist Broadway c. Chambers 

Hart Joel, physician 102 Canal [h. 135 Chambers 

Hart John, tailor 61 Chatham 

Hart John T. dyer 31 Ludlow 

Hart John I. silversmith and pawn broker 540 Pearl 

Hart Joseph, clethier 50 Chatham 

Hart Joseph B. merchant 129 Chatham 

Hart Joseph C. leacher 36 Eldridge 

Hart Joshua, 104 Pump c. Mott 

Hart Levi, clothier Greenw. c. Murray h. 249 Greenwich 

Hart Monmouth, merch. tailor 3S Chapel 

214 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Hart Monmouth B. trunk maker Vesey c. Broadway 

Hart Nathaniel C. teacher 17 Essex 

Hart P. R. boatman Columbia n. Broome 

Hart Peter G. grocer 196 Front h. 85 Beekman 

Hart Peter K. ship-carpenter 116 Orchard 

Hart jr. Philip, merchant 31 Front 

Hart Robert H. clothier 282 Water 

Hart William, cartman Nicholas- Wm. n. 3d Avenue 

Hart William S. p. m. l. Bowery c. Bayard 

Hart widow Catharine, Nicholas-Wm. n. 3d Avenue 

Hart Eliza widow of William, milliner 3 Oak 

Hart Margaret widow of James, 189 Orange 

Hart & Co. 196 Front 

Hart, Thomas & Card, merchants 20 South 

Hart & Levison, clothiers 102 Cherry 

Kartell jr. A. butch. 41 Wash. mark. h. First n. 1st Ave, 

Kartell Christian, butcher 33 Hester 

Kartell Christian F. butch. 30Wash. mar. h. 289 Bowery 

Hartell Geo. M. butch. 6 Catharine mar. h. 80 Rivingtoix 

Hartell widow Maria, 144 Allen n. Delancey 

Kartell widow of Adam, 3 North 

Hartin Robert, 128 Hester 

Hartley & Brown, dry goods 152 Bowery 

Hartman Lewis, grocer 423 Pearl 

Hartman & Embree, com. mer. 225 Front 

Hartnet John, laborer Christopher c. Herring 

Hartnet Morris, shipwright 117 Bancker 

Hartsehorne David, carpenter 297 Spring 

Hartsehorne John M. boat builder 622 Water 

Hartsehorne William, printer 118 Chrystie n. Brooms 

Hartwick widow Sarah, 18 Orchard 

Harvey John, 310 Bowery 

Harvey John, smith 531 Broadway 

Harvey John, shoemaker 24 Reed 

Harvey Joseph, gilder 7 Lumber 

Harvey Sarah, 9 Provost 

Harvey Silas, grocer West n. Spring h. 304 Spring 

Harvey Thomas M. merchant 54 Hudson 

Htrvey William, hair dresser 236 Church 

Harvey widow Margaret, Lombardy n. Walnut 

Harvey widow of Samuel, grocer 19 Cross 

Harvvick widow Elizabeth, 21 Mulberry 

Hasbrook Benjamin, grocer Washington c. Harisor. 

Hasbrook Charles E. merchant 57 Front 

Kasbrouck Stephen, m. d. 148 Grand 

Haselton James, mason 104 Chapel 

Haselton widow Hannah, 39 Watts 

Haskell John, shipmaster 116 Harman 

Haskell Robert, shipmaster 268 Water 

Hasketh John, sadler 52 Orchard 

Haskett Joseph, sadler 176 Water 

Haskins Hannah R. tutress Prince c. Orange 

Haskins William L. 12 N. Moore 

Hassey H. J. 11 Fulton mar. h. 48 Oliver 

Hassill Josiah, grocer 55 Washington, 


Haswell Edward, tailor 25 Piovost 

Haslett Colin G. baker 17 Spring 

Hatch Alden, trunk-maker 91 Mott 

Hatch A. M. merchant 128 Maiden-lane h. 516 Broadway 

Hatch Anselm, shipmaster 352 Water 

Hatch Benjamin A. tailor Canal n. Hudson 

Hatch Isaac, hatter 341 Pearl 

Hatch Johu, mariner 20 Bancker 

Hatch Junius H. attorney and couns. 25 Pine 

Hatch Samuel, shipmaster 34 Delancey 

Hatch & Osgood, merchants 128 Maiden-lane 

Hatchley William, mariner 67£ Rutgers 

Hatfield Andrew, mason 13 York 

Hatfield Barnes, near 6 Goerck 

Hatfield Charles R. 367 Greenwich 

Hatfield Elas, tinman 39 Rhynder 

Hatfield jr. Gilbert, merchant 46 Division 

Hatfield Isaac, carpenter York n. St. John's-lane 

Hatfield Jacob M. hatter rear 49 Elizabeth 

Hatfield Jesse K. grocer 26 Norfolk 

Hatfield Jonathan, 43 Sullivan n. Broome 

Hatfield Joseph, boarding h. 42 Roosevelt 

Hatfieid Joshua, money collector Columbia n. Broome 

Hatfield Moses, carpenter 211 Spring [ray 

Hatfield Richard, attor. couns. & master in chan. 21 Mur- 

Hathaway Eleazer, battery hotel & garden 11 & 13 State 

Hathaway Samuel, Perry c. Asylum 

Hathaway Thomas M. cabinet maker Norfolk 

Hathaway Thomas H. carpenter 265 Hudson 

Hathaway William, shipmaster 77 Market 

Hathaway Fanny widow of Horace, 70 Division 

Hathaway widow of Antipas, confectioner 140 Chatham 

Hathorn George C. grocer Lewis c. North 

Hatton Paul, musical inst. maker 452 Broadway 

Hattrick Peter, merchant 111 Pearl h. 685 Broadway 

Haughwout Simon, c.artman 67 Water 

Haughwort Winant, boarding h. 67 Water 

Haulenbeck Juseph, Stanton n. Columbia 

Haulthouse widow Baibara, 35 Franklin c. church 

Hauman J. Lispenard n. Broadway 

Hauptman Geo. cab. mak. 63 Mulberry h. 154 Division 

Hauptman Jacob, printer 54 Anthony 

Havemeyer Fred. & Wm. sugar bakers 8 & 18 Vandam 

Hr.veu Joseph, Fourth n. Broadway 

Haver. John P. bookseller 132 Broadway h. 32 Lispenarf. 

Havens Daniel, carpenter Ridge n. Rivington 

Havens Gabriel, harbour master 121 Fulton 

Havens Henry, merchant 166 Front h. 28 Vesey 

Havens Henry P. grocer 409 Water h. 58 Markc* 

Havens John F. whitesmith 15 Thomas 

Havens Philetus, merchant 198 Front 

Havens Renselaer, merchant 133 Reed 

Havens William, mariner 52 Augustus 

Havens, Sftydam & Co. merchants 166 Front 

Haviland Ebenezer D. dry goods 131 Chatham 

Haviland Edmund, 306 Pearl 

216 longworth's 1825— 2C 

Havaland Gilbert, cartman 80 Sullivan 

Haviland James G. 218 Pearl h. 5 North 

Haviland Joseph, cartman 43 Spring 

Haviland Nicholas H. cartman 9 Delancey 

Haviland Timothy, cartman Greene n. Bleecker 

Haviland widow Sarah, 294 Broome 

Haviland widow of Israel, 284 Bowery 

Haviland & Co. James C. druggists 313 Pearl 

Hawes George, butcher 7 Wash, mar. h.49 Bayard 

Hawes James H. butcher M'Dougal n. King 

Hawes John Frederick, butcher 6 Pell 

Hawes John, hawker rear 203 Orange ' 

Hawes Joseph, cartman Hudson c. Spring 

Hawes Peter, counsellor 104 William 

Hawes William P. attorney 99 Beekman 

Hawk Peter, shoemaker up. end Mott 

Hawk widow Elizabeth, 108 Broad 

Hawk widow of Peter, boat-builder 374 Water 

Hawkins Benjamin, cooper 573 Water 

Hawkins Charles, grocer & cartman Forsyth c. Delancey 

Hawkins Charles, carpenter 281 Grand 

Hawkins Harriet, teacher 34 Pell 

Hawkins John H. cabinet-maker rear 203 Orange 

Hawkins John B. carpenter 281 Grand 

Hawkins Joseph, shoemaker rear 114 Harman 

Hawkins Micha, grocer Catharine Ferry h. 50 Oak 

Hawkins Reuben, shipwright Rivingtonn. Willet 

Hawkins Richard G. cartman Orchard c. Delancey 

Hawkins Stephen, tailor, 61 North Moore 

Hawkins Tobias, shoemaker 48 Nassau 

Hawkins widow Hannah, 24 Greene 

Hawkins & Co. Charles, grocers 192 Division 

Hawley A. grocer North n. Goerck 

Hawley Charles, comb-maker Forsyth c. Delancey 

Hawley Irad, merchant 11 James slip h. 56 Oak 

Hawley Judson, 233 Front h. 298 Pearl 

Hawley Samuel W. grocer Chapel c. White 

Hawley Truman, hairdresser 1 h. 63 Cortlandt 

Hawley W. M. drygood store 8 Fletcher 

Hawley William, 8 Fletcher h. 37 Harman 

Hawley William C. whitesmith Brooklyn 

Hawley jr. William, 8 Fletcher h. 22 Cliff 

Hawley widow Letitia, 98 Eldridge c. Delancey 

Hawley & Burr, merchants 289 Pearl 

Hawley & Woodward, grocers Murray c. West 

Hawthorn Elizabeth, mantuamaker 157 Reed 

Hawthorn JohnN. merchant 214 Pearl 

Hawthorn Susannah, 21 Provost 

Hawxhurst Benjamin, cartman 535 Grand 

Hawxhurst Daniel S. 108 Chatham h. 18 Arundel 

Hawxhurst Hannah B. boardinghouse 20 Oak 

Hawxhurst Jacob, cartman 384 Grand 

Hawxhurst James, 377 Pearl 

Hawxhurst Leonard, smith Columbia c. Grand 

Hawxhurst Martha, milliner 377 Pearl 

Hawxhurst Nathaniel, 82 Chrystie 



Hawxhurst jr. Nathaniel, mer. 396 Pearl h. 82 Chrystie 

Hawxhurst Thomas, glover 55 Cherry 

Hawxhurst Thomas, marketman 104 Cedar 

Hawxhurst William, porter vault 76 Wall h. 55 Cherry 

Hawxhurst widow Ann, tailoress 130 Hester 

Haxtun A. R. merchant 155 Fulton 

Haxtun William M. attorney 63 James 

Hay jun. James, merchant 15 South h. 13 Pearl 

Hay John, weaver Greenwich n. Hammond 

Hay & Woods, merchants 15 South 

Haycock Wm. G. c. h. officer 37 White [see Heycock 

Hayden J. D. U. S. army 170 Spring 

Hay den Richard IN . merchant 38 Front 

Hayden widow of Ezra, Stanton c. Ludlow 

Haydn Anson, merchant 58 Pine h. 35 North Moore 

Haydn & Timmins, commission merchants 58 Pine 

Haydock Henry W. crockery st. 1 Bur.-slip h. 299 Pearl 

Haydock William, boarrtinghouse 299 Pearl 

Haydock William, Eldridge n. Delancey 

Haydock widow Elizabeth, 86 Frankfort 

Haydock & Jenkins, merchant 217 Front 

Hayes John, harness maker 95 Elm 

Hayes Newton, boardingh. 86 & 88 Pearl & 56 Water 

Hayes Solomon, hatter 29 Hester 

Hayes Thomas, painter 31 Oak 

Hayes William, rigger 56 Elm 

Hayes Eliza widow of Walter, Wooster n. Houston 

Hayles William, Prince n. Laurens 

Hayman John, mason 370 Greenwich 

Haynes Thomas, hatter 206 Broadway h. 107 Liberty 

Haynes Thomas, glove store S2 Chatham 

Haynes & Jaggar, hatters 206 Broadway 

Hays Archibald, grocer 423 Greenwich c. Laight 

Hays Hannah, Sullivan n. Houston 

Hays Jacob, high constable 29 Lispenaid 

Hays James, leather breeches maker 282 Bowery 

Hays jun. James, grocer 428 Greenwich c. Vestry 

Hays Joseph, weaver 52 Robinson 

Hays Joseph L. police officer 110 Orange [see Hayes 

Hays Joseph W. printer 464 Greenwich 

Hays Margaret, grocer 439 Greenwich c. Vestry 

Hays Robert, stonecutter 428 Greenwich 

Hays Sarah, tailoress Clark n. Spring 

Hays Thomas, chairmaker 45 Eldridge 

Hays William, carpenter 76 Reed 

Hays Ann widow of John, grocer Grand c. Orange 

Hays widow Rachel, 27 Sullivan 

Hayter Philip, baker Norfolk n. Broome 

Hayward John, coachman Crosby c. Columbia 

Hayward Warden, collector 72 Forsyth [see Heyuard 

Hazard John, mariner 207 Spring 

Hazard Samuel, 43 William h. 56 Franklin 

Hazard Thomas, merchant 205 Cherry h. 80 Beekman 

Hazel Henry, merchant 87 Franklin 

Hazlet John, stove factory Chambers c. Chatham 

Hazleton Samuel, porterhouse 91 Cherry 

218 longworth's 1825—56 

Hazleton William, mason 2 Depeyster 

Heafield John, whitesmith Canal n. Elm 

Healey John, laborer 125 Anthony 

Healey James, grocer 62 Orange 

Healy Samuel, exchange office 53 Wall h. 12 Spring 

Healy Thomas, cartman 218 Mott 

Healy widow of Thomas, 40 Mott 

Heard James, importer 157 Pearl up stairs h. 22 Broad 

Heard Nicholas T. merchant 186 Pearl 

Heath Augustus, grocer 278 Water 

Heath David, grocer 276 Water 

Heath James, sail loft 169 South h. 19 Chesnut 

Heath John, builder 103 Leonard 

Heath John, carpenter 12 Stone 

Heath Samuel, carver 2 Benson 

Heath Samuel, grocer 91 Elm 

Heath Thomas, carpenter 90 Elm 

Heath Thomas* carpenter 39 Ferry 

Heath jr. Thomas, grocer 53 h. 42 Catharine 

Heath William, carpenter 1 New h. 69 Fulton 

Heaton Abraham, gunsmith 214 Greenwich 

Heaton James, chairmaker 240 Greenwich 

Heaton James, 154 Bowery 

Hebard Elisha, cartman Stanton n. Ludlow 

Hebberd George, stonecutter 125 Delancey 

Hebberd Southrick, 3d Avenue c. Thirteenth 

Hebert H. O. accountant 57 Warren 

Hebert John, calico glazer 103 Reed 

Heckle Elizabeth, tailoress 318 Broome 

Hedden Electa, 32 Dey 

Hedden Enoch, smith Gouverneur n. Cherry 

Hedden Gilbert, 99 Laurens n. Prince 

Hedden James, shoemaker Nicholas William n. 3d Ave. 

Hedden John, weaver Pitt n. Stanton 

Hedden John, 13 Thomas 

Hedden Joseph, cartman Henry n. Walnut 

Hedden Josiah, attor. & couns.72 Murray h. 17 Howard 

Hedden Josiah, sawyer Thompson n. Spring 

Hedden Thomas, hatter Ludlow c. Broome 

Hedden William, 32 Barclay 

Hedden Zaddock, inspector of customs 90 Grand 

Hedden Maria widow of James, Varick c. Vandam 

Hedden widow of Zopher, 57 Spring 

Hederick Frederick, porter-house 307 Broome c. Forsytb 

Hedge William, butcher Norfolk n. Delancey 

Hedger Jeremiah T. printer 60 Watts 

Hedges Elias, broom-vender 166 Washington 

Hedges Timothy, attorney 212 Cherry 

Hedl Paullus, smith 100 Grand n. Greene 

Hedley Henry, surveyor 60 Chapel 

Hedley J. R. attor. nota. & coram. 13 Beekmar. h, Jones 

Hedrick John, mariner 2 Birmingham 

Heenan Philip, smith 11 New h. 25 Garden 

Heeny Cornelius, 82 Water 

HefTernan John, grocer 29 Cross 

Heffeman John, merchant 14 Lispenard 


Hegeman A. attorney & notary 174 Water h.Bowery-ni 
Hegeman George W. carpenter 227 Mulberry 
Hegeman John, baker 182 Elm 

Hegeman John C. attorney 174 Water h. 195 Cherry 
Hegeman John, boarding-house 78 Dey 
Hegeman Peter, merchant 230 Front h. 195 Cherry 
Hegeman Peter A. 3i Nassau h. 7 Oak [see Hageman 
Hegeman William, cartman rear 51 Spring 
Heide Frederick, tinsmith 331 Water 
Heim Joseph, bootmaker 55 Nassau 
lleins Luther, laborer 155 Mott 
Heirmance Garret, carCman 91 Sullivan 
Heiser Christopher, grocer 43 James 
Heiser Christina, dry goods 228 Bowery 
Heiser John, rigger 259 Duane 
Heiser widow Mary, milliner 129 and 131 Willian. 
Hoister Andrew, grocer Chapel c. York 
Helm John, puinp-maker 398 Bowery 
Helmbokl Mary, dress-maker 192 Duane 
Helme Peter B. M. D. 53 Pearl 
Helme widow Ann, boarding-house 58 Broadway 
Helmken Barnard, tobacconist rear 144 Leonarc 
Hclems Charles, hair-dresser 216 Church 
Holms Samuel, mason Laurens n. Grand 
% Heming Melsup, shipmaster 50 Watts 
Hemion Stephen, 41 Watts 
Hemma & Lewis, merchant tailors 66 Liberty 
Hemmingway Moses, shipwright l59BanckeL 
Hempseed Robert, carpenter 246 Hudson 
Hempsted widow of Henry, 34 James 
ITempsted Thomas, smith Front n. Walnut 
Henchliff Luke, marble turner 80 Crosby 
Henderson Alexander, tavern 189 Bowery 
Henderson AlexandpV. 106 Leonard 
Henderson Alexander J. grocer 318 Broadway- 
Henderson jr. David, merchant 82 South 
Henderson James, weaver 57 Pump 
Henderson Jarman, hair-dresser 476 Greenwich 
Henderson John, manu. of cottonferret Stanton n, Norfolk 
Henderson John, pilot 79 Oliver 
Henderson John, mariner 133 Lombardy 
Henderson Joseph, 39 Lombardy 
Henderson Peter, cartman Lewis n. Broome 
Henderson Robert, cartman Ridge n. Rivington 
Henderson Robert, gold beater 123 Franklin 
Henderson Samuel, cartman 463 Grand 
Henderson Sarab & Catharine, board.-h. 181 Broadway 
Henderson Thomas, 76 Arundel 
Henderson William, painter 131 Hester 
Henderson William sad. & har. maker 450 Greenwich 
Henderson widow Elizabeth; 71 Hester 
Henderson & Co. James, dry goods 196 Hudson 
Hendrick William, brass founder 237 Bowery 
Hendrick William, laborer 2 Little Water 
Hendricks Aardn V mason 196 Grand 
Hendricks Harman, mer. 37 Beaver h. 61 Greenwi :! 

320 longworth's 1 825 — 2C 

Hendricks John, mason 14 Leonard 

Hendrickson Benjamin S. sailmaker 110 Vesey 

Hendrickson Isaac, 369 Cherry 

Hendrickson John, Lewis n. Grand 

Hendrickson Peter, grocer 48 Rutgers 

Hendrickson Robert, cartman Pitt n. Rivington 

Hendrickson Samuel, grocer 43 Ferry 

Hendrickson Stephen, 92 South 

Hendrickson William, cartman Division n. Clinton 

Hendrickson William, carpenter 249 Broome 

Hendrickson William, mason Laurens n. Spring 

Hendrickson widow Ann, 8 Clarke 

Henigan Hugh, butcher 476 Grand 

Henn Frederick, accountant 101 Chrystie 

Hennigar Frederick, cartman rear 152 Crosby 

Hennigar James, sailmaker 554 Pearl 

Hennigar widow Rachel, 554 Pearl 

Hennion David C. carpenter Bleecker c. Wooster 

Hennion Elizabeth widow of Corneliusj rear 235 Spring 

Henockque Amand, tailor 10 Ann 

Henraty Peter, grocer 352 Cherry 

Henrick John, painter 232 Spring 

Henrick widow of Uriah, 168 Spring 

Henrietta James, grocer 13 Rose [see Hanraltr 

Henrietta John, grocer Stanton c. Columbia 

Henrietta John, baker 11 Goerck 

Henriques Philip, 18 Hester 

Henry Alexander, chandler 127 Mott 

Henry Cornelius, oysterman 31 More 

Henry Charles, weaver Greenwich n, Hammond 

Henry James, merchant 80 South 

Henry James, machinist 138 Allen 

Henry John, tailor 52 Anthony 

Henry John, mariner 32 August' i$ 

Henry John, bookbinder 41 Crosb 

Hanry John C. shoemaker 20 North 

Henry John T. carpenter 92 Reed 

Henry Michael, auctioneer 80 Broadway h. 444 Pearl 

Henry Philip, merchant-tailor 12 Wall h. 36 William 

Henry Robert, Charles n. Asylum 

Henry Robert, carpenter Clarkson n. Greenwich 

Henry Robert R. potash-inspector 7 Washington 

Henry Samuel, ship-carpenter Delancey n. Cannon. 

Henry William, oyster-stand 8 W T ater 

Henry Catharine widow of Bernard, 127 Mott 

Henry Elizabeth widow of Charles, 311 Spring 

Henry & Beers, merchants 30 South 

Henshaw William G. 167 Bowery 

Henshaw widow Elizabeth, 27 Beaver 

Hepburn David, shipmaster 34 Orchard 

Hepburn Henry, merchant 138 Pearl h. 9 Broadway 

Hepburn Nathaniel, rope-maker 132 Arundel 

Hepburn Peter, carpenter Stanton c. Suffolk 

Hepburn R. D. merchant 138 Pearl 

Hepburn Mary widow of Stacy, rear 205 Orange 

Hepburn, Prince k Co. merchants 138 PearL 


Hepinstall & Scott, leather-dressers 27 Ferry 
Herbert John S. shoemaker Broome n. Clarke 
Herbert Timothy B. silver-smith 98 Reed h. 21 Rcnwick 
Herbert William C. tailor 576 Pearl 
Herbert Mrs. boarding-house 27 Reed 
^Herbert Samuel, 11 Lombardy 
Herder L. H. carpenter 47 Watts 
Heron & Weeden, ship-carvers 139 Cherry 
Heroy LavinusC. sash-m Broome' c.Woost. h. 26 Anmd. 
Herrick Abraham, grocer 26 Peck-slip h. 38 Hudson 
Herrick Benjamin, com. merchant 10 Fulton h. 4 Oak 
Herrick Elias H. 69 Cedar 
Herrick Jacob B. merchant 23 South 
Herrick John D. grocer 36 Hudson 
Herrick Josiah, grocer 123 Greenwich 
Herrick R. B. inquire at Pearl c. Maiden-lane 
Herrick Stephen H. 23 South 
Herrick & Co. S. H. grocers 23 South 
Herriman John, merchant 118 Pearl h. 57 Stone 
Herriman William S. mei chant 54 Front h. 45 Stone 
Herriman & Davis, merchants 112 Pearl 
Herriman & Nash, 54 Front h. 45 Stone [vide Harrimaii 
Herriman, Olmsted &Co. merchants 118 Pearl 
Herring Abraham, 45 Hudson — ■ 
Herring Abraham, smith Christopher c. Washington 
Herring Cornelius, carpenter 61 Varick 
Herring Edward, stonecutter 24 Anthony 
Herring Elbert, couns.& com. 143 Fulton h. 45 Hudsor. 
Herring Garret, cartman Bloecker n. Wooster 
Heningjun. James, portrait-painter 6 Bowery 
Henjng John, cartman Bleecker n. Wooster 
Herring Joseph, button-maker upper end Mott 
Herring Robert G. merchant 194 Pearl 
Herring Samuel, shoemaker Charles c. Washington 
Herring William, cartman Columbia n. Grand 
Herring, Mitchell & Co. merchants 194 Pearl 
Herringbrook William, boarding-house 302 Water 
Hcrriot George, m.d. 284 Spring 

Hertell William, flour merchant 240 Front h. 110 Greene 
Hertsel Frederick, baker 6 Mulberry 
Herwick Charles, tailor 5 White 
Hesketh William, smith 52 Water 
Hess & Co. J. G. 83 William 
Hetherington Arthur, pedler 266 Grand 
Hetherington James, grocer Broome c. Forsyth 
Hetherington Sampson, 27 Bowery 
Hetherinston widow Ruth, 189 Hester c. Mulberry 
HeustisFlemin, cartman Christopher n. Asylum 
Hewitt Alexander, merchant 190 Pearl 
Hewitt David, shoemaker 74 Mulberry 
Hewitt Gideon P. 289 Broadway 
Hewitt John, baker 5 Laight n. Hudson 
Hewitt Thomas, ch;na-st. 51 Maiden -1. & 226Greenwicl 
Hewitt Mary widow of Thomas, 18 Lispenard 
Hewitt & Son Thomas, china-store 259 Broadway 

-22 long worth's 1825--2C 

Hewlet George, grocer Delancey c. Ridge 
Hewlett Isaac, grocer 73 Market 
Hewlett Isaac D. grocer Delancey n. Bowery 
Hewlett Jaraes, tailor 146 Church 
Hewlett John, carpenter 54 Division 
Hewlett Joseph, 46 Fulton h. Cliff c. Beekman 
Hewlett Oliver T. 46 Fulton h. Cliff c. Beekman 
Hewlett William M- merchant 146 Cherry- 
Hewlett O. T. & J. merchants 46 Fulton 
Heycock Henry, merchant 127 Water h. 1 Bridge 
Heycock Pliny, labourer 549 Giand 
Heycock & Hirsts, merchants 127 Water 
Heyden Patrick, grocer 40 Pike 

Heyer Corn. mer. 97 Maiden-lane h. 29 Beavei[vide Hijc 
Heyer Edward P. hardware. 253 Pearl h. 85 Franklin 
Heyer Isaac, merchant 63 Front h. 24 Beaver 
Heyer Walker, baker 34 White 
Heyer & Black, merchants 63 Front 
Heyer W. H. h E. P. hardware 253 Pearl 
Heyerde Jacob, grocer 346 Water 

Heyl Christian, cab. mak. 229 Washington h. 10 Hubert 
Heyl George cabinet-makei Hubert c. Washington 
Heymer widow Hetty, 81 Orange 
Heyniger Lambert, mariner 39 Cheapside 
Heyward William, 376 Broadway 
Hezelton Edward, grocer 127 Liberty 
Hibbard John, wheelwright Bowery-hill 
Hibbard jun. William, physician 218 Boweiy 
Hickey Thomas, masnn upper end Mott 
Hicko'k William C. M.d. 95 Hudson 
Hicks Adonijah, shoemaker 196 Washington. 
Hicks Benjamin, 39 Market 
Hicks Benjamin, m.d. 130 Forsyth h. Delancey 
Hicks Benjamin, cartman First n. 1st Avenue 
Hicks Charles, sail-maker Chrystie c. Pump 
Hicks Daniel, miller 175 Bowery 
Hicks Elias, notary 18 Cedar h. 435 Greenwich 
Hicks Gilbert, merchant 1h7 South h. 74 Lombardy 
Hicks John, cartman 216 Orange 

Hicks Oliver H. sec. Fulton In. Com. & notary 29 Wall 
Hicks Phinley, grocer Brooklyn 
Hicks Robert, merchant 182 Front h. 46 Market 
Hicks Robert 1YT. merchant 213 Pearl 
Hicits Robert T. merchant 107 South h. Brooklyn 
Hicks Samuel C. pilot 82 Roosevelt 
Hicks Silas, merchant 275 Pearl h. 4G Cliff 
Hicks Smith, shipcarpenter Columbia n. Rivington 
Hicks Stephen, grocer 132 Delancey c. Norfolk 
Hicks Walter, carver 8 Lumber 
Hicks W. J. grocer Jay c. West 
Hicks W. lumber yard 188 Cherry h. 74 Lombardy 
Hicks Whitehead, merchant 5 h. 74 Lombardy 
Hicks Willet, merchant 275 Pearl h. 356 BroadwS'.; 
Hicks William, 343 Grand 
Hicks William, caulker 577 Water 
Hicks William, boardinghouse 101 Broad 


Micks widow Mary, 26 Montgomery 
Hicks Catharine widow of Thomas, 26 Frankfort 
Hicks Phebe widow of William, 5 Vandewater 
Hicks Susannah widow of Oliver, 82 Elizabeth 
J licks G. & R. T. shipchan. Water c. Market 8? 107 South 
Hicks, Lawrence & Co. auctioneers 275 Pearl 
Hicks R. & B. D. shipthandlers K2 Front 
Hicks & Sons Samuel, mer. 154 South h. 245 Broadway 
Hicks & Smith, merchants 89 South 
Hidden Enoch, gunsmith 591 Water [see Hyde 

Hide Benjamin, merchant Canal c. Thompson 
Hifield James, butcher 117 Forsyth 
Higbie Daniel, 361 Broome 
Higbie & Crosbie, jewellers 31 Chatham 
Higgins Abner, merchant 136 Division 
Higgins Amasa, morocco dresser 3 h. 4 Ferry 
Higgins Charles, cartman 12 Essex 
Higgins Charles E. hatter 145 Allen 
Higgins David, shoemaker 64 Nassau 
Higgins Edward, painter 72 Beekman h. 6S Gold 
Higgins Elisha, dry goods 76 Division 
Higgins George, smith 13 Spruce 
Higgins Harvey, cartman Wooster n. Spring 
Higgins James I. dry goods 168 Bowery 
Higgins James, shoemaker 9 Oak 
Higgins James P. hatter 145 Allen 
Higgins James S. mariner 32 Forsyth 
Higgins James W. grocer Cortlandt c. Greenwich 
Higgins John, coachmaker rear 9 Thomas 
Higgins John, mariner 102 Eldridge 
Higgins Michael D. 80 Eldridge 
Higgins Morris, musician 553 Broome 
Higgins Patrick, 109 Anthony 
Higgins Peter, grocer 25£ Augustus 
Higgins Samuel, cartman 335 Grand 
Higgins Thomas, sawyer Rivington n. Goerck 
Higgins William, shoemaker 217 Greenwich 
Higgins William F. painter 79 Beekman 
Higgins widow Rachel, 145 Allen 
Higgs Joseph, tailor 29 John 
Higgs William, star coffeehouse 18 Nassau 
High Solomon, 84 Wall 

Highet John, turner Hammond n. Greenwich 
Hildreth John, attorney 2 Law buildings h. 27 Hanson, 
Hildreth Patrick G. 254 Broadway 
Hileman William, cooper Stanton n. Suffolk 
Hill Adam, sawyer 174Duane 
Hill Alice, 7 Doyer 
Hill Anthony, 337 Bowery 
Hill Anthony, 17J Ann 
Hill Charles, dairyman 3 Hester 
Hill jr. David, carpenter 117 Sullivan n, Prince 
Hill Franci9 F. accountant 95 Anthony 
Hill Grantham, foot Catharine-slip 
Hill Hugh, merchant 77 Harman 
Hill James, cartman 109 Mott 

224 longworth-s 1825—26 

Hill' John, hardware merchant 397 Broadway 

Hill John, painter Hudson c. Charlton 

Hill John, shoemaker 160 William 

Hill Joseph, carpenter 163 Reed c. Greenwich 

Hill Joseph, grocer 20 Bowery 

Hill Joseph, grocer Rivington c. Orchard 

Hill Joseph, oysterman 80£ Bowery h. 70 Pump 

Hill Joseph, butch. 48 Wash, mar, h. First n. 1st Avenue 

Hill Maria, 559 Pearl 

Hill Mary, 91 Hester 

Hill Nicholas, shipcaipenter Goerck n. Grand 

Hill Thomas, mason 195 Mercer 

Hill Ureti C. professor of music 29 Hudson 

Hill Uriah, carpenter Hudson c. Vandam 

Hill William, tavern 8 Roosevelt 

Hill William B. accountant 122 Leonard 

Hill widow Mary, Orchard n. Stanton 

Hill & Co. John, tavern 126 Chrystie 

Hill Hi Co. William, drygoods North Moore c. Hudson 

Hill M. & E. corsetmakers 42 Chapel 

Hill, Fish & Abbe, union transpor. line 152 Washington 

Hilliker Elijah, tobacconist 88 Henry 

Hilliker Harman, cartman Pitt n. Rivington 

Hilliker James, boatman 9 Charlton 

Hilliker widow Mary, Stuyvesant n. 3d Avenue 

Hilliker William, carpenter 74 Sullivan 

Hilliker William W. mason King n. M'Dougal 

Hillman William, snilmaker 42 Front h. 34 Lumber 

Hillman & M'Kinney, sailmakers 42 Front 

Hills Ebenezer, dry goods 138 Division 

Hillsburgh Charles, plumber 342 Water 

Hillyer Benjamin, carpenter 3 Allen 

Hillyer John R. mason 75 Chrystie 

Hillyer Merril, carpenter 3 Allen 

Hillyer Thomas, shipmaster 114 Pump 

Hillyer Philo. merchant 148 Pearl h. 21 North Moore 

Hillyer Wm. carpenter 194 Elizabeth and 104 Eidridge 

Hillyer widow Mary, 11 Frankfort 

Hillyer John & Nathaniel, grocers 4 South 

Hillyer & Robbins, dry goods 148 Pearl 

Hiltman George, dry goods 60£ Bowery 

Hiltman John, dry goods Pump c. Bowery 

Hiltman John L. dry goods 142£ Bowery 

Hilton Benjamin, 40 Roosevelt 

Hilton E. grocer 185 Division h. 68 Hester 

Hilton John, storekeeper 187 Division 

Hilton Samuel, carpenter Eleventh n. 3d Avenue 

Hilton Wm. bookseller Water c. Wall h. 230 Bowery 

Hinchman Guy M. grocer 172 Grand 10 South h. 11 Stone 

Hinchman I. A. grocer 108 Hester 

Hinchman Neheniiah, 17 Jefferson 

Hinchman Wm. H. 10 South h. 33 Stone 

Hinchman G. M. & W. H. grocers 10 South 

Hinchman J. dry goods 146 Canal 

Hincken Cort, basket maker Arundel n. Delancey 

Hind John, weaver Clarkson a. Greenwich 


Hind Richard, weaver Clarkson n. Greenwich 

Hindes Isaac, cartman Vandam n. Hudson 

Hinds Hannah widow of David, 103 Spring 

Hines George, mariner 121 Bancker 

Hines widow of Robert, West n. Chambers 

Hink John & Wm. wire workers 23 Hudson & 48 E]m 

Hinkley Charles A. bookbinder rear 157 Broadway 

Hinman Anson, painter 42 Thomas 

Hinman Harman, carpenter 5 Lombardy 

Hinman H. D. V. law office 158 Harman 

Hinman Samuel, carpenter 124 Greene n. Prince 

Hinman John, grocer 383 Grand 

Hinsdale Henry, flour st. 73 Vesey h. 15 Frankfort 

Hinsdale Horace, jeweller 172 Broadway h. 32 Chape" 

Hinton John, shoestore 457 Greenwich 

Hinton John W. sailm. Goaverneur-lane h. 41 Dey 

Hinton N. B. hatter 333 Broadway h. 40 Lispenard 

Hinton Wm. saddler 154 Fulton h- 71 Murray 

Hinton & Moore, sail duck st. & ship chand. 95 Front 

Hipper John, sausagemaker Wash. mar. h. 100 Crosby 

Hipwell widov\- of Abraham, 7 Ann 

Hipwell widow of Abm. Ludlow n. Rivington 

Hirst Arthur, merchant 53 Fulton h. Brooklyn 

Hirst John, tailor 256 Broome 

Hisburn widow of Francis, Delancey n. Ridge 

Hiscox John, grocer 215 Fulton 

Hitchcock Cdrtis, plough manuf. 68 Eldridge 

Hitchcock Cyrus, grocer 85 Roosevelt 

Hitchcock Daniel M. physician 47 Cherry h. 310 Greenw 

Hitchcock David, plough manuf. 73 Bowery h. 127 Hester 

Hitchcock Edward, 16 Fulton h. 15 Arundel 

Hitchcock Elijah, saddletree maker Downing n. Herring 

Hitchcook Horace, confectioner 61 Cherry 

Hitchcock John, 136 Front h. 40 Rose 

Hitchcock Miles, merchant 28 Maiden-lane c. Nassau 

Hitchcock Win. R. grocer 22 Peck-slip 

Hitchcock Stephen, 92 James 

Hitchcock Wm. M. 22 Mulberry 

Hitchcock & Co. Wm. R. grocers 44 Peck-slip a. 41 Oliver . 

Hoag Mark, 77 Wall h. 426 Greenwich 

Hoagland Henry, carpenter 265 Hudson 

Hobart Henry, merchant 213 Water 

Hobart right rev John Henry, D. ». Varick n- Laight 

Hobart John, 106 Elizabeth 

Hobbs John W. victualler Wash. Market 

Hobbs Richard, stereotyper 169J Orange 

Hobbs Sarah, grocer 10 Oak 

Hobby John S. shoemaker 116 Elizabeth 

Hobby Joseph, cartman 471 Grand 

Hobron Samuel, fisherman 96 Oliver 

Hobson Moses, hatter 154 Broadway 

HockmanWm. dockbnilder Columbia n. Stanton 

Hodge Nathaniel, carpenter 43 Oliver 

Hodge widow Sarah, 106 Fulton 

Hodges Tyzack, accountant 43 Thomas 

Hodges Henry, smith 19 Bancker h. 46 Mulberry 

J2G longworth's 1825 — 26 

Hodgkins Joseph S. cartman 172 Bancker 

Hodgson George, grocer West n. Barclay h> 26 HudSor. 

Hodgson George, cartman 235 Broome 

Hodson James, shoemaker 25 Bsfhcker 

Hoe Richard, mason 64 Pine h. 11 Eldridge rear 

Hoe Robert, print, press mak. 64 Pine h. rear 90 William 

Hoe William, carpenter 10 Green n. Maiden-lane 

Hoes John, boardinghouse 34 Nassau 

Hoey widow, 83 Harman 

Hoff John, merchant 112 Water h. 53 White 

Hoffman A.N. merchant 71 Dey 

Hoffman Elizabeth, 133 Hester 

Hoffman Frederick, cartnaan Ludlow n. Rivingtoti 

Hoffman Henry C. victualler Catharine c. Wate: 

Hoffman Henry, grocer Canal c. Thompson 

Hoffman Henry, stonecutter King n. McDougal 

Hoffman John C. sexton 205 Division 

Hoffman J. H. musician 50 Anthony 

Hoffman J. O. couns. 4 Wall h. 13 Beach 

Hoffman Jacob, shoemaker 189 Eldridge 

Hoffman John C. tailor 519 Broome 

Hoffman Leonard, carver 191 Spring 

Hoffman Leonard, grocer 141 Reed 

Hoffman Leonard G. grocer Pump c. Chrystie 

Hoffman L. M. 113 Grand 

Hoffman Martin, merchant 65 Wall h. 691 Broadway. 

Hoffman jr. Martin auctioneer Wall c. Pearl 

Hoffman Murray, attorney 25 Pine h. 175 Canal 

Hoffman R. K. m. d. 80 Warren 

Hoffman Simeon, cartman Stanton c. Essex 

Hoffman Thomas, coachman 61 Mercer 

Hoffman Abigail widow of Elias, 159 Chatham 

Hoffman Margaret widow of Tobias, rear 476 Pearl. 

Hoffman widovv Martha, Carmine n. Herring 

Hoffman, Son & Pell, auctioneers 65 Wall 

Hoffmire William, grocer 181 Duane 

Hogan J. tavern Washington n. Canal 

Hogan John, grocer 118 Anthony 

Hogarth Janet widow of Wm. mantua-m. 36 Rhynder 

Hogencamp John, cartman Washington n. Spring 

Hogencamp William, cartman Washington n. Spring 

Hogins Amos, victualler 16 Fulton-market 

Hogrove Daniel, mason 532 Broome 

Hogg widow Ann, 41 Chambers 

Hoit Ichabod, 6 Jacob h. 12 Elm 

Hoke Thomas, rigger 39 Bancker 

Holbrook Ephraim, merchant 162 Pearl h. 60 Frankiir. 

Holbrook J. D. seminary 127 Broadway c. Cedar 

Holbrook John M. merchant 71 Pine 

Holbrook Walter, mer. tailor 190 Fulton 

Holbrook & Co. Lowell, mer. 145 Water h. 45 Provost 

Holden Asa, fancy chair-maker 52 Watts 

Holdenjun. Asa, tailor 161 Spring 

Holden E. H. S. druggist 492 Grand 

Boldeli Horace, attorney 34 Beekman 


ilolden Joel, gardenei Thompson n. Broome 

Holden jr. Oliver, dye and paiut store 66 Water 

Holden Thomas, 1594 F ' ont 

Holden Thomas, inercbant,-tailor 5 William 

Holder Daniel, shoe-dealer 205 Pearl h. 16 Vandewatei 

Holder Robert, tin-smith fear 109 Reed 

Holdgate James, pewter-toys 56 James 

Holding John, labourer 78 Gold 

Holdridge Charles, shipmaster 9a Eldiidge 

Holdridge widow Experience, 31 Orchard 

Hollingsworth George, pattern-maker 133 Rivington 

Hollis Daniel, (black) 58 Cedar 

Holloway Henry, cartman Willet n. Rivington 

Holloway I. painter 18 Grand 

Holloway Lydia, bookstoie 353 Greenwich 

Holly John, shoemaker 45 Essex 

Holly John Albert, 153 Pearl h. 57 Franklin 

Holly John F. upholsterer 102 Reed 

Holly William W. merchant 233 Pearl 

Holly & Co. Wm. auctioneer 153 Pearl h. 48 Greenwich 

Hoi man Sc Wood, grocers 132 Chatham 

Holmes Alanson, shoemaker 31 Eldiidge 

Holmes Benjamin S. 11 Roosevelt 

Holmes Bishop, Rivington c. Orchard 

Holmes Charles, rigger rear 79 Lombardy 

Holmes Curtis, inspect. Union Ins. Co. 456 Broome 

Holmes Edward, cabinet-maker 48 Broad and 20 Beaver 

Holmes Eldad, merchant 11 James-slip h. 65 James 

Holmes Epaphias, merchant-tailor 22 Wall 

Holmes Hugh, dry-goods 32 Water 

Holmes Israel C. merchant 7 Coenties-slip 

Holmes John, cooper Essex n. Rivington 

Holmes John D. shoemaker 14 Pump 

Holmes Levi, cooper 335 Front 

Holmes Nehemiah, dry -goods 170 Bowery 

Holmes JV. B. bookbinder and seller 262 Greenwich 

Holmes Oliadiah, merchant 56 Front h.84 Broad 

Holmes Samuel, carpenter 54 Norfolk 

Holmes Samuel, shipmaster 131 Allen 

Holmes Silas, com. mer.60 South h. 34 Vesey 

Holmes Thomas, ship-carpenter 42 Forsyth 

Holmes William, white-smith 103 Elizabeth 

Holmes widow Catharine, grorer 104 Harman 

Holmes widow Jane, Essex n. Grand 

Holmes Phebe widow of Benj. boarding-h. 334 Greenwich* 

Holmes Susannah widow of William, 141 Spring 

Holmes & Brewster, merchants 147 Front 

Holmes & Haines, cabinet-makers 20 Beaver 

Holmes & Hawley E. merchants 11 Jartnes-slip 

Holmes, Henry & Rudolph, drapers and tailors 22 Wall 

Holmes S. & L. merchants 54 Maiden-laue k 

Holmes & Co. Wheeler, grocers 12 Oliver 

llolstein gen. Decoudray. 172 Chambers 

Holt Charles, Allen c. Broome 

Holt Henry, flour and com. mer. 229 Front b.91 Chrystie 

228 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Holt Isabella, 578 Broadway 
Holt Stephen, victualler Fulton c. Water 
Holt jr. Stephen, flour mer. 224 Front h. 3 Beaver 
Holt Mary widow of Giles, boarding-house 102 Oliver 
Holton widow Ann, teacher 9 Fletcher 
Homan Paul, ship-carpenter 362 Cherry 
Homan jr. Z. police-officer 204 Hester c. Orange 
Homer Michael, mariner 60 James 

Honay William, carpentsr West c. Warren h. 16 Grand 
Hone Henry, 57 White 

Hone Isaac S. merchant 61 Wall h. 68 Chambers 
Hone John, merchant 61 Wall h. 1 Bowling-green 
Hone jr. John, merchant 61 Wall h. 40 Warren 
Hone Philip, merchant 235 Broadway 
Hone &Co. J. & P. auctioneers 61 Wall 
Honeywell Elijah, shoemaker Stanton c. Norfolk 
Honeywell James, shoemaker 29 Bayard 
Hood William, Lafayette furnace 90 Division 
Hooghkirk Isaac, tailor 9 Oak 
Hooghkirk John, carpenter 19 h. 70 Front 
Hooghland Mary widow of William, 94 Greene 
Hoogland John, cabinet-maker 2 Lumber- 
Hooker William, chart and quadrant store 202 Watei' 
Hooks James, oyster-house 209 Division 
Hooks John, baker 276 Grand 
Hooks widow of James, 325 Grand 
Hoole Samuel, button and shovel-m. Grand n. Attorney 
Hooper Henry, carpenter 108 Chapel 
Hooper & Keeler, hat manufacturers 116 Beekman 
Hope A. merchant 62 Pine 
Hope Matthew, Chapel c. Robinson 
Hope Reuben, pilot 10 Vandewater 
Hope Robert, weaver 8 Vestry 
Hope Thomas, pilot 26 Oak 
Hopkins Alfred, dry-goods 164 Chatham 
Hopkins Caleb, merchant 23 Front h. 11 Whitehall 
Hopkins Coles, grocer 118 Fulton 
Hopkins Daniel, cartman 45 Suffolk 
Hopkins George F. printer 9 Nassau 
Hopkins Gilbert, 233 Front h. 53|Chrystie 
Hopkins Job, cartman M'Dougal c. Amity 
Hopkins Job, wheelwright Sheriff n. Rivington 
Hopkins John, marble-polisher 110 Reed 
Hopkins John, mariner 35 Oak 

Sopkins John T. 162 Chatham 
opkins Joseph, 6 Feck-slip 
Hopkins Mary, 65 Essex 
Hopkins P. carpenter 41 Eldridge 

Hopkins William, butcher 45 Wash. m. h. 121 Elizabeth 
Hopkins William, engineer 88 Henry 
Hopkins Wilfiam Joseph, Cornelia n. Herring 
Hopkins widow Charlotte, Pitt n. Stanton 
Hopkins & Hawley, grorers 233 Front 
Hopkins & Morris, printers and booksellers 9 Nassau 
Hopper Andrew, mason 38 Anthony 
Hopper Charles, butcher 118 Broad b. Mott n. Prince 



Hopper Cornelius H. carcman 546 Broome 

Hopper Edward, cartman 9 Dominick 

Hopper Garritl. teacher 50 Spring h. Vandam n. Vavic'K 

Hopper Henry, cartman 46 Thompson 

Hopper Jacob, cartman 549 Broome 

Hopper Jacob, cartman Houston o. M'Dougal 

Hopper James, painter 138 Cherry 

Hopper John, baker 26 John 

Hopper John G. cartman Vandam n. Varick 

Hopper Peter, mason Cornelia n. Herring 

Hopper Thomas, cooper 89 Pine h. 30 Lumber 

Hopping & Murphy, joiners 143 h. 142 Pump 

Hoppwell Andrew, mason 3P> Anthony 

Hqpson James, special justice 24 Vandewater 

Hore Andrew, brewer Lombardy n. Scammel 

Horn James, grocer 9 and 11 Chrystio 

Horn John, carpenter 54 Beaver 

Horn Joseph, 62 Varick 

Horn jun. Joseph, carpenter 86 Thompson 

Horn Matthew, marshal 34 Bhynder 

Home G. T. physician, 21 Nassau 

Hornor John, mason 154 Church 

Homung John, musician Canal n. Greenwich 

Horsefield Israel, merchant 230 Water h. 450 Brooinc 
Horseford Reuben, grocer 539 Water „ • 

Horseley William, shoemaker Ayomey n. North 

Horsepool John, cabinet-maker 160 h. 165 Chapel 

Horton Benjamin, carpenter Fourth c. Mercer 

Horton Berry, carpenter Vandam n. M'Dougal 

Horton Caleb, grocer 208 Front h. 23 Cliff * 

Horton David, cartman 218 Laurens 

Horton David, trunk-maker 78 Fulton 

Horton Frederick, grocer 322 Bowery 

Horton Frederick, cartmen rear 193 Mulberry 

Horton Gilbert, carpenter 93 Elm 

Horton Jeremiah, ship-carpenter 392 Cherry 

Horton J. G. merchant 141 Chatham 

Horton Joseph H. dry-goods 231 Greenwich 

Horton Silvanus, chocolate manuf. 47 Gold 

Horton William, mason 26 Spruce 

Horton widow Ann, 98 Lombardy 

Horton Clarissa widow of John, 3 Thompson 

Horton & Harriet, grocers Reed n. Chapel 

Hortons Martha, 192 Church 

Hosack David, m.d. 14 Vesey h. 85 Chambers 

Hosack W. E. boarding-house 170 Greenwich 

Hosking Thomas, shipwright 115 Lombardy 

Hosmer Erastus, carpenter 120 Harman 

Hosmer John, carpenter Perry n. Herring 

Hostio James, wine-cooper B.way c Cedar h.709 Broadw, 

Hotblack John, hairdresser 297£Broadway h. 79 Murray 

Hotchkiss Eliphalet, smith Commerce n. Bedford 

Hotto John C. cabinet-maker Columbia u. Rivington 

Hough Richard H. merchant 103 Front h. 53 Pro'.ost 

Hough Wade, book-keeper 14 James 

230' longworth's 1825 — 2C 

Hough William, grocer Christopher n. Greenwich 
Houghton Elijah, cabinet-m. 130 Chatham h. 5 Orange 
Houghton J. C. grocer 120 Washington c. Carlisle 
Houghton J. & Geo. W. bakers 1 1 Mott 
Houseman Abraham, carpenter Laurens n. Canal 
Houseman Jacob, merchant 92 Front h. 48 Whitehall 
Houseworth Michael, baker 224 Spring- 
Houston George, 3 Mercer 

Houston Margaret widow of Hugh, porter-house 6 John 
Hovey Aaron, mason £0 Beach 

How Fisher, merchant 131 Maiden-lane h. 83 White 
How John, wheelwright Crosby n. Prince [vide Halve 
How Joseph, wheelwright Christopher n. Asylum 
How & Co. Calvin W. merchants 131 Maiden-lane 
Howard Bethuel, butcher 316 Broome 
Howard Edward, carpenter 43 Collect 
Howard Elias, grocer Rivington c. Essex 
Howard Henry, draper & tailor 88 B.way h. 94 Greer, \v 
Howard Henry, inspec. beef and pork Wash. n. Spring 
Howard Henry, grocer Chatham c. Pearl 
Howard Hiram E. merchant 77 Washington 
Howard James G. mariner rear 21 Elm d 

Howard Jesse, hotel Church c. Leonard 
Howard John, grocer Hammond c. Washington 
Howard Joseph W. shoe-store 149 Fulton & 2 Fulton .m 
Howard jr. Richard, yijcet Washington c. Canal 
Howard Uriel, 72 Water and 13 Old -slip 
Howard V. R. m.d. 112 Chapel 
Howard Ward B. broker Wall h. 6 Harison 
Howard William, merchant 148 Water h. 18 Dey 
Howard William, mariner 33 Essex 
Howard William, tobacconist 43 Collect 
Howard William M. lamp-lighter Christopher n. Asylum 
Howard William, 150 Anthony 
Howard W. & J. H. grocers 200 Fnlton 
Howard & White, fur merchants 148 Water 
Howd Eliphalet, type-fouvider 50 Beach 
Howe Andrew, grocer Grand c. Rhynder 
Howe Bazeleel, insp. of customs 106 Mott 
Howe Brigham, grocer 74 Fulton c. Gold 
Howe Ezra S. 241 Orange [vide How 

Howe James, Stuyvesant n. 2 Avenue 
Howe John J. physician of city prison 16 Mott 
Howe John J. physician 45 James 
Howe Sarah, 262 Bowery 
Howe Thomas D. grocer Eldridge c. Hester 
Howe widow Abigail, 46 Elizabeth 
Howe Elizabeth widow of Lott, 239 Division 
Howe & Bainbridge, merchants 56J Maiden-lane 
Howel Harriet widow of William, 365 Broadway 
Howell Aaron, grain measurer 96 Church 
Howell jr. Benjamin, grocer 140 Grand c. Elm 
Howell Charles, military store 202 Front 
Howell James R. gold beater 74 Crosby 
Howell Matthew, carpenter 215 Alien 
Howell Oliver, grocer 1 .New 


Howe 1 ! Samuel, insp. of lumber 21 Norfolk 
Howell Thomas, mister Barrow c. Washington 
Howell Walter, carpenter 27 Hester 
Howes Mulford, shipmaster 215 Maiketfield , 
Howit John, smith 277 Grand 
Howland Allen, shipmaster 3 Bancker 
Howland Grdeon, merchant 172 Front 
Howland James H. merchant 105 South h. 249 Grand 
Howland Samuel S. 37 South h. 18 Greenwich 
Howland W. W. 106 South 

Howland widow Ellen, boarding h. 139 Broadway 
Howland & Lawrence, merchants 106 South 
Howland & Co. John H. mer. 158 South h. 347 Broad way 
Howland G. G. 49 and 50 South h. 66 Greenwich 
Howland G. G. & S. S. 49 and 50 South 
Howscr Andrew, shoemaker 14 Leonard 
Howser Matthias, shoemaker 78 Reed 
Hoxie Joseph, 114 Cherry h. 112 Pump 
Hoy Catharine widow of Peter, 250 William 
Hoyland James, laborer 8 Essex 
Hoyland William, 4 Pelham 
Hoyt Alfied, 150 Orange 
Hoyt Anthony C. shoemaker 29 Goerck 
Hoyt Clarke, distiller 232 Elizabeth 
Hoyt Cornelius, boarding h. 25 Old-slip 
Hoyt Enos, grower 579 Water [vide Hayt, Hoi' 

Hoyt Ezra, stove factory 266 Water 

Hoyt George A. shoemaker Columbia n. Broome . * 

Hoyt Goold, merchant 45 South h. 27 Park-place 
Hoyt Goold, ship-chandler 169 Washington 
Hoyt Gould, broker 33 Wall 
Hoyt G. P. B. 29 Goerck 
Hoyt Henry, ship-carpenter Pitt n. Rivington 
Hoyt Henry E. watch-maker 108 Cherry 
Hoyt James, merchant 45 South h. 136 Duane 
Hoyt James M. merchant 17 Beekman 
Hoyt Jesse, attorney & counsellor 24 Wall (up slain" 
Hoyt John, laborer Raisin n. Herring 
Hoyt Jonas, laborer Rivington c. Willet 
Hoyt Joseph, grocer 399 Cherry 
Hoyt Morris, teacher Oliver c. Henry 
Hoyt Moses, marshal 245 Broome 
Hoyt Philo, merchant tailor 73 Barclay 
Hoyt Ralph, sawyer 53 Suffolk n. Delancey 
Hoyt Sarah, 31 Bayard 

Hoyt Stephen, merchant 169 Washington h. 29 Harison 
Hoyt Seymour, watchmaker 31 Bayard fl 

Hoyt Thomas W. 169 Washington h. 71 Provost 
Hoyt widow of S.26 Hester 
Hoyt & Tom, 45 South 
Hubbard D. G. merchant 34 Wall h. 35 Dey 
Hubbard Daniel, street inspector 478 Grand 
Hubbard John, dry goods Broome c. Ludlow 
Hubbard Nat. T. pro. bro. 19 Coenties-slip h. 74 Frank- 
Hubbard Richard, shipmaster 121 Lombardy (fort 

Hubbs Christopher, 11 Oak 

232 longworth's 1825— -2 G 

Hubbs David J. 174 Water 

Hubbs John, smith 290 Broome c. Eldridge 

Hubie John, organ builder 200 Hester 

Huddlestone Francis, weaver 52 Wooster 

Hudnut John A. painter, &c. 245 Spring 

Hudson George, ship-carpenter Lombardy n. Walnut 

Hudson Giles, cartman Willet li. Delancey [vide Hutson 

Hudson Thomas, tavern 6 Catharine-slip 

Hudson John & Jos. merchants 14 Bvoad h. 19 Bridge 

Huestis Joshua, ropemaker Orchard n. Rivington 

Huff Alexander, cartman Bedford n. Burrows 

Huff G. Cornelian. Herring 

Huff widow Laura, 174 Chapel 

Huggett Jesse, smith Eldridge c. Rivington 

Huggins Edward, baker Gold n. John 

Huggins Peter, whitewasher 18 Anthony 

Hughan William, grocer 370 Broome 

Hughes David, dyer 55 Willet 

Hughes Herman, com. mer. 61 WiHiam h. 36 Nass?t 

Hughes Hugh, harness maker 78 Fulton 

Hughes James, 118 Leonard 

Hughes J. G. livery stables 106 Cedar 

Hughes John, carpenter 54 Willet 

Hughes John, grocer Desbrosses c. Washington 

Hughes John, cooper 7 Birmingham 

Hughes Michael, grocer 36 Mulberry 

Hughes Michael, shoemaker 65 Pump 

Hughes Miles H. 135 Chambers 

Hughes Robert, caulker 127 Lombardy 

Hughes Robert, merchant 89 Wall 

Hughes Samuel, shoemaker 8 Mulberry 

Hughes Thomas, sawyer 29 Norfolk 

Hughes William, gardener 222 Grand 

Hughes William, stonecutter 22 Clark 

Hughes William, grocer Attorney n. Delaucey 

Hughes William D. marshal 127 Elm 

Hughes widow of Arthur, 169 Washington 

Hughs & Stoutenhurgh, grocers 80 Dey 

Hugue Augustus, dyer 292 Greenwich 

Huguet John, shipcarpenter 55 Division 

Hulett David, 57 Forsyth 

Hull Abraham, saw setter 76 and 82 Barclay 

Hull A. G. physician 109 Fulton 

Hull Charles, 139 Front c. Depeyster h. 51 Maiden-lane 

Hull David, printer 28 Hester 

Hull George, shipmaster Rivington n. Sheriff 

Hull Isaac P. 57 Bayard 

Hull James S. chairmaker 131 Division 

Hull jun. John, tallowchandler 206 Grand c. Elizabeth 

Hull Joseph, tallowchandler 86 Elizabeth 

Hull Mark, shipjoiner Rivington n. Willet 

Hull Oliver, druggist 146 Pearl 

Hull Peter, carpenter 135 Chapel 

Hull Samuel, carpenter Rivington n. Sheriff [waiter 

Hull & Son Wager, tallowchaud. 189 Front h. 32 Vande- 


Huil & Bowne, druggists 146 P«arl 
Hulley William, Boweryhill 
Hullin Elizabeth widow of Henry, 129 Harman 
Hnlse Amos, clothier 62 Chatham • 

Hulse Benjamin, carpenter 138 Hester 
Hulse & Green, clothing store 62 Chatham 
Hulse Jacob, laborer 248 Stanton 
llulsenbeck and Co. merchants Garden n. William 
Humbert Abraham, baker 105 Mott 
Humbert Andrew M. hatter 58 Chapel 
Humbert Charles, watchmaker 52 Nassau 
Humbert sen. Jonas, 5 James 

Humbert jr. Jonas, baker and electrician 49 Beekman 
Humbert Augustine widow of Augustus, 10 Spruce 
Hume Martha, boardinghouse 26""Nassau • 
Hume Mary, corset storo 112 William 
Hume Sarah, 105 Chambers 
Huinma Christopher, 124 Forsyth 
Humphries John, dry goods 392 Broadway ' 
Humphreys Elijah, mer. 171 Front h. 425 Broadway 
Humphreys John, fancy st. 226 Greenwich & 144 Divisicm 
Humphreys Joshua, boardinghouse 148 Fulton 
Humphreys Moses C. morocco dresser 250 William 
Humphreys William, smith 36 Norfolk 
Humphry Robert, mason Elm c. Orange 
Hunn John, morocco dresser 8 h. 1 Jacob 
Hunniford widow of Alexander, 16 Essex 
Hunse Amos, tailor 16 Arundel 
Hunt Andrew, M. D. Hudson n. Christopher 
Hunt David, boatman Rivington n. Sheriff 
Hunt David, shipwright Columbia n. Delancey 
Hunt Davis, inspector of lumber 53 Barclay- 
Hunt E. C. hairdresser 53 Bowery and 70 Allen 
Hunt E. L.dry goods 42 Division 
Hunt Gideon, mason 29 Orchard 
Hunt Israel, flour merchant 309 Front 
Hunt Jacob, carpenter 137 Mott 
Hunt James, cartman Pitt n. Broome 
Hunt James, blacking manuf. and tinman 325 Wate. 
Hunt James, inspector r>( wood 226 Fulton 
Hunt Jeremiah, grocer William c. Frankfort 
Hunt John, grocer Grand c. Sullivan 
Hunt John, inspector general of staves 70 Market 
Hunt John, cartman 131 Elizabeth 
Hunt John, smith 10 Grand 
Hunt John, smith Vandam n. Hudson 
Hunt Joseph, carpenter 36 Hester 
Hunt Lawrence, painter 102 Eldridge 
Hunt Mansfield, Delancey a. Goerck 
Hunt Matthew, 18 White 
Hunt Michael, 32 Rhynder 

Hunt Mcses W. carpenter 26 Fletcher h. Norfolk 
Hunt Nathaniel, custom-house officer 39 Forsyth 
Hunt Reuben, chairmnker Elizabeth u. Spring 
Hunt Richard, baker 31 Norfolk 

234 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Hunt Richard, painter Washington c. Duane 

Hunt Samuel, carpenter rear 35 Essex 

Hunt Samuel J. hardware 201 Greenwich h. 31 Essex 

Hunt Stephen, cartman 87 Sullivan 

Hunt Stephen, tailor Amos n. Hudson 

Hunt T. grocer Anthony c. Chapel 

Hunt Theodosius, grocer 84 Barclay 

Hunt Thomas, grocer 47 Essex 

Hunt Thomas, carpenter upper end of Mott 

Hunt Thomas S. cedar cooper 286 Greenwich 

Hunt Thomas vV. carpenter 39 Delancey 

Hunt William D. grocer 32 Rivington 

Hunt W. J. West c. Fulton 

Hunt William mechanist 143 Spring 

Hunt William, cartman Broome c. Arundel 

Hunt widow Ann, nurse 7 Elizabeth 

Hunt Nancy widow of Jesse, 69 Henry 

Hunt Rhoda widow of Thomas, Fourth u. Thompson 

Hunt & Mouijt, merchants 464 Pearl 

Hunt & Tripp, painters Duane c. Washington 

Hunt & Son Israel, flour merchants 309 Front 

Hunter Abraham, smith Mangin n. Grand 

Hunter Abraham T. physician and surgeon 17 Hudson 

Hunter widow of David, 12 Rector 

Hunter Elias D. 481 Broadway 

Hunter jun. George, 31 Gold 

Hunter Jacob, grocer 390 Water 

Hunter James H. carpenter 525 Broome 

Hunter John, brewer 177 Orange 

Hunter John, ass. superih. Alms h. N. Y. Ins. Chambers 

Hunter John, teacher 219 Broome n. Norfolk 

Hunter John B. grocer 166 Maiden-lane 

Hunter Richard, 15 Leonard 

Hunter Robert, inspector of customs 289 Broadway 

Hunter Robert, tailor Herring;n. Burrows 

Hunter Thomas, sailor 17 Thames 

Hunter Thomas W. M. v. 27 Chatham 

Hunter William, Rhynder n. Houston 

Hunter sen. William, Sheriff c. Grand 

Hunter William A. physician & surgeon 17 Hudson 

Hunter William, T. patent bakery 98 Pine h. 129 Fror. : 

Hunter jr. William, hardware store 534 Grand n. Mangir, 

Hunter Martha widow of James, 412 Bowery 

Hunter Sarah widow of Henry, 187 Spring 

Huntington Benjamin, broker 13 Wall h. 16 Jay 

Huntington Charles, merchant 100 Maiden-lane 

Huntington Chester, skinner 82 Gold 

Huntington Eleanor, tailoress rear 54 Crosby 

Huntington E. W. merchant 89 Maiden-lane 

Huntington Thomas M. 68 South h. 475 Broadway 

Huntington widow Sarah, grocer 3 Burling-slip 

Huntington & Rhodes, fancy goods 10,0 Maiden-lane. 

Huntley George B. printer 180 Bancker 

Huntress Robert, rigger Stanton n. Lewis 

Hupeden A. W. 75 Maiden-lane 

Hurd Alanson, shoemaker 589 Water 


(lurd John C. grocer 4 Coeutif s-slip 
Htird John It. merchant 44 Wall 
Hurlbut E. D. merchant 87 South c. Burling-slip 
Tfurlbut Henry, shipjoiner 83 Harman 
Hurlbut Lyman, merchant 235 Pearl h. 20 Dey 
Hurlbutt Aaron, fur ciftter Lewis n. Broome 
Hurlbutt Lyman, hardware 232 Pearl 
Hurlbutt John, shoemaker Ridge n. Stanton 
Hurlbutt William, millinery store 139 William 
Hurley James, printer 61 Provost 
Hurley John, hatter 7 Chatham 
Hurley John, cartman 90 Hester 
Hurley John, shipcarpenter Goerck n. Grand 
Hurley Rebecca widow of Wm. leather-st. 81 Division 
Hurst George, porter 81 Beekman 
Hurst William, cartman Ridge n. Rivington 
Hurtin John H. accountant Forsyth n. Delancey 
Hurtin Mary Ann widow of William, 392 Cherry 
Hurtus Henry S. 75 Warren 
Husband Alfred, boot black 21 Broad 
Husband Charles, cartman 50 Elizabeth 
Hussay Ennion, carpenter 75 Eldridge 
Hussey George, 83 South h. 37 Market 
Husssy & Mackay, merchants 83 South 
Husson Joseph, grocer 104 Bowery 
Hust William, cartman 20 Pitt n. Broome 
Hustace Benjamin, merchant 176 Front h. 30 Dey 
Hustace David, grocer 204 Fulton 
Hustace Elijah, grocer 310 Front 
Hunted Alfred, grocer 261 Church c. Leonard 
Uusted Englehardt, 124 Mott 
Husted Lewis, grocer 74 Rivington c. Orchard 
Husted Morns, 261 Church c. Leonard 
Husted Peter, 33 Bowery 
Husted Piatt, fur cutter Grand c. Eldridge 
Husted Samuel, cartman North n. 1st Avenue 
Husted William L. grocer Lewis c. North 
Husted wido%v Margaret, 78 Ludlow 
Hustler Jackson, tavern 19 Old-slip 
Huston David, weaver Greenwich n. Hammond 
Huston Matthew, cordwainer rear 128 Chrystie 
Hustus Samuel, clerk 87 Hester 
Hutchings Charles C. 565 Cherry 
Hutchings David, tailor 23 Orange 
Hutchings Richard D. chair-maker Burrows n. Herring: 
Hutchings Samuel, street inspector 223 Hudson 
Hutchings Stephen B. portrait painter 6 Varick 
Hutchings William, carpenter 41 Suffolk 
Hutchings widow Sarah, nurse 41 Suffolk 
Hutchins Gilbert B. grocer Broadway c. Bleecker 
Hutchins Henry, smith Stanton n. Pitt 
Hutchinson Amos, morocco dresser Brooklyn 
Hutchinson Hannah, 52 Roosevelt 
Hutchinson John, watchmaker 35 Division 
Hutchinson Richard J. Pearl c. Maiden-lane h. 30 GcJuj 
Hutchinson Robert, 132 Bowery 

236 longworth's 1825— 2v 

Hutchinson widow Margaret, Lombardy n. Scamme! 

Hutchinson & Chapman, riggers 41 West 

Hutchison David, hatter 268 Broome 

Hutchison Henry, grocer Washington c. Charles 

Hutchison Stephen, cabinet-maker 98 Canal 

Hutchison Thomas, merchant 96 Pearl 

Hutchison Thomas, cabinet-maker 91 Murray 

Hutchison William, merchant 123 Maiden-lane 

Hutchison William, rigger 41 West 

Hutchison Ann widow of Uriah, 366 Broome 

Hutchison & Carrick, 86 Pearl 

Hute widow Catharine, Broome c. Bowery 

Huther S. & C. bakers 57 Lombardy 

Huthwait John, brush maker 35 Bose 

Huthwait widow Elizabeth, seminary rear 41 Ferry 

Hutson George, cooper Chapel c. Thomas [vide Hudsor, 

Hutson William, intel. office 59 Chambers h. 24 Collect 

Hutton Andrew, 199 Mott 

Hutton Francis, confectioner 124 Chatham 

Hutton George, butcher 40 Wash. mar. h. 199 Mott 

Hutton George, mason 171 Orange 

Hutton John, butcher 31 Wash. mar. h. 123 Forsyth 

Hutton Timothy, merchant 9 Cedar 

Hutton widow Eliza, boardinghouse 9 Broadway 

Huyler G. watchmaker 183 Greenwich h. Hudson n.King 

Huyler John W. mason 557 Broome 

Huyler Huldah widow of John, 293 Spring 

Huxley James, sawyer 131 Greene 

Hyanes widow Elizabeth, 261 Bowery 

Hyatt Abraham, shoemaker Walnut 

Hyatt Asa, merchant 19 Lumber ft 

Hyatt C. mason Cannon n. Delancey 

Hyatt Catharine, 38 Division 

Hyatt Edward, rigger 427 Cherry 

Hyatt Jacob, Eldridge n. Rivington 

Hyatt John, shoemaker 593 Water 

Hyatt John, cartman rear 122 Grand 

Hyatt John W. jeweller 31 Ann h. 5 Spruce 

Hyatt Joseph, cartman 80 Essex 

Hyatt Launcelot, carpenter 26 Fletcher h. 31 Aller* 

Hyatt Lawrence C. cartman Houston c. Woor-tei 

Hyatt Piatt, cartman 69 Ludlow 

Hyatt Samuel, shipmaster 81 Water 

Hyatt Sarah, boardinghouse 85 Canal 

Hyatt Thomas, cabinetmaker 189 Hester 

Hyatt Thomas, 52 Division and 13 James slip 

Hyatt Thomas, shoemaker Hester c. 

Hyatt Thomas, milkman Fourth c. Wooster 

Hyatt jr. William, mason Cannon n. Delancey 

Hyatt widow Susannah, Bowery n. N. William 

Hyatt & Co. Joshua, 460 Pearl 

Hyde Abner, grocer 161 Maiden-lane 

Hyde Artemas, 21 Dey 

Hyde Asa, merchant 19 Lumber 

Hyde Daniel S. butcher 2 Greenwich mar. h, a. Charles. 

Hyde Dyer, distiller 55 Collect 


Hyde Ebenezer mer. 95 Maiden-lane h.29 Liberty 

Hyde Erastus, boardinghouse 221 Pearl 

Hyde Elizabeth, 2 Charlton [see Hide, 

Hyde Henry, butcher 2 Gouverneur m. h. 10 Rivington 

Hyde James, merchant 80 Spring 

Hyde James, cartman Jones n. Bowery 

Hyde James E. mason 66 Crosby 

Hyde John, cartman Essex n. Stanton 

Hyde John E. stock and ex. broker 58 Wall h. 17 John 

Hyde Michael, laborer 24 Collect 

Hyde Simeon, mer. 95 Maiden-lane h. 18 Jay 

Hyde Stephen, shoemaker 271 Pearl h. 69 Cliff 

Hyde William, cooper Hester 

Hyde William, carpenter Bedford c. Burrows 

Hyde Zabdiel, 233 Pear) n. 11 Dey 

Hyde & Banta, hardware store 95 Maiden-lane 

Hyde & Holly, merchants 233 Pearl 

Hyer Aaron, milkman Bowery n. Tenth 

Hyer Abraham, sailmaker Bowery n. Vauxhall 

Hyer Daniel, shoemaker 81 Mulberry [sceH'j' 

Hyer George W. 159'Pearl h. 3 Prince 

Hyer Garrit, 133 Front h. 117 Fulton 

Hyer Jacob, pilot 5 Lombardy 

Hyer Jacob, pilot 37 James 

Hyer Jacob, butcher 49 Spring 

Hyer John, pilot 75 Oliver 

Hyer Walter E. merchant 133 Front h. 21 Walker 

Hyer William, tailor 38 Lispenard 

Hyer Wm. lime inspector 38 Robinson 

Hyers, Bremner & Burdett, 133 Front c. Pine 

Hylen Nicholas, grocer Stanton c. Lewis 

Hyiner widow Ann, rear 446 Pearl 

Hymes S. dyer and scourer 247 William 

Hyndman John, 2 Hubert [see HmmttA 

Hyndman & Co. James C. grocers 54 Eldridge 

Hyndes James, cordwainer 308 Water 

Hyne John S. tailor 153 Grand 

Hys'.op Charles, baker 119 and 141 Chapel 

Hyslop Gilbert, 17 Rose 

Hyslop Robert, merchant 140 Pearl h. 13 Jay 

Hyslop Samuel C. cabinet maker 73 Sullivan 

Hyzer Henry, smith 25 Charlton n. Hudson 

Ichard Robert, shot manuf. and plumber 613 Water 
Ideson Daniel, stonecutter 49 Anthony 
Idley Elizabeth widow of Joseph, Prince c. Mott 
Ierson Win. mariner 100 Greenwich 
Imbert Anthony, painter 146 Fulton 
Ingersall Altan, cartman 27 Hester 
Ingersoll Andrew, cartman Vandam n. Varick 
Ingersoll John J. M. D. 359 Bowery n. Art 
Ingersoll Josiah, port warden and dry goods 104 Hudsc; 
Ingersoll Solomon, 297 Front h. 38 Catharine 
Ingersoll James H. grocer Barrow n. Washington 
Ingersoll & Banks, merchants 297 Front 
Ingham Charles, portrait painter 122 Broadway 
rtisham James, 19 Liberty 

238 longworth's 1825 — 2C 

Inglee Ebenezer, last and cabinet maker 5 Essex 

Inglee, Fuller & Co. 127 Maiden-lane 

Jnglis John, merchant 34 Provost 

Ingraham D. P. attorney com. and notary 46 Chatham 

Ingraham Henry E. 192 Greenwich 

Ingraham Nathaniel G. auctioneer 197 Chatham 

Ingraham & Hoffman, hardware 160 Washington 

Inman Henry, potrait painter 48 Vesey 

Innes George, inspector of customs 22 White 

Innes John, 39 Rhynder 

Innes John, merchant 31 Burling-slip h. 182 Bowery 

Innes & Co. A. druggists 184 Bowery c. Spring 

Inness Peter P. grocer Howaul c. Crosby 

Inness Sarah, Chrystie n North 

Innet Edward, grocer 134 Broad h. 75CortlandJ 

Inslee Joseph, carpenter 101 Mulberry 

Inslee Robert, cartman 48 McDougai 

Inslee William, painter 364 Broome 

Inslee Zebulon, carpenter 18 Arundel 

Inslee Zebulon, carpenter 77 Mulberry 

Inslee widow Elizabeth, 32 Grand 

lusley Catharine, dress maker 33 Provost 

Insley John, cabinetmaker 192Duane 

Inyard Matthias, cysterman 34 Robinson 

Ireland Edward, dock builder 330 Broome 

Ireland George, builder Washington n. Jay h. 221 Duane- 

Ireland Henry, coppersmith 236 Cherry h. 23 Orange 

Ireland Job, cartman Rivingtdn c. Willet 

Ireland John, Laurens n. Amity 

Ireland Joseph, grocer 62 Dey 

Ireland William, shipmaster 69 Lombardy 

Ireland William H. 304 Greenwich 

Ireland Wm. M. physician and suigeon 428 Broome 

Ireland &. Co. W. H. merchants S2 Dey 

Irelet Charles, merchant 218 Pearl h. 51 Greenwich 

Irish Charles, porter-house 23 Park 

Irish Henry, grocer 8 Broad 

Irvin Susannah widow of Joseph, grocer 136 Orange 

Irvin &Co. Thomas> merchants 98 Front 

Irviag Daniel, carpenter 38 P/ovost 

Irving Ebenezer, merchant 127 Water h. 3 Bridge 

living John T. 1st county judge 15 Chambers 

Irving L. G. hardwaie-st. 13 Maioen-1. h. 365Washington 

Irving William, broker John h. 227 Spring 

Irwin George, teacher 370 Grand n. Suffolk 

trwin Jared, painter 83 Warren 

Irwin John, iron-mouider 80 Duane 

Irwin John, tea-warehouse 86 Broadway 

Irwin William, cartman Woostei n. Spring 

Isaac James, painter Hudson c. Charlton 

Isaacs Isaac A. 173 Chapel 

Isaacs Jacob, 34£ Wall b 58 Canal 

Isaacs Joseph, merchant 107 W T ater h. 155 Chambers 

Isaacs Nicholas P. br.utman Runvick n. Spring 

Isaacs Samuel B. merchant ,?41 Pearl 

Isaacs S.M. brok.&not. WMI c. Broad h. 490Greenwich 

Isaacs Solomon I, merchant 37 Beaver h. 85 Greenwich- 



Isaacs Wiliiain, mariner 99 Lombardy 
Isaacs William, grocer Hudson c. Thomas h. 56 Hudson 
Isaacs Janet widow of Abm. J. 155 Chambers 
Isaacs Si Selleg, custora-h. brokers & not. Broad c. Wal; 
IsraelJames, 189 Eldridge 
Israel William, Broome n. Greene 
Israel widow Mary, 137 Bowery 
Iteman John, smith 343 Cherry 
Ivens William, smith' 2 Pelhain 
Ivers Charles, rope-maker 16 Essex 
Ivers John, grocer 163 Bowery 
Ivers Samuel, mason Elizabeth n. Prince 
Ives A. W. M.D. 3 Prrk-place 
Ives Isaac, 150 Water h. 4 Cliff 
Ives Thomas, labourer 34 Oak 
Ives William, mason, 64 Rutgers 
Ives & White, hatters 150 Water 
Ivory Patrick, clerk 216 Bowery 
Izod W. H. baker 376 Grand 
Jacacks Joseph, butcher Bedford n. Christopher 
Jacacks William T. 22 Rivington 
Jackman Robert, cartman Vandam n. Varick 
Jacks Samuel, tailor 1 Vandam 
Jackson Alexander C. merchant 88 h. 3 Front 
Jackson Andrew, carpenter 103 Elizabeth 
Jackson Archibald, baker 17 Rose 
Jackson Benjamin, merchant 64 Pine 
Jackson Benjamin, waiter Vaiick jn. Watts 
Jackson Charles, com. merchant 89 h. 69 Water 
Jackson Culow, carpenter Broome n. Wooster 
Jackson Daniel, 111 Eldridge 

Jackson Daniel, pawn-broker 62 Reed and 37 Bowery 
Jackson Daniel, merchant 140 Pearl 
Jackson George, mariner 57 Liberty 
Jackson Hannah, 80 Chapel. 

Jackson Henry, pier. 71 Maiden-lane h, 119 Spring 
Jackson J. merchant 273 Greenwich 
Jackson James, cabinet-maker 37 Jay 
Jackson John, cabinet-makei 221 Spiing 
Jackson John, mason Norfolk n. Delancey 
Jackson John, mason Laurens n. Houston 
Jackson John, stevedore rear 41 Anthony 
Jackson John, grocer Cannon c. Grand 
Jackson John, druggist 228 Division 
Jackson John, dry-goods 241 Greenwich 
Jackson John A. Bowery n. Jones 
Jackson Luther, writing-academy 10 Bro-ad 
Jackson Martin, stonecutter 7 Leonard 
Jackson M*tthew, merchant 71 Maiden-lane 
Jackson M'Call, engineer 9 Thomas 
Jackson Nathan, boarding-house 203 Water h. 21 FulJon 
Jackson Peter, grate & fenders 233 Water h. 9 Batavia. 
Jackson Robert, dock-builder 221 Spring 
Jackson Robert, livery-stables 64 h. 53 Liberty 
Jackson Samuel D. 35 William 

340 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Jackson Samuel R. 50 Catharine h. 22Cheapside 

Jackson S. H. editor 23 Mercer 

Jackson Thomas L. cartman 36 Laurens n. Prince 

Jackson Thomas, oysterer 51 Elm h. 119 Anthony 

Jackson Thomas, oyster-house 31 More 

Tackson William, hairdresser 117 Anthony 

Jackson William, painter Hudson c. Charlton 

Jackson William, mockason and mattress-maker 7 Taik 

Jackson William, fender-maker 277 Water 

Jackson William, mason 145 Spring 

Jackson Janet widow of John, 170 Reed 

Jackson &Baggot,glass-cuttefs 7 Park and 163 Mulberry 

Jackson C. fe E. music-store 332i Broadway 

Jackson Geo. & Wm. grocers 30 Barclay 

Jackson H. & M. merchants 71 Maiden-lane 

Jackson <fc Isaac, painters, &c. Hudson n. Charlton 

Jackson & Woolley, merchants 88 Front 

Jacobs Angel, watch-maker 9l£ Catharine 

Jacobs Abraham, teacher 217 Church 

Jatobs Christopher, baker Crosby n. Bleecker 

Jacobs Farren, commission merchant 209 Water 

Jacobs George, sexton 65 Forsyth 

Jacobs Hance, mariner 74 Orange 

Jacobs James, labourer Columbia n. Delancey 

Jacobs Joseph, 18 Greene 

Jacobs Randel, tin-smith 26 Catharine 

Jacobs Simon, shoemaker 133 Allen 

Jacobs Stephen, clothier Lewis c. North 

Jacobs Martha widow of Jacob, 184 Bancker 

Jacobs & Co. Joseph T. mer. tailors Maiden-], c. Nassau 

Jacobson Joseph, 115 Elm 

Jacobus Anthony, builder 212 Duane h. 412 Greenwich 

Jacobus C. tailoress 78 Hudson 

Jacobus Cornelius C. builder 22 Franklin 

Jacobus Gill A. grocer Broome c. Sullivan 

Jacobus James G. shoemaker 214 Church 

Jacobus Thomas, shoemaker 219 Church- 

Tacocks John, Irish linen store 102 Maiden lane h. 303 

Jacoks William A. carpenter 222 Spring [Pearl 

Jacot Aimy, watch case maker 20 Rose 

Jacot David, grocer Greenwich c. Harison 

Jacot Frederick, watch case maker 86 Nassau 

Jacot Frederick, fruiter 262 Bowery 

Jacqueiin J. M. merchant 132 Pearl 

Jadwin Jesse, cooper Broome c Suffolk h. 26 Lumber 

Jaffray & Co. Robt. lace me.chts. 158 Pearl h.43 Walker 

Jager Frederick, baker 248 Bowery 

Jaggar John, merchant 400 Pearl 

Jaggar William, 206 Broadway h. Brooklyn 

Jagger Jeremiah, cooper 333 Grand 

Jagger William B. cartman 164 BanckeT 

Jakes Moses, ship-carpenter Levvis n. North 

James James, blacksmith 21 Goerck 

James James, grocer 81 CHerry 

James James M. brushmaker 67 Roosevelt 

James J. S. merchant 144 Pearl h. Laight n. Hudson 


fames Jonn, merchant 13 South ^» 

lames Josiah, dry goods 191 Greenwich ^^ 

James Josiah, scale beam maker 123 Varick 

James Josiah L. raerch. 109 Beekman 

James Robert, 253 h. 255 Greenwich 

James Thomas, oysterman 141 Greenwich 

James William, cartman Bedford n. Raisin 

James William, merchant 18 South 

James W. T. stove manuf. 295 Water h. 81 Oliver 

James & Co. Henry, chemist and drug. 82£ Pearl h. 12 

James F. & J. S. merchants 166 Pearl [Broadw 

James & Cornell, stove-makers 295 W r ater 

Tames'William & John, merchants 18 South | 

Jamison Caisar, shoemaker 40 Augustus 

Jamison Halsted, weaver Fourth n. Thompson 

Jamison James, mechanical sweep 23 Catharine 

Jamison John, rigger 48 Cheapsicle 

Jamison Joseph, saddler 109 Water 

Jamison Marmaduke, shoemaker 34S Water 

Jamison Samuel J. shoemaker Broome c. Vari ■:.■ 

Janeway George, 70 Chatham 

Janeway jr. George, brewer Pearl c. Cross 

Jansen J. B. bookseller and stationer 90 Nassau 

Jansen T. B. bookbinder 90 Nassau 

Jansen W illiam, joiner Grand c. Ridge 

Jaques Abraham, turnkey Amos n. Washington 

Jaques David, merchant 8 Front 

Jaques Edward, grocer 65 Whitehall h. 11 More 

Jaques Isaac, merch. tailor 58 John 

Jaques Isaac S. merchant 28 h. 9 Front j 

Jaques John D. m.d. 64 Reed 

Jaques Moses, segar-maker Sullivan n. Gian 

Jaques Moses, merchant 2d Avenue 

Jaques Oliver, boarding h. 15 Front 

Jaques Richard, 5 Carlisle 

Jaques Robert L. 247 Spring h. £7 Vandam 

Jaques Samuel C. salt store 28 Front h- 52 Dey 

Jaques Wm. mason 177 Mulberry 

Jaques Wm. B. stage agent 5 Cortlandt & 3 Marketfiel<i 

Jaques widow Mary, 452 Greenwich 

Jaques Catharine widow of David, Bleecker n. Greene 

Jaques M. & D. R. grocers Whitehall c. Front 

Jaques S. C. & J. S. salt merchants 28 Front 

Jaques £i Son Isaac, merchants 55 Whitehall h. 29 Pearl 

Jaques & Sons William, salt store 28 h. 14 Front 

Jarard Charles, builder 423 Washington 

Jared John,,waiter 144 Leonard 

Jarvis Ann, umbrella store 205| Hudson 

farvis Bbewster, carpenter Gouverneur n. Water 

Jarvis David, cartman 91 Rivington 

Jarvis Edmund A. book-binder 461 Greenwich 

Jarvis Fk:~!len, mason Columbia n. Broome 

Jarvis George, carpenter 44 Ludlow 

Jarvis Henry, smith 48 Hester 

Jarvis Isaac, shoemaker Goerck n. Broome 

Jarvis James, shoemaker 6 Maiden-lane 

242 longworth's 1825--&6 

Jarvis|fey, grocer 19 Bowery 

Jarvis John, labourer Stanton n. Ridge 

Jarvis John, accountant 8 Walker 

Jarvis John, cordvvainer 136 Lombardy 

Jarvis Jonathan, joiner 22 Columbia 

Jarvis Joseph, grocer Stanton c. Columbia 

Jarvis M. A. milliner 498 Grand 

Jarvis Nathaniel, shipmaster Hudson n. ClarksGn 

Jarvis jr. Nathaniel, grocer Canal c. West 

Jarvis Noah, collector and agent 153 Mulberry 

Jarvis Robert, mason Lewis n. Broome 

Jarvis Samuel, merch. tailor 35 Wall b. 144 Mulberry 

Jarvis William, tailor 130 Grand 

Jarvis William, mason Rivington n. Willet 

Jarvis Z. R. cordial distiller 210 Bowery 

Jarvis widow Kiddy, washwoman 22 New 

Jarvis Mary widow of Moses, Chatham c. Catharine 

Jarvis & Bulkley, merch. tailors 35 Wall 

Jauncey Joseph, physician 315 Water 

Jauncey William, 24 Broadway 

Jauncey & Co. auct. rear 157 Broadway h. N. Moore 

Jay George, 193 Chatham 

Jay Peter A. 32 Pine h. 398 Broadway 

Jay Peter, stevedore 5 Cross 

Jeater Joseph, goose and gridiron 7 Park 

Jefters Albin, smith 24 Laurens 

JefTers William, laborer 2 Lewis 

Jeffis Stephen, boarding-house -338 Water 

Jeffrey Robert, fisherman 321 Washington 

Jeffrey Thomas, shoemaker 8 Rhynder 

Jeffreys Michael, tailor Broadway c. Reed 

Jeffreys Robert, merchant 43 Walker 

Jehovitch P. R. merchant 33 South h. 90 Cedar 

Jenings Chester, city hotel Broadway, c. Cedar & Thames 

Jeneson Charity, 95 Orange 

Jenkins Charles G. 127 Delancey 

Jenkins Frederick, 15 Walker 

Jenkins Frederick W. m.b. 4S£ Nassau 

Jenkins Gilbert, boarding h. 51 Robinson 

Jenkins Isaac, mariner 594 Water 

Jenkins J. hardware-store 212 Greenwich h. 77 Barclay 

Jenkins John, carpenter 210 Mulberry 

Jenkins Mary, 152 Anthony 

Jenkins Noah, rag-store 341 Grand 

Jenkins Reuben, shipmaster 76 Allen 

Jenkins Thomas, waiter 59 Ann 

Jenkins Thomas D. engineer 27 DesWrosses 

Jenkins Thomas F. grocer 22 Coenties-slip 

Jenkins Thomas W. merchant 217 Front h. 88 JPrankfori 

Jenkins William, millwright 54 Elizabeth 

Jenkins widow Hannah, 60 Spring 

Jenkins Hannah widow of Sylvanus F. 29 Vandewater j 

Jenkins widow Margaret, 208 Mott 

Jenkins & Palmer,jewellers 31 Ann 

Jenkinson James, printer 154 Chrystie 

Jenks widow of Nathaniel, 72 Warren 

Jenney Holden, carpenter Lewis n. North 


Jennings Andrew, carpenter rear 77 Warren 

Jennings , trunk-box maker Hammond n. Factory J 

Jennings Ebenezer, cartman Pitt n. Rivington 
Jennings Isaac, cartman 129 Hester 
Jennings Isaiah, gun-smith 226 Division 
Jennings James, boatman 335 Front 
Jermings James E. house & ship-joiner 267 Front and 565 
Jennings James W. cartman 7 York [Water 

Jennings James Royal, clerk 70 Cedar '[vide Jejiingc 
Jennings Jeremiah, shipwright Lewis c. North [Jinings^ 
Jennings Joseph, moulder Anthony c. Collect fJinningt 
Jennings N. T. 203.J Hudson 
Jennings Rickard, wharfinger 131 Cherry 
Jennings Solomon, mariner 74 Gold 
Jennings Thomas, tailor 181 Fulton 
Jennings widow of Aaron, 38 Orchard 
Jennings widow'Eliza, 558 Pearl 
Jennison & Co. J. V. merchants 135 Water c. Pine 
Jeremiah Thomas, butcher 53 W. market h. 368 Broome 
Jeroleman Charles, joiner Lombardy n. Walnut 
.'eroleman Thomas, cabinet-maker 30 Barclay 
Jersey Daniel, cartman Hamersley n. Hudson 
Jersey James, cartman Wooster n. Spring 
Jessup Ebenezer, grocer 417 Water h. 178 Bancker 
Jessup Edward, grocer 122 Cherry 
Jessup Isaac K. grocer 361 Water h. 19 Cheapside 
Jessup William, boarding-house 13 Front 
Jessup widow Mary, 79 Lombardy 
Jesup Benjamin, shoemaker 88 Catharine 
Jeter William T. saddler 35 Rose 
Jewell John, cartman 37 Suffolk n. Grand 
Jewell William, rigger 30 Mulberry 
Jewett John, drygood-store 149 Pearl h.2 Maiden-lane 
Jewett Jonathan, merchant 223 Pearl" 
Jewett William, portrait-painter 3 Pine 
Jewett rev. William, 59 Gold 
^Jewett and Codwise, merchants 223 Pearl 
Jewett and Halsey, drygood-store 149 Pearl 
Jewsson George, carver 157 Duane 
Jinings Stephen, oyster-cellar 260 Water 
Jinnings Thomas L. tailor 64 Nassau 
Jocelin William H. mariner 68 Chrystie 
Johns Henry, cook-shop 7 Catharine-slip 
Johnson Adam, shoemaker 213 Orange 
iohnson Alexander, tailor 33 Vesey 
Johnson Alpheus, cabinet-maker 53 Broad 

Johnson , tailoress 31 Grand 

Johnson Bradberry, hatter Orchard n. North 
Johnson Caleb, brass-founder 94 Henry 
Johnson Charles, shipmaster 7 Thames 
Johnson C. I. 98 Wall h. 150 Greenwich 
Johnson Daniel, couns. John c. Nassau h. 4 Charlton 
Johnson Darius, giason 66 Crosby 
Johnson David, coach-maker 22 Mercer 
Johnson David, mason Grand n. Sullivan 

244 longworth's 1825— *26 

Johnson David, grocer 2 South h. 21 Bridge 

Johnson David, rope-maker Attorney n. North h. Orchard 

Johnson David, merchant 32 Burling-slip 

Johnson Edward, patent sweep rear I37j| Fulton 

Johnson Elizabeth, tailoress 4 Ann i 

Johnson Elizabeth, 410 Cherry 

Johnson jr. Enoch, bookseller 25 Thomas 

Johnson Francis, cooper 31 Ann • 

Johnson George, saddler 36 Essex 

Johnson George, coach-driver 57 Mercer 

Johnson George, labourer 131 Anthony 

Johnson George, carpenter 589 Water 

Johnson Harman, shoe-store 44 Barclay » 

Johnson Henry, labourer rear 20 Orange 

Johnson Henry, accountant 182 Bancker 

Johnson Henry, junk-store Washington c. Vesey h. 14 

Johnson Isaac, milliner 435£ Pearl [Vandam 

Johnson Isaac, shoemaker 130 Chambers* 

Johnson Isaac A. attorney 15 Pine h. 77 Chambers 

Johnson Jacob, carpenter 26 Montgomery 

Johnson James, smith 227 Division 

Johnson James P. shoemaker 551 Pearl 

Johnson Jeremiah, cartman Delancey n. Cannon 

Johnson Jeremiah W. cabinet-maker 25 Catharine 

Johnson Jeromus, mer. 16 South & 119 Broad h. 17 Pearl 

Johnson Joel, nail manuf. 150 Rivington c. Arundel 

Johnson John, labourer 86 Elizabeth 

Johnson John, fruiter and grocer 45 Rutgers 

Johnson John, wood-inspector Charles n. Greenwich 

Johnson John, smith 45 h. 40 Leonard 

Johnson John, grocer 2 South h. 1 Front 

Johnson John, cartman Ludlow n. Rivington 

Johnson John, dock-builder 419 Greenwich 

Johnson John, milkman foot Bowery-hill 

Johnson John, grocer Washington h. 428 Broadway 

Johnson John, shoe-store 124 Anthony 

Johnson John A. cartman 46 Thompson 

Johnson John C. merchant 92 Pearl h. 72 Liberty 

Johnson John N. wood-inspector Cherry 

Johnson Jonathan K. grocer 1 Division h.13 Dover 

Johnson Joseph, vope-maker 188 Delancey n. Ridge 

Johnson Joseph C. merchant 3 Phenix stores hi 52 Cedar 

Johnson Josiah, pilot 36 Cheapside 

Johnson Julius, nailer Rivington n. Arundel 

Johnson Matthias, porter-house 389 Water 

Johnson Michael, cartman rear 121 Orange 

Johnson Michael, hatter 67 Ann 

Johnson Peter, carver and gilder 157 Mulberry 

Johnson Peter, cartman 9 Charlton 

Johnson Peter, cooper 43 Forsyth 

Johnson Philip C 2 South h. 1 Front 

Johnson Rachel, 79 Forsyth 

Johnson Roderick, shoemaker 74 Crosby 

Johnson Samuel, carpenter 65 Mulberry 

Johnson Stewart, gardener Wooster c. Amity 

Johnson Thomas, livery-stable 9 Dey h. 7 J\, Moore 


Johnson William, hatter 272 Broome 
Johnson William, rope-maker Orchard n. Stanton 
Johnson William, sail-maker 42 West h. 73 Provost 
Johnson William, sawyer 10 Grand n. Vaiick 
Johnson William, huxter 128 Henry 
Johnson William, cartman 175 Spriug 
Johnson William, counsellor 3*Cedar 
Johnson William, victualler 576 Broadway 
Johnson William, accountant 65 CharEam 
Johnson William, shoemaker Front n. Corl. hook 
Johnson William S. 59 Hester 

Johnson William Samuel, attorney 36 Pine h. 19 Walke 1, 
Johnson Ann widow of William, 196 Hester 
Johnson widow Hannah, 73 Reed 
Johnson widow Jane, 304 Bowery 
Johnson widow Jemima, nurse 39 Anthony 
Johnson widow of Jonathan, 45 Sullivan 
Johnson widow Nancy, seamstress 24 New 
Johnson widow Roxanna, 158 Hester 
Johnson widow S. 138 Wooster 
Johnson widow Sarah. 102 Mott 
Johnson Susannah wioow of John R. 25 Jay 
Johnson & Halsted, 92 Pearl <1 

Johnston Charles, cedar-cooper 47 Orange 
Johnston Chailes, sail-maker 96 Cherry 
Johnston David, leathei-dealer 30 Ferry 
Johnston E. W. merchant 220 Pearl 
Johnston F. U. physician 88 White 
Johnston Mrs. Isaiah Y. 1 Vesey 
Johnston James, hatter 49 Rose 
Johnston James, cedar-cooper 55 Mott , 
Johnston James, cartman 190 Elm 
Johnston John, merchant 57 South h. 16 Greenwich 
Johnston Oliver, grocer 31 Market 
Johnston Robert, physician 510 Grand n. Lewis 
Johnston Robert G. tallow-chandler Rose 
Johnston Shepherd, teacher Bedfoid n. Arden 
Johnston Thomas, painter, 63 Mulberry 
Johnston Thomas D. mariner 386 Water- 
Johnston William B. grocer 112 Church 
Johnston widow Ann, 78 Roosevelt 
Johnston widow Frances, 187 Division 
Johnston Mary wid.of Jac. boardiug-h. Wooster n. Prince 
Johnston widow Mary, 5 Chrystie 
Johnston Rachel widow of Henry, 294 Grand 
Johnston widow Rebeccah, boarding-house 258 Pearl 
Johnstone Mary widow of John, 1 Benson 
Johnstone & Co. P. W. com. book-st. 190 Water 
Johnstone & Van Norden, printers 133 Cherry 
Jollie jr. Edw. mus. inst. mak. Amos n. Washington 
Jolly Pattison, grocer Mulberry c. Grand 
Jolly Victor, turner 437 Broadway 
Jonas James, gardener 95 Varick 
Jones Abigail, pastry-cook 300 Broadway 
Jones Abraham, grocer Murray n. Wcsi 
Jones A. £). shoe-store 128 Division 
^ces Amos, 23 Mulberry •; 

24G longwokth's 1825—26 

Jones Anthony, mason 37 Lispenard 

Jones Asher L. fur-cleaner 50 Rivington 

Jones A. W. carver 37 Lispenard 

Jones Azariah, plumber 428 Water 

"jdfrSS Benjamin, cartman Suffolk n. Rivington 

Jones Benjamin, shoemaker 77 Forsyth 

■r _cs Benjamin, mason^ Ann 

Jones Be 

'amin H. 33 

Jones Clement, c-i.T e » ter 64 Varick 

Jones Daniel, navy officer bTd Broome 

Jones Daniel, sawyer 106 Mulberry 

Jones Daniel, waterman 4 Water 

Jones David, mason Rivington n. Columbia 

Jones David, boot and shoe-store 141 Greenwich 

Jones D. S. att. and coun. 44 Pine h. Jones n. Broadway 

Jones Edw. R. merchant 72 Broadway 

Jones Elizabeth, dress-maker 28 John 

Jones Evan, livery-stable 60 New h. 51 White 

Jones Henry, smith 48 Washington 

Jones Henry, grocer 7 South 

Jones H. H. clothier 152 Cherry 

Jones Isaac, 52 Broadway 

Jones Isaac, merchant 99 Maiden-lane h. 79 Warren 

Jones Isaac, 48 Hudson 

Jones jr. Isaac, 106 Chambers 

Jones Isaac C.106 Chambers 

Jones Israel B. boatman Hudson n. King 

Jones James, ship-carpenter 137 Lombardy 

Jones James, 7 Elizabeth 

Jones James J. attorney 23 Garden 

Jones James N. cartman 120 Forsyth 

Jones Jenkins, 5 Walnut n. C. Hook 

Tones Joel, porterhouse 49 Cliff 

Jones John, silverplater5 Chesnut 

Jones John, shoemaker 589 Water 

Jones John, paper stainer Washington n. Canal 

Jones John, smith 66 Rutgers 

Jones John, shipmaster and boarding h. 39 Nassau 

Jones John, mason 130 Grand 

Jones John, smith 242 Hudson 

Jones John, 47 Broadway- 
Jones John, slater Wooster n. Prince 

Tones John, shipwright 271 Delancey 

Jones John, saddler Bowery n. Broadway 

Jones John, smith Cannon n. Delancey 

Jones John, smith 413 Water 

Jones John S. carpenter 228 Elizabeth 

Jones Jonas, shipmaster 509 Pearl 

Jones Joseph, glass cutter 388 Broome 

Jones Joseph W. shoemaker 224 Division 

Jones Joshua, 70 Broadway 

Jones Lew ; s, sausage maker rear 46 Spring 

Jones Luther, drum maker 137 Allen 

Jones Nelson R. carpenter 28 John 

Jones Nicholas, physician 206Duane 

Jones Nicholas W. grocer Washington c. Spring 

Jones O. W\ flour mer. 107 Front h. 52 Chrystie 


Jones Perez, merchant South n. Maiden-lano 
■Tones & Co. Richard, grocers 186 Division 
Jones Richard, sail-maker 40 South 
.Tones Robert, tailor 533 Pearl 
■Tones Roger, milkman Hamersley n. Greenwich 
Jones Samuel, counsellor 5 Pine 
Jones Samuel L. smith 35 Depeyster 
Jones Sarah, 21 Mulberry 
Jones Smith, grocer 161 Spring c. Thompson 
Jones Stephen cartraan Ludlow n. Broome m 

Jones Thomas, carpenter 121 Orange 
Jones Thomas, sausage maker 151 Crosby 
Jones Thomas H. hatter 11 Roosevelt 
Jones Thomas W. com. mer. 20 "Water up stairs 
Jones Thomas, brewer Bowery n. Vauxhall 
Jones Thomas, physician 39 Bowery 
Jones Walter, shoemaker Herring c. Christopher 
•Tones Walter R. ass. Pies. At. Ins. Co. Dey c. Greenwich 
Jones William, goldbeater 459 Greenwich 
Tones William, gold and silver chaser 78 Catharine 
Jones William, brassfounder 112 Henry 
■Tones William, rigger 20 Lumber 
Jones William, slater Elm c. Grand 
Jones William, smith 54 Wooster 
Jones William, carpenter 110 Henry 
Jones William, whitewasher 228 William 
Jones William, South c. More h. 63 Water 
Jones William, gold chaser 87 Catharine 
Jones William, shoemaker 180 Elm 
Jones William, shoemaker 142 Ludlow 
Jones William G. broker 58 Wall h. 11 Barclay 
Jones William L. frame maker 570 Pearl 
Jones William R. carpenter 31 Provost 
Jones William T. 58 Wall h. 55 Provost 
Jones widow Ann, teacher Varick n. Grand 
Jones widow Eliza, 19 Lispenard 

Jones Mary, widow of Edward, Hamersly n. Greenwich 
Jones widow Sarah, boardinghouse 27 Cortlandt 
Jones Sarah N. widow of John, 3 White 
Jones Susan, widow of Hannuin, 76 Ludlow 
Jones & Banks r clothiers 152 Cherry 
Jones & Buck, brokers 58 Wall 
•Tones & Channing, brokers and com. mer. 63 Pine 
Jones & Megrath, merchants 75 South 
Jones & Simms, porterhouse i21 Orange 
Jordan Conrad, cartman Delancey c. Chrystie 
Jordan David, combmaker 184 Orchard 
Jordan Jacob, mason Renwick n. Spring 
Jordan James, 66 Chrystie 
Jordan John, Eldririge n. Rivington 
Jordan Joseph, plumber 342 Water 
Jordan Rev. Mark, 123 Ch.ipel 
Jordan Matthias, milkman 61 Rivington c. Allen 
Joseph Aaron, Canal n. Hudson and 48 Grand 
Joseph John, hairdresser 202 Division h. 38 Thomas 
Joseph J. L. fcS. merchants 46 Wall b, 150 Chambers 

248 longworth's 1825—26 

Joseph Manuel, rigger 8 Bancker 

Joseph Moses, speculator 107 Mulberry 

Josseylin Christopher, sawsetter 66 Cherry [see Jocelin 

Josseylin James, plugmaker Lewis n. Broome 

Joullain Charles, gilder 32 Spring 

Journeay Albert, grocer Provost c. Varick 

Journeay James, carpenter 21 Cedar h. 26 Vesey 

Jooy Lewis, grocer Reed c. Church 

Joy Alexander, shipmaster 129 Cherry 

Joy Laban, porter 20 Vandam 

Joy NUthan, china store Orange n. Broome 

Joyce widow of Sam. button maker Houston n. M'Dougai. 

Jubb Thomas, tailor 77 Mulberry 

Judah Aaron, 161i Canal 

Judah Aaron H. 313 Broadway 

Judah Benjamin S. 117 Spring 

Judah Bernard S. 182 Church 

Judah Carey, merchant 138 Chapel 

Judah Moses, 269£ Pearl h. 72 Franklin 

Judah N. lottery office 183 Broadway 

Judah Samuel B. H. attorney 38 Pine h. 117 Spring 

Judah Elizabeth widow of Samuel 46 Provost 

Judah & Callendar, merchants 269£ Pearl 

Judd S. oil store 57 Fulton 106 Chatham and 162 Wash, 

Judge Charles, laborer 23 Augustus 

•Judge James, fruiter 86 Cross 

Judson Amos, cordwainer 48 Norfolk 

Judson Charles, attorney 79 John 

Judson H. T. physician' 94 Hudson 

Judson Lewis, shoemaker Hester c. Mott 

Judson Philo, boarding-h. 272 Pearl cider Vault 20 Gold 

Judson Silvester, grocer 40 South 

Juel Cornelius, cartman 42 Watts 

Juel Joseph, hat-store 194 Broadway 

June Phineas, boarding house 30 Reekman 

June widow Ann, boarding-house 77 John 

K $r 

Kachie Hugh, carpenter 56 Beach 

Kain Francis, 359" Greenwich h. 322 Washington 

Kain James, cartman 77 Mott 

Kain James, liv. stable Bancker c. Walnut [vide Cain, 

Kairns George, weaver rear 20 Hubert 

Kane Charles, painter 3 Thompson 

Kane Charles, ship carpenter Lewis n. North 

Kane Dennis, 75 Thompson 

Kane John, shoemaker Greene n. Bleecker 

Kane Thomas, grocer Hudson c. Fitzroy 

Karns Jeremiah, tailor 526 Pearl 

Karns John, umbrella-maker 2 Warren h. 15 Bayard ■, 

Karr Daniel, turner 222 h. 209 William [vide Can 

Kasang John H. bookseller 23 Chatham 

Kashow Abraham, shoe-store 410 Broadway 

Kasmire George O. baker 15 Spruce 

Kass Ernest, baker 82 Crosby n. Spring 

Katen Andrew, shoemaker 73 Mulberry 

Katen Catharine, 58 Green 

Katen Lewis, 73 Mulberry 


Katem Jacob, shoemaker 454 Greenwich 

Kauffmann Christian H. Fourth n. Broadway 

Kavanah Charles, labourer Broome n. Wooster 

Kavanah James, grocer Water c. Walnut 

Kavanah James, shipcarpenter Lombardy n. Scamtncl 

Kavanah James, upholster 292 Mulberry 

Kavanah Michael, shipwright Lombardy n.Scammel 

Kaven Andrew, shoe-store 310 Pearl h. 60 Frankfort 

Keach Joseph J. grocer 20 Coenties-slip h. 130 Grand 

Keach & Lines, grocer 20 Coenties-slip 

Kearley James, shipcarpenter 23 Spruce 

Kearney Arch. K. broker 7 Broad 

Kearney John, merchant 519 Greenwich 

Kearney Patrick, tailor 124 Fulton h. 86 Harman 

Kearney Patrick, machinist 11 Clarke 

Kearney Philip, broker say 7 Broad 

Kearns John, painter 89 Bayard 

Kearsing John, piano forte maker 50 Cortlandt 

Kearsing Lydia, 177 Spring 

Keasler Peter, mason rear 9 Anthony 

Keating John D. grocer 21 Peck-slip & 15 Fulton-marke* 

Keating Robert W. grocer 96 Vesey 

Keech William, shipwright 114 Harman 

Keefe Thomas, laborer 253 Front 

Keefe Mary widow of Philip, 370 Cherry 

KeefFe William, inspector of customs 21 Pearl 

Keelan James & Michael, teachers 112 Franklir. 

Keelan Michael, teacher rear 89 Mulberry 

Keeler Amos, dry goods 81 h. 75 William 

Keeler Burrit, shoemaker 209 Hester 

Keeler Charles, 134 Greenwich 

Keeler Edwin, shoemaker 46 Hester 

Keeler George, rigger 80 Harman 

Keeler Isaac, custom-house measurer 93 Chrysiu 

Keeler James, merchant 19 South h. 15 Pearl 

Keeler Matthew, draper & tailor 48 Fulton 

Keeler Nathan, J>oavding-house 297 Broadway 

Keeler P.H. moulder 48 Eldririge 

Keeler Roswell, merchant 187 Pearl h. Brooklyr 

Keeler Stephen, baker 39 "Broad h. 64 James 

Keeler & Edgerton, drapers & tailors 48 Fulton 

Keeler & Luff, bakers 39 and 41 Broad 

Keeler & Lynes, dry goods 187 Pearl 

Keeler & Rogers, merchants 19 South 

Keeling widow AmeHa, boarding-house 172 Broadway 

Keen Elisha L. shipmaster 58 Mott 

Keen Joseph, cartman 3 Chesnut 

Keen William, grocer 53 Roosevelt 

Keenan Dennis, tailor 47 Spring 

Keenan James, fruiter 64 Cross 

Keenan Peter M. printer 55 Anthony 

Keenan widow of Bernard, 40 White 

Keene William P. jeweller 172 Reed 

Keer William, boot& shoemaker 159 Front 

Keese John D. druggist 195 Pearl h. 42 Dey 

Keese widow Rebeccab, 140 Water 

250 longworth's 1825—26 

Keese widow Rosa, boarding-house 52 Broadway 

Keese & Seaman, druggists 80 Maiden-lane 

Kehoe widow of James, 352 Cherry 

Keily William, saddler 318 Broadway 

Keith Peter, tailor 37 Mott 

Keith William, tavern Water n. Gouverneur 

Kellet Harris, cartman 228 Cherry 

Kelrand Philip, grocer 81 Henry 

Kelley Hugh, tailor 35 Collect 

Kelley John C. tobacco pipe manuf. Delancey c. Orchard. 

Kelley William P. merchant 143 William 

Kelley S. and W. P. merchants 143 William 

Kellinger William, cartman 130 Arundel n. Stanton 

Kellogg Edward, dry good store 150 Pearl h. 24 Cliff 

Kellogg Timothy, broker & com. mer. 41 Front h. 5 Cedar 

Kellogg Wash, grocer 23 Coenties-slip h. 83 Eldridge 

Kellogg & Baldwin, merchants 150 Pearl 

Kelis William F. carpenter 95 Varick 

Kelly Andrew, rear 352 Cherry 

Kelly Charles, grocer 25 Augustus 

Kelly Evert B. grocer 2 West h. 150 Reed 

Kelly Francis, grocer 158 Maiden-lane 

Kelly Hugh, grocer 98 Bancker [see Kelley 

Kelly Hugh, attorney n. Rivington 

Kelly James, boardingh. 6 1 Cedar, grate manuf. 42 Nassatf 

Kelly James, mason 16 Ludlow 

Kelly James, laborer rear 173 Orange I 

Kelly Joel, grocer 401 Broome c. Orange 

Kelly John, dry goods Rivington n. Pitt 

Kelly John, cartman Sheriff c. Stanton 

Kelly John R. combmakei- 175 Bowery 

Kelly Lewis, grocer West n. Duane 

Kelly Malachi, laborer Elizabeth n. Spring 

Kelly Patrick, weaver 81 Duane 

Kelly Patrick, laborer Attorney n. Rivington 

Kelly Patrick, grocer Greene c. Bleecker 

Kelly Patrick, grocer Sin riff c. Stanton;'* - 

Kelly Robert, carpenter £0 Ludlow 

Kelly Robert merchant !30 Pearl h. 13 Cliff 

Kelly Robert, cabinetmaker 164 Fulton d 

Kelly Thomas, butcher 21 Prince 

Kelly Thomas laborer 118 Pump 

Kelly Thomas, grocer 8 Mulberry 

Kelly William, painter lf-9 Church 

Kelly William, cartman Suffolk c. Grand 

Kelly William, merchant 129 Maiden-lane 

Kelly widow of Jonathan, 66 Sullivan 

Kelly &Clawson, merchants 130 Pearl 

Kelly & Inslee, painters 189 Church 

Kelly & M'Mennomy,dry goods 112J Bowery 

Kelp'en Daniel, stevedore 23 Oliver 

Kelsey widow Eliza, 127 Division 

Kelso David, pilot 11 Rose 

Kelso George, pilot 58 Ann 

Kelso James, pilot 51 Gold 

Kelso James, merchant 96 Wall h.41 Barclay 


^ , s nn, boarding school 19 Broadway 
v v, «r« v - • merchant 42 William 
^ Cl1 ^ e )l- • a "'' . , ' ^*l«w 9 Stanton William, M*fcu~,. : n,k», 90 Mott 
Kemble Mary E. widow of 1 hu-. 
Kemp James, drayman 157 Bancker 
Kemp John, grocer Herring c. Amos 
Kemp Peter, grocer 1 Duane 
Kemp William, carpenter 211 Spring 
Kemp widow of John, 24 Cortlandt 
Kemp Sarah widow of Ed ward,. Vestry n. Greenwich 
Kemper Philip S. cabinetmaker 67 Orchard 
Kempton Noah S. shipmaster 77 Market 
Kendall Artimas, cabinetmaker 111 Chrystie 
Kendall Thomas, sailmaker 178 Bancker 
Kenly James, distiller Mulberry n. Prince 
Kennard George, sliipjoiner Forsyth c. F 
Kennedy Daniel, cartman 139 Hester 
Kennedy David S. merchant 102 Front h. 50 Broadway 
Kennedy Duncan, merchant Bank n. Hudson 
Kennedy Hector, merchant 186 Front h. 5 Reed 
Kennedy John, laborer rear 18 Hubert 
Kennedy John, weaver Greenwich n. Hammond 
Kennedy Joseph, shoemaker 44 Barclay 
Kennedy Peter, tailor 65 Mulberry 
Kennedy Thomas, laborer Ridge n. Rivington 
Kennedy Timothy, brewer 65 Cross 
Kennedy William, weaver 114 Harman 
Kennedy William, weaver Washington n. Barrow 
Kennedy widow Mary, 26 Thomas 
Kennedy & Maitland, merchants 102 Front 
Kennedy & White, planemakers 23 Catharine 
Kenney Daniel, gardener Carmine c. Downing 
Kenney Thomas, barber 251 Spring 
Kenmson Bartimeus, distiller 3': Howard 
Kenny Patrick, tailor 367 Cherry 
Kensett Thomas, fresh provision store 514 Water 
Kensley James, tailor 33 Lombardy 
Kent Abraham, cartman 235 Broome 
Kent Elias J. mason Houston c. Laurens 
Kent Francis, furrier Cherry c. Montgomery 
Kent James, crockery importer 74 Maiden-lane 
Kent James, professor of law 32 Pine h. 68 Greenwich 
Kent James G. bookbinder 66 Greenp 
Kent John D. butcher 39 Fulton m. h. First n. 2d Avenue 
Kent William, attorney 32 Pine h. 68 Greenwich 
Kent Elizabeth widow of Joseph, 423 Cherry 
Kenworthy James, merchant 265 Pearl h. Brooklyn 
Kenworthy William, bellowsmaker 52 Cherry 
Kenyon James, boardinghouse 73 John 
Kerly Margaret, 38 Cherry i 

Kermit Henry, 86 Greenwich 

Kermit Robert, 86 Greenwich <J 

Kemochan Joseph, mer. 162 Pearl h. 34 Warren 
Kerr Anthony, mer. coffee-house 122 Water [vide Cart 
Kerr Bernard, weaver Hammond n. Greenwich [& Knf 
Kerr George, weaver Hudson c. Hammond 

252 longwokth's 1825— 2C 

Kerr John, weaver Greenwich c. Hamtnon<i 

Kerr John cartman 75Sul)ivan 

Kerr Joseph, sawyer Rivin^ton n. Lewis \ 

Kerr Josiah, manu.f. Charles n. Washington 

Kerr Thomas, Fourth n. Thompson 

lie it William, grocer Elm c. Ouane 

Kerrigan James, morocco dresser 88 Gold h. 1 Ferry 

Kerrigan James, tailor Roosevelt c. Cherry 

Kerrigan Morris, morocco finisher rear 41 Elm 

Kerrigan William, grocer 148 Leonard 

Kerrigan & Co. M. grocers 122 Anthony 

Kerrison Thomas E. gratemaket 259 Broadway 

Kervan John, carpenter Stanton c. Lewis 

Kervan Sarah, 238 Stanton 

Kesler Elizabeth, fruiter 489 Pearl 

Ketcham Alfred, teacher 4a Chatham 

Ketcham Benjamin, grocer 4 Catharine 

Ketcham Eliphalet, carpenter 109 Chrystie 

Ketcham George, chairmaker King n. McDougal 

Ketcham James, watchmaker 216 Water 

Ketcham J. M. grocer 48 Market 

Ketcham Oliver, cartman Pitt n. Grand 

Ketcham Thomas, carpenter 123 Mott 

Ketcham William, cabinet maker Rhynder n. Hester 

Ketcham jr. William, attorney 56 Pine 

Ketcham widow of John, 5 Oak 

Ketcham Amos, broker 79 Pine h. 89 North Mo»re 

Ketcham Dickens W. carpenter Burrows n. Bedford 

Ketchum Enos, saddler &c. 156 Harman 

Ketchum Hiram, attorney 95 Beekman 

Ketchum Joel, mer. 181 Pearl h. 243 Bowery 

Ketchum Joseph, mer. 21 Coenties-sliph. Laight 

Ketchum John, cartman 57 Forsyth 

Ketchum Ralph merchant 72 South h. 19 Howard 

Ketchum Stephen, tailor 84 Cherry 

Ketchum & Tenbroeck, mer. Coenties-slip 

Keteltas Mary, Boardinghouse 222 Bowery 

Kevan Andrew, shoemaker 310 Pearl h. 60 Frankfort 

Kevan Samuel, 43 Harison 

Kevan A. &. W. shoe store 310 Pearl 

Kewin Robert, blockmaker 129 Lombardy 

Keyes Charles, woodenware Arundel n. Grand 

Keys Abijah, 31 Ludlow 

Keys David, cooper 19 Burling-slip h. Broome n. Suffolk 

Keys John B. shoemaker 53 Hester 

Keys dhristopher, cartman Columbia n. Delancey. 

Keys Agnes widow of John, 356 Broome 

Keyser Ernest, butcher 43 Wash. mar. h. 169 Mott 

Keyser John, butcher 22 Wash. mar. h. Bowery n. North 

Keyser Jacob, mariner Orchard n. North 

Keyser Henry, barber 231 Bowery 

Keyser widow Catharine, Forsyth n. Rivington 

Kibbin John S. drygoods 157 Chatham 

Kidd widow Ann C.-21S Harman 

Kidder George, shoemaker 5 Bancker 

Kidder Levi, teacher Amos n. Hudson 


Kidder William, chemist Delancey n. Eldridge 

Kidder Samuel, boardinghouse 547 Grand 

Kidney Abraham, mason 98 Reed 

Kidney Henry, grocer 23 Warren 

Kidney Richard, mason 28 Lispenard 

Kiernan Michael, millstone maker Anthony c. Collet 

Kierstgd Christopher, 75 Hudson 

Kiersted H. T. apothecary Broadway c. Spring 

Kieisted Samuel, 526 Grand 

Kiker Timothy, porterhouse 21 Chapel 

Kiles Hugh, teacher rear 36 Cherry h. rear 91 Greene 

Kilbreath widow Elizabeth, milliner 111 Bowery 

Kilgallan Michael, cooper 68 Cross 

Killigrew Catharine, ta iloress 476 Grand 

Killmartin Michael, laborer 66 Cross 

Killmaster Nathaniel, shoemaker 54 Bleecker 
Killpatrick Jeremiah, butcher l73Mott 
Killpatrick William, smith Canal h. 30 Howard 
Kimball Aaron, merchant 201 Washington 
Kimball Alba, merchant 59 Front h. 25 Beaver 
Kimball Timothy, cartman Front n.Corl. Hook 
Kimberley jun. David, merchant 219 Front h. Brooklyn 
Kimmel Alexander H. 7^ Spruce 
Kimmel John C. 59 Anthony 

Kimmens Richard, shipwright rear 55 Rutgers 

Kimmens Hugh, caulker 353 Cherry 

Kimmens Margaret, 232 Cherry 

Kitnmins John, inspector of staves Ludlow n. Grand 

Kinch William, grocer 85 Chapel brewery 27 Thomas 

Kinchlen John, grocer 83 Front 

Kfne Henry, labourer Mercer n. B'eecker 

Kine James, cooper rear 205 Orange 

King Aaron O. merchant 201 Pearl h. 88 Warren 

King Abraham, drygood store 243 Greenwich 

King Abraham, shipwright Scammel n. Che^y 

King Abraham, grocer Goerck c. North 

King Charles, 2 Nassau h. 19 N. Moore 

King Charles C. attorney 62 Fulton 

King David, cartman Vandam n. Varick 

King Elisha S. attorney Bcekman c. Gold 

King Elisha W. attor. and couns. Beel^nan c. Gold 

King George Smith, Arundel n. North 

King George J. printer Orange n. Spring 

King George B. engraver 126 Bowery 

King Harman, baker 5 Duane 

King Henry, carpenter 203 Hester n. Orange 

King Henry, hardware 231 Pearl 

King Henry, mariner 74 Allen 

King Jacob M. merchant 233 Pearl 

King James, cooper 61 Hester c. Elizabeth 

King James, broker 24 Wall h. 19 N. Moore 

King James, cartman 233 Mulberry 

King John, butcher 32 Wash, market h. 130 Eim 

King Jchn, 26 Elizabeth 

King John, merchant 175 Pearl h. 84 Pump 
King John, jeweller 46 Crosby 

254 long worth's 1S25— 26 

King John, laborer up. end Mott 
King John, grocer 29 Vesey c. Church 
King John A. carpenter 224 Cherry 
King John A. shoemaker Lombardy n. Walnut 
King John H. printer 31 Mulberry 
King John S. mariner 214 Harman 
King John W. upholsterer 33 Ludlow 
King Margaret, 84 Pump 
King Matthew, cordial distiller 4 Bancker 
King Matthew, cabinet-maker 49 Spring 
King Peter, musical inst. maker King n. M'Dougal 
King R. 27 Hester 

King Robert, dry goods 110^ Bowery 
King Ross, sawyer Goerck n. Rivington and 250 Stanton 
King Samuel, gilder 8 Thompson 
King Solomon, bookstore 136 William 
King Thomas, marble polisher 23 Watts 
King William, carpenter Grand n. Broadway 
King William, mason 93 Mott 
King William, carpenter 23 Frankfort 
King William, marshal 435 Greenwich 
King W. D. teacher of elocution 8 Barclay 
King widow Ann, 13 Stone 
King widow Eve, 607 Water 
King widow Louisa, milliner 57 Forsyth 
King widow Mary, 179 Duane , 

King widow Rechamah, 358 Cherry 
King & Armstrong, dry goods 120 Bowery 
King & Mead, merchants 201 Pearl c. Maiden-lane 
King R. S. & E. grocers 30 Hester 
Kingsbury E. shipmaster Broome n. Wooster 
Kingsland Abraham, 311 Spring 
Kingsland Arabella, 45 Bayard * 

Kingsland Charles, carpenter 34 Fletcher h. 60 Or chard 
Kingsland Daniel C. grocer 49 Broad 
Kingsland Daniel, 54 Chrystie 
Kingsland J. C. carpenter 44 Barclay 
Kingsland John, dry goods 288 Grand 
Kingsland Josiah, ship-joiner 32 Fletcher 
Kingsland Richards, hardware 89 Maiden-lane h. 370 
'Kingsland Sigismond, tailor 22 Orchard [Broadway 

Kingsland Stephen, carpenter 170 Grand 
Kingsland & Miller, carpenters 34 Fletcher 
Kinley John M. teacher 73 Vesey 
Kinmouth James, printer 1 Oak 

Kinnan Alex. P. W. cab. maker 94 Broad h. 45 Liberly 
Kinnan Peter, revenue officer 45 Liberty 
Kinnan Peter, stone cutter 28 Beach 
Kinnan & Mead, cabinet makers 93 and 94 Broad 
Kinneu William, stone cutter rear 13 Anthony 
Kinney George, merchant 3 Phoenix stores h. Brooklyn 
Kinney James, boarding-house 207 Washington 
Kinney Thomas, surrogate office 61 Chapel 
Kinney widow Mary, 14 Chesnut 
Kinsamer John, tailor 49 Sullivan 
Kinsella George, professor of music 5 GolJ 


Kinsey James, builder 26 Frankfort 
Kinsey James, mason 59 Thompson 
Kinsey M. grocer 83 Front 
Kinsey S. boot and shoemaker 539 Pearl 
Kinsey Thomas, weaver Perry n. Washington 
Kinsley Hudson, M.D. 4 Provost 
Kinsman Daniel, carpenter Coenties alley c. Stone 
Kip Charles J. 39 Chambers 
Kip Charles L. sail-maker 155 Bancker 
Kip Elbert, boarding house 41 Warren 
Kip Isaac, deputy sheriff 20 Hubert 
Kip Isaac L. attorney and counsellor 160 Fulton 
Kip James H. 39 Chambers 

Kip Leonard, president N. River bank 167 Fultoc 
Kip Leonard W. attorney 160 Fulton h. 94 Spring 
Kip Luke, merchant 3 Murray h. 725 Broadway 
Kip Philip, ferry-master 81 Provost 
Kip jr. Samuel, grocer 487 Broadway c. Broome 
Kip Thomas, cartman 207 Mercer 
Kip Susan widow of Cornelius, teacher 30 Spruce 
Kip & Van Pelt, grocers 214 Fulton 
Kipp Abraham, carpenter 557 Broome 
Kipp Henry, cab. maker 20 Chatham sq. h.49 Chrysti 
Kipp Isaac, physician 478 Pearl 
Kipp Qninby, grocer 422 Cherry 
Kipp Thomas H. cooper 15 Chesnut 
Kipp William B. Bedford n. Christopher 
Kirby Caleb, 46 Robinson 
Kirby Catharine, Harison c. Hudson 
Kirbjr Leonard, 59 Robinson 
Kirby Richard, dry goods 469 Greenwich 
Kirby Thomas, cartman 38 Chrystie 
Kirby William, dry goods 264 Broadway 
Kirby widow of Joseph, 11 Walker 
Kirby & Co. Richard, dry goods 209 h. 469 Greenwici 
Kirchbaum D. J. cutler 69 Spring 
Kirck J. D. translator and collector 86 Reed . 
Kirk George, grocer 77 Liberty 
Kirk George, cartman 152 Crosby 
Kirk Hugh, cartman Lombardy c. Scammel 
Kirk James, carpenter 223 Forsyth 
Kirk John, boatman 139 Reed 
Kirk John, cartman Ridge n. Delancey 
Kirk John H. carpenter 25 Mulberry 
Kirk Robert, grocer 53 Mulberry 
Kirk William, carpenter 223 Forsyth 
Kirker James, grocer 25 Ferry 
Kirkpatrick Mary widow of Andrew, 54 Elm 
Kirkwnod John, sawyer Goerck n. Rivington 
Kirn, John W. marshal Vandara c. Hudson 
Kissam Agnes, 22 Greenwich 
Kissam Benjamin, m.d. 54 White 
Kissam B. R, m.d. 12 Murray 
Kissam Charles, 42 Essex 
Kissam jr. D. W. m.d. 61 Chambers 
Kissam James, custom-ho. broker 19 Wafi 

256 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Kissam John B. custom-ho. officer 201 Spring 

Kissam Joseph, merchant 245 Pearl h. 41 Rose 

Kissam Joseph, carpenter 40 Broome n. Goerck 

Kissam Peter R. grocer 1 Market 

Kissam Samuel, merchant 245 Pearl h. 23 Harison 

Kissam Samuel A. lumber-merchant 20 Bayard 

Kissam Timothy T. merchant 99 Water h. 56 Beaver 

Kissam widow Jemima, Varick n. Spring 

Kissner Philip, cab. mak. Broome n. Orange h. 105 Elk 

Kitchell Mahlon, carpenter 527 Broome 

Kitchell widow Margaret, 221 Church 

Kitching George, maltster 34 James 

Kittleman widow Susan, Herring n. Commerce 

Kizer William, shoemaker 28 Watts 

Klauberg D. steel-polisher and cutler 84 Maiden-lane 

Kline Samuel, butcher 153 Mott 

Kling George, mason 290 Broome 

Kling John G. butcher 310 Grand 

Kling Hen. & jr. Hen. wheelwrights 288 h. 290 Broome 

Klopfer Frederick, clothing-store 258 Water 

Klots George, lumber-merchant Mangin n. Delancey 

Klots & Trafford, lum. mer. & gro. Willet's whf. Marigin 

Knapp Abraham, shoemaker 49 Cortlandt 

Knapp Benjamin, boatman 261 Hudson 

Knapp Henry, cartman 38 Orchard 

Knapp Henry J. 180 Chatham h. 39 Bowery 

Knapp Jeremiah L. Pearl c. Elm 

Knapp John, cartman 80 Ludlow 

Knapp Joseph, shoemaker 1st Avenue n. North 

Knapp Josiah P. 442$ Pearl h. 21 Roosevelt 

Knapp Moses, cartman rear 171 Orange 

Knapp Oliver, grocer Hester c. Orange 

Knapp Reuben, fisherman rear 20 Lumber 

Knapp Richard, grocer Lewis c North 

Knapp Sanford R. teacher 242 Grand 

Knapp Shepherd, leather-st. 20 Ferry h. Art n. Broadway 

Knapp Tamar, milliner 447 Pearl 

Knapp Thomas, mariner 47 Oliver 

Knapp William, mason 187 Bowery 

Knapp William, cooper 270 Spring 

Knapp William, tailor 80 John 

Knapp William B. dry-goods 41 Oliver 

Knapp widow Catharine, Rivington n. Essex 

Knapp widow Helen, 74 Bowery 

Knapp Mary widow of Jonathan, Prince n. Thompson 

Knapp Mary Ann widow of John, 69 Crosby 

Knapp widow Nancy, 152 Division 

Knapp & Finch, grocers Elm c. Pearl 

Knapp J. & W. drygood-store 442$ Pearl 

Knapp & Weaks, shoe-store 179 Broadway . 

Kneeland Henry, merchant 70 South 

Knell Peter, cartman Sheriff n. Delancey 

Kneringer Eliza widow of John, 45 Greene 

Kniffen Marcena, cartman Ridge n. Stanton 

Kniffin Robert, Mulberry n. Bleecker 


Knight Abraham, stove-founder 380 Grand 

Knight Daniel Smith, Jay c. Washington 

Knight Jesse W. mason 82 Sullivan n. Spring 

Knight Peter, ven. blind-maker 18 Leonard 

Knight Thomas, grocer Herring c. Burrows 

Knight William, saw-filer 1 Market 

Knight Elizabeth widow of Thomas A. 117 Harman 

Knight widow of Joseph, confectioner 35 Pine 

Knouse rev. Charles, 36 Chrystie 

Knower Timothy, hat & fur-st. 128 Water h. 45 Frankff ■ 

Knowles Benjamin, carpenter 186 Bancker 

Knowles Benj. R. whitewasher rear 42 Leonard 

Xnowlton John, wooden-ware &c. 312 Broadway 

Knox Margaret, teacher 100 Hester 

Knox Martha, 28 Allen 

Knox rev. John, 125 F'ulton 

Knox Robert, ball-alley 24 Allen 

Knox Thomas, merchant 17 Broad h. 56 Greenwich 

Knesther Michael, baker 23 Reed 

Kohler Charles, baker 35 Bowery 

Kohler John, milliner 175 Division 

Kollock Isaac, printer 44 Barclay 

Kopman Louis, grocer 416 Broadway h. 73 Canal 

Krittman Joseph, dry-goods 47 James 

Kronkhyte widow Jemima, 175 Bowery 

K"lp Henry, smith 119 Forsyth 

Kumbel William, currier 33 Ferry h. 49 Frankfort 

Kumbel widow Esther, 16 Ferry 

Kummell Henry, porter 166 Harman 

Kursheedt J. B. broker and com. mer. 30 Pine 

Kutz Erasmus, mat. instr. and rule maker 172 Wate 

Kutz Thomas E. math, instr. maker 51 Roosevelt 

Kuypers rev. Gerardus A. 219 Bowery 

Kuypers Samuel S- physician 210 Grand 

Kuypers W. C. physician 82 Orange 

Kyle Mary, dry-goods 265 Greenwich 

Kyle Thomas, porter-house Hammond c. Hudsoi 

Kyle William, smith 363 Cherry 

Kyle W. & D. merchants 134 Pearl 

Kyte John, 44 Thompson 

Labagh Abm. stonecutter Hammond n. Hudson 
Labagh jr. Isaac, dry-goods 215 Greenwich 
Labagh John I. stonecutter 38 Washington h.43 Lumbe 
Labat Timothy, 112 Chambers 
Labatut I. M. I. mahog. yard 10 and 12 Orange 
Labaw Jonathan, currier 55 Frank, h. 66 Roosevelt 
Labouisse Michael, merchant 134 Canal h. 17 Mercei 
Lacoste A. T. J. 81 Bayard 
Lacoste & Co. John P. grocers 169 Orange 
Lacour widow Mary, seamstress 12 Scammel 
Lacroix Maria, milliner 156^ William 
Lacroze Ve, grocer Broome c Columbia 
Ladd James, watch-maker 30 Wall h. 48 James 
f.add Nathaniel, excise-officer 30 Pearl h. 30 Morr 
laden Patrick, brass-foonder 164 Bancker 

^5S longworth's 1825 — 2C 

Ladeveze R. merchant 62 William 

Ladowitch Patrick, cartman 38 Attorney 

Lafetra Tylee W. chair-maker Laurens n. Spring 

Lafferty Cornelius, 266 William [vide Laverty 

Lafferty James, cartman 20 Pitt 

Eaforest Francis, hairdresser 33 Chapel 

Laforgue John, carpenter 81 Broome 

Lafourg Eliza, GO Leonard 

Lafoy John, hairdresser and wig-maker 100 Broadwaj 

Lagrange Mary Ann, dress-maker Canal n. Hudson 

Lagrave John B. merchant 225 Duane 

Lagrave Marchais, jeweller 190 William 

Lagrill Louis, cartman Ridge n. Stantan < 

Laharty Philip, grocer 69 Bayard 

Lahy James, ship-carpenter 384 Cherry 

Lahy Johanna, 29 Nassau 

Laidlaw John, merchant 106 Front h. 11 Cliff 

Laidlaw John, smith 48 New 

Laidlaw Robert, dry-goods 82 Hudson 

Laidley Robert B. 99 Hudson [vide Ledky 

Laight E. W. pres. Eagle Ins. Com. h. 38 Warren 

Laight widow Frances, 10 Vesey 

Laight Henry, notary custom-house Wall c. Nassau 

Laine David, grocer 40 Henry 

Laing Edgar, merchant Murray c. Wash. h. 74 Hudson 

Laing Jennet, 64 N. Moore 

Laing widow Jennet, 102 Elm 

Laing Jennet widow of Peter, 279 Water 

Laing & Co. Hugh, 250 Pearl h. 377 Broadway 

Laing & Randolph, merchants Washington c. Murray 

Laisne Hippolite, merchant 132 Pearl 

Lake Cornelius G. saddler 201 Water and 318 Broadway 

Lake John, grocer Walnut c. Grand 

Lake William, carpenter Perry n. Hudson 

Lake Eve widow of William, 40 Vandam n. VarJck 

Lalor Daniel, carpenter 19 Prince 

Lalor widow A. 50 Provost 

Lamb Alexander, hairdresser Water c. Depeyster 

Lamb Ann, rear 478 Pearl 

Lamb Anthony, 14 Jay 

Lamb Francis, grocer Varick c. King 

Lamb George C. auctioneer 131 Water 

Lamb John, 665 Broadway 

Lamb John, hardware v 97 Pearl h. 14 Jay 

Lamb John W. block-m. 421 Water h. 122 Lombardy 

Lamb Joseph, dyer 241 Spring 

Lamb Robert B. slater 47 Orange 

Lamb Robert L. brewer 35 h. 33 Allen 

Lamb William, shoemaker 408 Broadway 

Lamb William B. 149 Fulton 

Lamb widow Ann, porter-house 144 Mulberry 

Lamb Mary widow of John, Mulberry n. Grand 

Lambden D. baker 537 Broome 

Lambrien Thomas, baker 175 Orange 

Lamber Michael, grocer 97 Pump 

Lambevson David, cartman 35 Eldridge, 


Lambert Benja»in, caftinan i-l .1 Ison c. King 
Lambert Edward, cat t roan 369 Cherry 

Lambert D. R. merch. 63 Pin 1. Bond n. Broadway 
Lambert Henry B. march. 3-1 I nil b. 656 Broadway 
Lambert J. J. merchant 63 Pine h. Bond n. Broadway- 
Lambert S. F. 63 Pine h. Bond n. Broadway 
Lambert William, grocer 207 Fulton 
Lambert widow Catharine 249 Bowery 
Lambert widow Hannah, 69 Thompson 
Lambert Jane widow of William, 205 Mulberry 
Lambert widow of Robei t, grocir Spring c. Sullivan 
Lambert, Brothers &Co. merchants 63 Pine 
Lambertson John, cartman 61 Ludlow 
Lameti widow of Joseph, 192 Chatham 
Lammer Joseph, 303 Broadway 
Lamont Archibald, tailoi 71 Chatham 
Lamont P. B. painter &:c. 41 ?>Iai'len-lane 
Lamoreux Andrew, grocer Orchard c. Delancey 
Lamoreux Benson, grocer 98 Mott 
Lamoreux Daniel, carpenter 341 Cherry 
Lamoreux Philip, 72 Orchard 
Lamoreux Timothy, carpenter 232 Orange 
Lamoreux Uriah, ship-joiner 568 Water 
Lamoreux widow Phebe, 30 Sullivan 
Lamott Joseph, tailor 24 Ga'deu 
Lamp Henry, 226 Harman 
Lamphere Saxton, smith 13 Stanton 
Lamplin widow Pamela, 190 Church 
Lamson George, law-publisher 3 law-build, h, 1 Laurens 
Lamy Francis widow of Bernard, tailoress 173 Duane 
Lanckenau Alexander, sugar refiner 186 Mulberry 
Lanckenau Richard 21 Delancey 
Land William, tailor 43 Dey 
Landau Christopher, bake- li - 3 Bancker 
Lander Berrian, tallow-ciian ler Rhynder n. Grand 
Landers John, mariner 416 Cherfy 
Landers Morris, mason 125 Orange 
Lansdown William, tailo. 260 Grand 
Lane Daniel, shoemaker Ho. stOn n. M'Douga! 
Lane Ebenezer, card-make, \rios n. Herring 
Lane Elias, carpenter 131 M veer 
Lane Henry, dry goods 125 Pearl 
Lane Jacob, Pitt n. Broome 
Lane James, tobacconist 45 C llect 
Laue John, baker Grand c. Chrystie 
Lane John, painter and grocr 171 Orange 
Lane John, cartman 129 De 1 ancey 
Lane Josiah A. cabinet-maker 14 hi. 21 Catharine. 
Lane Lewis, carpenter Delancey n. Attorney 
Lane Matthew, clerk 83 Cross 
Lane Samuel, carpenter 52 Antliony 
Lane Samuel, shoemaker 271 Broome..*, 
Lane Smith, cartman 50 Sullivan 
Lane Thomas, shoemaker 1 '7 Forsyth 
Lane William, dry goods 10 Di /ision h. 4 'Orchard 
Lane William I. 54 Wall h. 65 Chambers 

200 longworth's 1825— 2 €• 

Lane widtfw Charity, Cannon n.Delancey 

Lane widow Hannah, 4 Orchard 

Lane widow Hester, tailoress 95 Duane 

Lane widow Nancy, bakery 93 James 

Lane widow Susannah, 9 Catharine 

Lane R. & A. dry goods 311 Broadway & 18 Maiden-la. 

Lane & Davis, merchants 145 Pearl 

Laneau Francis, slater 102 Bowery 

Laneai; jr. Francis, 99 Orange 

Laney Dennis, mason 83 Orange 

Lang Ebenezer, carpenter 124 Greene a. Prince 

Lang Frederick B. 13 Gold [vide Lain* 

Lang Jacob, carpenter 99 Anthony 

Lang John, ed. N. Y. G. 3 Hanover-sq. h. 34 Whitehall! 

Lang Robert, boarding-house 424 Cherry 

Lang Robert U. printer 3 Hanover-sq. h. 34 Whitehall 

Lang William, merchant 13 Gold 

Lang, Turner & Co. publish. N. Y. G. 3 Hanovefsnuare 

Langan Oliver, shoemaker 54 Market 

Langdon Benjamin S. mariner 4 Pump 

Langdon Israel C. carpenter Hudson c. King 

Langdon John, 187 Fulton 

Langdon Walter, 585 Broadway 
Lange Andrew, sugar refiner 72 Allen 
Langley Charles, 27 Collect 

Langley James, weaver 21 Prince 

Langley James, grocer 57 Chatham • 

Langley Richard, shoemaker 156 Reed 

Langlois Charles, merchant 203 Broadway 

Langridge Levi, grocer Washington c. Canai 

Langstaff William, druggist 360 Broadway 

Lanman Peter, merchant 439 Broome 

Lanmark John, Pearl c. Chatham 

Lannay Lewis, professor of music 62 Spring 

Lannay Pierre, pension francais Fulton c. Broadway 

Lannuier Augustus, clothier 130 Cherry 

Lansing Doretha G. dress-maker 18 John 

Lansing Garrit, engraver 48 Cherry 

Lanuza Cayetano, physician 3 Varick 

Lappin William, laborer 22 Bancker 

Laramee Francis, baker 18 Spring 

Largy John, grocer & cordial distiller 216 Bowery 

Laroche Ann, teacher 151 Duane 

Larocque John, dry good store 204 Chatham 

Larkin Patrick, carpenter Prince c. Elizabeth 

Larmour Alexander, carpenter Thompson n. SfUfirfg 

Larue , Church c. Lispenard 

Lasak F. W furrier 54 Maiden-lane 

Lasala John B. merchant 224 Front h. 192 Chatham 

Lascells widow of Daniel, Vandam n. M'Dougal 

Lasher Frederick, tailor 27 Chatham 

Lasher Wiliiam, umbrella maker 67 Mulberry 

Lasher Margaret widow of William, 23 Mulberry 

Latham Daniel, smith Delancey n. Columbia 

Latham Henry, painter 13 Mott 

Latham Johu P. printer 3 Harison 


Latham Joseph; cooper 21 Qliver 

Latham Moses, grocer 200 Front h. 76 Forsyth 

Latham Stephen, shipcarpenter Cannon n. Grand 

Latham William, printer 3 Harison 

Lather Arthur, cooper Front c. Dover h. 382 Watet 

Lathrop Caleb, cartman 23 Hubert 

Lathrop Gurden, boarding-house 16 Broadway 

Lathrop Gerard, merchant ISCortlandt 

Lathrop widow of Charles, 68 Church 

Latimer Robert, soda-water factory, 616 Broadway 

Laton Peter, grocer 399 Pearl 

Latour Anthony, haiv-dresser 325 Greenwich 

Latour James C. hairdresser 74 Barclay 

Latourette Daniel, 11 Reed 

Latourette David, flax- seed store 92 Front 

Latourette James, merchant 92 Front 

Latourette J. & J. merchants 92 Front 

Latsch John J. boatman 429 Washington 

Lattan Lewis, jeweller 51 Robinson 

Lattin Jacob, shoestore 165 Bowery h. c. Delancey 

Lattin, Cheshire & Co. shoestore 325 Pearl 

Laughlan John, 43 Duane 

Laughlan Patrick, cartman 12 Rivington 

Laune Charles C. mason Bleecker n. Sullivan 

Laune Catharine widow of Stephen P. porter h. 74 Reef' 

Laurie George, merchant 29 South h. 5 Broadway 

Laurie John, merchant 29 South h. 5 Broadway 

Lavaud Edward, Canal n. Laurens 

Laverty Henry, 173 Pearl h. 247 Broadway 

Laverty & Gantlej, 173 Pearl 

Lavery Hugh, rigger and stevedore — Bancker 

Lavery Peter, smith 17 Augustus 

Lavin Laurence, drayman 25£ Augustus 

Law James, clothes dresser 120 Fulton 

Law & Butler, boot-makers 127 Broadway c. Cedar 

Lawer Richard, veterinary surg. Bowery n. Stuyvesani 

Lawrence & Co. A. H. meich. 34 Wall h. 23 Park-place 

Lawrence A. N. 15 Park-place 

Lawrence Aaron, cartman Elizabeth n. Spring 

Lawrence A. R. Broadway c. Franklin 

Lawrence Abraham, 35 Pell 

Lawrence Benjamin, Sheriff n. Rivington 

Lawrence Charles, dry goods 108 Beekman 

Lawrence Charles C. potter 584 Water 

Lawrence Cornelius, cartman Delancey n. Pitt 

Lawrence Corn. W. mer. 275 Pearl h. 354 Broadway 

Lawrence Daniel, shipwright 286 Broome 

Lawrence David D. stone-cutter 40 Dominick 

Lawrence Edwin, shoemaker rear 128 Chrystie 

Lawrence George, carpenter 20 Crosby n. Grand 

Lawrence George, brass-founder Canal n. Hudson 

Lawrence Gilbert, cartman Rivington c. Allen 

Lawrence Henry, rope maker Sheriff h. Rivington 

Lawrence Henry H. merchant 251 Pearl h. 386 Broom* 

Lawrence Herbert, shipwright Water n. Cor. Hook 

Lawrence Halsted, smith 89 Varick 

2G2 longwobth's 1825 — 20 

Lawrence Isaac, I i ^. a t a . bloo « 10 Grooby h. 498 Broadway 
Lawrence Isaac, cartman 135 Elizabeth 
Lawrence James V. H. dry goods 208 Pearl h. 106 Gold 
Lawrence John, laborer rear 171 Orange 
Lawrence John M. D. couns. 46 Broadway 
Lawrence John, gilder 125 Bowery 
Lawrence John, ship-carpenter 502 Grand 
Lawrence John, barber 3 Catharine-slip 
Lawrence John W. 106 South 
f.awrence John B. druggist 195 h. S34 Pearl 
Lawrence John L. attorney 69 Pearl 
Lawrence Jonas, wheelwright 84 Vavick 
Lawrence Jonathan, ship-carpenter 595 Water 
Lawrence Jonathan, 33 Burling-slip h. 53 Walker 
Lawrence & Co. Jonathan H. 49 Wall h. 46 Walker 
Lawrence Joseph, merchant 237 Pearl h. 19 Beekman 
Lawrence Joseph, cartman 10 Clarke 
Lawrence Joshua Odell , smith 223 Orange 
Lawrence Nathaniel, merchant 41 Vestry n. Greenwich 
Lawrence Nichs. coach maker 414 Broadway h. Woostcr 
Lawrence Obadiab, cordwainer 55 Hester 
Lawrence Peter, 132 Duane 
Lawrence Philip, carpenter 8 Dominick 
Lawrence Richard M. Broadway c. Franklin 
Lawrence Richard, merchant 251 Pearl h. 430 Broome 
Lawrence Robert, mariner rear 50 Cross 
Lawrence Samuel A. merchant 49 Pine 
Lawrence Silas, 93 Eldridge 
Lawrence Stephen, Bowery-hill 
Lawrence Thaddeus A. merchant 53 Oliver 
Lawrence Thomas, Commerce n. Herring 
Lawrence jr. Thomas, 12 Maiden-lane 
Lawrence Thomas, shoemaker 16 Frankfort 
Lawrence Thomas L. merchant 192 Pearl h. 40 Cortland' 
Lawrence William, carpenter 546 Broome 
Lawrence William, boarding-house 48 Augustus 
Lawrence William, mariner rear 135 Harman 
Lawrence William, merchant h. 35 Broadway 
Lawrence William, cooper 22 Burling-slip h. 179 Mott 
Lawrence William, hay cartman Wooster n. Prince 
Lawrence Wm. B. attor. & couns. 42 Pine h. 502 Broad- 
Lawrence William L. Broome c. Eldridge [way 
Lawrence widow Catharine, 57 Anthony- 
Lawrence Catharine widow of Isaac, 13 Cherry 
Lawrence widow Mary, 77 Mulberry 
Lawrence widow Patience, 58 White 
Lawrence widow of Richard R. 430 Broome c. Crosby 
Lawrence widow of Thomas, 16 Dey 
Lawrence widow of Wm. Greene n Bleecker 
Lawrence Margaret widow of Wm. 106 Gold 
Lawrence Rebecca widow of Maston, Greene n.Bleecke:. 
Lawrence Sarah widow of Samuel, 117 Varick 
Lawrence Sarah widow of Peter L. 143 Reed 
Lawrence & Floyd, attornies 69 Pearl 
Lawrence & Sneeden, shipwrights Corlears Hook 
Lawrence & Sperrdlove, dry goods 12 Maiden-lane 


Lawrence & Keese, druggists 195 Pearl 

Lawrence & Willard, auctioneers 49 Pine __ d 

Lawrence H. H. & R. 251 Pearl 

Lawrence & Townsend, merchants 237 Pearl 

Lawrie Alexander, merchant 68 Hudson 

Lawson James, merch. 112 Pearl board, h. 18 Cortland t 

Lawson John F. waterman Vandam n. Varick 

Lawson Peter, mariner 2 Birmingham 

Lawson William, smith 10 Scammel 

Lawson William, baker 19 William 

Lawson William, mariner King n. M'Dougal 

LawsAn Wm. and Saml. moulders JN.JVloore c. Hudson 

Lawson Catharine widow of Thomas,* 26 Rhynder 

Lawson Elizabeth widow of John, 197 Mulberry 

Lawson widow Jannet, 75 Duane 

Lawton Charles, 52 Wall 

Lawton Joseph, merchant I9o Water 

Lawton Robert, Delancey c. Pitt 

Lawton William, ex. broker 45 Wall h. 47 Walker 

Layman Christopher, shoemaker 238 h. 250 Hudson 

Layton William, rigger 51 Anthony 

Layton William, sailmaker 154 Chambers 

Lazarus E. S. lottery office 330 Broadway h. 29 Howard 

Leach James M. 125 Bowery 

Leach Jeremiah, painter 395 Broome 

Leach William, moro«co dresser 37 Cross 

Leake John G. 32 Park 

Leakman James, blockmaker Washington h. 9 Stanton 

Lean James, tavern 357 Water 

Lean Walter, tailor 78 Chapel 

Learned Samuel, Canal n. Hudson 

Leary James, hatter 164 Profit 

Leary W T illiam, carpenter 86 Mott 

Leary William H. shipmaster 19 Cedar 

Leary widow of William H. 371 Grand 

Leas M. 40 Reed, ' . 

Leavens Wm. mahogany yard 386 Washington n. Laight 

Leavenworth Nathaniel, 30 Greenwich 

Leavitt David, merchant 127 Front h. Brooklyn 

Leavitt Mark, h. of entertainment 254 Cherry 

Leavitt J. W. & R. merchants 166 Pearl 

Leavitt John W. merchant 166 Pearl h. 39 Dey 

Leaycraft Jacob A. tavern 11 Delancey c. Chrystic 

Leaycraft Richard, 52 Provost 

Leaycraft William, 45 Hudson 

Leaycraft William H. 9 Chapel 

Leaycraft William S. tailor 14 Doyer 

Leaycraft Winant, pilot 80 Roosevelt ^ 

Leaycraft widow Eleanor, 289 Broome 

Leaycraft & Vanriper, dry good store 473 Greenwich 

Lebetli Michael, essence seller 26 Chrystie 

Lebreton Mary, porter house 157 Water 

Lebreton Eliza widow of Philip, 91 Mercer n. Spring 

Lecomte Nicholas, confectioner 264 Greenwich 

Leconte John, 48 Walker 

Lccount John R. grocer 27 Catharine 

264 longworth's 1825—26 

Lecour Honore, baker Howard c. Elm 

Lecroenier Peter, Duane c. Washington 

Leddy Patrick, grocer 21 Mott 

Ledentu Alexander, fringe maker 148 William 

Ledermann George, shoemaker 81 Sullivan 

Ledger Claudius, 167 Greenwich 

Ledley James, tobacconist 4 Crosby [see Laidlei 

Ledyard John, in Branch Bank h. 13 Canal 

Ledyard Peter V. merchant 18 Harison 

Ledyard widow Susan, 38 Franklin 

Lee Allen, 522 Grand 

Lee Allen C. merchant 128 Pearl h. 12 Garden 

Lee Benjamin, brassfounder 6 Norfolk 

Lee Benjamin F. merchant 128 Pearl 

Lee Charles, tailor 40 Beekman 

Lee Charles, blacking manufacturer 4 Cortland!; 

Lee Christopher, cartman 135 Mulberry 

Lee Daniel, chairmaker 11 Thomas and 244 Greenwich 

Lee Daniel, clerk hospital 48 Elm 

Lee Daniel F. merchant 166 William 

Lee David, merchant 125 Front h. 40 Broadway 

Lee Edward W. barber Houston n. Broadway 

Lee Frederick R. h. 39 Essex 

Lee George, gilder 24 Crosby 

Lee George R. carver and gilder 100 Canal 

Lee George W. merchant 90 William 

Lee Gideon, leather store 20 Ferry h. Bloomingdak 

Lee Howard, M. D. 46 Maiden-lane 

Lee James, merchant 111 Pearl h. 630 Broadway 

Lee John, cartman 572 Water 

Lee John, ropemaker Attorney n. North 

Lee John H. attorney 461 Pearl 

Lee J. A. auctioneer 178 Fulton . M 

Lee Johnson P. merchant 90 William h. 223 Pea;: 

Lee Moore, dry goods Pearl h. 46 Cherry 

Lee Patrick, cartman Elizabeth n. Prince 

Lee Peter, baker 6 Norfolk 

Lee Roland, boardinghouse 61 William 

Lee Solomon, 281 Spring 

Lee Tyrantus, laborer 114 Mulberry 

Lee William, soap &c. manufac. 61 Reed 

Lee William, brassfounder Forsyth n. Rivingtct' 

Lee William, carpenter 190 Orchard 

Lee William, furnace man 281 Grand 

Lee William, mariner 377 Grand 

Lee William E shoemaker 182 Elm 

Lee widow Abigail, Chapel c. Thomas 

Lee widow Eliza, 335 Washington 

Lee widow Eliza, 39 Essex 

Lee widow Nancy, tailoress 232 Broome 

Lee J. & L. grocers 33 Hester 

Lee J. P. & G. W. dry goods 90 William 

Lee. & Co. Gideon, leather store 20 Ferry 

Lee & Parsells, hardware store 234 Bowery 

Lee & Thompson, blacking manu. 4 Cortland! 

Leech Adam, ropemaker Suffolk n. Rivington 

Leeds Frederick W. broker 62 Wall 


Leeds Gurdon, shipmaster 65 Roosevelt 

Leeds Henry M. merchant 182 Pearl 

Leeds Samuel, com. mer. 126 Maiden-lane 

Leeds & Mansfield, com. mer. 126 Maiden-lane 

Leek Henry, cartman Wooster n. Spring 

Leek Isaac, laborer 23 Chapel 

Leek John, tanner 83 Laurens n. Prince 

Leepen Hugh, cartman Ridge n. Rivington 

Leeper James, cartman 207 Rivington 

Lees & Beastall, manuf. of britannia met. goods 68 Reed 

Lefanton Porter, grocer 536 Broadway 

Lefferts Albert, cartman 54 Norfolk 

Lefferts James, accountant 69 Division 

Lefferts Leffert, broker 4 Wall h. Brooklyn 

Lefferts Samuel, 257 Grand [Cannon 

Lefferts & Ketcham Gilbert, coachmakers Delancey n. 

Leffingwell Thomas, builder 24 Laurens 

Leffurge Sarah widow of Richard, 54 Beach 

Lefoy Abraham, Fulton C.Washington h. 151 Chambers 

Lefoy Henry, grocer 210 Fulton h. 151 Chambers 

Legal Joseph, grocer and distiller 360 Water 

Legan Masy, 10 N. Moore 

Legender Augustine, boardinghouse 51 Nassau 

Leggat Walter, drygoods 62 Hudson 

Leggett Aaron, 273 Pearl h. 345 Pearl 

Leg&«tt Abraham, 21 James 

Leggett George, turner Hoboken 

Leggett John, clerk 70 Eldridge 

Leggett jiin. rev. John, 442 Greenwich 

Leggett John H. inspector of customs 442 Greenwich 

Leggett Lawrence, cabinetmaker 195 Mott 

Leggett Reuben, Pearl c. Burling-slip h. 26 Howard 

Leggett Samuel, pres. Franklin Bank 7 Cherry 

Leggett jun. Thomas, mer. 307 Pearl h. 27 Rose 

Leggett Walter, drygoods 62 Hudson 

Leggett Wm. H. merchant 307 Pearl h. 23 Rose 

Leggett (A.) & R. C. Hance, merchts. 273 Pearl 

Leggett & Co. Thos. H. Pearl c. Burl, slip h. 35 Vandew. 

Leggett, Fox & Co. merchants 307 Pearl 

Leguay Agnes, 17 Cispenard 

Lehman John, tailor 93 Eldridge 

Leistner Christian, barber 189 Orange 

Leitch Charles, mason 201 Hester 

Leitch George, typefounder 123 Forsyth 

Leland Lemuel, distiller 98 Elm 

Lelaud Lewis, merchant 84 Wall 

Leland jr. Lewis, grocer 84 Wall 

Lemaire John, 40 Barclay 

Lemaire Pepin, merchant 132 Pearl 

Lemassena widow Margaret, 67 Anthony 

Lemesle Augustus, typefounder 42 Barclay 

Lemoine Augustine, lace bleacher 26 Liberty 

Lemoine Lewis, 26 Liberty 

Lennon James, shoemaker 24 Maiden-lane h. 68 Nassau 

Lennox James R 54 Oliver 

Lenox Robert, merchant 59 Broadway 

266 longwoeth's 182 5—2 6 

Lent Abraham, cooper 109i Canal 

Lent David, shoemaker 42 Wooster n. Spring 

Lent Evert, carpenter Grand n. Broadway 

Lent Henry, carpenter 93 Varick 

Lent Isaac, cartman McDougal n. Houston 

Lent James VV. register office h. 31 Water 

Lent John, Carmine n. Bedford 

Lent John, shipcarpenter 137 Mott, 

Lent P. W. mer. tailor 78 William' 

Lent Samuel E. accountant 362 Broome 

Lent Eleanor widow of Peter, 186 Mulberry 

Lent widow of John A. 448 Broome 

Lent Sarah widow of John, 291 Greenwich 

Lentilhon Anthony, 75 Pine h. 363 Broadway 

Lentner John, fish tackle store 36 Maiden-l.h.256 Broad w'. 

Leon Moses, 26 Warren 

Leonard Denis, teacher 32 Grand 

Leonard Jacob, shipcarpenter 187 Mott 

Leonard James T. v. s. Jv. 143 Washington 

Leonard John, fancy drygoods 119 Willian 

Leonard John, waiter 138 Reed 

Leonard Peter, 155 Banker 

Leonard Joseph, custom house officer 6 James 

Leonard widow Mary, nurse 153 Reed 

Leonori Lewis, 393 Broadway 

Leroy Daniel, merchant 69 Washington Ii. 7 Greenwich 

Leroy David, segar maker 68 Orchard 

Leroy F. C. jeweller somewhere up town 

Leroy Robert, merchant 343 Broadway • 

Leroy widow of Jacob, 81 Liberty 

Leroy, Bayard & Co. 91 Washington 

Leslie David, shipmaster 74 Forsyth 

Leslie widow Elizabeth, 252 Broome 

Lespiness Augustus, tallow chandler 9 Delancey 

Lesquoy James, mattressmaker 133 Fulton 

Lester Jedediah B. grocer Wooster c. Houston 

Lester John M. marshal 77 Chapel 

Lester Nathaniel R. shipmaster Grand n. Attorney 

Lester k. Eager, grocers Houston c. Wooster 

Lete Mary, milliner Broadway n. Prince 

Lethbridge Sabid, merchant 181 Pearl 

Letson John, mason Wooster n. Prince 

Letts John, turner 110 Pump 

Letts Mary, tailoress 32 Lumber 

Letu John, merchant 260 Bowery 

Leve William, Allen n. North 

Levee Francis, brushmaker Hudson c. Fitzroy 

Levengston S. M. merchant 111 "William 

Leverich Caleb, cartman Laurens n. Spring 

Leverich Sacket, grocer 204 Division 

Leveridge Benjamin C. 139 Cherry 

Leveridge John, attorney and counsellor 139 Cherry 

Leveridge Prince, shoemaker 59 Mercer 

Levering Thomas W. merchant 112 Front 

Levesque Sarah Ann, seamstress 109 Chambers 

Levins rev. Thomas C. 45 Canal 


Leviness George, butcher First n. Bowery 
Leviness John, founder Cannon n. Rivingtoa 
Leviness Joseph, butcher 245 Allen 
Levering Thomas W. merchant 112 Front 
Levison John, shoemaker 162 Elizabeth 
Levy Aaron, merchant 38 Greenwich 

Levy Abraham, bookbinder 77 Gold 

Levy David, merchant 145 Pump 

Levy Hart, merchant rear 104 Mott 

Levy J. H. merchant 38 Greenwich 

Levy jr. Jacob, 111 Chambers 

Levy Simeon, merchant Desbrosses c. Greenwich 

Levy Solomon, merchant 50 Hudson 

Levy U. H. druggist Broadway c. John h. 50 Hudson 

Levy William, Pump n. Collect 

Lewis Alexander, cartman 243 Hudson 

Lewis Calvin, mason rear 23 Elizabeth 

Lewis Cornelius, cartman 82 Sullivan 

Lewis Daniel, brass-founder 458 Cherry 

Lewis Daniel, mason 23 Elizabeth 

Lewis Daniel, hairdresser and surgeon 2 Coenties-slip 

Lewis David, flour and fish mer. 282Fiont h. 18 Eldwdge 

Lewis David, tailor 60 Watts 

Lewis Elias, upholsterer 83 Chapel 

Lewis Elias, baker Allen n. Broome 

Lewis Elijah, saddler 184 Water h. Brooklyn 

Lewis Erasmus, block and pump-maker foot Murray 

Lewis Gabriel L. merchant 53 South h. 16 Park-place 

Lewis George, smith 28 Goerck 

Lewis Gilbert, 193 Chatham h. 51 Bayard 

Lewis G. W. carpenter 50 Suffolk 

Lewis H. 53 South 

Lewis Israel, builder 232 Hudson n. Spring 
Lewis Israel, shipmaster 22 Marketfield 
Lewis James, smith Vandam n. M'Dougal 
Lewis James, carpenter 365 Bowery 
Lewis Jesse, chair-maker 100 Harman 
Lewis John, cartman 27 Vandam 
Lewis John, livery-stable, 147 Washington 
Lewis John, ship-joiner 135 Harman 
Lewis John G. smith 114 Elizabeth 
Lewis Joseph, fruiter 31 Catharine 
Lewis Joseph, shoemaker 83 Henry 
Lewis Joseph L. engraver and artist 3 Wall h. 10 New 
Lewis Jotham, boatman 154 Reed 
Lewis Junius S. 238£ Pearl 
^ Lewis Morgan, 72 Leonard 
Lewis Morri6, 168 Reed 

Lewis Nathaniel H. porter-house 244 Division 
Lewis Peter, shoemaker 176 Duane 
Lewis Philo, bf. & pk. re-park.Wash. n. Spring h. 3Charit, 
Lewis Richard, carpenter 187 Mott 
Lewis Robert, shoemaker 72 Cherry 

268 longworth's 1825— 2u 

Lewis Robert, shipmaster 19 Essex 

Lewis Roswell W. attor. and couns. 219 Division 

Lewis Smith, fisherman rear 74 Henry 

Lewis S3'lvanus, mason 5 Orchard 

Lewis Thomas, mariner 242 Duane 

Lewis Thomas, fruiter 118 Chapel 

Lewis Thomas, boot-maker 29 Park 

Lewis Thomas, cartman 42 Willet n. Delaucey 

Lewis W. C. cartman 62 Thompson 

Lewis Wm. grocer 304 Broadway h. Ill Duane 

Lewis William B. shoemaker 106 Bayard 

Lewis William N. cartman 343 Grand 

Lewis Wm. S. sail-m. South c. Gouv.lane h. 36 Forsyth 

Lewis Uzza, carpenter 99 Laurens n. Prince 

Lewis Z. editor Amer. Mis. Register 40 Broad 

Lewis widow, 36 Church 

Lewis widow of F. 77 Chambers - ti 

Lewis widow Eliza, 140 Cherry 

Lewis widow Eliza, tailoress Nicholas-William 

Lewis Elizabeth widow of Evan, 178 Bowery 

Lewis Elizabeth widow of John, 20 Vandam 

Lewis widow Hannah, 133 Anthony 

Lewis widow Jane, 138 Arundel 

Lewis widow Phebe, boarding-house 74 Broadway 

Lewis G. & H. merchants 53 South 

Lewis k, Jay, auctioneers 193 Chatham 

Lewis & Smith, 3 Fulton-market 

Lewis & Tomes, import, of jewe. & buttons, 98 Maiden-], 

Lherbette Stephen, Warren n. Broadway 

L'Hommedieu Nath. mer. 77 Front h. 116 Greenwich 

L'Hommedieu Sylvester, clerk in Police 26 Reed 

L'Hommedien widow Naomi, Ludlow n.Delancey 

Liautier Joseph, stevedore 252 William 

Lidabeck Martin, boarding-house 157 Bowery 

Liebenau Frederick, engraver 42 Vesey 

Liebenau sen. Henry F. peruquier 42 Vesey 

Liebenau jr. Henry F. sign-painter 42 Vesey 

Liens Catharine, 97 Anthony 

Light William, mariner 35 Bancker 

Lightbody James, dyer Wooster n. Spring 

Lilienthal Hanke, 142 Harman 
Xilienthal Lear, tobacconist 191 Washington 

Lilley William, cartman Essex n. Rivington 

Lilly James, cartman 78 Ludlow 

Limbeck John H. baker 180 Bancker 

Limberger sen. John, Amos n. Herring 

Limberger John, baker 41 Vesey 

Limerick Alexander, carpenter Bedford c. Christopher 

Limerick widow Mary, 356 Cherry 

Linacre John, cabinet-maker 120 Leonard 

Lincrom Ann widow of Jacob, 187 Mulberry 

Linden widow Joanna, 39 Cross 

Linderman Jacob, Greenwich n. Reed 

Lindsay George, 98 Liberty 

Lindsay George, 82 Eldridge 


fcindsley & Ellet (Caleb F.) merchants 79 Pearl 

Line John, tailor 78 Pump 

Lines Abraham, merchant 28 Cortlaudt 

Lines Leonard V. 255 Hudson 

Lines Thomas, cartman Sullivan n. Houston 

Link Egbert, cooper 26 Pump 

Link Henry | tobacconist 49 Ludlow 

Linkleter James, 85 Front 

Linn Edward M. cartman 339 Grand 

Linn Thomas, shoemaker 189 Hester c. Mulberry 

Linninghani , young-ladies' seminary 52 Roosevelt 

Linton Robert, Eldridge n. North 

Lintz John, printer Nassau c. Ann 

Lippencott John, mason 15 Mulberry 

Lippencott Samuel, carpenter Charles n. Herring 

Lippeiis Francis, paper-colourer 49 Forsyth 

Lippiett Thomas, tailor 54 Wooster 

Lippincott Henry, carpenter 544 Broome 

Lippincott Thomas, merchant-tailor 229 Spring 

Lippincott William L. merchant 52 Front h. 38 Pean 

Liske Joseph, boatman 19 Arundel 

Littell George, mason 63 Bayard 

Littell Evert C* mason 63 Bayard 

Littell James B. mason 63 Bayard 

Little Charles, baker 70 Broome 

Little Hiram, mason rear 132 Grand 

Little Horace, merchant 81 Maiden-lane 

Little Jacob, broker 29 Wall 

Little James, carpenter 197 Mott 

Little James, barber 148 Hannan 

Little John, mason 48 Mulberry 

Little John, grocer 18 Hester c. Suffolk 

Little Michael, clerk 280 Spring 

Little M. S. druggist 29 Bowery 

Little Robert, dock-builder 37 Essex 

Little Thomas, bookbinder 139 Chambers 

Little William, rigger rear 204 Harman 

Little William, labourer 193 Elizabeth 

Little & Co. Jonathan, merchant 216 Pearl h. 15 John 

Littleboy W. feather and comb-maker 91 Chatham 

Littlelield Daniel, shoemaker 90 Chapel 

Littlefield widow Ann, 243 Spring 

Littlefield & Parkin, com. merchants 174 Front 

Littlewood Edmund C. gun-smith 350 Water 

Livesay widow Jane, 13 Cherry 

Liv'ngston Charles L. 37 Pine 

Livingston Daniel, merchant 13 Old-slip up stairs 

Livingston Ellison E. brass-founder Bowery n. junction 

Livingston G. W. merchant 3 South h. 323 Greenwich 

Livingston John R. merchant 204 Duane 

Livingston J. H. merchant 323 Greenwich 

Livingston Peter W. merchant 3 South h. 323 Greenwich 

Livingston Robert M. 145 Hudson 

Livingston Samuel C. merchant-tailor 89 Fulton 

Livingston Thomas F. 383 Broadway 

' ivingston Susan widow of Peter, 64 Greens 

270 longworth's 1825—26 

Llambios Johns, smith Broome n. Suffolk 
Lloyd Andrew, ship-carpenter 8 Norfolk 
Lloyd Bateman, smith 441 Greenwich 
Lloyd Charles, carpenter Scammel n. Lombardy 
Lioyd Henry, tobacconist rear 58 Allen 
Lloyd Henry B. 32 South h. 237 Duane 
Lloyd John, merchant 432 Pearl h. 29 Roosevelt 
Lloyd Joseph, Trenton 
Lloyd Joseph, reed-maker 29 Oak 
Lloyd Mary, diygood-store 186 Bowery 
Lloyd Paul B. 237 Duane 
Ltoyd Samuel, shoemaker 106 Reed 
Lloyd Samuel, grocer Bowery c Purs-p 
Lloyd William, cooper Canal n. Elm 
Lloyd widow Martha, 21 Hester 
Lloyd & White, fur-merchants 146 Water 
Lloyd & Worth, grocers 60 Boweiy 
Lobb Jacob, cartman 67 Ludlow n. Broome 
Lock Isabella, milliner and dress-m. 17 Cortland: 
Locke Frederick, bookbinder 494 Pearl 
•aLoeke H. M. merchant-tailor 267 William 
Lockey Peter, segar-maker 129 Chapel 
Locklin James, tailor 55 N. Moore 
Lockman Abraham, cartman King n. M'Dougal 
Lockman Jacob, lumber-insp. and grocer 108 Cedar 
Lockwood Abraham, grocer 104 Warren 
Lock wood Alfred, watch-maker 110 Cherry 
Lockwood Andrew, builder Hudson n. Reed h- 7 VJarick 
Lockwood Carey, shoemaker Laurens n. Spring 
Lockwood Charles, tailor 101 John h. 66 Cherry 
Lockwood Charles, grocer Domiuick c. Clarke 
Lockwood Eliakim, 41 Oliver 
Lockwood Elias, Front n. Corl. hook 
Lockwo-od George, merchant-tailor 100 Wm. h. 44 Gold 
Lockwood Henry, grocer 274 Spring 
Lockwood Henry, mariner 119 Forsyth 
Lockwood Hezekiah, cartman Broome c. Varick 
Lockwood Israel, shoemaker 279 Spring 
Lockwood Ithamer, carpenter 62 Thompson 
Lockwood I. J. 127 Orange 
Lockwood James, 41 Division 
Lockwood John, cooper 128 Chrystie 
Lockwood Joseph, tailor 76 Ludlow 
Lockwood Joseph, cartman 79 Broome 
Lockwood Joseph \V. cartman 36 Rose 
Lockwood Philip P. joiner 159 Maiden-lane h. 4 Park-p 
Lockwood Odle, dry-goods 438 Pearl 
Lockwood Roe, bookseller 399 Broadway 
Lockwood Rufus, teacher 148 Chambers 
Lockwood Samuel, smith 6 Walnut 
Lockwood Samuel, cartman Greene n. Bleecker 
Lockwood Samuel S. 212 William 
Lockwood Sarah, milliner 37l£ Greenwich 
Lockwood Stephen, Maiden-lane c. Pearl h. 432 Peart 
Lockwood Smith, cartman 205 Thompson n. Bleeckee, 
Lockwood Walter, 40 Cheapsido 


Lockwood William, tailor 218 Cherry 
Lockwood Elizabeth widow of Sam. Robinson c. Chape! 
Lockwood Tamer, Orchard c. Boome 
Lockwood widow of Thomas, 74 Canal 
Lockwood & Co. Wm. grocers 85 Wall h. 162 William 
Lockwood A. and W. dry goods 366 Pearl 
Lockwood & Beach, dry goods 145 Chatham 
Loder Benjamin, 124 Cherry 
Loder William, bootmaker 59 Arundel 
Lodge Benjamin F. 10 Cliff 

Logan Adam, watch-maker and jeweller 55 Chatham 
Logan John, laborer Canal n. Varick 
Loggan John, tailor rear 71 Warren 
Logue Edward, grocer 101 Pump c. Orange 
Lqgue Michael, pedlar Elizabeth c. Prince 
Logue Robert, laborer 240 Mulberry 
Lohse Frederick A. merchant 17 Gold 
Loines Charles W. drygoods 305 B.way h. 463 Greenwich 
Loines James, merchant 152 South h. 72 Hudson 
Loines Richard, merchant 152 South h. 604 Broadway 
Loines James and Richard, merchants 152 South 
Loines R. and C. W. merchants 305 Broadway 
Lolen widow Jane, 34 Broad 
Loman Joseph, tavern Broome n. Willet 
Lombard David, rigger 53 Lombardy 
Long Christopher cartman 12 Essex 
Long George, printer and bookseller 71 h. 63 Pearl 
Long George, butcher 3d Avenue n. Bowery 
Long John, 452 Greenwich c. Watts 
Long John, carpenter 25 Chrystie 
Long Oliver, type-founder 3 Chapel 
Long Peter, comb-maker 4 Hague 
Long Samuel, cartman Stanton n Arundel 
Long Thomas, weaver Laight n. Greenwich 
Long William, laborer 5 Columbia 
Longat Anthony, 14 Ann 
Longhurst Richard, carpenter 24 Pell 
Longstreet G. cartman 229 Chrystie 
Longworth T. 15 Pine h 29 Greene 
Lonnon Susan A. seamstress 38 Orange 
Loof borrow Horace, teach, deaf & dumb 119 Lombardy 
Loof borrow Isaac, teacher 184 Harman 
Loof borrow Jeremiah, speculator 313 Grand 
Looker Benj. shoedealer Maiden-!, c. Water h. 18 Gold 
Looker Ira, shoemaker 118 Orchard 
Looker Joseph, carpenter 134 Mulberry 
Looker Linus,-shoemaker 101 Laurens n. Prince 
Looker and Parshall, shoe dealers Maideu-1. c. Water 
Loomer and Co. Otis, merch. 189 Pearl h. 143 Chamber* 
Loomis Elijah B. printer 113 Chrystie 
Loomis Lebbeus, broker 35 Wall up stairs 
Loomis Samuel Smith, 108 Spring 
Loper David, market-man 118 Hester 
Lopes Lewis, 241 Duane 
Lopez David, cartman 98 Harman 
Looez Isaac, locksmith 75 Chrystie 

272 long worth's 1825—36 

Lopez Joseph, rigger 78 Cedar 
Lopez Samuel, porter house 150 Bowery 
Lopez widow Sarah, 206 Hudson 
Lord Abner R. merchant 412 Pearl 
Lord Benjamin, shipmaster 423 Broadway 
Lord Daniel, physician and druggist 77 Water 
Lord jun. Daniel, attorney 44 Pine h. 7 Laight [Varick 
Lord Eleazer, pres. manhat. ins. co. 26 Wall h. Beach n- , 
Lord George W. merchant 28^ Front 
Lord Hezekiah G. cartman 1st. Avenue n. North 
Lord Jabez C. silversmith 177 William 
Lord James, combmaker 68 Bowery 
Lord Joseph N. block-maker 274 Front h. 9 Roosevelt 
Lord Nathaniel, 72 South h. 36 Broadway 
Lord Rufus L. merchant 128 Pearl 
Lord Thomas, 128 Pearl h. 55 Greenwich 
Lord William, carpenter 122 Grand 
Lord and Corbitt, merchants 72 South 
Lord & Lees, merchants 128 Pearl 
Lord& Smith, silver-smiths 177 William 
Lord and Pierson, merchants 121 Pearl [Hudson 

Lorillard Jacob, leath. and hide sUflS Ferry h. Laight c 
Lorillard Peter, tobacconist 44 Chatham 
Lorillard P. & G. tobacconists 42 Chatham 
Lorimer John, slater 34 Church 
Loring David, smith 155 Division 
Loriug Josephus B. 210 Fulton h. 68 Chapel 
Loring & Le Foy, grocers and flour store 210 Fulton 
Lorton John, carpenter 249 Hudson n. Charlton 
Lorton John, stone-cutter Laurens n. Grand ^ 

Lorton Lewis, shoemaker Commerce n. Herring ■**; 

Lorton William H. grocer 263 Spring c. Hudson 
Lorton Elizabeth widow of James, 103 Elm 
Lossee Jeffry, grocer 38 Roosevelt 
Lossey Thomas, cartman Lombardy n. Clinton 
Lossee Viely, cartman 31 Hester- 
Lossy William, bottler 14 Charlton 
Losson John A. W. chair-maker 35 Norfolk 
Lothen Ebenezer, tailor 4 Bayard 
Lothian G. B. type-founder 223£ Pearl 
Lothian & Pell, type-founders 223£ Pearl and 50 Gold 
Lott Henry, merchant 66 Pine h. Bleecker n. Greene 
Lott Johanna, boaidinghouse 150 Greenwich 
Lott Peter, carpenter 158 Delancey 
Lott Samuel, laborer 39 Augustus 
Louderback Joseph, 13 Mercer 
Loudon Charles, bootmaker 98 Elm 
Louge & Co. William, grocers 37 Augustus 
Loughlen John, brass-founder 24 Orchard 
Loughman James, grocer 389 Water and 27 Division 
Lounsberry J. dry good store 130 Division 
Lounsberry James, 88 Pump 

Lounsberry Jeremiah, merchant 206 Chatham h. 11 Allen 
Lounsberry John, milkman 57 Hester 
Lounsberry Justus, cartman 218 Orange 
Lounsberry Nehemiah, 16 Eldridge 
Lounsberry Stephen, merchant Harman n. Chatham 


Lounsberry & Barrett, dry goods 98 Division 
Lounsberry & Heermance, mer. 192 Chatham 
Lounsberry & Hall, dry goods 206 Chatham 
Loutrel Lewis, weigher 31 South h. Canal n. Hudson 
Louzada Isaac, milkman 97 Reed 
Lovanny John, hairdresser 401| Broadway 
Love David, cartman 28 Bancker 
Love John, millwright 199 Hester 

Lovejoy Andrew B. tavern 235 Spring 

Lovejoy & Gilmore (Jonathan,) 321 Broadway 

Loveland Oliver, carpenter Commerce n. Herring 

Lovett Aaron, cartrnan 1st Avenue n. North 

Lovett Eliza, 12 Scammel 

Lovett George, dockbuilder Goerck h. 290Delancey 

Lovett Jabez, shipmaster 52 Forsyth 

Lovett James, merchant 93 South 

Lovett James, brewer 279 Grand 

Lovett John, grocer Delancey c. Lewis 

Lovett Robert, seal engraver 259 Broadw. h.414 Broomo 

Lovett Thomas L. copperplate printer 178 Water 

Lovett widow Ann, 67 Rutgers 

Lovett widow of Thomas, 12 Greene 

Low Benjamin, cartman 31 Vandani 

Low Benjamin, carpenter 17 Oliver 

Low John, primer Brooklyn 

Low John, president Union Bank 17 Wall 

Low jun. John, 105 Front h. 462 Broome 

Low John, shoemaker 29 Rose 

Low Nicholas, 67 Greenwich 

Low William, tinsmith Lombardy n. Scammel 

Low Jemimah widow of John, 74 Fulton 

Low Ann widow of Samuel, tailoress 12 Chesmn- 

Lowher widow of Michael, ink manuf. 64 Frankfort 

Lowden & Webb, grocers Grand c. Orchard 

Lowe Samuel J. hairdresser 415 Greenwich 

Lowe widow Elizabeth, 37 Sullivan 

Lowe widow Ann, Herring c. Arden 

Lowence Edward, mariner 333 Front 

Lowerre Edmond S. hardware 97 h. 163 William 

Lowcrre Henry J. attor. 78 Murray h. Greenw. c. Desbros, 

Lowerre James, Greenwich c. Desbrosses 

Lowerre J. coop, and repac. of beef &c. Canal c. Was): 

Lowerre John, grocer 437 Greenwich [h. 451 Greenw, 

Lowerre Richard, cooper 11 Ann h. 16 Collect 

Lowerre S. W. paint store 86 Division [see Lowry 

Lowerre Thomas B. tavern Bowery c. Hester 

Lowerre Win. attorney 78 Murray h. Desbros. c. Greenw 

Lowerre Win. W. carpenter and grocer 130 Broad 

Lowerre Wm. R. 68 Rutgers 

Lowery Henry, grocer 8 South h. 18 Water 

Lowey J. milliner 415 Pearl 

Lownds Thomas, keeper of the jail 

Lownsberry James, merchant 83 Pump 

Lowusberry Jonathan, cartman 77 Columbia n, Delancev 

Lownsberry widow of Stephen, 234 Hudson 

Lowry Robert, Herring n. Burrows 

274 longworth's 1825—26 

Lowry Robert, shoe store 55 Spring 

Lowry Mary Ann, 74 Front [see Lowerrt 

Lowry & Co. John M. 53 South h. 31 Stone 

Lowther widow Hannah, 72 Broad 

Lozier Abraham, butcher Spring n. Washington 

Lozier Christopher, mason 7 Dominick 

Lozier Hildebrand, 65 Division 

Lozier John, sup. man. water works 14 Chambers 

Lozier Nicholas, cartman 2 Charlton 

Lozier Nicholas, cordwainer 289 Spring 

Lozier Peter, mason 39 Cross 

Lozier William, cartman 2 Charlton 

Lozier Susannah widow of Abraham, 259 Spring 

Lubberwar Martin, grocer 11 Chatham 

Lucas Aaron, shoemaker 40 Hester 

Lucas Archibald, milkman Ridge n. Delancey 

Lucas Isaac, builder 373 Broadway h. 40 Walker 

Ludlam David, grocer Broome c. Ludlow 

Ludlam jr. David, grocer 115 Pump 

Ludlam Ephraim, shipcarpenter 410 Cherry 

Ludlam Isaac T. city surveyor 12 James 

Ludlam John, butcher 336 Washington 

ludlam Sampel, turner 50 Harman 

^udlam Thomas R. city surveyor 12 James [see Ludlum 

Ludlam Rebecca widow of Stephen, 12 James 

Ludlam widow Ann, grocer 209 Broome 

Ludlow Alfred, attorney 54 Ann [532 Broadw. 

Ludlow Augustus, couns. & mas. in chan. 16 Nassau h. 

Ludlow Christopher B. Herring n. Amos 

Ludlow Ezra, mason 2 Stone 

Ludlow Elizabeth, 361 Washington 

Ludlow Edward G. M. D. 27£ Hudson 

Ludlow Frances S. 80 Chambers 

Ludlow G. A. attorney 2 Pine h. 532 Broadway 

Ludlow Gulian, merchant 15 Whitehall 

Ludlow James, druggist 107 Division 

Ludlow Peter, merchant 53 Pine 

Ludlow Robert M. 23 Howard 

Ludlow Thomas W. coun. 16 Nassau h. 44 Warren 

Ludlow Elizabeth widow of G. V. 532 Broadway 

Ludlow widow Mary, 44 Warren 

Ludlum Aletta M. teacher 18 Rose 

Ltidlum Gershom, marketmau 50 Orchard 

Ludlum Henry M. merchant 23 Ann [see Ludlam 

Ludlum Jacob, custom house"officer 44 Greenwich 

Ludlum Joseph, mason and grocer Church c. Canal 

Ludlum Nuhemiah, 21 Suffolk 

Ludlum Nicholas, hardware 378 Broadway h. 51 Canal 

Ludlum Samuel, turner 50 Harman 

Ludlum Wm. porter & board, h. Albany c. Washington. 

Ludlum widow Ann, 63 James 

Ludlum widow Rachael, 28 Walker 

Ludlum, Johnson & Co. merchants 16 South 

Ludwig Joseph F. druggist 41 Forsyth 

Luff John C. baker 46 Orchard 

Luff Matthias, grocer 83 Bowery 



Luff Martin, grocer Hester c. Forsyth 

Luff Philip L. butcher 49 Wash, market h. 149 Crosb:^ 

Luff Thomas, accountant rear 50 Frankfort 

Luff widow of John N. 39 Broad 

Luff borrow Thomas, carpenter 221 William 

Luke Charles, painter 196 Division 

Luke George, grocer Greenwich c. Beach 

Lulsdorf John H. 80 Forsyth 

Lumby widow Rebecca, 112 Orange 

Lummis Samuel, engineer 141 Spring 

Lunday Catharine widow of John, 27 Desbrosses 

Lund William, cabinet maker 93 Elizabeth 

Lupin, Son & Co. merchants 100 Maiden-lane 

Lupton Henry, coffee manuf. 210 Harman 

Lupton John, carpenter Lewis n. North 

Lupton William, Sheriff n. Rivinglon 

Lupton & Co. Saml. mer. tailors 168 Cherry h.57 Market 

Luqueer Francis T. 114 Pearl 

Luqueer & Vannest, hardware 105 Pearl c. Old-slip 

Luther Henry, ropemaker Eldridge c. North 

Luther John, 130 Arundel n. Stanton 

Lutkins Henry, mason White c. Church 

Lux widow Rachel, 351 Grand 

Luyster Abraham R. 192 Pearl h. 19 Mercer 

Luyster Cornelius P. 476 Grand 

Luyster Garrit, 288 Elizabeth 

Luyster James, grocer 407 Water h. 75 Essex 

Luyster William, merchant 192 Pearl h. 29 Ann 

Luyster W. &A. R. auctioneers 192 Pearl 

Lyall John, porter 42 Cedar 

Lyde Edward, broker 16 William h. Broadway n. 13th 

Lyde Elizabeth, 31 Barclay 

Lyde & Walton, brokers 16 William 

Lydecker Albert, milkman Christopher n. Herring 

Lydecker John, cartman Bedford n. Commerce 

Lydig & Son David, flour, mer. South n. Dover wharf h, 

Lyell rev. Thomas, 77 Anthony [225 Broadway 

Lyell Catharine widow of Fenwick, 1 Charlton 

Lylburn Robert, grocer 255 Duane 

Lylburn widow Ann, 44 Gold 

Lyle Eliza widow of Samuel, china st. 36 Catharine 

Lynar Anthony, brass founder Collect n. Canal 

Lynar John. 500 Pearl 

Lynch David, cancer doctor 30 Chrystie 

Jjynch jr. Dominick, mer. 40 WiHiam b. 1 Greenwich 

Lynch Elias, letter carrier 229 Orange 

Lynch Francis B. merchant 98 Pearl 

Lynch George, shipmaster 122 Varick 

Lynch Henry, merchant 40 William h. 81 Chambers 

Lynch Henry, smith 123 Grand 

Lynch James, laborer 8 Hester 

Lynch James, painter 4 Market 

Lynch James, hair-dresser 112 Broad 

Lynch James, attorney 44 Broadway 

Lynch James W. mason 273 Delancey 

Lynch John, sash maker Pitt n. Delancey , 


276 longworth's 1825-*-2€ 

Lynch John, stone-cutter Hudson c. Canal 
Lynch John, 356 Broome 
Lynch Joseph, printer 83 Chapel 
Lynch Julia, 210 Duane . 
Lynch Patrick, laborer 30 Cross 
Lynch P. D. dry goods 223 Hudson 
Lynch Samuel, mason 273 Delancey 
Lynch Thomas, mineral water 10 Wall h. 3 Broad 
Lynch Thomas, 50 Lumber 
Lynch Thomas A. saw-filer 337 Water 
Lynch Watson B. teacher 175 Chatham 
Lynch widow Ellen, Allen c. Delancey 
Lynch widow Mary, 42 Cherry 

Lynch & Clarke, min. water 10 Wall & 352 Broadwa* 
Lynch & Dibblee, merchants 98 Pearl 
Lynes Daniel, dry goods 187 Pearl h. 29 Allen 
Lynes S. C. 293 Pearl h. 25 Allen 
Lynes S. C. & S. dry goods 293 Pearl 
Lyng Jandine, carpenter 107 Chapel 
Lynn John, grocer 37 Anthony 
Lynt Frederick, tarern 139 Delancey 
Lyon Daniel, cartman Stanton n. Arundel 
Lyon David, 32 Market 
Lyon David S- dep. naval officer 12 Broad 
Lyon Edward, dry goods 398 Pearl 
* Lyon Garretson, wheelwright 67 Varick 

Lyon Henry, upholsterer 137 Maiden lane 

Lyon Hyatt, butcher 68 Broome 

Lyon Israel, cartman 53 Spring 

Lyon James, carpenter 49 Essex 

Lyon James H. distiller 48 Lombardy 

Lycn John, cartman 212 Broome 

Lyon jr. John, cartman Sz Essrx 

Lyon John H. butcher 28 Wash. mark. h. 133 Elizabeth 

Lyon Joseph, merchant 288 Front h. 52 Lispenard 

Lyon Joseph N. shoemaker 78 Chapel 

Lyon Lewis, cooper 282 Front h. 5 Batavia 

Lyon Mary, boarding h. 263 Water 

Lyon Nicholas B. inspector 4th ward 42 Catharine 

Lyon Peter H. drygoods 28 Division 

Lyon Richard, carver and gilder 12 Essex 

Lyon Samuel, painter 511 h. 502 Pearl 

Lyon Samuel, smith 41 Hester 

Lyon Stephen, tailor 314 Water h. 119 Division 

Lyon Stephen, lumber merchant 194 Cherry 

Lyon Thomas, carpenter 71 Lombardy 

Lyon William, grocer 38 South h. 55 Pearl 

Lyon William A. cartman 118 Wooster n. Bleecker 

Lyon Washington H. customhouse broker 12 Broad 

Lyon William W. grocer 37 Spruce 

Lyon widow Catharine, 20 Henry 

Lyon widow Effee, 66 Thompson 

Lyon & Piatt, drygoods 44 Division 

Lyon Thomas & Stephen, lumber yard 194 Cherry 

Lyons Amanda, tailoress 160 Division 

Lyons Benjamin, blockmaker 33 Leonard 


Lyons Benjamin, cartman 48 Essex 

Lyons David, grocer 84 Harman 

Lyons Eleanor, 203 Orange 

Lyons George, speculator rear 102 Mott 

Lyons George, shoemaker 48 Gold 

Lyons George, laborer 81 Mulberry 

Lyons Henry, 69 Spring 

Lyons John, currier 69 Cliff 

Lyons John, butcher 4 Catharine market h. 240 Bowery g 

Lyons John, fur cap maker 23 Augustus 

Lyons Levi, pedlar 3 74 Grand 

Lyons Philo W. grocer 251 Grand 

Lyons Samuel, combmaker 403 Broome 

Lyons Samuel, bootcrimper Jacob c. Ferry 

Lyons Thomas, shoemaker 199 Church 

Lyons William, fruiter 546i Broadway 

Lyons William H. hatter Spruce 

Lyons widow Cleopatra, 157 Church 

Lyons widow Susan, 194 Crosby 

M'Adam Thomas, weaver rear 9 Augustus 
M'Adam widow of William, 57 Broadway 
M'Adams widow Ann, 31 Delancey 
M'Allis James, grocer 174 Reed 
M'Alpin Hugh, cooper 7 Birmingham 
M'Alpine William, morocco dresser 3 Bancker 
M'Anally James, grocer 53 Henry 
M'Anally Owen, brewer 44 James c. Bancker 
M'Andrew Francis, laborer 52 Duane 
M'Andrew^ James, grocer 40 Augustus 
M'Andrew widow, grocer 31 Henry 
M'Andrew widow Hannah, 336 Grand 
M'Ardle Patrick, grocer Art c. Bowery 
M'Ardle Patrick, 110 Mulberry 
M'Ardle Philip, 5 Prince 
M'Ardle Philip, grocer 40 Delancey 
M'Arthur & Co. Arthur, blockmakers 269 Front 
M'Auley John, smith n. Covlaer's Hook 
M'Bride Daniel, grocer 35 Watts 
M'Bride Hester widow of John, 73 Provost 
M'Bride Hugh, cartman 192 Mulberry 
M'Bride James, merchant 82 Liberty 
M'Bride James, Cartman 63 Orange 
M'Bride Walter, grocer 22 Thomas 
M'Bride widow Mary, 210 Mulberry 
M'Brien Edward, tailor 75 Church 
M'Caba Patrick, livery stable 40 Nassau h. 10 Dutch 
M'Caba widow of Edward, 226 Harman 
M'Cabe Francis, grocer 124 Bowery and 50 Catharine 
M'Cabe Joseph, gardener 107 Anthony 
M'Cabe Michael, laborer Rivington c. Ridge 
M'Cabe Owen, grocer 111 Lombardy 
M'Cabe Owen, cartman 88 Harman 
M'Cabe Patrick, cartman 60 Mulberry 
M'Cabe Patrick, 28 Leonard 
M'Cabe Stephen, smith 37 Chrystie 

278 longworth's 1825 — 26 

M'Cabe Thomas, chairmaker 247 Hudson 

M'Cafferty Bernard, cartman Elizabeth n. Prince 

M'Caffil John, tobacconist 17 Oliver 

M'Caffrey Barney, laborer 64 Essex 

M'Caffrey Hugh, tailor 367 Water 

M'Caffrey Terence, grocer 111 Anthony 

M'Call James, merchant 109 Pearl h. 34 Barclay 

M'Call Mary, drygoods 98 Hudson 

M'Calvey James, oysterhouse 338 Washington 

M'Can Edward, cartman 172 Hester 

M'Can John, laborer 116 Mott 

M'Can John, laborer 173 Hester 

M'Can Thomas, pedlar 5 Columbia 

M'Candless Leslie, 142 Duane 

M'Carr John, tailor 26 John 

M'Carrah Mary, rear 42 Augustus 

M'Cartee David, boatbuilder 262 Front li. 12 Jacob 

M'Cartee Peter, currier 12 Jacob 

M'Cartee rev. R. 29 Mercer 

M'Carthy D. grocer 49 Mar. & 67 Chatham h. 352 Broadw. 

M'Carthy John, grocer 63 Walnut n. Grand 

M'Cartin Charles, grocer 119 Anthony 

M'Cartin James, porter Temple 

M'Cartin Owen, grocer 41 Cross 

M'Carty Bernard, tailor 67 Lombardy 

M'Carty Charles, coachman 64 Crosby 

M'Carty Charles, shoemaker 35 Nassau 

M'Carty Dennis, mason 192 Elizabeth 

M'Carty John, plasterer Greene n. Amity 

M'Carty Morris, morocco-dresser 4 Hague' 

M'Carty Peter, auctioneer 14 Gold 

M'Carty widow Ellen, Mott n. Bleecker 

M'Carty, Van Antwerp & Co. auctioneers 121 Water 

M'Caully Archibald, labourer 30 Cross 

M'Caully John, smith Grand n. Walnut 

M'Causland James, hardware 163 Chatham h. 52Mulb. 

M'Causland Susan, milliner 158Division 

M'Causland Thomas, Eldridge n. Delancey 

M'Causland William, mason 68 Thompson 

M'Causland William, carpenter 51 Mott 

M'Cave Mary, fruiter 1 Leonard 

M'Cavitt John, 123 Greenwich 

M'Cawley Peter, grocer 45 Duane [vide M'Cauley 

M'Chain Gideon, grocer Spring c. Crosby 

M'Chain John, Spring c. Crosby 

M'Chesney Nath. coach-maker 16 Grand 

M'Chesney & Lawrence, coach-makers 414 Broadway 

M'Clanning Michael, tailor 17 Division 

M'Clave James, stonecutter rear 74 Reed 

M'Clave John, stonecutter 402 Greenwich n. Hubert 

M'Clean John, coach-maker Thompson n. Spring 

M'Clean Susan, 191 Greenwich 

M'Cleary John, carpenter Rhynder c. Hester 

M'Clelan W, W. att. couns, and not. 80 Fulton 

M'Clelland Joseph, printer and bookseller 285 Water 

M'CIeliaad Elizabeth widow of Archibald, 137 Elizabeth 


M'Clenachan Mary, boarding-school 53 Beach 
M'Clenahan James, grocer 152 Maiden-lane 
M'Clennon John, Norfolk c. Hester 
M'Clinchy Robert, rear 257 Greenwich 
M'Clintock Charles, assist, sec. West. Ins. 41 Clifi 
M'Clintock Floyd, 40 Watts 

M'Clintock James, attorney 10 Vesey h. 40 Watts 
M'Clintock Robert, merchant 214 Pearl 
M'Clintock, Hawthorn & Co. merchants 214 Peari 
M'Clister Alexander, cartman 43 Pearl 
M'Closkey Barnard, dyer 11 Beekman 
M'Closkey Edward, mason 37 Anthony 
M'Closkey widow Elizabeth, 259 Bowery 
M'Clure Alexander, grocer and graiu-st. 71 Mulberry 
M'Clure Archibald, tanner Henry n. Market 
M'Clure Francis, 57 Canal 
M'Clure Mayble, 53 Robinson 
M'Cltrre Thomas, cabinet-maker 62 Provost 
M'Clure widow of John, grocer 16 Elm c. Duane 
M'Cluskey Patrick, grocer Greenwich c. Provost 
M'Cluskey William, grocer Murray c. Greenv.ici. 
M Cole Hugh, labourer 4S6 Washington 
M'Cole John, tailor 70 Elm 
M'Cole Patrick, smith 37 Augustus 
M'Colgan George, carpenter 138 Leonard 
M'Coliens Robert, milkman Grand c. Attorney 
M'Colley Hamilton, mason 66 Spring 
M,'Colley William, mason 156 Reed 
M,Colligan John, comb-maker 114 Mulberry 
VlCoJlocfa Patrick, grocer 22 Peck-slip 
Vl^Cullnugh James, shoemaker 125 Forsyth a. Rivington 
MCollum Duncan, shipmaster IS Vandam 
M'Comb Elizabeth, 145 Anthony 

M'Comb John, apothecary 233 Greenwich c. Chambers 
M'Comb John, architect Bowery-hill 
M'Comb John, paver 40 Beaver [vide Macomb 

M'Combs William, type-founder 193 Hester 
M'Conechey Thomas, carpenter rear 157 Mulberry 
M'Connell James, cooper 6 Rose 
M'Connell James, M.D. 160 Orange 
M'Connell James, sawyer Washington c. Hammond 
M'Connelly Timothy, labourer 120 Anthony 
M'Coon A. grocer 119 Front h. 43 Market 
M Cord Benjamin, carpenter Puvington n. WiHet 
M'Cord George, mason 30 Norfolk 
M'CoH John, pedler 55 Charlton 
M'Corkell James, carpet-weaver 116 Mulberry 
M'Cormick Alexander, rigger 96 Henry 
M'Cormick Daniel, merchant 57 Wall 
M'Cormick Hugh, 102 Gold 
M'Cormick Peter, grocer 282 Grand 
M'Cormick Richard C. leather-st. 48 Ferry h. 102 Gold 
M'Cormick Robert, grocer 94 h. 89 Front 
M'Cormick Stephen, marshal 64 Bayard 
M'Cormick Thomas, Roosevelt n. Baucker 

280 longwobtii's 1825-26 

M'Cormick William, grocer West n. Harison 

M'Cormick widow Mary, 16 New 

M'Cosker Con, labourer 130 Mott 

M'Cosker John, shoemaker 186 William 

M'Cosker Peter, weaver Bedford u. Raisin 

M'Coulm Archibald, tailor 6 Chapel 

M'Coun W. T. attor. and couns. 79 John h. 30 Warren 

M'Coy Gavin, carpenter Dominick c. Varick 

M'Coy John, dyer 275 Greenwich [vide M'KaySzMaclcai 

M'Coy John, baker 255 Hudson 

M"Coy William, carpenter 435 Washington 

M'Coy widow of Alexander, 9 Clarke 

M'Crackan John, merchant 80 Pearl h. 25 Greenwicl 

M'Cracken Alexander, inspector 24 Pump 

M'Cracken Joseph, grocer 1 Bayard c. Forsyth 

M'Cracken William C. 125 Orange 

M'Crea James, 101 Front h.42 Broadway 

M'Crea John, hairdresser 64 Water 

M'Crea Robert, merchant 118 William 

M'Cready Andrew, keeper of the Park 115 Elm 

M'Cready Benjamin, merchant-tailor 40 John 

M'Cready Charles, ship-carpenter Rivington n. Sheriff 

M'Cready David, mason 143 Grand 

M'Cready George, upholsterer 462 Greenwich 

M'Cready jr. James, 152 Mott n. Grand 

M'Cready John, 38 Henry 

M'Cready Robert, block and pump-m. 83 Broome 

M'Cready Thomas, 76 Hester 

M'Cready jr. Thomas, at the custom-house 

M'Cready widow Barbara, Varick c. Provost 

M'Crindell Geo. & Thomas, carpet-st. 34 and 36 Nassau 

M'Croskery James, grocer 195 and 325 Grand 

M'Croskery M. grocer 158 Orange c. Grand 

M'Cue Michael, labourer 23 Augustus 

M'Cue William, labourer ?9 Augustus 

M'Cullegh widow of Alexander, Lombardy n. Walnut 

M'Culley James, hatter 21 Hester 

M'Culley Charles, brush-m. rear 93 Gold h. 82 Frankfor.t 

M'Culley Samuel, tailor 124 Pump and 116 Franklin 

M'Cullum Archibald, 443 Pearl 

M'Cummiskey John, rigger and grocer 51 Henry 

M'Cune James, cartman 207 Mott t [vide M'Euen 

M'Cune Jos. cartman and grocer Art n. Bowery 

M'Curdy Alexander, tailor 108 Mott 

M'Curdy James, shoemaker 17 More 

M'Curdy James, merchant 95 William 

M'Curdy Mary, 3 Provost 

M'Curdy & Co. R. H. dry-goods 104 Maiden-I. h. 520 B. 

M'Cutchan Joseph, mason 135 Spring [way 

M'Cutchen Hugh, chandler 38 Chrystie 

]M Cutchen Robert, founder 55 Charlton 

M'Cutchen Thomas, carpenter 138 Wooster 

M'Danlel William, plane-maker 399 Broome 

M'Dermett widow of Hugh, 41 Hestejr 

M'Dermot Charles, porter-house 205 Mott 

M'Derruott John, leather-diesser 50 Ferry 


M'Dermott John, grocer 59 Cherry 

M'Dermott John, grocer 58 Roosevelt 

M'Dermott John, grocer Prince c. Sullivan 

M'Dermott win*. Bridget, porter-h. 213 Washington 

M'Dermut Robert, bookseller 269 Pearl h. 53 Harman 

M'Derniut jr. Robert, 96 Harman 

M'Dcvitt Charles, printer Cana) n. Chapel 

M'Devitt John, tailor 19 Mulberry 

WDivit James, painter 34 Harman 

M'Dote Benjamin, ship-carpenter Sheriff" n. Stauton 

M'Dole Matthew, mason 298 Water 

M*Donald A. umbrella-majter 393 Pearl 

M'Donald Absalom, smith 5 Pelham 

M'Donald Alexander L. attor. 2 law-build, h. 8 New 

M'Donald Allen, tobacconist 108 Franklin 

M'Donald Charles, Washington n. Jay 

M'Donald Charlotte, 35 Leonard 

M'Donald Dennis, labourer Bowery c. Gerard 

-M'Donald Duncan, bookbinder 68 William 

M'Donald Duncan, broker 11 Chapel 

M'Donald Henry, baker 82 Catharine 

-M'Donald Isabella, midwife 146 Orange 

M'Donald James, turner Herring c. Arden 

M'Donald James, grocer Herring c. Carmine 

M'Donald James, carpenter Stanton c Willet 

M'Donald Jennet, boarding-house 39 Vesey 

M'Donald John, labourer 20 Bridge 

M'Donald John, attorney 65 Cherry 

M'Donald John, cartman 177 Hester 

M'Donald John, tailor 16 Barclay 

M'Donald John, rigger 578 Water 

M'Donald M. boot-maker 157 Water 

M'Donald Martin, labourer 55 Washington 

M'Donald Michael, cartman Attorney n. Rivington 

M'Donald Samuel, weaver Perry n. Herring 

M'Donald Walter, teacher 42 Harman 

M'DonaM William, 1 Chambers 

M'Donald widow Ann, Burrows n. Herring 

M'Donald widow Bridget, 169 Bancker 

M'Donald widow Eliza, grocer Canal n. Hudson 

M'Donald widow Jane, grocer 100 Mulberry 

M'Donald widow of John, 92 Canal 

M'Donald Mary widow of Joseph, Orange c. Hestc 

M'Donald widow of William, 52 Market 

M'Donnell Michael, grocer 252 Front 

M'Donnell Michael, labourer 46 Mulberry 

M'Donnell William, grocer 44 Ferry 

M'Donough John, tailor 81 Mott 

M'Donough John, accountant 98 Duane 

M'Donough Michael, stonecutter 84 Canal 

M'Donough Peter, labourer 39 Augustus 

M'Donough widow Ann, fruiter 53 Warren 

M'Donough widow Catharine, 227 Division 

M'Donough widow Charlotte, 32 Grand 

M'Dougall Alexander, smith 2 Chapel 

M'Dougall Allen, grocer 32 Old-slip h, 8 Stono^ 

232 longwobth's 1825— 20 

M'Dougall Anthony, trunk-maker 131 Hester and 21 Mott 
M'Dougall John, sawyer Goerck a. Rivington 
M'Dowell Alexander, distiller Sheriff c. Stanton 
M'Dowell widow Margaret, 157 Bancker 

M'Elwain , weaver Charles'n. Asylum 

M'Elwain Cornelius P. 145 Cherry [vide JVTIlwain 

M'Elwain James, grocer Hester c. Mott 
M'Elwain William, carpenter Laurens n. Grand 
M'Elwain Elizabeth widow of Win. 66 Bayard 
M'Entee Mary widow of Bernard, Varick n. Vandam 

M'Eveis , carpenter rear 110 Orchard 

M'Evers Bache, merchant 87 Wall (up stairs) h. 18Park- 

M'Evers Charles, 18 Park-place [place 

M'Evoy Peter, coachman 76 Reed [watet 

M'Ewen Charles, counsellor 13 Frankfort h. 17 Vande 

M'Ewen Duncan, weaver Hammond n. Greenwich 

M'Fadden Richardson, 1 Walnut n. Corl. Flook 

M'Faden William, shoemaker 38 Lumber 

M'Farlan Alexander, bread baker 11 Dutch 

M'Farlan Henry, merchant 8 Coenties-slip h. 12 Vesey 

M'Farlan John, 45 Hester 

M'Farlan Michael, millwright Brooklyn 

M'Farlan Robert, carpenter 185 Grand 

M'Farlan Thomas, painter 156 Cherry 

M'Farlan William, carpenter Walnut n, Bancker 

M'Farland Archibald, shoemaker 60 Ludlow 

M'Farland Duncan, accountant 288 Greenwich 

M'Farland widow Catharine, 24 Thomas 

M'Farlane Donald, tailor 198 William " 

M'Farlin Alexander, hatter 52 Water 

M'Farran James, cartman 129 Elizabeth 

M'Farian John, chair-maker 159 Mott 

M'Farren John, 37 Broome 

M'Gar Catharine widow of Arthur, 232 Orange 

M'Garaghan Bartho. porter-house 3 and 5 Chatham 

M'Garaghan Edward, attorney 13 Frankfort 

M'Garule Isabella, widow of Arch. Carmine n. Varicl. 

M'Garvey Hugh, 173 Hester 

M'Gary widow of Richard, gardener 9 Jefferson 

M'Gavigau Michael, grocer 115 Mulberry 

M'Gaviston Nicholas, cartman 25 More 

M'Gaw Isaac, 301 Brooma 

M'Geagh John, grocer Rivington c. Chrystie 

M'Gee David, builder 21 Cheapside 

M'Gee John, grocer 81 Lombardy 

M'Gee Mary, upholstress45 Orange 

M'Gee Patrick, rigger Sullivan n. Prince [vide M'Gi? 

M'Gee Robert, shoemaker M'Dougal n. Charlton 

M'Gee widow Mary, nurse 47 Nassau 

M'Gcehan Harvey, brewer 483 Grand 

M'Geehan John, laborer 200 Bancker [vide M'Ke? 

M'Geehan Neil, grocer 483 Grand c. Henry 

M'Gcr Felix, mason 7 Laight 

M'Gie William, boat build. 25 Wash. h. 2 MarketfLekl 

M'Gift'ert James, teacher Wooster n. Houston 

M'Giffert & Co, William, grocers 596 Watsr 


M'Gill Robert, boarding h. 70 Chambers 
M'Gill Samuel, cartman rear Laight n. Greenwich 
M'Gill William, grocer 146 William 
M'Gilliam William, grocer 318 Water 
AI'Ginley Cornelius, brass-founder 69 Allen 
M'Ginley widow Susan, 80 Anthony 
M'Ginn Patrick, smith 10 Laight 

M'Ginnis Bcnj. merchant 48 Pine h. Broome n. Laurens 
M'Ginnis Edward, cartman 167 Bancker [vide Magenms 
M'Ginnis John, mason 64 Cross [MKinlcy 

M'Ginnis widow of James, 123 Greenwich 
M'Ginnis Hugh & J. coopers 31 Roosevelt 
M'Ginty Robert, laborer rear 90 Crosby 
M'Glennon widow Catharine, Bedford c. Burrows 
M'Gloan James, weaver Wooster n. Grand 
M'Gloin widow Barbara, 81 Mulberry 
M'Gloin k. Co. Edward J. grocers 126 Anthony 
M'Glone Patrick, 98 Leonard 
M'Goldrick John, grocer Anthony c. Church 
M'Gonegal Daniel, rear 608 Broadway 
M'Gonegal James, laborer 132 Mulberry 
M'Gonegals Mary widow of James, grocer 63 Orange 
M'Govem Bridget, grocer 436 Broadway 
M'Govern Christopher, tailor 3 Henry 
M'Govem Thomas, grocer 72 Cross 
M'Gowan Andrew, tailor 27 Collect 
M'Gowan Bartholomew, grocer 49 Duane 
M'Gowan Bartholomew, teacher 208 William 
M'Gowan Geo>^e, grocer 141 Leonard 
M'Gowan James, grocer 37 Cross 
M'Gowan John, ship-carpenter 58 Willet n. Delancey 
M'Gowan John, fiuiter 52 Duane 
M'Gowan John, laborer 50 Duane 
AI'Gowan John, tanner 64 Cross 
M'Gowan Matthew, laborer 34 Cross 
M'Gowan Michael, grocer 136 Anthony 
M'Gowan Patrick, 32 Cross 
M'Gowan Patrick, 43 Duane 
M'Gowan Patrick, grocer 51 Augustus 
M'Gowan Thomas, cartman 72 Cross 
M'Gowan widow Mary, 234 Hudson 
M'Gowan widow of Patrick, 71 Murray 
M'Gowan widow Susannah, rear 476 Pearl 
M'Grath Daniel, coach-maker 101 Elm 
M'Grath Henry, cordwainer 330 Water 
M'Grath James, tin store 270 Bowery 
M'Grath John, coach painter 78 Crosby 
M'Grath John, tailor 270 Bowery 
M'Grath Martin, grocer 420 Walnut c. Cherry 
M'Grath Thomas, coach painter 55% Broadway 
M'Grath widow Margaret, 65 Oliver 
M'Greevy John, wheelwright 33 CoHect 
M'Gregor jr. John, 49 Greenwich 
M'Gregor Samuel, ropemaker Lewis n. Delancey 
M'Gregor, Darling & Co. merchants 137 Front 
M'Guckin William, 45 Lispenard 

284 longwokth's 1825—26 

M'Guire Edward, fisherman 209 Washington 

M'Guire Edward P. teacher 137 Chatham 

M'Guire Hugh, stage driver 32 Lumber 

M'Guire Hugh, laborer 31 Cross [vide Maguire 

M'Guire John, hatter 11 Rutgers 

M'Guire John, laborer Allen n. Rivingtoa] 

M'Guire John, coachman Prince c. Laurens 

M'Guire Peter, laborer 1 Catharine-lane 

M'Guire Thomas, laborer 53 Augustus 

M'Guire Lucy widow of Patrick, grocer 41 Ferry 

M'Gwire Thomas, shoestore 454 Broadway 

M'Gwira Elizabeth widow ofT. 63 Orchard 

M'Harg John M. grocer 31 Orange 

M'lllree Daniel, drygoods 16 Division h. 58 Mulberry 

M'llroy Neil, dealer 118 Leonard 

M'llvain Robert, grocer 140 Mottc. Grand 

M'llveen John, porterhouse 113 Division 

M'llwaine Matthew M. D. & surgeon, 472 Pearl 

M'lnioy Stephen, liv. sta. 74 h. 69 Nassau 

M'Indoe Walter, calico printer 41 Vandewater 

M'lndoo James, carpenter 12 Henry [vide JtPElwam 

M'Intire Hugh, 59 Watts 

M'Intire Wm. ship chandler 75 South h. 84 Leonard 

M'Intire Wm. & Walter Nexen, ship chandlers 75 South 

M'lntosh Allan, tailor 420 Greenwich 

M'Intosh Christian, grocer Delancey e. Goerck 

M'lntosh William, physician and druggist 66 James 

M'Intosh John, jeweller 6 Walnut 

M'Inty.-e James, grocer 432 Broadway c» Howard 

M'Intyre James, tailor 95 Cherry 

M'Intyre John, woollen draper 79 Maiden-lane 

M'Intyre Peter, Washington Hall 282 Broadw. c. Reed 

M'Intyre Thomas, chairmaker rear 157 Mulberry 

M'Intyre widow Elizabeth, 83 Harman 

M'Kay John, tobacconist 63 Hester 

M'Kay John, grocer 21 Old-slip 

M'Kay Robert, tailor Collister n. Laight 

M'Kay widow Mary, 50 Stone 

M'Keag Robert, mariner 134Lombardy 

M'Keag William, laborer 585 Water 

M'Kean Nicholas, carpenter rear 64 Spring 

M'Kean William, hardware store 455 Broadway 

M'Kee Alexander, shipwright rear 166 Bancker 

M'Kee Edward, grocer Hammond c. Greenwich 

M'Kee Francis, laborer 9 Clark {vide M'Ki& 

M'Kee Henry, printer 90 Bayard 

M'Kee James, hack driver 7 Howard 

M'Kee Joseph, grocer Broome c. Eldiidge 

M'Kee Nathaniel, 30 Watts 

M'Kee Thomas, teacher 205 Spring 

M'Kee William, merchant 220 Pearl 

M'Keeby jr. Edward, shoemaker Ludlow c. Broome 

M'Keen James, attorney and conns. 6 Frankfort 

M'Keen Joseph, teacher 267 William 

M'Keever Hugh, weaver Mulberry n. Prince 

M'Keever James, grocer Broome c. Arundel 


M'Keever Patrick, hatter 35 h. 8 Stanton 

M'Keever Robert, grocer Fourth c. 6th Avenue 

M'KeneJy John, tailor 71 John 

M'Kenna Andrew, laborer 51 Pearl 

M'Kenna Bryan, grocer upper end Mott 

M'Kenna Francis, 93 Eldridge 

.M'Kenna John, smith 42 Elizabeth 92 Mulberry 

M'Kenna widow of Andrew, 25 Henry [vide. M'Kinnejl 

M'Kenna & Co. Michael, grocers 30 Orange 

M'Kenny William, marble yard 89 Warren 

M'Kenzie Alexander, smith 111 Mulberry 

M'Kenzie Alexander, merchant 9 Crosby 

M'Kenzie Duncan, clothier 237 Greenwich 

M'Kenzie Elizabeth, milliner 451 Pearl 

M'Kenzie Frederick, hatter 72 Pump 

M'Kenzie George, grocer 2 Walnut 

M'Kenzie John, tavern Walnut c. Front 

M'Kenzie John, carver & gilder 125 Mulberry 

M'Kenzie John, baker 245 Greenwich 

M'Kenzie John, marble sawyer 1 Renwick 

M'Kenzie Keneth, mariner 27 Oak 

M'Kenzie & Bage, hatters 152 Broadway 

M ; Keon jr. Hugh, grocer Bancker c. Walnut 

M'Keon James, cartman 219 Mott 

M'Keon Robert, grocer 37 Nassau 

M'Keon widow of James, 18 Lispenard 

M'Kemen Owen, 9 Rector 

M'Kesson John, counsellor 2 Pine h, 300 Broadway 

M'Kibbin George, cartman Herring n. Bedford 

M'Kibbin John, grocer Walnut c. Bancker 

M'Kibbin J. S. dry goods 157 Chatham 

M'Kibbin & Co. Hugh, dry goods 132 Bowery 

M'Kie John, lum. yd. Wash. c. N. Moore [vide M'Ke* 

M'Kie Thomas lumb. yard foot N. Moore h. 376 Wash. 

M'Kim William, hatter 33 Delancey 

M'Kim William, mason rear 147 Orange 

M'Kinlay Peter, earthenware st. 374 Water 

M'Kinley David, carpenter 17 Eldridge 

M'Kinley George, Bancker n. Walnut 

M'Kinley James, shoemaker 310 Grand 

M'Kinley James, smith Eden's Alley 

M'Kinley James, stone cutter 22 Anthony 

M'Kinley John, grocer 112 Anthony 

M'Kinley Patrick, sawyer 354 Cherry 

M'Kinley Robert, accountant 54 Mott 

M'Kinney Amos, tanner 140 Leonard 

M'Kinney David, grocer 29 Catharine 

M'Kinney John, pedlar 19 Elm [vide ftPKenm; 

M'Kinney Wm. sailmaker 42 Front h. 117 Greenwich 

M'Kinney William cartman Stanton c Ridge 

M'Kinnon widow Mary, Fulton c. Gold 

M'Kitrick widow Margaret, 22 Watts 

M'Knight doctor I. M. S. 64 Greenwich 

M'Knight James, com. mer. 188 Pearl h. 116 Lofflbardy 

M'Lachlan John, 14 Catharine lane 

M'Lachlan widow, boardinghouse 97 Water 

286 ' longworth ! s 1325—26 

M'Laren Daniel, 189 Greenwich [vide M'Lawrm 

M'Laren jun. Daniel, merchant 30 Pine 

M'Larty Wm. gunsmith 3 James 

M'Laughlin Bernard, shoemaker 304 Water 

M'Laugnlin Daniel, drygoods 187 Hudson 

M'Laughlin Rev. Edward, 217 Spring 

M'Laughlin Francis, labourer 105 Anthony 

M'Laughlin James, labourer 5 Columbia 

M'Laughlin John, grocer 79 Orange 

M'Laughlin John, labourer 68 Front 

M'Laughlin John, 511 Pearl 

M'Laughlin Joshua, smith 229 Church 

M'Laughlin Matthew, labourer 4 Banker 

M'Laughlin Michael, cartman Nicholas William 

M'Laughlin Neil, livery stable 14 Water h. 7 New 

M'Laughlin Peter, grocer Greenwich c. Hubert 

M'Laughlin Patrick, labourer 37 Cross 

M'Laughlin William, 41 Maiden-lane h. 116 Elizabeth 

M'Laughlin William, labourer 95 Cross 

M'Laughlin William, mariner Carmine n. Varick 

M'Laughlin Wm. distiller 45 Cherry h. 295 Spring 

M'Laughlin widow of Daniel, 363 Grand 

M'Lauglin & Bleakley, auctioneers 41 Maiden-lane 

M'Lawren William S. writing master 27 Warren 

M'Lean Alexander, laborer 96 Water 

M'Lean Augustus, shipcarpenter 20 Crosby 

M'Lean Cornelius,. glazier 394 Broadway [videM'Ciean 

M'Lean Daniel, cartman Rivington c. Willet 

M'Lean Daniel, painter 81 Harman 

M'Lean Daniel, grocer 9 Cross 

M'Lean Donald, revenue officer 7 Walken 

M'Lean Hugh m. d. 36 Beekman 

M'Lean H. grocer 414 Cherry 

M'Lean James, grocer 9 Cross 

M'Lean John, carpenter 297 Spring 

M'Lean Patrick, cartman 19 Cross 

M'Lean Thomas M. grocer 146 Front 

M'Lean Wm. carpenter 247 Hudson n. Vandara 

M'Lean jun. William carpenter 297 Spring 

M'Lean widow Ann, 22 Franklin 

M'Lean widow Maria, 115 Bowery 

M'Lean & Roome, sashmakers 394 Broadway 

M'LenanBarnet, 45 Elm 

M'Leod James, cartman and grocer 8 Clark 

M'Leod John, merchant 165 William 

M'Leod , teacher 3 Cortlandt 

M'Leod Neil, ropemaker Sullivan n. Houston 

M'Leod widow Mary, grocer 17 Bayard 

M'Mahan Dennis, Elm c. Grand 

M'Mahon Andrew, pedlar 207 Mott 

M'Mahon James, cartman 47 Allen 

M'Mahon Patrick, groeer Collect c. Anthony 

M'Mahon Redmond, grocer 47 Henry 

M'Manus Andrew, labourer 143 Harman 

M'Manus James, weaver Bedford c. Burrow? 

M'Manus John, shipmaster 87 Cherry -A 

M'Manus Margaret, 250 AUen n. North 


M'Manus Michael, glove and breeches maker 41 Elm 

M'Manus Samuel, wheelwright King n. Varick 

AT' Master James, 27 Suffolk 

M 'Master James W. teacher 32 Roosevelt 

M'Mennomy Eliza, 175 Broadway 

M'Mennomy James, morocco dresser 84 Mulberry 

M'Mennomy Patrick, tailor 116 Mulberry 

M'Mennomy Robert, auc. Water c. Wall 

M'Michael widow Jane, 115 Pump 

M'Mickle Joseph, weaver 99 Bowery 

M'Millan Alexander, 431 Greenwich 

M'Millan James, smith 397 Broome 

M'Millan widow Sarah, boardinghouse 1 John 

M'Mullan Daniel, grocer Herring c. Christophcv 

M'Mullan Hugh, cartman 179 Orange 

M'Mullan James, weaver Mulberry n. Prince 

M'Mullan John, grocer Ann c. Theatre-alley 

M'Mullan Mary wife of John, Bancker n. Walnut 

M'Mullen Geain, labourer Bedford c. Christopher 

M'Mullen James, marshal 84 Allen 

M'Mullen John, grocer 295 Greenwich 

M'Murray Charles, weaver Christopher n. Asylum 

M'Murray Francis, porterhouse 120 Water 

M'Murray James, 4 Mulberry 

M'Murray James, segarmaker 106 Reed 

M'Murray rev. William 12 Market 

M-Nally James, cartman 105 Christie 

M'Namara Rosina widow of John, 74 Essex 

M'Namara Peter, carpenter 36 Norfolk 

M'N^assar Andrew, cartman Willet n. Broome 

M'Neal Wm. sec. hope insur. company 73 William 

M'Neil Peter, coachmaker 28 Chrystie 

M'Niel Peter, grocer Christopher n. Herring 

M'Neil widow Charlotte, boardinghouse 96 Greenwich 

M'Neill William, shoemaker 108 Chapel 

M'Nish Joho, watchmaker 94 Water 

M'Nulty Felix, painter 87 Mulberry 

M'Nulty John, tobacconist 64 Orchard 

M'Nulty John, distiller 48 Harman 

M'Nulty widow of Michael, boarding-house 86 Cross 

M'Phelin Dennis, mason Mulberry above Spring 

M'Phelin Hugh, mason 45 Elm 

M'Pherson Adam, 95£ Mulberry 

M'Pherson Samuel W. shipmaster 70 James 

M'Pherson William, carpenter 143 Mulberry 

M'Pherson William, stone cutter 181 Duane 

M'Pherson widow Mary, 47 Elizabeth 

M'Quade John, grocer 48 Cherry 

M'Quage Dougal, grocer Walnut n. Bancker 

M'Queen Alexander, sawyer Watts ii. Hudson 

M'Queen Peter, 39 Rutgers 

M'Queen Robert, found, and civil eng. 72 Duane 

M'Queen William, 9 Elm 

M'Queen widow of Wm. bookbinder 46 Cedar C. Tenrpk 

M'Quide Robert, plaisterer rear 147 Orange 

M'Quien Angus, Washington c. Jay 

M'Quillen James, carver 55 Harmaa 

288 longwokth's ' 1825 — 26 

M'Quillen William, weaver rear 9 Augustus 

M'Quin John, grocer Greenwich c. King 

M'Quiston John, tailor 102 Warren 

M'Speddon Thomas, 205 Orange 

M'Tinney Caleb, tavern 173 Division 

M'Vay Hugh, sawyer Goerck n. Delancey 

M'Vay Thomas, mason 14 Grand 

M'Veagh William, shoemaker 109 Division 

M'Vickar Archibald, 54 Wall h. 418 Broome 

M'Vickar rev. John, prof, moral philos. Columbia College 

M'Vickar Nathan, 52 Walker 

M'Voye John, shipcarpenter 398 Cherry 

M'Wheney John, mason 48 Howard 

M'Whorter George H. att. 2 Law-build, h. 13 Harison 

Mabbatt and Co. grocers 1 and 3 Park 

Mabbett James, auctioneer 276 Pearl h. 70 Gold 

Mabbett John H. coram, merch. 19 South h. 92 N. Moore 

Mabie Cornelius, moulder 274 Grand 

Mabie Cornelius, cartman 67 North-Moore 

Mabie Frederick, measurer 552 Pearl 

Mabie Henry, carpenter 556 Broome 

Mabie Jacob, measurer 552 Pearl [vide Mat/bit 

Mabie Jacob J. cartman 58 Thompson 

Mabie John, cartman rear 178 Elm 

Mabie Peter, cartman Desbrosses n. Greenwich 

Mabie Peter L. mason Varick n. Vandam 
Maby Jacob, hair-dresser 24 Catharine 

Maby Michael, mason 217 Church 
JMabye Jasper, tavern 282 Spring 

Macarthur Mary widow of John, 42 Laurens 

Macauley Samuel, m. d. 547 Pearl [vide M'Cauk 

Macauley rev. Thomas, 20 Rutgers 

Macauley William, mason 11 Norfolk 

Macauly John, pat. beer pump maker Water n. Gouv. 

Macbeth James, bookbinder 32 Orchard 

Macbeth James, tallow-chandler 35 Lispenard 

Macgill Robert, bookstore and library 66 William 

Machett Samuel, hardware-store 35 Chatham 

Mack Daniel, 140 Mulberry 

Mack Doctor E. 193 Spring 

Mack James, mariner 28 Collect 

Mack Robert, cabinet-maker Broome n. Forsyth 

Mackay H. S. attorney 5 Park-place h. 293 Broome 

Mackay jr. William, 83 South 

Mackay & Son John, ornam. and h. painters 10 Warren. 

Mackey Henry, shoemaker rear 125 Pump 

Mackey James, laborer 14 Dominick 

Mackey James, shipcarpenter Attorney n. North 

Mackey John, Bleecker n. Bowery 

Mackey John, mariner Lombardy n. Clinton 

Mackey John L. cartman 26 Charlton 

Mackey Robert, grocer 369 Washington c. Beach 

Mackey Thomas, porter-house Elizabeth n. Prince 

Mackey William, painter 136 Mulberry 

Mackey widow of Thomas, porter-house 82 Chatham 

Mackie George, 115 Maiden-lane up slain 

Mackie Jacob, cartman 79 Sullivan 


Mackie John, carpenter 354 Cherry 

Mackie John, grocer Provos< c. Washington 

Mackie J. S. 58 Wall h. 45 Walker 

Mackie Peter, 45 Walker 

Mackie William, 115 Maiden-lane 

Mackie, Milne &Co. merchts. 115 Maiden-lane up slairs 

Mackin William, giocer Henry c. Clinton 

Mackrell James, cordwainer 27 Forsyth 

Mackrell widow of William, 27 Forsyth 

Mackiill Patrick, rigger 54 Pump 

Maclay rev. Archibald, 56 Harman 

Maclay R. H. M. D. 56 Harinan 

Maclean rev. Robert, 460 Broome 

Macneven William James, M. d. 7 Park-place 

Macomb widow C. 177 Canal [vide M'C'omb 

Mactier and Co. Alexander mer. 156 South 

Macy Aaron, butcher 292 Bowery 

Macy Gorham, 54 Bancker 

Macy Isaiah, 9 h. 11 Hague 

Macy Josiah, mariner 293 Broome 

Macy Robert B. shipcarver 243 Cherry 

Macy R. J. shipmaster 208 Hudson 
Macy Samuel H. 242 Front h.26 White 

Macy William W. 246 Front h. 102 Lombardy 

Macy Lydia widow ol Benjamin, boarding-h. 225 Pearl 

Macy, Bunker and Macy, merchants 242 Front 

Madan Abraham, shoemaker 108 Pump 

Madden John, stone cutter 114 Washington 

Madden Joseph, constable Bowery c. Gerard 

Madden Timothy, Vauxhall Garden Bowery n. Art 

Madden Timothy, rigger 76 Wall 

Madden Ann widow of Samuel, 177 Bowery 

Madden and Sherwood, dry goods 404 Pearl 

Maddin Martin, grocer 95 Broome 

Maddox Thomas H. shipmaster Bancker n. Gouvernew: 

Madole James, plaister maker Grand c. Cannon 

Madson Ann, 11 Orange 

Magee Catharine, milliner 41 Division 

Magee John, mariner 28 Harman 

Magee John, mariner 5 Pelham 

Magee Safety, grocer 46 Pine c. William 

Magee & Co. James, merchs. 72 South h. 91 Liberty 

Magilney widow Catharine, tailoress 12 Chapel 

Maginnis Edward, currier 13 Jacob h. 54 Roosevelt 

Maginniss Samuel H. smith 19 Dey 

Magner Charles, confectioner 21 Hudson 

Magties Charles, boatman 12 More 

Magnin David J. watchmaker 1 Garden c. William 

Magrath John, grocer 5 Thomas 

Magry Alexander, scgar maker 196 Chapel 

Maguire Charles, grocer 147 Leonard 

Maguire James, grocer Hudson c. Vandam [see M'Guire 

Maguire John, hatter Water n. Catharine 

Maguire John, grocer 93 Eldridge 

Maguire John, tanner 28 Henry 

Maguire Patrick, porter and cider vault rear 39 Oranjo 


J90 longworth's 1S25 — 26 

Mahan Eliza, milliner 83 Varick 

Mahany Edmund, cooper 98'Oliver 

Maher James, mason 4 Catharine-lane 

Mahon Charles, 139 Maiden-lane 

Mdhon Con, shoemaker 111 Anthony 

Mahony Thomas, carpenter upper end Mott 

Main Andrew, merchant 31 Murray 

Main George, shipwright Scammel n. Cherry 

Main William, engraver 31 Murray 

Maintain Anthony D. grocer h. 9 Grand 

Maintain & Thome, grocers South c. Beekman 

Mairet & Sous Charles, merchants 58 Pine 

Maison & Dayton, drygoods 281£ Broadway 

Maitland Robert, mer, 47 Broadway 

Majastre Amelia. 384 Broome n. Mulberry 

Major Henry, merchant 175 Pearl h. n. fort Gansevoun 

Malard Peter, chocolate manuf. 77^ Barclay 

Malcolm James, pilot 51 Mulberry 

Malcom Henry D. m. D. 222 Bowery 

Malcom Richard M. mercht. 84 Wall h. 126 Prince 

Malcom Robert, mariner 80 Orange 

Malcom William, grocer 57 Lombardy 

Male Sii»on, fender maker 55 Pearl 

Malepar Antoine, merchant 64 Wall h. 37 Reed 

Malibran E. merchant 31 South h. 9 Old Slip 

Malison Abel, shoemaker Goerck n. Rivington 

Mallaby widow of Francis, 68 Varick 

Mallard Edward, merchant 64 Pine 

Mallet Lewis, porterhouse 11 Warren 

Mallett Abraham, chairmaker 199 Washington 

Mallory Daniel, bookseller 156 William h. 10 John 

Malloy Robert, 408 Cherry 

Malone James, auctioneer 23 Chesnut 

Maltbie William D. merchant 5 Chatham-square 

Maltby Eldridge, mer. 166 Chatham h. 10 Mott 

Maltby O. E. hatter 168 Broadway 

Maltman James, stonecutter 46 Watts n. Varick 

Maltman William, stoneculter Vandam n. Varick 

Manahan Patrick, tobacconist 272 Water 

Mandeville Cornelius, smith 86 Sullivan 

Mandeville Moses, mariner 45 Oak 

Mandeville William, cabinetmaker 8 Cortlandt 

Mandeville Wm. A. C. Fourth n. Greene 

Mane Sea J. French teacher 24 Liberty 

Manet Francis, oysterman 46 Allen 

Mangain John, cartman lo9 Mercer 

Mangam Daniel and Isaac, cartmen Ridge n. Siatiton 

Mangain Patrick, grocer 58i Roosevelt c. Oak 

Maniort & Sandra John, hairdressers tO Liberty 

Manley James R. M. n. 305 Greenwich 

Manley John, 30 Hudson 

Manley Robert, 7 Dey 

Manley Robert F. & Anthony, 196 Front h. 208 Duane 

Manley widow Hannah, 65 Eldridge 

Manly Dennis, pedemetrist 45 Warren 

Mann & Son Asa,lum. rner. Water n. Clinton h. 39Har. 

Mann David, laborer Bowery n. Broadway 


Mann Edward B. sailinaker South c. Roosevelt i;. 118 

Mann sen. John, shoemaker 27 Murray [Harman 

Mann jr. John, shoemaker 45 William h. 44 Watts 

Mann Josiah, merchant 1 '26 Henry . 

Mann M. D. grocer 101 Division 

Mann Samuel, clothier <I4£ Greenwich 

Mann Samuel, broker 13 Chatham 

•Mann widow Eliza, 179 Church f 

Mann widow Elizabeth, boardinghouse 61 Broadway 

Mann widow Margaretia, milliner 21 Division" 

Alannrtfe Ozzard. sailmakers South c. Roosevelt 

Manning r silver smith 250 Allen 

Manning Henry, distiller Wooster-n. Grand 
Manning Jacob, 75 William 
Manning Jeremiah, merchant h. 1 Bridge 
Manning John, carver 54 Mulberry 
Manning John I. fruiter 19 Fulton slip 
Manning Joseph, baker 100 Duane 
Manning Robert, att. and conns. 4 Wall h. 1 State 
Manning Stelle, dry goods 291 Broadway 
"inning Thomas S. mer. 32 Front h. 5 Stone 

fanningfc Richmond, merchants 35 Front 
butcher 1 Fulton ifi. ' 
Mansfield Elijah, shipwright 381 Cherry 

Manold Geo. butcher 1 Fulton ffi. h. Delancey c. Orchard 

Mansfield George, shipwright 113 Lombardy 
Mansfield James, shoe store 126 Maiden-lane 
Mansfield John, grocer 49 Bancker 
Mansfield John, carpenter 64 Harman 
Mansfield John, grocer 480 Pearl 
Mansfield S. H. merchant West n-. Chambers 
Manson Joseph T. rigger Goe.rck n. Stanton 
Mantin Martin, com. mer. 104 Pearl 
Manwaring Ann, boarding-house 108 Fulton 
Many Benjamin S. 7 Dominick 
Many Francis, 29 Murray h. 73 Nassau 
Many James, grocer 29 Murray 
Many John L. 73 Nassau 
Many F. V. grocer 175 Washington 
Mapes Benjamin, tailor 384 Cherry 
Mapes Caleb, wheelwught Varick n. Charlton 
Mapes Charles, 31 Wall h. 40 Pine 
Mapes James, cartman 44 Norfolk 
Mapes James.J, merchant 61 Front h. 40 Pine 
Mapes Jason, carpenter Spring c. Hudson 
Mapes Jonas, 31 Wall h. 40 Pine 
Mapes Phineas, cartman Eldridge n. Rivington 
Mapes Selah, mason 148 Orange 
Mapes Silas H. tailor 309 Broome 
Mapes, Son & Waldron mer. tailors 31 Wall 
Marble Jabez, shipcarpevuer 11 Ludlow 
Marcet John G. accountant 198 Church 
March Charles, 14 Broad h. 18 Warren 
March be Benson, merchants 14 Broad 
March & Co. Thomas, 14 Broad 

Marchant Charles, brassfou. rear 30 Cross h. C Warreij 
Marche Peter,. mason 28 Thomas 

K « 

>92 longworth's 1S25 2€ 

Marechall David, ladies shoemaker 59 Nassau 

Margry Alexander, segar manuf. Canal c. Chape? 

Marie J. B. merchant 41 South h. 148 Greenwich 

Marinus John, whipmaker 234 Church 

Marinus John, carpenter Clarkson n. Greenwich 

Mariotte Francis, distiller 111 Reed 

Marius Sylvester, city weigher 46 South h. 102 Cedav 

Marks Joseph, Lottery Office 72 Fulton 

Marks Samuel, printer 63 Vesey c. Greenwich 

Marks William, Nicholas-Wm. n. 3d Avenue 

Marley John, grocer 408 Broadway 

Marley Joseph, shoemaker 214 Harman 

Marley Luke, planemaker 40 & 41 Elm 

Marquand F. Jeweller 166 Broadway h. 29 Whitehall 

Marquand Isaac, merch. 166 Broadway h. 12 Pearl 

Marren Hugh, soap boiler 182 Chapel 

Marren Thomas, cartman 25 Henry 

Marrener Edward, carpenter 53 Leonard 

Marrener Edward, shoemaker 97 Division 

Marrener James, segar manuf. 432 Greenwich 

Marrin Edward, cooper 81 Forsyth 

Marrin Hugh, soapboiler 182 Chapel 

Marrin widow Mary, 81 Harman 

Marriner St Co. George, grocers Rutgers c. Lombarey 

Marschalk Francis, sailmaker 87 Chrystie 

Marschalk N. 85 Liberty 

Marschalk Sarah, 136 Chambers 

Marschalk Mary widow of Joseph, 342 Water 

Marschalk G. & J. dry goods 295 Broadway 

Marschausen Theodore, profes. of tuning 62£ Barclay 

Marselus rev. Nicholas J. Hammond n. Herring 

Marselus widow Elizabeth, tailoress Brodme c. Clarke 

Marsh Benjamin, currier Frankfort c. Jacob 

Marsh David, butcher 18 Fulton-mar. h. 5 North 

Marsh jr. David, grocer 275 Bowery [vide March 

Marsh E. W. butcher 44 Washington-mar. h. 269 Bowery 

Marsh Evert, currier 4 Vandewater 

Marsh Gideon D. C. carpenter Prince c. Wooster 

Marsh Henry, 8 Frankfort 

Marsh Henry, melter 32 North n/Chrystie 

Marsh Henry, carpenter 424 Cherry 

Marsh James, drygoods 1\ Bowery 

Marsh Jennet B. mantuamaker 44 Chapel 

Majsh John, painter 49 Rutgers 

Marsh John, 16 Leonard 

Marsh John R. grocer Delancey c. Pitt 

Marsh Joseph, painter 80 Oliver 

Marsh Lewis, painter 24 Leonard 

Marsh Mordecai L. merchant 11 Front h. 1 Water 

Marsh Moses, carpenter 105 Mercer 

Marsh Moses, Carpenter 529 Broome 

Marsh Samuel, merchant 165 Pearl up stairs 

Marsh Stewart C. merchant 60 Pearl 

Marsh William C. cartman 62 Provost 

Marsh widow Catharine, 138 Washington 

Marsh widow Elizabeth, 97 Henry 

Marsh widow Mary, 126 Delancey 


Marsh wklow of Oliver, Canal c. Woostar 
Marsh & Coinpton, dry goods GO Pearl 
Marsh & Martin, grocers 269 Greenwich c. Warren 
Marshall Alexander, millwright 12 Walker * . 

q ^ Marshall Benjamin, 56 Harman 

)3p^Marshall Benjamin, merchant 2J3 Pearl h. 63 Chamber. 1 ' 
Marshall Benj. grocer & stage office, 136 Broad c. South 
Marshall David, shipmaster 84 Eldridge 
Marshall Henry, 220 Water h. 15 Mulberry 
Marshall Isaac, carpenter 464 Cherry 
Marshall James, carpenter Charlton n. Hudson 
Marshall John, harnessmaker 88 Broad h. 180 William 
Marshall John, 33 Oliver 
Marshall J. Thompson, merchant 71 South 
Marshall John, carpenter Renwick u. Canal » ™ 

Marshall L. R. grocer 20 Prince 
Marshall Richard, harness maker 34 Forsyth 
Marshall Robert, shipmaster 19 Suffolk 
Marshall S. physician & surgeon 201 Hudson 
Marshall Samuel, baker M'Dougal n. Spring 
Marshall Samuel R. phys. to navy hospital 1st Av. n. Firs' 
Marshall Thomas, cartman Bleecker c. Wooster 
Marshall Thomas, butcher 40 Cath. m. h. Allen n.Broomf 
Marshall Thomas, shoemaker Arundel n. North 
Marshall Thomas I. cartman Gouvemeur n. Cherry 
Marshall Thomas W. grocer Broadway c. Canal 
Marshall William, shoemaker 292 Greenwich 
Marshall William, earthenware manuf. 116 Hester 
Marshall widow Catharine, 28 Collect 
Marshall widow of James, brass-founder 57 Elm 
Marshall Margaret widow of Jas. milliner 434 Greemvici 
Marshall widow Mary, 83 Essex 
Marshall Susannah, 1 Beaver-lane 
Marsick Francis, segar-mafcer 18 Anthony 
-Marsiglia J. hist, and portrait-painter 493 Broadway 
Marsland Joshua, shoemaker 110 Bowery 
Marston Frederick P. harness-maker rear 132 Grand 
Marston George, shipmaster 112 Orange 
Marston John, merchant 9.3 Washington h. 37 Cortland; 
Martelly F. H. 88 Maiden-lane 
Martin Alexander, grocer Grand c. Laurens 
Martin Alexander, stonecutter Hatnersley n. Houston 
Martin Andrew, chair-maker Varick c. King 
Martin & Co. Anthony B. chemist 13 Old-slip 
Martin Asher, shoemaker 369 Greenwich 
Martin A. X. S. prof of Spanish language T. C. house 
Martin Charles, shoemaker 275 Spring 
Martin Charles Gil. laWTurer 29 Augustus 
Martin Daniel, porter and cider 90 Chambers 
Martin Edward, Jones n. Bowery 
Martin Edward, merchant 88 Wall h. 208 Duaur 
Martin George, grocer 81 Bancker 
Martin Goin, sawyer Rivington n. Columbia jt 
Martin Henry, mason rear 21 Pike 
Martin Henry, rear 89 Orange 
Martin Henry, hairdresser^ 55 Chambers • 
Martin Hugh, labourer 37 Augustus 

294 longworth's 1825—20 

Martin Iro,'gropcr Washington c. Vesey 
Martin James, carpenter 37 v Elizabeth 
Martin James D. M. miniature-painter 76 John 
Martin James S. painter 45 Chapel 
Martin Jared W. grocejr 116 Chapel c. Leonard 
Marvin John, grocer fi74*Water 
Martin John, white-smith and machinist 3 Warren 
Martin John, grocer 175 Chatham 

Martin John B. grocer Murray c.Wash.h. 438 Greenwich 
Mai tin & Co. John, merchants 41 Front 
Martin John J. mason 85 Sullivan 
Martin John L. grocer 109 Church 

Martin Jos. shipwright 191&419 Cherry h. 101 Lombard; 
Martin Joseph, watch-maker 383 Greenwich 
Martin Laurence, butcher 10Spring-m. h. Alien n. North 
Martin Leonard, carpenter 120 Varick 
Martin Mulford, merchant 3 South h. 10 Front 
Martin Nathaniel, broker h. Liberty c. Washington 
Martin Nonis L. shipchandler 161 South h. Brooklyn 
Martin Patrick, shoemaker 113 Anthony 
Martin Peter, watch-maker 89 Chatham- 
Martin Richard, baker Greenwich c. Provost 
Martin Robert, cartman 24 Bancker 
Martin Robert, shoemaker 80 Harman 
Martin Samuel, carpenter 95 Varick n. Spring 
Martin Samuel, butcher 17 Catharine-m. h. First c.lstAv 
Martin Stephen, grocer Crosby c. Columbia 
Martin T-hcmas, shipmaster 32 Bayard 
Martin Thomas, 188 Elm 

Martin Thomas, block and pump-m. 271 Delancey 
Martin William, shipwright 19 Orchard 
Martin William, shipwright 114 Henry 
Martin William, mason 180 Spring 
Martin William, professor of music 150 Spring 
Martin W. Runyon, sec. contrib. ins. comp. 504 Pearl 
Martin Catharine widow of John, 143 Allen 
Martin widow Eleanor, Charles n. Asylum 
Martin Eliza widow of Stephen, Mott n. Prince 
Martin Elizabeth widow of John, 236 Orange 
Martin Jane widow of Alexander, weaver 119 Orange 
Martin Mary vvidew of James, Laurens n. Bleecker 
Martin Margaret widow of Morris, china-st. 126 Bowery 
Martin & Booth, machinists and brass-found. 8- Warren 
Martin & Hampton, grocers Washington c. Vesey 
Martine Elizabeth, 154 Reed 
Marline John, ship-carpenter Hudson c. Vandam 
Martine John H. grocer Hudson c. Vandam 
Martine Nathaniel, grocer Bowfry c. Tenth 
Martine Samuel, porter-house Hudson c. Hamersley 
Martine William, grocer Bowery c. Tenth 
Martinet P. L. merchant 72 Chapel 

Martinet Genest, umbrella-m. 60 Maideu-1. h. 199 Wn... 
Martinet & Roe, umbrella-makers 60 Maiden-lane 
Martling Abraham B. keeper city-hall 
Martling Danl. lumb. mer. Greenw. c. Leroyh. Hudson c 
Martling John, mason 39 Brooms n. Goerck [Harrier; 

* -W$p 


MariliiUkVVilliam, lumber-merchant 505 Greenwich 
Mauling Elizabeth widow of John, 138'Allen 
Marvin A. S. 141 Pearl h. Brooklyn 
Marvin Francis, 29 Coenties-slip h. Beaver 
Marvin George, grocer 65 Front h. 59 Stone 
Marvin Henry, 29 Coenties-slip h. 39 Franklin 
Marvin Samuel, inspect, customs 16 Mulberry 
Marvin Francis & Henry, grocers 29 Coenties-slip 
Marx Hannah, 21 Collect 

Marx Mary widow of Asher, merchant 673 Broadwry 
Mash Thomas, grocer 240 Cherry 
'Mason Abraham, merchant 66 South b. 62 White 
Mason Dudley, quill-dresser 69 Ludlow n. Broomo 
Mason George, weaver 129 Mott 
Mason Isaac J. upholsterer 31 Chatham 
Mason James, tailor Christopher n. Herring 
Mason John, merchant 337 Broadway 
Mason John, market-man 330 Broome 
Mason John F. grocei 54 Frankfort 
Mason John L. attorney 2 Pine h. 27 Mercer 
Mason Leonard, cooper 52 Pump 
Mason Loren, smith 249 Hudson n. Charltou 
•Mason Thomas, card manuf. 75 Mulberry 
Mason rev. Thomas, bookseller 11 Crosby 
Mason William, carver and gilder 133 Mulberry 
Mason Jannet widow of Thomas, 38 Pine 
Mason Mary widow of Robert. 154 Orange 
Mason Mary widow of Francis, Prince c. Sullivan 
Mason & Wood, Fulton-hotel 136 Fulton 
Massey Lar.y widow of William, 29 Rose 
iMassonneau Peter, grocer Amity c. Greene '„ 
Masten Charles, carpenter 23 Crosby 
Masters Thomas, merchant 113 Front h. 113 Liberty 
Masterson William, shoei.iaker 35 Watts 
Masterson widow Nancy, 269 Spring 
Masterton Abraham, carpenter 30 Henry 
Masterton Alex. 521 Broome n. Thompson 
Masterton David, bookbinder 1 Cedar 
Mastin Daniel, wheel wiight 6 Rivingtoi*s7 
Matlier Andrew, grocer Whitehall c. Bridge 
Mather Charles, physician 193 Spring 
Mather Geo. print, ink-m. Greene n: Prince h. Pr. e. C: 
Mather John, smith 42 Canal n. Broadway h. 128 Gran.:. 
Mather Johntfcopper-smith and brazier 114 Chambers 
■Mather Thomas, watch-maker 217 Broadway 
Mathews Abijab, cabinet-ip. 28 Catharine, h. 40Harman 
Mathews Abraham, block and sail-maker 172 Elm 
Mathews Charles, dfy-gofltis 159 Chatham 
Mathews rev. James M. 16 Broad 

Mathews James, 100 Reed [vide MaitfieiCc ■ 

Mathews James, grocer 131 Front h. c. Pine 
Mathews John, grocer 216 Harinan 
■^Mathews John, labourer 203 Bancker 

Mathews Michael, mo roeco -dresser 32 Catharine • 
Mathews Oliver, drygood-store 163 Chatham 
Mallows Thomas, market-man 10 Skinner 

296 longworth's 1825— -2C 

Mathews William, mariner 62 Gold 

Mathews William, merchant 158£ Bowery 

Mathews William, 140 Hester 

Mathews William E. grocer Water c. Moreh. 5 More 

Mathews widow, rear 135 Lornbardy 

Mathews widow Eliza, 122 Forsyth 

Mathey Aime & Augustus, watch-m. 61 Chatham 

Mathison Robert, dealer in raw silk 269 Mott 

Mathon widow Eliza, boarding-house 149 Greenwich 

Matsell George, tailor 592 Broadway 

Matthew John, clerk 5J Clarke [vide Matheu* 

Matthews Charles, dry-goods 159 Chatham 

Matthews James, dyer and scourer 8 Mulberry 

Matthews Jafftes, whip manuf. 261 B.way h. 87 Mercer 

Matthews John, cane-maker 62 Green 

Matthews John, Mangin n. Broome 

Matthews John, grocer 554 Grand 

Matthews John C. mason 139 Mulberry. 

Matthews Thomas, shoemaker 86 Essex 

Matthews William, grocer Grand c. Cannon 

Matthews William, whip and cane manuf. 52 Spring 

Matthews widow Ann, 91 Essex 

Matthews & Levering, merchants 112 Front 

Matthias Bamet, sash-maker Mercer c. Spring 

Mattocks John S. shoemaker 20 Crosby n. Grand 

Maunder John, stonecutter 444 Greenwich 

Maunder John, druggist Canal c. Varick 

Mauran Oroondates, 33 Burling-slip h. 69 Walker 

Maurel James, segar-maker 120 William 

Maurer Daniel, instrument-maker rear 108 Fulton 

Maurice James, rear 186 Pearl 

Maver James, boarding-house 180 Pearl 

Maverick A. copperplate prin. 21 Liberty h. 338 Greenw. 

Maverick P. engraver and copperp. prin. 342 Broadway 

Maverick S. engraver and copperp. prin. 73 Liberty 

Maxson Henry, steamboat engineer Vandam n. Varick 

Maxwell George, merchant 28 Wall 

Maxwell Hugh. att. conns. & not. 32Beekman h. 22 Ho 

Maxwell Isabella, 30 Delancey [ward 

Maxwell Jacob B. mason 233 Hudson 

Maxwell James, machinist 259 Bowery 

Maxwell James, cooper rear 75 Henry 

Maxwell James Homer, 326 Washington 

Maxwell Patrick, carpenter and grocer 130range 

Maxwell William, accountant Eldridge n. Delancey 

Maxwell William, shipwright 116 Lornbardy 

Maxwell Wm. H. att.&com. 7 Garden h. 325Washinglot 

Maxwell widow Phebe, 7 Rose 

May Alex, mason 372 Broome 

May Azariah, 60 Norfolk 

May George, mason 186 Mulberry 

May Henry, 139 Harman 

May Peter, smith 57 Sullivan r ., , r ,■ 

Maybie Abraham P. mason 71 Mercer {yideMabi- 

Mayers James, carpenter and grocer 10J Thomas 

Mayers Stephen, tailor GieenwicTTc. Barclay [«. Meyer 


Uayersfc Hamilton, tailors 210 Greenwich 

Mayll William, hatter 63 Bowery 

Vlaynard Daniel, 62 Allen 

Maynard Jedediah, rigger 27 Oliver 

Maynard Jolin, cabinet-maker 10 Gold h. 13 Catfoarinr 

Mayuar'd Samuel, fisherman 184 Harman 

Maynard R. widow of Tyler, boarding-h. 70 Beekmar. 

Mayo John T. 6 Frankfort 

Mayo William, ship-carpenter Grand c. Lewis 

Mayo Ann widow of Samuel, "broker 47 Chatham 

Mead Abby, 28 Anthony 

•Mead Abraham B. merchant 201 Pearl h. 84 Warier 

Mead Ai tenuis, Greenwich n. Charles 

Mead Benjamin, merchant 20 South h. 47 Poarl 

Mead Daniel, smith 503 Grand 

ATead Dema, carpenter Broome c. Ludlow 

Mead Eber, shoemaker 22 Leonard 

Mead Edward, cartman 12 Torbert 

Mead EliasS. cartman Chrystie n. Rivington 

Mead Elijah, physician 92 Beekman 

Mead Elkanah, hay-caitman 213 Spring 

Mead Ezra, smith Allen c. Broome 

Mead George, tailor Wooster n. Prince 

Mead Henry, grocer 6 Catharine c. Harman 

Mead Henry M. D. Delancey n. Lewis 

Mead Henry I. 36 Crosby 

Mead James, carpenter Sheriff n. Rivington 

Mead James, cartman Laurens 11. Spring 

Mead Jedutha, cartman Greenwich c. Hammond 

Mead Joanna Wooster n. Piince 

Mead John H. boardinghouse Delancey c. Esse?: 

Mead Justice, carpenter 72 Forsyth 

Mead Leander, drygoods 188 Chatham 

Mead Lewis, grocer Pump c. Eldridge 

Mead Lewis, grocer 84 Franklin 

Mead Lyman, shoemaker 110^ Division 

Mead JVeril, teacher 90 h. 83 William 

Mead Nathaniel, sadler 5 Bowery ^. 

Mead Nicholas, tavern and porter house 59 Nassav. 

Mead Peter I. victuallinghouse 126 Water 

Mead Ralph, grocer 13 Coenties-slip h. 30 Stone 

Mead Reuben, boatman 572 Water 

Mead States M. cabinetm. 93 & 94 Broad h. 28 Stone 

Mead Stephen O. shoemaker Allen n. Broome 

Mead Silvanus, drygoodstore 185 Pearl 

Mead William, clerk Prince n. Mercer 

Mead William H. cooper 259 Spring 

Mead Zachariah, tavern 21 Bowery 

Mead Zophar, lottery office 173 Chatham h. 66 Allen 

Mead widow Catharine 28 Hester 

Mead Nancy widow of Nathaniel, 18 Spring 

Mead widow Sarah, 40 Roosevelt 

"Mead & Myers, merchants 185 Pearl 

Meaden William A. shoemaker 213 Orange 

Meader Jonathan, engineer 55 Allen 

Mealio Stephen, boardinghouse 354 Water 

Mealy John, cartman 25 Thomas 


.',98 longwobth's 1825— 20 

Means & Sprague, merchants 120 Front 

Meckelbuigli Charles, leather dresser 519 Broome 

Meday Christian, grocer Bowery c. Grand 

Medcalf William, watch hand maker 203 Washington 

Medina Xavier c'te, com. agent for Rep. Colombia 4 Wall 

Medlar widow of David, weaver 189 Division 

Medlar John, cartman 339 Grand 

Medlar S. 254 Broome 

Meehan Thomas, cartman 60 Mulberry 

Meeker Daniel, shoemaker 52 Watts 

Meeker Isaac, shoemaker 206 Mott 

Meeker James, shoemaker 50 Watts 

Meeker James I. coachmaker 404 Broome 

Meeker Piatt, cartman 206 Mott 

Meekin William, grocer 79 Mulberry 

Meeksjun. Charles, coach painter 398 Boweiy 

Meeks Edward, cabinetmaker 20 Broad 

Meeks jr. Edward, drygoods 489 Broadway 

Meeks Henry S. musical insti. maker King a. McDougal 

Meeks Isaac, carpenter Prince n. Wooster 

Meeks John, eabinetmaner 54 Sullivan 

Meeks Joseph K. cartman Crosby n. Prince 

Meeks Joseph, cabinetmaker 43 h. 50 Broad 

Meeks widow of James, Laurens n. Grand 

Meert Joseph M. merchant 107 Front 

Meert & Graves, merchants 107 Front 

Meetz Raymond, music store 325 Broadway 

Megarey Alex. math. inst. maker 54 Grand 

Megarey Christopher, cartman Rivington n. Shciifi. 

Megarey H. I. stationer 133 Broadway 

Megarey Trips, ornamental painter 54 Grand 

Megie Daniel, grocer 7 Hanson 

Megie Daniel H. 173 Orange 

Megie Joshua H. brick cartman Variek n. Vanctam ■ 

Megie Marian, milliner 162 William 

Megrath Michael, 100' Chambers 

Megson Thomas, shlpcarpente* 4 Walnut 

Mehan Dennis, grocer 13 Augustus 

Mehan Matthewvniilkman Catharine-lane 

Mehens widow Margaret milliner 421 Pearl 

Meier Caspar, mer. 11 Slote-lane h. BloomingduL 

Meighan James, paver 19 Prince 

Meighan Thomas, laborer rear 86 Mulberry 

Meighen Arthur, laborer 104 Water 

Meighen Francis, 90 Cherry 

Meigs Ellen, S8 Canal 

Meigs Henry, just, court Church c.Leonard h.a. ft. Ganse 

Meinell James, morocco manuf. 23 Ferry h. Love-Lane 

Meinell & Stout, leather store 28 Ferry 

Melcher Joseph C. mei chant 140 h. 24 Maiden-lane 

Melchor Horatio L. 228 Fulton 

Meldrum William, carpenter Cannon n. Broome 

Melick B. P. 500 Greenwich 

Mellick B. grocer Spring c. Greenwich 

Mellis James, pawnbroker 43 Chatham 

Melly Brothers, merchant 75 Mairien-lane 

Melvill Allan, mer. 162 Pearl h. 134 Bleecker a. Mot: 


Malvin Austin, leather store 5 Ferry 
Melvin R. tailor 479 Greenwich 
Mercein Thomas R. 36 Fulton h. Laightn. Cana'. 
Mercein Wm. A. printer 93 Gold 
Mercer Ambrose, mason Orange n. Prince 
Mercer Robert, smith King «. Varirk 
Mercer William, carpenter 149 Orange 
Merchant Aaron M. teacher Oliver c. Henri- 
Merchant Joseph, painter 90£ Oliver 
Merchant William, mariner 225 Cherry 
Merciev John, jeweller Roosevelt c. Oak 
Meridith John, distiller Laurens n. Spring 
Meriam & Co. drygoods 180 h. 178 Chapel 
Meriam & Co. soap boilers 10 York 
Merkle Christopher, wheelwright Washington n. Prov. 
Merkle George, butcher Ludlow n. Broome 
Merkle James, wheelwright Rhinrlander-alley n. Harisor: 
Merklee widow Margaret, 46 Thomas 
Me vie G. merchant 138 Pearl h. 193 William 
Merrell Joseph S. fancy store 67 Catharine 
Merre!l William, 30 Maiden lane 

Merrell William, shipcarpenter Brooklyn I 

Merrell William R. drygoods 30 Maiden-lane 
Merrick Avistobulos, ship-carpenter Delancey c. Lewif 
Merrigold Henry, smith rear 10 Vestry 
Merrihew William, shipmaster 52 Elizabeth 
Merrill Abraham, shoestore 80 Nassau 
Merrill jr. Abraham, pub. porter 80 Nassau 
Merrill Charles, hardware 494 Grand 
Merrill Frederick, cordwainer 78 Crosby 
Merrill James F. musical inst. maker King n. M'Douga-' 
Merrill widow Hannah, milliner 42 Reed 
Merris Henry, printer 29 Watts 

Merrit Benjamin, crockery 179 Water h. 277 Pearl £ 
Merritt Austin, cartman Sheriff n. Rivington 
Merritt jr. Caleb, 252 Bowery 

Merritt Cornelius R. saddler 116 Grand h. Bowery 
Merritt Edward, 20 Arundel 
Merritt Elias, boatman 299 Spring 
Merritt Gilbert, 20 Arundel 
Merritt Isaac, carpenter 236 Hudson 
Merritt Isaac N. cartman Attorney c. Stanton 
Merritt James, mason 1 Forsyth 
Merritt James D. chairmaker 556 Pearl 
Merritt Jeremiah, cartman 162 Rivington 
Merritt Jeremiah A. cartman Suffolk n. Delancey 
Merritt jr. Jeremiah, 79 Hester 
Merritt John, chairmaker Essex n. Broome 
Merritt John, 160 Bowery 

Merritt John C. mer. 29 Bui ling- slip h. 33 Vandewate 
Merritt John C. F. carpenter 265 Bowery 
Merritt Joseph, dry goods 396J Pearl 
Merritt Joseph Rl. 28 Mott 
Merritt Lemuel, physician 210 Chatham 
Merritt Nathaniel S. merchant 79 Pine h. 160 Bowes y 
Merritt Jfehemiah, merchant 160 Pearl h. Brooklyn. 

300 longworth's 1825—26 

Merritt N. R. saddler 192 Bowery 

Merritt Richard, 7 Clarke 

Merritt Samuel, cartman 25 Charlton n. Hudsou 

Merritt Samuel F. merchant 104 Pearl 

Merritt Stephen, grocer Cherry c. Scammel 

Merritt William, laborer Lombardy a. Corlaers Hook 

Merritt Wra. T. merchant 160 Pearl b. 36 Vandewater 

Merritt Ann widow of Andrew, rear 66 Bayard 

Merritt & Son M. mer. 29 Burling-slip h. 33 Vandewate: 

Merritt & Son N. dry goods 160 Pearl 

Merritt & Reynolds, dry goods 202 Chatham 

Merry Thomas H. ship broker T. C. H. h. 8 Pearl 

Merseilles John, carpenter 30 Provost 

Mersereau Daniel, 1 1 White 

Mersereau Saml. B. ship chand. 416 Water h. 125 Henry 

Mersereau widow Elizabeth, 125 Henry 

Meserole Abraham, grocer 302 Front 

Meserole Isaac, coachmaker Grand n. Corlears Hook 

Meserole Jeremiah, grocer 301 Front h. 90 Catharine 

Meserole Bernard I. & A. merchants 132 and 128 Division 
Mesier James W. druggist 182 Division 
Mesier P. A. bookseller 28 Wall h. 47 Stone 
*Mesker John B. rigger 239 Division 

M-sler William, cartman Orange c. Spring 

Mesnard Thomas, shoestore 32 Beekman 

Mesnill N. machinist and turner 47 Canal 

Messenger John, brewer 43 and 45 Cheapside 

Messenger Ruth, 35 Eldridge 

Messerve Elias B. butcher 3 Franklin m. h. 275 Grand 

Messerve George G. butch. Fulton m. h. 204 Bowery 

Messerve Jacob, 62 Eldridge 

Messerve jr. Wm. butch. 24 Fulton m. h. 127 Forsyth 

Messerve Wm. butch. 3 Cath. m. h. Norfolk n. Stanton 

Messerve sen. Wm. butch, h. 183 Bowery 

MRstayer Benj. lamp-maker 176 Fulton h. 64 Murray 

MetcalfE. min. and portrait painter 174 Fulton, 

Metcalf widow Susannah, 5 Norfolk 

Metcalfe Isaac, carpenter 381 Pearl 

Metzger Conrad, baker 59 Market 

Metzler John H. bootmaker 32 Broad 

Meyer George, merchant 60 Pine h. Greenwich 

Meyer John, shoemaker 52 Prince 

Meyer John D. sec. Eagle ins. co. 59 Wall 

Meyer T. merchant 67 Washington 

Meyou John, rigger 33 Cheapside 

Michaels Jacob W. 58 Suffolk 

Michaels Sarah widow of John, Grand c. Arunde: 

Micheau Paul J. 206 William 

Micholl Moreland, lace st. 293 Broadway h. 20 Reed 

Mickle Francis, porter h. 12 Frankfort 

Mickle John C. 99 Leonard 

Middlemrs Joseph, carpenter 30 Rhynder 

Midclleton John, fisherman 27 Orchard 

Middleton Robert, thread manuf. 137 Bowery 

M'uldleton Samuel, carpenter 16 Essex 

Middleton Thomas, grocer 362 Water li. 12. James si:, 


Midy Toussaint, 52 Canal 

Mikmrk Henry, furrier Rhinelanders alley n. Hanson 

Milbank Samuel, brewer 62 Catharine 

Milbank & Co. brewery 13 Oliver and 62 Catharine 

Milburn widow E. 64 Greene [c. Asylum 

Mildeberger J. A. soap & c. m.23 Nassau h. Hammond 

Mildeberger John, soap and cand. nianuf. 14 Roosevelt 

Mildeberger Thomas, 122 Orchard «. 

.Mildeberger W. D. soap and can. manuf. 213 William 

Mildeberger widow Ellen, 50 Nassau 

Mildeberger Mary C. 209 William 

Mildwater George, carpenter rear 105 Mott 

Miles Augustus, engineer Spring c. Laurens 

Miles Ezekiel, liquor merchant Hammond n. Hudson 

Miles N. G. merchant Pearl c. Pine 

Miles Reuben, shipcarpenter 3 Mangin 

Miles William, grocer Rleecker c. Sullivan 

Miles widow Mary, 49 Robinson 

Miles it Bacon, brewers 59 Chrystie 

Milford Edward, pub. Globe & Emerald 250 

Milgate widow of William, 134 William [38 Woostev 

Millard John, grocer 322 Water 

Millard John, watchmaker 88 Division 

Millard William P. 218 Front 

Millen James, weaver Jones n. Herring 

Mil'en Win, shipwright 174 Bancker » 

Miller Aaron, lamplighter 40 Delancey T' 

Miller Abraham, shoemakei 460 Greenwich 

Miller Alexander, chairmaker h. 1 York 

Miller Andrew R. city weigher 122 Front h. 128 Wm, 

Miller Benjamin, smith 172 Spring 

Miller Benjamin F. segar maker 17 Oliver 

Miller Benjamin G. dry goods 112 Bowery 

Miller jr. Charles, Ann c. William 

Miller Charles, fisherman 108 Elizabeth 

Miller Charles F. shipwright Front n. C. Hook 

Miller Christian, milkman foot Boweryhill 

Miller Church, grocer Ridge c. Delancey 

Miller Cornelius, cabinetmaker 99 Delancey 

Miller David, cabinetmaker 77 Allen 

Miller David, carpenter 171 Duane 

Miller Daniel S. mer. 48 Water 

Miller Eliza, boardinghouse 5 Broadway 

Miller George, weaver Greenwich n. Hammond 

Miller George, goldbeater Hudson n. Hamersley 

Miller George W. cabinetmaker 59 Division h. 31 Spruce • 

Miller Gurdon, merchant Hudson n. King 

Miller Harman, shipmaster 69 Essex n. Broome 

Miller H. grocer Rivington c. Sheriff 

Miller Isaac, ropemaker Attorney n. North 

Miller Ishmael, laborer 131 Anthony 
Miller Jacob, fruiter 26 Norfolk 
Miller Jacob, rigger 36 Augustus 
Miller James, laborer 31 Augustus £ 4 . 
I Miller James, shipcarpenter DelaLncey c, Cannon 
Miller James, laborer 9 Norfolk 

302 LONG\VORTH ? S 182u— 2C 

Miller James, steelworker 545 Broome 

.Miller James, cabinetmaker 42 Leonard 

Miller James M. auctioneer 152 Pearl h. 13 Chambers 

Miller Jeremiah, carpenter 93 Pine h. 37 Varick 

Miller Jeremiah, carpenter 81 Varick 

Miller Job, carpenter Lombardy n. C. Hook 

Miller Joel, teacher Herring h. Asylum c. Perry 

Miller John, carpenter 206 Harman 

Miller John, West n. Barclay h. 43 Stone 

Miller John, carpenter 78 Harman 

Miller John, grocer 63 Nassau 

Miller John, tobacconist 9S Rivington 

Miller John, baker 47 Bayard 

Miller John, butcher 6 Spring m. h. 29 Vaudan 

Miller John, carpenter 297 Grand 

Miller John, shoemaker 158 Delancey 

Miller John, mariner 120 Lombardy 

Miller John, boardinghouse 4 Front 

Miller John, saddler 36 Anthony 

Miller John, cartman 122 Hester 

Miller John, merchant Varick n. Broome 

Miller John, carpenter Hudson n. King 

Miller jun. John, carpenter 78 Harman 

Miller John A. sawyer Vestry c. Washington 

Miller John B. 109 Greenwich 

Miller John F. cooper 70 Front 

Miller jun. John F. carver 3 Mill h. 8 Gold 

Miller John G. merchant 2S0 Pearl 

Miller John G. distiller 527 Greenwich 

Miller John H. mariner 127 Lombardy 

Miller John L. sweeper Wash. m. 187 Church 

Miller John U. cartman M'Dougal n. King 

Miller John S. farmer Vandam n. Varick 

Miller Joseph, 380 Broome 

Miller Joseph, cartman Wooster n. Prince 

Miller Lawrence, rigger 52 Augustus 

Miller Margaret, 147 Anthony 

Miller Michael, laborer Varick c. King 

Miller Michael, distiller 102, 104 & 106 Duane 

Miller Nicholas, haird. 31 Fulton & 105 Chambers 

Miller Nicholas, Anthony c. Chapel 

Miller Richard, cartman Stanton ri. Forsyth 

Miller Samuel, watchmaker 216 Water 

Miller Sarles, cartman 95 Sullivan n. Prince 

Miller Silvanus, attor. and coun. 62 W'm. h. 43 Cherry 

Miller Tertulus, cartman 38 Essex 

Miller Thomas, 22 Spring 

Miller Thomas, manner and grocer 50 Henry 

Miller Thomas, clerk 87 Cross 

Miller Thomas, tailor 161 Chambers 

Miller Thomas, dyer 141 Anthony 

Miller William, rigger 43 Essex 

Miller Wm. picture frame maker 84 h. 82 ott 

Miller Wm. teacher Watts c. Greenwich 

Miller Wm. M. dry goods 410 Broadway and MBhieiogr 

Miller Rev. Wm. 36 Mulberry 


Miller Win. H. saddler 415 Broadway b. 1S3 Grand 
Miller widow E. fruiter 177 William 
Miller Elizabeth widow of Christian, 131 Reed 
Miller widow Hannah, Rivington n. Essex 
Miller widow of Henry, fruiter 441 Broadway 
Miller widow Maria, 40Dominick 
Miller widow of Geo. B. tobac. 107 & 110 Water 
Miller Sarah widow of Wm. Hudson n. King 
Miller widow Sarah, 24 Church 
Miller Susan widow of Gilbert, 465 Greenwich 
Miller & Hadley, picture frame makers 84 MoU 
Miller & Co. W. S- merchants 118 Pearl 
Millham Obadiah, wheelwright Corlners n. Cherry 
Milligan James, tobacconist rear 142 Leonard 
Milligan Lawrence, carpenter rear 227 Mulberry 
Milligan William, grocer 338 Water 

■\Iillikin John M. shoe store £70 Water 
Millikin Thomas and Robert, carvers 52 Cherry 
Millington widow Ann, boarding-house 49 Beave; 
Millis Joseph, mariner 20 Orange 
Millon E. merchant-tailor 104 Broadway 
Mills Abraham, tpacher 197 Church 

Mills Andrew, carpet-store 218 Bioadway 

Mills Archibald C. 393 Broome 

Mills Elisha, merchant 222 h. 272 Pearl 

Mills Ephratm, carpenter Hudson c. Charles 

Mills George, rigger rear 50 Lumber 

Mills George, inspector 43 Chatham 

Mills George S. grocer 179 Spring c. Sullivan 

Mills Henry, laborer 174 Grand 

.Mills Isaac, mason" Willet c. Rivington 

Mills James, cartman 64 Essex 

Mills James, merchant 106 Front 

Mills John, grocer 50 Catharine 

Mills John, shoe-maker Hudson c. Charles 

Mills John, shoemaker 135 

Mills John, mason 298 Spring 

Mills jun. John, grocer Canal c. Laurens 

Mills Jonas, carpenter Lewis n. North 

Mills Joseph, cartman 54 Cannon n. Delancev 

Mills Luther, shoemaker 63 Chrystie 

Mills Mahlen, shipcarpenter 56 Rutgers 

Mills Mases, mariner 10 Cliff 

Mills Nathaniel; 3 Mangin 

Mills Nathaniel, boarding-house 56 John 

Mills Patrick, laborer 175 Mott 

Mills P. L. Wall c. Pearl 

Mills Robert, wheelwright Essex n. Grand 

Mills S. H. 151 Pearl h. 54 Franklin 

Mills Thomas, grocer 447 Greenwich 

Mills Thomas H. grocer 234 Front h. 32 Cheapsife 

Mills Thomas P, carpenter Hudson c. Perry 

Mills William, saddler 72 Gold 

Mills widow Hannah, bnardinghouse 6 RectOt 

Mills and Denison, grocers 234" Front 

Mills and Mlnton, auctioneers 151 Peart 

304 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Millspaugh Henry, shoemaker 249 Spring 

Millwatei John, shoemaker 9 Birmingham 

Millwater widow Abigal, 9 Birmingham 

Miln, George & Co. commission merchants 1 Gold 

Milne & Co. Peter, grocer 79 Duane c. Elm 

Milner rev. James, 82 Beekman 

Milner widow Jane M. 107 Reed 

Milnor Joseph K. 7 Pearl 

Milne-/ & Bull, merchants 31 Pine 

Milan S. professor of music 18^ Reed 

Milor James, smith 26 Cross 

Minah Joseph, mariner 137 Leonard 

Minard John, wheelwright 86 Forsyth 

Min?ird to Son Isaac, boot and shoestore 7 William 

Miner Edward, shoemaker 104 Greene 

Miner Jonathan, 30 Grand 

Miner Lewis, smith 21 Anthony 

Miner Ru,ssell D. carpenter Greenwich c. Canal 

Miner Thomas, carpenter Columbia n. Delaricey 

Miner William W. physician 33 Harman 

Miner Pebeccah, nurse 203 Orange 

Minesy jr. Quaco, sweep office Washington n. N. Moore 

Ming Alexander, printer 84 Front 

Ming jun. Alexander, printer h. 63 Division 

Ming John, pilot 10 Chesnut 

Ming William, (black) clothes dresser 33a Beaver 

Mingham Jane widow of Robert, 86 Mulberry 

Mingus Thomas, carpenter 75 Provost 

Mingus Thomas, smith Gouverneur n. Cherry 

Minickhousen Daniel, tobacconist 3 Arundel 

Minton Charles, auctioneer 151 Pear) h. 17 Walker 

Minton JohnB-. cabinet-maker 101 Division 

Mintum B. G. merchant 63 Wall h. 1 10 Grand 

Minturn & Son B. G. distillers Washington c. King d 

Mintum Jonas, Bond n. Broadway 

Minturn widow Maria W. Clarkson n. Hudson 

Minturn Niobe, Jones n. Bowery 

Minturn William H. merchant 106 Front h. Greene 

Minturn & Co. Nathl. G. 67 South h. Jones n. Bowery 

Minug Henry, grocer Pump c. Orchard 

Minugh John, harboiwr master 91 Gold 

Minuse John, 252 Grand 

Minuse John H. bookbinder 83 Cross 

Minuse widow of Leonard, grocer 83 Cross 

Missilier Joseph, grocer 151 Front h. 4 Cortlandt 

Missilier Peter L. glover 266 Broadway 

Missillier Anthony S. grocer 2 Franklin c. Chapel 

Missing John, accountant 20 Roosevelt 

Mitchell Abraham, merchant 17 Harison 

Mitchell Andrew, merchant 22 Vestry 

Mitchell Archibald, tinman 134 Bowery n. Grand 

Mitchell David, pilot 42 Frankfort 

Mitchell rev. Edward, 30 Duane 

Mitchell Erastus, fisherman 52 Robinson 

Mitchell Francis, laborer 37 Cross 

Mitchell James, custom-house inspector 130 Lombardy 

Mitchell John, mason rear 76 Reed 


Mitchell John, painter 221 Church 
Mitchell John, brass-founder 53 Elm 
Mitchell John, tailor 572 Pearl 
Mitchell John, tailor &c. 226 William 
Mitchell John A. watch-maker 247 Pearl 
Mitchell John K. mariner 76 Gold 
Mitchell John S. attor. and coun. 3 law-buildings 
Mitchell Joseph, weaver Herring c. Jones . 
Mitchsll Lewi-a, hair-dresser 473 Pearl 
Mitchell Nathaniel, painter 221 Church 
Mitchell Robert, weaver Christopher n. Hester 
Mitchell Samuel, mason 170 Hester 
Mitchell Samuel, lamp-maker 262 William 
Mitchell Sebastien, po/ter-house 9 Warren 
Mitchell Thomas, carpenter 10 Watts 
Mitchell Walter, 79 James 
Mitchell William, merchant 15 Maiden-lane 
Mitchell Elizabeth widow of Robert, 251 Bowery- 
Mitchell Si Co. Andrew, merchants 98 Maiden-lane 
Mitchell & Co. Jethro, 227 Front h. Brooklyn 
Mitchell <feCo. Sam. Hav. segar importers 81 Fulton 
Mitchell William & John, attorneys 39 Pine 
Mitchill Saml. L. M.D. prof, in the university 47 White 
Mitchill jr. Saml. L. merchant 190 Front h. 211 William 
Mitchill & Bleecker, merchants 190 Front 
Mix Elijah, merchant N. Moore 
Mix Si Trip, boarding-house 251 Pearl 
Mobeny William, copper-smith 86 Murray 
Moe Isaac L. dry-goods 70 Division 
Moffat John, stonecutter Canal h. 375 Washington 
Moffat John, dry-goods 297A Broadway 
Moffat John L. silver-smith 84 Prince 
Moffet Armor, hatter 75 Church 
Moffet John, dry-goods 219 h. 226 Greenwich 
Moger James, mason Varick c. Downing 
Moir John, teacher 8 Pine 
Moison William, 5 Oi chard 
Mole Zachavias, 96 James 
Moleston Solomon, coat-dresser 59 William 
Molewoith Alexander, stonecutter 58 Beach 
Mollan & Son Stuart, 177 Pearl h. 46 John 
Molle Murk, carpenter 32 Roosevelt 
Molloy John, brewer King c. Hudson 
Molyneux Joseph, watch-maker 66 
Monaghan John, labourer 88 Cross 
Monaghan Owen, butcher Broome n. Norfolk 
Monaghan Patrick, '215 Mott 
Monahan John, 72 Nassau 
Moncton William, carpenter rear 227 Mulberry 
Moncure Si Robinson, merchants 63 South 
Mondon P. bookseller 20 Maiden-lane h. 90 Liberty 
Monell Andrew, comb-maker 9 Doyer 
Monell Charles, 9 Doyer 
Monell Christopher B. 268 Broome 
Monell George, boarding-house 13 John 
Monell John I. silversmith 39 Rhyinki 

309 longworthV 1825 — 26 

Moneli 'William, comb-maker 269 Bowery 

Moneypenny John, dyer 19 Vandewater 

Moneypenny John, dyer Canal n. Varick. 

Moneypenny Thomas, dyer 119 Pump 

Moneypemiy Robert, dyer 163 h. 161 Chambers 

Moneypenny William, dyer 9 Division and 28 Pump 

Moneypenny William B. merchant 272 Greenwich 

Moneypenny widow of John, dyer 232 Greenwich 

Monfoort Peter J. cartman Broome n. Sullivan 

Monholland Patrick, grocer 77 Lombardy 

Monilaws Thomas, dry-goods 36 Rhynder 

Monilaws Isabella widow of George, 36 Rhynder 

Monks R. tailor 7G Reed 

Monroe George, mariner Elizabeth n. Spring 

Monrow James, cartman Hudson n. Dominick 

Monroy Otho, M.I). 52 Mulberry 

Monson M. 51 Walker 

Mtrntagnye John, cooper rear 51 Mulberry 

Montanye Abraham D. chair-in. 13 Bowery h. 90 Henry 

Montanye John D. carpenter 154 Ludlow 

Montanye Theodore, mead and beer rear 14 Anthony 

Montanye William, boat-builder 141 Banckex 

Mdiitayrie widow Mary, 233 Division 

Montgomery Benjamin, tobacconist 136 Elm 

Montgomery Cynthia, milliner 1 Murray [Brooms 

Montgomery James,<grocer & flaxsd. 39 South h. Sheriff n. 

Montgomery James, grocer 153 Grand c. Orange 

Montgomery John, bookseller and binder 132 Greenwich 

Montgomery John B. grocer 85 Maiden-lane 

Montgomery Samuel, police-officer 39 Robinson 

Montgomery widow of Samuel, 37 James 

Montgomery & Son S. tin-smiths '205 Fulton 

Montgomery & Williamson, grocers 85 Maiden-lane 

Montrose Francis, mariner 144 Leonard 

Montross James, carpenter 20 Suffolk 

Mood Catharine, grocer 8 Depeyster 

Moody Adonijah G. boarding-h. 56 Pearl c. Broad 

Moody A. & A. G. Bioad-street-house Broad c. Pearl ' 

Mook James, butcher Orange n. Spring 

Mook Thomas, butcher 9 Centre-filar, h. 193 Orange 

Mook William, butcher 13 Cetitre-m. h. 89 Orange 

Moon Margaret, 190 Hudson 

Mooney Alex. H. paver 133 Mott 

Mooiiey Charles, paver 132 Mott 

Mooaey Edward, clerk Greene n. Houston 

'.looiity Elias, mason Hudson n. Hamersley 

Mooney Elizabeth R. dress-maker 32-Dey 

Mooney Hamilton, painter and glaziei Wooster n. Spring 

Mooney Michael, boot-maker 400 Bowery n. Tenth 

Mooney Rinier, city-guager 52 Chatham 

Mooney Rinier V. guager rear 52 Chatham 

Mooney Thomas, grocer aud coll. 6th ward 97 Mulberrj. 

Mooney jr. Thomas, grocer 382 Water c. Oliver 

Mooney William, 52 Chatham 

Mooney widow Hannah, washwoman 108 Molt 

Moore Aaron, grocai 16 York c. Chapel 

. :;,: 




e Abraham S. grocer M'Dougal c. King 

e Allen, weaver Jones n. Herring 

e Archibald D. wool-wareh. 133 Water h. 33 John 

e Baltis, 2 John 

e jr. Boltis, 88 Oliver 

e Cornelius, milkman Willet n. Stanton 

e Daniel, cabinet-maker 171 Bowery 

e David, clerk Laurens n. Prince 

e David, stonecutter Hubert h. 372 Washington 

e Edward, 8 Albany 

e E. J. dry-goods 248 Pearl h. 10 James 

e Elizabeth, 50 Rivington 

e Enoch, cartman Laureiis n. Prince 

e Ephraim, shoemaker rear 52 Leonard 

Francis C. Houston n. Mercer 
e George, sawyer 2 Suffolk 
e Henry, mariner 22 Pearl 
e Henry, cartman 83 Laurens ri. Prince 
e Henry, carpenter 329 Broome 
e Henry, accountant Gieene c. Grand 
e Jacob, marketman 349 Broome 
e Jacob, cabinetmaker 142 Thomas 
e James, tailor 16 White 
e James, mason M'Dougal n. King 
e James, cartrnan 90 Mulberry 
e James, merchant 43 Mercer 
e James, cartman Willet n. Stanton 
e James, whitewasher 33 Spruce 
e jr. James, 189 Hester 

e James A. sailm. Gouvem.-l. c. Front h. 54 Beaver 
e James T. paint store 144 Washington 
e Jane, boardinghouse 46£ John 
e Jared L. watchmaker 144 Chatham 
e John, cartman 20 Vandam 

John, mason 13 York 
e John, gunsmith Harlaem 
e John, weighmaster 191 Fulton 
e John, wheelwright 87 Varick 
e John, hairdresser 149 J Bowery 
e John, 16 Lispenard 
e John, Fourth n. Bowery 
e John, dyer 77 Gold 
e John A. 62 Water h. 36 Greenwich 
e John K. shipcarpenter 96£ Chatham 
e John L. dry goods 91 William 
e John P. military srore 208 Broadway h, 9 Dutcl 
e John W. baker rear .52 Provost 
e John W. 514 Broadway 
3 Jonathan, cartman rear 129 Forsyth 
e Joseph, city measurer 62 Bayard 
e Joseph, cartman 23 Desbrosses 
e Joseph, shoemaker 312 Grand 
e Joseph, teacher 14 Batavia 

e Joseph L. merchant 81 William d 

e L. carpenter and grocer 31 Lispenard 
e L. 219 Duane 


308 longworth"s 1825— 26 

Moore L. J. bootmanuf. 209 Hudson 

Moore Mark, grocer 44 Hannan 

Moore Michael, 38 John 

Moore Moses, grocer Greenwich c. Warren h. 1S6 Reed 

Moore Nathaniel F. A. M. prof. Latin & Greek 2 Colum- 

Moore Nicholas, cooper 24 More [bia College 

Moore Richard, laborer 99 Greenwich 

Moore Richard, smith Hudson n. Spring 

Moore Richard F. shoemaker 260 Water 

Moore Samuel, cooper 24 More 

Moore Samuel, carpenter 169 Chapel 

Moore Samuel, taiior 16 Dutch 

Moore Samuel, mason Clarke n. Spring 

Moore Samuel J. grocer Broome c. Sullivan 

Moore Samuel W. M. D. 48 Warren 

Moore Stewart, tailor 220 Delancey 

Moore Strong V. cabinetmaker Gold c. Feny 

Moore Thomas, cooper 34 h. 18 More 

Moore Thomas, musician 2 Crosby 

Moore Thomas, butcher Forsyth n. Rivington 

Moore Thomas D. merchant 9 Burling-slip h. 48G Broome 

Moore Thomas H. carpenter rear 17 Anthony 

Moore Thomas R. 48 Howard 

Moore Thos. W. agent Brit. Packets 90 Cedar h. 38 Corf, 

Moore Thomas W. C. 45 Murray 

Moore Wm. grocer 62 Robinson n. Washington 

Moore Wm. grocer Grand c. Mercer 

Moore Wm. grocer Church c. Lispenard 

Moore Wm. grocer Provost c. Greenwich 

Moore Wm. sawyer Rivington n. Pitt 

Moore widow Ann, boardinghouse 57 Greenwich 

Moore Elizabeth widow of Abraham, 14 Spring 

Moore widow Frances, tailoress rear 68 Bayard 

Moore widow Judith, 20 Warren 

Moore widow Mary, boardinghouse 113 Water 

Moore widow Mary, 17 Rivington c. Chrystie 

Moore & Pattison, drygoods 200 Chatham 

Moore Samuel & Nicholas, coopers 24 More 

Moorehouse Calvin, stonecutter 219 Spring 

Moorehouse Silas, shoemaker 218 Greenwich 

Moorehouse Mary widow of John, tailoress 192 Mulberry 

Moorehouse widow Sarah, 11 Essex 

Moores Edward H. sign painter Pearl c. Beekman 

Moores Frederick, shipmaster 129 Cherry 

Moores Thomas, carpenter 1 Clinton 

Moores & Ridabock, drygoods 57 Water 

Moorhead John, merch. 72 South h. 538 Broadway 

Moorhead widow Ann, 63 Chapel 

Moran John, grocer Pike c. Water h. 107 Lombardy 

Moran John, mason 50 Duane 

Moian John, porter 3 Water 

Moran M. teacher 24 Rector 

Moran Michael, 138 Anthony 

Moran Nicholas, shipmaster 3 Rivington 

Moran P. K. professor of music Canal n. Thompson 

Moran Richard, paver 272 Delancey n. Columbia 

Moran Robert H. stonecutter 24 Rector 


.Vlorand Augustus, 6 Cross 

Morange James, upholsterer 164 Fulton 

Moray John, 45 Chambers ^ 

Moreau Joseph, 30 Bowery h. c. Bayard 

Morehouse Alexander, cartman 51 JYorfolk 

Morell Samuel H. chairmaker Chapel 

Morewood Edmund, merchant 87 Washington 

Morey widow Sarah, 85 Varick 

Morgan Alex, smith 57 Beaver h. 2 Henry 

Morgan Alex, smith 1 Ann h. 32 Barclay 

Morgan Caleb, grocer Peck-slip c. Front h. 54 Oak 

Morgan Charles, grocer Bayard c. Mulberry 

Morgan Charles, grocer 37 Peck-slip h. 58 Beekman 

Morgan David, tailor and grocer 119 Washington 

Morgan Daniel, grocer and boardinghouse 202 Fulton 

Morggn Daniel, 61 grocer Whitehall 

Morgan Daniel, drygoods 32 Division 

Morgan Elijah, baker Herring c. Raisin 

Morgan G. C. lottery and Exchange office 353 Pearl 

Morgan Gerrit, jeweller 32 N. Moore 

Morgan Henry R. grocer 237 Front h. 54 Oak 

Morgan James, 126 Lombardy 

Morgan John, shipwright 63 Rutgers 

Morgan John, teacher 106 Chrystie 

Morgan John, rear 147 Orange 

Morgan John I. Bond n. Broadway 

Morgan John, mariner Delancey n. Allen 

Morgan Moses W. grocer Rivington c. Ridge 

Morgan Thomas, chairmaker Wooster n. Spring 

Morgan William, tailor 33 Nassau 

Morgan Wm. D. accountant 33 Front h. 27 Suffolk 

Morgan William P. engraver 120 Henry 

Morgan & Sons James, shipwrights Water n. Clinton. 

Morgan Josiah, Stag-town 

Morgan Amy widow of William, 29 Desbrosses 

Morgan widow Ruth, 56 Anthony 

Morgans Morgan, shoemaker 160 Harman 

Moriac Crisol G. barber 47 Bancker 

Moricet John F. cabinetmaker 31 Beekman 

Morison Daniel, nail maker 8 Howard [vide Morrison 

Morison William, merchant 60 Pine h. Broadway 

Morison, Muir & Co. merchants 60 Pine 

Morland Mary Ann, 155 Chrystie 

Morrel John, tailor 31 Division 

Morrell David, 175 Division 

Morrell Lucretia, 40 Frankfort 

Morrell Puchard, shipwright Lewis n. Rivington 

Merrell Richard, grocer 93 South h. 71 James 

Morrell Samuel, chairmaker 90 Chapel 

Morrell Thomas, junk store 165 Washington 

Morrell Walter, carpenter 49 Watts 

Morrell widow Catharine, 369 Bowery 

Morrell widow Hannah, 30 Cheapside 

Morrell widow Hannah, 314 William 

Morril Elisha, assist, just. Duane c. Wm. b. 14 Orchard 

Monis Aaron, porterhouse 222 Broadway 

310 longworth's 1825—56 

Morris Amos T. grocer Cherry c. Roosevelt 

Morris Anthony, city baths 21 Chambers h. 19 Reed 

Morris Charles, laborer 152 Crosby 

Morris Charles A. mariner 88 James 

Morris David, merchant Laight 

Morris Edward, grocer 244 Mulberry 

Morris Elizabeth, Hudson n. Dominick 

Morris Fanny, tailoress 259 William 

Morris George, Mason 24 Eldridge 

Morris George P. printer 9 Nassau h. 55 Delancey 

Morris G. W. attorney 1 Law-buildings h. 45 Franklin 

Morris H. W. tailor 222 Bowery 

Morris Isaac, mason 63 Lispenard 

Morris Jacob, cooper 17 Chapel 

Morris Jacob, typefounder rear 193 Mulberry 

Morris James, V. C. attorney 2 Law-buildings 

Morris James, porter rear 289 Pearl 

Morris James, wheelwright rear 106 JVulberry 

Morris John, speculator Rimittgton n. Pitt, 

Morris John G. 133 Harman 

Morris John S. cooper 39 Rutgers 

Morris John, coachmaker 125 Grand n. Broadway 

Morris John, tailor 280 Broadway h. 11 Dominick 

Morris John, cartman 137 Orange 

Morris John, shoemaker 23 Crosby h. 124 Grand 

Morris John I. grocer 81 Hudson 

Morris John J. saddler 15 Chrystie 

Morris Joseph P. cartman 170 Hester 

Morns Joseph, mason rear 138 Pump 

Morris Nichols, tailor Forsyth n. Delancey 

Morris Patterson, shipmaster 240 Broome 

Mjorris Peter, coal JVer. Roosevelt c. Water h. 505 Pea? 

Mjorris Richard, shoemaker 53 Water 

Mjorris Robert, porterhouse Amity c. 6 Avenue 

M orris Robert, grocer Rhynder c. Howard 

Morris Thos. marshal t;. s. Tammanyhall h. Asylum 

Morris William, tailor 157 Greenwich 

Morris William L. attor. 2 Park-place h. 212 Hudson 

Morris Wm. P. drygoods 278 Broadway h. 93 Anthony 

Morris widow Eleanor, 63 Lispenard 

Morris widow Eliza, 90 Allen 

Morris widow Harriet, 113 Bowery 

Morris Mary widow of Samuel, 563 Brooms 

Morris Margaret boardinghouse 13 Murray 

Morris widow R. 69 Anthony 

Morrison Archibald, grocer Rivington c. Eldridge 

Morrison David L. grocer 93 Green n. Spring 

Morrison Elizabeth, confectioner 538^ Pearl 

Morrison J.C. druggist 188 Greenwich h. 154 Washington. 

Morrison James, dyer 90 Church [vide Morison- 

Morrison John, porterhouse 9 Collect 

Morrison John, ship-joiner 245 Grand 

Morrison John, 110 Chambers 

Morrison John, mer. 135 Chatham 195 Broadway h. 114 

Morrison John C. printer 112 Leonard [White 

Morrison John, chairmaker 71 Mott 


Morrison Mary, Church n. Walker 

Morrison Neal, Greene c. Grand 

Morrison Samuel, 596 Water 

Morrison Thomas, victualler 108 Chapel 

Morrison Jane widow of Wm. 1 Vestry 

Morrison widow of John, 1 Batavia 

Morrison Mary widow of James, 98 Oliver 

Morrow Hugh, saddler 33 Dover 

Morrow John, tailor 338 Water 

Morrow William, stone-cutter 110 Reed 

Morse Abraham, tailor Delancey n. Attorney 

Morse Daniel, marketman 2 Mangin 

Morse Daniel, potter 68 Orchard 

Morse Ezekiel W. teacher 11 Nassau 

Morse James, mariner Goerck n. Rivington 

Morse Joslnia, merchant 98 Spring 

Morse Martin, boarding h. 67 Dey 

Morse Nathan, grocer 91 Market h. Norfolk ru Broome 

Morse Oliver, coffee-house 31 Park 

Morse Richard C. N.Y. Observer 3 Cedar 

Morse Sidney E. editor 3 Cedar 

Morse S. F. B. historical and port, painter 66 Canal 

Morse Wilson R. carpenter 21 Orchard 

Morse Mary widow of Joseph, Houston n. Laurens 

Mors Amos, merchant 135 Pearl h. 48 Dey 

Mors John, Broome n. Grand 

Mortimer Charlotte B. select school 104 Fulton 

Mortimer rev. Benjamin, 104 Fulton 

Mortimer jr. Benj. teacher Nassau c. Ann h. 104 Fulton 

Mortimer sen. John, 86 William 

Mortimer jr. John, woollen draper 86 William 

Mortimer Richard, woollen draper C3 Maiden lane 

Morton Alexander, rigger 38 Bancker 

Morton Emmeline, teacher 34 Eldridge 

Moiton G. W. attorney Tammany-hall h. 11 Murray 

Morton George, grocer Carmine n. Herring 

Morton George, porter h. Delancey c Norfolk 

Morton Jacob, 11 Murray 

Morton James, cabinet-maker 34 Spruce 

Morton John, Hammond n. Asylum 

Morton John, thread and needle store Canal c. Chape! 

Morton John, carpenter Bowery n. Nichs. William 

Morton jr. John A. 105 Front h. 95 Liberty 

Morton J. Langdon, sign painter 72 William 

Morton Robert, stone cutter Canal c. Sullivan 

Morton Salmon, carpenter 106 Delancey 

Morton Samuel, carpenter 44 Provost 

Morton Samuel, shipmaster 79 Chrystie 

Morton Thomas, tailor 53 Elm 

Morton Thomas, brewer's tavern Delancey n. Esses 

Morton Thomas, Walnut n. Grand 

Morton Thomas C. dry goods 92 William 

Alorton Walter, ex. of imported goods 540 Greenwich 

Morton Washington Q. attorney 18 Wall h. 11 Murray 

Morton & Low, merchants 105 Front 

Moseley Joseph, watchmaker 104 Broadway 


312 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Moseley Seneca, shipmaster 136 Pump 

Moseley William, cabinet maker 255 Duane 

Mosely Jona. grocer 93 Wall 

Moses Isaac, Greenwich n. Canal 

Moses Joshua, merchant 55 Wall h. 33 Greenwich 

Moses M. L. & D. 63 Wall h. 82 Warren 

Mosher Geo. F. smith 163 Delancey 

Mosher John, carpet weaver 207 Division 

Mosher Nathan R. grocer 372 Broome 

Mosier Jacob, chairmaker Norfolk n. Stanton 

Moss James, shoemaker Watts n. Washington 

Moss William P. Pitt n. Stanton 

Moss widow H. A. 383 Cherry 

Moss & Champion, grocers 15 James-slip 

Moton David, Ludlow n. Broome 

Mott Adam, 46 Market 

Mott Benjamin, grocer 222 Fulton 

Mott Charles, 212 Pearl h. 20 Market 

Mott Daniel, grocer Rivington c. Arundel 

Mott Ebenezer, fisherman 43 Forsyth 

Mott Eli, shoemaker 376 Bowery ' 

Mott Etisha S. wool and leather st. 31 h. 45 Ferry 

Mott Gabriel F. printer 15 Bridge 

MoU Henry, m.d. 259 Pearl 

Mott Henry, founder Beach c. Washington 

Mott Horatio, grocer & constable Hudson c. Hamersley 

Mott Jacob C. moroc. leather mantif. 37 Frankfort 

Mott John, shipmaster 163 Cherry 

Mott John L. livery stable 32 Canal 

Mott John W. merchant 259 Pearl 

Mott Jordon, clock and watchm. 266 Pearl c. Fulton 

Mott Jordon L. grocer 113 South h. 24 Cherry 

Mott Joseph, gold beater 173 Mott 

Mott Patrick, grocer 20 Catharine-slip 

Mott Robert F. teacher 31 Frankfort and 3 Rose 

Mott Samuel, broker 31 Front h. 20 Market 

Mott Silas B. collector Rivington c. Ridge 

Mott S. F. merchant 79 Pine h. 68 Chatham 

Mott Thomas W. paper hanging st. 374 h. 375 Pearl 

Mott Valentine, m.d. and surg. 25 Park-place 
Mott William F. 79 Pine h. 39 Vandewater 

Mott William W. merchant 241 Pearl 

Mott widow Ann, 445 Pearl 

Mott Elizabeth widow of Benj. 77 Catharine 

Mott Mary widow of Willet, grocer 218 Cherry 

Mott Mary widow of Wm. 12 Vandewater 

Mott widow of Wm. L. 4 Lombardy 

Mott & Weeks, grocers Bleecker c. Wooster 

Mott & Gorham, dry goods 212 Pearl 

Mott & Holmes, grate-makers 212 Grand 

Mott W. W. & R. hardware store 241 Pearl 

Mott S. N. & J. G. grocers 20 Fulton h. 157 Greenwich 

Mott W. F. & S. American goods 79 Pine 

Motlashed Jonathan, china store 1 Catharine 

Moubray Anthony, coppersmith 36 Robinson 

Moubray widow Eliza, 46 Pike 

Mould Charles C. 127 Allen 



Moulinier J. carver and gilder 165 Duane 

Moulton C. F. broker 21 Wall h. 325 Broadway 

Moulton John, printer 61 Oliver 
^Moulton Robert K. teacher 8 Garden •— 

• Mounsey John M. brewer 1 8 Ij Ch ath am *!). 65 Lombardy '% O 

Mount Adam D. baker 51 Ferry £&&*. $^t* 

Mount Edward, cartman Sullivan n. Bleecker 

Mount George, grocer 1 Delancey _ & 

Mount George, wood inspector 45 Elizabeth 

Mount Gilbert S. 361 Water h. 3 Market 

Mount Henry S. painter 104 Cherry 

Mount James, drygoods 147 Chatham h. 5 RooseveU 

Mount John, boatbuilder h. 45 Elizabeth 

Mount John, 48 Barclay 

Mount Joseph, shoemaker 124 Chatham 

Mount Joseph, 51 Ferry 

Mount Michael, shoemaker 260 Elizabeth 

Mount Randolph, merchant 133. Chatham 

Mount Richd. E. brush & bellows man. 359 h. 380 Pearl 

Mount Robert, cop. & stove man. 56 Vesey h. 48 Barclay 

Mount Sexton, merchant 133 Chatham" 

Mount Timothy, smith Columbia n. Rivington 

Mount TWotby, shoemaker 183 Division 

Mount Sarah, ready made linen store 6 William 

Mount, Wctmore & Co. grocers James slip c. Water and 

Mount R. & S. dry good st. 133 Chatham [75 Market 

Mowatt Charles, hardware 217 Pearl h. 57 Hudson 

Mowatt John, merchant 225 William 

Mowatt John E. 29 Barclay 

Mowatt Charlotte widow of jr. John, 217 Pearl 

Mowatt, Brothers & Co. W. 1. transp. Co. 77 Washington 

Mower J. B. agent general P. Office 121 Fulton 

Mower Thos. G. M. D. 347 Greenwich 

Mowris Samuel, tavern 244 Division 

Mudge widow Hannah C. boardinghouse 223 Pearl 

Muir Alexander M. commissary general 98 Franklin 

Muir widow Sarah, 62 Watts 

Muldon Michael, merchant 72 Pine h. 90 Spring 

Muldoney Charles, butcher 251 Mulberry 

Mulford David, carpenter 83 Stjllivan 

Mulgrave James, smith Charlton n. Hudson h. n. King 

Mulholland , weaver Bank n. Greenwich 

Mullan John, mason Elizabeth n. Spring 

Mullan John, laborei Elizabeth n. Prince 

Mullan William, mason 23 Charlton 

Mullaney Hugh, grocer 25 Reed 

Mullenex James, 184 Bancker 

Muller R. F. raer. 78 Leonard 

Mulligan Charles, Lombardy n. Walnut 

Mulligan Hugh, cartman 33 Cross 

Mulligan John, laborer 77 Lombardy 

Mulligan J. W. attor. and couns. 22 Cedar 

Mulligan Thomas, laborer Wooster n. Amity 

Mulligan W. C. attor. couns. and not. 56 Pine 

Mulligan & Ketcham, attorns, and couns. 56 Pine 

Mullineux William, hair dresser 27 Mulberry 

Mullins Thomas, broker and lottery office 173 Chatham 

314 longworth's 1825— -26 

Mullowney William, rnason 107 Anthony 

Mulock William, attorney 78 Pine 

Mulrine James, porterhouse 124 Water 

Mumford Guidon S. com. mer. 37 William h. Nassau 

Mumford John I. prod. brok. T. c. h. h. 25 Bridge 

Mumford Samuel Jones, notary and commr. 5 Pine 

Mumford T. V. lottery office 139 Broadway 

Mundy David C. haycartman 417 Greenwich 

Mundy Edward N. piano forte maker 154 Fulton h. 92 

Mundy Elizabeth, tailoress 14 Water [Reed 

Mundy Ezra, teacher 28 Pearl 

Munn Cyrus, 30 Lispenard 

Munn Patrick, fur store and dry goods 160 Greenwich c. 

Munn Stephen B. mer. 503 Broadway [Cortlandt 

Munn Wm. H. att. and commr. 27 Pine h. 503 Broadw. 

Munn widow Elizabeth, 159 Church 

Munro George, grocer 165 Greenwich 

Munro George, porter 243 Delancey 

Munro Hugh, wine merchant 58 Front 

Munro Peter J. counsellor 11 Pine 

Munroe John, comb maker 45 Elizabeth 

Munroe Thadeus, cabinetmaker Herring n. Raisin 

Munroe widow Margaret, 6 Arundel 

Munroe Temperance widow of William, 130 Elm 

Munrow William, bricklayer 55 Dey 

Munsel Joseph, rigger Arundel n. Grand 

Munson Daniel, tobacconist Washington c. Christopher 

Munson Edward, carpenter 19 Harman 

Munson Ira, carpenter 22 Burling slip h. 47 Essex 

Munson John, cartman Forsyth c. Stanton 

Munson John, clothier and grocer 230 Front 

Munson John, flour store 166 Washington h. 26 Lispenard 

Munson John, broker 48 Wall h. 54 Cortlandt 

Munson Joseph T. rigger Goerck n. Stanton 

Munson Reuben, 255 Bowery 

Munson jun. Reuben, grocer 3d A v. c. Thirteenth 

Munson William, butcher 253 Bowery 

Munson widow Clarissa, boardinghouse'23 Bowery 

Munson widow Mary, 535 Greenwich 

Munson & Harned, capenters22 Burling slip 

Murden Edward M. circulating library 4 Chambers h 

Murden Joseph, printer 9 Thomas [Bayard 

Murden , teacher 28 Provost 

Murdock John, 7 Goerck 

Murdock John, milkman Greenwich n. Hammond 

Murdock John, cartman 295 Grand 

Murdock Lewis, dockbuilder Goerck n. Grand 

Murgatroyd Isaac G. mer. 9 Coenties slip h. 272 Broome- 

Murphy Daniel, tailor 51 Robinson 

Murphy David, printer Bowery n. Stuyvesant 

Murphy James, porter 38 Hague 

Murphy James, laborer rear 33 Cross 

Murphy James, laborer 30 Mill 

Murphy James, glass cutter New c. Garden 

Murphy John, brewer 202 Bancker h. 47 RutgefS 

Murphy John, cartman 70 Orchard 

Murphy John, paver Harman n. Montgomery 



Murphy rev. John C. Chinch n. Vesey 

Murphy Lawrence, labourer 252 William 

Murphy Martin, carpenter 200 Bancker 

Murphy Michael, grocer Water c. Dover 

Murphy Nicholas, carpenter Elizabeth n. Prince 

Murphy Patrick, 64 Vcsey 

Murphy Patrick, shoemaker 53 Catharine 

Murphy Thomas, cooper 36 Peck-slip h. 50 Rutgers 

Murphy Walter, porter 3 Oak 

Murphy William, mahog. sawyer 437 Washington 

Murphy William, carpenter 447 J Pearl 

Murphy William D. sail-m. 33 Depeyster b. 109 Orangt 

Murphy widow of Owen, grocer 51 Leonard 

Murray Andrew, mariner 87 Roosevelt 

Murray Charles B. tailor 22 Bowery 

Murray David, leather-dresser 116 Mulberry 

Murray G. W. whitelead-works Broadway n. Bowery 

Murray Hugh I. shipwright Delancey n. Columbia 

Murray James, 47 Duane 

Murray Jas. plast. paris manuf. Wooster n. h. 165 Spjjrig 

Murray jun James, shoemaker 6 Rynders 
«• Murray James B. merchant 113 Pearl h. 54 Warren 
» Murray James V. 148 Spring 

Murray John, grocer Lombardy c. Gouverneur 

Murray John, merchant 297 Broadway h. 103 Duane 
• Murray John B. merchant 113 Pearl h. 45 Barclay 

Murray John R. 25 Laight 

Murray Joseph, cartman Renwick c. Canal 

Murray Lindley, druggist Pearl c. Fulton h. 32 Mott 

Murray Patrick, smith 89 Eldridge 

Murray Patrick, grocer 144 Orange 

Murray Richard, labourer 116 Mulberry 

Murray Robert, wheelwright 4 Charlton 

Murray Robert, blind-maker 105 Mott 

Murray Robert, paver 109 Pump ' 

Murray Robert I. druggist 263 Pearl h. 47 Cliff 

Murray Terrence, shoemaker 28 Thomas 

Murray William, smith Vandam n. Varick 
. Murray Washington, physician 45 Barclay 

Murray Catharine widow of jr. John, 335 Pearl 

Murray widow Janr-, 36 Church 

Munay & Alexander, flax-dressers 61 Bowery 

Murray & Son John B. 113 Pearl 

Murray Robert & Lindley druggists Pearl c. Fulton 

Murtland William, shoemaker 73 Cedar 

Murtough Edward, cartman 25 Augustus 

Musgrove & Co. Thos. morocco manu. 16, 18 & 20 Jacob 

Mustard Alex, shipwright Pike n. Cherry h. 356 Grand 

Muter Robert, physician Newark 

Myer L. 52 Lumber 

Myere Aaron, cartman 5 Allen 

Myer6 Abraham, cartman Sullivan n. Prince 

Myers Abraham, cartman M'Dougall n. Houston 

Myers Benjamin M. merchant 54 Pine and 5 Broadway 

Myers John, cabinet-maker Lombardy n. Rector 

316 longwoktii's 182 5-— 26 

Myers Charles, boarding-house 336 Water 
Myers Charles, butcher Hudson c. King 
Myers Cornelius C. wood-inspector 110 Reed 
Myers Cornelius M. mason 174 Grand 
Myers Cory, carpenter 212 Division 
Myers Edward, mason 110 Reed 
Myers George, mariner 96 Chapel 
Myers George, baker Broadway n. Bond 
Myers Henry, mariner 132 Lombardy 
Myers Jacob, sugar-boiler 124 Mott 
Myers J. J. cartman 337 Grand 
Myers John, boatman Clarkson n. Hudson 
My«rs John, ship-carpenter 471 Grand 
Myers John, caulker Delancey b. Columbia 
Myers John, mariner 42 Elm 
Myers John, mason 236 Spring 
Myers John, barb*r 3 Beekman and 40 Ludlow 
Myers John C. grocer Art 

Myers Martin, lamplighter 59 Sullivan n. Broome 
Myers Matthew J. merchant 185 Pearl h. 94 Pump 
Myers Nicholas, cartman 231 Hudson 
Myers Richard, Renwick n. Spring 
Myers Simon, merchant 338 Broadway 
Myers Solomon, speculator 182 Hester 
Myers Stephen, cartman 398 Washington 
Myers William, chair-painter 397 Broome 
Myers widow Ann B. 254 Bowery 
Myers widow Catharine, 45 Elizabeth 
Myers widow of Frederick, 101 Division 
Myers widow J. H. 13 Greene 
Myers widow Mary, 596 Water 
Myers Gitty widow of Thomas, Prince c. Sullivan 
Myers & Co. com. & land-office 107 Water h. 45 Mercer 
Myrick Charles, 5 Provost 
Myrick John, mariner 14 Walnut 
Myrick Maria, 194 William 
Nack Mathias, lumber-inspector 169 Chapel 
Naghel Francis, shipmaster 23 Jay 

Nagle Cornelius, grocer 251 Water 

Naile John, jeweller Washington n. Spring 

Nald John, grocer 193 Washington 

Naphis widow Judy, Crosby n. Prince 

Napier John, 182 Pearl h. Brooklyn 

Napier William, shipmaster 564 Broome 

Nash A. J. teacher 45 Chambers 

Nash Burr, smith 219 Cherry 

Nash Isaac, cabinet-maker Doyer c. Pell 

Nash James, grocer 34 Oak 

Nash John, butcher Prince c. Elizabeth 

jNTash Lora, merchant 54 Front h. 51 Cedar - . 

Nash M. commercial school 231 Water 

Nash Margaret, tailoress 17 Doyer 

Nash Orville, butcher Cath. mar. h. 10 North 

Nash William, tavern 402 Grand n. Attorney 

pjathan Deborah, 168 William 


Nathan Seixas, exc. broker 45 Wall h.27 Water 

Nau madam, Fr. boarding-school 10 Murray 

JVaugal Jacob, mason Arden n. Bedford 

Naugal William, mason 28 Charlton n. Hudson 

Naumann William, hardware 142 Water 

Navarro Israel, pilot 3 Cheapside 

Navarro widow of David, 89 Harman 

Navee Nancy, washwoman 32 Ann 

Naylor Peter, tin-smith 35 Bancker m 

Naylor & Co. Rich. W. 164 South h. 15 Stone 

Nazro James, 384 Bowery 

Neafie John, carpenter rear 166 Spring 

Neafie John G. stonecutter 78 Thompson 

Neal Joseph, shoemaker 15*7 Washington [videNeil ty 

Neal wid. Margaret, nurse rear 7 Ludlow [Nieal 

Neale William, printer N. William 11. 3d Avamia 

Needham John, porter 231 Hudson 

Needham widow Theodosia, 136 Grand 

Neefus Cornelius, tailor Front c. Broad h. 153£ William 

Neefus George, cartman Sullivan n. Bleecker 

Neefus Neheiniah C. cartman Essex n. Stanton 

Neelfc Peter, merchant 230 Front h. 14Eldridge 

Neelus, Davis £c Co. flour-store 230 Front 

Neeson Terence, cartman 65 Mulberry 

Neet widow F. M. 109 Mulberry 

Nefelt Peter, ship-carp. Rluuelander's alley n. Hari3on 

Negus Thomas, shoemaker 169 Greenwich 

Neightime Peter, smith rear 8 Mulberry 

Neil Henry, carpenter 3C7 Cherry 

Neill John, grocer 294 Greenwich 

Neill Luke, hairdresser 66 Fulton h. 60 Ann 

Neill Mary, 35 Cheapside ■ [videNedl 

Neillis Dennis, nilor 568 Pearl 

Neillis Matthew, 33 Augustus 

NeHson Esther, 528 Pearl 

Neilson John, m.v. 142 Greenwich 

Neilson jr. John, m.d. 9 Barclay 

Neilson Samuel, piano-forte maker 94 Chambers 

Neilson William, merchant Broadway c. Art 

Neilson Robert and Samuel, 119 Pearl h. 15 Warren 

Nelson Alex, carpenter 91 Crosby h. 550 Broadway 

Nelson Edward, cartman Grand c. Thompson 

Nelson Henry A. dry-goods 292 Pearl h. Market 

Nelson James, china-st. 306 Pearl h. 26 Market 

Nelson Jame.*, cartman Wooster n. Houston 

Nelson John, dry-goods 8 Division h. 95 Pump 

Nelson John, shipwright 383 Cherry 

Nelson John H. dry-goods 293 Greenwich 

Nelson Joseph, teacher 75 Franklin 

Nelson Peter, baker Thompson 11. Grand 

Nelson R. D. land-ager.t 91 Nassau 

Nelson Swan, grocer Little Bancker 11. Grand 

Nelson Samuel, labourer Lombardy n. Montgomery 

Nelson William, butcher 33 Essex 

Nelson William, butcher RioVe c. North 

Nelson & Hallett, dry-goods 232 Peari. 

-318 longworth's 1825— 2C 

Nesbit Hugh, sawyer Washington c. Canal 

Neebit Letitia, 138 Mott 

Nesbit John, shoemaker 15 Rose [yideJYicbe 1 

Nesbit John, boat-builder Arundel n. Grand 

Nesbit John, well-digger Carmine n. Herring 

Nesbit Nathan, weaver 507 Greenwich 

Nesbit widow Elizabeth, tailoiess 141 Allen 

Nesmith John P. com. merchant 124 Maiden-lane 

Nesmith & Co. John, com. mer. 124 Maiden-1. h.22 Cliff 

.Nestell A. C. snuff and tobacco store 1 14 Water 

Westell David, shoemaker 53 Vesey 

Nestell Hiram, joiner 17 Goerck 

Nestell Michael C. grocer 87 Catharine <! 

Nestell widow Dorothy, 10? Chrystie 

Nets Lewis, gardener 60 Rivington 

Neville Bartholomew, shoemaker 75 Pump 

.Ncvin Christopher, carpenter 30 Henry and 49 Norfolk 

Nevin widow Ann, 69 Thompson 

Ne\i;i widow Ann, 42 Essex 

Nevins Rufus-L. stock & ex. broker 30 Wall h. 25 Cedar 

Nevins Russel H. broker 40 ( Wall h. 7 Murray 

Nevins k Townsend, brokers 40 and 18 Wall 

Nevius Peter I. grocer 115 and 117 Broad h. 1 StrjWe 

New Frajicis R. stonecutter 439 Greenwich 

Newark Mary, 37 Thomas 

Newberry widow Sarah, 7 Jefferson 

Newbold' C. A. 7 Broadway 

Newbold Geo. cash. Bank of America h. 81 Leonard 

Newbold Geo. H. 65 Pine h. 62 Canal 

Newbould Thomas, merchant 65 Pine h. Art 

Newby R. S. merchant 113 Pearl h. 305 Broome 

Nevvcomb John, shipwright Montgomery n. Cherry 

Newcomb Obadiah, carpenter Sheriff n. Rivington 

Newcombjr. Obadiah, carpenter21 Broome u. Margin 

Newcomb William, shipmaster 39 Harison 

Newell Daniel, comb-maker 17 Orchard 

Newell widow Ann, 73 Cherry 

Newell & Parsons, merchants 223 Front 

Newhall & Bryant, porter-house 43 Canal 

Newhouse Benjamin, carpenter 39 Anthony 

Newhouse John, sawyer 4.53 Greenwich 

Newkirk Peter, cartman Gieenwich n. Christopher 

Newkirk Peter, shoemaker 106 Delancey 

Newman Agnes, tailovess 31 Division 

Newman Henry, cartman Delancey n. Essex 

Newman John, mariner 1*14 H airman 

Newman John, smith 42 Provost 

Newman Philip, furrier 146 Leonard 

Newman Richard, carpenter Ludlow n. Broome 

Newman Thomas, laborer 123 Mulberry 

Newman Thomas, shoemaker Hudson c. King 

Newman Thom-as, tailor 82 Vesey 

Newman Walter, cartman rear 22 Laurens n. Spring. 

Newport George, boardinghouso 67£ Liberty 

Newport widow, clergyman's robemaker 431 Peari 

Newsam Thomas, tavern Walnut n. Lombatilj 

NEW-YORK directory; 5*9 

AC.vson Samuel, tavern 11 Canal 
Newson Sarah, boardinghouse 15 Thames 
Newton A. teacher 36 White 
Newton Charles, dentist 18 Vesey 
Newton Jnmes S. miniature painter 93 Bayard 
Newton John C. merch. 123 Wash. h. 390 Greenwich 
Newton Joseph, 390 Greenwich 
Newton widow oi George, 146 Reed 
Newton Jane wi?S w of James, grocer Grand c^Ridge 
Newton J. C. & Geo. merchants 123 Washington 
Newtown William, carpenter 234 Division 
New-Yjjrk Lombard Association, 66 Chatham 
Nexsen Elias, 12 Liberty [videXixen 

Nexsen jun. Elias, guager 47 Provost 
Nexsen John, 89 South h. 40 Cherry 
Nexsen Walter, shipchandler 75 South h. 51 Oak 
Nexsen jr. William, 140 Harman 
Nexsen Wm. E. insp. of customs, 176 Hudson 
Niblo Wm. Bank Coffee-house 47 Pine & 52 William 
Nicholas Joseph, porterhouse 27 James 
Nicholas Wm. L. scourer 144 Leonard 
Nichols Benjamin, cartman Broome n. Willet 
NicrrBls Charles, 147 Pearl h. 82 Greenwich 
Nichols Charles W. baker 55 Broad 
Nichols Elijah W. grocer 307 Front 
Nichols Harman, Washington n. Spring 
Nichols Isaac, shoemaker 77 Broome 
Nichols James, grocer 97 Chambers 
Nichols John, mason 3 West 
Nichols John, boatman 67 Thompson 
Nichols Joseph, 147 Pearl h. 76 Greenwich 
Michols Perkins, broker 56 Wall h. 14 Park-place 
Nichols Robert, merchant 213 Water h. Brooklyn 
Nicho's Samuel; tin & coppersmith 256 Water , 
Nichols Selick, blockmaker 26 Fletcher h. 240 Stanton 
Nichols Wm. H. shipmaster 569 Water 
Nichols Zophar, milkman Bowery n. Stuyvesant 
Nichols P. widow of Geo. milliner 150 Fulton c.Broadw, 
Nichols widow Mary, 256 William 
Nichols & Co. J. &. C. merchants 147 Pearl 
Nichols & Walgrove, block and pumpmakers 26 Fletcher 
Nicholson Charles, cartman 159 Fulton and 347 Cherrf 
Nicholson George, shipwright 88 Reed 
Nicho'son John, merchant 191 Pearl 
Nicholson John C. boardinghouse 99 Front 
Nicholson Robert, shipcarpenter Scammel n, Cherry 
Nicholson S. merchant 191 Pearl 
Nickerson Ebenezer, cartman 188 Crosby 
Nickerson Wm. 416 Cherry 
Nicoletti Joseph, artificial florist 5 Park 
Nicoll Alexander, custom-house weigher 24 Lumber 
Nicoll Augustus, china & glass st. 40 Peck- si.- h. 119 White 
Nicoll Edward A. 43 Vestry 
Nicoll Edward H. merchant 51 and 53 Front 
Nicoll'Henry W. shipchandler 64 Front h. 47 De$ 
Kicoll James, weaver Greenwich n. Hammood 

Lombard Association* 

Xo. 66 Chatham-street. 

Incorporated by the Legislature of 
the State of New-York, 8th of April, 
1824, Capital $200,000, for the sole 
purpose of lending money on deposits 
of Goods and Chattels. 

This Association continues to make liberal advances 
on all Articles of Merchandise, Plate, Watches, Jew 
cilery, Trinkets, &c. in all sums from one dollar up 
wards 5 thereby affording- great facilities to MercR&nts, 
Traders, and Shopkeepers, residents of the city, and 
also to Strangers and Travellers, who by misfortune 
or accident may require present relief. 
The Rates of Interest charged are fixed by Law asfolloiv? 

Loans of $50 and under, 15 per cent, per ann. 

50 to $100, 12| do. 

100 to 200, 10 " do. 

200 to 300, 9 do. 

300 to 500, 8 do. 

and above 500, 7 do. 

Great care will be taken in the preservation of all 
Property deposited with them, which will also be kept 
covered by Insurance against Fire and Burglary. 

Applications for Loans may be made at the Com- 
pany's Office, personally or by letter ; or to either of 
the Directors, at their places of residence. 


Peter W. Livingston, Elisha W. King; 

William Thorn, James Palmer, 

Henry D. Sewall, Thomas Tobias, 

William Seaman, Jasper F. Seaman, 

The Hon. The Mayor, ) ~ Isaac Frost. 
The Hon. The Recorder, ] ex W' 


N. DEAN, Cashier, 



\icoII John, merchant 88 William 

Nicpll John A. china and glass store 142 Bowery 

Niebll widow Matilda, 19 Cedar 

Nicoll &i Co. Francis H. mer. 62 Front h. 36 Broadway 

Niebour Christopher, baker Hamersfy n. Houston 

•Viles John, grocer 187 Washington 

Niles John, last and boot tree maker 29 Warren 

Niles Paul F. boardinghouse 333 Pearl 

Niles Welcome D. parkhouse 9 Chatham 

NMiet Archibald, grocer 85 Reed [vifite Nesbii 

j'Ulchie John, agent bible soc. 72 Nassau h. 33* Broad 

Niven Archibald, victualler 156 Maiden-lane 

Niven George W. attorney and couns. 6 Harison 

jYixon George, agricultural warehouse Fulton c. Front 

Nixon John, marshal 76 Pump 

Nixon Richard, inspector of customs 55 Hester 

Nixon Thomas, shipcarpenter Cannon n. Grand 

Nixon widow Jane, 2 Beaver 

Nixon &, Woodhull, agricult. warehouse Front c. Fultor. 

Noah M. M. editor Nat. Advocate 48 Wall h. 102 Canal 

Noble Benedict, carpenter 63 Orange 

Noble Daniel P. shipmaster 78 Allen" 

Noble Elihu, mason 37 Sullivan 

Noble Gideon, milkman Boweryhill 

Noble Isaac, carpenter 45 Grand 

Noble Jacob, carpenter 193 Spring 

Noble James, printer 79 Henry 

Noble John, rigger Hamersly n. Greenwich 

Noble John, marble polisher Desbrosses n. Hudson 

Noble widow of George, rirygoods 252^ Bowery 

Noble & Co. John, wine mer 6,3 Stone h. 29 Greenwich 

Nodine Peter, cartman 97 Crosby 

Nodine Samuel and David, shoemakers 190 Spring 

Noe Helen, 18 Broad 

Noe Isaac, shoemaker 49 Watts 

Noe John, shoemaker rear 35 Lombardy 

Noe John C. grocer 309 Spring 

Noe Michael, postman 39 Pump 

Noe Peter, postman 43 Forsyth 

Noe Mary widow of Samuel, 59 Lombardy 

Nolton Daniel, cartman 42 Harison 

\olton Jacob, shoemaker 114 Harman 

Noon John, laborer 36 Gold 

Noon Martha, grocer 271 Front* 

iVorcross Elisha, 149 Reed 

Norman Frederick, laborer rear 28 Mulberry 

Norman William, 100 Bancker 

Normond David, merchant 78 Maiden-lane b. Brooklyn 

Normand, Stinson &. Co. merchants 78 Maiden-lane 

Norris Alanson, shipmaster Washington n. Spring 

Norris Eden, cartman 593 Broadway 

Norris John D. stonecutter 207 Hudson 

Xorris Robert N. 362 Greenwich 

Norris T. C. tin store 308 Greenwich 

"Norris William, cooper 405 Water and 97 Cherry 

Norris Hester widow of Thomas, 306 Water 

Norsworthy Samuel, merchant 163 Fulton 

322 long worth's 1825—26 

North Brutus, stocking weav. 27 Mulberry & 21 Batavia 

North Charles, 1st Avenue n. First 

North John, merchant 86 Pump 

North R. T. grocer 63 Division 

North Thomas, mariner 247 Water 

North William, merchant 68 Pine 

North Sarah widow ofBenj.68 Harman 

North & Co. Wm. B. jewellers 217 h. 525 Broadway 

Northrop Aaron, tailor 26 Rivington 

Northrop Daniel, tailor 171 Bowery 

Norton Gaius, carpenter 123 Lombardy 

Norton Nathaniel, 265 Hudson 

Norton Robert, carpenter Allen n. Broome 

Norwood Andrew, custom h. inqasurer 240 Water r! 

Norwood A. S. merchant 622 Broadway 

Norwood John L. upholsterer 240 Water- 

Nostraud Charity, 41 Eldridge 

Nostrand Foster, 269 Pearl h. 209 Bowery 

Nostrand & White, hardware 269 Pearl 

Note David, china mender 13 Elm 

Notsky Elizabeth-widow of Ernest, SI Oak 

Nott William, bookbinder 102 Warren 

Nowlan William, grocer Goerck n. North 

Noyes John M. merchant 111 h. 75 Broad 

Noyes Samuel, merchant 111 Broad 

Nugent Armer, 142 Leonard I 

Nugent John M. mason 196 Hudson 

Nungezdr Henry, tailor 188 Hester 

Nunns Joseph, tailor 455 Greenwich 

Nunns Robert & Wm. piano forte mak. 3d Avenue 

Nutt Joseph, bricklayer 16 Orchard 

Nuttman David, hatter 162 Front h. 16 Fletcher 

Nuttmau James, coachmaker rear 21 Elm 

Oakden Elizabeth, 42 Beekmarj 

Oakoy & Co. Daniel, merch. 51 William h. 16 Cortlandt 
Oakley B. 216 Fulton <i 

Oakley Byley, cider store 194 Washington 
Oakky Chas. 176 Hudson and Cornelia n. 6th Avenue 
Oakley Charles, 143 Front h. Herring c. Jones 
Oakley Cornelius, merch. 108 Front h. Varick n. Beach- 
Oakley C L. physician 42 Catharine 
Oakley Daniel, merchant 252 Pearl h. Kip's Bay 
Oakley David, shoemaker 54 Norfolk 
Oakley David M. shoemaker Mulberry n. Prince 
Oakley Eiias B. grocer 136 Leonard 
Oakley Jacob, cider st. 202 Washington 
Oakley Jacob, eartman 31 Goerck n. Delancey 
Oakley James, mer. tailov 14 Wall h. 114 Liberty 
Oakley James B. flour store 216 Fulton h. 43 Robinson. 
Oakley Jesse, carpenter 93 Elm 
Oakley jr. Jesse, attorney 7 Nassau, 
Oakley John, eartman 97 Chrystie 
Oakley John, saddler — Suffolk 
Oakley John, eartman 179 Ludiow 
Oakley John H. wire manuf. 136 Leonard 
Oakley Martin, chairrrtaker Newark 


Oakley Mack, carpenter 20 Dominick 

Oakley Mile, Pitt n. Grand 

Oakley Miles, shoemaker 35 Elizabeth x 

Oakley Morris, 120 Henry 

Oakley Moses, carpenter 40 Pump 

Oakley Mary, widwife 12 Franklin 

Oakley Nathaniel, grocer 7D Gold 

Oakley Richard, tobacco dealer 108 Front h. 421 Broome 

Oakley widow Lydia, 18 Mulberry , 

Oakley & Best, merch. tailors 14 Wall 

Oaklfy R. fc C. tobacco store 108 Front 

OaTwell Joseph, marble yard Hubert c. Greenwich 

Obregon VentiHa, Mexican Consul 4 Wall h. 196 Fulton 

O'Blenis Henry, mason 33 Sullivan 

O'Blenis John, grocer Christopher c. Herring 

O'Blenis Peter, mason Jones n. Herring 

O'Blenis &; Co. H. merino shawl st. 303 Broadway 

O'Brian Philip, cartman Hester c. Mott 

O'Biian Tolly, tailor 193 Hester 

O'Brien Francis, cooper 121 Beekman h. 20 Reed 

O'Brien Hannah, teacher rear 26 Thomas 

O'Brien James, stevedore 252 William 

O'Brien Jeremiah, porter house 34 Prince 

O'Brien John, laborer King n. Varick 

O'Brien John, cooper 20 Reed 

O'Brien Louisa Jane, 57 vVarren 

O'Biien Mercy, tailbress 78 Wall 

O'Brien Samuel, broom-maker 34 Delancey 

O'Biien Thomas, grocer Leonard c. Elm 

O'Brien Wm. marine agent notary 45 Wall h. 435 Broome 

O'Bryan John, shipmaster Burrows n. Bedford 

O'Bryan Patrick, grocer Duane c. Augustus [vide AckeT« 

Ockerhausen Adolphus, sugar refiner 9 Rose [mall 

O'Conner Hugh, smith Rynders h. 109 Mulberry 

O'Conner John, grocer 31 Cross 

O'Conner John, mason Hester c. Mulberry 

O'Conner Michael, sexton cathed. JMulberry ti. Prince 

O'Conner Michael, Lombardy n. Scammel 

O'Connor Bernard, grocer 371 Broome 

O'Couno' Charles, couns. and com. 10 Frankfort 

O'Connor Matthew, shoemaker 42 Suffolk 

O'Connor Matthias, 63 Oliver 

O'Connor William, tavern 146 Fulton 

Oddie John W. merchant Dominick n. Varick 

Odell Caleb, shoemaker 87 Chatham 

Odell Edward, mason 130 Orchard 

Odell Isaac, carpenter 88 Chrystie, 

Odell Isaac, Bleecker n. Bowery 

Odell John, carpenter 100 Allen 

Odell jr. John, carpenter 40 Spring 

Odell John, printer 6 Republican alley 

Odell John, tavern 18 Bowery 

Odell John R. painter 9 Bancker h. 167 Orange 

Odell Jonathan A. laborer First n. 1st Avenue 

Odell Moses, 38 Orchard 

Odell Moses, shoestore 90 Division 

324 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Odell Nehemiah, laborer Vandam n. Varick 
Odell Reuben, painter 2 Chambers and 74 Crosby 
Odell Stephen, cartman 95 Delaticey 
Odell T. B. dry goods 24 Division 
Odell William D. cartman 82 Rivington 
Odell widow Abigail, 21 Pell 
Odell widow of Isaac, 282 Spring 
ODonald Charles, tailor 111 Anthony 
O'Donnell Barney, carpenter Grand c. Chrystie 
O'Donnell Grace, 117 Mulberry 

O'Donnell James, laborer 25 James, another rear 66 Bay- 
O'Donnell Patrick, laborer 125 Anthony [aid 

O'Donnell ic Co. John, grocers 3 Columbia 
O'Donnohe Michael, cartman 83 Elizabeth 
O'Donoughoe Patrick, physcian 74 Mulberry 
O'Dowd James, clothier 59 Cherry 
Off Hamersly, mason 47 Mulberry 
Often Benjamin, shoemaker 23 Batavia 
Ogden Abraham, merchant 52 Greenwich 
Ogden jr. Abraham, attor. and notary 17 Nassau 
Ogden jr. Benjamin, m.d. 86^ Bowery 
Ogden David B couns. 15 Pine h. 13 Laight 
Ogden Henry, merchant 42 William b. 683 Broadway 
Ogden Isaac, carpenter Vandam n. M'Dougal 
Ogden Isaac G. merchant 48 Wall h. 173 canal 
Ogden James D. P. 43 William h. city hotel 
Ogden John, clerk 40 Provost 
Ogden John, grocer Oak c. Oliver 

Ogden Jonathan, merchant Whitehall c. Bridge h. 4 State 
Ogden Peter, 25 Pine h. Broadway c. Cedar 
Ogden Sarah M. 20 Park-place 
Ogden Thomas L. counsellor 17 Nassau 
Ogden, Ferguson & Co. merchants Whitehall c. Bridge 
Ogden & H'awxhurst, brokers 108 Chatham c. Pearl 
Ogilvie Alexander, grocer 96 Front 
Ogilvie rev. James G. 511 Greenwich 
Ogilvie P. attorney and couns. Columbia n. Delancey 
Ogilvie jr. Peter, grocer 466 Cherry 
Ogilvie William, Rivington n. Lewis 
Ogle James, tailor 55 William h. 40 Ann 
Ogsbury jr. A. needle & hardw. store 77 Wm. c. Liberty 
O'Hair James, watch store 253 Front 
O'Hara Hugh, carpenter 15 Orange 
O'Hara John, shipmaster 52 Oliver 
O'Hare John, baker 134 Mott 
O'Harragh Michael, laborer rear 25$ Augustus 
Ohl George, baker rear 66 Bayard 
O'Kie Martin, insp. of wood Wash. op. state prison 
Okell Joseph, Bowery-house 146 Bowery 
O'Kill Mary, boarding school 43 Barclay 
Olcott John S. patent rope-walk orders left at Paulus 
[Hook ferry Cortlandt 
Oldershaw John H. cabinetmaker 68 Cheny 
Oldis Francis, mason 16 Thomas 
O'Leary William, grocer 430 Watev 
Oliphant R, tailor Greenwich n. Hammond [vide Oh/phamt 


Olive widow Catharine, confectioner 60 Punp 

Oliver Alexander, cartman Greene c. Bleecker 

Oliver Andrew, coachmaker 54 Lispenard h. 132 Reed 

Oliver James, brewer Goereck c. Columbia h. 79 Broome 

Oliver James D. hairdresser 27 Nassau 

Oliver John, brewer 168 Greene n. Bleecker 

Oliver John, carpenter 154 Chrystie 

Oliver Joseph, jeweller 219 Spring 

Oliver Samuel, mason 150 Reed 

Oliver Samans, barber 98 James f, 

Oliver Thomas, plumber 74 Front h. 59 Provost 

Oliver Thomas, smith 35 Eldridge 

Oliver William, fisherman 52 Robinson 

Oliver Rebecca, widow of John 54 Elm 

Olivieri Joseph, grocer 6 Fulton 

Ohff William, grocer 5 Theatre-alley 

Olmstead John, cartman 214 Broome n. Suffolk 

Olmstead Silas, grocer Spring c. Greenwich 

Olmstead William, cartman Wooster n. Bleecker 

Olmstead & Seely, teachers 22 Eldridge 

Olmstead Timothy, merchant 118 Pearl h. 147 Greenwich 

Olmsted Charles, cooper 96 Cedar h. 16 Thames 

Olmsted Francis, 109, Pearl h. 11 Stone 

Olmsted Lewis, shoemaker Prince c. Mott 

Olmsted Ralph, merchant 118 Pearl 

Olmsted Samuel K. 16 John 

Olney Peleg, carpenter Mercer n. Bleecker [Oliphant 

Olyphaut D. W. C. men 121 Front h. 70 Franklin [ride 

Omberson widow Phebe, 134 Arundel 

Ombony Jtne widow of Martiu Thompson, c. Bleecker 

Onderdonk Andrew, 200 Fulton 

Onderdor.k Asa, shoemaker 379 Grand 

Onderdonk rev. Benjamin T. 57 Greenwich 

Onderdonk Garret, smith 29 Sullivan 

Onderdonk Henry, grocer 164 Delancey 

Onderdonk Isaac, mason 33 Sullivan 

Onderdonk John, physician 50 Vesey 

Onderdonk William, grocer "52 Suffolk 

Onderdonk jun.W T m. city weigher 90 South h. 33 Grand 

O'Mara John, grocer 348 Broadway 

O'Meara James, shoemaker 199 Washington 

O'Neal Hugh, carpenter 22 Norfolk 

O'Neil Barney, weaver Hammond n. Greenwich 

O'Neil Charles, tailor 389 Broome 

O'Neil Charles, tavern 196 Washington 

O'Neil Cornelius, grocer 23 Augustus 

O'Neil Cornelius, laborer 3 James 

O'Neil Felix, 138 Anthony 

O'Neil James, grocer 4 Collect 

O'Neil James, smith 155 Mott 

O'Neil John, grocer 18 Orange 

O'Neil Michael, accountant 298 Water 

O'Neil Robert, mariner 87 Hester 

O'Neil Elizabeth widow of John, 30 Rynders 

O'Neil widow of Henry, grocer 69 Cross , 

O'Neill Henry, grocer Pike c. Bancker 

Oothout John, 75 Chambers 

326 loxgworth's 1S25 — 2u 

Oothout widow Magdalen, 32 Co'rtlandt 

Oppie H. milliner 386 Pearl 

Oram Elizabeth, ladies' academy 133 Greenwich 

Oram George, chairmaker 76 Gold 

Oram James, printer 133 Greenwich 

Ordaen Joseph, glazier 267 Greenwich 

Ordronaux John, sugar baker 28 and 30 Leonard 

O'Reily Doyle, willow basket maker 11 Orange 

O'Reily Edward, thread and cotton factory 98 Pump 

O'Reily James A. hardware 158 Bowery 

O'Reilly Wrri. thread cotton manuf. 125 Bowery 

O'Roork Barney, grocer 48^ Duane 

Ormsby James, grocer 208 Mott 

Orr James, mason rear 119 Mulberry 

Orr Jefferson, hairdresser 54 William 

Orr William, weaver Bank n. Hammond 

Orr William, mariner Sullivan c. Grand 

Orr William, grocer 40 "Walnut 

Orser Chrintianna widow of John, tailoress 223 Spring 

Orso Robert, confectioner Rynders n. Howard 

Orsor Honeywell, Christopher n. Asylum 

Orsor Stephen, cartman Varick c. Vandam 

Ortley widow Maria S. 26 Mulberry 

Orton & Luff, merchants 82 Pearl 

Qsborn Abner, grocer 63 Whitehall 

Osborn Aaron, wall colorer 62 Mott 

Qsborn Barnabas, grocer 67 James 

Osborn Catharine, seamstress 41 John d 

Osborn Charles, carpenter 76 Ludlow 

Osborn Charles, labourer 81 Broad 

Osborn Charles, merchant 33 Fulton h. 68 Catharine 

Osborn Charles, agent 153 h. 145 Mulberry 

Osborn Dennis, carpenter 351 Cherry 

Osborn Isaac, grocer Bleecker c. Thompson 

Osborn James, waiter 22 New 

Osborn James, 1 Pelham 

Osborn John, cartman 44 Watts 

Osborn John, cabinet-maker 83 Division 

Osborn John, mariner 207 Washington 

Osborn Jonathan, chair- maker 138 Grand 

Osborn Joseph, merchant 51 South h. 27 Cliff 

Osborn Joseph H. grocer 67 Mott 

Osborn Lawrence, shoemaker 43 Watts 

Osborn Matthias L. comb-maker 273 Spring 

Osborn Michael, rigger rear 20 Lumber 

Osborn Ozias, commissioner 24 Laurens n. Spring 

Osborn Peter, dyer 139 Bowery 

Osborn Samuel, M.D. 116 Fulton 

Osborn Stephen, carpenter 167 Chapsl 

Osborn William, 398 Cherry 

Osborn William, merchant 51 South h. 27 Cliff 

Osborn William, chairmaker 222 Greenwich 

Osborn Wines, 14 Scammel 

Osborn Ann widow of Joseph, 289 Greenwich 

Osborn & Co. Barnabas, grocers 41 Peck-slip h.S? James 


Osborn & Stevens, grocers 236 Grand c. Clirystie 
Osborne Balchie, rear 5 Anthony 

Osborne Samuel, saddler & harness-in. 137 & 139 Wate 
Osgood Charles, caulker 51 Broome n. Lewis 
Osgood Isaac, merchant 128 Maiden-lane 
Osgood Sam. attorn, and couns. 41 Thomas 
Osgood W. F. attor. and couns. 19 Murray 
O'Shiel William, grocer Anthony c. Cross 
Oskullion Francis, shoemaker 104 Chrystie 
Osterman Diederick, cabinet-maker 22 Broome n. E. rivet 
Ostheim Hester, boarding-house "3 Pearl 
Ostheim John, boarding-house 17 Elizabeth 
Ostrander Abraham D. Washington c. Watts 
Ostrander Daniel, shoemaker 80 Nassau 
Ostrander George W. carpenter 45 Sullivan 
Ostrander Gideon, 2 Market h. 8 Allen 
Ostrander Tsaac, grocer 104 Mott 
Ostrander Nathaniel, cartman Sheriff n. Delancey 
Ostrander William, carpenter 10 Clarke 
Ostrander & Ward, grocers 2 Market 
Ostrom Jacob, m.d. 35 Havman 
Otis Calvin, carpenter Allen n. North 
Otten Henry, grocer 50 Allen 
Otter James, mason Amity n. Fourth 
Otterburn William, shoemaker 19 Chapel 
Ouignon Claudius, basket-st. 225 Greenwic'L 
Ottiwell John, bellows-maker 22 Orchard 
Outwater Peter, grocer 483 Greenwich 
Outen Nath. fruiter 59 Anthony 
Ovengary Owen, tailor 37 Anthony 
Overend Andrew, teacher 356 Broome 
Overcnd Joseph, merchant 42 Fulton 
Overing Henry, 3 State 
Overton Melatiah, boatman 1 Roosevelt 
Overton & Brown, shoe-store 93£ Chatham 
Ovington Henry A. M'Dougal n. Bleecker 
Ovington Wm. clerk loan office h. M'Dougal n. Bleeckc, 
Ovutt Smith, merchant 42 Mulberry 
Owen James, tobacconist 44 Elizabeth 
Owen John, cartman Stanton n. Lewis 
Owen Thomas, painter 91 Division 
Oven Thomas, merchant 229 Front h. 91 Chrystie 
Owen William, rigger and stevedore 203 Bancker 
Owens Ebenezer, cartman and grocer Broome c. Lewis 
Oweus Edmund, cartman 306 Spring 
Owens Edward, merchant h. 7£ Spruce 
Owens Evan, pointer 500 Pearl 
Owens James, 459 Greenwich 
Owens John, grate-maker 534 Pearl 
Owens John, smith 229 Division 
Owens Richard, slater Desbrosses 
Owens widow Mary, 196 Harman 
Owm Horton, cartman Sullivan n. Bleecker 
Oyston James, rope-maker Orchard n. North [n. Walnut 
Ozzaxd Robt. sail-m. South c. Roosevelt h. Lornbardy ji 

328 longworth's 1825—20 


Pabaud Auguste, livery-stable 562 Pearl 
Packard Elisha, 4 Jacob 
Packard widow of Charles, 80 Allen 
Packer Coon, sawyer Charlton n. Hudson 
Packer Eldridge, tavern 98 Water 
Packer widow Sarah, 548 Broome 
Packwood Samuel, 112 Grand 

Packwood widow Mary Ann, mantua-m. 35 Catharine 
Paddack Ann, 32 Rynders 

Paddock M. widow of Reuben, milli. 150 Fulton c.B.way 
Paddon Hannah, 32 Dey 
Padleford Harry, 185 Hudson 

Paff George, butcher 2 Esses-market h. 121 Bowery 
Pari M. picture gallery 221 Broadway 
Page Charles A. leather-dresser Bowery n. Broadway 
Page E. P. Cornelia n. Herring 

Page John, leather-dresser 385 Pearl h. 1 Vandewater 
Page Levi, shoemaker 65 Forsyth 
Page Levi, tool-maker Broome c. Orange 
Page Lewis, fruiter 40 Chatham 

Page William P. Park-place house Broadway c. Park-p, 
Paillor Thornton, boarding-house 343 Water 
Paine Elijah, att and not. 42 Pine upstairs [vide Payne 
Paine Martyn, M.D. 172<| Broadway 
Paine Letty widow of Joseph, Desbrosses n. Greenwich 
Paine widow Sarah, Sheriff n. Stanton 
Painter Catharine, washer 100 Anthony 
Painter George, carpenter 67 Anthony 
Painter George, tobacconist 115 Cherry 
Paitet Peter, cutler 103 Bowery 
Pajot Lucinda, milliner Broadway n. Prince 
Palmer Amos, merchant 197 Pearl h. 144 Greenwich 
Palmer A. H. attorney and notary 33 Wall 
Palmer A. R. fancy-store 260 Broadway 
Palmer Beriah, 243 Duane 
Palmer Clark, carpenter Bowery n. Stuyvesant 
Palmer Courtiandt, hardware 197 Pearl h.46 Whiteha'i 
Palmer David, ship-carpenter 11 Pelham 
Palmer E. teacher 97 William 

Palmer Edward, chair-maker 115 Sullivan n. Prince 
Palmer Elihu, shoemaker Stanton n. Pitt 
Palmer Floyd, grocer Rivington c. Pitt 
Palmer Francis, eartman 313 Bowery 
Palmer George, 301 Pearl 
Palmer George, mariner 284 Water 
Palmer Harrison, eartman Pitt n. Rivington 
Palmer Harrison, merchant 204 Pearl h. 230 Grand 
Palmer Henry, carpenter Bowery n. Stuyvesant 
Palmer Henry, boatman 9 Water 
Palmer Henry, M.D. 77 Harman 
Palmer James, jeweller 31 Ann h. 57 Elm 
Palmer James F. grocer 425 Grand 
Palmer Job T. teacher 170 Chapel 
to- Palmer John, comb factory 80 Bowery 


Palmer John, gro. and ward collec. Grand c. Eklridgc 
Palmer John, shoemaker 112 Harman 
Palmer John, boot-maker 150 Grand 
Palmer John, shoe-maker 137 Orange 
Palmer John J. 36 South h. 636 Broadway 
Palmer John W. clerk 12 Roosevelt 
Palmer Miles, carpenter 457 Cherry- 
Palmer Morris, stonecutter 2 Clarke 
Palmer Nathaniel, shoe-store 134 Division 
Palmer Nehemiah, smith Ridge n. Kivington 
Palmer Obadiah, shoe-maker 361 Pearl h. 188 fiestas 
Palmer Oliver, cartman Eldridge c. Stanton 
Palmer Sophia, 20 Laurens 
Palmer Thomas, grocer 45 Anthony- 
Palmer Thomas B. Chrystie n. North 
Palmer William, grocer 32 Bowery 

Palmer William, cabinet-m. 49 Catharine h. 37 Eldridge 
Palmer William, painter and japanner 7 Wall 
Palmer William, baker 116 Washington 
Palmer William, physician 2 Clarke 
Palmer William, grain-merchant Art d. Bowery 
Palmer William, shoemaker Delancey c. Forsyth 
Palmer widow Phebe, 230 Grand 
Palmer & Booth, dry-goods 204 Pearl 
Palmer & Clapp, jewellers 145 Reed 
Palmer &• Hamilton, 36 South [260 Broadway 

Palmer & Hart, jewellery arid fancy-st. 68 Maiden-1. and 
Palmer & Son James, grocers 13 Suffolk 
Palmer & Co. John W.. printers 9£ Wall 
Palmes Samuel, accountant 37 Essex 
Palmo F. confectioner 390 Broadway 
Pancoast Stacy, silver-plater 90 Maiden-lane 
Pancoast Solomon, chair-painter 37 Rynders 
Panton Francis, h. 41 Ann 
Panton H. H. 57FiOnt h. 28 Warren 
Panton & Hasbrook, merchants 57 Front 
Paradise John, portrait-painter 12 Provost 
Parcells William, sawyer 475 Grand 
Pardee Calvin, grocer 86 Dey h. 124 Spring 
Pardee D. I. merchant 234 Pearl c. Burling-slip 
Pardee Ephraim, wheelwright Hudson n. Spring 
Pardee Pnineas, carpenter 73 Sullivan 
Pardesses Rene, shoemaker 130 William 
Pardow George, need!e-st. 95 Maiden-lane h. 28 Greene 
Pares Francis, trunk and bandbox-maker 379 Pearl 
Pares John, trunk-maker 15 Mott 
Pares Thomas, painter 111 Essex 
Paret Peter, cartman 151 Washington 
Paret Stephen, grocer 57 Vesey 
Paret & Co. John, clothiers 221 Greenwich 
Paris Francis, cookshop 143 Anthony 
Paris Isaac, attorney 1 William 
Paris Cath. wid. of John, boarding-h. Woostcr u. Houston 

Parisen , boarding-house 49 Pine 

Parisen Otto W. jeweller 100 Chatham h.258 William^. • 
Parisen Philip, sail-maker 136 Greene n. Prince 

ooO long worth's 1825—26 

Parisen W. D. miniature-painter 261 William 
Parish Daniel, 162 Pearl h. 12 Beekman 
Parish Henry, merchant 162 Pearl h. 52 Broadway 
Parish Isaac, boatman 135 Elizabeth 
Parish Roswell, grocer 314 Grand 
Parish, Holbrook k. Co. merchants 162 Pearl 
Parison widow Mary, Columbia n. Broome 
Park David, saddler 13 Stone 
Park David I. furrier 20 Vandam 
Park John M. 13 South 
Park, Balis & Smith, grocers 13 South 
Parker Alfred, ship-carpenter 615.Water n. Walnut 
Parker Allen, straw-hat manuf. 68^ Division 
Parker Ann, 41 Grand 

Parker Benjamin, carpenter Elizabeth n. Prince 
Parker Benjamin, mariner 82 Allen 
Parker Daniel, ship-carpenter Willet n. Stanton 
Parker James, tavern rear 154 Cherry 
Parker James, carpenter Nich. William c. 3d Avenue 
Parker James M. shoemaker 109 Chrystie 
Parker John, carpenter 283 Spring 
Parker John, stonecutter 525 Greenwich 
Parker John, gilder 9 York 
Parker John A. merchant 22 Coenties-slip 
Parker Joseph, cartman 13 Hester 
Parker Ludwin, barber 344 Water 
Parker Miln, coach-m. 517 Broadway h. 67 Mercer 
Parker Robert S. carpenter 249 Spring 
Parker Samuel, cartman 379 Grand 
Parker Samuel, accountant 19 Duane 
Parker Samuel, carpenter Bleecker n. Mott . 
Parker Shivers, brush-manuf. 506 Pearl 
Parker Thomas, police-officer rear 114 Orange 
Parker Thomas, mason 5 Dominick 
Parker Thomas H. Jones n. Herring 
Parker Thomas H. M'Dougal n. Prince 
Parker Thomas L. painter and glazier 103 Bowery 
Parker jr. Wm. grocer 113 Broad c. Front h. 32 Lumber 
Parker William, block-maker Delancey n. Goerck 
Parker William, 60 Anthony 
Parker William, carpenter 377 Grand 
Parker widow of Edward, 111 Bowery- 
Parker Ellen widow of William K. 39 Jay 
Parker Sarah, widow of Joshua, 28 Charlton 
Parker & Atvvood merchants 22 Coenties-slip 
Parker, Harman & Co. shipbuilders Corlaers-hoo£ 
Parker & Clover, carvers and gilders 65 Reed 
Parkertol Lewis, smith 274 Grand 
Parkhurst k Son (Jabez,) dentist 93 Fulton 
Parkin Thomas, 174 Front 
Parkinson Edward, shoemaker 201 Mott 
Parkinson rev. William, 181 William 
Parks Benjamin, fisherman 5 Walnut 
Parks David, grocer Oliver c. Bancker 
Parks Hugh, watchmaker Grand n. Columbia 


1 arks Henry B. fisherman 15 Augustus 
Paries James, weaver Hammond n. Washington 
Parks John, carpenter 85 Sullivan 
Parks Peter, contract. >r 3 Forsyth 
Parks Susan, grocer 153 Leonard 

Parks Margaret widow of Thomas, boarding-h. 71 Cherry 
Parmerton John, boatman 9 Water 
Parmely widow Mary, 4 Crosby 
Paimly A. & W. hatters 464 G-.eenwich ♦ 

Paron Mary, 19 Anthony 
Parrott & Kirk, grocers 53 Mulberry 
Parsall Jacob, carpenter Bedford n. Burrows 
Parscyl William, mason 93 Mercer 
Parsell Abraham, miniature painter 25 Oak 
Parsell Archibald, shoemaker 304 Grand 
Parsells Abraham, carpenter 31 Vandam 
Parsells Edward, 79 Hester [vide ParecUr 

Parsells John W. shoemaker Greenwich n. Hammond 
Parsells L. M. dress-maker 280^ Broadway 
Parsells Margaret widow of George, 171 Division 
Parsells Maria widow of Jacob, 378 Bowery 
Parsells widow Mary, dressmaker 25 Broadway 
Parsells widow of Peter, Perry n. Greenwich 
Parsells Susannah, widow of William, 52 Mott 
Parshall Benjamin C. printer 117 Anthony 
Pa i -shall James C. 102 Beekman 
Partpn William, 60 Grand 
Parsons John, 25 Chrystie 
Parsons Joseph, morocco-dresser 35 Rose 
Parsons Samuel, 117 Maiden-lane 
Parsons Sylvanus, 48 Elizabeth 
Parsons Timothy, morocco finisher 77 Mulberry 
Parsons widow Catharine, 198 Spring 
Parsons widow Margaret, 253 Washington 
Parsons widow Sarah, 143 Reed 
Partridge Walter, shoemaker 48 Hester 
Partridge William, dry-salter 45 Fulton h. Bedford 
Partridge & Hitchcock, dye wood manuf. Morton 
Parvin John & James P. clerks Houston n. Broadway 
Pascal widow R. 75 Cross 
Pascalis Felix, M. D. 486 Pearl 
Pasman William, butcher 86 Barclay 
Pasman widow of Francis, 77 Thompson 
Passenbronder John, dry goods Amos c. Herring 
Passman Cornelius, mariner 100 Greene 
Passman widow Amelia, 86 Varick 
Paster Antoni, barber 57 Water 
Patch Abraham, grocer Montgomery c. Lombardy 
Patchen John, butcher Laurens n. Spring 
Paterson M. C. attorney &c. 31 Wall h. 97 Greenwich 
Paterson widow Elizabeth, grocer Wash. c. Chambers 
Paterson feColden, attornies 31 Wall 
Patersqn Sc Son J. B. saddlers 113 Water h. 97 Greenw. 
Patillow Frederick, tailor 25 Barclay 
Paton George, dyer 101 Greenwich 

332 longworth's 1825—26 

Paton Thomas, HO Fulton 

Patrick Floyd, shipcarpenter 359 Grand 

Patrick Thomas, jeweller Art n. Bowery h.21 Mercer 

Patrick Williams, shoestore 496 Grand n. Lewis 

Patrick & Co. John, mercht. 31 Washington h. 23 Bridge 

Patten Charles, hatter 38 Rutgers 

Patten Charles, well-digger 13 Augustus 

Patten Dennis, dyer 74 Varick 

Patten James, tavern and stagehouse 71 Cortlandt 

Patten James H. looking-glass manufa. 401 Broadway 

Patten John, cooper and culler 65 Pump 

Patten John, smith 273 Front h. 49 Oliver [vide Palon 

Patten Josiah, merchant 34 Old-slip 

Patten Richard, math. inst. maker 180 Water h. 26 Cli 

Patten William, painter 65 Pump 

Patten William, butcher 45 Fulton h. 292 Bowery 

Patten & Ferris, math, instrument maker? 180 Water 

Patterson Abijah, cartman Grand c. Essex 

Patterson Adam, dry goods 261 Greenwich 

Patterson Alexander, chairmaker 190 Wm.h. 551 Pearf 

Patterson Catharine, grocer 21 Orange 

Patterson David, teacher 37 Warren 

Patterson Edward, grocer 27 Orange 

Patterson Hugh C. mariner 79 James 

Patterson James, cartman 28 Mill 

Patterson James, cooper 30 Old-slip 

Patterson James, cartman 81 Greene 

Patterson John, grocer Chapel c. Barclay [tide Paterson 

Patterson John, weaver Christopher n. Herring 

Patterson John, carpenter 39 Sullivan [Leonard 

Patterson John, ship chandler West n. Murray h, 112 

Patterson John W\ counsellor 30 Broad 

Patterson FvTary, 563 Broome 

Patterson Peter, shipmaster 136 Leonard 

Patterson , 47 Grand 

Patterson Samuel, tmnnel maker 1 Delanoey 

Patterson Thomas, Christopher n. Herring 

Patterson Thomas, cartman 105 Mulberry 

Patterson Thomas, tailor 46 Mulberry 

Patterson William, tinman 3 Pelham 

Patterson William, grocer and shoestore 259 Greenwich 

Patterson widow Hannah, 77 Mott 

Patterson widow Jane, 27 Chapel 

Patterson widow Mary, 158 Leonard 

Patterson widow of Morris-, Bleecker n. Sullivan 

Pattinson Hugh, printer 196 Chapel 

Paitison Robert, shoemaker 421 Greenwich 

Patton rev. William, 373 Broome 

Patton widow of Robert, 46 White 

Patze John C. shoemaker 229 William 

Paul Abraham, printer 72 Nassau h. 7 Spruce 

Paul Arthur, 33 Anthony 

Paul Benjamin, 6 York 

Paul Isaac, cartman 90 Reed 

Paul Jacob, iaborer 176 Elm 


Paul John, cartman Charlton n. Hudson 

Paul William, gilder 46 Collect 

Paul & Co. brewers East Bank c. Greenwich 9 

Paulding George, carpenter 22 h. 29 Gold 

Paulding James K. navy agent 17 Whitehall 

Paulding Nathaniel, wine merchant 168 Front 

Paulding jun. William, 520 Greenwich c. Jay 

Paulet Martial, 355 Greenwich 

Paulk Ephraim, 98 Gold 

Pavie Charles, segar maker 79 Nassau 

Paxton widow Eliza, 2 Clarke 

Payne Charles, marl.ler Lombardy n. Gouverneur 

Payne Daniel, carpenter 9 Charlton [vide Paint 

Payne David H. mason Columbia n. Broome 

Payne Jesse, cabinetmaker 5 Harison 

Payne John, carpenter 27 Charlton n. Hudson 

Payne T. T. attorney 49 Cedar 

Payne William, carpenter 341 Cherry 

Payne William, 196 Church 

Pchellas John F. W. teacher of music 116 Leonard 

Peabody J. B. grocer 88 Division 

Peabody & Co. David, auctioneers 68 Wall 

Peach John, laborer 13 Chesnut 

Peacock Allen, leather dresser 28 Thomas 

Peacock George, painter 14 Grand 

Peacock George, paper stainer 237 Water 

Peacock widow Ruth, 20 Roosevelt 

Peacock & Co. George, merchts. 169 South h. 68 Cherry 

Pearce Alexander, rigger 198 William 

Pearce John, harnessmaker 24 Columbia 

Pearcy widow of John, boardinghouse 9 State 

Pearsall Abijah, cartman Attorney n. North 

Pearsall Benjamin, Delancey c. Allen 

Pearsall Henry, mariner 198 Broome n. Suffolk 

Pearsall James, milkman Willet n. Stanton 

Pearsall James A. porterhouse 13 Fult. mar. h. 332 Front 

Pearsall Robert, 190 Water h. 416 Broome c. Elm 

Pearsall Rowland, Burrows n. Factory 

Pearsall Silas, victualler 284 Spring 

Pearsall Samuel, milkman Sheriff n. Rivington 

Pearsall Thomas W. merchant 172 Pearl h. 51 Cliff 

Pearsall Uriah, milkman 404 Bowery 

Pearsall William, victualler 2 Fulton-mar. h. £97 Pearl 

Pearsall William, measurer 82 Lombardy 

Pearsall widow Rachel, 25 Elizabeth 

Pearsall & Doyle, porterhouse 13 Fulton-market 

Pearsee widow Ann, 16 Ann 

Pearselock widow Mary, 142 Pump 

Pearson Daniel, machinist 59 Elm [vide Pierson 

Pearson J. Green, merchant 67 South h. 90 White 

Pearson John, auctioneer 68 William h. 40 White 

Pearson Catharine widow of Thomas, 130 Bowery 

Pease Adriel, chemist 57 John 

Pease Elias, brassfounder Lewis n. Delancey 

Pease John, grocer 45 Division 

Peat Charles, 44 White 

334 - longworth's 1825 — 26 

Peck Allen, drygoods 140 Pearl b. i8 Cortland* 

I J eck Andrew W. cartroan Ludlow n. Delancev 

Peck C. A. 256 Pearl 

Peck Charles, sailmaker 115 South 

Peck Daniel, shoemaker 123 Division 

Peck Gideon, cartman 92 Orange 

Peck Isaac, combmaker 95 Rivington 

Peck James W. hatter 1 Chatham-sq. h. 194 Hester 

Peck John, grocer Varick c. Vandam 

Peck Nathan, cartman and grocer Bowery c. Tenth 

Peck O. drygood store 176 Chatham b. 3 Mott 

Peck Robert, grocer 5 Stanton 

Peck Stephen, merchant 87 South 

Peck Theophilus, dry good broker 189 Pearl h. 30 Duane 

Peck Walter, drygood store 426 Pearl 

Peck Wm. broker 100 Warren 

Peck Wm. shoemaker rear 51 Mulberry 

Peck Wm. H. Front c. Oliver 

Peck Ann widow of Cyrus, 34 Spruce 

Peck widow of Benjamin W. shoemaker 131 Allen 

Peck widow Sarah, grocer 55 Bayard 

Peck, Walton & Catley, merchants 80 Front 

Peckham Clark, boaibuilder 522 Water h. c. Scamrnel 

Peckham Caleb, nailor 376 Grand 

Peckham Peleg, hatter 290 Water 

Peckwell Francis, 462 Broadway [44 Nassau 

Peckwell H. W. collector of the 2d ward & tallow chand 

Peckwell & Battin, tavern 460 Broadway c. Grand 

Pedon Robert, grocer 71 North More 

Pedrick B. 5 Goerck 

Peek David, cabinetmaker 11 Leonard 

Peet Frederick T. merchant 205 Pearl h. 46 Gold 

Peet James A. merchant 243 Greenwich 

Peet & Moore, merchants 24S Pearl 

Peet J. & M. drygoods 243 Greenwich 

Peffers Ann, tailoress 38 Delancey 

Peffers James B. carpenter 38 Delancey 

Pegg James, tailor 464 h. 448 Greenwich 

Pegg Roger, tailor 81 Maiden-lane 

Peilious James, laborer 31 Cheapside 

Peirce David S. tailor 79 Orange 

Peirson Samuel, 21 Frankfort 

Peixotto D. L. M. M. D. 100 John 

Peixotto rev. M. L. M. 15 Mill 

Peixetto S. L. M. 168 Spring n. Sullivan 

Pell Abijah, cartman Ardeii n. Bedford 

Pell Alfred S. 7 Pine h. Broome c. Crosby 

Pell Alfred S. typefounder 223£ Pearl 

Pell Benjamin, cooper 52 Allen 

Pell Benjamin, 15 Orchard 

Pell Emmet T. jeweller 146 Chatham h. 3 Mulberry 

Pell Ferris, attorney 7 Pine 

Pell Gilbert T. Broome n. Laurens 

Pell John, dry goods 158 Chatham h. 69 Bowery 

Pell Joshua, L. attor. and coun. 41 Nassau 

Fell jun. Joshua, 349 Bowery 


Pell William J. smith 591 Water 

Pell widow Ann, Arden n. Bedford 

Pell Mary widow of John, 69 Bowery 

Pell widow of John, Boweryhill 

Pell & Co. Wm. F. auctioneers 65 Wall h. 7 Mercer 

Pells Ebert, cooper 1 1 York 

Pel'etreau Maltby, silversmith 170 Broadway h. 12 Rose 

Pelley John, grocer Greenwich c. Watts 

Pellington James, 3 Dominick n. Clarke 

Pelsang Martin, shoem. Broome c. Allen h. 372 Broome 

Pelsue widow Sarah, 257 Duaue 

Peltier F. 5 Albany 

Pelton Daniel, shoemaker 65 Provost 

Pemberton Geo. W. trunkmaker 28 Leonard 

PendellWm. cartman Crosby n. Bleecker 

Pendergast Mary, 5 Doyer 

Pendleton James, M. i). 21 Warren h. 9 Broadway 

Peneveyre A. S. artificial florist 163 Broadway 

Peneveyre rev. Henry, 163 Broadway 

Penfold Edmund, mer. 216 Front h.298 Pearl 

Penfold John, druggist 43 Fulton h. 36 Beekman 

Penfold Nicholas B. printer 93 Water 

Penfold I. Sc W. druggists 43 Fulton 

Penn John, pilot 80 Roosevelt 

Pennall William, cartman 176 Crosby 

Pennell Hays, wheelwright 242 Division 

Penneli Richard, m. D. 146 Fulton 

Pennoyer, Ezekiel H. druggist 149 Spring n. Laurens 

Pennoyer Thomas, cordwainer Greene n. Spring h. 12? 

Penny Benjamin, grocer Rivington c. Pitt [Bowery 

Penny Francis H. accountant Washington c. Jay 

Penny Jonathan, hairdresser 17 Fulton m. 

Penny Sarah, 97 Bowery 

Penny Thomas D. hairdresser 153 Grand 

Penny William, cartman Rivington c. Pitt 

Penny & Sons Samuel, 59 Washington h. 114 Greenwich 

Pennycad Wm. I. grocer 133 Delancey 

Penoyer Floyd S. carpenter 96 Greene n. Spring 

Penoyer Robert M. 109 Broad h. 92 Cedar 

Penton Sarah widow of Andrew, 26 Chariton 

Pentz Adam, cooper 9 Gnuverneur's 1. h. 11 Batavia 

Pentz Daniel C. cooper 22 Old slip h. 62 Roosevelt 

Pentz Fred. att. couns. and not. 24 Old slip 

Pentz John, 24 Old slip 

Pentz Wm. A. F. druggist 45 Water h. 24 Old slip 

Pentz & Pomeroy, merchants 93 Pearl 

Peoli John G. merchant 26 Oliver 

Peoples or "Pepins Daniel, grocer 75 Mott 

Pepper Jacob, painter 539 Broome 

Pepper William, carpenter 1 Arundel 

Pepper & Hinman, painters Broadway n. Prince 

Percell widow Lucy, 135 Division 

Percy Sarah widow of Jonathan, Wooster n Spring 

Perego Ira, suspender 4 manuf. 19 Maiden-1. h. 18 John 

Pevego Joseph, cartman Elizabeth n. Spring 

336 longwoeth's 1825 — 26 

Perego Lewis, mason 225 Spring 

Perego William, cartman 223 Spring 

Pereria Dominge, merchant 109 Chrystie 

Perfect John F. 44 Brooms 

Periam Diana widow of Thomas, 174 Chambers 

Perine Abm. carpenter 95 Varickn. Dominick 

Ferine sen. Benjamin, 97 Division 

Perine jun. Benjamin, shoemaker 55 JNorfrlk 

Perine John L. mason 135 Spring 

Perine Peter, quill dresser Hester n. Norfolk 

Perine widow Margaret, 52 Elm 

Perine Robert, grocer 5 Rector 

Perit P. 44 South h. 34<| Pine 

Perkins rev. Aaron, M'Dougal n. Charlton 

Perkins Cyrus, M. D. and surgeon 96 Greenwich 

Perkins John, marketman 115 Cherry 

Perkins Joseph, baker rear 49 Elizabeth 

Perkins Stephen, shipcarpenter 394 Cherry 

Perkins William, 70 Greene 

Perkins William, rigger 115 Lombardy 

Perkins widow Abigail, 274 Broome c. Allen 

Perkins Mary M. widow of Benj. D. 335 Pearl 

Perkins D. & H. druggists 55 Fulton 

Perocheau S. widow of Lewis P. boardingh. 63 Hudson 

Perrett Augustus, 53 John 

Perrin John, butcher 24 Fulton m. h. 100 Bowery 

Perrin John, print cutter 429 Greenwich 

Penin widow Cornelia, 185 Grand 

Perrine Joseph, mason 41 Watts 

Perrine Peter I. cartman Essex c. Delancey 

Perrot John, grocer 73 Fulton 

Perry Alby, saddletree maker Hester c. Mott&lll Motf 

Perry David, ironfounder 451 Cherry 

Perry Jacob, grocer 163 Spring 

Perry James, cartman 38 Essex 

Perry John D.435 Pearl 

Perry Joseph, teacher 62 Warren h. 337 Greenwich 

Perry Joseph C. druggist 451 Pearl 

Perry Joseph S. m. D 369 Grand 

Perry IN ehemiah, cartman 121JGrand 

Perry Oliver, oysternaan Walnut n. Bancker 

Perry Peter I. cartman Burrows n. Factory 

Perry Robert L. bookbind. Willetn. Rivington [seePirrit 

Perry widow of David, 49 Mott 

Perry widow Jane, 539 Broome 

Persiany Sarah widow of Luke, 87 Division 

Peshine John, shoe store 291 Pearl 

Peshine Peter A. dry-goods 418 Pearl 

Peshine & Ransom, shoe-dealers 291 Pearl 

Pessenger Jacob, butch. 43 Cath. mar. h. 142 Allen 

Pessinger George, butcher 32 Orchard 

Pessinger Henry, butcher 127 Elizabeth 

Pessinger widow of John, 32 Orchard 

Pestana Sarah, boarding-house 214 Pearl 

Pester John, 52 Eldridge 

I'eters Daniel, shoemaker Broome c. Thompson 


Peters F. dry-goods 160 Chatham 

Peters Harry, 20 Lispenard 

Peters John, cartman 37 Arundel 

Peters John, tailor Canal n. Hudson 

Peters John, grocer Broome c. Orchard 

Peters John, sawyer rear of 17 Augustus 

Peters John C. boarding-house 38 Dey 

Peters John R. Bank c. Greenwich 

Peters William, caulker 123 Lombardy 

Peters widow P. M. Chrystie n. Rivington 

Peters & Co. John R. mer. 103 Front h. Greenw. c.Bank 

Peters fz Seely, grocers 101 Washington 

Peterschen William, musician Canal n. Hudson 

Peterschen widow Mary, 131 Leonard 

Petersen Eric, Danish vice-con. 91 Washington h. 1 State 

Peterson Jacob, hairdresser 174 Cherry 

Peterson Jacob, wheelwright & smith Mulberry c. Spring 

Peterson John, mariner 75 Henry 

Peterson John, mariner 15 Essex 

Peterson John, cartman 25 Watts 

Peterson John, teacher Grand c. Mercer 

Peterson John, cartman 369£ Cherry 

Peterson widow Mary, rear 3 Chrystie 

Peterson widow Mary, 91 Division 

Petrie James, vocalist 111 Spring 

Petrie W. W. thread and needle-st. 131£ Chatham 

Pettiner John, shoemaker rear 52 Leonard 

Pettingall James, carpenter 1 Hague 

Pettingell Ebenezer, shipmaster 77 Chapel 

Pettingell John A. com. mer. 115 Maiden-), b. 88 Broad-.v. 

Pettinger James, tobacconist Nicbolas-Wm. n. 3d Avenue 

Pettis Joel, merchant 125 Broadway 

Pettit Andrew, shoemaker 190 Spring 

Pettit John, cartman Division n. Clinton 

Pettit Joseph, 418 Pearl 

Pettit Patrick, milkman Sullivan n. Prince 

Pettit Peter, carpenter Lombardy n. Walnut 

Pettit Richard, 91 Pineh. Bowery-hi!l 

Pettit Susan, seamstress 56 Rutgers 

Pettit widow Elizabeth, 163Spring 

Pettitt James, grocer Prince c. Mott 

Petty Ezekiel, bookseller 100 Catharine 

Pfister Alex. Von. broker 533 Greenwich 

Phaire John, dry-goods 159 Grand 

Pheasant Samuel, mariner 324 Broome c. Chrystie 

Phelan Michael, gardener Bowery n. Stuyvesant 

Phelan jun. John, grocer 114 Front 

Phelan Susan widow of John, 51 Crosby 

Phelps Anson G. merchant 181 Front h. 32 Cliff 

Phelps Asa H. saddler 23 Roosevelt 

Phelps Benj. F. merchant 101 Pearl h. 64 Stone 

Phelps Edward E. m. d. 76 Hudson 

Phelps George, coal merchant 29 Cliff h. 6 Cheapen 

Phelps George, merchant h. 36 Division 

Fhelps James L. physician 39 Cherry 

338 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Phelps Silas, jeweller New-Ark 
Phelps Thadeus, merchant 47 South h. 109 Liberty- 
Phelps Walter, mer. tailor 88 Broadway h. 127 Greemv. 
Phelps widow of Stephen, 277 Spring 
Phelps widow Phebe, milliner 36 Division 
Phelps & Co. Thadeus, merchants 47 South 
Phelps & Peck, merchants 181 Front 
Philarey Denys, merchant 59 Crosby 
Philip Francis, hair-dresser 266 Broadway 
Philip & Eytinge, merchants 1 Phoenix stores 
Philippon Francis, 44 Whitehall 

Philips Anthony, laborer 18 Lombardy \yide PhilUpi 
Philips Charles, cartman 54 Sullivan 
Philips Edward, grocer Stanton c. Arundel 
Philips George, cartman 288 Grand 
Philips Jacob, M'Dougal n. Houston 
Philips Jas. D. watchmaker 67 Maiden-1. h. 263 William 
Philips John, mason Christopher n. Greenwich 
Philips John, rigger 195 Division 
Philips John, stevadore 116 Mulberry 
Philips John M. cartman Bedford n. Commerce 
Philips Peter, brick cartman 216 Fulton 
Philips Patrick, smith 50 and 132 Bancker 
Philips William, custom-bouse measurer 9 Leonard 
Philips widow of John, Commerce n. Raisin 
Phillbrooks Daniel, mariner Lombardy n. Walnut 
■Phillips Abraham, mason 18 Desbrosses 
Phillips Angelica, rear 40 Augustus 
Phillips Archibald, grocer Willet n. Stanton 
Phillips Benjamin, laborer Houston n. M'Dougal 
Phillips Catharine, grocer 67 Bancker 
Phillips Catharine, grocer 23 Collect 
Phillips Henry, tailor 267 Water [vide Philips 

Phillips James, carpenter 36 Crosby 
Phillips James, grocer 530 Grand 

Phillips J. lottery office 196 Broadway 

Phillips John, cartman Grand c. Attorney 

Phillips John, 264 Bowery 

Phillips John, coppersmith 35 Bancker 

Phillips John I. cartman 127 Elizabeth 

Phillips Lewis, merchant 60 Wall 

Phillips Lucy, washer 103 Hudson 

Phillips Moses S. 196 Bioadway 

Phillips Napthali, revenue officer 4P.0 Greenwich 

Phillips Nathaniel R. cabinet-maket 112 Fulton 

Phillips Robert, constable 31 Pike 

Phillips Samuel, cartman Rivington c. Attorney 

Phillips Samuel, cartman 78 Sullivan 

Thillips Sylvester, turner 104 Gold h. 70 Cedar 

Phillips Thomas, carpenter 274 Front and 70 Chewy 

Phillips Thomas W. Hudson n. Burrows 

Phillips Welles, shoemaker 105 Chatham 

Phillips William, merchant 298 Pearl 

Phillips Wm. mariner 47 Bancker 

Phillips Wm. mason Henry c. Pike 


Phillips Wm. custom h. measurer 9 Leonard 

Phillips Win. brick cartman 14 Walker 

Phillip? rev. Wm. W. 454 Broome e. Mercer 

Phillips W. D. groeer 73 Catharine 

Phillips W. M. & D. 13. sboestore 363 Pearl 

Phillips Levi, 145 Pump 

Phillips Maria widow of John, 114 Cherry 

Phillips Mary widow of David, V'andam n. Varied 

Phillips iz Brown, mernhants 303 Pa'arl 

Phillips & Carr, carpenters 274 Front . 

Phillips & Murphy, finding store 64 Vesey 

Philp William, 22 Lispenard 

Piiilpot Richard, mason 98 Crosby 

Phinney St urges, 138 Harman 

Phippenney David, measurer 44 Eldridge 

Phoebus rev. Wm. 7 Forsyth 

Phoenix Daniel A. 71 Front 

Phoenix John D. 22 South 

Phoenix Thos. att. and conn. 72 Murray 

Phoenix & AVhitney, merchant? 71 and 73 South 

Phoenix & Co. I. P. merchants 22 South h. 61 Broadway 

Phyfe Duncan, cabinet maker 168 h. 169 Fulton 

Phyfe sen. John, 30 Barclay 

Phyfe jun. John, ivory turner 19 Murray 

Phyfe Michael, cabinet maker 31 Harison 

Phyfe Martha widow of Wm. 173 Chatham 

Phyfe J. & W. F. upholsterers 34 Maiden-!an«> 

Phyfer John, potter 39 Delancey 

Pian Joseph, confectioner 55 Nassau 

Piatt Wm. F. jvr. D. 189 Canal 

Pick G. Cornelius, 22 James 

Pickens widow of James, 85 Mulberry 

Picket James, mariners Cbesnut 

Picket widow Elizabeth, 3 Market 

P'tckford Isaac, grocer 170 Cherry 

Pidgeon Patrick, laborer 106 Bayard 

Pier Sylvester, coppersmith and hardware 246 Wate* 

Pierce Abraham W. carpenter 50 Wooster 

Pierce Eliza, Ridge n. North 

Pierce Jonathan, shoemaker 27 Rynders 

Pierce Richard, carpenter Norfolk c. Stanton 

Pierce Catharine widow of George, Pump 

Pierce widow Eliza, 5 Laight 

Pierce widow Elizabeth, 179 Broadway 

Pierce widow Jane, 4£ Mnrket 

Pierce widow Maria, boardinghouse 158 Duane 

Piercy Samuel, butcher 5 Essex m. h. 188 Division 

Pieicy Jane widow of Gershom, 14 Forsyth 

Pierpont widow Hester, grocer 143 Bancker 

Piers Jo?pph, tanner 129 Anthony 

Piersaw Charles, carpenter 271 Grand 

Pierson Charles, tobacconist 207 Division 

Pierson C. E. 204 Hudson 

Pierson Cyrus, gunsmith 115 Henry [see Pearso?. 

Pierson Daniel, mason Laurens n. B'.eeckpr 

riereon Elijah, merchant 178 Pearl h. 172 William 

340 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Pierson Eliphalet, mason Wooster n. Spring 

Pierson Hiram, hatter 80 Vesey 

Pierson Isaac, Front c. Broad h. 9 Whitehall 

Pierson John, harness maker 95 Elm 

Pierson John B. sawyer Hudson n. Clarkson 

Pierson Nathaniel, 379 Grand 

Pierson jun. Samuel, dry goods 225 Pearl d 

Pierson Stephen B. gilder 20 Lumber 

Pierson Zadock, milkman 9 Vandam 

Pierson widow Apphia, 7 New 

Pierson Mary widow of Benj. Desbrosses n. Greenwich 

Pierson & Brothers J. G. iron and cut nail store Front c, 

Piggot Joseph, upholsterer 94 h. 92 Division [Broad 

Piggot Samuel, watchmaker 71 £ Hudson 

Piggot widow Sarah, 6 Prince 

Pigot Mary, 99 John 

Prgnolet Louis, dyer 9 Barclay 

Pike Benjamin, optician 12 Wall 

Pike Isaac, carpenter"89 Orange 

Pike James, shoemaker Hester c. Bowery h. 19 Delancey 

Pike Moses, clothier 38 and 48 Chatham 

pike Otis, dry goods 6 Division 

Pike Wm. merchant 18 Division 

Pike widow Mary, 250 Broome 

Pike ii Halsey, mer. tailors 327 Pearl h. £7 Cherry 

Piles John, rigger 87 Henry 

Pilgrim Charles, 10 Pelham 

Pilkington H. W. professor of music 130 Church 

Pilkington Joseph, carpenter Wooster n. Prince 

Pilkington Sarah, ex. coffee house 13 Pine 

Pill-U Paul, 140 Chambers 

Pillsbury Ithamar, Hammond n. Factory 

pilsworth Ann, milliner 74 Duane 

Pinckney Elijah, 38 Oak 

Pinckney T. C. attorney 32 Chatham h. 159 Bowery d 

Pinckney Elijah T. att.& not. 32 Chatham h. 159 Bowery 

Pinckney Isaac, merchant 184 Chatham 

Pinckney James W. drygoods 184 Chatham 

Pinckney Jonathan, grocer Stanton c. Allen 

Pinckney Peter, grocer Stanton c. Orchard 

Pinckney widow Hannah, 45 Essex 

Pine James, boardinghouse 189 Washington [see Piar, 

Pinister S. painter and architect 228 Mulberry 

Pink Charles H. leather dresser 101 Gold 

Piukerton James, paver Norfolk n. Grand 

Pinkham Henry, tea establishment 134 Fulton 

Pinkney Israel, merchant 365 Grand 

Pinkney Philip, wheelwright 6 Rutgers n. Division 

Pinkney Thomas, grocer Mercer c. Spring 

Pinkney W. T. dry goods 174 Chat. h. Grand c. Arundel 

Pinkney Wm. 90 Eldridge 

Pinkney Sophia widow of David, 60 Forsyth 

Pintard John, sec. mutual ins. co. h. 504 Broadway 

Pintard Wm. sur. inst. and truss maker 41 Beekman 

Piper James, cartman 383 Grand 

Piper Thomas, grocer 13 Henry 

Pknie George, grocer 25 Cross 


Pirnie John & P. distillers 24 Orange 

Pirrie John, shoemaker 473 Greenwich 

l J ir;son Alex. T. teacher piano forte 26 Chureu 

Pirsson Joseph P. attorney 26 Church 

rirsson sew. William, 26 Church 

Pitcathely Robert, stonecutter 45 Hester 

Pitcher A. mason Robinson 

Pitcher Edward, baker 141 Washington 

Pitkin John R. h. Bioad*ny c. Vesey 

Pitkin k, Boyd, Water c Pine 

Pitt Nicholas, cordwainer 116 Lombardy 

Pittman Asa, coal yard 104 Washington 

Pittman Geo. W. ropemaker Attorney h. Allen n. Stanton 

Pittman Lemuel, ropemaker Orchard n. 1st Avenue 

Pittman William, ropemaker Orchard d 

Pitts Thomas, 43 Vesey 

Pitts rev. Thomas, Chambers c. West 

Pitzsch Philip, clothier 221 Greenwich h. 114 Warren 

Place Aaron, Attorney c. Rivington 

Place Abraham, turner 80 Leonard 

Place Albert, mason 379 Cherry 

Tlace Charles, cupper and leacher 28 Eldridge 

Place Ephraim, shoemaker 47 Oak 

Place Frederick, druggist 17 Park h. 17 Provost 

Place George, brassfounder 49 Bancker 

Place Jonathan, cooper 221 Division 

Place Joshua, 7 Essex-mar. h. 4 Norfolk 

Place Percival, assist, keep. St. pri. Christopher n. Hudson 

Place Robert, shoemaker 159 Division 

Place Smith, tailor Forsvth c. Broome 

Place Thomas, butch. 1 Essex-m. h. 200 Division 

Place Thomas, butcher 17 Hester 

Place Thomas, cartman Essex n. Stanton 

Place William, carpenter 33 Norfolk 

Place & Souillard, druggists 17 Park 

Plain Bartholomew, merchant 39 Chatham 

Plain & Son B. looking^lass manufactory 39 Chatham 

Plant H. U. grocer 12 Allen 

Plant Samuel, fender maker 41 Cheapside 

Piatt Charles, cabinetmaker 8 Ann 

Piatt Daniel L. Rutger-slip h. 44 Division 

Piatt Ebenezer, 24 Rivington 

Piatt jr. Ebenezer, clerk 5 Rivington 

Piatt Frederick, merchant 177 Orchard 

Piatt George W. thimblemaker 361 Pearl 

Piatt Hezekiah L. grocer 114 South h. 245 Water 

Piatt Isaac, 23 Bowery 

Piatt Isaac L. lookingglass st. 17SBroadw. h. 9Beaver-i. 

Piatt Jacob S. merchant 248 Pearl h. 12 John 

Plait Joel, mer. tailor 242 Pearl h. 47 Rose 

Piatt John, grocer 300 Front h. 37 Cheapside 

Piatt Medad, 68 Harmnn 

Piatt Margaret, nursp 67 Spring 

Piatt Newton, bioker 47 Wall h. 3H>«1 Broadway 

Piatt Obadiah, shoemaker 206 Bancker 

Piatt Richd. butc. 27 Cath-m. h. Elizabeth n. Brooem. 

i'latt Richard, shipwright 131 Harrnan 

34& LONG WORTHS 1825 — 2t 

Piatt Richard, 200 Warren 

Piatt Solomon S. tailor 527 Broome 

Piatt Thomaf, painter 33 Broad h. 335 Greenwich 

Piatt Whitman, caitman 174. Allen 

Piatt Zophar, custom-h. clerk 7 Rivington 

platt Maria widow of George, boardinghous'j 61 Oliver 

platt widow of Treadwcll, 17 N. Mooie 

Platt & Benedict, giocers 300 Front 

Piatt & Faulkner, mer. lailois 242 Pearl 

Piatt H. L. & A. grocers 111 South 

Platt Sc Hedley, blockmakers Water n. Rutgers 

Playfout David, milkman 213 Ghtystie 

Plet John, barber 9il Chapel 

Plet Rose widow of Lewis, dress-maker 1 Orange 

Pleugli Jacob, shoemaker 43 Forsyth 

Plum , carpenter h. 51 Watts 

Piuin George, shoemaker Rhiilelander's-alley 

Plum Isaac, sign and ornamental pointer 61 Pearl 

Plum Nathaniel D. carpenter h. 101 Elm 

Piiiiu& Jackson, carpenters Orange n. Broome 

Plumb John M. segannaker 145 Allen 

Plume John, grocer Broome c. Suffolk 

Plummor William, boaidinghouse 24t Pear! 

Plunkett John, segar store 132 Fuhon 

Pluukett John, canman 237 Elizabeth 

Poe William, accountant 25 Frankfoit 

Poiliou Jacob, watchmaker 49 Fulton h. 31 Broking 

Poiliou James, shoemaker 92 Elizabeth 

Poillon James, cabinet warehouse 60 Beekman 

Poillon John, ehocolate manuf. 1 1 G Bowery 

Poihon juu. John, cabinetmaker 25 Cherry 

Poillon Richard, boatbuilder 8 Albany 

Poiuier Jacob, bookbinder 51 Watts 

Poland Daniel, coachsmith 159 Grand 

Poland Roger, smith 35 Collect 

Poland Mary widow of John, tavern 85 Murray 

Pole John B. boardinghouse 45 Chatham 

P.dhemus Abraham, 7 Jacob 

Polhemus Albert, shoesiuie 237 Hudson 

Polhemus Cornelius, caitman 75 Hester 

Poihenius James, grocer 57 Vesey 

Polhemus Johu, waterman To Cathaiina 

Pollard Otis, carpenter 79 Elm 

Pollard William, drygoods 17 Chatham 

Pollard William, mariner 4Doyer 

Polley David, distiller Greenwich ■:. Christopht? 

Pollock Benjamin, carpentt.r 7 Thomas 

Pollock John, caitman Cornelia u. Herring 

Pollock John, carpenter Eldridge c. Delancej 

Pollock John, shoemaker 93 Division 

Pollock Joseph, T4 Catharine 

Pollock William, caitman Cornelia n. G Avenue 

Polscroft Peter, iron founder 70 Broome 

Polstun Alexander, 132 Duane 

Pomrroy E.B. drygoodstore 117 Pearl 

pomeroy jua. Daniel, merchant SO Front h. 9 Afbjfry 


Pomeroy George, merchant 93 Pearl h. 53 Stone 
Pomeroy George, 17 Lombardy 
Pomeroy G. \V. mercli ant 1 11 Pearl 
Pomeroy Joel, shoemaker Delancvy n. Norfolk 
Pomeroy Ralph, merchant 6 Old-slip h. 13 Dutch 
Pomeroy, Goodell & Co. merchants 117 Pearl 
Pomeroy & Blydenbourgh, merchants 6 Old-slip 
Pomeroy & Rogers, merchants GO Front 
Pomeroy & Sergeant, merchants 111 Pearl 
Pomroy jun. Amos, bedding store 1 h. 31 Mott 
Ponsford Hannah A. 1G7 William 
Ponsford James, chandler Orchard c. Stanton 
Ponsford William, butcher 5 Wash. m.h. Orchard c. Stan 
Pontier Samuel, black 19 Forsyth [tor 

Pool C. barometer & thermometer maker 230 Broadway 
Pooi Henry, mason Pitt n. Broome 
Pool James, laborer Lombardy n. Montgomery 
Pool John, sashmaker Laurens n. Grand 
Tool Joseph, sashmaker Laurens n. Grand 
Pool Samuel, livery stables IS Roosevelt 
Pool widow of James, grocer Pump c. Orange 
Poole Edmund, carpenter 171 Chapel 
Poole Joseph,- accountant Bedford n. Arden 
Pooley Thomas W. painter 132 Mulberry 
Pope Charles, carpenter 152 Chapel 
Pope Daniel N. 129 Water 
Pope John, grocer West c. Chambers 
Pope Thomas, cartman Rivington n. Willet 
Pope William Henry, barber 80 Barclay c. Washington 
Popham Thomas F. mason 108 Chapel 
Poppleton Ann, confectioner 204 Broadway 
Poque Mary, boardinghouse 96 Vesey 
Porgher J. B. tailor 5 Warren 

Porter Charles, merch. 90 South h. Columbia n. Povington 
Porter Ezekiel, 295 Bowery 
..Porter H. C. grocer Suffolk d 

Porter Henry C. cartman 23 Suffolk 
Porter John, grocer 250 William 
Porter John, brush manufacturer 1G Maiden-lane 
Porter Joseph, hatter 134 Orchard n. Delancey 
Potter Robert, carpet weaver Greenwich n. Canal 
Porter William, merchant 90 South h. 656 Broadway 
Post Adrian, mason Cannon n. Grand 
Post Allison, 41 William h. 15 Cortlandt 
Post Anthony, 94 Liberty 
Post Charles, ship joiner 12 Suffolk 
Post Daniel, shoemaker Wooster n. Spring 
Post Garrit, cartman Sullivan n. Houston 
Post Gerardua, paint store 160 Water h. 59 Fultoi; 
Post Henry, smith Hammond n. Washington 
Post jr. Henry, cashier Franklin bank 1 Franklin so,,. 
Post Isaac, cartman 230 Hudson 
Post Jacob, cartman Sullivan n. Bleecker 
Post Jacob, cartman M Dougal c. King 
Post Jacob P. carpenter Thompson n. Bleecker 
Post James, cartman M'Dougal c. Hoiwtoa 
23 * 

344;- LONGWoiiTu's 1825—26 

Post James, grocer 1 Bancker 

Post Joel, 33o Peail 

Post John, broker 111 Broad boardingh. 153 Greenwich 

Post John, carpenter \92 Mulberry 

Post John, furrier 44 Essex 

Post John, cartman Houston n. M'Dougal , 

Post jr. John, butcher 192 Mulberry 

Post Joseph, shipmaster 7 Batavid 

Post Jotham VV. 65 Chambers 

Post Michael, shoemaker 7 Reed 

Post Samuel, accountant 13i) Allen 

Post Samuel, bargeman 15 James-6lip 

Post Waklron B.41 William h. 17 Park-plate 

Post William, cartman 4 Staple 

Post William, paint store 160 h. 177 Water 

Post jun. William, accountant 223 Division 

Post William L. distiller 43 h- 16 Roosevelt 

Post Willis, boatman 313 Spring 

Post Wright, surgeon 4 Bowling-Green 

Post Agues widow of John, boarding-house 273 Pead 

Post widow Ann, 89 Reed 

Post Ann widow of Peter B. 44 Robinson 

Post widow Elizabeth, 286 Grand 

Post widow of Henry, milkwoman 530 Broome 

Post Deborah widow of John, 1 Charlton 

Post Mary widow of Thomas, drygoods 99$ Bowery 

Post Win. & G. paint store 160 Water 

Post J. & A. & W. B. druggists 41 William 

Postley John, cooptr 70 Wall h. 67 Mulberry 

Postly Charles, stove manuf. £62 Water 

Pote Greenfield, patent baker 9 Anthony 

Pothier Simon, teacher 50 Anthony 

Pott Gideon, merchant 53 Wall h. 21 Cortland t 

Potter Adam, cartman Greenwich n. Hammond 

Potter Charles, merchant 173 Pearl 

Potter Ellis, meichant 117 Maiden-lane h. 60 Cortland 1 . 

Potter Ellis, coachman 242 Duane 

Potter Francis C. merchant 117 Maiden-lane 

Potter Gilbeit, 4 Arundel 

Potter Henry, grocer Hammond c. Asylum 

Porter Robeit, merchant 212 h. 336 Bowery 

Potter Robert, weaver 135 Varitk n. Charlton 

Potter Robert, 157 Spring n. Thompson 

Potter Thomas G. hatter 22^ Bowery feElizab. n. Spring 

Potter, Russell & Co. merchants 173 Peail 

Potts George, shoemaker 137 Leonard 

Potts Hans, grocer Grand c. Wooster 

Potts John, caitman 60 Thompson 

Potts K. H. merchant Gold c. Maiden-lane 

Potts Catharine widow of Abraham, 181 Spring 

Pouilly Francis J. shipcarpenter Prince n. Thompson 

Poulson Menah, cartman 13 Stanton 

Poulson Rebeccah widow of George, 105 Elizal>eth 

Pounds Robert P. tailor 31 O-ange 

Powel Tunis, carpenter 33 Sullivan 

Powell Daniel, Not folk n, Stanton. 


NEW-YORK DIRECTORY.\ Evan, mariner 134 Arundel 

Powell George P. carpenter 122 Forsyth 

Powell Jacob, tailor 147 Division 

Powell Mosos, giocer 16 Walnut 

Powell Samuel, caitman 14 Walnut 

Powell Timothy, 8 Walnut 

Powell Win. cartnian Ridge a. Delar.cey 

Powell Win. tailor 149 Division 

Powell widow of Caleb, fiuiter 528 Giand 

Powell widow Sarah, 43 Sullivan 

Power John, shoemaker 67 h. 54 Market 

Power rev. John, 8 Provost 

Power William, physician 8 Provost 

Power &Co. Lavweuce, auc. 53 .Nassau h. 85 Hartnan 

Powers Isaac, joiner 583 Water 

Powers James, laborer 125 Pump 

Powers James, tailor rear 289 Peari 

PoweiS John, carpenter 35 Broome 

Powers John, tinsmith rear 50 Leonard 

Powers Patrick, giocer 129 Anthony 

Powers Philip, accountant 118 Elm 

PoweiS Richard, butcher 149 Change 

Powers Thomas, giocer Chinch c. Franklin 

Powers William M. comb-maker Foisyth n. Rivinglor. 

Powles James, sawyer Christopher n. Bcdfoid 

Powles Martin, stone cutter 79 Canal 

Poyer Aaron L. hair dresser 96 Chambers 

Poyer William J. hair cutter 11 P t ov(»st 

Prall Maria, 2y2 Broadway 

Prail William, cartman 134 Prince 

P. all & Son lchabod, 2 Burling-slip and H9FuItor 

Pratt Lutlier, 397 Broome 

Piatt Nicholas, cartman 73 Thompson 

Pratt Noah, shipmaster 3 Cheapside 

Pratt William W. merchant 16 South 

Pratt widow Chailotte, milliner 431 Ptari 

Pratzaer John G. Broome n. Chiystie 

Pray David, baker 61 Suffolk i>. Rivington 

Pray widow Jane, 141 Washington 

Preble John P. saddler 181 Water 

P.endergast James, cartman 166 Crosby 

P.endergast Michael, giocer 254 Front and 39 Dover 

Prentis Lodowick, shipmaster 17 Batavia 

Prentiss George W. edit. N.Y. Statesman h. 61 William' 

P.cutiss James, merchant 135 Water c. Pine 

Prentiss Nathaniel, perfumer 28 John 

I'.eutiss N. Smith, perfumer 149 Broadway c. liberty jk^ 

Pienti&s widow Elizabeth, fruiter 103 FuUcn 

P.est John, mason 55 Anthony 

P.eston Calvio, 29 Grand 

Preston David, 5 Bancker 

>\eston E. J. carpenter Pike c. Div'sion 

Preston William, trunk- maker 99 Chambers 

P.eswick Edmund, seminary 24 Greenwich 

Pi evost James, tailor 104 Anthony; 

P,ite Ann, nurse 82 Lombardy 

346 longworth's 1S25 — 2C 

Price Constantine, rigger I Birmingham 

Price Edward, hairdresser Varick n. Spring 

Price Edward, smith Bancker c. Rutgers h. 39 Rutgers 

Price Ellis, shoestore 199 Spting 

Price Francis, merchant Bedford n. Christopher 

Price Halstead, 228 Cherry 

Price Ichabod, hatter 190 Broadway h. 320 Washington 

Price John, laborer Hudson c. Charles 

Price John, painter Columbia n. Delancey 

Price John, carpenter 483 Grand 

Price Joseph, gunsmith and cutler 364 Water 

Price Joseph, carpenter rear 143 Spring 

Price Justice, cartman Ludlow n. Stanton 

Price Lemuel, shoemaker 27 Norfolk 

Price Lydia, mantua-maker Grand c. Forsyth 

Price Nathaniel, shoemaker 321 Greenwich 

Price Piatt, gilder 49 Anthony 

Price Salmon, carpenter Allen n. Broome 

Price Samuel, carpenter 23 Norfolk 

Price Simeon, smith 426 Water h. 177 Division 

Price Thomas, victualler 30 More 

Price Thompson, mason 188 Harman 

Price William, carpenter 53 Thompson 

Price William M. counsellor 30 Beekman h. 28 White 

Price William, merchant 79 John 

Price Huldah widow of Nathan, North c. 1st Avenue 

Pride Oliver, shoemaker 18C Orchard 

Pride Peter, carpenter 30 Howard c. Crosby 

Priest Frederick D. merchant 70 Maiden lane h. 7 Libertj 

Priest William H. jeweller 189 h.201 Broadway 

Priestly John, currier 20 Vandewater 

Prieur Lewis, grocer 75£ Orange 

Prime Ebenrzer, carpenter Grand n. Wooster 

Prime Nathaniel, 1 Broadway 

Prime, Ward, Sands, King .fe Co. 42 Wall (temporarily 

Primrose Daniel, currier 97 Cherry [at 24) 

Primrose Robert, cartman 35 Bose 

Primrose William, marshal 117 Mulberry 

Primrose widow of John, 35 Rose 

Prince Benjamin, physician 20 Cherry 

Prince Charles, merchant 138 Pearl h. Brooklyn 

Prince Christopher, 80 Gold 

Prince Robert, upholsterer 18 Maiden-lane 

Prince Samuel, 75 Spring 

Prince Wm. A. Prince's establishment 202 Broadway 

Pringle John, watchmaker 25 Nassau 

Pringle Thomas, clerk N.Y. bank h. Amos n. Greenwich 
I Pringle William, umbrella-maker 10 Cliff 
"Pringle widow M. teacher 125 Mulberry 

Prink Jacob, carpenter 23 Pell and 28 Oak 
Prior John, 255 Grand 

Prior Peter, carpenter 216 Laurens n. Bleecker 

Prior Wm. stationer 111 Water h. Bowery [videP ryu 

Prior & Dunning, statiouers 111 Water 

Pritchard Augustus, carpenter 369 Bowery n. Art 

Pritchard Henry, confectioner 165 Greenwich 

new-souk directori'. 347 

Pritchard Samuel, cartman First n. Bowery 

Pritchard widow of Jaincs, boarding-house 382 Broadw- 

Probyu Edw. architect aud builder 12 Vandtwattr 

Proctor Daniel E. 7 Vandam 

Proctor Thomas, 65 Pine h. 14 Vesey 

Pioudnt Ann widow of Daniel, 473 Broadway 

Pioudfoot Andrew, baker Anthony 

Proudfoot James, brewer 59 Thompson 

Pioudfoot Laurence, 84 Greenwich 

Prout Jacob, shoemaker 61 Spring 

Piout John, goldbeater 61 Spiing 

Prout Rodger, printing-ink manuf. 63 Spring 

Provost David, milkman 84 Ludlow 

Provost James C. cartman 84 Ludlow 

Provost Robert, painter &.c. 203 Bovveiy n. Broome 

Trovost William T. S9 Pump 

Provost widow of Levi, 167 Division 

Pruddeu Henry, tailor Laurens c. Grand 

Prudhoinme Anglica, music teacher 149 Chambers 

Prudhoinme Eugene, engraver 149 Chambers 

Pruiue Francis, livery-stable 41 Anthony 

Pruyn Levinus, smith Wooster n. Spring 

Pryer Geo. oil-st. 244 Front h. 63 Roosevelt [cide Prior 

Pryer Isaac, hay-cartman 177 Spring c. Sullivan 

Pryer John, shipmaster 52 Vesey 

Pryer Marselus, cabinet-maker 234 Grand 

Pryer Thomas, shipmaster 19 Eldrid^e 

Pryer George & John, merchants 244 Front 

Pudney Giles, watch-maker 104^ Catharine 

Puduey Joseph S. printer 21 Thomas 

Puffer George, 173 Hudson 

Pugsley widow Sarah, rear 171 Division j 

Pulis Abraham, cartman Laurens n. BleeckeT 

Pulis Andrew, caitinan rear 22 Laurens ] 

Pulis Andrew W. cartman 91 Sullivan 

Pulis Christian, Desbrusses n. Hudson 

Pulis Conrad, shoemaker 239 Hudson 

Pulis David, cartman 26 Provost 

Pulis John, carpenter Laurens n. Bleeckcr 

Pulis Thomas, mason rear 52 Spring 

Pulis William, cartman 91 Sullivan u. Spring 

Pulis William, butcher 109 Pump 

Pulis widow Jane, Commerce n. Bedford 

Pullau John & William, merchants 4 Fletcher 

Puller Ann widow of Richard, 10 Jacob 

Pullis Abraham, cartman 371 Bioome 

Pullis Nicholas, cordwainer Jones n. Herring 

Pullis widow Ann, 68 Thompson 

Punlzus John, 3d Avenue n. Bowery 

Purcell Maiy, milliner 427 Pearl 

Purcell Thomas, cartman Prince c. Elizabeth 

Puicell Win. sexton St. Thomas" ch. 440 Broome 

PurJin Matthew, chair-maker 90 Division 

Purely Bartholomew, grocer 148 Bowery 

Purdy Cornelius, 130 Water h.457 Bioome 

P^irfy Daniel S. grccer Hudson c. Vandam 

348 longworth's 1S25- — 26 

Purdy David, shoemaker Elizabeth n. Broome 

Purdy E. dry-goods 61 Maiden-lane 

Purdy Elijah, grocer John 

Purdy Elijah, cartman 359 Grand 

Purdy Elijah F. grocer Broome c. Essex 

Purdy Elisha, cartman Delancey n. Orchard d 

Purdy Hachaliah, teacher 37 Mott 

Purdy Israel, mer. Catharine c. Harman h. 13 N. Moore 

Purdy James, 25 Collect 

Purdy James, grocer 180 Broome 

Purdy John, 145 Front h. 333 Pearl 

Purdy Josiah, grocer 271 Broadway 

Purdy Ophelia, milliner 39 Division 

Purdy Richard E. dry-goods 442 Pearl h. 7 Allen 

Purdy Samuel, carpenter 77 Bowery 

Purdy Samuel T. brush maker 51 Roosevelt 

Purdy William T. dry-goods 121 Chatham 

Purdy Anna widow of James, rear 250 Hudson 

Purdy widow Eunice, milliner 3 Division 

Purdy & Betts, riiy-goods 442 Pearl 

Purdy & Co. Corns, merchants 130 Water 

Purdy & Rapelye, djryvgbods 61 Maiden-lane 

Purney James, stonecutter 51 Charlt. n. Var. [videPirnif 

Purroy Joseph S. merchant 52 Pine 

Purser & Co. Thomas, china-st. 16 h. 14 Bowery 

Purvis William, carpenter 58 or 62 Chapel 

Pye David, porter-house 15 Harman 

Pye George, lock-smith 34 Cross 

Pye John, ironmong. and lock-smith 31 Bowery 

Pye Robert, shoemaker Varick a. Charlton 

Pye Simeon, lock-smith 5 Wooster 

Pye Thomas, lock-smith 143 Leonard 

Pye William, hardware and locksmith 12 Chambers 

Pye William M. lock-smiih 274 Front h. Columbia 

Pye Hannah widow of Joseph, 416 Greenwich 

Pye & Whaley, locksmiths 3 Mott 

Pyke W. H. crockery-st. 113 Chatham 

Pyne James, painter 115 Anthony 

Pyne widow, 88 Chambers 


Qua Francis, Arden n. Herring 

Quackenbos G. C. physician 393 Greenwich c. Beat : 
Quackenbos Nich. I m.d. res. phys. 312 Greenwich 
Quackenboss M. M. 444 Greenwich 
Quackenboss David, 552 Broome. 
Quackenbush Abm. cartman Greenwich n. Amos 
Quackenbush Abm. dry-good'; 189^ Greenwich 
Quackenbush Isaac, 25 Norfolk 
Quackenbush Isaac A. attorney li. Clarkson 
Quackenbush James, dry-goods 274 Greenwich 
Quackenbush John, tver. 185 Greenwich h. 164 Chambers 
Quackenbush Samuel, carpenter 38 Hester 
Quackinbush Andrew, dry-goods 224 Hudson 
Quackinbush Benj. druggist Greenwich c. Amos 
Quackinbush David, M.D. Greenwich n. Amos 
Quackinbush William, grocer 10 Howard c. Elm 


Quail William, mariner 129 Allen 

Quenov Michael, smith 32 Mulberry 

Quereau Manning, 530 Gram) 

Quercau William, Wooster c. Amity 

Queripel Saml. and Henry, paint & glaz. 267 Greenwich 

Quest Thomas, tailor 64 Bayard 

Quick Abraham, coach-maker 52 h. 54 Broad 

Quick James, fender-maker 8 Ann 

Quick James B. teacher rear 157 Broadway h. 26 Dey 

Quick John B. shoemaker 238 Bowery 

Quick Richard, carpenter 30 Thomas 

Quick Tennis, china, i:c. 1 Coenties-s!ip 

Quick Maria widow of Jas. boarding-h. 17 Beekmar. 

Quidor George, porter rear 58 Allen 

Quidor jun. Peter, hotel 243 Canal 

Quigley Daniel, 'mason 441£ Broadway 

Quimby Robert, cooper 48 "Henry h. 39 Lombardy 

Quin Arthur, brewer 137 Varick n. Charlton 

Quin James, cartman 155 Bancker 

Quin Jeremiah, labourer 137 Orange 

Quin John, grocer Catharine c. Cheapside 

Quin John, mason 55 Charlton n. Varick 

Quin John, 155 Varick 

Quin John, grocer 106 Anthony 

Quin John, labourer 27 Augustus 

Quin John, tailor 153 Motto, 

Quin Michael, mason 72 Canal 

Quin Martin, stonecutter 43 Elm 

Quin Michael, sawyer 129 Anthony 

Quin Peter, grocer 56 Ehn 

Quin Robert, 22 Ferry 

Quin Terence, grocer Church c. Barclay 

Quin William, lock-smith 138 Anthoi.y 

Quin widow of James, grocer 24 Water 

Quinby A. B. teacher 90 Chambers 

Quinby Elijah P. baker 12 Dover h. 99 Bayard 

Quinby Josiah H. dry good-store 400 Pearl 

Quinby & Jagger, dry-goods 400 Pearl 

Quintard Lewis, cartman Raisin n. Hammond 

Quirck Patrick, morocco-finisher 11 Batavia 

Quirk Thomas, peruque-mak. and perfum. 492Broaft\v<i 

Quirk William C. chair-maker 67 Beekman 

Quirk widow of Edw. peruquier 328£ Broadway 

Rabbeson Werter A. music-teacher Mulberry 
Rabel Anthony, baker 188 Spring 

Rab'meau Jacob, druggist 315 B.way h. 465 Greenwich 
Raborg Catharine widow of Mich, tailorest 57 Beekmac 
Racey Benjamin, brewer 79 Broome 
Racey Charles, brewer Slaten-Island 
Radcliff Jacob, couns. 4Munay 

Radcliff P. W. att. and couns. 41 Pine [ridcRalcVff 

Radcliff William, merchant Broome n. Wooster 
Radley widow Lydia, 79 Chape) 
Rady John, mason J31 Leonard 

350 longworth's 1825 — c 2t 

Rafferty Barnej-, mason 37 Henry 

Rafferty John, mason 32 Henry 

Rafferty widow of James, 45 Bayard 

Ragan James, mahogany sawyer 593 "Water 

Ragland Rich. VV. shoemaker Broome h. Lewis 

Rague John F. mason Vandam n. Varick 

Rague widow Catharine, 117 Elm 

Rainetaux Augustus C. 2 Harison 

Raineteaux Anthony, 55 Maiden-lane 

Raisebeck William, saddler Chrystie c. Delancey 

Ralph Peter, smith 134 Prince 

Ramage Mary widow of William, 57 Mulberry 

Ramee Matrmr'm, cabinet-maker 17 Broad 

Ramp widow of Henry T. grocer Chambers c. Greenwicr 

Rampenjr. Francis, sugar-baker 68 Pump 

Ramsay Alexander, millwright 423 Greenwich 

Ramsay Hugh, brass-founder Arden n. Bedford 

Ramsay James, cartman Hudson n. Hamersley 

Ramsay John, grocer Clarfcson c. Varick 

R.amsay John, shoemaker 108 Reed 

Ramsay Peter, cartman Greenwich n. Amos 

Ramson John, cartman Washington n. Spring 

Rand Aaron. 90 Chapel 

Rand Ebenezer, mason Cannon n. Grand 

Rand Worbam D. trunk-store 22'iJt. Pearl h. 191 Canal 

Randall Elias, shoemaker 72 Essex 

Randel Henry, shoemaker Christopher n. Washington 

Randel John, dry-goods 48 Division 

Randel] David, attorn. Gold c. Beekman h. 32 Cherry 

Randell Francis, mariner 122 Harman 

Randell Jonah, grocer 7 Pike c. Harman 

Randell Jonathan, grocer 36 Grand 

Randell William, tinplate-worker rear 409 Eroome 

Randolph Eliza F. boarding-house 303 Pearl 

Randolph James F. grocer 53 Whitehall 

Randolph Jeremiah F. merchant 143 Pearl h. 11 Bridgf 

Randolph John F. 175 Front h. 469 Greenwich 

Randolph John F. 440 Pearl 

Randolph John F. grocer Greenwich c. Charles 

Randolph Joseph F. 327 Washington 

Randolph Lewis, 327 Washington 

Ratidolph Moses F. mason 1 Leonard c. Hudson 

Ranoolph Nathaniel F. mason rear 82 Varick 

Randolph sen. Samuel F. bakei 6 Spruce 

Randolph Stuart F. 502 Greenwich 

Randolph William, cartman Minetto n. Bleecker 

Randolph Mary widow of Lewis, 7 Prince 

Randolph ic Martin, gro. & riist. Washington c. Murray 

Randolph & Wilkinson, grocers 39 Jay 

Randolph & Withers, merchants 143 Pearl 

Rangeley James, merchant 54 Pine h. Charles 

Rankin Davis, shipcarpenter Rivington n. Pitt 

Rankin Henry, 32 Vesey 

Rankin John, merchant 97 Maiden-lane h. 49 Walker 

Rankin Montgomery, leather st. 56 Frankft. h. 91 Beekrr 

Rankin Mary widow of William, saddler 2 Ann 


Ransom Barzillai, grocer 178 Front h. 95 Mott 
Ranson Robert, laborer 25 Water 
Ranson Wm. woodware store 30^ Bowery 
Raiison widow, 27 Oak 
Raoul J. R. M. l). Hudson c. Broome 
Rapalje Sylvanus, 175 h. 110 Greenwich 
Rapalje &i Lloyd, 175 Greenwich 

Rapallo A. translator k att'y-.l? Beekman h. 514 Broad- 
Rapeije George, 299£ Broadway [*>*? 

Rapelye Andrew, grocer 553 Grand 
Rapelye Bernard, 92 Laurens n. Prince 
Rapelye Daniel, merchant Tontine Coi'fee-house 
Rapelye Daniel L. dry goods 61 Maiden-lane h. 13 Cedar. 
Rapelye George, merchant 145 Front h. 221 Teail 
Rapelye George B. 232 Broadway 
Rapelye Jacob, merchant 1G5 William 
Rapelye James R. grocer 9 Catharine-slip 
Rapelye & Purdy, merchants 145 Front 
Rapelye & Underbill, brokers Tontine CofTe.e-house 
Rapp widow Catharine, 92 Warren 
Rardon Wm. stonecutter 23 Leonard 
Rasco Joseph, laborer rear 49 Spring 
Rasco Nehemiah, grocer Bedford c. Burrows 
Ratcliff SarnueJ, tailor 15 Charlton [vide Radcliff 

Ratcliff Ann widow of Thomas, 99 Bowery 
Rathbone James H. dry goo* 119 Marien-lane 
Rathbone John, shipmaster 81 Hester 
Rathbone iun. John, 324 Broadway 
Rathbone Jonathan, Fort Clinton 
Rathbone Nathan, fisherman rear 185 Washington 
Rathbone Samuel, merchant 115 White 
Rathbone Wm. P. 246 Stanton 
Rathbone & Downer, 115 White 
Rathbone & Hall, merchants 119 Maiden-lane 
Rawdon widow Jane, grocer Dominick c. Varick 
^awling widow Sarah, fruiter 106 Chapel 
Rawstorne Elizabeth, milliner 32 Hudson 
Rawway Leonard P. hairdresser Grand c. Cannon 
Ray Cornelius, 56 Broadway 
Ray James H. druggist 83 Maiden-lane 
Ray James K. sawyer 615 Water [vide Rec 

Ray Robert, com. broker 42 Wall h. 2 Marketheld 
Ray William, rigger Rivington n. Ridge 
Ray widow Mary Ann, 329 Broadway 
Raymer David W. grocer 33 Elizabeth c. Pump 
Raymer widow Hannah, Grand c. Forsyth 
Raymond Alanson, hatter 77 Maiden lane 
Raymond Eliakim. furstore 185 Water h. Brooklyn 
Raymond Ezra, tauor Eldridge n. Rivington 
Raymond George, 227 Duane 
Raymond George B. police officer 232 Church 
Raymond Henry, carpenter 34 Roosevelt 
Raymond Henry, 43 John Ife** 

Raymond Rufus, shoemaker Broom&sPEhrystie 
Raymond Samuel, grocer 1 Mott 
Raymond Samuel G. attorney 12 Broad 

352 loxgworth's 1825 — 2G 

Raymond Samuel W. carpenter 47 Watts 

Raymond Sarah, boardinghouse 209 Water 

Raymond William, coaster 193 Mulberry 

Raymond William, flourstore 240 Front h. Nassau n. Johr. 

Raymond widow Ann, 20 Mulberry 

Raymond widow Ann, 35 Essex 

Raymond widow of Henry, 25 Division 

Raymond widow Pamela, 10 Walker 

Raymond widow Susan, boardinghouse 51 Cherry 

Raymond &. Hertell, flourstore 240 Front 

Raymond E. & II. furstore 185 Water 

Rayner Benjamin R. cartman Herring c. Raisin 

Rayncr J. K. 35 Mercer 

Rayner Jacob, grocer 301 Grand 

Rayner & Co. John, merchants 62 Pine 

Raynor David, grocer 226 Division h. 124 Lombardy 

Raynor David, grocer 228 Front 

Raynor John, grocer 80^ Bowery 

Raynor Joseph, carpenter 137 Pump 

Raynor Mordecai, carpenter Bowery c. Nicholas-Wr». 

Raynor Samuel P. Stanton n. Pitt 

Raynor Willet, grocer 128 Harman 

Raynor Wm. grocer Oak c. Catharine 

Raynor J. SiW. Long Island hotel 12 Fulton-market 

Raynor widow Abigail, 152 Chrystie 

Raynor & Schenck, grocers Water c. Rutgers 

Rea James, weaver 174 Division 

Rea Robert, teacher Vandam n. Hudson 

Read Alexander, mason 47 Grand {vide Reed 

Read E. C. fancy hardware 3 Maiden-lane 

Read James, silk weaver 36 Willet n. Delancey 

Read John M. clerk in post office 11 Garden 

Read Morris, broker 293. Bowery 

Read Samuel, 214 Front h. 261 Water 

Read Thomas, teacher 127 Spring 

Read Mary A. widow of Lemuel, Lewis c. Delancey 

Reade Charles, patent spiral truss maker 5 William 

Reaney Alexander, mason 127 Prince 

Rearke John, joiner 28 Vandam 

Rease Charles, Bowery-house 146 Bowery 

Reason Michael, hair dresser 5 Catharine 

Reaux widow Mary, 136 Lombardy 

Rechengs Joseph, mariner Water c. Walnut 

Reckards Anselme, livery stables New 

Redden Charles, skinner 82 Gold 

Redden Thomas, rigger 35 Augustus 

Redding Thomas, mariner 34 Orange 

Reddy Patrick, porter 76 John 

Reder Martin, cooper 99 Washington h. 19 Rector 

Redfield David, tailor 138 Washington 

Redfield John, hatter 104 and 100 Delancey 

Redfield Wm. C. mer. and steam-boat factor 137 Wash. 

Redgate Mary, seamstress 24 Collect 

Redington Kingsbury, physician 34 Park 

Redman Charles H. cedar cooper 185 Hester 

Redman Elizabeth widow of John, 25 Charlton 


Redmond David, mariner 41 Collect 

Redmond Jesse, 125 Lombard}' 

Redmond Saml. umbrel. manuf. 209 Pearl & 257 B.way 

Redmond & Co. JoJin C. mers. 20 Burling-slip h. Woostei 

Redner Henry, carpenter 40 Dominick 

Itedon Claudius, livery stable C6 and 68 Warren 

Redstone Thomas, organ builder 256 Grand 

Reece Sarah M. milliner 206 William 

Reed Charles C. mason 109 Mott 

Reed Collin, 298 Broadway 

Reed Cornelius, carpenter Division n. Grand 

Reed C. H. 10 Collect [vide Read 

Reed Daniel, saddler Hudson c. Charles 

Reed David, 530 Grand 

Reed Eli, merchant 17 Maiden-lane [tide Reade 

Reed Ely, cartman 17 Lombardy 

Reed E. F. engraver and printer 158 Broadway 

Reed Georgo, shoemaker 8 Pelham 

Reed Henry, smith 64 Essex n. Grand 

Reed Henry, shipmaster 69 Hester [vide Rein 

Reed Henry, shoestore 136 Cherry 

Reed Hugh, carpenter Watts n. Greenwich 

R.eed Hu^h. weaver 17! TlssJrf 

Reed Isaac, cartman 17 Doyer 

Reed Isaac, cartman 19 Vandam 

Reed Isaac H. merchant 80 Front h. 37 Stone 

Reed James, grocer Pitt c. Stanton 

Reed James, hair-dresser 132 Broad 

Reed James, cartman 283 Grand 

Reed John, 123 Greenwich 

Reed John J. shoe dealer 110 Chatham 

Reed Lewis, mechanist Burrows n. Factory 

Reed Lewis B. shoestore 114 Chatham 

Reed Luman, merchant 125 Front h. 57 Beaver 

Reed Matthew, shoemaker 26 Bowery , 

Reed Matthew, market man 35 Market 

Reed Samuel, shipcarpenter Water c. Gouverneui 

Reed Stephen, watch-maker 167 Broadway 

Reed widow Elizabeth, 12 Dutch 

Reed widow Maria, 180 Cherry 

Reed widow Mary, 8 Pelham 

Reed widow Rachel, 122 Warren 

Reed & Lee, merchants 125 Front 

Reeden Samuel, grocer Dominick c. Clarke 

Reeks George, cabinet-maker 522 Pearl 

Rees Evan, grocer Grand c. Allen 

Rees John, grocer Columbia c. Grand 

Rees John, brewer rear 25 Lombardy 

Reeve Jeffrey, cartman 15 Thompson 

Reeve J. S. coffin maker 123 Division 

Reeve Robert H. grocer West c. Albany 

Reeve Timothy, grocer 121 Division 

Reeve widow Sarah, Ludlow n. Broome 

Reeves Abraham, shoemaker Rivington c. Wiilt 

Reeves Abraham, laborer 347 Cherry 

3j4 longworth's 1825 — 2€ 

Reeves James, butcher Thompson n. Spring 

Reeves James, grocer Bayard c. Elizabeth 

Reeves Jeremiah, carpenter 246 Front and 20 Anthon^ 

Reeves Jesse, Front c. Oliver 

Reeves John, 9 Norfolk 

.Reeves Matthew, mariner 48 Oliver 

Reeves Philip, shipwright 24 Arundel 

Reeves Sylvanus, Bayard c. Elizabeth 

Reeves William, baker 11 Dutch 

P.eeves William, butcher 6 Centre-m. h. First n. 1st Ave, 

R-eeves William, sliipcarpenter 400 Cherry 

Reeves Ann widow of William, 33 Ann 

Reeves iCo. John, shoemakers 198 William 

Reeves S. & J. grocers Bayard c. Elizabeth 

Regan William, grocer Bayard c. Mott 

Regnard Sebastien, wine merchant 32 William 

Regales Jose G. 2 Oliver 

Rehhorn Conrad, lamplighter Allen n. Broome 

Rehhorn Frederick, nail cutter Allen n. Broome 

Reid Charles, boarding-house 312 Water 

Reid Hugh, painter G3 Mulberry 

Reid John, bookseller and stationer Gold n. Maideu-lane 

Keiu John, baker -il MsJ| 

Reid Noble, 204 Harmau. [vide Reed §• Rtaf 

Reid Samuel C. shipmaster 197 Cherry 

Reid Simon A. mason Amity c. Mercer 

Reid William, grocer 96 Water 

Reilly John, laborer Mulberry n. Prince 

Reilly Miles, grocer Collect c. Anthony 

Reilly Patrick, tobacconist and grocer 328 Water 

Reilly Patrick, laborer 2S7 Elizabeth 

Reilly William, accountant 240 Mulberry 

Reilly William O. thread and cotton manuf. 125 Bowery 

Reily John P. grocer 27 Chapel 

Reily Terence, wheelwright 278 Grand 

Reinier Henry, 32 h. 35 Pump 

Reimer jr. Henry, wheelwright 35 and 36 Pump 
Reiner Augustus, grocer c. Houston 

Reinagle Hugh, artist 453 Broadway 

Reinhart Gertrude, boarding-house 148 Chambers 

Reinold Charles, sexton Grace church 439 Broadway 

Reins David H. printer and grocer Walker c. Church 

Relay James, cartman 1 15 Orange 

Relay Elizabeth widow of Stephen, rear 106 Elizabeth 

Relyea John, cartman Herring c. Jones 

Remer George, shoemaker 98 Orange 

Reiner Henry, shoemaker 73 Henry 

Remer Jonathan, shoemaker 54 Eldridge 

Remer Richard, sand paper maker and sexton 98 Orange 

Remer Simon, shoemaker 158 Harman 

Remer Vincent, shoemaker 35 Eldridge 

Remick John, shoemaker 23 Eldridge 

Remington rev. David, 13 Rivington 

Remmey John, stoneware manuf. 9 Cross and 23 Thomas 

Rempsen Rulef, carpenter 114 Pitt n. Stanton 

Reinsert Abraham, grocer Sj-llivau c. Watts 


Remsen Edward, merchant 88 Pearl 
Remsen Henry, pres. Manhat. bank h. 310 Cherry 
Remsen Isaac R. cartman 65 Orchard 
Remsen Jacob, 2 Suffolk 
Remsen James, carpenter Raisin n. Herring 
Remsen John, shoestore 74 Vesey 
Remsen John, grocer Sullivan c. Grand 
Remsen John, cartman Allen c. North 
Remsen John H. 9 Stone h. 36 Pearl 
Remsen Peter V. att. couns. and com. 92 Beekmau 
Remsen & Clarkson, attornies 92 Beekman 
Remsen & Co. Peter, 109 Pearl h Ci 2 Broadway 
Rendells Lewis R. smith Corlaer's Hook 
Renney David, money collector 12 Chesnut 
Renoud David, painter 295 Bowery 
Renouf Charles, shipcaineuter 126 Mott 
Renvil Joseph, smith 165 Chambers h. 281 Greenwich 
Renwick James, prof, of chymistiy &c. 3 Columbia Col. 
Renwick Mrs. 90 Warren 
Reper Catharine, grocer 533 Pearl 
Repos Matthew, merchant 76 Warren 
Repose John, baker 57 Bayard 
Requa Elijah, grocer Carmine c. Bedford 
Requa Isaac, cartman 230 Hudson 
Requa James, hay cartman 221 Spring 
Requa James B. teacher 245 Spring h. 57 Varick 
Requa John, 28 Vandam 
Rescorla James, sailmaker 266 Bowery 
Ressequie Abraham, upholsterer 127 Mott 
Resseigue Wm. D. upholsterer 67 Warren [see Russet? 
Reso Elizabeth, cookshop 85 Cross 
Retallack Esther widow of Wm. 18 Hubert 
Retan Abraham, smith 27 Desbrosses 
Retan Abraham, cartman 60 Anthony 
Reton Daniel, cartman 231 Mulberry 
Reton Daniel, carpenter 61 Sullivan 
Reton Thomas, stonecutter 179 Duane 
Revey Joseph, confectioner 114 Church 
Revault Alexander, confectioner 393^ Broadway 
Revere Edward, butcher First n. 2d Avenue 
Revere Isaac, carpenter Greenwich c. Charles 
Revere widow Francis, Mercer n. Bleecker 
Reynolds Allen, Prince c. Elizabeth 
Reynolds Benjamin C. milkman First n. 1st Avenue 
Reynolds Bush, cartman Lewis n. Grand 
Reynolds Charles, morocco dresser 79 Chapel 
Reynolds David, farmers' inn 61 Chrystie 
Reynolds Edmund B. shoemaker Wooster n. Bleecket 
Reynolds Edwards, millst«ne manuf. 2 Henry 
Reynolds Edward, accountant 10 Laight 
Reynolds Eliza, seamstress 34 Lumber 
Reynolds George, tailor 55 Bowery 
Reynolds Gilbert, physician 26 Rivington 
Reynolds Gilbert, physician 197 William 
Reynolds Israel, grocer 77 Hester c. Orchard 
Reynolds James, grocer Chrystie n. Rivington 

35G longworth's 1825— -26 

Reynolds James, grocer 140 Banckev 
Reynolds James, tailor 80 Varick 
Reynolds James A. merchant 188 Front h. 80 Hester 
Reynolds James G. carpenter 135 Chrystie 
Reynolds James S. 26 Bayard 
Reynolds John, printer 55 Augustus 
Reynolds Justice, blockmaker 37 Depeyster h. North 
Reynolds Lackey, grocer Ridge n. Rivington 
Reynolds Micajah, gro. Rector c. Lumb. h. 3 Rectov 
Reynolds Nathaniel, grocer Broadway c. Bowery 
Reynolds Orsa, coacbmaker 163 Bowery 
Reynolds Ralph, carpenter 38 Orchard 
Reynolds Samuel, printer 98 James 
Reynolds Samuel, mer. 178 Broadway h. 78 Franklin 
Reynolds Sands, cartman Herring c. Amos 
Reynolds Sarah, teacher 127 Allen 
Reynolds Seymour, cartman 68 Thompson [see Ronalds 
Reynolds Silas, 223 Spring 
Reynolds Uel, grocer Broome c. Mangin 
Reynolds Wm. porterhouse 5 Thames c. Temple 
Reynolds Wm. grocer Delancey c. Suffolk 
Reynelds Wm. G. M. D. 19 Murray 
Reynolds Wm. lookinglass frame maker 115 Henry- 
Reynolds Mary widow of Austin, 138 Orange 
Reynolds widow Margaret, 66 Pump 
Rhind Charles, merchant 152 Washington h. 1 Carlisle 
Rhinelander F. W. 232 William 
Rhinelander Wm. merchant 243 Broadway 
Rhinelander Wm. C. 139 Chambers h. 447 Broadway 
Rhinelander & Sons Wm. sugar house Rose c. Duane 
Rhoades John, grocer 216 Greenwich 
Rhoades Jonas, carpenter 19 Oliver 

Rhoades Isaac, butcher 36 Fult. m. h. Orchard B. Riving 
Rhoades jun. Isaac, butch. 26 Fult. m. h.Orch. n. Riving. 
Rhoades Mary widow of Richard, 130 Bowery 
Rhodeback Jacob, mason Pitt n. Stanton 
Rhodeback Peter, mason Pitt n. Stanton 
Rhodes Banjamin, shipmaster 127 Orange 
Rhodes Charles D. merchant 81 Pine h. 48 Broadway 
Rhodes James G. tavern 19 Fulton m. h. 15 Burlingislip 
Rhodes Nathaniel, cartman Crosby n. Prince 
Rhodes Richard, weaver 190 Spring 
Rhodes William, 30 Pike 

Rhodes William A. merchant 100 Maiden lane " 
Rhodes widow Abigail, 70 Warren 
Rhodes widow Hannah, 10 Clarke 
Rhodes widow Martha, 12 Rivington 
Rhodes widow Thankful, 183 Church 
Riach James, 397 Broadway 
Riblet George, tobacconist 346 Grand c. Norfolk 
Ricard widow of John, 16 Chrystie , 

Ricardi P. merchant 75 Chatham 
Rice John, tobacconist and grocer 37 Cross 
Rice Joseph J. gunmaker 52 Fulton 
Rice Isaac, boatman 55 Washington 
Rice Nahum, painter 36 Broome n. Goerck 


Rice Patricia, weaver Arden n. Herring 

Rice Patrick, Delancey n. Goerck 

Rice Robert, shipmaster 37 Mott 

Rice widow Hannah, 16 Collect 

Rice widow Sarah, 158 Hester 

Rich Abraham, smith 53 Hester 

Rich Abraham E.carpenter 52 Beach h. 65 N. Moore 

Rich Abraham O. carpenter 32 Howard 

Rich Gilbert, porter-house 37 Jay 

Rich Jacob, porter house 41 Anthony 

Rich James A. carpenter Lispenard c. Chapel 

Rich John S. carpenter 47 Sullivan 

Rich Samuel, shoemaker 42 Prince n. Orange 

Rich Stephen A. grocer 145 Broadway 

Rich Stephen, grocer 70 Provost c. Greenwich 

Rich Thomas, merchant 141 Front h. 78 Mulberry 

Rich Thomas B. grocer Grand c. Rynders 

Rich jr. Thomas, merch. tailor 62 Church 

Rich widow of Abraham, 16 Thames 

Rich Phebe widow of Elijah, Allen ru Delancey 

Rich widow of Washington, 598 Water 

Richard Frederick, 11 Howard 

Richard Gaspard, jeweller and enara. 24 Reed 

Richard Rosannah, 49 Ann 

Richard Stephen, jeweller and enam. 153 Broadway 

Richard Abigail, Pitt n. Rivington 

Richards Abraham, merchant 9l£ Pine h. 58 Franklin 

Richards Charles, sawyer Stanton n. Ridge 

Richards C. H. tontine c. h. h. Brooklyn 

Richards George, laborer 8 Elm 

Richards Geo. distiller Greene c. Broome h. 496 Broad- 

Richards Harvey, 65 Forsyth [way 

Richards Henry, shipmaster 26 Allen 

Richards Hugh, grocer 421 Cherry c. Walnut 

R.ichards John, mason 120 Franklin 

Richards John O'B. coal yard 76 Nassau h. 142 Duane 

Richards Nancy, seamstress 158 Harman 

Richards Nathaniel, merchant 145 Pearl h. 133 Chambers 

Richards Richard, First n. 1st Avenue 

Richards Samuel, shoemaker 321 Grand 

Richards jr. Samuel, 28 Bayard 

Richards Samuel, teacher 10 Bayard 

Richards Simon, carpenter Delancey n. Allen 

Richards Spencer, jeweller 592 Water 

Richards Theophilus, watchmaker 353 Water 

Richards Thomas, watchmak. 240 Pearl h. 68 Beekman 

Richards widow Lydia, boarding h. 219 Pearl 

Richards & Steele, merchants 145 Pearl 

Richardson Francis, tailor 51 Chatham 

Puchardson George, baker rear 79 Eldridge 

Richardson James, mariner 106 Chapel 

Richardson John, baker 164 and 178 Bowery 

Richardson Lemuel, grocer 48 Rivington 

Richardson Peter, laborer 28 More 

Richardson Robert, painter 310 Broome 

Richardson Samuel, carpenter 179 Duane 

Richardson Simon, grocer Arundel c. Rivington 

358 longworth's 1825— -26 

Richardson Willard, drover 8 Delancey 

Richardson widow Ann, 136 Greenwich 

Richardson widow Ann, 205 Church 

Richaud John, 39 William 

Richee Jacob, grocer Broome c. Lewis 

Richers Henry, grocer 65 Orange [vide Ritchit 

Ricluer Henry, upholsterer 64 Pump 

Richter John C. grocer 284 Grand 

Rickers John I. music st. 187 Broadway h. 45 Grand 

Ricketson Humphrey, 316 Greenwich 

Ridabock Charles, 97 Water h. 22 New 

Ridabock Frederick, grocer 401 Broadway 

Ridabock Jacob H. butcher 205 Mulberry 

Ridabock Hester widow of Henry, 205 Mulberry 

Riddell J. H. com. merch. 157 Maiden lane 

Riddell Jacob, carpenter Christopher n. Herring 

Riddell Mary, 38 Augustus 

Riddell widow of Christopher, 17 Beaver 

Ridden John, grocer 75 Catharine 

Ridden Martin, merchant 54 Rose 

Rider Abraham, 92 Chatham h. 212 William 

Rider Bernadus, c. h. measurer 6 Roosevelt 

Rider Christian, cartman 31 Vandam [vide Ryder 

Rider Christopher, 94 Mott 

Rider John, cartman 77 Sullivan 

Rider William, 13 Essex 

Rider & Stevenson, Chatham garden 92 Chatham 

Ridgway James, carpenter 92 Greene 

Ridgway Sarah Ann, bonnet-maker 349 Pearl 

Ridgway Thomas, leather manuf. 24 Chapel 

Ridley Catharine, 5 Bancker 

Ridley George, tailor 9 York 

Ridley John, engraver and print. 110 Beekman h. 9 Mott 

Ridner James P. tailor 464 Broadway 

Ridner Peter, cartman 76 Sullivan 

Riell Hannah, cook 8 Catharine-lane 

Riell Jacob, baker 17 Thomas 

Riell & Co. Henry, tobacconists 81 h. 87 Front 

Riggs David, shoemaker 3 Allen 

Riggs Elisha, merchant 66 Pine 

Riggs Isaac, laborer Suffolk n. Rivington 

Rihl Richard, ship-carpenter Gouverneur n. Cherry 

Rikeman Cornelius, shoestore 22 Duane [vide Ryckman 

Rikeman Jarries, cartman 367 Bowery 

Rikeman John, shoe manuf. 22 Duane 

Riker Abraham, shoemaker 145 Division 

Riker Abraham, druggist 29 Frankfort [vide Ryksr 

Riker Andrew, shipcarpenter 2 Allen 

Riker Edward, carpenter 78 Essex 

Riker James, smith 118 Reed h. 58 Chapel 

Riker James, grocer Delancey c. Suffolk 

Riker Jacob, shoestore 39 Division 

Riker John I. smith 118 Reed h. 188 Duane 

Riker John L. attorney 131 Fulton 

Riker John M. boardinghouse 64 Chapel 

Riker Matthew, cartman 142 Reed 

Riker Nathaniel M. drygoods 299£ Broadway 


Riker Richard, recorder City-hall h. 131 Fulton 

Hiker William, baker Greenwich c. Perry 

Riker v.'ulow Sarah, 93 Duane 

Rile Abraham, cartmau Riviugton n. Pitt 

Riley Asher, builder Laight n. St. John's Church 

Riley David, mason 11 Anthony [vide Ryley 

Riley Edward, music pub. and instrum. maker 29 Chatham 

Hiley Edward C. prof, of music 29 Chatham 

Ril^y George, mason 12 Thompson 

Riley Henry A. M. v. 69 Beekman 

Riley Hugh, laborer 170 Harmari 

Riley Jacob, baker 99 Gold 

Riley John, laborer 200 Bancker 

Riley Joseph, 244 Bowery 

Riley Lawrence, stonecutter Stanton c. Sheriff 

Riley Michael, cartman 16 Pike 

Riley Michael, shoemaker 28 Barclay 

Riley Thomas, cartman 134 Mott 

Riley Thomas, porterhouse 1 Provost c. Chapel 

Riley Thomas VV. smith 299 up towiv. , 

Riley Elizabeth widow of Andrew, 35'Collect 

Riley Hannah widow of Isaac, boarding-h 69 Beekman 

Riley widow Matilda, dress maker 136 Chambers 

Ring David S. 54 Pine 

Ring Philip G. cartman Wooster n. Prince 

Ring Wm. painter 204£ Greenwich 

Ring jr. Zebedee, shipwright 413 Water h. 158 Mott 

Ring E. & H. milliners 137 William 

Ripley James, drygood 477 Greenwich 

Ripley widow Hannah, boardinghouse 321 Pearl 

Ripley, Center & Co. merchants 73 South 

Risley John, marshal Catharine n. Oak 

Ritchie Alexander, dyer Greenwich a. Hammond 

Ritchie Andrew, carpenter 64 Crosby 

Ritchie Thomas, 270 William 

Ritchie William, sexton 134 Mulberry 

Ritchie widow Gitty, Perry n. Hudson [vide Richc 

Rittenhouse Maria, teacher Washington c. Jay 

Ritter Christian, sugar refiner 69 Forsyth 

Ritter Henry, upholsterer 218 Broadway" 

Ritter Henry, cleik Cornelia n. 6 Avenue 

Ritter Moses, 144 Bpwery 

Ritter Peter, 144 Washington' 

Ritter Richard, tin and coppersmith 250 Water. 

Ritter widow Catharine, Jones n. Herring 

Ritter & Co. Peter, shiprhandlers 139 Washington 

Roach Andrew, grocer 26 Bancker 

Roach Benjamin H. 78 Fulton 

Roach David, smith Norfolk n. Delancey 

Roach John, rigger 213 Division [vide Rhoades 

Roath Stephen, 79 Forsyth 

Robb Alex, merchant tailor 104 Water 

Robb Alex, sawyer Stanton n. Columbia 

Robb Charles, mer. 52 Front h 87 Greenwich 

Robb E. T. 154 Fulton h. 6 Walker 

Rnbb Wm. carpenter Charles n. Asylum 

36Q longivokth's 1825 — 26 

Robb & Mundy, pianoforte manufactory 154 Fulton 

Robbins George S. merchant 148 Pearl [vide Robin? 

Robbins James, saddler 89 Reed 

Robert Daniel, attorney 8 Pine 

Robert David, paper colorer 29 Desbrosses 

Robert Mary, lODey 

Roberts Alexander, laborer 17 Thames 

Roberts Alson, cartman Delancey n. Allen 

Roberts Catharine, 65 Walker 

Roberts Clement, musician 149 Church 

Roberts E. I. 5 Murray 

Roberts Frederick, bookbinder 82 Harman 

Roberts James, comedian 8 Thomas 

Roberts George, 269 Broome 

Roberts John L. mariner 118 Harman 

Roberts John, laborer Rivington c. Essex 

Roberts John, merchant tailor 3 John 

Roberts John D. cartman First n. 1 Avenue 

Roberts John R. cartman rear 203 Orange 

Roberts Nathan, shipcarpenter 59 Broome 

Roberts Nicholas, tailor Broome c Orchard 

Roberts Reuben S. carrier 141 Spring 

Roberts Richard, carpenter Suffolk n. Rivington 

Roberts Robert, 65 Walker 

Roberts Robert, saddler 10 Birmingham 

Roberts Robert, rigger 75 Mulberry 

Roberts Sebastian, tailor 109 Reed" 

Roberts William, clothier 39 Maiden-lane 

Roberts Win. merchant 5 h. 7 Beaver 

Roberts jun. Wm. merchant 54 Pine 

Roberts widow Eleanor, boardinghouse 51 Greenwich 

Roberts widow Mary, 34 Lumber 

Roberts widow Judy, rear 43 Forsyth 

Robeits widow of John, rear 7 Dominick 

Roberts Mary widow of John, washer 52 CortlancU 

Roberts Ruth widow of Wm. rear 20 Hubert 

Roberts widow, 117 Chapel 

Robertson Alex, carpenter 64 Orchard 

Robertson Alex, drawing acad. N. Y. Inst. h. 96 Hudson 
Robertson Archibald, 79 Liberty 
Robertson A. H. 192 Mercer n. Bleecker 
Robertson Catharine, bake;- 81 Varick 
Robertson Chs. H. lumber nier. 145 Cherry h. 234 Bowery- 
Robertson David, grocer 105 Front h. Jones 
Robertson David, Jones n. Bowery 
Robertson David H. merchant 105 Front h. Jones 
Robertson George, carpenter 9 Anthony 
Robertson Gilbert, mer. 10 Gouverneur-lane 
Robertson Henry P. sashsm. 10 Rivington h. 227 Bowery 
Robertson Hugh, grocer 111 Front h. 8 Batavia 
Robertson H. C. 234 Bowery 
Robertson Jacob A. dry goods h. 79 Liberty 
Robertson James, mason rear 58 Beach 
Robertson James, wool wareh. 34 Cliff h. 542 BroatlwSF 
Robertson James, dry goods 293^ Greenwich 
Robertson James, porterhouse 23 Cross 
Rbbertson John, milkman Ridge n. North 


Robertson John, gardener Greenwich n. Hammond 

Robertson John, 62 Bowery 

Robertson John B. clothier and shoemaker First n. North 

Robertson Joseph, combmaker 69 Spring 

Robertson Martha, boardinghouse 192 Broadway 

Robertson Richard, cartman 23 Thomas 

Robertson Robert A. auctioneer 34 Cliff 

Robertson Robert S. 96 Wall h.640 Broadway 

Robertson Roberts, stonecutter 39 Cross 

Robertson Thomas, 21 Barclay 

Robertson Thomas, shoemaker 45 Catharine 

Robertson William, Laurens n. Broome 

Robertson widow Ann, Stanton c. Norfolk 

Robertson Sarah widow of John, 62 Crosby 

Robertson T. & J. merchants 386 Broadway 

Robertson & Buchanan, tal. chand. 19 Desbrosses n. Hud. 

Robertson & Dickson, merchants 10 Gouverneur-lane 

Robertson & Kelso, merchants 96 Wall 

Robertson & M'Elwain, lumber merchants 145 Cherry 

Robertson & Co. James, grocers Duane c. Cross 

Robey George, stocking manufacturer 50 Canal 

Robin Peter, shoemaker 78 James 

Robin Peter, shoemaker 54 Lombardy 

Robin Thomas, jeweller 125 Orange 

Robins John, grocer 230 Cherry 

Robins Lewis, bricklayer 137 Bowery 

Robins Luther, baker 9 Ludlow 

Robins Nathan, met. 428 Pearl h. 33 Roosevelt 

Robins Oliver R. baker 105 Division 

Robins Richard, bargeman 2 Water 

Robins Robert, wheelwright 60 Greene 

Robins Samuel, boardinghouse 277 Pearl 

Robins William, sailmaker 81 Bayard 

Robins William, cartman 157 Division 

Robins William, smith Stanton n. Arundel 

Robins Esther widow of Walter, Cherry c. Qouveneur 

Robins widow of Ezekiel, 65 Walker 

Robins J. andN. merchants 428 Pearl 

Robinson Benjamin, livery stable 3 fa. 1 Staple 

Robinson Beverly, att. and conns. 37 Pine h. 108 Grand 

Robinson Carey, merchant 63 South 

Robinson Elizabeth, dry goods 268 Bowery 

Robinson Ely C. tinsmith 50 Fulton 

Robinson Harrison, cooper 67 Cross 

Robinson Howard, 234 EJizabeth 

Robinson James, combmaker Brookh/n 

Robinson James fruiter 367 Greenwich 

Robinson James W. tailor 93 Maiden-lane ii. 61 Gold 

Robinson, Jeremiah, malster 15 James 

Robinson John D. chairniaker 100 Warr:r, 

Robinson John, tailor 47 Howard 

Robinson John L. gilder 33 Nassau 

Robinson John, shipmaster 369 Pearl 

Robinson John, mason 12 Collect 

Robinson John, 212 Cherry 

Robinsou Jobo, millwright 34 Gra nde 

Robinson John, tailor Ci Stoue 

302 longworth's 1825 — 2G 

Robinson John I. Bank n. Greenwich 

Robinson John S. clerk Union bank 257 Bowery 

Robinson Jonathan E. mer. 32 Front li. 5 Stone 

Robinson Joseph, combmaker 180 Mulberry 

Robinson Joseph F. 26 Harman 

Robinson M. cash. U. S. Branch bank 534 Broadway 

Robinson Martha, milliner 130 William 

Robinson Michael, tailor Bedford c. Burrows 

Robinson Nathaniel, merchant 199 Greenwich 

Robinson Peter, toyshop 211 Hudson 

Robinson Peter, 400 Bowery 

Robinson Silvester, pres. Niag. ins. co. h. 168 Grand 

Robinson Thomas, sailmaker 78 South h. 57 Allen 

Robinson Thomas, type dresser 12 Lumber 

Robinson Thomas, victualler 218 Fulton 

Robinson Thomas, cartman Carmine n. Bedford 

Robinson Thomas O. millwright rear 10 Vestry 

Robinson William, shipcarpenter 224 Harman 

Robinson William, shipmaster 68 Rutgers 

Robinson William, typecaster 8 Rynders 

Robinson William, sawyer 10 Watts n. Greenwich 

Robinson William, cartman Broome c. Allen 

Robinson Wm. H. broker 44 Wall h. 652 Broadway 

Robinson Wm. I. broker 42 William h. Broome n. Crosby 

Robinson Win. P. Bleecker n. Greene 

Robinson widow Catharine, 26 Frankfort 

Robinson widow Sarah, 13 York 

Robinson and Booth, diapers and tailors 93 Maiden-lane 

Robinson fcCo. Henry, clothing st.H4Cherry h. 66 Marke; 

Robinson and Co. James, shoe manuf. 65£ Bowery 

Robinson and Manning, merchants 32 Front 

Robson Benj. R. M. D. 18 Roosevelt 

Robson Daniel, oysterhouse Cedar c. Broadway 

Robson George, grocer granery foe. Willetc. Dclancey 

Robson James, 213 Grand 

Robson Elizabeth widow of Joseph, 19 Duane 

Robson widow Mary, 169 Division 

Roby Joseph, boardinghouse 174 Broadway 

Rohy Thomas, academy 68 John [vide Robej; 

Rochat Louis, watchmaker 1 Chambers 

Roche John, mason Elizabeth n. Prince 

Rochfort B. E. upholsterer 46 Maiden-lane 

Rocheleau Joseph, 147 Anthony 

Rockfeller John, cartman 26 Charlton n. Hudson 

Rockfort William, 93 Leonard. 

Rockwell James, tailor Beekman c. Water h. 29 Cherry 

Rockwell Edward and Samuel S. jewellers 192 Broadway" 

Rockwell Merritt, mariner Lombardy n. Gouvemeui- 

Rockwell Silas, carpenter 257 Hudson 

Rockwell Stephen, saddler 3] Bowery 

Rockwell Wm. physician 23 Harman c. Catharine 

Rocquet Leopold, jeweller 90 William 

Rode William, fruiter 172 Bowery 

Roden Charles, mariner 83 Bayard 

Rodermond John, mariner 117 Lombardy 

Rodermond Henry, hair dresser 8 Old-slip h. 10 Stone 

Rodgers Francis, 4£i Greenwich 


{lodgers 1. Kearney, m. d. and surgeon 14Corilai.U 

Kodgers J. grocer 41 Chrystie 

Rodgers William, sailmaker 79 Orange 

Rodman James, carpenter 199£ William 

Rodman Jesse, shipmaster 404 Cherry 

Rodman widow Jane, 9 Spruce 

Rodney Rachel, milliner 162 Division 

Rodriquez Vincent, 138 Church 

Roe A. S. merchant 16 franklin ij 

Roe Gii-awell S. 232 h. 190 Fulton 

Roe jun. David, shoemaker 96 &, 160 Catharine 

Roe Gilbert, umbrella maker 60 Maiden-lane 

Roe James K. grocer 59S Broadway 

Roe John, broker Wall h. 16 Franklin 

Roe John B. grocer West n. Murray 

Roe Lawrence, 17 Murray 

Roe Mary, umbrella maker 513 Pearl 

Roe Stephen C. M. D. Herring c. Christopher 

Roe Thomas, 16 Sullivan 

Roe William, Asylum c. Amos 

Roe Wm. L. shoemaker 400 Bowery 

Roe &. Munro, wine merchants 5G Front 

Roe k, Elmendorf, painters Chapel c. North-Moore 

RoffG. C. rear 43 Watts 

Roff Henry, mason 4 Hubert 

Roff Wm. L. grocer 57 Whitehall 

Roff Rachel widow of William, rear SO O'.ivcr 

Rogers Abiarha, last maker 85 Bowery 

Rogers Albert A. saddlei 192 Water 

Rogers A. G. attorney 2 Nassau h. 2 Greenwich 

Rogers Andrew, confectioner Sheriff n. Rivingtou 

Rogers Archibald, merchant 87 Wall h. 7 Suite 

Rogers Bejijamin, grocer &o. 18 Fuhon-m. b.60 Roosevelt 

Rogers Benjamin W. merchant Pearl c. John h. 7 Siaf; 

Rogers Charles, tailor Rivington n. Willet 

Rogers Charles, segav maker 160 Durrne 

Rogers David L. fli. D. and surgeon 18 Duane 

Rogers David, mer. 184 Washington h. SG8 Greenw'c!}, 

Rogers D. counsellor 19 Cedar 

Rogers David, physician 18 Duaue 

Rogers Edm. I. flour merchant 167 Front 

Rogers EliphaletB. tailor 73 Cedar 

Rogers George, physician 105 Mercer 

Rogers Henry, laborer Water c. Walnut 

Rogers Henry, 345 Broadway 

Rogers Henry F. merchant 64 Pine h. Bom: 

Rogers Hezekiah, shoemaker 147 Division 

Rogers James, shipmaster 73 Greenwich 

Roger James, watchmaker 7 Oiange 

Rogers James, chairmaker 60 Sullivan 

Rogers Jasper, shingle shaver 133 Rivington 

Rogers Jedediah, merchant 19 South 

Rogers Jeremiah, 11 Peck-slip 

Rogers Jesse, sawyer Delancey n. Lewis 

Rogers John, laborer 346 Broadway 

Rogers John, 36 Oak 


364 longworth's 1S25— 2C 

Rogers John, builder 30 Norfolk 

Rogers John, plumber 37 Pump 

Rogers John, mariner 49 Catharine 

Rogers John, tailor 114Beekman h. 14 Walker 

Rogers John, laborer Elizabeth n. Prince 

Rogers John, jeweller 127 Broadway h. 25 Dey 

Rogers John, 17 Broadway 

Rogers John, jeweller 71 Sullivan 

Rogers John Smyth, m. d. 21 Warren h. 345 Broadway 

Rogers Joseph, stone cutter Washington c. h. 43 Wstts 

Rogers Joseph, cartman and farrier 131 Greene n. Prince 

Rogers Joseph, cartman 366 Grand 

Rogers Joseph, mariner 343 Cherry 

Rogers Joseph W. brassfounrier Hester c. Forsyth 

Rogers Levij. shoemaker rear 135 Lombardy 

Rogers Lewis, keeper of academy of arts Chambers 

Rogers Lucretia, 15 Anthony 

Rogers Moses, 7 State 

Rogers N. miniature painter 104 Liberty 

Rogers Nehemiah, merchant 232 Pearl h. 4 Greenwich 

Rogers Philip, tailor 9 Augustus 

Rogers Samuel, merchant 232 Pearl h. 4 Greenwich 

Rogers Samuel D. merchant h. 78 Greenwich 

Rogers Samuel H. grocer 139 Fulton 

Rogers Samuel S. merchant 20 .South h. 14 More 

Rogers Silas, Hardware merchant 155 Pearl 

Rogers Stephen, carpenter 173 Orange 

Rogers Thomas, carpenter 24 Leonard 

Rogers Thomas, leather dresser and glover 89 Gold 

Rogers Warren, flour mer. 185 Front h. 67 Walker 

Rogers Wesley, h. 121 Hester 

Rogers William, grocer 251 Front 

Rogers William H. tailor 205 Hudson 

Rogers William H. merchant 60 Front 

Rogers widow Abigail, 93 Mulberry 

Rogers Ann widow of William, 84 Franklin 

Rogers widow of Augustin, Delancey c. Willet 

Rogers widow of Charles S. grocer Wooster c. Broome 

Rogers widow Elizabeth, 37 Pump 

Rogers widow Elizabeth, 76 Mulberry 

Rogers widow Rose, fruiter 96 Broad 

Rogers &Co. B. W. merchants 235 Pearl 

Rogers & Co. E. and G. merchants 90 Pine 

Rogers & Co. Thos. grocers 18 Fulton-m. h. 60 Roosevei: 

Rogers & Grade, merchants 64 Pine 

Rogers & Jones, merchants 1G7 Front 

Rogers & Son David, merchants 184 and 186 Washington 

Rogers & Sons N. merchants 232 Pearl [Spring 

Rohr John, mason, Canal n. Greenwich and Greenw. it. 

Rohr John G. merchant tailor Greenwich c. Canal 

Rollins George, shipmaster 82 Maiden-lane 

Rollinson Charles, engr. & copper-plate printer 27 Golt! 

Rollinson William, engraver and seal sinker 53 Gold 

Rollo widow Maria, 28 Eldridge 

Rolston William H. pilot 25 Gold 

Romaine Albert, cartman Rurrows n. Bedford 


Romaine Andrew, cartmiin 30 Suffolk [vide Romeija 

Romaine Benjamin, 27 Hudson 

Romaine Benjamin, cartman 549 Broome 

Romaine Casparus, inspector 311 Bowery 

Romaine Jacob, teacher 71 Anthony 

Romaine Jacob, cartman 99 Sullivan 

Romaine John, 1 Anthony c. Hudson 

Romaine John V. cartman iWChrystie 

Romaine Nicholas, 3d Avenue n. Bowery 

Rom*ine Philip, butcher 14 Cath. mar. h. 305 Bpwery 

Romaine Ralph A. carpenter Burrows n. Bedford 

Romaine Samuel B. att. couns. and not. 294 Broadway 

Romaine William, shoemaker 90 Eldridge 

Romaine widow Catharine, 109 Bowery 

Romaine Maria widow of N. M. 137 Elizabeth 

Romans Furman, laborer 248 Delancey 

Romans widow Sarah, 6 Chambers 

Romer Ardeans, chair maker Bleecker n. Greene 

RomerBarnet, shoemaker 464 Broadway h. !5Rynder£- 

Romer Joseph, tobacconist rear 66 Bayard 

Romer William I. grocer 286 Front 

Romeyn widaw Rebecca 356 Grand 

Romme Frederick, cartman Sullivan n. Houston 

Ronan James, weaver 201 Mott 

Ronalds Thomas A. stationer 203 Pearl h. 5 Cliff 

Rooke Amos, porter-house 406 Greenwich 

Rooke J. lumber yard 256 Cherry h. 23 Rutgers 

Rooine Henry, painter 378 Broome «». Molt 

Roome Jacob, Varick c. Broome 

Roome Jacob A. carpenter Bedford n. Burrows 

Roome Jacob I. 20 Nassau 

Roome Jacob P. carpenter 128 Greene 

Rooms John P. deputy sheriff Bedford c. Commerce 

Roome Matthias, carpenter Greenwich n. Christopher 

Roome Peter N. ass. keep, of pris. Gerard «., Bowery J d 

Roome Samuel, sash maker 92 Greene 

Roome Thomas, 96 Harmau 

Roome William H. painter 372 Broome 

Rooine Jemima widow of Nicholas, 14 Barclay 

Rooney James, grocer 14 Prince 

Rooney James, cartman 63 Orange 

Rooney John, 68 Cross 

Roorbach Arthur H. 40 Robinson 

Roorbach George G. attorney and counsellor 54 Watts 

Roorbach John O. merchant 77- Bowery 

Roorbach widow Mary M. 54 Watts 

Roosa Cornelius, physician 39 Howard 

Roosevelt Cornelius J. Greenwich 

Roosevelt Cornelius V.S. 94 Maiden-1. h. 31 Cortlandt ] 

Roosevelt James, Bleecker c. Crosby 

Roosevelt James C. 17 Warren 

Roosevelt jun. James I. attor. and coun». 45 Broadway 

Roosevelt J. I merchant 94 Maiden-I. h. 45 Broadway 

Roosevelt Nicholas, 45 Broadwav 

Roosevelt P«^ 443 Greenwipji c. Watts 


S06 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Roosevelt & Son James I. 94 Maid en -lane 
Boot widow Hannah, tailoress 196 Washington 
Hoots Truman, laborer 55 Pearl 
Ropes David, thread and needle store 110 Division 
Rose Elihu, chairmaker 72 Gold 
Rose George, shoemaker Bowery c. Bond 
Rose Hosea, cartman Ridge a. Stanton 
Rose Isaac, rigger 13 Bayard 
Rose John, 56 Liberty 

RosefJohn, corkcutter Lombardy n. Clinton 
Rose Jonathan, csfrtman Varick n. Downing 
Rose Parsons, merchant 231 Pearl 
Rose Peter, painter 112 Harmarj 
Rose Simon C. mariner 164 Bancker 
Rose William L. 6 Frankfort b. Fourth n. Broadwaj 
Rose widow of Alexander, Nassau c. Cedar 
Rose Mary widow of James, grocer 92 Greenwich 
Rose & Sellers, cutlers 72 William 
Rosencranis Ann Catharine, 71 Chapel 
Rosencrants Charles, saddler Chambers 
Rosman Frederick, chair factory 103 Division 
Roset widow Lydia, 8 Doyer 
Rosmore Frederick, chairmaker 103 Division 
Ross Azariah, mason 38 Dominick 
Ross Israel, carpenter Broome n. Woostei' 
Ross James, coach-maker 120 Grand 
Ross John, cartman Herring n. Bleecker 
Ross John, wheelwright 538 Water 
Ross John E. coach-maker 447 Broadway 
Ross John M. 56Lispenard 
Ross Mary, ma"ntua-inaker 22 Stone 
Ross Noah, carpenter Broome c. Thompson 
Ross Noah B. mason 98 Mott 
Ross Samuel, carpenter 253 Bowery 
Ross 'Samiiel T. broker 15 Wall h. 213 Bowen. 
Ross William, baker 55 Mulberry 
Ross William, merchant-tailor 69 Cortlandt 
Ross Wiiliani, cartman Wooster n. Bleecker 
Ross WiLliam E. 15 Wall h. 56 Lispenard 
Ross William M. merchant 76 Pearl h. 46 Dey 
Ross William S coar.b-m. 447 Broadway h. 97 EJlro 
Ross Hannah widow of William, 56 Lispenard 
Ross Mary widow of George, 93 Varick 
Ross Sc Freeman, merchants 76 Pearl 
Rosse Nicholas, cooper 31 Depeysler 
Rosseter Brian, 62 Hester 
Rosseter David, dentist 37 Chambers 
' Rosseter Edward, shipmaster 211 Grand 
Rosseter John, ship-carpenter 315 Greenwich 
Rosseter Timothy, nail-cutter Rivington n. Arundil 
Rossetei Rebecca widow of Gilbert, 128 Grand 
Rossi Francis, confectioner 336^ Broadway 
Rossire A. C. merchant William c. Garden 
Rossiter & Webb, shipwrights 112 Washington 
Roston Edward K. 89 Mercer n. Spring 
Rotk aiichael. 548 Broadlfciy 


Rouault Joseph, musician 182 Fulton 
Rougier widow Mary, 42 Oak 
Roulanr) William, shoemaker 103 Forsyth 
Roulet John S. merchant Raisin n. Herring 
Roulstone John, riding-master Laurens n. Canal 
Rouse R. m.d. 54 Walker 

Roushner Margaret widow of Christopher, 313 Spring 
Rousseau E. merchant IS Reed - 
Rowan rev. S. N. 491 Greenwich 
Row Johp, wheelwright Perry c. Hudson 
Rowe SfVphen, smith 6 Clarke 

Rowe Thomas, mustard manuf. Wooster n. Spring 
.Rowet widow Mary, 11 Dominick 
Rowland Benjamin S. grocer 4 Fulton h. 79 Frankfort 
Rowland Charles N. S. mer. 103 Maiden-1. h. 157Hudsoit 
Rowland Francis, 273 Spring 
Rowland James H. shoemaker 66 Chrystie 
Rowland & Edgar, grocers 231 Spring 
Rowland & Spencer, grocers 4 Fulton 
Rowlandson Henry, grocer Catharine-s. far, 30 Cheapsid* 
Rowlet Michael, tailor 123 Anthony 
Rowley James, 30 Henry 

Rowley James W. grocer 156 South h. 59 Bowery- 
Roy William, dry-goods 160 Bowery 
Reeat G. broker 132 Pearl h. 76 Bowery 
Roze6s Justine, lace-washer 115 Chambers 
Ruch Joseph, Fr. boarding-house 11 Gold 
Ruckel Eunice, 105 Reed 
Ruckel John, 26 James 
Ruckel Philip C. baker 379 Broome 
Ruckel Samuel, cab. m. 66 Provost h. 365 Greenwich 
Ruckel William, baker 73 Warren 
Ruckel S. & J. grocers Greenwich c. Provost 
Ruckle jr. John, ship-carpenter 26 James 
Ruckle Elizabeth *idow of Philip, 180 Duane 
Ruckman widow Mary, 114 Chapel 
Rudd Richard, porter-cellar 160 William 
Rudd jr. Stephen, rope-maker Orchard n. North 
Rudd Stephen, carpenter 65 Allen 
Rudolph John F. merchant-tailor 22 Wall h. 2 Benson 
Rudderow Maria widow of Humphrey, 358 Broome 
Ruden Alexander, mer. 129 Broadway h. 405 Greenwictl 
Rudman J. butcher 9 Fulton-m. b. 188 Orchard 
Rudyard Thomas I. druggist 88 Fulton 
Rue Mary .widow of James, 84 Mulberry 
Rufflen Francis, confectioner 62 Gold 
Ruger John, smith 345 Cherry 
Ruggles Alexander D. 66 Beekman 
Ruggles Herman, 15 W r all h. 36 N. Moore 
Ruggles L. distillery 100 Canal n. Chapel 
Ruggles Lazarus, machinist h. 24 Greene 
Ruggles Oliver, distiller Grand c. Greene h Broome n. 
Ruggles Robert B. h. Canal n. Hudson [Green* 

Ruggles Samuel B. attor. and notary 62 Fulton 
Ruland Ebenezer, printer 187 Church 

G6S lqngworth's 1825—26 

Ruland Tredwell, grocer 142 Division 

Rule widow Sarah, rear 85 Mulberry 

Rumley Charles, tailor 69 Catharine 

Rumsey & Co. Aaron B. grocers Front c. Roosevelt 

Runchay James, weaver Hammond c. Washington 

Eunton John, carpenter 49 Grand 

Runyan Clark, harness-maker 22 Mercer 

Runyan Ralph, cartman 86 Chrystie 

Runyan William, wheelwright 286 Spring 

Rush Charles, shoemaker 247 Duane 

Rush James, boatman 10 Oak 

Rush John, cartman Greene n. Amity 

Rushforth Sarah widow of William, 163 Reeu 

Rushton James, merchant h. 44 Oak 

Rusler widow Elizabeth, 15 Ferry 

Rusmier Harman, sugar-baker 229 Chrystie 

Russel Abraham, 399 Greenwich 

Piussel jr. Abraham, merchant 138 Spring 

RusBel John, gilder 10 Jacob 

Russel Theophilus, hardware-st. 309 Pearl h.399Greenw 

Russel Thomas, baker 15 Goerck 

Russel William, coach-maker 217 Spring 

Russel William W. merchant 107 Front h.40 Franklin 

Russell Benjamin, boarding-house 38 Orange 

Russell Charles H. 173 Pearl h. 85 White 

Russell Daniel, cooper 33 Anthony 

Russell Elihu, Pitt n. Rivington 

Russell Emanuel, merchant 113 Front 

R.ussell Isaac, crockery-st. 19 Rose 

Russell Isaac, shoemaker 38 Lumber 

Russell James, 138 Leonard 

RussellJames, sail-maker 90 Hester 

Russell James, builder 20 Franklin 

Russell John F. grocer 545 Water 

Russell John W. merchant 73 South h*74 White 

Russell Joseph G. mariner 170 Grand 

Russell Margaret M. nurse 7 Rose 

Russell Moses M. merchant 27 Broad 

Russell Robert, bell-hanger Varick n. Canal 

Russeh Robert M. merchant 15 South h. Varick c. Beacii 

Russell Samuel, merchant 8 Harison 

Russell Samuel, carpenter 152 Chapel 

Russell Samuel, grocer 106 Pump 

Russell widow Catharine, 7 Rose 

Russell widow Eliza, 112 Reed 

Russell widow of Isaac, grocer 158 Chapel c. Walker 

Russell widow Mary, 399 Cherry 

Russell widow Nancy, 3 Doyer 

Russell widow Rhoda, 462 Cherry 

Russell R. M. & I. merchants 15 South 

Rust Samuel, h. 31 Allen 

Rust widow Elizabeth, 9 Batavia 

Rust & Turney, printing-press manuf. 33 Eldiidge 

Rutan Cornelius, shoemaker 129 Grand 

Rutan John I. carpenter 30 Provost. 


Rutan Jane widow of John, 40 Spring 

Rutgers Henry, Cherry c. Jefferson 

Rutgers Nicholas G. merchant 634 Broadway 

Rutherford John, merchant 59 John 

Rutherford & Halsey, dry-goods 45 Fulton 

Ruthven James, ivory and hardwood turner 14 John 

Ruthven John, 8 Franklin 

Ruton Abraham, boatman 13 Desbrosses 

Ruton J. G. doctor 57 Varick 

Rutter Thos. brush & bellows-m. 120Maiden-l. b. Charles 

Rutzer Mary widow of Henry, 94 Mott 

Ryan Catharine, 26 Marketfield 

Ryan George, Anthony c. Collect 

Ryan James, bookseller 322 Broadway 

Ryan James, cabinet-maker 22 Desbrosses 

Ryan James, labourer 105 Anthony 

Ryan James J. dry-goods 149 Chatham 

Ryan John, hairdresser 372 Cherry 

Ryan John, carpenter Otter's alley n. Thompson 

Ryan John, grocer 364 Grand 

Ryan John, grocer 145^ Leonard 

Ryan Patrick, grocer 48 Pearl 

Ryan Philip, baker 47 Robinson "•• 

Ryan Philip, carpenter 105 Mott 

Ryan Thomas, labourer 13 Bridge 

Ryan William, carpenter 45 Forsyth 

Ryckman Bridget, 95 Orange 

Ryckman Robert W. shoemaker 82> Fulton 

Ryckman Tobias, shoemaker 144 Chambers 

Ryckman widow Catharine, 221 Bowery 

Rycroft John, mariner 177 Mulberry 

Ryder Joseph, smith Ridge n. Delancey 

Ryder Lang-ford T. piano-forte maker 15 Barclay 

Ryder Matthias, cartman 20 Laurens n. Spring 

Ryder Mitchell, hatter 235 Water [vide Rider 

Ryder Philip cooper 83 Provost 

Ryder Richard G. cartman MTJougal n. Houston 

Ryder Stephen, cartman 61 Ludlow 

Ryder Uriah, porter-house Broadway n. Bowery 

Ryder William, cartman 222 Laurens 

Ryder widow Elizabeth, keeper coll. physician 8 Park-pJ,. 

Ryder Mary widow of William, Rhinelander's alley 

Ryder & Tallman piano-forte makers 15 Barclay 

Ryer Frederick, grocer Herring o. Perry 

Ryer Henry, shoemaker Houston n. Wooster 

Ryer Henry, lime-inspector 65 Mercer 

Ryer John M. 3 Beach 

Ryer Michael* Raisin n. Herring 

Ryer Michael, cabinet-maker 4 Allen 

Ryer Samuel S. merchant 123 Pearl 

Ryer William, Herring n. Commerce 

Ryer jc. William, grocer Herring c. Commerce 

Ryertnn Isaac, mason 218 Laurens 

Ryerson John, cartman 248 Hudson 

Ryersou Richard, smith Front n. Corl. hook 

Ryerson Sarab, boarding-bouse Greenwich n. Caaal 

370 longworth's 1825 — >2C 

Ryerson Sarah widow of George, 360 Broome 

Ryerson & Drake^ dry-goods 483 Greenwich 

Ryksr Abraham, mason 72 Thompson 

Ryker John, coach-m. 395 Broadway h. 46 Lispenard 

Ryley William, grocer 185 Washington h. 30 Barclay 

Ryno Esek, grocer 17 Hester 

Ryno John, hair-dresser 107 Chatham 

Sabbaton P. A. founder Cannon h. 41 Broome 
Sabin Charles, 19 h. 17 Maiden-lane 
Sabin & Walker, dry-goods 19 Maiden-lane 
Sacket James S. sail-m. 290 Front h. 12 Hague 
Sackett Clarence D. attorney 42 Pine h. Brooklyn 
Sackett William H. dry-goods 416 Pearl 
Sackett widow of Charles, milliner 23 Division 
Sackett widow Hannah, tailoress Charles n. Greenwich 
Sackett & Hicks, dry-goods 416 Pearl 
Sackett J. & J. H. dry-goods and carpeting 96 Division 
Sadleir Richard, druggist 83 Maiden-lane 
Sadleir, Ray &. Co. druggists 83 Maiden-lane 
Sadgebury James, keep, baptist cem. Greene n. Fourth 
Saffen James, shipwright 8 Arundel 
Saffen Thos. B. carver and gilder 70 Chrystie 
Saffen Elizabeth widow of Samuel, 43 Harison. 
Saffern David, cabinet-maker 60 Elm 
Saffin Aaron, mason 259 Hudson 
Sagar Ann widow of John, Greenwich c. Beach 
Sage Harris, printer 83 Mercer 
Sage widow Nancy, 4S Fulton 

Sagendoif & Lewis, grocers 283 Broadw. & 34 Burling-s. 
Sager Richard Holt, merchant 212 Pearl [videSeger 

Saldana Antonio Jonacio, merchant 117 Washington 
Salisbury John, merchant 73 Dey h. 241 Washington 
Salles Laurent, 136 Water h. 88 Bayard 
Salmon Francis, merchant 130 Pearl 
Salmon John, wire-worker 432 Broadway 
Salmon widow Sarah, 42 Elizabeth 
Salomon Edward, jeweller 15 Thomas 
Salomon Haym W. merchant 33 Pine 
Salter Abraham, baker 86 Roosevelt 
Salter John, gilder 3£ Howard 
Salter John D. carpenter Rynders n. Grand 
Salter & Co. Wm. F. merchants 145 Front h. Brooklyr. 
Salters Daniel, 165 Washington 
Salters John, baker 28 Ludlow 

Saltus Francis, merchant 32 South h. 104 Greenwich 
Saltus Nicholas, merchant 32 South h. 43 Beaver 
Saltus Solomon, merchant 43 Beaver 
Saltus, Son & Co. shipchandlers and iron store 32 South 
Samler John C, cartman Essex n. Stanton 
Sammis Chr. shoemaker 33H Broadway h. 39 Thomas 
Sammis Daniel, liv> stable 187 Grand c. Mott ■• 
Sammis John S. drygoods 102 Mott 
Sammis John, cartman Walnut c. Grand 
Sammis John, grocer Broome c. Lewis 
Sttmmis widow of Stephen, boardinghouse 321 PeaiV 


Sarao Charles W. bookbinder 126 Duane 

Sampson Joseph, merchant 163 Pearl 

Sampson Thomas, laborer 123 Greenwich 

Sampson Wm. counsellor 5 Park-place 

Sampson & Lloyd, exchange coffee rooms 125 Water 

Sampson & Tisdale, hollow ware &. nail mer. 123 Beekmaa 

Samuels widow of Edward, grocer Walnut n. Lombardy 

Sanders Abel, carpenter 142 Essex 

Sanders George W. shoemaker Prince n. Thompson 

Sanders John, porter 12 Thames 

Sanders Maria, 57^ Pump 

Sanders Michael, shipmaster 64 RooseveU 

Sanders Richard, mariner 8 Birmingham 

Sanders widow Charlotte, 220 Church 

Sanders widow Mary, 22 Gold 

Sanderson E. F. merchant 137 Pearl d! 

Sanderson James, cabinetmaker 347 Pearl 

Sanderson Jonathan, shoemaker 159 Division 

Sanderson Samuel, shipmaster 100 Oliver 

Sandford Charles, mason Elm c. Orange 

Sandford Charles VV. att. & couns. 4 Thompson n. Canal 

Sandford Jacob O. mason 181 Mott [vide San/ord 

Sandford James, 23 Chapel 

Sandford James, carpenter M'Dougal c. King 

Sandford Jefferson L. mason Elizabeth n. Spring 

Sandford John, merchant Hammond n Hudson 

Sandford John, liv. stables 449 Broadway n. Grand 

Sandford John, merchant 25 Chapel 

Sandford Joseph, ma.«on 190 Grand 

Sandford Michael, 19 Thomas 

Sandford rev. Peter P. 12 Forsyth n. Division 

Sandford Thomas, mason 203 Mott 

Sandford Win. D. cartman 15 Sullivan 

Sands Augustus H. clothier 80 Cherry 

Sands Austin L. merchant 49 Wall h. 42 Warren 

Sands Benjamin, Pike c. Water 

Sands Charles, 4 Orange 

Sands Daniel, grocer Frankfort c. Gold 

Sands E. bookbinder 49 Fulton h. 3G Oak 

Sands Francis, mariner Delancey c. Lewis 

Sands Hart, shipmaster 61 James 

Sands Henry, cartman rear 111 Delanoey 

Sands James, chandler 4 Orange 

Sands Joseph, broker 24 Wallh. 1 Marketfield 

Sands Joseph, merchant 74 Pine h. 9 Harisou 

Sands LegTon, grocer 68 James 

Sands Merritt, grocer 236 Hudson 

Sands Richard^cordial distiller 36 Oliver 

Sands Richard, boardinghouse 39i Frankfort 

Sands Robert C. attorney & conns. 20 Cedar h. 79 Hudsoa 

w ands Thomas, merchant 74 Pine 

Sands Wm. E. 36 Oliver 

Sands widow Catharine, 48 Thomas 

Sands widow Ann, 36 Thomas 

Sands widow of Benjamin, grocer Spring c. Crosby 

-^ajids widow Jane, 36 Oak 

372 longworth's 1825— 2C 

Sands, Spooner SiCo. 74 Pine 

Sandy William, mariner 5 Chesnut 

Sanford Nathan, ship joiner Delancey n. Columbia 

Sanford N. W. drygoods 51 Falton h. Brooklyn 

Sanford widow Deborah, 20 James 

ianxay John, grocer 122 Fulton h. 141 Fulton 

Sauxay widow Sarah, nurse 32 Church 

Sargeant Frederick, dyer Bowery n. Gerard 

Sargeant Thomas, merchant 61 Broadway 

Sargeam Win. cartman 81 Forsyth [vide Sergeant 

Sarles Nehemiah, shoemaker 197 Washington 

Sarsfield Dominick, shoemaker 16 Burling-slip 

Sarvent Abraham, carpenter 33 Sullivan 

Sarvis Joseph, boatbuilder 183 Division 

Sarvis Robert, carpenter 160 Harmaa 

Satterlee George C. merchant J24 Pearl 

Satterlee jun, Samuel, 82 North Moore 

Satterlees & Duane,34 Front 

Sauermann F. W. physician 35 Division 

Saunders George, hair cutter 6 Garden [vide Sanders 

Saunders Henry, packer 275 Spring 

Saunders Isaac, 3 Anthony 

Saunders John, cartman Orchard n. Stanton 

Saunders John, carpenter 27 Elizabeth 

Saunders John P. laborer 121 Forsyth. 

Saunders Joseph, carpenter 7 Leonard 

Saundei'3 Thomas, sawyer 168 Duane 

Saunders widow Ann, china store" 109 Bowery 

Saunier Francis, 433 Broome 

Savage Anthony H. mariner 10 Scammel 

Savage Bernardo, baker 47 Robinson 

Savage Cornelius, 139 Pearl 

Savage Crosfield, joiner 14 Arundel 

Savage Luther, grocer 483 Pearl 

Savage William, book-binder 76 Reed 

Savage widow of James, 29 Henry 

Sawan Silas W. jeweller 14 Arundel 

Saward John, shoemaker 7 James-slip 

Sawyer Francis, pilot 62 James 

Sawyer Peter, branch pilot 31 Spruce 

Sawyer Rebecca, dress maker 194 Chapel 

Sayer Matthew, sglassrcutter 408 Greenwich 

Say re Charles D. grocer South c. Rooseyelth. 67 Cherry 

Sayre James R. mason 11 Spring 

Sayre J. H. grocer 549 Grand c. Corlaers h. [seeSearc 

Sayre Nathan, 33 Oak 

Sayre Nathan, carpenter 43 Grand 

Sayrs Isaac, inspector of grain 22 Harison 

Scally Dennies, carpenter 232 Division 

Scanian Michael, cooper 64 Front 

Scanlan Nicholas, weaver Hammond c. Washington 

Scannell Daniel, grocer 57 Na-ssau 

Scarborough John, printer 5 Orange 

Scarff George, rigger 286 Greenwich h. 134 Reed 

Scarlett John, 10 Frankfort 

Scarth Thomas, merchant 309 Broadway h. 314 Greenw. 

Scffrvil T. dry goods 360 Pearl 


Scattertay Robert, mariner 74 Gold 

Scates WiMiam, painter 80 Forsyth 

Schaeffer Frederick A. dry goods 183 Hudson 

Schaeffer rev. F. C. 54 Walker s 

Schaffer Peter, carpenter 160 Spring 

Schally Edward, trader 145 Allen Wk 

Schaumburgh widow Ann, grocer 104 Bancker 

Schenck Cornelins, grocer Mulberry c. Cross 

Schenck David, merchant 117 Maiden-lane 

Schenck Eleanor, milliner 388£ Pearl 

Schenck John, printer Canal c. Church 

Schenck P. H. 47 Fulton h. 2 Bowling-green 

Schenck Samuel, smith Varick n. Grand 

Schenck William K. grocer Howard c. Rynders 

Schenck widow Sarah, boarding-house 13 Nassau 

Schenck I. L. & G. grocers 16 Fulton-slip 

Schenck & Brett, domestic goods 47 Fulton 

Schermerhorn Abraham, 53 South h. 2 Greenwich 

Schermerhorn Cornelius, merchant 88 N. Moore 

Schermerhorn James S. 83 N. Moore 

Schermerhorn John S. merch. 24 South h. 32 Broadway 

Schermerhorn J. P. merchant 49 Vesey [place 

Schermerhorn jr. Peter ship chand. 243 Water h. 21 Part 

Schermerhorn Peter, h. 68 Broadway 

Schermerhorn & Son Simon, 24 South h. 32 Broadway 

Schermerhorn P. & A. ship chand. 53 South 

Schermerhorn & Sons Peter, 243 Water and 226 Front 

Schieffelin E. couns. & not. 193 Pearl h. Middle road 

Schieffelin Henry H. attor. 193 Pearl h. 306 Broadway 

Schieffelin Jacob. JWan/iatianville 

Schieffelin jr. Jacob, druggist 193 Pearl 

Schieffelin J. L. druggist 334 Broadway 

Schieffelin Jonathan, 177 Pearl 

Schieffelin Richard L. attogr. sol. and com. 13 Murray 

Schieffelin Thomas, merchant 177 Pearl 

Schieffelin & Co. Henry H. druggists 193 Pearl 

Schmelzel John B. grocer Church c. White 

Schmelzel George, 498 Greenwich 

Schmelzel widow of George, 498 Greenwich 

Schmidt D. H. broker 62 Wall h. 141 Greene 

Schmidt J. W. Prussian consul, and vice consul fo; 

Hamburgh 69 Pine h. 106 Greenwich 
Schmidt Margaret widow of J. H. 68 Bayard 
Schmidt & Co. J. W. merchants 69 Pine 
Schnip John, grocer Orchard c. Broome 
Schooley widow Catharine, rear 139 Allen 
Schonher Christian, grocer 15 Pump 
Schools John, type founder 9o£ Mulberry 
Schoonmaker Hyman R. carpenter M'Dougal n. Vandana 
Schoonmaker Peter, shoemaker 56 Leonard 
Schoonmaker widow Margaret, 8 N. Moore 
Schotts George, tobacconist 155 Washington 
Schouten Abraham, tailor 54 Elizabeth 
Schreder Eliza, 14 Leonard 
Schroder John C. rigger 94 Bayard 
Schroeder C. miniature painter 158 Broadway 
Schuler Michael, cartmaa 121 Forsyth 

374 long-worth's 1825 — 26 

Schultz George, clerk 35 Hanson 

Schultz John, sugar baker 1 Skinner 

Schultz Matthew, cartman Amos n. Herring 

Schultz Nathaniel, cust. house clerk 208 Grand 

Schultz widow Ann Maria, 98 Hester 

Schureinan Jacob, carpenter 3d Avenue c. Stuyvesant 

Sctiureman Kich. lumb. yd. 78 Forsyth h. 250 Cherry 

Schureinan William, 15 Augustus 

Schuremun Corns,.butcher 23 Fulton mar. h. 287 Bower} 

Schuyler jr. Corn, butcher Orchard n. Stanton 

Schuyler Isaac, butcher 62 Fulton m. h. 316 Bowery 

Schuyler Peter, shipmaster 21 Batavia 

Schuyler Robt. attorney 5 Pipe h. 5 Mercer 

Schwachhofer Edward, teacher 51 Chapel 

Schwap Christopher, grocer 63 Forsyth 

Schwartz widow Esther, 150 Church 

Scofield Ezra, merchant 438 Pearl h. 8 James 

Scofield George G. 226 Pearl h. 14 Vandewater 

Scofield Henry M. cooper 101 Mulberry 

Scofield Jacob, shoemaker 104 Cherry 

Scofield Jesse, drap. & tail. 88 Broadway h. 6 Park-p. 
- Scofield John, tavern Broadway c. Art 

Scofield Samuel, saddler 436 Washington 

Scofield Wrn. H. drap. & tail. 88 Broadway fa. 6 Park-p. 

Scofield & Haram, coopers 76 Ludlow [c. Wal 

Scofiekls, Phelps & Howard, draps. & tails. 88 Broadway 

Scoles John, engraver 382 Broadway li. 15 Howard 

Scott Alexander, grocer 485 Pearl 

Scott Christian, shipwright 17 El-Jridge 

Scott Elizabeth, washwoman 560 Pearl 

Scott Francis, mariner 88 Oliver 

Scott George, printer 52 Dey 

Scott George, shoemaker 351 Grand 

Scott George D. Washington n. Canal 
% Scott Grandy, rigger rear 105 Cherry 

Scott Henry, mariner 37 Thomas 

Scott James, cartman 71 Eldridge 

Scott John, mason Greenwich c. Watts 

Scott John B. marine court justice h. 70 Chambers 

Scott John R. counsellor 34 Beekman 

Scott Samuel, shipcarpenter 6 Arundel . 

Scott Thomas, paver 12Cheapside 

Scott Thomas, currier 27 Ferry h. 52 Roosevelt 

Scott Thomas, grocer Washington n. Desbrosses 

Scott & Co. Robert, drygoods 88 Hudson 

Scott Wm. merchant 11 Cliff 106 Front 

Scott William, smith 7 Prince 

Scott widow Isabella, 49 White 

Scott & Leggatt, drygoods 66 Hudson 

Scovell Harris,justice 7th &. 10th ward court 120 Division 

Scovell N. merchant 97 Pine [h. 50 Markc 

Scoyen Peter, shipmaster 106 Broad 

Scranton Noah, blockmaker Grand n. Pitt 

Scriba jr. George, 18 Wall 

Scribner Benjamin I. shoemaker 290 Pearl 

Scribner Conklin, grocer Spriug c. Laurens 

Scribner Dennis, porterhouse Canal n. Greenwich 


Scribner Jame», shoemaker 230 Bowery 

Scribner James W. caitman 122 Chrystie 

Scribner John, cartman North n. 1 Avenue 

Scribner Sarah, teacher 35 Walker 

Scribner widow Hannah, Spring c. Lruirens 

Scribner Uriah R.'mcr. 136 Front h. 93 Greenwich 

Scribner <Sc Hitchcock, grocers 136 Front 

Scrugham Wm. W. mer. tailor 154 h. 150 Front 

Scry mser James, stonecutter 460 Greenwich 

Scudder Asa, saddler I Duane 

Scudder Ephraim, mason Fourth c. Green 

Scudder John C. brickcartman Wooster n. Prince 

Scudder John, physician spectaculum and museum 130 

Scudder Solomon, mason 113 Greene n. Prince [Chatham 

Scudder William, cabinetmaker 3 Eldridge 

Scudder widow of John, Am. Mus. Broadw. c. Chambers 

Seabury David, shipcarpenter 373 Grand 

Seabury Edward, clerk of customs 24 N. Moore 

Seabury John M. tinman 3 Hester 

Seabury Stephen, caulker Sheriff u. Rivington 

Sealy Richard, coppersmith 106 Chambers \yide Secty 

Seaman Allen, cartman Columbia n. Grand 

Seaman Cornelius, boatman Herring n. Christopher 

Seaman David, butcher 21 Stanton 

Seaman David, smith 233 Broome 

Seaman David, laborer 62 Leonard 

Seaman Edmund, merchant 29 Broad way 

teaman George, dep. sheriff 63 Essex u. Grand 

Seaman Henry, cartman 158 Crosby 

Seaman Hosea, cooper 298 Spring 

Seaman Jacob, cartman 176 Crosby 

Seaman James, inspector of manure 20 Pump 

Seaman James, 3 John 

Seaman James, V. bookseller 252 Broadway li. 49 Bowery 

Seaman J. F. Attorney 62 Fulton 

Seaman John, grocer 131 Spring 

Seaman John H. tailor 5 Essex 

Seaman Noah, cartman Sheriff n. Delancey 

Seaman Obadiah, cartman 60 Forsyth 

Seaman Percival, 230 Pearl h. 21 Beekman 

Seaman Richard, carpenter Willet u. G; ind 

Seaman Robert, shipwright 14 Bayard 

Seaman Robert, 42 Liberty 

Seaman Samuel, grocer Franklin c. Church 

Seaman Stephen, sailmaker 18 Stone 

Seaman Thomas, accountant Grand c. Ma'ngiu 

Seaman Wiilet, merchant 229 Water h. 13 Oak 

Seaman Wm. accountant union bank 134 Greenwicb 

Seaman Wm. attorney 3 Peck-slip h. 144 Cherry 

Seaman William C. carpenter Cornelia n. Herring 

Seaman William F. M. D. 300 Pe;iil 

Seaman William S. sashmaker 26 Eldridge 

Seaman Z. W. physician 41 Cherry 

Seaman Mary widow of Benj. 68 Olive: 

Seaman Ann widow of Valentine, 21 Beekman 

Seaman Deboia widow of Israel, Green n. Spring 

376 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Seaman widow Elizabeth, 26 Montgomery 

Seaman and Middlebrook, drygoods 296 Pearl 

Seaman and Moore, sashmakers 329 Broome 

Seaman T. and I. diapers and tailors 8 John 

Seaman, Tobias and Co. sugarhouse 42 Liberty 

Seaman and Wills, attornies 3 Peck-slip 

Searing John F. grocer 53 Hudson 

Searing Samuel S. crockery 175 Bowery 

Searle Luke, baker 8 Vestry n. Hudson [vide Sergeant 

Searles Nehemiah, 197 Washington 

Sears Enoch, mariner 199 Division 

Sears John, barber and boardinghouse 48 Cortlandt 

Sears Joseph, mariner 34 Essex 

Sears Richard, ship master 240 Grand 

Sears Wm. S. att. and conns. 30 Beekman 

Sears widow Charlotte, 564 Water 

Seavy Joseph, physician 252 Grand 

Seaward Christopher, pilot 28 Gold 

Sebert Frederick, 31 Park h. 5 Harison 

Sebert John, boardinghouse 163 Maiden-lane 

Sebring J. & C. grocers 102 Anthony 

Sebring Jacob L. Rivington c. Chrystie 

Sebring Peter, money collector 2 Rose 

Secor Benjamin, combmakev 86 Vaiick 

Secor Benjamin B. smith 183 Mott 

Secor Elijah, 210 h. 679 Broadway 

Secor Esther & Hannah, seminary 183 Division 

Secor Francis, shipwright 108 Washington h. 206 Duant 

Secor Jacob, plumber 87 Henry 

Secor James, Bowery c. 3d Avenue 

Secor John M. lottery office 417 Broadway c. Canal 

Secor Jonathan, grocer Herring c. Arden 

Secor Joshua, physician 210 h". 679 Broadway 

Secor Levi, cartman 181 Spring c. Sullivan 

Secors' Lottery Offices, 210 & 417 Broadvv. & 171 Chat- 

Secor Simmins, caitman 175 Spring [hau. 

Secor Wm. grocer Bleecker c. Wooster 

Secor Wm. T. smith 46 Washington 

Secrish Joseph, 118 Leonard 

Sedgwick Henry D. couns. 49 Cedar h. 55 Covtlandt 

Sedgwick Robert att. and couns. 49 Cedar 

Sedgwick Roderick, merchant 59 Water 

See John, druggist 414 Broome 

See John A. teacher 1st Avenue n. North 

See Joseph, mason 185 Spring 

See Stephen, cartman 185 Spring 

See William F. mason 80 Sullivan [see Sec 

Seely Alexander, smith 12 Thompson 

Seely Frederick, shoemaker 88 James 

Seely George, porter 4 Pelham 

Seely James, cartman 392 Bowery 

Seely Joseph, teacher 240 Division 

Seely Peter, rigger and stevadore 2 Albany 

Seely Samuel W. hatter 106 Chatham 

Seely Wm. A. att. and couns. 19 Cortl.h. 158 Greemvkh 

Seely Zaddock, hatter 102$ Cherry 

Seely widow Piuscla, 56 Norfolk 


Seger Andrew, coppersmith 193 Bowery h. 113Chrystic 

Seger William, 1 Benson 

Segoine James, shoemaker 50 Water 

Segoine Jesse, shoemaker 4 Bayard 

Seguine Jacob, 460 Broome 

Seguine James, cooper 14 Desbrosses n. Greenwich 

Seguine Jesse, cabinetmaker 9 Batavia 

Seguine Joseph, merchant 86 Wall 

Seguine J. & C. merchants 86 Wall 

Sei John, painter 142 Duane 

Seidel John, grocer 10 Old slip 

Seignette Peter E. mer. 32 Burling slip b. 9 Walker 

Seignoret Wm. public store keeper 108 Spring 

Seixas Benj. M. 63 North Moore 

Seixas Moses B. lottery office 1G2 Broadway h. 47 Cedar 

Seixas Solomon, 56 Canal 

Selah Maurice, carpenter 23 Mulberry 

Selby Charlotte widow of Skeffington, 620 Broadway 

Selden Dudley, 43 William 

Selden John, musical ins*, maker 41 Chapel 

Selding Charles de,79 Pump 

Selfe & Conklin, grocers 76 William 

Selkirk John, grocer 259 Duane 

Selleck Robert, cavtman Chiistopher n. Herring 

Selleg Andrew, tailor 69 Cortlandt 

Sellick Goldjohn, machinist Herring n. Christopher 

Sellick Gould, shipcarpenter 408 Cherry ~\see Sillich 

Sellick Henry, shoemaker Gouverneum. Bleecker 

Sellon rev. John, 8th Avenue 4 miles out d 

Sergeant Aaron, auctioneer 97 Water h. 56 N. Moore 

Sergeant George, merchant 111 Pearl 

Sergeant w'-dow Ann, 104Harman [see Sargean'l 

Serrens Charles, shoemaker 57 Chrystie 

Seton Alfred, Laightn. Canal 

Seton Jas wine mer. & auc. 66 Wall h. 683 Broadway 

Sevestre Lewis,- shoemaker 82 Nassau 

Sewall Edward B. merchant h. 35 Pine 

Sewall Henry D. h. 86 White 

Sewall H. D. & E. B. mer. 71 Pine. 

Seward Benjamin J. accountant 6 Spruce 

Seward Simon, butcher 188 Mott 

Seward Thomas, printer 6 Ludlow 

Sewell George N. accountant 209 Spring 

Sewell William, engineer Wooster n. Spring 

Sewel! Ann widow of Adam, 209 Spring 

Sexsmith George, merchant 184 Hester 

Sexton Francis, merchant 28 Dey 

Sexton Jacob, 90 Cherry 

Sexton James, shoemaker 20 Thomas 

Sexton James, grocer Delancey c. Norfolk 

Sexton Michael, livery stable 49 New h. 30 MY.. 

Seybott Ira, dry goods 233 Greenwich 

Seymour , mariner 34 Jay 

Seymour Andrew, teacher 33 Mott 
Seymour Caroline, 16 Litile Water 
Seymour Charles A. shoemaker 20 Leonard 
freymour Henry, shoemaker 35 Pump 

37S longworth's 1S25 — 26 

Seymour James, bookbinder Prince n. Greene 

Seymour Jonathan, printer & paper wareh. 49 h. 47 Johr t 

Seymour Lewis, 6 Chatham square h. 10 Catharine 

Seymour M'Niel, Franklin house 197 Broadway 

Sqpmour Thaddeus, 6 Chatham square h. 10 Catnarine 

Seymour William N. 6 Chatham square h. 6 Catharine 

Seymour William, 370 Washington 

Seymour Widow Lucy, 222 Cherry 

Seymour & Co. E. A. leather dealers 32 Ferry 

Seymour & Co. L. & T. hardware store 6 Chatham sq. 

Shackerly Sarah, teacher 6 William 

Sharibolt Alfred W. shoemaker 5 Jefferson 

Shadbolt widow Ruth, 221 Division 

Shaddle John, baker 11 Lispenard 

Shaddle Peter, upholsterer 342 Greenwich 

Shafer George, butch 19 Cath. mar. h. 320 Broome 

Shaff Jasper, cartman Bioomec. Cannon 

Shaffer F. W. mariner 24 Fletcher 

Shaffer George, merchant 47 Maiden-lane 

Shaffer Simon P. hosier 47 Maiden-1. [vide Schaeffcr 

Shaffer widow Margaret W. 105 Forsyth 

Shailds widow Elizabeth, 359 Water 

Shaler jr. William, 34 Park 

Shamburg Charles, cooper and insp. staves 188 Bancker 

Shamburg Henry, cartman 59 Ludlow 

Shamfreud Raymond, grocer 24 Bowery 

Shanewolf Fred, dentist and hairdresser 153 Reed 

Shanklin James, cartman 103 Mulberry 

Shanks William, weaver Hammond n. Greenwich 

Shannon David, smith 53 Beach n. Hudson 

Shannon E. L. merchant 162£ Bowery 

Shannon John, grocer 70JHenry 

Shannon Patrick, smith 151 Greenwich 

Shannon Thomas, hatter 240 Washington 

Shannon William, carpenter 32 Prince 

Shannon widow Sarah, grocer 38 Pike 

ShapterP. accountant 196A Church 

Shapter Faul, rope-maker 54 Rivington 

Shapter Thomas, 355 Grand 

Shardlow Ann widow of Joseph, 151 Reed 

Sharet Joseph, carpenter 42 Thomas 

Shark John, oysterman 326 Washington 

Sharit Joseph L. feed-store 27 Vandam 

Sharot Joseph, wheelwright First n. 1st Avenue 

Sharp Cornelius, grocer 85 James 

Sharp George, merchant 186 Pearl h. 474 Broadway 

Sharp Henry D. merchant 65 Water 

Sharp John, 108 Elizabeth n. Grand 

Sharp Maria, crockery-st. 15 Bowery 

Sharp Philip, boarding-house 198 Washington 

Sharp Robert, dry-goods 78 Hudson 

Sharp Samuel, carpenter Canal n. Varick 

Sharp Thomas, cartman 75 Lombardy 

Sharp William, cabinet-maker 61 Beekman 

Sharp & Tuttle, merchants 186 Pearl 

Sharpe. Jacob, grocer Arundel c. Division h. 12 Aru»d«fc 


Shtrvpe John L. grocer 210 Division 
Sharpe Peter, 43 Nassau 

Sharpe & Sutphen, whip-makers 11 Maiden-lane 
Shatzel Harman, shoemaker 545 Water 
Shatzel Jacob, grocer 89 Greenwich c. Rector 
Shatzel William, boot and shoemaker 234 W&tei 
Shatzel widow Susan, 12 Eldridge 
Shaves William, boarding-house 93 Cherry 
Shaw Anne M. 1 1 Pearl 
Shaw George, merchant 4 Fletcher 
Shaw James, fisherman 118 Bancker 
>haw James deputy-sheriff 27 Lispenard 
Shaw James, mariner 11 Arundel 
Shaw Jeremiah, smith 87 Varick 
Shaw James W. Bowery-hill 
Shaw John C. Hammond c. Herring 
Shaw Joseph, smith 142 Church 
Shaw Kemeys, 35 Essex 
Shaw Margaret, dress-maker 55 Greene 
Shaw Morris, porter-house 111 Canal 
Shaw Moses, assist." keep, state-p. Christopher n. Bedfi* 
Shaw Robert, labourer 42 Augustus 
Shaw William, tailor 23 Henry 
Shaw William, merchant M'Dougal c. Prince 
Shaw William, cartman Fourth c. Thompson 
Shaw William, paper-store Canal n. Varick 
Shaw William C. turner 339 Broome 
Shaw widow of Andrew, milliner 227 Grand 
Shaw Widow Mary, boarding-h. 42 Washington 
Shaw widow Mary Ann, boarding-h. 79 John 
Shaw k. Lefferts, brokers 4 W T all 
Shay James, cooper rear 124 Orange 
Shay James, shoemaker 47 Forsyth 
\ Shay John, cartman Stanton n. Suffolk 
Shay jr. John, cooper 67 Front 
Shay John M. carpenter 56 Wooster 
Shay widow Mary, tailoress 144 Duane 
Shays William, carpenter Lewis n. North 
Shea Dennis, merchant-tailor 41 Vandewatex 
Shea James, grocer 94 Oliver 
Shea John, grocer and shoemaker 91 James 
Shear Abraham M. smith Spring n. Hudson h. C. Vaiick 
Shearer Peter, cooper 43 Forsyth 
Shee Richard, grocer 52 Lombardy 
Sheffield Aaron, pilot 21 Oliver 
Sheffield Dudley, shipwright Goerck n. Grand ■ 
Sheffield George, tailor 545 Broome 
Sheffield Isaac, shipmaster 556 Water 
Sheffield Jonathan, ship-carpenter 345 Cherry 
Sheffield Win. W. shipwright Montgomery n. Crrerry 
Shegog James H. sign-painter 20 Old-slip 
Sheils Robert, shipmaster Bowery c. Stuyv. [vide Shield* 
Shelburg Joseph, painter 373 Broadway 
Shelden Henry, merchant 286 Pearl h. 11 Skinner 
Sheldon Frederick, merchant 176 Pearl h. 32 Warren 

380 longwokth's 1825— #§ 

Sheldon Richard, hatter Stanton n. Suffolk 

Sheldon Win. patent lamp manuf. Pear! c. Collect 

Sheldon J. mercer and tailor 130 Maiden-lane 

Sheldon & Co. F. & H. 176 Fearl 

Shelley Mansfield, tailor 27 Chatham 

Shelters Henry, 175 Pearl h. 506 Broadway 

Shelters John, smith 220 Church 

Shelters & King, dry-goods 175 Pearl 

Shentt Lewis, cart man Crosby n. Prince 

Shep widow Catharine, 5 Elizabeth 

Shepard David B. attorney and couns. 155 Church 

Shepard John, jeweller 31 h. 25 Ann 

Shepherd Alexander, cabinet-m. 122 Orange h. 50 Grand 

Shepherd Catharine, seamstiess 21 Pell 

Shepherd Edward, 80 Mulberry 

Shepherd Humphrey M. silver-smith 81 Division 

Shepherd James, shipwright'25 Norfolk 

Shepherd John, tailor 1 Cedar 

Shepherd John, merchant 20 Burling-slip fa. 7 Barclay 

Shepherd jr. Jo hi), boat-builder West h. 157 Chapel 

Shepherd John H. teacher 184 Hester 

Shepherd Thomas, smith 145 Chambers 

Shepherd William, 141 Washington 

Shepherd William, suspender manuf. Prince c. Sullivan 

Shepherd William, smith 56 Pump 

Sherer widow Ann, 252 Broome 

Sherer widow Mary, 27 Vandewater 

Sheridan John, cartman Carmine n. Herring 

Sheridan John, porter 76 John 

Sheridan Matthew, grocer and tavern 378 Grand 

Sherlock Edward, slater rear 147 Leonard 

Sherman Alpheus, attorney and notary 13 Beekman 

Sherman Amos, rigger 19 Batavia 

Sherman David, carpenter 40 Forsyth 

Sherman Jacob, cartman rear 120 Anthony 

Sherman James, carpenter 65 Elizabeth 

Sherman Thaddeus, merchant 190 Pearl h. 51 Maiden-i, 

Sherman widow Hannah, 108 Chrystie 

Sherman Rachael widow of Nathan, 251 William 

Shemin James, weaver 113 Anthony 

Sherred Joseph, mariner 71 Ann 

Sherred widow of Jacob, 31 Broad 

Sherrer Henvy, baker 40 Chrystie 

Sherrod Patrick, mason Greene c. Houston 

Sherry David, pilot 24 Roosevelt 

Sherryd &t Co. P. grocers Greene c. Houston ft 

Sherwood Alanson, carpenter Suffolk n. Stanton 

Sherwood Andrew, machinist Burrows n. Herring 

Sherwood Benjamin, Elizabeth c. Hester 

Sherwood Benjamin, tailor 53 Market h. 82 Lombardy 

Sherwood Bishop, 261 Grand 

Sherwood Caleb, turner 36 Ann h. 140 Pump 

Sherwood Charles, cartnran Ridge n. Stanton 

Sherwood David, 75 Crosby 

Sherwood Gershom, cartman 209 Thompson 


Sherwood Isaac, currier 53 Frankfort h. 9 Skinner 

-Sherwood Isaac, turner S3 Leonard 

Sherwood Jeremiah, cartman 6 Grand 

Sherwood John, shipwright 42 Hester 

Sherwood Noah, shoemaker 15 Mott 

Sherwood Thomas, shoemaker Hudson c. Canal 

Sherwood Willet, grocer c. Columbia 

Sherwood William, teacher 2 Dey h. 337 Greenwich 

Sherwood William, drygood-store 166 Division 

Sherwood William, grocer 76 Canal 

Sherwood William, shoemaker Hudson c. Hamerslcy 

Sherwood widow Eliza, milliner Hudson c. Thomas 

Sherwood widow Eliza, 31 Provost 

Sherwood wid. of John, looking-glass St. 254 Greenwich 

Sherwood Maria widow of Thomas, Chapel c. Beach 

Sherwood widow Sarah, 86 Eldridge 

Shew William, cooper 4 Water 

Sheys James B. 105 Mulberry 

Shick Samuel, tailor 8 Lumber 

Shiel James, sexton 16 Barclay 

Shields Andrew, cabinet-maker Mulberry 

Shields Henry, tailor 1 15 Hester [vide Sheildc 

Shields James W. stonecutter 229 Wash. h. 54 Chapel 

Shields John, baker Greene n. Amity 

Shields Michael, labourer 104 Elizabeth , 

Shields Samuel, cartman 187 Eldridge 

Shields William, painter 167 Bowery 

Shields widow of Aaron, 52 Howard 

Shiells Robert, carpenter 32 Depeyster h. 35 Norfolk 

Shier Mary widow of Daniel, 52 Bleecker n. Greene 

Shimmins John, carpenter rear 19 Mott 

Shinkle Jacob, grocer 124 Grand c. Crosby 

Shinnet Lewis, cartman 100 Crosby 

Shipley Ann, 401 Pearl 

Shipley William, dry-goods 401 h. 395 Pearl 

Shipley & Co. Morris, morocco dealers 10 Ferry 

Shipman Charles G. sec. N.Y. ins. comp. 197 Cnurch 

Shipman Elias, comb-maker West c. Chambers 

Shipman George P. broker 44 Wall h. 12 Leonard 

Shipman Henry, cartman 13 Charlton 

Shipman William B. cabinet-maker 67 and 69 Broad 

Suippey jr. Josiah, accountant 101 Mott 

Shippey William, 101 Mott 

Shires Thomas, tobacconist 27 Howard 

Shirley James, Grand c. Mangin 

Shirley James, shoe-store 104 Chatham 

Shirley Stephen, 170 Dunne 

Shirley William, china-st. 43 Maiden-1. h. 606 Broadway 

Shoder Henry, chemist Hudson n. Fitzroy 

Shoe Henry, coach-maker Elizabeth n. Spring 

Shoe Thomas, labourer Norfolk n. Broome 

Shoemaker Abraham, 43 Rivington 

Shoemaker Charles, gold-smith 77 Orange 

Shoemaker John I. steamb. agent Washingt. C.Marketfi 

Shonnard Andrew, baker 99 James 

Shonnard Frederick, 220 Bowery 

3.S2 longworth's 1825— -26 

Shonnard jr. P. plast. paris manu. 96 James & 82 Cherry 
Shonnard Samuel, plaster paris manu. 96 James 
Shonnard & Co. plaster paris manu. 40 Mulberry 
Shop Henry, butcher Wash. mar. h. 56 Elizabeth 
Shetland Thomas, grocer Prince c. Wooster 
Shoroe William H. accountant 62 Pearl 
Short widow of George, victualler 116 Cherry 
Hhotwell Abraham, grocer 348 Washington 
Shotwell Harvey, druggist 405 Pearl h. 42 Market 
Shotwell John, cooper 223 Washington 
Shotwell Joseph S. merchant 172 Pearl h. 76 Beekman 
Shotwell, Fox & Co. auct and com. mer. 172 Pearl 
Shotwell & Haydock, druggists 405 Pearl 
Shotwell & Son Wm. brokers 43 Wall h. 24 Howard 
Showier John, cabinet-maker 385 Greenwich ' 
Shourt Jacob, 108 Orchard 
Shourt Oliver, flour-store 387 Water 
Shourt William, cartman Division n. Clinton 
Shourt J. J. & W. S. grocers Rutgers c. Water 
Shumway Jacob, commission merchant 77 Washington. 
Shurte Isaac C. shoemaker 540 Broome 
Shreve widow Meleicent, 100 Oliver- 
Shrewsbury Michael, grocer 600 Broadway 
Shurrager Abraham, boatman 183 Spring 
Shurrager BoeuliffH. shoemaker 2 Clarke 
Shurrager & Wheeler (Benj). chairmak. Spring c. Clarke 
Shute Henry, grocer Hudson n. Burrows 
Shute jr. Henry, boarding-house 71 Warren. 
Shute James G. victualler 24 Anthony 
Shute Levi, 217 Broome 
Shute Samuel, grocer Essex c. Delancey 
Shute Jacob, mason Raisin n. Herring 
Shute William, mariner Bancker n. Walnut 
Sibell Benjamin, carpenter 131 Mott 
Sihell George, cartman Orchard n. Delancey 
Sibell John Frederick,. 264 Pearl h. Wooster c Spring 
Sibeit John, caulker Columbia n. Rivington 
Sibert widow of John, 237 Broome 
Sibley Sophia, Carolina coffee house 5 Gold 
Sibley William, basket store 238 Greenwich 
Sice widow of Michael, 9 Forsyth 
Sickels Daniel, 215 Washington 
Sickels Elias, shoemaker 526 Grand 
Sickels James, printer Delancey c. Ludlow 
Sickels John H. 612 Broadway 
Sickels Oliver, bookbinder 41 Anthony 
Sickles Henry, shoemaker 121 Harman 
Sickles John, tailor 215 Washington 
Sickles Maria, 143 Chapel 

Sidell J. A. attor. and couns. 1 Murray h. 10 Walker 
Sidell John C. A. tailor 190 Mercer 
Sidell John, f. m. 99 Duane [vide Seidd 

Siemon Walrap, fruiter 19 Chatham 
Sigison John, cartman 4 Water 

Sigison Thomas, chairraaker 210 Water h. 133 Chrystie 
Sigison William, chairmaker 210 Water 
Sigourney John C. merchant 161 Pearl h. 94 White 


Silber Martin, butcher n. Bowery-hill 

Silcock J. S. stone-cutter 427 Washington 

Silkworth William, shoemaker 2;>9 Duane [West 

Silkworth Cornelia, widow of Thos. boardingh. 39 Jay c- 

Sillcock Joseph, baker 530 Pearl [vide Sellecl 

Silleck Sands be George, cabinet-m. Raisin n. Herring 

Sill Horace L. grocer South c. Burling-slip 

Silliman Gold S. commis mercht. 68 Sauth h. Broohtipi 

Silliman William, attor. and coun. 21 Cherry 

Silvey widow of James, boarding-house 48 Pearl 

Silver John, mason 55 Anthony 

Silvie Joseph, mariner 50 Oliver 

Simers William, L. physician 2 Orange 

Simister Joseph, grocer and porter-house 5 Dey 

Simkins Daniel, smith 545 Grand 

Simmonite John, tailor 39 Leonard 

Simmons Chapman, shipmaster rear 44 Orchard 

Simmons Denyse, grocer 226 Fulton 

Simmons Henry, dry goods 70 Hudson 

Simmons Henry A. shoemaker 64 Walker 

Simmons Isaac, smith Water c Coilears hook 

Simmons James, shoemaker Lombardy n. Pike 

Simmons Joseph, ropemaker 208 William 

Simmons Leonard, grocer 164 Chatham 

Simmons Peter W. grocer 231 Front 

Simmons Stephen, oysterman 18 More 

Simmons William, shoemaker 44 Orchard 

Simmons William, mason 104 Elizabeth 

Simmons William, 26 Reed 

Simmons widow Ellen, victualler Washington market 

Simmons widow Letitia, Willet n. Stanton 

Simmons & Sons Henry, 374 Pearl h. 269 Water 

->imms John C. hairdresser 145 Grand 

Simms Robert, merchant 123 Pearl 

Simms Thomas S. carpenter 5 Fletcher 

Simms William, carpenter Bedford n. Commerce 

Simms William, ropemaker 190 Orchard 

Simms widow Julia, 74 Harman 

Simms Mary widow of Thomas, 136 Elizabeth 

Simon Peter confectioner 88 Chatham 

Simonne Theodore, teach, of lang. 38 Chapel h. 5 Sullivan 

Simons H. A. accountant 2 Jacob 

Simons John, grocer 162 Spring 

Simons Leonard, grocer 163 Chatham 

Simonson Barnt, cartman 307 Bowery 

Simonson Jacob, ropemaker 65 Arundel 

Simonson James, butcher 11 Centre m. h. 191 Elizabeth 

Simonson John, grocer 47 Greenwich 

Simonson John B. carpenter 82 Allen 

Simonson Richard D. cartman 119 Varick n. Vandam 

Simonson widow of John, 203 Grand 

Simonton John, cabinet-maker 18 Thomas 

Simonton Robert, printer 18 Thomas 

Simpkins William, smith 37 Broome 

Simpson Archibald, M. d. 36 Chrystie 

Simpson Edmund, Broome n. Green 

334 longwoeth's 1825—26 

Simpson Elijah, ropemaker Delancey n. Lewis 

Simpson George, marketman Herring c. Christopher 

Simpson George, miller Rivington n. Orchard 

Simpson James, laborer 23 Old-slip 

Simpson John, ropemaker Delancey n. Goerck 

Simpson John, oysterer 127 Anthony 

Simpson J. P. city sealer 52 Fulton and 13 Bowery 

Simpson Louisa, milliner 216 Division 

Simpson Robert, grocer 119 Mulberry 

Simpson Robert, grocer Greenwich c. Hubert 

Simpson Samuel, cartman 52 Howard 

Simpson Thomas, weaver 118 Mott 

Simpson Wilfred, tobacconist 281 Water 

Simpson William, shoemaker 150 Orange 

Simpson William, cabinet maker 89 Mulberrj 

Simpson widow Sarah, 103 Mulberry 

Simpson widow of David, 55 Thompson 

Simpson & Peterson, tinsmiths 12 Bowery 

Sims Palin, carpenter 215 Hester 

Simson Joseph S. marshal 36 Suffolk 

Simson S. attorney 131 Fulton 

Sinclair Andrew, engineer Perry n. Factory 

Sinclair Elizabeth, boarding-house 63 Greenwich 

Sinclair George, 12 Jay 

Sinclair George, bookbinder Jones n. Herring 

Sinclair James, tinsmith 267 Greenwich 

Sinclair John, builder 295 Broome 

Sinclair Laurence, bellows manuf. Arden n. Herring 

Sinclair Richard, truckman Rivington c. Essex 

Sinclair Sarah, 24 Vesey 

Sinclair William, mariner Norfolk n. Grand 

Sinclair widow Mary, 43 Oak 

Singleton Elizabeth, nurse 3 Thompson 

Singleton George, 49 Anthony 

Singleton William, weaver Herring c. Burrows 

Sinnott John, shoemaker 84 Catharine 
Sinnott Richard, laborer Rynders n. Howard 
Sinnott & Co. John, grocers Delancey c. Ridge 

Sipkins Henry, 31 Collect 

Sipkins Thomas, granary 87 Crosby 

Sirer widow Mary, nurse 177 Division 

Sisco David, laborer rear 15 Stone 

Sisk James, smith Corlaers Hook 

Sistare Joseph, boarding house 7 Pine 

Sitcher A. painter, &c. Broadway c. Duane 

Sitcher George C. painter 517 Broome 

Sivalls James, grocer Elizabeth c. Hester 

Sivester Lewis, shoemaker 84 Nassau h. 7 Beekman 

Skaden Joseph C. 26 Chesnut 

Skaats B. 101 Duano 

SkaatsBaitholomew cartman rear Wooster n. Prince 

Skaats Elizabeth, tailoress 18 Leonard 

Skaats Jacob, cooper Spring n. Wooster 

Skaats Richard V. sailmaker Elizabeth n. Spring 

Skeggs William, cooper 27 Old-slip 

Skelding Thomas, merch. 109 Broad h. Beaver 

S!;eldin<r Henrv rv. merchant 33 Front h. 17 Bridge 


Skelditig & Son James, 33 Front h. 17 Bridge 

Skcllorn G. W. chairmaker 356 Pearl h. 62 Olivev 

Skelly William, stone cutter 46 Beach 

Skiddy John R. shipmaster 157 Cherry 

Skiddy William, shipmaster 161 Cherry 

Skidmore Hiram, shoemaker 38 Eldridge 

Skidmore Jeremiah, cartman 134 Orchard 

Skidmore John, grocer Broome c. Goerck 

Skidmore John, shipwright Columbia n. Delancey 

Skidmore Jonas, cartman 132 Arundel 

Skidmore Joseph, mason Crosby n. Broome 

Skidmore Lemuel, merchant 77 Provost 

Skidmore Mary, 155 Division 

Skidmore Nathan, 27 Goerck 

Skidmore Robert C. dry-goods 448 Pearl 

Skidmore Samuel, furrier 33 Delancey 

Skidmore Samuel T. merchant 137 Pearl 

Skidmore Stephen H. farmer Stanton n Essex 

Skidmore Zenas, tailor 29 Mott 

Skidmore widow Abigail, 33 Cheapside 

Skidmore widow of John, boarding h. 29 Dcy 

Skidmore L. & W. merchants 127 Chatham 

Skidmore & Wilkius, diy goods 137 Pearl 

Skidmofe R. & B. dry goods 448 Pearl 

Skiff widow of Nathan, 122 Warren 

Skillborn widow Catharine, 234 Church 

Skillin Simeon, crockery 106 Cherry 

Skillman Jonathan, butcher 87 Fulton m. h. 204 Mott 

Skillman Joseph, carpenter Wanen c. Washington 

Skillman Thomas, hardware 271 Greenwich 

Skillman & Co. John B. hardware 4 Phoenix build, h, I4i) 

Skinner James, smith 66 William j Hudson 

Skinner John, tailor 45 Gold 

Skinner John S. sailmaker 23 Catharine 

.Skinner Peter, brewer 44 Cheapside 

Skinner William, baker Canal n. Hudson 

Skinner Hannah widow of Alfred, 341 Cherry 

Skutt Joseph J. carpenter 1 Skinner 

Slack John C. classical teacher 223 Duane 

Slack Richard W. sexton St. Paul's ch. 223 Duanc 

Slaght Bornt, mariner King n. M'Dougal 

Slaght Henry, carpenter 8 Dominick 

Slaght Jacob, carpenter King n. M'Dougal 

Slaght Jamer, mariner King n. M'Dougal 

Slaght John, teacher 356 Water 

Slagle John, carpenter 348 Cherry 

Slam William, grocer 138 Delancey 

Slane Robert, labourer 33 Jay 

Slater George, morocco dresser 7 Ferry 

Slater John, smith Rivington n. Pitt 

Slater Robert, cartman 187 Mulberry 

Slater Stephen, carpenter 21 Arundel 

Slater William, brush maker 418 Greenwich 

Slater William, carpenter 1 Duane 

Slawson Nathaniel, marshal Norfolk c. Grand 

Slidell widow Naomi, 146 Reed 

o86 longworth's 1825—26 

Slidell & Co. John, 189 Elizabeth h. 624 Broadway 

Slipper Joseph, shoemaker 78 Pump 

Slipper Joseph F. shoemaker 30 Roosevelt 

Slipper Thomas M. shoemaker 55 Division 

Sloan Bernard, shoemaker 67 Market 

Sloan James S. grocer 125 Grand 

Sloan John, grocer Bleecker c. Wooster 

Sloan Robert, laborer 195 Hester 

Sloan Win. porter 27 Murray 

Sloan Wm. D. grocer 101 Murray 

Sloat Alexander, 35 Jay 

Sloat Andrew, cartman 77 Orchard 

Sloat B. F. 259 Grand [vide Slolt 

Sloat James, cartman Sullivan n. Houston 

Sloat John B. navy 93 Grand 

Sloat Ann widow of Peter, 83 Provost 

Slocom L. D. shoemaker 100 William 

Slocomb J. seminary 459 Broadway h. 16 Greene 

Slocum Daniel, grocer 62 Forsyth h 125 Hester 

Slocum James, mason rear 137 Orange 

Slocum Joseph, furrier 138 Allen 

Slocum Thomas S. boarrlinghouse 53 Cliff 

Slocum Webley, grocer 148 Division 

Slocum Wm. painter 88 Chrystie 

Slocum Wm. T. 230 Bowery 

Slocum Elizabeth widow of William, 139 Chambers 

Slosson E. attorney Nassau c. Cedar 

Slosson Thomas, porterhouse Broome n. Pitt 

Slosson Wm. Esq. attorney and conns. 34 Pine 

Sloo widow Elizabeth, 309 Greenwich 

Slote John, cartman Wooster n. Bleecker 

Slote widow of James, Prince n, Wooster 

Slover Abraham A. lam. inspec. 5 South h. 12 Water 

Slover James \V. grocer 5 South h. 20 Front 

Slover Thomas, cartman 27 Whitehall 

Slowey Patrick, porterhouse White c. Elm 

Slygh James, shoemaker rear 23 Chrystie 

Smack George, carpenter 106 Leonard 

Smack Christian, caitman Prince c. Thompson 

Small John, watchmaker 22 Chapel 

Smalley Jacob, cartman Commerce c. Herring 

Smalley John, counsellor 88 Nassau 

Smalley JohnS. turner 27 Canal h. Clarke c. Spring 

Smart Isaiah, cartman 113 Oichard 

Smart John, 3 White 

Smart Robert, dealer 9 Lombardy 

Smart S. merchant 62 Beaver 

Smeek Frederick, chairmaker 55 Forsyth 

Smedberg & Co. Charles G. merchant h. 73 Chambers 

Sinellit Andrew, grocer 84 Chambers 

SrnRts & Co. A. C~. fancy st. & dress maker 15" Broad way 

Smith Aaron, porter 74 Gold 

Smith Aaron, 47 Mercer 

Smith Abel, baker 76 Cherry [vide Smyth- 

Smith Abisha, stone yard foot of Hubert h. 3 Dei':. 

Smith Abraham L. attorney 72 Chatham 


Smith Albert, mason 48 Grand 

Smith & Co. Alexander, nursery 371 Broadway 

Smith Alexander, cartman 80 Essex 

Smith Allen, accountant 32 Howard 

Smith Alvah, cartman 50 Norfolk 

Smith Andrew, grocer Walnut n. Grand 

Smith Andrew, merchant 9 Murray 

Smith Andrew H. shipmaster 21 Bancket 

Smith Anson, 389 Greenwich 

Smith Anthony, 139 Allen 

Smith Archibald, smith 10 h. 6 Water 

Smith Arrow, sailmaker 39 Burling-slip 

Smith Benjamin, carpenter King u. M'Dougaii 

Smith Benjamin, 265 Bowery 

Smith Benjamin, 117 Mulberry 

Smith Benjamin, victualler 24 William 

Smith Benjamin, merch. 25 Coenties-slip h. 4 Beaver-3, 

Smith Benjamin, Bancker n. Walnut 

Smith Caleb, fisherman 11 Charlton 

Smith Caleb L. druggist 126 Division 

Smith Charles, shoemaker Ludlow n. Rivington 

Smith Charles, collector 521 Water 

Smith Charles, mariner 55 Mulberry 

Smith Charles D. carpenter 197 Mulberry 

Smith Charles 1. 69 Pearl 

Smith Charles W. tailor h. Norfolk 

Smith Christopher, sugar baker Stanton n. Arundel 

Smith Cornelius, porterhouse S2 Barclay 

Smith Daniel, sailmaker 86 Vesey h. 154 Chambers 

Smith Daniel, chairmaker 24 h. 26 Catharine 

Smith Daniel, shoemaker attorney n. North 

Smith Daniel, shoemaker 96 Greene 

Smith Daniel, 104 Leonard 

Smith Daniel, carpenter 71 Thompson 

Smith Daniel D. bookseller and stationer lf>0 Greenwich 

Smith Daniel E. merchant 1 15 South h. 230 Water 

Smith Daniel M. F. 30 Gold 

Smith David, 513 Pearl 

Smith David, grocer Beekman c. William 

Smith David, shoemaker Wooster n. Bleecker 

Smith David, cartman Suffolk n. Rivington 

Smith jun. David, merchant 123 Canal 

Smith 'Ebenezar, builder 6 Walker h. 104Canft.1 

Smith Ebenezar, mason 125 Prince, n. Greene 

Smith Ebenezar, builder Wooster n. Canal 

Smith Edmund, 51 and 53 Front h. 7 Bridge 

Smith Edward, pilot 10 Cliff 

Smith Edward, umbrella maker 260 Pearl 

Smith Ed%vard, shoemaker Orange c. Broome 

Smith Edward, grocer Walnut n. Bancker 

Smith Edward, hatter rear 7 Elizabeth 

Smith Edwin, shoemaker 125 Delancey 

Smith Elihu, 73 Eldridge 

Smith Eliza, 67 Leonard 

Smith Ephraim, grocer 68 Broad u. 33 Beaver 

Smith Esther, nurse 16 Ann 

388 longworth's 1825—26 

Smith E. G. N. Moore n. Greenwich 

Smith E. S. grocer 13 South 

Smith Floyd, hardw. 192 Broadway h. Hudson n. Barrov 

Smith Francis P. merchant 142 Pearl 

Smith Freeman, grocer 46 Chrystie 

Smith Frederick, chairmaker Forsyth 

Smith George, moulder 42 Elizabeth 

Smith George, locksmith 62 Gold 

Smith George, silversmith 177 William 

Smith George, silverplater rear 90 Duane 

Smith George, cartman 547 Broome 

Smith George, 152 Spring 

Smith George, carpenter 48 Grand 

Smith George B. city surveyor 99 Spring 

Smith George E. tailor 207 Chatham and 21 Harmar 

Smith George G. Tammany-hall 

Smith Gerardus, 15 Beaver 

Smith Gerard, gardener Hudson n. Hamersly 

Smith Gerard D. notary 63 Water 

Smith Gershom, mer. 232 Front h. 14 Howard 

Smith Gilbert, physician 329 Pearl 

Smith Hannah, 76 Lombardy 

Smith Haziel, carpenter Ryders-alley h. Cornelia 

Smith Harvey, mariner 15 Elizabeth 

Smith Henry, merchant 223 Pearl 

Smith Henry carver 60 Beekman 

Smith Henry C. rigger 27 Mulberry 

Smith Henry F. glasscutter 17 Spring 

Smith Henry H. carpenter 79 Forsyth 

Smith Hewlet, liverystable 23 Roosevelt 

Smith Hezekiah J. B.shoestore 221 Division 

Smith Hugh, paver 102 Harman 

Smith Ichabod, grocer 28 Mulberry c. Cross 

Smith Ira, victualinghouse 21 Catharine-slip 

Smith Ira, merchant 104 Pearl h. 96 Spring 

Smith Isaac, grocer James-slip c. Front h. 16 Cheapsidb 

Smith Isaac, cartman Lewis c. North 

Smith Isaac, boatman 129 Forsyth n. Delancey 

Smith Isaac, shoemaker 154 Bowery 

Smith Isabella, young ladies boarding school 9 Murray 

Smith Jacob, carpenter 81 Varick 

Smith Jacob, mason 204 Hester 

Smith Jacob, carpenter 10 Roosevelt 

Smith jr. Jacob, fire enginemaker 55 Elm 

Smith Jacob, 9 Doyer 

Smith Jacob B. 21 Lispenard 

Smith James, cartman Bowery c. Nicholas William 

Smith James, boardinghouse 243 Water 

Smith James, 25 Oak [vide Smyth 

Smith James, barber 65 Market 

Smith James, att. and couns. 10 Vesey h. 25 N. Moore 

Smith James, printer Collect c. Leonard 

Smith James, merchant tailor 92 Cherry 

Smith James, laborer 374 Cherry 

Smith James, shoemaker 231 Mulberry 


Smith James, merchant tailor 69 Liberty 

Smith James, blockmaker Goerck n. Stanton 

Smith James C. mer. 27 Maiden-lane h. 20 Dey 

Smith James G. shoestore 292 Grand 

Smith James M. printer 74 Gold 

Smith James O. M. D. 459 Greenwich 

Smith James S. grocer 1 Catharine-slip h. 123 Cherry 

Smith James T. grocer 198 Front h. 333 Greenwich 

Smith James T. umbrella maker 32$ Bowery 

Smith James T. cabinetmaker 11 Charlton 

Smith Jeremiah, well digger 122 Mott 

Smith Jesse, drygoods 162 Bowery 

Smith Job, indian infirmary Varick n. Spring 

Smith Job L. shoemaker Hudson n. Clarksou 

Smith John, carpenter Arundel n. Grand 

Smith John, cartman 40 Dominick 

Smith John, shoemaker 72 Canal 

Smith John, stonecutter Hubert c. Greenwich 

Smith John, starch and hair powder manuf. Gieewich c. 

Smith John, sloopmaster 150 Anthony [Can-i; 

Smith John, weaver Jones n. Herring 

Smith John, porter Rivington n. Pitt 

Smith John, sashmaker 20 Essex 

Smith John, chairmaker 117 Franklin 

Smith John, laborer Green n. Bleeckt. 

Smith John, fruiter 54 Orange 

Smith John, mariner 3 Batavia 

Smith John, carpenter 7 Rynders 

Smith John, rigger 33 Dover 

Smith John, cartman 71 Bayard 

Smith John, cartman Arundel n. Delancey 

Smith John, mariner 15 Chrystie 

Smith John, tailor 391 Broome 

Smith John, carpenter 380 Cherry 

Smith jr. John, cbairmaker 9 Division 

Smith John, boardinghouse 226 Pearl 

Smith John, umbrella maker 93 Chatham 

Smith John, mariner 69 James 

Smith jr. John, granary and grocer Bleecker c. WoOaie. 

Smith John A. mariner 55 Forsyth 

Smith John A. marketman rear 29 Vandam 

Smith John B. buteh. 3 Cath. mar. h. 17 Stanton 

Smith John C. engineer Hubert 

Smith John C. farmer Rivington n. Pitt 

Smith John C. merchant 287 Pearl h. 39 Warren 

Smith John D. cartman 40 Essex 

Smith John D. boardinghouse 138 Fulton 

Smith John H. wheelright Delancey n. Ridge 

Smith John H. builder 42 Thomas 

Smith John H. tavern North c. Attorney 

Smith John H. porterhouse 566 Pearl 

Smith John J. shoemaker Greenwich n. Spring h. 26 Des- 

Smith John L. hatter 17 Bowery h. 91 Mott [crosses 

Smith rev. John M. teacher 167 Mott 

Smith Joha M. butcher 2 Cath. mark.h. 233For?yth 

390 longworth's 1825—26 

Smith John N. merchant tailor 4 John 

Smith John R. drawing master 557 Pearl 

Smith John R. shipmaster 24 Clinton c. Bancker 

Smith John S. 225 Hudson 

Smith John S. cooper Laurens c. Grand 

Smith Johu T. broker 55 Wall h. 300 Broome 

Smith John T. ship-carpenter North c. Goercfc 

Smith Jonathan, shipmaster 31 Cherry 

Smith Joseph, coik cutter 59 Fulton 

Smith Joseph, umbrella maker 362 Pearl 

Smith Joseph, laborer 25 More 

Smith Joseph., painter 25 Hester 

Smith Joseph, tailor 3S Essex 

Smith Joseph, hatter Amos c. Greenwich 

Smith Joseph, shoemaker 95 Anthony 

Smith Joseph, 197 Mercer 

Smith Joseph B. coik cutter 59 Fulton h. 167 Mott 

Smith Joseph D. wood inspector 265 Spring 

Smith Joseph M physician 20 James 

Smith Joseph P. giocer 7 Peck-slip 

Smith Josiah, 35 Suffolk 

Smith Josiah, Bowery c. Nicholas William 

Smith Josiah, city measurer 113 Liberty 

Smith Lawrence, sail-maker 27 Mulberry 

Smith Lemuel, attor and com. 25 Pine h. 36 N. Moore 

Smith Leonard K. carpenter 5 Burling-slip 

Smith Lewis, Amos n. Washington 

Smith Lewis, measurer — Washington 

Smith Lewis Saml. shoemaker 53 Grand 

Smith Lewis, carpenter Cannon n. Delancey 

Smith Lewis, sexton 246 Bowery 

Smith Lewis, tailor Vandam n. Varick 

Smith Ludlow, ship-carpenter West c. Jay 

Smith Martin M. drygoods Maiden lane c. Nassau 

Smith Martin, leather dresser 15 Ferry 

Smith Matthias, painter 342 Greenwich 

Smith Matthias, butcher 3 Fulton mar. h. 2d Afetfuc 

Smith Merritt, physician Gold c. Fulton 

Smith rev. Merritt H. 99 Division 

Smith Michael, livery stables Prince n. Mulberry 

Smith Michael, laborer 85 Front 

Smith Michael, cartman Ridge c. Rivingtcn 

Smith Mordecai, tailor 17 Cherry 

Smith Morris, cartman -13 Orchard 

Smith Moses, cartman 15 Vandnm 

Smith Moses, lottery office 122 Cherry 

Smith Moses R. shipmaster 6 Eldridge 

Smith Nathan, currier 214 William 

Smith Nathaniel, grocer 299 Front h. 7G Lombardy 

Smith Nathaniel, auct. and com. merchant T. C; 11 

Smith Nathaniel H; mason 267 Bowery 

Smith Obed, port warden 69 Rutgers 

Smith Obadiah, mason Carmine c. Bedford 

Smith Owen, grocer 92 Harman 

Smith Patrick, cartman and grocer Collect c. Franklin 


Smith Patrick, tailor Elizabeth n. Prince 

Smith Patrick, carpento and porter house 32 Prince 

Smith Paul, rigger 106 Lombardy 

Smith Peleg, shoemaker 170 Reed 

Smith Peter, paver 92|Harman 

Smith Peter, mason Sullivan n. Houston 

Smith Peter, cabinet maker 8 Cortlandt 

Smith Peter, mariner 338 Water 

Smith Peter C. printer and bookseller 182 Watc- 

Smith Peter, cartman 28 Lombardy 

Smith Philip, cartman 50 Norfolk 

Smith Philip, cartman and tavern 323 Grand 

Smith Philip, tavern 113 Mercer 

Smith Piatt, 65 North Moore 

Smith Randall, porter-house 135 Fulton 

Smith Richard, sashmaker 75 Eldridge 

Smith Richard, clerk Franklin market 50 Pina 

Smith Richard, cartman Ridge n. Stanton 

Smith Richard, 114 Elizabeth 

Smith Richard D. cooper 221 Cherry 

Smith R. S. merchant 190 Pearl h. 61 Maiden-lane 

Smith Robert, brushmaker 163 Water h. 92 John 

Smith Robert, grocer 64 Beekman 

Smith Robert, cartman Sheriff n. Broome 

Smith Robert L. dry -goods 305 Broadway 
Smith Ruel, merchant 117 Front 

Smith Samuel, grocer 69 Henry 

Smith Samuel, whitewasher 9 Orange 

Smith Samuel, merchant 200 Front h. 132 Aller. 

Smith Samuel, (black) nailer 149 Church 

Smith Samuel, tailor 41 Hudson 

Smith Samuel, carpenter Laurens n. Spring 

Smith Samuel, cartman Ludlow n. Stanton 

Smith Samuel A. 554 Pearl 

Smith Samuel B. shoemaker Essex n. Delancey 

Smith Samuel G. 14 Fulton 

Smith Samuel P. grocer 306 Front 

Smith Sarah, dress-maker 53 N. Moore 

Smith Sheldon, 130 Water h. 10 Rose 

Smith Silas, cartman Walnut n. Water 

Smith Sophia, 11 Elm 

Smith Stephen, shoemaker Grand n. Woostev 

Smith Stephen, merchant Renwick n. Spring 

Smith Stephen, pilot 145 Chambers 

Smith S. H. m.d. 45 Canal 

Smith Thaddeus, cartman 1T0 Mulberry 

Smith Thaddeus, silver plater 249 William 

Smith Thomas, mariner 142 Leonard 

Smith Thomas, mariner rear 4 Allen 

Smith Thomas, laborer Pitt n. Rivingtou 

Smith Thomas, sexton 13 Mulberry 

Smith Thomas, grocer 12 Fulton slip h. 10 Cheapside 

Smith Thomas H merchant 194 Front h. 72 Beekmarr 

Smith Thomas L. mcrchan* 52 Wall h. Prince c. Crosb? 

Smith Thomas R. in, reliant 142 Pearl h. Bond n. Broad w-.. 

Smith Thomas R. collector 62 Harman 

302 longworth's 1825— -26- 

Smith Thomas R. lessee slips and docks 122 White 

Smith T. L. m.d. 242 Greenwich 

Smith Timothy, sweep office 86 Elizabeth 

Smith Trueman, merchant 256 Pearl h. 11 Dey 

Smith U. J. 2 Maiden-lane 

Smith Walter, boatman 518 Grand 

Smith Walter M. 8 Maiden-lane 

Smith Walter S. M. D- 7 Divsion 

Smith Wra, grocer 72 Catharine 

Smith Wra. r-ookseller and publisher 59 Fulton up stairt 

Smith Wm. grocer 122 Chambers 

Smith Wm. cartman 55 Ludlow 

Smith Wm. cartman Goerck n. Delancey 

Smith Wm. hardbread baker G Dover 

Smith Wm. watchmaker 72 Division 

Smith Wm. merchant 104 Pearl 

Smith Wm. carpenter 52 Beavi'f 

Smith Wm. cartman 59 Broome 

Smith Wm. cabinetmaker 48 Orchard 

Smith Wm. tailor 59 Beaver 

Smith Wm. 419 Cherry 

Smith Wm. grocer 434 Broadway 

Smith Wm. porter 32 Broad 

Smith Wm. cooper Laurens n. Grand 

Smith jun. Wm. brushmaker 197 Greenwich 

Smith Wm. A. brewery 5 White 

Smith Wn» C. gardener 183 Ludlow 

Smith Wm. D. engraver 21 Liberty h. 241 Duans 

Smith Wm. H. clerk 7th ward court 152 Harmau 

Smith Wm. H. hosiery 11 li Broadway 

Smith Wm. R. merchant 142 Pearl 

Smith Wm. S. collector city revenue 83 Duane 

Smith W. S. m. D. 7 Division 

Smith Alice widow of J. N. milliner 4 John 

Smith widow Abigail, 38 Essex 

Smith widow Amelia, Greenwich n. Canal 

Smith widow Ann, boardinghouse 35 Maiden-lane 

Smith widow Ann, 231 Mulberry 

Smith widow Ann, grocer Walnut n. Grand 

Smith widow Ann, 521 Water 

Smith Ann widow of John, 32 Catharine 

Smith widow Ann Maria, rear 9 Augustus 

Smith widow of Benjamin, 84 Sullivan 

Smith widow of Benjamin, 91 Mulberry 

Smith widow Catharine, 205 Broome 

Smith Catharine widow of John, 269 Spring 

Smith Clotilda widow of John J. 44i Pearl 

Smith Eleanor widow of James, Washington n. Hubeifi 

Smith widow Eliza, 37 Thomas 

Smith widow Eliza, Eldridge n. Stanton 

Smith widow Elizabeth, 267 Broome 

Smith Elizabeth widow of Jas. grocer Varick c. Broome 

Smith widow Esther, boarding school 3 Beach n. Hudson 

Smith widow Frances, 130 Broadway 

Smith widow Frances, Canal c. Hudson 

Smith widow Hannah, tailoress 18 White 


Smith widow Hepzibah, 65 Rutgers 

Smith H. widow of James A.. S. 90 John 

Smith Isabella widow of James, 115 Sullivan 

Smith Jane widow of John, 253 Greenwich 

Smith widow Jane, 64 Cedar 

Smith widow Joanna, 115 Lombardy 

Smith widow Lavina, 25 Norfolk • 

Smith widow Margaret, 259 William 

Smith widow Mary, 247 Water 

Smith widow Mary, 613 Water 

Smith widow Mary, 50 Mulberry 

Smith widow Mary, 120 Leonard 

Smith Mary widow of John, rear 45 Oliver 

Smith Mary E. widow of Daniel, 30 Provost 

Smith Nancy widow of John, 137 Lombardy 

Smith widow Patty, 5 Pump 

Smith widow Rebecca, drygoods 104J Broad 

Smith widow Rebecca, 192 Water 

Smith- Safrina widow of Uriah, Ridge it. North 

Smith widow Sarah, fruiter I Cedar 

Smith widow Sarah, boardinghouse 39 Frankfort 

Smith widow Sarah, fruiter 74 Chapel 

Smith widow Sarah, 77 Mulberry 

Smith widow Sarah, Lombardy c. Scammel 

Smith widow Sarah, Washington n. Canal 

Smith Sarah widow of Charles, tailoress 32 Cross 

Smith & Co. C. drygood store 2 Maiden-lane 

Smith G. & E. drygoods 178 h. 207 Chatham 

Smith & Co. G. fa W. drygoods 143 Chatham 

Smith &Co. Wm. 104 Pearl 

Smith & Brouwer, mer. tailors 69 Liberty 

Smith & Hollingsworth, merchants 31 Old-slip 

Smith & Misterton, stone & marble yd. Wash. n. Desbr, 

Smith & Nicoll, merchants 51 and 53 Front 

Smith & Piatt, grocers 299 Front 

Smith & Son Joseph, cork manuf. 59 Fulton 

Smith fc Son John, merchants 154 Bowery 

Smith & Searles, shoestore 217 Greenwich 

Smith & Stevens, merchants 117 Front 

Smith T. & S. M. drygoods 256 Pearl d 

Smith & Co. T. brewers Anthony c. Broadway 

Smith &" Field, 15 Catharine-slip 

Smith & Stebbins, merchants 278 Pearl 

Smith & Co. Wm. R. merchants 142 Pearl 

Smith & Wright, saddlers 205 Pearl 

Smithen Robert, pilot Catharine n. Bancker 

Smock Andrew, butcher 37 Fulton-ni. h. 9 Elizabeth 

Smock Cornelius, 49 Elizabeth 

Smock Isaac, tailor 231 Spring 

Smock John, butcher 208 Mott 

Smults Peter, cartman Christopher n. Hudson 

Smylie Edward, brassfounder 156 Bancker 

Smylie & Forgay, brassfounciers 74 Henry 

Smyth James, grocer 435 Broadway c. Howard 

Sneath John, carpenter Hudson ii.Clarkson 

Sneckuer Henry D.j 78 Bayaid 

394 long worth's 1825—26- 

Snedecker Luke S. cartman Wooster n. Amity 
Snedecker Oliver, 43 Broome n. Lewis 
Snedecor John, grocer Spring c. Varick 
Srredeker Abraham, grocer 308 Spring 
Snedeker John, cartman Fourth c. 6th Avenue 
Sneden R. shipwright 4 Mangin 
3nell Barnabas, cartman 99 Laurens n. Prince 
Snell Jacob, cartman 204 Hanover 
Snell John, leather dresser 145 Orange 
Snell Wm & Edwin, grocers 28 Hudson 
Snethen Gregory, inspector of lamps 28 Vandewatet' 
Snethen Elisha, rigger 16 Batavia 
Sniffen Allen, shoemaker 151 Chrystie 
Sniffen Isaac, tailor 239 Duane 
Sniffen John, carpenter 2 Pike 

Sniffen John, merchant 153 Maiden-lane h. 103 Bayard 
Sniffen Nathan, cartman 79 Ludlow 
Sniffon Thomas, carpenter Ludlow n. Stanton 
Sniffen William, saw-filer 23 Orchard 
Sniffen William F. carpenter 141 Elizabeth 
Snodgrass William D. 61 Murray 
Snook James, builder 48 Thompson * 
Snow Edmund, shipwright 95 Rivington 
Snow Ephraim, custom-h. officer 270 Broome 
Snow Jeduthan, carpenter 167 Chatham and l7Harmari 
Snow R. inspec. &c. of potash 12 South h. Brooklyn 
Snow Samuel, cabinet-maker 309 Broome 
Snow widow Sarah, 295 Grand 

Snowden Thos.. printer Nat. Adv. 20 Wm. h. 83 Fulton- 
Snyder Frederick, cartman Ludlow .n. Stanton 
Snyder George, wheelwright Broadway n. Bowery-hill. 
Snyder George H. cartman Pitt n. Stanton 
Snyder Henry, rope-maker First n. 1st Avenue 
Snyder Henry, gardener 338 Bowery 
Snyder John, painter Lombardy n. Corlaers 
Snyder John, labourer 16 Suffolk 
Snyder John A. furrier 73 Maiden-lane 
Snyder Joseph, dry-goods 161 Orange 
Snyder Solomon, shipmaster Bowery n. Broadway 
Snyder Sarah widow of Peter, 521 Pearl 
Soden Thomas, merchant-tailor 8 James-slip 
Sofield Clarkson, coach-maker 31 Lispenard 
Sofield John B. Hudson n. King 
Soley John, merchant 121 Washington 
Solomon Benedict, merchant Pump c. Collect 
Solomon Jacob, merchant 18 Sloat-lane h, 44 Wall 
Solomon Jonathan, carpenter 366 Water 
Solomon Mark, Jews' butcher 127 Forsyth 
Solomons John, 144 Chapel 
Solomons John E. accountant 59 Broome 
Somarindyck George W. 22 Lispenard 
Somarindyck Sarah widow of John, 20 Spruce 
Somarindyke John W. baker 98 Broad 
Somerindyke Matthew, baker 180 Mulberry 
Somers Elizabeth, 202 Church 
Sommers rev. Charles G. 85 Cedar 


Soinmeis Thebe widow of Orren, Greenwich n. Christop, 

Sommerville Abraham, mariner 20 Chiisnut 

Sommerville Archibald, 45 Vestry 

Sommerville Matthew, shoemaker 96 Cherry 

Sommerville Walter, merchant Herring c. Burton 

Sommerville Lucinda wid.'of James, Varick n. Charlton 

Sonvico & Co. Peter, picture-frame makers 38 Chatham 

Soper Drake, mariner 5 Mangin 

Soper John, shoemakerr 290 Grand 

Soper John R. grocer 40 SVater 

Soper Miles, fruiter 383 Greenwich 

Soper Miles T. grocer 126 Cherry 

Sopus William, labourer 95 Rivington 

Soria & Co. Isaac, dyers 481 and 475 Pearl 

Souillard Bernard, druggist 17 Park 

Southard Hannah, 3 Thomas 

Southard Henry, hairdresser 15 Chatham 

Southart John M. grocer 70 Water 

Southart Sophia, boarding-house 65 Broadwaj' 

Southerland Andrew, cartman Greenwich c Charles 

Southic Joshua, shoemaker 80 Haiman 

Southmayd Samuel D. broker 42 Wall h. Thompsdn c. 

Southwell John, butcher 72 Forsyth [Houston 

Southwick Jonathan, grocer 88 h. 68 Dey 

Southwick Mary widow of Henry C. 50 Watts 

Southworth Elijah, hydrom. and watch-m. 230Greenwicb 

South worth Samuel W. 133 Washington 

Sowarby James, bookbinder 40 Lumber 

Sowarby Miles, cabinet-maker Broorae n. Suffolk 

Sowarby widow Mary, grocer 170 Division 

Sowden & Tuke, blacking manuf. 153 Orange 

Sowle George, mariner 335 Water 

Spader Abraham, cartman 231 Mulberry 

Spader Danl. butcher 45 Wash. mar. h. 209 Mulberry 

Spader John D. grocer 40 Spring 

Spader William, 190 Mulberry 

Spader William, cartman M'Dougal c. Vandam 

Spangler John G. tailor 20 Leonard 

Spark Alexander, carpenter Ludlow n. Broome 

Sparkeman widow Ann, nurse 94 Haiman 

Sparks Daniel, tavern 25 h. II) Kynders 

Spaiks John, grocer 10 Spring c. Elizabeth 

Sparks Samuel, grocer 238 William 

Sparks Walter C. grocer 34 Roosevelt 

Sparks William H. grocer Gold c. Ferry 

Sparling widow Elizabeth, Chrystie n. First 

Sparshott Thomas, shoemaker 4 Ferry 

Sparrow George, cartman 138 Arundel 

Speaight Charles, tobac. 73 Bowery h. 229 Grand 

Speaight Wm. cabinet-maker 83 Murray h. 30 Provost 

Speaight jr. William, upholsterer 44 Orchard 

I-peaight Mary widow of Richard, 160 Mott 

spear Albert I. shoemaker 275 Spring 

Spear Eliza Abigail, 227 Greenwich 

;?pear Henry, printer Maiden-Iaue [vide Spcer & Spier 

396 longworth's 1825—26 

Spear Joseph C. printer 121 Water h. 18 New 

Spear James, mariner 25 Pell 

Spear John M. watch-maker 53 Warren 

Spear H. &. J. C. printers 121 Water 

Spear widow of Paul, 178 Chapel 

Spear & Co. Atoa, merchants 143 Water h. 66 Gold j 

Speck widow Frances, leghorn hat dresser 513Pead 

Speed James, tailor Wooster n. Grand 

Speer Barnet B. carpenter 15 Clarke 

Speers Moses, dyer Raisin n. Factory 

Speidel Christian, baker 82 Mulberry 

Speir Catharine, 29 Gold 

Speir Hugh, cooper 85 Front and 7 Depeysto: 

Speir Robert, baker 96 Pine h. 42 Cedar 

Speir F. & J. coopers 162 Maiden-lane 

Spelman James S. turner 114 Harman 

Spelman widow Phebe, 62 James 

Spence Elijah, shoemaker 5 Elizabeth 

Spence Gavin, watchmaker 94 James 

Spence George, grocer 204 Washingtor. 

Spence James, smith 512 Grand 

Spence John, shoemaker 68 Front 

Spence Richard, shoemaker 25 James 

Spence William, barber 391 Water 

Spence widow, 195 Fulton 

Spence widow Jane, 1*1 Cheapside 

Spencer Augustus, grocer rear 41 Ferry 

Spencer Elijah, cartman 42 Essex 

Spencer Elnathan, cartman 87 Thompson n. Spring 

Spencer George, grocer West h. 69 Dey 

Spencer Hamilton, attorney 166 Fulton 

Spencer Harvey, 4 Fulton h. 8 Maiden-lane 

Spencer John, mariner 69 Cherry 

Spencer Joseph, glass-cutter 24 Beekman 

Spencer Mark, merchant 20 Wall h. 15 Murray 

Spencer Sylvester, grocer 37 h. 44 Water 

Spencer Warner, cartman 23 Suffolk 

Spencer William, tin-smith 30Catharina 

Spencer widow Hannah, 36 Vesey 

Spencer widow Mary, parasol-stnrfi 41 Broad 

Spencer widow Margaret, seamstress Laurens n. Grand 

Spencer Mary widow of Henry B. 76 Mulberry 

Spendlove William, dry-^oods 17 Maiden-1. h. 267 B.waf 

Spendlove Henry, battel 267 Broadway 

Sperling Daniel, shoemaker 37 Sullivan 

Sperry Henry C. grocer Bowery c. Stuyvesant 

Spicer David, cartman 107 Chrystie n. Grand 

Spicer Francis, butch. 29 Wash. mar. h. 32 Delancey 

Spicer Jesse, butcher 29 Wash. mar. h. 123 Allen 

Spicer Peter, cartman 116 Chrystie 

Spicer Peter W. merchant 48 South h. 32 Rivingtor. 

Spicer widow Catharine, 77 Chrystie 

Spies Henry, cabinet-maker 199 William 

Spies John I, druggist 184 Greenwich 

Spies William, ship-chandler West n. Barclay 


Spies Margaret widow of John, 19 Essex 

Spies & Burger, druggists 184 Greenwich 

Spiller Johu, clock-maker 28 Pell 

Spingler Mary, Bowery n. Broadway 

Spinola John Le Ander, 51 Crosby d 

Spofford Paul, 149 Water h. 524 Broadway 

Spofford, Tileston & Co. com. mer. 149 Water 

Spong Francis, hairdresser 85 Orange Francis J. merchant 98 Wall h. 150 Greenwich 

Spooner H. merchant 74 Pine 

Spotswood William, cabinet-maker 284 Broome 

Sprague Gideon R. mason Chrystie n. North 

Sprague Joseph, card manuf. 50 Ferry h. Brooklyn 

Sprague Roswell, merchant 37 Burling-slip h. 21 Vestry 

Sprague Valentine, grocer 4 Catharine-slip 

Sprague widow Jemima, 305 Front 

Sprainger Peter R. 21 Greene 

Spratt John, 95 Mulberry 

Spread William, 362 Broome 

Sprenger J. C. merchant 73 Maiden-1. h. 59 Franklin 

Spring rev. Gardiner, 33 Beekman 

Springsted Hannah widow of Jacob, Watts n. Canal 

Springsteel Benjamin, 46 Watts 

Springsteen Abraham, boatman 445 Greenwich 

Springsteen Levi, cartman M'Dougal n. Houston . 

Sprong Bernard, merchant 7 Orchard 

Sproull Jeremiah, carpenter 58 Sullivan 

Sproull Nathaniel, teacher 187 Eldridge 

Sproull widow of Samuel, 99 Bowery 

Sprowll Robert, piano-forte maker Herring n. Jones 

Spurling J. G. tailor 37 Division 

Squire Charles, merchant 126 Pearl h. 50 Greenwich 

Squire widow Sophia, 77 James 

Squires Richard, boarding-house 317 Water 

Squires Thomas, carpenter Greene n. Prince 

Squires Nancy widow of Noah, 575 Water 

Staats R. H. painter, Fulton c. Water 

Stack John, gardener 81 Orchard 

Stackhouse Hugh, 44 Duane 

Stackhouse William, chair-maker 181 Duane 

Stackpole Christopher, boot-maker 71 Hudson 

Stafford Elijah, cartman 331 Grand 

Stafford Henry, grocer 168 Water 

Stafford James, porter 19 Thames 

Stafford rev. Ward, 13 Rivington 

Stafford William, shoemaker 123 Orange 

Stage Garrit, cartman 1*9 Laurens n. Prince 

Stage & Stewart, coopers 318 Washington 

Stagg Abraham, merchant 57 Corflandt 

Stagg Abraham, Pitt n. Stanton 

Stagg Benjamin, 57 Cortlandt 

Stagg Cornelius, const. 8th ward M'Dougal n. Houston 

Stagg Jacob, smith 131 Greene 

Stagg Jacob D. merchant 58 South h. 37 Greenwich 

Stagg James, carpenter Remvick n. Spring 

39S longworth's IS25i-2C 

Stagg James, cartman Eldridge n. Rivington 

Stagg James D. P. 26 Beekman 

Stagg John, cartman 313 Bowery 

Stagg John L. 239 Washington 

Sfagg John P. merchant 123 h. 27 Pearl 

Stagg Peter, merchant 247 Front h. 27 Barclay 

Stagg widow Charitj^ Forsyth u. Delancey 

Stagg widow Elizabeth, 154 Bancker 

Stagg widow M. 239 Washington 

Stagg A. & B. 161 Washington h. 57 Cortlandt 

Stagg &., dry-goods 235 Pearl 

Stahl Frederick, baker 264 William 

Stakes R.obert J. livery-stable 25 Spruce h. 184 William 

Stakes Sarah widow of John, 184 William 

Stambler Christian, butch. 33 Fulton-m. h. 202 Bowery 

Stamby John, butcher Elizabeth n. Spring 

Stamler J. butcher 43 Fulton-m. h. 60 Elizabeth 

Stanbtough David, carpenter 118 Bancker 

Stanbury Daniel, clerk 43 Frankfort 

Stanbury Stephen, grocer 41 Frankfort 

Stanford George, blacking manuf. 169 Greenwich 

Stanford rev. John, A. m. 13 Lispenard 

Stanford Sylvanus, broker 19 South h. 25 Dey 

Stanford Thos. N. mer. 99 Pearl h. 16 Hanson 

Staniford Daniel, cabinetmaker 50 Grand 

Stanley Adam, smith 25 Forsyth 

Stanley Joseph C. carpenter 121 Elizabeth 

Stansbie L. Fourth n. Broadway 

Stansbury Daniel, merchant 265 Pearl 

Stansbury James, carpenter 12 Charlton 

Stansbury John, merchant Front c. More 

Stansbury Jonas, mason 119 Elm 

Stansbury Sarah, 42 Anthony 

Stansbury Elizabeth widow of Daniel, Franklin 

Stansbury widow Sarah, 107 Duane 

Stansfield Abraham, merchant 212 Pearl 

Stanton Daniel, mer. 172 Pearl h. 53 Franklin 

Stanton George H. 5 Coenties slip h. 42 Pearl 

Stanton John, tobacconist 10 Thomas 

Stanton John W. chair painter 227 Spring 

Stanton Joseph G. 35 Lispenard 

Stanton Wm. carpenter 470 Broome 

Stanton widow Jane, 35 Lispenard 

Stanton & Suydam, merchants 5 Coenties slip 

Stanwood Sarah, 41 Hester 

Staples Seth P. 36 Pine h. 71 Leonard 

Staples & Johnson, 36 Pine 

Stapleton John, laborer 59 Anthony 

Stapleton John, sawyer rear 367 Cherry 

Starin Charles H. hardware 124 Front h. 10 Maiden-lane 

Stark rev. Andrew, Watts n. Greenwich 

Stark William P. grocer 179 Washington 

Starkey Benjamin, cooper 49 Cherry 

Starkey Charles, plumber 2 Repubiieari-alley 

Starkey Charles, cabinetmaker 283 Broome 

Starks George B. 84 Bowery 


Staiks Wm. P. grocer Wash. c. Vesey h.Chamb. c. We; 
Starr Beverly, 52 Duane 

Starr Charles, bookbinder 72 Nassau h. 14 Franklin 
Starr P. R. merchant 220 Pearl 

Starr Thos. butcher 4 Wash. m. h. Laurens n. Spring 
Starr widow Lydia, teacher 95 John 
Starr & Co. John, auctioneers 22 Wall 
Starr & Stevens, clothiers 158 Cherry 
Start Ephraim, smith Pittn. Rivington it 'jfll 

Start Leonard D. shipcarpenter 334 Front 
States John, bookbinder 11 Desbrosses 
States John, sawyer Perry n. Washington 
Stead rev. Henry, 190 Alleti n. Rivington 
Stead Thomas, mer. 98 Pearl h. 15 Mercer 
Stearns John, ra. D. 169 William 
Stebbins David, 295 Front h. 55 Beekman 
Stebbins Esther, milliner 252 Bowery 
Stebbins James, clothier Water c. Oid slip 
Stebbins John, cashier If. River bank 186 Greenwich 
Stebbins Wm. cashier Chemical 216 Broadway 
Stebbins William, 379 Cherry 
Stebbins widow Eunice, 46 Nassau 
Stebbins, Couch & Co. grocers 295 Front 
Stedson Levi, shipcarpenter 351 Cherry 
Steel William, baker 113 Cherry 
Steel widow of Robert, 104 Chambers 
Steel Catharine widow of Thos. B. vict. Hud. n. Harriers 
Steele James D. shoemaker 101 Laurens 
Steele John, 88$ Nassau 

Steele Jonathan D. mer. 145 Pearl h. 141 Chambers 
Steele Manning, combmaker 178$ h. 221 Bowery 
Steele Stephen S. broker 50 Wall h. 23 Pine 
Steele Wm, mer. 34*Liberty h. 215 Spring 
Steele widow Margaret, 19 Delancey 
Steen Jacob, mason 132 Grand 
Steen John, lookingglass store 161 Fulton 
Steenback Anthony IN. Moore c. Hudson 
Steinbrenner F. W. merchant 173 Pearl 
Steinbrenner Godlip, shoemaker 75 Orange 
Steitz Lewis, baker 215 Broome n. Norfolk 
Stephens Ahm. laborer 9 Chapel 
Stephens Abm. D. grocer Greene c. Spring 
Stephens Benj. mer. 52 Front h. 51 Dey [sec Slticnt 

Stephens jun. Benj. merchant 211 Pearl h. 51 Dey 
Stephens Garrit, 19 Provost 
Stephens Heniy, saddler 466 Greenwich 
Stephens John, hatter 148 Chatham 
Stephens John, Spring c. Thompson 
Stephens John R. grccer Greene c. Spring & Br. c. SuJ. 
Stephens jun. John, 19 T, rovost 
Stephens J. W. merchant 57 Pine h. Greenwich 
Stephens Peter R. dockbuilder Hamersley n. Hudson 
Stephens Resolvert, police clerk 97 Mott 
Stephens Thomas, grocer 50 Orange 
Stephens Wm. rear 22 Hester 

Stephens Wat. mer. tailor Cath. c. Cherry h. 380 Bower? 

400 tongworth's 1825— QQ 

Stephens widow Charity, 85 Varick 

Stephens, Lippencott & Co. merchants 52 Front 

Stephens & Corlies, merchants 21 1 Pearl 

Stephenson James, dry goods 268£ Bowery 

Stephenson John, carpenter 45 Cortlandt [see Stev-ensmi 

Sterling Alexander, laborer 48 Pearl 

Sterling John W. m. d. 415 Greenwich' 

Sterling William, 43 South h. 55 John 

Steiflitz Joseph, 178 Water 

Stevens Alex. H. m. d. and surgeon N. Y. Hosp. 4 Warren 

Stevens Barret, 206 Delancey 

Stevens Charles, cooper 80 Grand 

Stevens D. academy 196 Spring 

Stevens Daniel, coachmaker 100 Elm 

Stevens Earl, wine store 20 Wall h. 100 John 

Stevens Henry, cartman 72 N. Moore 

Stevens Horatio G. 232 William [see Stephens 

Stevens Isaac, coppersmith 78 and 92 Water 

Stevens Isaac, grocer 331 Grand 

Stevens Jacob, founder 231 Hudson 

Stevens James, shipcarpenter Lombardy n. Walnut 

Stevens J. H. 25 Frankfort 

Stevens John, merchant 29 Burling slip 

Stevens John, accountant 25 Frankfort 

Stevens John, grocer 47 Market 

Stevens John C. 310 Broadway 

Stevens John R. musical inst. maker 112 Chambers 

Stevens L. W. glove &c. store 99 Chatham 

Stevens Nathaniel, grocer 516 Broome 

Stevens Nicholas, caulker (black) 201 Orange 

Stevens Nicholas IL pilot Broome c. Essex 

Stevens O. painter 60 Provost 

Stevens Plowden, merchant 49 Front 

Stevens Samuel, att. and couns. 18 Nassau h. 42 Warren 

Steveus Sherman, carpenter 220 Elizabeth 

Stevens Wm. merchant 110 South h. 42 Warren 

Stevens widow Rachel, boardinghouse 36 John 

Stevens h Sons Ebenezer, mer. 110 South h. 42 Warren 

Stevenson Ebenezer, skinner 35 Oliver 

Stevenson Floyd, 120 Orchard 

Stevenson George, comedian 1 Collect 

Stevenson George T. shipmaster 20 Henry 

Stevenson Hay, bookseller 20 Walker 

Stevenson Hugh, 316 Greenwich 

Stevenson Jonathan D. chat, gard.92 Chat. h. 507 Pearl 

Stevenson Nathaniel, caitman Houston n. Wooster 

Stevenson Samuel, marshal 37 Grand c. Thompson 

Stevenson Thomas, 357 Broadway 

Stevenson Walter, pawnbroker 25 Chatham 

Stevenson Wm. F. constable 93 Chrystie 

Stevenson widow Hannah, 441 Pearl 

Steward Alexander, merchant 283 Broadway 

Steward jr. John, merchant 80 h. 1 Pearl 

Steward Wm. basketmaker 86 Mott 

Stewart Alex, sashm. Grand c. Norfolk h. 352 Grand 

Stewart Alex. L. 151 h. 149 Hudson 

Stewart Alex. L. drygoods 233 Broadway h. 3 Reed 


Stewart Daniel, cartman 52 Ludlow [yidt Stuart 

Stewart Daniel, grocer Greenwich c. Canal 

Stewart Garrison, bootcleaner 157 Greenwich 

Stewart James, sailmaker'275 Water 

Stewart James, druggist 26 Maiden-1. h. 426 Broome 

Stewart James, cabinetmaker 58 Fulton 

Stewart James, R. 109 Water h. 93 Bowery 

Stewart John, painter 115 Anthony 

Stewart John, grocer 15 Fulton-slip h. 233 William 

Stewart John, baker 15 Orange 

Stewart John, carpenter 28 Barclay 

Stewart Lewis, shoemaker 228 Mulberry 

Stewart Richard H. tailor 37 Chatham 

Stewart Robert, 151 Hudson 

Stewart Thomas, shoemaker Hudson c. Charlton 

Stewart Thomas, shipcarpenter Columbia n. Rivington 

Stewart William, cartman Goerck n. Broome 

Stewart William, mason Bowery c. Nicholas William 

Stewart William*, tinsmith 9 Thomas 

Stewart Wm. merchant 111 Pearl h. 81 Greenwich 

Stewart William F. printer 50 Essex 

Stewart William, farmer 53 Charlton 

Stewart widow Ann, 58 Church 

Stewart widow Eleanor, 4 Doyer 

Stewart Elizabeth widow of Alex. 6 Vandam 

Stewart Mary widow of John, 503 Greenwich 

Stewart widow MaryL. Cornelia n. Herring 

Stewart widow of Phineas, 457 Greenwich 

Stewart Lee &Co. merchants I'll Pearl 

Stewart & Beatty, dyers Corlaers-hook 

Stibbs widow Phebe, 64^ Sullivan 

Stickler Joseph, grocer 25 Broad c. Garden 

Stiles Joseph, shoemaker 26 Leonard . 

Stilwaggon David, carpenter 33 h. 35 Stono 

Still well Daniel, 9 Jefferson 

Stillwell John, drygoods 290 Spring 

Stillwcll John, carpenter 70 Allen 

Stillwell Richard, g.t)cer 14 h. 10 Front 

Stillwell Silvanus, tailor 196 William 

Stillwell S. N. fur merchant 217 Water 

Stillwell William, physician 13 Roosevelt 

Stillwell widow Elizabeth, 185 Hester 

Stilwell Garrit, 191 Fulton 

Stilwell John, cabinetmaker 196 William 

Stilwell Nathan, cartman Broome n. Arundel 

Stilwell Samuel, shoemaker Varick n. Dominkk 

Stilwell Samuel, 47 Bowery 

Stilwell T. B. drygoods 22 Division 

Stilwell Wm. 319 Pearl h. 75 Frankfort 

Stilwell rev. William M. 108 Chrystie 

Stilwell Margaret, boardinghouse 46£ Nassau 

Stimers Jasper W. cartman Sullivan n. Houston 

Stine John, hatter 52 Rivington [vide Styma, 

Slinman John, shipmaster 123 Forsyth 

Stinson Wm. Henry, sailmak. 302 Front h. 24 James 

Minson & Fleming, sailmakers 302 Front 

Stinson widow Mary, 210 Harman 

40g loncwoeth's 1825—26 

Stites Henry, laborer rear 68 Orchard 

Stites Mary, 97 Reed 

Stitt William, accountant Stone c. Broad 

Stivers Frederick, carunan 53 Anthony 

Stivers John G. smith 230 h. 282 Grand 

Stivers Thomas, carpenter 74 Elizabeth n. Hester 

Stivers widow of Abrm. 71 Forsyth 

St. John Aaron, 143 Allen • 

St. John Charles, hatstore 118 Broadway 

St. John Charles C. cabinetmaker 133 Mott 

St. John Hooker, livery-stable 564 Pearl 

St. John John, pilot 36 Bancker 

St. John Joseph, cartman Willet n. Rivington 

St. John Lewis, mer. tailor Pine c. William 

St. John Lucretia, tailoress 6 Mott 

at. John Samuel, 65 Maiden-lane c. William 

St. John Thomas, cartman Stanton c. Ludlow 

St. John & Ogle, mer. tailors Pine c. William 

St. Martin & Co. leg. hat manuf.359 Broadway 

Stockbiidge John M. morocco dresser 241 Grand 

Stockley Peter, whitewasher 42 Orange 

Stockman Jabez, rigger 9 Cheapside 

Stockton Robert, mason 6 Bayard 

Stockwell William, victualler 73 Market 

Stodait Wm. music store 126 Broadway h. 17 Lispenaid 

Stoddard Martin com. mer. 81 William h. 274 Pearl 

Stoddart Edward, stone cuttter Wash. n. Hubert h. 445 

Stoddart Robert, carpenter 120 Leonard [Greenwich 

Stoddart William, shipmaster 32 Market \yideSlothar& 

Stodhart James, smith Walnut c. Grand 

Stokell John, clock maker 59 Elm 

Stokes Henry, grocer 27 Coenties-sliph. 1 Whitehall 

Stokes James, boarding-house 58 John 

Stokes Thomas, shoemaker rear 123 Chrystie 

Stokes & Sons Thos. mer. tails. 155 B.way h. 46 Franklin. 

Stone Abel B. builder Love-lane 

S*tnne Asaph, merchant 72 Pine 

Stone E. G. 464 Greenwich 

Stone Jeremiah, carpenter Elizabeth n. Mott 

Stone Joel, mer. 161 Pearl 

Stone Rodman N. dry goods 238^ h. 252 Pearl 

Stone Sophia, 88 Broadway 

Stone William, com. mer. 106 South h. 252 Pearl 

Stone Wm. L. ed. Com. Adver. 43 Pineji.58 Cortland! 

Stone & Sigourney, dry goods 161 Pearl 

Stoneall James C. Shakespeare hotel Fulton c. Nassait 

Stoner Thomas, glass cutter 115 Elm 

Stookey Isaac, porter 34 Elizabeth 

Stoothoff widow of John, 414i Pearl 

Stopman A. shoemaker 42 Anthony 

Stoppani Francis, commission merchant 5 Park 

Storeng widow. Martha, 183 Grand 

Storer Eben, M. B. 47 Cedar 

Storer Eben. boarding-house 66 Broadway 

Storer George L 419 Broome 

Storer Isaac, shipmaster 112 Pump 

Storer Samuel, shipwright 11 Birmi" 


Storm Ganit, merchant 9 Coenties-slip h. 254 Broadwav 
Storm Isaac A. merchant 36 Front 
Storm Isaac T. merchant 15 Coentics-slip h. 83 Broad 
Storm Stephen, merchant 81 Front h. 3 Whitehall 
Storm Thomas T. grocer 79 William 
Storm & Bailey, merchants 15 Coenties-slip 
Storms Abrm. "dockbuilder 470 Greenwich n. Spring 
Storms jun. Abraham, 445 Greenwich 
Storms Alice, nurse 1 York 
Storms George, tavern Washington c. Amos 
storms Henry, saddler 181 Water h. 147 Fulton 
Storms John, chair maker 92 Mott 
Storms L. K. porter-house 567 Broadway c. Prince 
Storms Nicholas, cartman 21 Vandam 
Storms Nicholas, milkman 434 Greenwich 
Storms Peter, mason 72 Sullivan 
Storms Pailef, cooper 99 Chambers 
Storms Thomas, cartman Bleecker c. Sullivan 
Storms Samuel, broker37 Wall 
Mory Francis, mariner 100 Pump 
Story Lawrence, smith 30 Thomas 
Story Thomas W. shipmaster 46 Roosevelt 
Story William, grocer 25 Lombardy 
*tory widow Ann, 2 Lombardy 
Story widow of William W. 4 Oak 
Stothard John, shipcarpenter 358 Cherry 
Stoughton don Thomas, Spanish counsul 76 Leonaiu 
Stoughton Thomas, mariner Laight n, Greenwich 
Stoughton Warwick, whitewasher 155 Lepjpard 
Stout Andrew V. baker 6 Pump 
Stout Jacob B. boat builder 120 Harman 
Stout Jacob, sail-m. South c. Peck-slip h. 133 Forsyth 
Stout jun. Jacob, merchant 284 Pearl h. 165 Fulton 
Stout Jas. D, engr. & seal sink 172 B.dway & 8 Wall ii 
Stout John W. cur. 28 Ferry h. 51 Frankfort [102 Li!. 
Stout John W. & Peter, carpenters Prince n. Thompson 
Stout Jonathan, mason 114 Orange 
Stout widow Lucy, 35 Beaver 
stout & Black'edge, sailmakers South c. Peck-slip 
Stout, Piatt & Co. hardware 281 Pearl 
Sioutenborough William, wire factory 3 Burling-slip 
Stoutenburgh George.W. dry goods 424 Pearl 
Stoutenburgh Jacob, C.JI. weigher 508 Broadway 
Stoutenburgh Jacobus T. 51 Coitlandt 
Stoutenburgh James, cabinet-maker 372 Broome 
Stoutenburgh Peter L. boot and shoe st. 56 Market 
Stoutenburgh Win. P. grocer 83 Provost n. Washington 
Stowell Alpheus, sawyer Clarkson n. Greenwich 
Stowell James, laborer 41 Cheapside 
Strains John, tailor 84 Catharine 
Stran James, 69 Greene 

Strang Caleb, cartman M'Doogal n. Houston 
Strang Daniel, mer. 45 Water h. 83 Crosby 
Strang John, cartman 27 Laurens 
Strang John, merchant 434 Pearl , 
Strang Joim P. sausagemak<>r 57 Chrystie 

404 longworth's 1825M20 

Strang jr. John, merchant 42 Water 

Strang widow of John, grocer 14 Mulberry 

Stratton Eliphalet, 192 Fulton 

Stratton Joseph, millwright Mulberry n. Prince 

Stratton Piatt, merchant 108 South h. 11 Cliff 

Stratton widow of Wm. grocer 3d Aven. c. Stuyvesant 

Stratton & Aikman, coopers 119 Beekman 

Stratton & Winthrop, 81 South . 

Strau Christian, rear 99 Gold 

Straut Edward, cartman Greenwich n. Petty 

Street Caleb, boarding-house 36 Broadway 

Street Henry, carpenter 223 Chrystie 

Stremmel George, 27 Murray 

Strickland Jeremiah, tanner &c. Rivington n. Pitt 

Strickland John, tavern Walnut n. Bancker 

Striker Dennis, insp. customs 82 Cedar [see Strybe? 

Striker George W. watchmaker 25 Maiden-lane 

Striker John, cartman 72 Thompson 

Striker John, cartman Willet n. Rivington 

Striker Richard A. hardware 463 h. 467 Greenwich 

Striker Samuel G. hardware 254 Water h. 28 Cherry 

Strobey Henry, tailor 108 Mott 

Strong Benj. mer. 162 Church h. 79 Leonard 

Strong Charles L. 172 Front h. Vesey c. Broadway 

Strong David, carpenter 46 Crosby 

Strong David S. stovedealer 29£ Frankfort 

Strong Duncan, grocer 78 Wall 

Strong G.D. grocer 64 Chatham h. 13 Oliver 

Strong Georgfe W. att. 44£ Pine h. 108 Greenwich 

Strong Isaac B. accountant 7 Garden 

Strong James, merchant 166 Front h. 12 Cortland'. 

Strong Joseph, 172 Front h.41 Warren 

Strong Joseph, couns. 186 h. 191 Fulton 

Strong Nathaniel W. 53 Wall 

Strong Peter, 208 Eldridge n. North 

Strong R. couns. and master in chan. 347 Greenwich 

Strong Robert, accountant Bedford n. Arden 

Strong Titus, 65 Rutgers 

Strong Thomas, brewer h. Kingsbridge 

Strong Cornelia widow of Pascal N. 193 Fulton 

Strong & Ballagh, grocers 64 Chatham- and 89 Henry 

Strong J. & C. L. coin. mer. 172 Front 

Strong, Parsons & Co. 65.^ Bowery 

Strort Richard, cartman fi Dominick 

Stroub Henry, shoemaker Bowery 

Struck John, smith 171 Duane 

Struck William, baker 171 Duane 

Struthers Robert, whipmaker 234 Church 

Stryker Hannah, 214 Broadway 

Stryker Samuel G. hardware 254 Water 

Stuart Alexander W. carver 105 Orange 

Stuart Alexander W. tailor 118 Pump 

Stuart Charles, cartman 52 Mott [ace Stewart 

Stuart Charles, carpenter 60 Sullivan 

Stuart F. A. com. mev. 88 Wall h. 146 Greenwich 

Stuart James B. bookst. 309£ Broadway h. 124 Pump 

Stuart James R, grocer Chambers c. West 


Stuart Josephus B. 63 Wall h. 146 Greenwich 

Stuart Kinlock, confectioner 285 Greenwich 

Staart Robert, merchant 72 Maiden-lane 

Stuart widow of James, 43 Vesey 

Stuart widow Christiana, boardinghouse 107 Orange 

Stuart & Co. Wm. P. dry good store 462 Pearl 

Stuart & Brennan, grocers West c. Reed 

Stuart & Wilkin, com. mer. 88 Wall 

Stuhfield Thomas, shipmaster rear 50 Oliver 

Stump Daniel, shoemaker 77 Canal 

Sturdevant H. L. & E. S. dry goods 331 Pearl 

Sturges Eben, blockmaker 37 Depeyster h. 82 Lombard;/ 

Sturges H A.C. 210 Division 

Sturges Josiah, mer. 210 William 

sturges Strong, 43 William h. 52 Rutgers 

Sturges L. L. mer. 39 Peck slip h. 16J Cheapside 

Sturges Walter, mason Wooster n. Bleecker 

Sturges & Reynolds, blockmakers 37 Depeyster and 3(K 

Sturman Edward, 26 Forsyth [Wate 

Sturr Abraham, smith 76 Sullivan 

Sturr Peter, cartman Commerce n. Bedford 

Sturtevant Ira, founder 78 Duane [see Sturdevant 

Sturtevant John H. dry goods 68 Bowery 

Sturtevant Thomas M. 525 Broome 

Stnrtevant Hannah widow of Eliab, 484 Grand 

Sturtevant Anna widow of Eliphalet, 51 Elm 

Stuy vesant John, 133 Mulberry 

Stuyvesant Nicholas Wm. Stuyvesant n. 2d Avenue 

Stuyvesant Peter, Stuyvesant n. 2d Avenue 

Stuyvesant Peter G. 1st Avenue 

Stuyvesant jun Peter, ladies shoemaker 29 Elm 

Styles Henry, grocer M'Dougal c. Vandam 

Styles Isaac, grocer Church c. Walker 

Styles James, grocer Chambers c. Chapel 

Stymets Benjamin, mariner 14 Vandam 

Stymets George I. tinman Hudson n. Spring 

Stymets Henry, tailor 51 Elm 

Stymets widow Mary, boardinghouse 34 Chapel 

Stymets widow Sarah, fruiter 165 Duane 

Stymits widow Ann, 115 Canal 

Suckley G. merchant 48 Pine h. Herring n. Charlst 

Suckley John, 48 Pine 

Suckley Rutsen, attorney 48 Pine 

Suftern Thos. mer. 63 Wall h. 80 Greenwich 

Sullivan Catharine, tailoress 118 Harman 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer 20 Water 

Sullivan Harriet, boardinghouse 165Chur&h 

Sullivan Jeremiah, grocer 85 Catharine 

Sullivan John, laborer 49 Pearl 

Sullivan John, laborer 30 Water 

Sullivan Michael, 16 Burling slip 

Sullivan Nicholas, mariner 31 Cheapside 

Sullivan Sylvester, custom house officer 231 Duane 

Sullivan Patrick, groaer Water c. Walnut 

Summars Mary, milliner 123 William 

^ummerneld William, broker 101 Water 

Summers George W. turnsr 124-Elm and 121 Anthony 

iOG longworth's 1825 — 20 

Summers James, bookbinder 5 Anthony 

Summers Thomas, tailor 22 Ferry 

Summers Win, M. hardware 58 Bowery h. 124 Pump 

Summers William, mariner 135Harman 

Summers widow of VVm. M. 86 Chrystie [see Somer? 

Sumner Palmer, tinsmith 279 Spring 

Sunburgue Nicholas, cartman 58 Watts 

Sunter Rachel widow of Alexander, 206 William 

Surget Jacob, 30 Bayard 

Surre Andrew, grocer 103 Orange c. Pump 

Sutdifife John, 306 Grand 

Sutherland Talmage, physician 104 Canal 

Sutherland Wm. shoemaker 44 Thomas 

Sutherland widow Margaret, seamstress 378 Broome 

Sutliff Ann, fruiter 137 Greenwich 

Sutliff John, 218 Division 

Sutliff William, cartman 23 Norfolk 

Sutney John, laborer 96 Henry 

Sutphen John, whipmaker 11 Maiden-1. h- 63 Fulton 

Sutter John, 49 Chapel 

Sutton Benjamin, cooper 100 Pump 

Sutton Caleb, measurer 44 Front 

■■uttoii Christopher, 250 William 

Sutton Daniel, cooper 100 Pump 

Sutton David, carpenter 183 h. 204 Church 

Sutton George, carpenter Canal n. Sullivan 

Sutton George, shipmaster 206 Bowery 

Sutton Jacob, shoemaker rear 21 Elm 

Sutton John, cabinetmaker 48 Mulberry 

Sutton Joshua, measurer 44 Front 

Sutton Lewis B.404 Pear! h. 2Q9 Grand 

Sutton Noah, cooper 33 Essex. 73 Bowery & J01 Forsyth 

Sutton Richard, porterhouse 27 James 

Sutton Thomas, grocer 33 Catharine 

Suydam Abraham, merchant 166 Front 

Suydam Cornelius, baker 136 Greene [bets 

Suydam Cornelius R. mer. 71 Maiden-lane h. 147 Cham- 

Suydam Ferdinand, merchant 21 South "h. 5 Bridge 

Suydam Henry, merchant 43 Front h. 4 Stone 

Suydam Henry, drygoods 286 Broadway 

Suydam Henry, merchant 5 Coemies-slip h. 4 Broadway 

Suydam Israel, cabinetmaker Division c. Forsyth 

Suydam jr. James, merch. 171 Broadway h. 147 Chambers 

Suydam James H. baker Greenwich c. Provost 

Suydam John, merchant 31 South h. 4 Broadway 

Suydam Lambert, 71 Maiden-lane h. 13 Dey 

Suydam B-ichard, merchant 140 h. 65 Pearl 

Suydam L. & C. merchants 71 Maiden-lane * 

Suydam, Jackson & Peck, merchants 140 Pearl 

Suydam & Wilson, merchants 43 Front 

Suza John, cartman 80 Forsyth 

Swade Peter, grocer Church c. White 

Swaim M. stereotype founder rear 93 Gold h. 27 Reed' 

Swain Joseph, victualler 228 Fuitou 

Swain Peter, tinman 84 Bowery 

Swain Shuball, shipmaster 98 Lombardy 


Swain widow of Ebenezer, re;ir 23 Norfolk 

Swain & Baily, smiths 23 Hester 

Swain k Robinson, porterhouse 96 Barclay 

Swaine John, printer 165 Spring 

Swallow Lewis, carpenter 62 Provost ^ 

Swan Benjamin L. merchant S&Jiroadway &Cj / 

Swan Cale J, merchant 5 Broadway . 

^wan Charles, grocer and tea dealer 357 Broadway 

Swan Peter, grocer Greenwich c. Vandam 

Swan Samuel, brewer rear 22 Roosevelt 

Swan Samuel, weaver 113 Mercer 

Swan William, merchant 194 Pearl h. 95 Greenwich 

Swan William, chair and sofa maniif. 5 Warren 

Swan widow Margaret, 239 Division 

Swan & Taylor, drygooris 194 Pearl c. Maiden-lane 

Swan T. &s C. merchants 123 Pearl 

Swanton Robert, attorney and couns. 26 Rose 

Swart James G. tailor 25 Division h. 9 Cheapside 

Swarts Aaron, grocer 99 Harman c. Pike 

Swartwout Joseph, cartman 23 Watts n. Hudson 

Swartwout Robert, 341 Greenwich 

Swartwout widow of John, 343 Greenwich 

Swasey Samuel, morocco dresser 4 Ferry d 

Sweeney James, carpenter upper end Mulberry 

Sweeney John, cartman 203 Elizabeth 

-Sweeney John, looking glass store 321 Pearl 

^weeny Eugene, 207 Pearl h.22 Ferry 

Sweeny Hugh M. D. 484 Pearl 

Sweeny James, porterhouse 29 Park > 

Sweeny John, grocer 3 James-slip . , 

Sweeny John, painter Spruce n. Gold 

Sweeny Miles, porter 95 Mulberry 

Sweeny Neil, smith Wash. e. Laight h. 415 Greenwich 

Sweeny Terence, tailor 67 Lombardy 

Sweet Benoni, cartman 187 Spring 

Sweet Ezra B. tinner Canal n. Hudson 

Sweezey widow Lucinda, 123 Greenwich 

Swezey Charles, grocer Grand c. Mangin 

Swift Abial, cartman 55 Chrystie 

Swift Asa, mariner 97 Duane 

Swift Constantine, milliner 167 Division 

Swift James, baker 192 Spring 

Swift Jesse, carpenter 39 Elizabeth [Height? 

Swift J. G. surveyor of the port 2 Nassau h. Brooklyn- 

Swift Michael, smith 138 Ai.thony 

Swift William & D. D. merchanis 181 Pearl 

Swindells James H. music st. 328 Broadway h. 109 Spring 

Switzer Martin, baker 57 Ann 

Switzer Margaret widow of Peter, cutler 4 Chapel 

Swords James, 87 Leonard, 

Swords Thomas, 85 Leouard 

-words William, 59 Lombardy 

Swords T. & J. printers and booksellers 99 rear': 

Sy Charles Lewis, 122 Liberty 

Syfor Frederick, ropemaker 130 Stanton 

-;-kes James, cloth dresser 372 Bowe»y 

408 longworth's 1825— *2G 

Sykes Win. New-York Coffee-house 10 William 

Syler Jacob, butcher First n. 2d Avenue 

Syms John, shoestore 51 Chatham 

Sypher Lodo ; - ick, shoemaker 84 Allen 

Sypher Peter W. rigger Ridge n. Stanton 

Sypher. Susan widow of Jeremiah, upper end Mott 
- T 

Tabela Jacob, 111 Fulton 

Tabele James, 66 Wooster n. Prince 

Tabele Philip, clerk in custom-h. Ill Fulton 

Taber Henry, porter Stanton n. Suffolk 

Taber James, teacher 170 Chapel 

Taber Thomas, 209 Pearl h. Fourth n. Broadway 

Taber widow of Loring, 392 Cherry 

Tabour Paul C. porter-house 33 Bancker 

Taft Bezaleel W. cartman Chrystie n. North 

Taft Jonathan, teacher 4 Oliver 

Taft Otis, carpenter 80 Grand 

Taft Samuel, carpenter 104 Greene n. Spring 

Taggard fcCo. Wm merchants 37 South h. 120 White 

Tait John, saddler 166 Water 

Talbot Benjamin, dry-goods 82 Maiden-lane 

Talbot Geo. W. merchant 55 Pine h. 87 Liberty 

Talbot Samuel, shoemaker 316 Broome 

Talcott Noah, merchant 64 South h. Bowery-hill 

Talcott & Lyman, 64 South 

Tallmadge Chas. B. paym. U.S.A. 34 Vesey fa. 70 Chamb. 

Tallmadge Fred. A. att. 28 Vesey h. 10 Greene 

Tallmadge George C. 4 Dey 

Tallman Albert, tailor 227 Greenwich 

Tallman Harmanus, coroner and hatter 64 Vesey 

Tallman H. C. guager Watts n. Greenwich 

Tallman Isaac, shoemaker 93 Mercer 

Tallman John, cartman 66 Thompson {vide Taiwan 

Tallman John, cabinet-maker 15 Barclay 

Tallman John, cartman Van^am n. M'Dougal 

Tallman John, carpenter Gr«enwich n. Christopher 
Tallman jr. William, grocer 30 Pearl c. More 

Tallman widow Rebecca, 30 More 

Tallman & Co. Stephen S. 459 Broadway h. 107 Spring 

Talmage John, tobacconist 197 Division 

Talmage John, carpenter 271 Delancey 

Talmage Thos. G. merchant 74 Pearl h. 39 Stone 

Talmage William, attorney 5 Pine 

Talman Abraham, tailor 113 Chrystie 

Talman Charles, cooper 29 Bridge 

Talman Henry A. lot. office 130 Broadway h. 41 Nassau 

Talman James, tailor 19 Batavia [vide Tallma/: 

Talman James T. 155 Hudson 

Talman John H. merchant 221 Pearl h. 55 Walker 

Tankard Elizabeth, widow of George, 51 Anthony 

Tanner Abraham, sail-maker 68 South h. 177 Fulton 

Tanner Benjamin, hatter Scammel n. Lombardy 

Tanner Robert, pocket-book manuf. 69 h. 77 Liberty 

Tapp Edward, 15 Park 

Tappau Abraham^ shoemaker 7 Rynders 


Fappan & Co. Arthur, silk goods 120 Pearl h. 14 Broadw, 

Tappen Archibald, mason 15 Dominick 

Tappen Charles, carpenter 68 Hester h. 49 Orchard 

Tappen David, chair-maker 470 and 511 Pearl 

Tappen George, 194 Hester 

Tappen Peter C. physician 59 Warren 

Tappen Samuel, tailor 16 Lombardy 

Tappen & Hadden, tailors 132 Cherry 

Tapper John, teacher 57 Orchard 

Tappin Henry r carpenter Hamersly c. Herring 

Tardy John G. clerk marine court h. 119 Canal 

Tardy Sarah widow of Joseph F. 80 Mulberry 

Targee John, gold and silver-sm. 192 Water h. 27 FrauKf. 

Tarr Frederick, baker 20 Thomas 

Tarrat jr. Joseph, merchant 103 Maiden-lane 

Tasheira James L. cabinet-maker 93 Division 

Tasheira Joseph, tobacconist 82 Hester 

Tasheira L. C. shoemaker 74 Chapel 

Tate Alexander, stonecutter Renwick n. Spring 

Tate Samuel, flour-6tore 81 Market 

Tate John T. hairdresser 477 Pearl h. 44 Orange 

Tate Elizabeth widow of Joseph, tailor 9 Spruce 

Taubert widow Mary, fruitei 412 Broadway 

Tawzer widow Esther, 58 Elizabeth 

Taylor sen. Abraham, 210 Spring 

Taylor Alexander, printer 43 Liberty 

Taylor Alex, comb-maker 18 Spring 

Taylor Anthony, milkman 374 Bowery 

Taylor Asa, 35 Forsyth 

Taylor Asher, 249 Pearl 

Taylor Augustus, 282 Grand 

Taylor Benjamin, 105 Washington 

Taylor Benjamin S. grocer 78 Vesey 

Taylor , teacher Unitarian-church Chambers 

Taylor Charles, grocer and fruiter 66 Division 

Taylor Charles W. 52 Hudson 

Taylor Christopher, mason Attorney n. North 

Taylor Daniel, cartman 27 Broadway 

Taylor David, cartman 200 Broome 

Taylor Edward, milkman Cornelia n. Herring 

Taylor Edward, merchant 249 Pearl h. 174 Water 

Taylor Gad, merchant 194 Pearl h. 11 John 

Taylor George, boarding-house 35 Pearl 

Taylor jr. George, builder 39 Oliver h. 79 Eldridge 

Taylor George W. carpenter 27 Hester 

Taylor Gilbert, merchant 16 Coenties-slip h. 2 Front 

Taylor Hugh W. hatter 108 Cherry 

Taylor J. teacher 111 Greenwich 

Taylor Jacob, hatter 86 James 

Taylor Jacob, brush-maker 75 Mott 

Taylor Jacob B. 677 Broadway n. Amity 

Taylor James, shoemaker 88 Murray 

Taylor James, shoemaker 151 Chatham h. Mulberry 

Taylor James, smith 276 Grand 

Taylor James, merchant 185 Pearl 

410 , longworth's 1825 — 2 

Taylor James, brewer h. 42 Oak 
Taylor James, merchant 83 Franklin fc * 

Taylor James, grocer 8*7 Front 
Taylor James, dry-goods 252 Bowery 
Taylor James, victualler 372 Water 
Taylor James H. grocer White c. Orange 
Taylor James M. engraver Robinson c. Chapel 
Taylor James' S. cabinet-maker Vesey d 

Taylor Jeremiah H. mer. 235 Pearl h. 60 Gold 
Taylor J. M. smith 57 Allen 
Taylor Joannah, 71 Anthony 
Taylor John, shoemaker 41 Robinson 
Taylor John, carpenter Chapel c. Canal 
Taylor John, cartman, Bedford n. Burrows 
Taylor John, mariner 146 Allen ni Delancey 
Taylor John, carver and gilder 22 Catharine 
Taylor John, jeweller 172 Broadway h.-67 Cedar 
Taylor John, 111 Greenwich <! 

Taylor John, 10 Gouverneur-lane h. 84 Cedar 
Taylor John, grocer 9 Spring 
Taylor John W. grocer 1 Old-slip h. 2 Front 
Taylor Joseph, cartman 34 Crosby 
Taylor Knowles, 216 Pearl h. Bond 
Taylor Levi, cartman 33 Leonard 
Taylor Najah, mer. 96 Maiden-lane h. 10 Cortlandt 
Taylor Oliver, oysterman 193 Duane • 
Taylor Oliver H. boot and shoe-m. 106 h. 44 Beekman 
Taylor Peter, shipmaster 291 Pearl 
Taylor P. H. teacher of music 3 Cortlandt 
Taylor Richard, grocer 365 Water 
Taylor Samuel, 470 Pearl and rear 20 Orange 
Taylor Samuel, tailor 8 Vandewater 
Taylor Samuel, tailor 205 Division 
Taylor Sarah, boarding-house 10 Cliff 
Taylor Sharp, Garden c. New 
Taylor Silvanus, shoemaker 57 Thompson 
Taylor Thomas, mason 69 Warren 
Taylor Thomas, mariner 22 Hester 
Taylor ThomnsC. 41 Robinson h. Bowery-hill 
Taylor T. M. 169 Front h. 62 Hudson 
Taylor William, music professor Chrystie c. Stanton 
Taylor William, mariner 6 Carlisle 
Taylor Wm. cartman J 1 ? ichoias-Wm. n. 3d Avenue 
Taylor William, broom vender 43 Ferry 
Taylor William, grocer Hudson c. Canal 
Taylor William B. 1 Franklin 
Taylor William R. mason Attorney n. Worth 
Taylor Wilson, builder 69 Ann h. 11 Frankfort 
Taylor Z. teacher 55 Nassau 
Taylor widow of Archibald, 13 Chambers 
Taylor Dorothy widow of Gilbert, Elizabeth n. Sj 
Taylor Elizabeth widow of Charles, 64 Beekman " I 

Taylor widow Hannah, Mott upper end 
Taylor widow Helen, Wooster r.. Bieeckes 
Taylor widow Julia, 8T Bayard 


Taylor widow Mary, soda-water G02 Broadway 
Taylor widow Sarah, S Bayard 
Taylor Sarah widow of James, 4 Orange 
Taylor & Ayres, grocers Howard c. Crosby 
Taylor & Hinsdale, jewellers 172 Broadway 
Taylor k Sons John, merchants 185 Pearl 
Taylor & Weaver, hat glazers 86 James 
Taylor k Co. William A. merchants 77 Wall 
Teal Christopher, cartman Chrystie n. Rivingtou 
Teape Richard, jeweller 46 Thomas 
Teasman Hager, rear 44 Orange 
Teat John, 166 Water h. 34 Cornelia 
Teat Thomas, merchant Greenwich c. Reed h. 160 Reed 
Tebow Peter, cartman M'Dougal n. Bleecker 
Tebow widow of John, 118 Church 
Tehbets John G. iron-rail fact. 212 h. 137 Bowery 
Teele George, bookbinder 68 Fulton h. 7 York 
Teele & Day, bookbinders 68 Fulton 
Teeple George, carpenter rear 117 Mulberry 
Teflft Stephen E. card and sand-pap. man. 163 Chatham 
Tegart Peter, gracer Christopher c. Herring 
Teisseire James, silk-st. 174 Pearl h. 30 Broadway 
Telfair David, accountant 39 Thomas 
Telfair John, 91 Washington h. 47 Spring 
Telfair Matthew, sail-maker rear 203 Orange 
Telfer John, hosier 55 Chatham h. 4 Chambers 
Telford Francis, shipmaster 41 Rutgers 
Telford George, cartman 4 Charlton 
Telfort Robert, shoemaker 6 Clarke 
Teller James, hatter 142 Chatham 
Teller James, smith Clarkson & Charles n. Hudson 
Teller James, shoemaker 54 Mulberry 
Teller John, lace and hosiery 55 Chatham 
Teller John, hatter 4 Bowery 
Teller Peter W. coach-trimmer 7 Henry 
Teller Pierre, hatter 300 Bowery 
Teller Solomon, cartman 209 Thompson n. Bleecker 
Teller widow Lucretia, Delanr.ey c. Suffolk 
Temple Asher, grocer 167 Washington h. 83 Warren 
Templeton Catharine, 2 Carlisle 

Ten Broeck Dirck, att. fccouns. Stuyvesant n. 3d Avenuo 
Ten Broeck Henry A. mer. 21 Coenties-slip h. Laight 
Tenbrook Blaze, butcher 233 Bowery 
Tenbrook John, 68 Ann 

Tenbrook John A. butcher 356 Broome c. Elizabeth 
Tenbrook John M. butcher Elizabeth n. Spring 
Teneyck James, 35 South h. 538 Greenwich 
Teneyrk widow Margaret, 26 Beekman 
Teneyck Richard, grocer 82 Reed c. Church 
Teneyck & Son A. pump and block-m. 35 South 
Terheun Albert I. carpenter 139 Mulberry 
Terheun Gilliam* cartman 554 Broome 
Terhune Abraham, cartman Greenwich n. Amos 
Terhune Jacob, smith Hudson n. Hamersley 
Terhune Jacob D. shoemak- 80 Varick 

412 longwokth's 1S25— 26 

Terhune Richard, smith 139 Mulberry 

Terhune Richard A. carpenter M'Dougal n. Vandam 

Teihune Stephen, carpentei 58 Sullivan 

Terhune William, shoemaker 58 Watts 

Terhune Elizabeth widow of Richard, 1 Jay 

Tertian James, carlman Delancey n. Pitt 

Terpenning David, cartman Rivington n. Pill 

Terrill Ephraim, dry-goods 100 Broad 

Terrill William, Burrows n. Bedford 

Terrin Honore, confectioner 37 Bancker 

Terry Abraham, grocer Broome c. Willef 

Terry David, cartman Rivington n. Pitt 

Terry Ezra C. fisherman 332 Broome 

Terry Hazard, mariner Broome n. Suffolk 

Terry John, mechanist 121 Allen 

Terry Joseph H. 546 Broadway 

Terwilleger Jeremy, tavern 456 Broadway 

Teshew John, shipmaster 34 Oak 

Tessier Pierre, ladies shoemaker 192 William 

Teste Joseph, frame-maker 94£ Catharine 

Teubner Charles, boarding house 253 Pearl 

Tevins William, laborer 13 Augustus 

Thacher Stephen, grocer Mott c. Bayard 

Thacker Humphrey, beefsteak house 70 William 

Thain David, merchant 227 Front h. 20 Spring 

Thatcher Bartholomew W. blockmaker 231 Hudson 

Thatcher & Boyce, block & pump m. Hudson n. Broome 

Thatford William, carpenter HEldridge 

Thayer Jesse, water colour manuf. 133 Division 

Thayer Willard, physician 273 Grand 

Thayer Zabdiel, merchant 34 Front h. 16 Chambers 

Tnayer & Co. Z. sboestore 1 Bowery 

Theall Abraham, 110 Pump 

Theall Benjamin R. morocco dresser 59 Molt 

Theali Gilbert, shoemaker 76 Reed 

Theall Horace, barber 86£ h. 38 Bowery 

Theall Isaac, cartman 52 Orchard 

Theall Jacob G. grocer Broome c. Forsyth 

Theall Joseph, merchant 282 Front h. Hester c. Eldrioge 

Theall Robert, cartman 136 Grand 

Theall A. & J. G. grocers 333 Grand 

Theodore Abraham, Bowery n. Vauxhall 

Therasson Lewis, merchant 39 Pine 

Theriat A. R. merchant 62 Beaver c. William 

Theriott widow of G. L. Canal n. Thompson Charles, professor of music 26 Walker 

Thistle & Rodgers, stone-cutters 442 Washington 

Thistle Mary widow of John, 11 Watts 

1 nomas Abraham, Desbrossess n. Hudson 

1 homas Alfred, 9J N. Moore 

Thomas Charles, sweep office 37 Esse« 

Thomas Daniel, piano forte maker 87 Warren 

Thomas David, fisherman Essex n, Grand 

Thomas Ebenezer, 117 Orange 

Thomas Edward, mariner 34 Augustus 

Thomas Eliasj'shoemaker^o Broadway 


Thomas Elias, loooking-glass st. 354 Pearl 
Thomas Ephraim, shipwright 200 Harman 
Thomas Francis, grocer Water c. Montgomery il 

Thomas Francis, barber 84 Nassau 
Thomas George, shipmaster 47 Eldridge 
Thomas Henry, stevedore 120 Leonard 
Thomas Henry, shipmaster Pike c. Water 
Thomas Henry, merchant 51 South h. 20 Cliff 
Thomas Henry E. mere. 8 Maiden lane h. 527 Broadway 
Thomas Ira, carpenter 109 Esses 
Thomas James, merch.20 South h. Dey c. Greenwich 
Thomas James, grocer 11 Jefferson c. Harman 
Thomas James, printer 1 Chfystie 
Thomas James, painter Broadway n. junction Bowery 
Thomas Jane, 5G Rutgers 
Thomas Jedediah, ropemaker 192 Eldridge 
Thomas John, 7 Mangin 
Thomas John, carpenter 51 Delancey 
Thomas John, shoemaker 270 Spring 
Thomas John, carpenter 32 Chrystie 
Thomas John R. news collector Bleecker n. Bowery 
Thomas Josephine, wash-woman 172 Duane 
Thomas Margaret, fruiter 4 Ann 
Thomas Philip, 80 Chambers 
Thomas Robert, dry-goods Broome n. Thompson 
Thomas R. 50 Gold 
Thomas Simon, cook 146 Duane, 
Thomas Theodore, skinner 38 Spruce 
Thomas Thos. marble yard Washington c. Liberty 
Thomas Thos. kitchen furniture warehouse 31 Nassau 
Thomas Thos. H. 70 Murray 
Thomas Wiley C. 39 Hester 
Thomas William, 7 Ludlow 
Thomas William, printer 70 Chrystie 
Thomas William, cartman 169 Spring 
Thomas William J. carpenter 17 Harman 
Thomas widow Ann, 13 Park-place 
Thomas widow Sarah, 200 Harman 
'Thomas & Smith, hardware 8 Maiden-lane 
Thomas & Fuller, i;rate and fender makers 33 Nassau 
Thompson Aaron R. dry goods and com. mer. 74 Pine 
Thompson Abm. G merch. 163 Pearl h. 22 Beekman 
Thompson Alexander, carpenter Broome c. Hudson 
Thompson Alexander, 12 Oak [vide TompsoK 

'Thompson Andrew, tailor 65 Chrystie 
Thompson Asa L. Delancey n. Arundel 
Thompson jr. Charles, shipmaster 44 Cedar 
Thompson Charles, shoemaker 275 Grand 
Thompson Charles, merchant 205 Pearl 
Thompson Charles C. merchant 223 h. 225 Pearl 
Thompson Daniel H. cartman Rivington c. Willet 
Thompson David, mason rear 8 Stanton 
Thompson David, carpenter Hammond c. Hudson 
Thompson David, smith 40 Vesey 
Thompson Drake, shoe store 477 Pearl h. 94Eldridgs 

414 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Thompson Edward, grocer 150 Division 

Thompson Edward R. frame maker 201 Hester 

Thompson Egbert, custom h. officer 51 Lispenard 

Thompson Elizabeth, boarding h. 128 Broadway 

Thompson Francis, merchant 97 and 74 Beekman 

Thompson Garrit, carpenter 53 Sullivan 

Thompson George, tailor 46 Crosby 

Thompson George A. 482 Greenwich 

Thompson Gilbert L. att. and couns. 24 Pine 

Thompson Isaac, 219 Cherry 

Thompson [saac, grocer 87 Market 

Thompson James, ship-carpenter Rivington c. VVille. 

Thompson James, shoemaker 43 Elm 

Thompson James, smith 157 Bancker 

Thompson Jeremiah, mer. 273 Pearl h. 3d Avenue 

Thompson John, carver Renwick n. Spring 

Thompson John, rigger 14 Batavia 

Thompson John, smith 60 Walker 

Thompson John, carpenter 156 Orange 

Thompson John, rigger 126 Leonard 

Thompson John, whitewasher rear 37 Augustus 

Thompson John, carpenter Crosby n. Broome 

Thompson John G. carpenter Ludlow n. Broome 

Thompson John W. 36 Barclay 

Thompson Jonathan, collect, of customs h. 33 Beekman 

Thompson Joseph, grocer 58 Frankfort 

Thompson Joseph, mariner 50 Cherry 

Thompson Junius, m. ». 83 Beekman 

Thompson Martin E. architect and builder 42 White 

Thompson Misses, milliners 90 Fulton 

■Thompson Nathan, carpenter 58 Orchard 

Thompson Orrin, mer. 130 Broadway h. 31 Pearl 

Thompson Paris, paper stainer 106 Delancey 

Thompson Per o, hair dresser Canal n. Hudson 

Thompson Peter, distiller 66 Greene 

Thompson Peter, carpenter 162 William 

Thompson Peter, coppersmith 212 Water h. 7 Roosevel . 

Thompson Peter, accountant 83 Chapel 

Thompson Richard, tailor h. 240 Washington 

Thompson Richard, laborer 392 Bowery 

Thompson Robert, grocer Hester c. Orange 

Thompson Robert, house carpenter 240 Allen n. North 

Thompson Robert, teacher 89 Mulberry 

Thompson jun. Robert, mer. 102 Fulton h. 170 William 

Thompson Robert, 102 Fulton 

Thompson Ross, shoemaker 122 Forsyth 

Thompson jun. Samuel, mer. tailor 96 Cherry 

Thompson Sam. coppersmith 239 Water h. 66 Lombardy 

Thompson'Samuel M. Washington n. State Prison 

Thompson Samuel, merchant 97 Beekman h. 77 Murray 

Thompson Samuel, 172 Harman 

Thompson Samuel, carpenter 17 Rivington 

Thompson Smith, judge 75 Leonard 

Thompson Warren, Marth. w. 49 Robinson [$ce-Tomj>iv r . 

Thompson Wm. distiller 13 Clarke 


Thompson Wm. 94 Eldridge 

Thompson VVm. malster Anthony c. Broadw. h. Delancey 
Thompson Wm. Orchard c. Stanton [c. Arundel 

Thompson William, carpenter Hudson n. King 
Thompson William, tavern Walnut n. Bancker 
Thompson Wm. A. att. and couns.46 Wallh. Christophe 
Thompson Wm. R. guager 26 Franklin 
Thompson widow Isabella, 122 Orchard 
Thompson Mary widow of Charles, 13 Dutch 
Thompson Mary widow of George, 132 Allen 
Thompson widow of John A. 25 Walnut 
Thompson widow Nancy, Rivington n. Pitt 
Thompson widow Elizabeth, 136 Elizabeth n. Spring 
Thompson widow Eunice, boardinghouse 211 Pearl 
Thompson widow Mary, 69 Lombardy 
Thompson Sarah widow of Joseph, 4 Vestry 
Thompson widow Patience, 62 Chapel 
Thompson widow of Daniel, 110 Pump 
Thompson Robert & Co. mer. 137 Wash. h. 75 Greenr 
Thompson & nephews Francis, 97 Beekman 
Thompson and Thomas, whitewashes 53 Hudson 
Thorns Christian, cartman rear 44 Leonard 
Thomson Ad. blacking fac. 4 Cortlandt h. 385 Bioome 
Thomson Alex, grocer 440 Greenwich 
Thomson jun. Alex, merchant 112 Pearl 
Thomson Charles, mariner 106 Chapel 
Thomson David, distiller 56 Cherry h. 71 Roosevelt • 
Thomson Duncan, tailor 37 Lombardy 
Thomson Elizabeth, boardinghouse 150 Maiden-lane 
Thomson Herbert C. bookseller 39 Bowery 
Thomson James, merchant 49 Broadway 
Thomson Richard R. pilot 86 Cherry 
Thomson Robert, merchant 34 Liberty 
Thomson Samuel, builder 23 Cedar 
Thomson Smieton, clerk Bayard c. Forsyth 
Thomson Thomas, furnaceman26 Grand 
Thomson Wm. silversmith 129 William 
Thomson Wm. 15 Ludlow 
Thomson William, mariner 58 Stone 
Thomson Wm. T. leather store 62£ Frankfor. 
Thomson Alex. & Co. mer. 112 Pearl 
Thomson & Journeay, builders 21 Cedar 
Thomson & Lee, grocers 385 Broome 
Thomson R. & W. Steele, mer. 34 Liberty 
Thorburn, Geo. C. seedsman 20 Nassau h. 56 ■Liberty. 
Thorburn Grant, 41 Liberty 
Thorburn James, porter N. Y,. Bank 50 William 
Thorburn James R. accountant Broad c. Stone 
Thorburn John, printer 2 Bepublican-alley 
Thorburn Wm. grocer 21 Nassau 
Thorburn & Son G. seedsmen and florists 20 Nassau 
Thorn Abia, bricklayer 46 Gran* 
Thorn Benj. chairmaker Laurens n. Grand 
Thorn Herman, 24 JJroadway 
'Thorn John, shipcar-penter Willet n. Stanton, 
Thorn John, cartman M'Dougal n. Houston* • 

416 longworth's 1825—26 

Thorn Thomas, cartman Laurens n. Bleecker 
Thorn Wm. flour store 242 Front h. 24 Market 
Thorn widow Ann, 77 Warren 
Thorn widow Sarah, Montgomery n. Cherry 
Thome Daniel S. clerk Bank N. Y. Bowery 
Thome Elnathan, Laurens a. Bleecker 
Thome Henry W. 71 Cliff 
Thome Isaac, boatbuilder 273 Front 
Thorne James C. carpenter 129 Prince n. Greene 
Thome James H. attorney 6 Frankfort 
Thorne jun. Stephen, merchant 170 Front 
Thorne Stephen, shoemaker 174 Division 
Thome Stephen, shipcarpenter 530 Water h. 390 Cherry- 
Thome Thomas, Springe. M'Dougal 
Thorne Thomas, mariner 12 Suffolk 
Thome Thomas W. exch. off. 214 Broadway h. 16 Hudsou 
Thome William, 242 Front 
Thorne William, grocer South c. Beekman 
Thome widow Anna, 66 Eltiridge 
Thorne widow Mary, 32 Pump 
Thome widow Mary, Rivington n. Willet 
Thorne & Williams, shipwrights 530 Water- 
Thome and Co. R. V. W. cot. and hay pressers 93 W'atev 
Thorne S. and W. grocers and portervault 82 John 
Thomell Thomas, tailor 44 Nassau h. 10 Beech 
Thomhill Benjamin, carpenter Ridge n. Stanton 
Thomhill Evans, dry goods 21 Chatham 
Thornton Patrick, grocer 224 Division 

Thornton William, grocer 14 Chambers 
Thornton & Tredway, com. mer. 60 South 
Thorp Andrew, hardware 110 Beekman h. 23 Lispenard 
Thorp Benjamin, bellowsmaker Carmine n. Herring 
Thorp David B. grocer 33 Peck slip h. 61 Cherry 
Thorp Georgf) B. keeper City Prison 
Thorp Gershom, smith Lombardy n. Scammel 
Thorp Henry C. druggist Pump c. Mott 
Thorp Henry S. 23 Lispenard 

Thorp James, cartman Vaudam n. Hudson 

Thorp John, leatherdresser 31 Orange 

Thorp John B. tailor 35 William 

Thorp Samuel S.saihnaker 125 Forsyth 

Thorp William M. chairmaker 271 Spring 

Thorp widow D. 398 Cherry 

Thorp widow Margaret, 40 Mott 

Thrall widow Harriet, 350 Cherry 

Throop Samuel D. lime inspector 247 Hudson 

Throckmorton Joseph, mer. 91 Pearl h. 12 Howard 

Throckmorton Reid R. turner Laurens h. 151 Spring 

Throckmorton William, 12 Howard 

Thurber William, tailor 157 Mulberry 

Thurman widow S. 70 Liberty 

Thurston Edward, tinman 14 Chesnut 

Thurston James B. 20 Pump 

Thurston John P. mer. 56 South h. 118 White 

Thurston John, 35 Augustus 

Thurston Joshua, piano forte maker 10 Duane 

Thurston Nathaniel, music store 432 Greenwich 


Thurston Wm. R. merchant Houston n. Greene 

Thurston widow of Charles, 14 Pump 

Tibbets John A. drygoorlgs store 368 Pearl 

Tibbets Daniel, cooper Arundel n. North 

Tibbets Elisha. merchant 55 Front h. 2 Beaver-lanc 

Tice Francis, Ihoemaker 68 Sullivan 

Tice John, floor cloth manuf. 35 h. 37 Rivington 

Tice John, laborer 19 Oliver 

Tice John, Arundel n. North 

Tice John, tailor Broom c. Mulberry 

Tice Peter, boardinghouse 236 Water 

Tice Peter B. porter 141 Fulton 

Tice William, tailor 64 Roosevelt 

Tice widow E. 239 Broome 

Tichenor Daniel, jeweller 178 Mercer 

Tiebout Abm. baker 118 Franklin 

Tiebout AdamT. 11 Peck-slip 

Tiebout Anthony, grocer 82 Chapel c. Thomas 

Tiebout Cornelius, smith 64 Eldridge 

Tiebout George, shipwright 31 Essex 

Tiebout Henry, 35 Thomas 

Tiebout John, printer and paper store 238 Water 

Tiebout jr. John, M. D. 238 Water 

Tiebout William, 85 Gold 

Tiedeman Jacob, oilcloth painter 290 Grand 

Tier Daniel J. butcher Centre-mar. b. Orange 

Tier Jacob, butcher 357 Broome 

Tier Jeremiah, butcher 20 Cath.-m. h. First n. 2d Avenue 

Tier John, butcher 5 Cath.-m. h. 62 Rivington 

Tier John H. butcher 23 Cath.-m. h. Elizabeth n. Mot? 

Tier widow Hester, grocer First c. 2d Avenue 

Tierney John, tailor 29 Gold 

Tiers Peter, cabinetmaker 49 Chrystie 

Tiffany John L. bookseller 26 William 

Tiffany & Co. Bela, mer. Pearl c. Maiden-lane 

Tift Thomas, shipmaster Stanton n. Pitt 

Tileston Thomas, merchant 149 Water h. 522 Broadway 

Tilden Henry, shipcarpenter 138 Allen 

Tilley widow Elizabeth, Ridge n. Delancey 

Tilley & Son Jonah, grocers 152 South h. 60 Market 

Tillinghast Joseph, marketman 330 Broome 

Tillman Ann, 102 Orchard 

Tillman John W. printer 48 Anthony 

Tillotson Alfred, mockason maker 87 Chrystie 

Tillotson D. L. jeweller 4 Green h. 98 Reed 

Tillotson Gardiner, jeweller 4 Green h. 4 White 

Tillotson Jefferson, shoemakerl86 Eldridge 

Tillotson Rob. U. S. dist. att. Tarn. Hall h. 75 Liberty 

Tillotson D. L. & G. jewellers 4 Green 

Tillou Francis, peace officer 78 Henry 

Tillou Francis R. not. and com. 51 Wall h. 66 Varick 

Tillou William C. grocer Bedford c. Commerce 

Tilton George, carpenter 106 Division 

Tilton John, shoemaker 20 Catharine 

Tilton Jonathan, smith 1 10 Orchard \ 

Tilton widow, milliner Greenwich n. Vestry 

Tilton Catharine widow of William, 19 Cherry 

418 long worth's 1825— £6 

Tilyou John V. shoe store 59 Chatham 
Tilyou Vincent, shipmaster 11 Oliver 
Timanus H. I. shoemaker 138 Pump 
Timbrell Elizabeth, mantaumaker 20 Eklridge 
Tiinmins John S. merchant 58 Pine h. 22- Greene 
Timolat L. Washington Bath 533 Pearl 
Timoney Daniel, shoemaker 106 Anthony 
Timpson Cornelius, grocer 70 Chapel and 133 Dtianc 
Timpson C.W. 163 William 
Timpson James, 168 Pearl h. 9 White 
Timpson John, grocer 97 Fulton 
Timpson John VV. cnmbmaker 247 Bowery 
Timpson Rowland H. 7 Old-slip h. 18 Cherry 
Timpson jr. Thomas, cabinetmaker 54 Beekman 
Timpson Wm. 169 Pearl h. 18 Cherry 
Timpson Mary widow of William, 137 Reed 
Timpson J. & C, W. grocers Fulton c. William 
Tindale widow Eliza, grocer 5 Ludlow 
Tingle George, glasscutter 26 h. 103 Bayard 
Tingley N. & H. merchants 149 Pearl 
Tinker Jeremiah, grocer 18 Catharvie-slip 
Tinker widow Ann, S3 Gold 
Tinker William, marketman 18 Lombarcly 
Tinkham Joseph, 19 White 
Tinsdale John W. cooper 9£ Gouverneur-lane 
Tisdale Jacob, indian doctor and varnishmak. 160 Orange 
Tisdale widow Eliza, grocer 5 Ludlow 
Titlar James, tinsmith 11 Gouverneur 
Titsworth Mary, seamstress 565 Water 
Titus Bryan, grocer 70 Catharine 
Titus Charles, carpenter 178 Church 
Titus Conckling, pocketbook maker Frankfort c. Willian. 
Titus C. P. 20 Cedar 

Titus George, cartman Houston n. M'Dougal 
Titus Henry, livery stable 461 Pearl • 
Titus Henry B. 37 Dey 
Titus Henry W. builder 127 Liberty 
Titus H. F. pocket book maker 250 Bowery 
Titus Jarvis, apothecary 35 Warren 
Titus Joseph, carpenter 11 Lombardy 
Titus Michael M. 30 Market 
Titus M. M. 202 Cherry 

Titus Peter S. crockery merchant 457 h. 461 Pear' 
Titus Walter, merchant 312 Pearl h. 40 Market 
Titus William C. shoemaker 314 Water 
Titus William L. merchant 213 Pearl 
Titus William M.drv goods 98 William 
Titus William U. 37 'Dey 

Titus widow Ann J. 68 Oliver another 333 Grand 
Titus «Sz Hicks, merchants 213 Pearl 
Titus & Week's, merchants 312 Pearl 
Titus and Townsend, dry goods store 300 Pearl 
Tobias Phillis, victualler 7 Cedar 
Tobias Silas, mason 4 Rymlers 
Tobias and Co. T. J. 63 Pine h. 46 Hudson 
Tobias and Co. Samuel I. mers. 62 Pine h. 40 Hudson 
Todd John M. brewer IS'O Cherry 


Todd Pamela, 43 Chambers 

Todd Thomas, tailor 175 William 

Todd Thomas T. grocer 251 Mulberry 

Todd William, merchant 18 Slote-lane 

Todd William W. merchant 77 Front h. 61 John 

Todd widow Ann, 20 Cortlandt 

Todd Sarah widow of James H. 98 Gold 

Todd W. W. and J. H. salt store 77 Front 

Tofel John, 186 Water 

Tohuy Patrick, laborer 43 Duane 

Tolefree James, carpenter 113 South h. Columbia 

Tolefree Robert, porter Bi>nk of Amer. Wall c. William 

Tollerton Robert, academy 42 Suffolk h. 63 Chrystie 

Tolley John, baker 41 Collect 

Tom Catharine widow of Thomas, 94 Bowery 

Tom widow Eliza, 121 Bowery ' [vide TotlK 

Tomer John, 238 Bowery 

Tomes Francis, merchant 98 Maiden-lane 

Tomkins Bellville, trunk maker 151 Water 

Tomkins widow E. 33 Pike 

Tomlinson Caleb, tailor 498 Grand 

Tomlinson William, tailor Christopher n. Asylum 

Tomlinson William, currier Grand c. Cannon 

Tomlinson William, smith 361 Grand 

Tomlinson William A. merchant 124 Front h. 11 Jay 

Tomlinson and BrinckerhofF, merchants 124 Front 

Tomlinson and Mills, merchants 222 Pearl 

Tompkins Abraham, grocer 77 Sullivan 

Tompkins Cornelius, cartman 158 Crosby 

Tompkins Gabriel, grocer Orange c. Prince 

Tompkins Gilbert, shoemakers 39 Hester 

Tompkins Isaac L. cartman 48 M'Dougal n. King 

Tompkins Isaac W. cartman Delancey c. Eldridge 

Tompkins James, 95 Sullivan 

Tompkins Jeremiah and Oliver, cartman 65 Thompson 

Tompkins John, carpenter 111 Franklin 

Tompkins John, carpenter 377 Grand 

Tompkins John, sawyer 144 Reed 

Tompkins John E. seminary 189 Broadway 

Tompkins Jonathan, cartman 225 Orange 

Tompkins Morris, grocer Ludlow c. Broome 

Tompkins Nehemiah U physician 163 Division 

Tompkins Samuel, carpenter 461 Greenwich 

Tompkins William, 26 Crosby 

Tompkins William, cartman 33 Norfolk 

Tompkins William W. 69 Eldridge 

Tompkins widow Abigail, 277 Greenwich 

Tompson Bernard C. baker 66 Cedar 

Tompson Thomas, baker 22 Liberty [vide Tomer 

TomsCbarles, carpenter 100 Greene 

Toms Skinner, pumpmaker Hamersly n. Greenwich 

Toms Joseph, wood inspector 85 Crosby 

Toms Joseph, wheelwright Downing n. Varick 

Toms Leonard, tavern Lombardy n. Corlaers 

Toms Peter, cartman 44 Leonard 

i'onglet Peter, slater rear 29 Division 

420 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Tonkins widow Sarah, 38 Bancker 

Tonnele John, wooldealer 306 Pearl h. Greenwich 

Toohey Michael, printer 11 Spruce 

Toohey Michael I. grocer West c. Barclay 

Tooker Abner, carpenter 43 Grand 

Tooker Martin, 115 Mott 

Tooker Thomas, block and pump maker 111 Franklin 

Tooker and Co. Samuel, grocers 20 South 

Toole Bernard, carpenter 18 Ludlow 

Toole widow Jane, 25 Garden 

Toole Thomas, 62 Ann 

Toon Timothy, shoemaker Perry n. Hudson 

Topping David, carpenter 84 Forsyth 

Topping George W. shipjoiner Delancey n. Pitt 

Topping Henry, currier 20 Bancker 

Topping Ira, mason 45 Suffolk 

Topping Nathan H. carpenter 34 Grand [Suftbik 

Topping Stephen H. shipjoiner Water n. Clinttin h. 42 

Topping Sz Glazier, grocer Delancey c. Sheriff 

Topping & Smith, carpenters Grand n. Wooster 

Torboss Luke, painter, gilder, &c. 78 and 80 Liberty 

Torrey James, smith 199 Orange 

Torrey jr. Wrn. agricultural repos. 191 Front h. Asylum 

Torrey David, pilot 34 Bancker 

Totten Jacob, laborer Stanton n. Ridge 

Totten John C. bookseller and printer 9 Bowery 

Totten Joseph W. accountant 26 Church 

Totten Joshua, cartman Pitt n. Stanton 

Totten William, cartman Stanton n. Pitt 

Totten Deborah widow of Samuel, Sullivan n. Houston 

Toumine Lucas, shoemaker 46 Spring h. 210 Mulberry 

Toupet Nicholas F. grocer 307 Water 

Tousey widow L. 256 Pearl 

Tousey & Perkins, merchants 10 Maiden-lane 

Towle J. teacher 320 Broadway 

Town Charles, merchant 44 Wall h. 484 Broadway 

Town William, mason Allen c. North 

Townley David, shoemaker 461 Greenwich 

Townley David M. cartman 160 Delancey 

Townley John, frame maker 36 Ann h. 118 Franklir, 

Townley William, carpenter — Essex 

Townley widow Rachael, boarding house 4 Mott 

Townsend Benjamin, 69 Thompson 

Townsend Charles, smith Beach c. Greenwich 

Townsend Daniel, dyer 59 Thompson 

Townsend Daniel, gardener 339 Bowery 

Townsend Daniel W. dry goods 2 Bowery h. 28^ Bayard 

Townsend Daniel Y. 74 Pump 

Townsend Eben, merchant 47 South 

Townsend Elihu, 40 Wall h. 7 Murray 

Townsend George, boarding-house 345 Pearl 

Townsend Henry, mason 4 Clarke 

Townsend Henry, shoemaker 1 Clinton 

Townsend jr. Henry, carpenter 163 Bancker 

Townsend Isaac, 175 Pearl h. 64 Fulton 

Townsend Isaac U. grocer 55 Oliver h. 22 Cheapskls 


Townsend Jacob, att. and com. 135 Fulton 

Townsend Jas. B. drug. Water c Beekman h. 345 Pearl 

Townsend Jeremiah A. merchant 47 South h. 12 Barclay 

Townsend jr. John, dry goods 299 h. 482 Pearl 

Townsend John K. 302 Bowery 

Townsend John K. 123 Division 

Townsend John R. attorney 19 Beekman 

Townsend Joseph, butcher Bowery c. Art 

Townsend Jotham, 46 Ludlow 

Townsend Peter, 64 Fulton 

Townsend Peter, butcher Bowery c. Tenth 

Townsend Robert, carpenter 62 Greene 

Townsend Samuel B. Christopher n. Herring 

Townsend Samuel, mechanist Charles n. Herring 

Townsend Samuel, turner 70 Eldridge 

Townsend Thomas, laborer 126 Mott 

Townsend Thomas J. merchant 237 Pearl h. 174 Watci 

Townsend Thomas S. merch. 92 South h. 19 Beekman 

Townsend W. B. drug. Water c. Beekman h. 6 Vande 

Townsend W. F. broker T.C.H. h. 45 Whitehall [watt 

Townsend William, dyer Greenwich n. Christopher 

Townsend WiHiam B. T.C.H. h. 12 Barclay 

Townsend widow Jemima, milkwoman 246 Allen 

Townsend widow Phillis, 85 Chrystie 

Townsend widow Sarah, 282 Pearl 

Townsend & Co. E. dry goods 2 Bowery 

Townsend J. & W. druggists Water c. Beekman 

Townsend J. & D. W. dry goods 111 Beekman 

Townsend, Titus & Co. merchants 299 Pearl 

Townsend Benj. & Moses, grocer 238 William 

Towt John, attorney 13 Cedar b. Jones n. Herring 

Towt widow Ann, 32 Beekman 

Toy Patrick, baker 328 Broome 

Toy William, shipwright Forsyth n. Pump 

Tracy Dennis, shoemaker 385 Water and 77 Chatham 

Tracy Eliphas, ship-carpenter 186 Bancker 

Tracy Frederick A. 54 Wall h. Beach n. Varick 

Tracy George M. 58 Wall h. 37 Laight 

Tracy Hannah, 3 Cedar 

Tracy Jeremiah, tavern 51 Division 

Tracy Luther, cabinet maker 124 Pump 

Tracy William, baker 152 William 

Tracy Elizabeth widow of Isaac, Hudson c. Canal 

Trafford James, rigger 206 Harman 

Trafford Samuel, lumber mer. Willet's wharf h. Goerci 

Trail William, book-binder Herring n. Carmine 

Tramblay Alexander, gilder 14 Barclay 

Trapadoux John, merchant 6 Pearl 

Traphagen Henry, grocer Greenwich c. Barrow 

Traphagan Jonathan, cartman 3 Clarke 

Traphagan Peter, carpenter Greenwich n. Hammond 

Traphagen Mary Ann, milliner Greenwich n. Charles 

Traphagen William, Charles n. Hudson 

Trappan Anthony, 53 Elm 

Trappan Nicholas D. fancy store 271 Broadwey 

422 longworth's 1825 — 26 

Traver Absalom, grocer 229 Mulberry 

Traver Eli, grocer 229 Mulberry 

Traver Frederick, cartman 227 Mulberry 

Travers Francis, 69 Crosby 

Travers James, tobacconist 161 Front h. Canal * 

Travis John, cartman Wooster c. Amity 

Travis Joseph, painter rear 123 Orange 

Travis Robert, hatter 129 Allen 

Travis Sarah, boarding-house 41 Cliff 

Travis Simeon, butcher 8 Washington m. h. 153 Spring 
Travis Stephen, carpenter Mercer n. Fourth 
Trayner Catharine and Elizabeth, 43 Mott 
Treadwell Ephraim, baker 63 h. 53 Dey 
Treadwell Leverett, merchant 262 William 
Treadwell Ludlum, cartman 25 Laurens n. Spring 
Treadwell Samuel, chairmaker 93Chrystie 
Treanor & M'Kenna, grocers 36 Mulberry 
Tredwny John, grocer 27 Coenties-slip 
Tredway & Stokes, grocers 27 Coenties-slip 
Tredwell Adam, merchant 170 Front h. Brooklyn 
Tredwel! George, crockery store 243 Pearl h. 93 Liberty 
Tredwell Harriet, 139 Church 
Tredwell Seahury, 245 Pearl h. 12 Dey 

Tredwell John & Geo. china merchants 243 Pearl 
Tredwell, Kissam te. Co. hardware 245 Pearl 
Tredwell & Thome, merchants 170 Front 
Tregear Henry D. hatter 74 Pump 
Tremain Joseph, merchant 164 Hudson 
Tremble George, coachman Walnut c. Lombardy 
Trembly Benjamin, mason 213£ Hudson 
Trembly David, carpenter 51 Eldridge 
Trembly Isaac R. brass-founder 158 Hester 
Trembly Samuel B. carpenter 54 Broome n. Lewis 
Tremper Harman, shoemaker 188 William 
Tremper Jacob M. shoemaker Mott c. Hester 
Tremper Mary, widow of Mich, seamstress 188 William 
Trench Joseph, patent soap 16 Maiden-lane 
Trenchard John, Willet n. Rivington 
Trenchard Samuel, grocer 39 Eldridge 
Trenor I. Iff. ». dentist 62 Chambers 
Trested Richard, engraver and die sinker 68 Wiiiiam 
Trettler Peter W. I. baker Ludlow c. Stanton 
Trewin Joshua, shoestore 522 Grand 
Tribe Lazarus, bookbinder 143 Hester h. 50 Eldridge 
Tribe widow Sarah, 75 Forsyth 
Trigant widow, 41 White 
Triglar John, butcher Stanton n. Clnystie 
Triggero John, barber 537 Grand n. Corl. Honk 
Trimble George T. merchant 159 South h. 34 Market 
Trimble widow Eliza, .tailoress 362 Grand 
Trinder Charles, lumber yard Barclay h. 46 Warren 
Trinque widow of Peter, 56 Anthony 
Tripler Christian, jeweller Wooster n. Spring 
Tripler Thomas, canal c. Laight 
Tripler Harriet M. widow'of Wm. 381 Broome 
Trip Sarah, boarding house 251 Pearl 


Tripp James, cabinetmaker 63 Gold 
Tripp M. glovemaker 63 Gold 
Tripp Peleg, trunkmaker 1 10 h. 116 Harnian 
Tripp widow Sarah, 71 Essex 
Troop John, 76 Mott 

Trofter George, merchant 459 Broadway h. Fourth 
Trotter Jonathan, morocco manuf. 29 and 27 Fen y 
Trotter Peter, builder Carmine n. Bedford 
Trotter Thomas, chandler 124 Mulberry 
Troup Charles G. counsellor 7 Nassau 
Troup Eliza, boardir.ghouse 31 Reed [vide Trc»i 

Troup Robert, merchant Water c. Old-slip li. 27 Lafcglu 
Troup Thomas C. grocer 195 Spring c. M'Dougal 
Troup & Goelet, iron &.c. store Water c. Old-slty 
Troutman George M. drygoods 11G Division 
Trowbridge H. drygoods 88 William 
Trowbridge Stephen, 12 Doyer 
Trowbridge Win. machinist 15S Church 
Trowbridge &Nicoll, drygoods 88 William 
Trowbridge Ann, boardinghouse 2 James 
Trownsell John, 42 Pike 
Trowsal John, maister 4 Water 
Trowsdale Bernard, carpenter 75 Rlulbeny 
Truair rev. John, 14 Cherry 
Truesdell John P. shoemaker 238 Bowery 
f rulock Joseph, upholsterer 58 Maiden-la rss 
Truman George, hatter 143 Chatham 
Truman George, carpenter 36 Rose 
Trumbull Asaph, grocer 20 Henry 
Trumbull Col. John, at the academy of arts 
Trumbull & Co Ruggles P. gold leaf co. Canal a. Hudsoi 
Prumper Peter, carpenter 525 Broome 
frumpore Isaac, cliairniaker 51 Broad h-. 1 1 York 
Truslow Joseph, builder Henry n. Rutgers h. 87 Bayar 
Truslow Thomas, drygoods 114 Division 
Truss Christian, butcher 49 Fultor.-rn. h. 24 Delancev 
Trussell Richard, grocer Lewis c. Stanton 
Tryon Elijah, combmaker 110 William 
Tryon Henry, cooper and porterhouse 72 Henry 
Tryon John, cooper 81 Henry 
f ryon Salman, 72 Rutgers 

Tryon widow Elizabeth, seamstress 140 Elizabe?'; 
Tryon &; Co. Charles, hardware 112Beekmau 
Tucker Abm. shoemaker rear 178 Elm 
Tucker Benjamin, Columbia c. Delancey 
Tucker Daniel N. 5G7 Water 
Tucker Elston, shoemaker 530 Broome 
Tucker F. C. merchant h. Brooklyn 
Tucker George, merchant 14 Broad 
Tucker Gideon, builder 12 White 
Tucker Horatio, attorney &.couns. Colombia c. '0. 
Tucker Isaac, liv. stable 66 John h. 21 Gold 
Tucker James, attorney 7 Beekman 
Tucker John, lime cartman rear 62 Provost 
Tucker John C. mason 33 Greene 
Tucker John C. G4 Nassau h. 7 Beekman 

424 longworth's 1825 — 2€ 

Tucker Jonathan, 26 D^yision 

Tucker Joseph, grocer 449 Broadway and 128 Grand 

Tucker Joseph, mason 122 Varick n. Vandam 

Tucker Lewis, cartman 88 Varick 

Tucker Moses, merchant 1 1 1 Chatham 

Tucker Nehemiah, cartman 2 Clarke - . 

Tucker Paul, merchant 19Mott 

Tucker Ralph, physician & surgeon Columb. c. Delancey 

Tucker Richard r. merchant 29 South h. 39 Pearl 

Tucker Samuel, 2 Clarke 

Tucker Zebulon, shoemaker 213 Washington 

Tucker Elizabeth widow of Benjamin, 160 Chambers 

Tucker widow Hannah, 64 Water 

Tucker & Carter, shipchand. .& ropemakers 69 South 

Tucker Sc La.uries, merchants 29 South 

Tucker & Smith, grocers 143 Chapel 

Tucker & Spring, 129 Maiden-lane 

Tuckerman Sarah widow of Isaac, sailmaker 91 Elizabeth 

Tuell Zachariah, porter 23 Oak 

Tuers Abraham, carpenter Grand 

Tufts William, merchant 35 Burling-slip h. 83 Greene 

Tufts, Eveleth & Burrill, merchants 35 Burling-slip 

Tullock Alexander, planemaker 137$ Mott 

Tully Francis, coppersmith rear lllLombardy 

Tully John, baker 118 Delancey 

Tuly Andrew, shoemaker First n. 2d Avenue 

Tunis Caleb C. 47 Frankfort 

Tunis James, 17 Forsyth 

Tunison Garret C. grocer 53 Anthony 

Tunny Paul, carpenter 498 Pearl 

Tuomy Patrick, shoemaker 68 Fulton 

Turcot John C. attorney 13 Frankfort h. 219 Spring 

Turk A. weighmaster Hudson n. Barrow 

Turk William, surgeon U. S. navy, 192 Chapel 

Tuvley Henry, cartman 75 Henry 

Turnbull Adam W. grocer 131 Orange 

Turnbull James, drygoods 64. Hudson 

Turnbull James, smith 419 Washington 

Turnbull John, mahogany yard Wash. c. h. 114 Warren 

Turnbull John D. shipmaster 75 Cherry 

Turnbull Thomas, drygoods 137 Chatham 

Turnbull widow of Andrew, 20 Pump 

Turnbull & Phyfe, mahog-any-yd. Harison c. Washington 

Turner Charles, manner 3 Temple 

Turner Daniel, porter-house West c. Charlton 

Turner Daniel H. mason 49 Greene 

Turner Henry, 238 Alien n. Stanton 

Turner Henry W. shipmaster 223 Bowery 

Turner John, weaver 131 Reed 

Turner John, printer 3 Old slip h. 161 William 

Turner Jos. P. grocer 1 Beekman h. 134 Mulberry 

Turner Levin, bookbinder 143 Washington 

Turner Nathan, nail-cutter 99 Elm 

Turner Richard, block and pump-maker 417 Water 

Turner Robert, dry-goods T6 Hudson 

Turner Samuel, merchants Walker 


fumer rev. Samuel H. d.d. 638 Broadway 

Turner Thomas, mason 185 Spring 

Turner Thomas J. jeweller 5 Doyer . 

Turner William, carpenter 103 Mercer 

Turner William J. shoemaker Herring n. Amos 

Turner Ann widow of William, milliner 380 Pearl 

Turner Elizabeth widow of Robert, 105 Cherry 

Turney James, printer and crock, nier. 133 Harmau 

Turney Lawrence H. 133 Allen 

Turnier Daniel, cabinet-maker 417 Pearl 

Turnier Eleanor, milliner 417 Pearl 

Turnier widow of Henry, 57 Cross 

Turnier widow of John, 18 Mulbejury 

Turnure Abraham, pilot 22 Oak * 

Turnure John, pilot 87 Gold 

Turnure William P, pilot 22 Oak 

Turquand Hannah widow of Paul L. 37 Rynders 

Turvey David, porter-house Stuyvesant n. Bowery 

Tuthill Daniel L. hatter 51 John 

Tuthill Daniel M. grocer Grand c. Norfolk 

Tuthill Hudson, ship-carpenter 362 Cherry 

Tuthill J.M. 176Bancker 

Tuthill John, mechanist 118 Fulton h. 38 Gold 

Tuthill Samuel, ship-carpenter Lombardy n. Scamme'. 

Tuthill William, 244 Division 

Tuthill William, shoemaker Charles n. Washington 

Tuthill widow Hannah, 35 Pump 

Tuttlc Ashbel, broker-62 Warren 

Tuttle Daniel W. 51 Varick h. 22 Desbrosses 

Tuttle James, umbrella maker rear 51 Varick 

Tuttle James N. merchant 186 Pearl h. 87 Cedar 

Tuttle Stephen F. smith rear 52 Leonard 

Tuttle E. widow of David, milliner 150 Fulton c. B.way 

Twaddle James, smith rear 51 Mulberry 

Tweed Richard, chair maker 3 Cherry 

Tweed & Bonnell, chair-makers 3 Cherry 

Twibill Joseph, 111 Spring 

Tylee Daniel E. savings bank 23 Chambers 

Tylee Ed%>ard B. attorney 129 Fulton h. Duane c. Chat. 

Tylee James, shoe and saddlers' tool-st. 109 Chatham 

Tylee Nathaniel, electrical machine-m. Rose 

Tyler David, ship-carpenter 388 Cherry 

Tyler David, sail-maker 266 William 

Tyler Elnathan, hatter 80 Ludlow 

Tyler Jehiel, carpenter M'Dougal n. Vandam 

Tyler Samuel, ass. keeper st. pris. Greenwich c. Christb. 

Tyler Maria, widow oi Benj. grocer James c.Oak 

Tyler Sophia, writing academy 329 Broadway * 

Tyrall George, stonecutter 444 Greenwich n. Canal 

Tyrell Robert, printer 93 Pump 

TyrellM. A. 229 Church 

Tyrell & Tompkins Robert, printers rear 70 Bowery, 

Tyrie widow Phebe, 367 Grand 

Tysen Jacob, cartman 281 Spring 

Tyson Abraham, cartman Sidlivnn n. Prince 

Tyson Abraham, carpenter 142 Reed 

! --26 longworth's 1825— Zt 

Tyson Henry, letter-carrier 3 Birmingham 
Tyson John, cordwainer 146 Allen 
Tyson John, broker 62£ Wall 
Tyson Peter, .stonecutter Stanton n. Pitt 
Tyson Stephen, grocer 96 White 
Tyson William, shoemaker 63 Molt 

Tiben John, rigger rear 133Bancker 
Udafl Charles, measurer 40 Oak 
Udell Samuel, grocer 34 Frankfort 
Ufford Hezekiah G. classical school 142 BroacUvny 
Ulmer Martin, boarding-house 71 Fulton 
Ulshoeffer George, 45a Broadway 

Ulshoeffei Jacob, meri. 78 and 79*South h. 459 Broadwr.j 
Ulshoeffer Geo. L. ship-chand. 299 Front h. 459 Broadw 
Ulshoeffer Michael, att. and couns. 2 Nassau h. 31 Pear' 
Ulshoeffer & Groome, ship-chandlers 78 and 79 South 
Underfill] Abraham, cartman 25 Laurens 
Underbill Abraham, tailor rear 139 Allen 
Underbill Adoojjah, SI Catharine h. 40 Oak 
Underfill Adonijah, grocer 468 h. 504 Pearl 
Underbill Adonijah J. crockeiy 8 James-sl. h. 40 Oak 
Underbill A. L. pres. Fulton ins. comp. h. 44 Dey 
Underbill Barnes, cartman 6 Rivington n. Bowery 
Underbill Benjamin H. 156^ William 
Underbill Benjamin M. druggist 15 Peck-slip 
Underfill Charles, merchant 103 Maiden-1. h. 357 Pearl 
Underbill David, ca!tman23 Laurens n. Spring 
Underbill Daniel C. teacher 40 Oak 
Underbill David B. caipenter Mercer n. Bleecker 
Underbill Edmund, 384 Greenwich 
Underhill Elnathan, butchei 23 Fult. mar. h. 18 North 
Underhill F. grocer 24 Harman 
Underbill G. merchant 257 Pearl h. 24 Mott 
Underbill Henry, broker Tontine Coffee-house 
Underhill Heniy, coach-maker 239 Btoome 
Underfill! Hunt, livery-stable, 50 b. 70 Bayard 
Underbill Ira B. dry-goods 357 Pearl h.9 Cheav 
Underhill jr. Isaac, liv. stable 34 h. 26 Cherry? 
Underhill Isaac, cartman 171 Division 
Underhill Isaac H. cartman 247 Bowery 
Underhill Isaac Q. dry-goods 255 Pearl h. Amos 
Underbill Israel, grain measurer 40 Oak 
Underhill Janaes, giocer 89 Fulton 
Underhill John, cartman 51 Suffolk n. Broome 
Ukderhill John T. tailor 14 Liberty 
Underhill Joseph, grocer Sullivan c. Broome 
Undarhill Joseph, shoemaker Stanton n.Chrystie 
Underhill Joshua, merchant 246 Front h. 9 Cherry 
Underhill Joshua S. dry good-store 400 Pearl h.9Cheny 
Underhill Nathaniel, grocer Springe. Varick 
Underhill Peter, Willct n Delancey 
Underhill Richard T. m.d. 2 James-slip 
Underhill S. grocer 77 Catharine h. 61 Bayard 
Underhill Samuel, 28 Rivington 
Undsrhil! Thomas, 99 Forsvth. 


; Viitlerhill Thomas, giocer 466 Pearl 

Underbill Walter, flour-st. 246 Front h. 9 Cherry 

Underbill William, merchant 103 Maiden-lane 

Underbill William, 15 Peck-slip 

Undeihill & Carpenter, grocers 468 Pearl 

Underbill & Dean, merchants 25 Ryndcrs 

Underhill & Ferris, marble-yard 64 Beach c. Greenwich 

Underbill & Morgan, brokeis 52 Wall 

Underhill & Son Joshua, flour-st. 246 Front 

Underhill & Pierson, dry-goods 255 Pearl 

Underhill William & Charles, 103 Maiden-lane 

Underwood Cornelius, carpenter Wooster n. Prince 

Underwood James, bricklayer U oqster n. Bleecker 

Underwood James, carpenter Grwhwich c. Provost 

Underwood Joseph, com. nier 81 William h. 274 Pea 

Underwood Joshua. Hudson n. Fitzroy 

Underwood Phinehas, Perry c. Greenwich 

Underwood jr. Phinehas, giocer Greenwich c. Perry 

Underwood Robert, baker Thompson n. Prince 

Underwood J. /k J. grocers Hudson c. Desbrossc? 

Updike Daniel, mariner SOBancker 

Updike William G. grocer 404 Broome 

Upfold rev. George, Hudsou n, Barrow 

*Upjohn Eliza, milliner 115 William 

Upson Silas, tailor 44 Harman 

Upson Theron, tailor 106 Bancker 

Upson widow Elizabeth, 139 Hester 

Urmy John, smith Lewis n. Grand 

Usher Luke, Blip, water manuf. Crosby n. Bleec'..e 

Ustick William, city weigher 63 Wall h. 5 Jay 

Utt Jacob, wire-worker Laurens n. Spring 

Vache Alexander F. m.d. 28 Liberty 
Vach4 John, artificial florist 28 Liberty 
Vail Barnabas, carpenter Suffolk c. Grand 
Vail Charles, caitman Sheriff n. Rivington. 
Vail Daniel, carpenter 56 Wooster 
Vail Eli, merchant 250 h. 345 Pearl 
Vail G. B. 215£ Hudson 
Vail Nathaniel, painter 294 Cherry 
Vail Thomasj porter-house 235 Water 
Vail William, 31 Esses 
Vail jr. William, merchant 17 Maiden-lane 
Vail Jane widow of Silas B. boarding-house 261 W&W 
Vail & Reed, dry-goods 17 Maiden-lane 
Vaillant L. ladies' seminary 129 Fulton 
Valenten Pelletier, 91 Grand 
Valentine Abm. grocer 17 Fulton-slip h. 60 John 
Valentine Abm. M. accountant 22 Arundel 
Valentine Anthony P. 94 Liberty 
Valentine Daniel, sexton 17 Mill 
Valentine David T. grocer 33 Oliver 
Valentine Edward A. chan-st. 64 Broad h. 14Stonr; 
Valentine. Elijah, grocer 29 Mulberry 
Valentine Frederick, cartman 76 Rivington 


428 long worth's 1S25 — 26 

Valentine George, cooper rear 73 Lombardy 

Vaientins George, 423 Cherry 

Valentine Henry, dotn. goods 115 Maiden-1. h. 88 B.way 

Valentine Henry, cartman Charlton n. Hudson 

Valentine Isaac, weif»hmaster Greenwich n. Amos 

Valentine Isaac, 516 Grand 

Valentine Jacob, carpenter Wooster n. Prince 

Valentine Jacob, milkman Stuyvesant n. Bowery 

Valentine Jacob, shoemaker 61 Coitlandt 

Valentine Jacob, 139 Allen 

Valentine James, cartman Pitt n. Grand 

Valentine John, butcher 11 Cath. m. h. 24 Rivington 

Valeutine John, shin-carpenter 372 Grand 

Valentine Peter, butcher 46 Fultou-m. h. 198 Eldridge 

Valentine Peter, butcher 21 Cath. mar. h. Allen n. North 

Valentine Peter, smith 108 Bowery 

Valentine, Pettingell & Co. com. mer. 115 Maiden-]. 

Valentine Richard, shoemaker 178 Elm 

Valentine Richard, cartman Rivington c. Eldridge 

Valemuie Samuel, grocer 33 Broome 

Valentine Schuyler, grocei 49 Hester 

Valentine Stephen, flour-st. 169 Cherry h. 135 Allen 

Valentine Thomas, grocer Delancey c. Cannon 

Valentine Thomas, shoemaker 140 Ludlow 

Valentine Warren, shoemaker real 11 Elizabeth 

Valentine William, mariner 137 Harman 

Valentine Woodward, cartman 264 Grand 

Valentine widow of Caleb, 57 Elizabeth 

Valentine Catharine widow of Matthias, 14 Stone 

Valentine Hannah widow of Joseph, Greene n. Bleecfcei: 

Valentine widow Mary, Goerck n. Rivington 

Valentine widow Rachel, Lombardy c. Pike 

Vallance David, 198 Spring 

Valleau Peter, suoemnker 390 Bowery 

Val'.eau Peter, sail-maker 77 South h. 270 Spring 

Valleau Samuel, shoemaker 47 Augustus 

Valleau widow Elizabeth, 20 Anthony 

Valleau widow of Samuel, 47 Augustus 

Valler William, porter 104 Leonard 

Value Rene, French teacher 53 Canal 

Vanalen James I. merchant 158 Pearl h. 66 Dey 

Vanallen Andrew, dealer Eldridge n. Rivington 

Vanallen Cornelius, ship-carpenter 15 Anthony 

Vanallen Elizabeth, 137 another 134 Chapel 

Vanalleii James, upholsterer 489 Pearl 

Vanallen John, carpenter Clarkson u. Greenwich 

Vanallen Peter, printer 137 Reed [vide Fanaulkru 

Vanallen T. W. coach-maker 88 h. 54 

Vanallen William, saddler 73 Liberty 

Vanallen William, grocer Walnut n. Grand 

Vanallen Abigail widow of Andrew, 137 Spring 

Vanalst & M'Lean, dyers 35 Frankfort 

Vanalstine widow Margaret, 188 Bowery 

Vananden widow Sarah, 139 Hester 

Vanamburgh John, carpenter Varick n. Dominick 

Vanantwerp J. dry goods 169<B.dway h, 38 Maiden-lane 


v anantwcrp John E. auctioneer 121 Water h. 8 Spruce 
Vanantwerp Lewis, merchant 130 Pearl h. 33 Water 
Vanantwerp Nicholas, 33 Water 
Vanantwerp Simon, 50 Barclay 
Vanantwerp jr Simon, refectory 33 Reed 
Vanantwerp Thomas, merchant 180 Pearl h. 12 Garden 
Vanantwerp William, 73 h. 57 Pearl 
Vanantwerp T. & L. merchants 130 Pearl 
Vanarsdale Isaac, cartman 31 Chrystie 
\"anarsrlale Peter, physician 51 Bowery [vide Vanorsdo' 
Vanarsdale widow Abigail, 95 Anthony 
Vanarsdalen Isaac, muson Sullivan n. Prince 
Vanaster Mary, Fourth c. Mercer 
Vanaulleu John C. coach-maker 88 h. 54 Leonard 
Vanaursdalen Isaac, cartman 88 Chrystie 
Vanbenschoten Isaac, rope maker Allen n. Stanton 
Vaubenschoten James, meichant 379 Broadway 
Vanbenschoten James, merchant-tailor 9 Wall 
Vanbenschoten & Gillespie, mer. tailors 9 Wall 
Vanbenschoven James, shipwright 5 Suffolk 
Vanbeuren Egbert K. meichant 87 Front h. Brooklyn 
Vanbeuren James, lumber merct. Canal c.Wash. h. 51T, 
Vanbeuren Jasper, gio. Morton h. c. Greenw. - [Broonit- 
Vanbeuren John, 123 Washington h. 388 Greenwich * 
Vanbeuren John, carpenter 64 Crosby n. Broome 
Vanbeuren jr. John H. gilder 64 Croaby 
Vanbeuren Michael, mer. 71 Dey h. Burrows c. Herring 
Vanbeuren Michael, carpenter 36 Anthony 
Vanbeuren Michael M. turner King n. Hudson 
Vanbeuren Peter B. marshal and giocer 93 Nassau 
Vanbeuren Richard, boarding-bouse 121 Chatham 
Vanbeuren Samuel, grocer 45 Front 
Vanbeuren Simeon, mason 191 Mulberry 
Vanbeuren Thomas, physician 54 James 
Vanbeuren William, physician 267 Hudson 
Vanbeuren & Son C. grocers 85 Fiont 
Vanblarcom Elias, carpenter Hudson 
Vanblarcom John, cartman Vandain n. M'Dougal 
. Vanblarcom Peter, cartman V and am n. M'Dougal 
Vanblarcom widow of Peter, 66 N. Moore * * 

Vanblarcom widow of John, 54 Vesey 
Vanbckkelin A. H. 91 South h. Brooklyn 
Vanboskerck John, cabinet-maker 58 Broad [kirk 

Vanboskerck John L. drygoodsS7l Greenw.[wfe Vanbus 
Vanbrunt Elisha, chairmaker 37 Bridge 
Vanbrunt Richard J. harness maker 48 Elizabeth 
Vanbrunt Rutgers, grocer 10 Fulton -slip h. Pearl 
Vanbrunt Nicholas, merchant 16 South h. 27 Beaver 
"Vanbrunt S. merchant 74 Pearl 
Vanbrunt Tunis, grocer 31 Hester 
Vanbrunt & Talmage, commission merchants 74 Pear! 
Vanbrunt & Doty, grocers 10 Fulton-slip 
Vanbuskirk Abraham, carpenter 558 Broome 
Vanbtukirk Abraham, mer. tailor 78 Chatham 
Vanbuskirk Albert, mason Charles c. Greenwich 
Vanbuskirk Cathariue widow of John, 98 Crosby 

430 longworth's 1825 — 2G 

Vanbusldrk W. 221 Pearl 

Vanbuskirk Win- taiioi 7 Rose [vide Vanboskercl 

Vanbuskirk W. & J. merchants 221 Pearl 

Vanbuskirk John, merchant 221 Pearl 

Vanbussum John, coal yard Warren h. 55 Robinson 

Vanbusstnn & Drake, grocers Robinson c. West 

Vance John, tailor rear 59 William 

Vancleef Abraham, grocei '214 Hudson 

Vancleef Isaac, merchant 180 Front h. 57 Walks* 

Vancleef Yaf, stevadore 44 Augustus 

Vanclieaf Benjamin, carpenter 83 Harman 

Vancort William, carpenter 40 Forsyth 

Vancott Jacob, cooper 43 Orchard 

Vancott James, cartman 174 Allen n. Stantou 

Vancott James, cartman 97 Rivington 

Vancott Parmenis, cartDjan Norfolk c. Stanton 

Vancourt Daniel, saddltr f;8 Barman 

Vandal John, shoemaker 10^ Vaudewater 

Vamlalscmfe Woolley, land agency 21 John 

Vandalseii John, porter 15 An'.hony 

Vandalson' John, carpenter 9 Charlton 

Vandenbergh. Ann widow of John, 14 N. Mooii- 

Vandenbergh H. V. S. attorney 6 William 

Vandenburg Caleb, butcher 264 Bowery 

Vandenburgh Benjamin, Vaiick a. Provost 

Vandenburgh James, mason Varickn. Watts 

Vandenburgh John, cartman 28 Goerck 

Vandenburgh John, shipcarpenter 174 Reed 

Vandenburgh Robert, ropemaker 81 Mulberry 

Vandenburgh Samuel D turner 9 Varick 

Vandenhcuvel I, C. 229 Broadway c. Barclay 

Vanderbeak John, caipenter 50 Wooster 

Vanderbeck Abraham, smith 296 Grand 

Vanderbeck Cornelius, shoemaker 275 Spring 

Vanderbeck David, cabinet-maker 89 Crosby 

Vanderbeck Jacob J, sawyer 244 Hudson n. Vandai 

Vanderbeck James, cartman 89 Crosby 

Vanderbeck John, combmaker 267 Hudson 

Vanderbeek Abm. cabinet-maker 109 Mulberry 

Vanderteek Albert, shoemaker Pitt n. Stanton 

Vanderbeek Isaac, shoemaker Attorney n. North 

Vanderbeek Isaac, 17 White 

Vanderbilt Aaron, grocer 124 Broad 

Vanderbilt Aaron, smith Allen n. North 

Vanderbilt Cornelius, cartman Washington n. Spring 

Vanderbilt Jacob, smith 356 Cherry 

Vanderbilt Jacob, cartman 41 Lispenard 

Vanderbilt Jacob, painter S7 Hester 

Vanderbilt Jacob, shoemakei 42 Ludlow 

Vanderbilt Jerenrah, mer 214 Front h. 42 Oliver 

Vanderbilt John, carpenter Vandam n. Hudson 

Vanderbilt John, carpenter Perry c. Greenwich 

Vanderbilt John C. cartman 43 Beach 

Vanderbilt John, grocer 218 Front h. 9 Allen 

Vanderbilt John K. grocer Vesey c. Church & 

Vanderbilt Rytgert, grocer 35 Olivsr c. Bancfcc; 


v anderbilt Timothy W. shoemaker 53 Roosevelt 
Vanderbilt widow of Oliver, tailoiess 224 Spring 
Vanderbilt jun. John, conveyancer mid groeer 3 CaU).?]l 
Vanderbogart Peter, cartnian Wooster n. Araity 
Vanderburgh F. physician and surgeon 40 Cedar 
Vanderhuof Cornelius, tailor 373 Grand 
Vanderhoof Cornelius, tailor 187 Washington 
Vanderhoof John, shoemaker 130 Orchard 
Vanderhoof Matthew, 67 Division 
Vanderhoof William, shoemaker 146 Harman 
Vauderlinder David, £7 Desbrosses 
Vandeilyn John, hist, paint. Rotunda Chambers c. Cross 
Vanderpool Jacob, shoemaker 299 Broome 
Vanderpool J. sign painter 46 William h. 9 Dutch 
Vanderpool John J. Hudson n. Dominick 
Vanderpool Robert, 7 Spruce 
Vanderpool widow Mary, 203 Church 
Vanderpool & Cole, printers 104 Beekman c. Pearl 
Vandervort David, carpenter Renwick n. Spring 
Vandervoort Charles, jeweller Allen n. Delancey 
Vandervoort John, shoemaker 272 Spr